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The Invaders Within

The empty steel corridor echoed Vix's heeled footsteps as she searched for her prize. Flashlight in hand and laspistol on her hip at the ready, The red headed young woman searched for any evidence of the Genetek laboratory leak. This ship, the Faithfulness of Time, was rumored to be carrying cargo from the cleanup of a serious accident before it went dark. Probably pirates, she thought, but that didn't matter. Vix needed a payday and there was no doubt in her mind she could find something of value to sell back to Genetek or a competitor. Halcyon class frigate, a big old tub in service for over 400 years with a very spartan layout and little automated security. Probably flown by a computer with only a handful of essential personnel to keep it running. Perfect for pirates to shake down and an easy insurance payout for Genetek.

Vix prided herself on being a salt-of-the-earth woman. Not afraid to get her hands dirty or bloody a nose or two. Tank-born and raised by a pile of rambunctious clone-brothers, Vix grew into a strong, shrewd, and beautiful woman ready to make her mark on the galaxy. She sometimes cursed her beauty, as often the seedier circles she frequented treated her like meat- until they met her boot-heel. She ran her fingers down the discolored wall beneath the vent. The ship's humidifier was dumping tons of water into the ventilation for some reason. Nothing too serious, but in a week or so the condenser would probably overheat and all the electronics would be dead soon after, she mused to herself. Vix turned a corner expecting to run into the engineering bay but found a freight bay hatch the size of the whole corridor with new heavy maglocks on her side of the door. It looked like something she'd see in a prison and it vexed the young woman for a moment as she examined the door. No panel to open it here and several cameras were watching her overhead. She felt goosebumps tremble down her neck.

Vix rubbed the back of her neck and decided to see if she could find some info about this wing on the bridge. The last thing she wanted to do was expose herself to radiation or infect herself something nasty trying to bust the door open. The ship was rumored to be transporting waste from a lab accident after all. As Vix made her way towards the center of the ship, she became increasingly aware of how wet everything was. Puddles had formed beneath the miters and seams in the ventilation shaft above the corridors and she could feel the sweat forming on her skin beneath her glossy red zero suit

There was very little evidence of people, especially of any pirates. Reaching the navigation deck, she found it empty as well. Nothing too weird since most of these old frigates were flown entirely by computer and the captain of the ship was little more than a title. Wiping the fogged screen clear, Vix searched the crew logs and then the mission log and furrowed her brow upon finding the same lack of info. The engines were shut down four days ago for maintenance issues and there wasn't much logged after that.
Vix stepped away from the computer, rubbing her neck as she tried to piece it together. All she'd found of any existing crew was a pair of empty escape pods and the log of them being jettisoned simultaneously sometime three days ago. No alarm, no orders to abandon ship. She checked the computer and there had been no boarding log until she arrived, so no pirates. That meant three days of drifting with no engine power, reserve power running life support for a full crew, which could explain the broken humidity. She couldn't even find a crew roster or a shipping manifest or a docking request ready for any port. Wiped records weren't the surprising part, but the fact that so much wasn't erased. The gaps seemed too specific to be rushed. Vix felt uneasy. This was getting weird. Like someone had planned to ghost the ship here in empty space.

She recalled the big door where engineering should have been and felt goosebumps on her neck stand up again. Her instincts were telling her to leave, but she couldn't just abandon this ship without taking something for her trouble. Vix scanned the bridge and caught a glimpse of something moving across one of the camera feeds. She nearly lept out of her skin and rushed to the terminal to play back the feed, cursing as she saw that most of the lenses had condensation on them or were fogging up. She reversed and replayed the footage a dozen times, squinting to see detail as the blurry figure moved quickly across the screen. A single person- big, probably male, but walked with an unusual gait. The only other thing of note to Vix was this person was naked and she couldn't see them on any of the other feeds since or the couple of minutes before.

Vix didn't want to run through hours of a couple dozen cameras to find out more about the guy, so she resolved to gather any kind of valuables she could easily put on her ship and go. This ship was starting to smell wrong and Vix wasn't interested in meeting the big naked guy on a ghost ship. She primed her laspistol, the familiar dry hum filling the air as she stepped back into the corridor as quietly as she could in her metal-heeled boots. Retracing her steps, she approached the wide corridor with the large door and froze. The maglocks were ajar and the door was sitting wide open! Vix clicked the edge of her suit on her collar and the neckline rose with a slight creak of rubber, coating up to the sides of her face and up the back of her head. She felt her suit excrete the clear bioweave out around her face like a bubble and seal, instantly hardening into an airtight membrane. It wasn't a perfect seal, but it would protect her and generate breathable, uncontaminated air until she reached her ship.

