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The Stingray’s Shaft

Tanya pedaled beneath the water. The otter lady had gone for a nice soak, and though the beach was getting darker, that hadn't stopped her. Her head was barely above the tide, short brunette locks framed her honey-colored gaze. The lady's fur was a rich mocha color, contrasted by the beige of her underbelly, all of that totally soaked in seawater. Though she was short, Tanya was quite a shortstack—her hips and rump cheeks were plenty thick, breeder-worthy, even! Surprisingly, however, she was a virgin. The lady, in her late teens, had gone out for a casual dip with a few friends. And so it happened that they were among the last ones here, and everyone else was drying off on the beach.

"Tanya! You coming out at some point or nah!? I know you're an otter but wow!"

A voice teased in the distance, but she paid no heed. Her paws idly waded through the water as she closed her eyes and relaxed. Ah, she felt at home! The salty scent stroked the nose whereas the coolness of the waves hardly bothered her. She could've been here all night, too.

However! The otter was oblivious to what was approaching... Shades of violet approached her position, and by the time her eyes opened, Tanya was greeted by a shock! The creature—Hard to tell exactly what, but definitely aquatic—Surfaced right in front of the hapless ott! Tanya blinked, eyes focused on what was... An anthro stingray? Her skin was a purple dark as night, contrasted by a lavender underbelly and violet stripes. Long white hair fell over a dark gaze, a very predatory gaze!

The otter's first reaction was to turn tail and swim away. Her paws smashed loudly upon the water in her desperate attempt to gain distance, but the larger, predatory ray kept pace without any exertion.

"Hhhuhhhff! H-help! Guys!" The small otter pleaded in the distance, but the others were busy changing their clothes in a shack. Her cries fell on deaf ears, and then the stingray pounced... Taking her underwater!

The stingray moved smoothly, hardly a sound on her part despite the struggles and shouts of the ott! What followed was total submergence... Now even the smaller fem's head was soaked, the ott's teeth were gritted as she kicked feebly, even flailing her arms around! But with her eyes shut tight in the salty water, and the fear that overpowered her, she could offer no real resistance to the purple pred. The stingray wrapped one muscular arm around both of the smaller fem's biceps, pinning the ott's arms against her own sides. She drew the squirmy little thing's body closer, and now Tanya felt hard abs and soft tits smooshed against her upper back!

"Grrfff, hhfff..." The helpless lady grunted and groaned, but all that came forth were bubbles. She felt the pred's overwhelming strength, just an arm was enough to overpower the smaller ott's entire body! Though Tanya continued to kick, and maybe landed one good smack against her predator's knee in the process, the lack of air and the exertion contributed to less and less struggle on her part. Everything felt hazy and distant for a few moments... Then she felt air, they went back to the surface!

Tanya's eyes shot open and she gasped out, her chest heaved with exasperated breaths. Who knows how long it'd been underwater? One good look and she realized she was on her back, sprawled atop the larger stingray, who was, herself, laid back upon the water's surface. Disoriented and still firmly 'hugged' by the brace of that bigger arm against her chest, Tanya heaved for air as the stingray spoke.

"What a delightful little plaything. You'll serve nicely as my first catch of the day. I was lonely for quite some time, so I think I'll keep you as company... I'm sure you won't mind..." The stingray's voice had a femme lilt, and yet such an entrancing tone! When the otter, laying her head back, gazed up towards her captor's eyes, she was locked onto the predator's violet irises.

"I, uhhh, mmmmhmm..."

Somehow, Tanya found it hard to speak, never mind complain. The small femme stirred, her muzzle twisted with her anxiety and confusion, but she found it increasingly hard to look away or even blink! When she tried to close her eyes, they just sort of fluttered and twitched, refusing to obey her. Her limbs felt heavy, especially her arms, pinned as they were by the stingray's grasp.

"No objection? I figured as much!" Ailsa taunted even further, her spare hand reached for the otter's chin so as to give it a stroke. Then she stroked lower, fingertips grazed over the neck and shoulders, and so they drew ever-closer to Tanya's top. The otter had only worn a red bikini, the straps were so thin they offered no protection against the touch. But even that was much... Ailsa started with a single good tug, causing the strap of the top to yield. The cups of the upper bikini fell right off of Tanya's breasts, so as to reveal the light pink of nipples. Those tits were a nice perky b-cup, but the real prize lay lower... Ailsa's new preything was quite bottom-heavy, after all!

Tanya's lip quivered. "Mmmmfff... Y-you're... Not gonna eat me...!?" She was incredulous. Having been hunted like prey, and well, she heard of what sharks liked to do. It was hard for her to imagine a stingray being any different!

"No, something much more pleasurable for us both." Ailsa grinned, this time showing plenty of sharp pearly whites. Then, she released her grasp on Tanya's middle... For the girl was too captivated to resist. The otter laid there atop her captor, not simply lost in those eyes... Marooned, for there was something truly unnatural about the dark and violet stare!

Instead, Ailsa reached for the ott's thighs so as to spread and part them. Those cute footpaws were lifted right up, and a little shifting of hips ensued... This let the stingray's shafts bob closer to Tanya's loins... That's right, Ailsa had two big, bright-red and purple-tipped cocks!

The twin spears throbbed right before and soon, against