Vix cursed, turning back to the open door. Whatever was inside could pay for the short jump home. She wasn't totally strapped, but jumps cost money and she didn't want to take a long sleep just to save a few hundred creds for the trip home. She looked down at her laspistol. She could take down one weirdo if she needed to, right? She hesitated, sighed, and stepped into the darkness.

Her flashlight illuminated a bright white cone ahead of her, while the rest of the large room was bathed in low red light. The freight bay was nearly a fifth of the size of the whole ship and laid out with rows of warehousing racks about twenty feet high, filled with open, empty trunks tied down loosely. She slowly paced the perimeter of the room, following the rows until she came upon the back corner where a large tarp covered a bulky but rounded object that sat nearly half as tall as the room.

The instruments in her suit detected no radiation or toxic contamination leaking out around the tarp, so Vix pulled on the edge, slowly backing away with it until it fell to the floor in a heap. What towered over Vix was the remains of a large glass tube, partially blown out the side with burns and scoring down the base where the electronics were housed. The glass tube was discolored a pale green and had dried globs of some kind of biological substance inside and along the inner casing and on the floor just outside of the tube along with a pile of sticky glass shards. Vix felt her neck hair stand up again and she wiped the foggy faceplate of her suit.

Genetek had stored something alive in here and the machine failed, burst, and now it was roaming the ship. This all must've happened in just the last day or so after the crew left. The electronics were probably damaged by the excess humidity in the room, sealed off from the rest of the ship; it had become like a jungle in this freight bay, Vix reasoned. She needed to leave. Like an oily rag found inside a burned out house, this whole situation stank of a set up. Not for her- but Genetek was clearly trying to quietly get rid of something they created while collecting the insurance on an shitbox old freighter. She was certain that if she went to engineering, she would find a sabotaged humidity terminal they were using to burn out the electronics. The manifests were purged of the relevant mission details and the crew dipped out on cue without even sounding the alert. Sloppy, but nobody was gonna send a search party out for this old tub to prove it was foul play.

Right now. Vix needed to leave. There wasn't anything small and valuable enough to salvage and there was some kind of experiment- or worse wandering the ship and the last thing she needed was for it to find her Dragonfly and fuck with her ride. She was less sneaky exiting the freight bay, checking behind the large door quickly before moving down the series of dripping corridors back to the hangar. She peeked around the hangar bay doorway and found the pale figure standing nearby, twisting its torso inhumanly down to inspect the landing feet of her Dragonfly. She aimed center-mass and fired, throwing a bolt of superheated blue energy straight through the body of the human-like creature and it hissed weakly as it collapsed to the ground, its appendages squirming like tendrils and not limbs like they appeared they should. Whatever it was, it was attempting to simulate people without much knowledge on how their bodies worked, implying some intelligence, but not much observation. Could be the creature was tank-born and hadn't been conscious long. Probably a failed clone or something, Vix thought, before taking a wide berth of the corpse to her ship, never looking away from it as she moved.

The redheaded woman looked around the craft and besides her Dragonfly being wet from dripping ventilation, it seemed fine. She unlocked the cockpit and stepped inside. The small quarters were flanked by the mostly-empty cargo hold. Seeing it empty stung in Vix's belly for a moment before pressing on the panel to close the door. It hissed as the ship got ready to seal itself and Vix released her faceplate to await her ship's pressurization as the bioweave melted back around the edges of her helmet. She let down her guard to check the engine when a long, muscular tendril reached into the door and grabbed her ankle. The coils tightened and yanked Vix off her feet in a flash, causing her to drop her sidearm. She landed hard on her side and kicked out at the tendril while reaching out to find her laspistol, she grabbed it and found the clammy, warm flesh too slippery to get a hold of. It tugged her towards the still closing door and Vix roared as she grabbed a railing and pulled herself back inside, quickly spotting her laspistol and kicking against the nearby wall to reach it. The door closed on the tendril and she heard a screaming hiss as the door cut the tendril off from the main body outside the ship. Released from its grip, Vix grabbed her laspistol and fired a bolt at the wriggling leftovers. It landed wide, scattering sparks across the darkened cargo hold and scoring the wall with a glowing blue arc of energy. The tendril lept at her, still nearly as tall as her and throbbing like pure muscle. She fired again and her heart sank as it missed the target and the tendril landed broadside into her, knocking the wind out of Vix and tossing her to the floor.

Landing on top of her limp body, the tendril coiled around her torso and shoulder, the tip sliding down her back. She tried to shove it off, but her hands couldn't hold onto its slippery flesh and it coiled tighter across her chest. Vix gasped for air and felt the tendril squirming down between her ass cheeks. She raised her laspistol and pressed the still steaming tip into the fleshy tendril and fired. The room flashed blue and the blast disintegrated a hole straight through the middle of the thick "arm" of the tendril. The remaining half of it clenched around her shoulder and she felt a sharp pinch at the base of her spine as the tip tore a hole into her suit. The tendril quickly plunged inside, its slippery body rushing past her grasp, flailing as it tried to escape.

Vix tried to grab the wriggling snake-like creature inside her suit, and growled as it evaded her. She felt violated by it as it touched every inch of her naked torso avoiding her grip. Just as Vix was about to start tearing her suit apart, she felt it probe against her asshole.

"Nope! No way!" Vix exclaimed, grabbing the squirming tendril like a vice, digging her nails into its body. She felt it push harder, flicking its tip across her ass again before pushing inside. Vix exhaled an uncomfortable moan as she began to lose her grip. The slimy body wrestled itself free of her hands and Vix arched her back with a yelp as she felt the limb suddenly thrust itself deeper. Her jaw dropped open and a soundless cry of surprise had the woman clawing at the hole in her suit's backside. It surged deeper and she felt the tensing, slimy muscle throb before getting ready for another thrust.

"N-no… please, don't-!" She felt it stretch her ass as the thickest part of the limb pushed inside her. The woman's belly distended and churned as the creature explored; Vix dropped to her knees, quaking as its warm body throbbed in time with her quickened heartbeat. She held her belly, trying to figure the odds of surviving shooting herself in the gut with her laspistol. Vix looked around, trying to find something- anything that could help her and her eyes fell upon an antibacterial injector in the pile of drugs and stims overflowing her medkit. She grabbed for it, stumbling forward as her belly churned violently. Flicking off the cap with her thumb, the woman jammed the syringe into her gut and depressed the auto-injector, sending a stinging jet of powerful antibiotics into her abdomen. There was stillness for a moment and then the invader twisted and trembled violently.

Vix hugged her guts as she stumbled back towards the cockpit console and engaged the engines, gritting her teeth in pain while the tendril squirmed inside her. She felt its slime oozing out of her as it moved, coating her thighs and dripping onto the floor. A cold sweat formed on her brow and down her back, the antibiotics mixing with the adrenaline. Vix tried to remain conscious, but her arms were growing sluggish and her knees weakened. The creature seemed to be throbbing stronger and stronger as the seconds passed like hours. Vix skipped her checks and initiated the lift off sequence for the autopilot to manage before sliding down to her backside, holding her distended belly like some monstrous pregnancy. Its heavy beating filled her body, drumming slow and powerful. She slid forward, panting as she crawled over to her chair to strap herself in when the other half of the tendril she'd blown apart slipped across her hand and surged up into her mouth. Vix yelped in surprise and tried to close her mouth before it pushed too far, but the tendril was already too thick against her jaw to bite down, sliding down her throat eagerly. She gagged as the wriggly limb pushed past her lips and burrowed down her throat into her belly. Vix coughed and spit slime as she crawled helplessly towards the chair, straddling the base as the two tendrils began throbbing together in tandem.

Suddenly, the pair grew warmer, releasing something bubbly inside her that made the woman groan as her belly tensed. Vix looked down to find her stomach was pushing against her suit so tightly, a small tear was forming down the middle of her belly. The glossy red material looked translucent near the tear and she could feel it slowly giving way. Vix tugged weakly at the neck of her suit, trying to release the seal and free her, but her numb fingers fumbled uselessly for the valve. She was trapped in the compromised suit and glanced to the door to find at least a small consolation that it had fully sealed shut and she wouldn't get sucked out into space. The tendrils inside her had stopped struggling and continued to beat together. The foamy, gassy feeling in her stomach was likely a defense mechanism so her body wouldn't be able to stop them from making her their new home. She groaned and tried to pull herself up onto the chair; the Dragonfly nearly ready to take off. She had no strength and her useless finger dexterity meant plan B: push herself into her sleeping pod. It wasn't ideal, but she couldn't exactly help the computer in this state anyway and would have to rely on it to get her out of this dump.

Vix was panting, covered in sweat by the time she dragged herself into the pod and slapped the console for it to shut the smooth, see-through port. She had just enough room with her belly jutting out to fit. The foamy slime was still dribbling out of her and she grimaced as she jammed a finger into the side of her stomach.

"Don't get cozy in there. I'm headed to the nearest asteroid colony to have the biggest quack I can find cut me open with a mining laser if I have to get rid of you fuckers." Vix gasped, sweaty and trembling, watching the display inside the pod as the computer slowly guided itself towards the short runway of blinking lights. Running lights shone on the spot where she'd blasted the main body of the creature and there was nothing left there but a small pile of smoldering fleshy goo. The Dragonfly's engines whirred louder and gently flew out of the adrift Faithfulness of Time. She wished her ship had a couple low-yield missiles to light up the booby-trapped freighter like a Christmas tree. Sighing, Vix laid on her side and hoped the things inside her stopped moving so much because the antibiotics were doing their job, but the slow pulse of warmth between them suggested something else she didn't want to think about.

The ship pointed itself towards a small colony built into a lumpy moon of the gas giant Hitchcock-9. A shithole, but she could see a doctor there she knew only by reputation for being a discreet and patient friend of "underworld" folks like Vix. It would take hours to get there without a jump, but she didn't have much of a choice.

The pod was warm. Too warm, and Vix was beginning to sweat profusely. She waited a few minutes for the ship to reach a cruising speed and opened the port by slapping the console button. Her fingers looked odd out of the corner of her eye and Vix glanced down at them and froze as she pulled herself out of the pod. Her nails had flattened and sunk down into the base of her cuticles while the fingers themselves had shrunken into numb little stubby digits. The skin on her short fingertips looked sickly pale, almost translucent, and Vix felt a sinking feeling in her guts as she dragged her heavy belly out of the now narrow port hole.

"What the fuck… are these things doing to me…?" Vix cursed and pulled herself to her knees, crawling with her misshapen hands and felt a sudden lurching in her belly and a tightness in her neck and throat. Her vision went blurry as a hot throbbing sensation shuddered through her chest, up her neck and into her face. She trembled a moment, moaning softly before a torrent a hot, gooey, pale white rushed up her throat and spilled out of her mouth and onto the grated metal floor of her ship. Vix doubled over, feeling her muscles spasming in her face and neck as several more globs of slimy white mucus oozed from her lips. She coughed, tasting the briney, slippery mess as she spat it out groggily. She felt the familiar, groggy, post-orgasm high ripple through her body- mostly through her torso up into her face and she let the ruddy white spit dribble from her lips a moment while she caught her breath. Confused, angry and embarrassed, Vix slammed her fist into the floor, expecting the familiar sting but found her fist only made a fleshy thud as if there were no longer any bones whatsoever within. She raised her fist in front of her face and Vix's eyes went wide in horror.

Her hand and wrist down to her forearm, was little more than a blunted, fleshy tentacle. Pale and veiny along the wrist, but pink and soft where her knuckles used to be and throbbing with the inhuman beat of the tendrils within her. Her fingernails were little more than slivers of thin, soft keratin before they fell to the floor. Turning her hand over, she had no words and instead fought through her freakish mutation, crawling ahead towards the cockpit, Vix resolved to send out an S.O.S., with a biological contaminant. Her body was compromised and as long as her autopilot remained on course, she could get help at port.

The tendrils inside her body felt bigger, throbbing with longer, deeper pulses that made her insides go wild with warm shuddering spasms. She felt like whatever the creatures were doing to her was about to get worse as they seemed to stretch out more inside her body. Her distended, pregnant-looking belly squirmed and swelled even larger, touching the cold metal grating on the floor while her neck muscles stiffened. She tried to find the buttons on her console to record her message, but her stumpy tentacle on one side, and numb fingers on the other made it difficult to do anything on the complex console pad. Frustrated beyond sense, she roared weakly and slammed her hands down on the keys, finding the same mutations across her hand had begun to spread up her arm, sending a tremor of tingles rushing up into her shoulder. Her arm felt stiff and unresponsive thereafter, merely twitching awkwardly at her behest.

Vix groaned, feeling the heat building pressure in her chest, the squirming tendrils inside her now moved less intently, but their size seemed to make her body feel like a hollow shell around the alien invaders. The woman, panting with exhausted confusion, made a last ditch effort to engage the recorder, mushing her face into the panel and pressing the button with her tongue. She felt the slippery button finally depress and the screen illuminated. She sputtered, feeling the thick saliva in her throat and mouth choking the words from her lips. She spat with a grunt of frustration and stammered, “This is Vix of the Dragonfly… I- I’ve gotten into some trouble on a derelict frigate. Sending… my coordinates- *Gnngh*… *Glk!*”

Vix suddenly felt another warm spasm in her chest and sputtered. Her neck tensed stronger this time and she lost control over her facial muscles, groaning as she drooled more of the odd, thick milky white saliva. Finally, with a guttural groan, she felt the tight sensation in her chest release and she fell to her knees from the overpowering intense full-body orgasm, her lips parting with a quiet gasp as the salty spittle again rushed forth and bathed her command chair with an impossible amount of the briney goo. She felt her chest release and tried to regain her composure, still shaking and drooling as she gargled weakly. “...my coordinates… are 212.B.0095, need containment… please help…”

The recording ended and she felt the distress buoy jettison away from her ship with a rumble. The engines let off as the antigravity lurched to accommodate and Vix slumped down to the floor. Her lap was drenched in the gross, musky mess her body kept producing. She knew what it was but couldn’t bring herself to even think of the word. She looked down at what used to be her hands, now both bulbous, rosy stumps of flesh. Her arms were limp, but she could feel the strange strength writhing within them and tried to lift her hands. The muscles were all wrong and didn't respond except for the weird twitching at first, but eventually, Vix felt them respond. A little at first, and then too much, as she accidentally slapped herself in the cheek with her hand. Shaking it off, she looked at her hand again, seeing it coated in the milky white ooze and it finally hit her.

“They look like dicks.”

She let the words hang there, unopposed, for several long moments and leaned back against her cockpit chair. Her neck was tight, her throat was sensitive and trembling as the soft throbbing in her belly generated more heat that filled her chest. She looked down to find her nipples poking hard through the glossy-red suit material. They were swollen and she could feel the beating in them both as her tits slowly, sublty, inflated with more of the foamy alien cum. Vix, too tired to throw a fit about what was happening, groaned as her throat began to tighten again, this time she felt a tingle creeping up the back of her spine and her skin felt like it was stretching. Suddenly, Vix was staring at the floor and made a gurgling whimper as her neck stretched over a foot longer, thickening with the pale, alien flesh like the tentacles. Her lips felt like they'd been stung by something, swollen and numb, pursing together before the shudder rushed through her chest again and tensed her neck out straight.

Facing her own belly and drooling pussy below it, she caught sight of her clitoris, jutting proudly and engorged with warmth as it throbbed, growing larger by the second as she moaned with confusion. Her clit bulged and dribbled foamy pre-cum, as if already boasting of its new purpose. She watched it surge quicker, nearing her face as it audibly gurgled with new blushing pink flesh. Her mouth watered and Vix hardly recoiled as it pushed past her tingly lips. The woman softly cried with pleasure at the clit-cock’s sensitivity. It was incredibly hot and thick, stretching her jaw as it continued to grow, beyond the size of even the largest cock she’d ever seen and realized that it too would become like the other tentacles she’d grown. She remembered her neck, worrying that her head too would soon look like the rest and felt an ache throb deep in the base of her clit-cock as it sprayed long ropes of hot alien jizz down her stretched throat.

She was pointed towards the small cargo bay and moaned loudly as she drooled cum from her plump lips. A torrent of cum again bathed the interior of her ship but not just from her mouth, her former hands, now chubby cock-heads, erupted with cum of their own and she felt the intense warmth fill the space between her chest and the suit with a heavy, squelching sound as her nipples throbbed strangely. The torn belly of her suit slowly dribbled cum around the gravid sphere of her alien pregnancy. Vix whimpered, trying to catch her breath, unable to catalog her changes fast enough as the orgasms seemed to turn her thoughts to mush.

She leaned back, gurgling as the chest of her suit finally started to give way up from the split seam above her belly. Her tits freed themselves as they grew and roughly slid past her engorged nipples. Vix's eyes went wide as she saw how much they'd already changed, fattening and twisting into a pair of cum-soaked plush, pale pink lips. They pursed and mouthed a wordless protest, mirroring the lips of her swollen face, the cheeks now gently squeezing her lips as her cheekbones and forehead began to soften. Like her hands before, she felt the bones melting and Vix began to panic that she would be a monster before too long.

"Fucking… *glk*…*glahh*…aliens…"

She sputtered a lubricant-like saliva as her mouth drooled and her throat gradually opened up fully down her neck. She flipped forward to try and find her log-pad. It had a camera and anyone finding whatever she was becoming might just shoot her first before they know what's going on. She spoke into the thin computer where she found it on the floor near the pod and it came alive, searching for Vix's face to unlock immediately, but not recognizing her swollen features anymore.

*Gluk*...Dragonfly Captain Vix… unlock and record… video log."

The computer beeped obediently and Vix was thankful that at least her voice was still intact. The screen showed her transforming face and began to record, softly levitating up to view the woman's in-progress mutations.

"Whoever is watching this…*glk*...I am the Captain. I'm recording the rest of this so people know it's me at port. Please help me, there are weird alien things…inside me, changing me."

With a sudden tension in her belly, Vix fell forward into the metal floor, arching her back as she felt the intense pressure drop lower into her womb. Her pussy drooled and then gushed with fluid as a mass of tentacles stretched and wriggled their way out of her. She groaned with a mixture of pleasure and confusion as several long, cock-headed tendrils curled out of her vagina and splattered the area with slick, musky goo. Pale and thick, they slid out of her, longer and longer until her tight belly deflated. Freed, they coiled and slapped the floor uncontrollably, Vix too overwhelmed to understand what was going on. Her pussy, now stretched wide with a crown of tentacles, ached with furious need.
Vix tried to crawl, anywhere, helplessly drooling from all her new cocks, face, and nipple-lips. Her knees soon gave out and she felt her ass and hips tremble with thickening muscle and diminishing bone structure. Her suit’s pants exploded into tatters and split down her calves to each ankle. Her boots creaked tightly as the growth spread down her legs. Vix felt her ass expanding into a pair of giant fleshy globes, thick with fat and full of foamy seed- now reservoirs for her body's overactive cum production. The woman's feet were swollen and pale pink as the toes were slowly overtaken by plump cock-flesh and we're nothing more than tentacles themselves. With so many new cocks, her cum production went into overdrive, and Vix felt her tits suddenly swell massive and heavy with gallon after gallon of a fresh, hot, load. Her need grew and her willpower was overwhelmed by intense, primal, alien desire.

Her leg tentacles probed her anus and pussy, the thick cock-heads drooling as they flicked against her holes. Vix's asshole puckered, swelling into a fat, warm donut while her pussy engorged and trembled, hungry for cock. She could hardly lift her long neck to turn away from the floating camera watching her and felt shame as she stuffed her own holes with tentacles. Her nipples moaned softly, dripping lubricant as a plump pink tongue escaped from within each to lick the slick, red lipples. She felt the aching desire within them too and felt compelled to accommodate her body, hoping that she was finished changing.

Vix's mind went blank as her gigantic melons tensed again and the heat rushed out in all directions. A dozen cock-tipped tentacles and her mouth twitched as she held on- just for a second, and cum exploded throughout the ship. Her nipples softly moaned as the rest of her gushed a thick layer of white on every surface of the cargo hold and across the crew bay. Vix gasped as she could finally breathe again, spitting and drooling before looking out at the scene around her.

Her ship was unrecognizable. Dripping, oozing cum covered every surface and made the air hot and musky. The former small-time pirate raised her long neck and slowly rotated, feeling her face pushing out. Her lips moaned a pitiful whine as the fleshy cockmeat overtook her once beautiful features. Only her bright green eyes remained..

"Fuck… uh'm…glk… uh monsturrr…"

She gurgled and sputtered weakly, slipping her tentacles across her body and feeling her mind losing it's grasp on what she'd become, finding the pleasurable sensation of running her soft, fleshy tendrils across her flesh to be more interesting than wondering about freedom or humanity or whatever. Her bright red hair fell out as she shed the tattered remains of her suit, sputtering from her holes and cock tips as her tits and ass already began gradually inflating with more cum.

A tendril rose and pushed into her mouth and she only resisted a moment before the salty, slick meat enticed her quickly fading will. She sucked and licked the tendril, finding the intense sensation too good to stop and soon found her slutty lipples with two more cocks. Thrusting her swollen hips forward, her clit-cock buried itself between her tits and she began to fuck them as she filled her ass and pussy again with more cocks than before and the rest coiled around her giant tits and ass cheeks. She was a tangled mess of tendrils and felt a strange, new sensation throbbing across her whole body. With a heavy, erotic muffled moan of pleasure, the creature that was Vix erupted again, but aimed all the spunk at itself, bathing itself in a cocoon of hot jizz. Exhausted, it fell into a slumber and the pale shell of slime entombed the creature until the ship finally landed.

. . .

The distress beacon had alarmed and confused the small mercenary team that made up the Triton 0B-1 mining outpost security team. Arriving about an hour ahead of the Dragonfly, it gave them little time to dig through protocol manuals and no time to send for a proper De-con system from the nearest medium-sized port. The detail assigned to crack open the tiny ship went without so much as a pair of gloves between the three mercenaries. Armed with holstered laspistols and a pair of doorjacks, they assumed the distress call was from some newbie spacer overreacting to an infection.

The leader of the trio, a tall and lean spice-addict with a metal fin on his forehead named Corbin, was flanked by the ex-pirates twins Fika and Tridau, who got jobs running security only because they had killed more men than anyone else on the station. They easily popped the locks on the cabin door on the Dragonfly and knocked. Not hearing a response meant the person inside was likely still in their pod, so the team joked about robbing the pilot as they pulled open the door. A wave of warm, musky stink poured out of the ship and the mercs recoiled as thick white ooze poured out of the doorway.

"What the shit, Corbin?!"

Fika turned to retch, pointing her weapon into the doorway. They all stepped back as the foamy cum slowly dribbled out of the cabin door. Corbin didn’t respond, simply covering his face with his free hand’s sleeve and went to step inside, weapon drawn. The twins followed close behind, lowering their aim as soon as they saw the ruined interior. The walls, floor and ceiling were covered in sticky white slime, with long rubbery-looking stalactites dripping foamy, sticky goo overhead and all the equipment and furniture were caked in hardened slimy mounds.

A blinking datapad was all that seemed to remain of this “Vix” person to the team and Corbin opened the most recent log, a video dated just 6 hours ago. They watched the already transformed woman slowly lose the battle against her infection, becoming some kind of cock-monster and cumming all over the place before one of the ejaculations hit her floating datapad and killed the camera. The group looked around for any trace of the redheaded scavenger.

“Did she just, like, explode into jizz or something? There’s no mutant dick girl in here.” Tridau said, aiming her laspistol at one of the mounds of white goo. Corbin grunted, stepping out of a thick puddle and turning towards the door.

“We’ll play it safe and jettison this biohazard and get scrubbed by Doc. Lyons. Whatever happened to the chick, it's not our problem.”

Before he could step out of the bay door, he felt something powerful grip his ankle and yank him off his feet. He landed with a soft thud in the diminished gravity, but was nonetheless taken by surprise as it dragged him towards the large pile of goo in the corner of the storage bay. He could only shout a weak “Shi-” before he disappeared into the mess. Not worrying about friendly fire, the twins shot into the slime, but the laspistol bolts merely singed the goo’s surface with an angry foamy hiss. The goo was so thick along the floor, neither of the women noticed the slowly encircling tendrils before they all struck in unison, grabbing and disarming the team with slippery blunted appendages. In seconds, the three mercenaries were coiled tightly as the creature emerged…

Rising from her cocoon of cum and slime, Vix was no more. A twisting mass of appendages encircled a pale feminine form. Massive, cock-tipped tits filled with foamy spunk that dribbled from each girthy tip jutted from her chest. Above that, a long veiny neck led to an inhuman, drooling maw crowned with smaller cocks, gurgling an ugly hiss as the doors to the shop slowly closed, muffling the sounds of the creature and its prey...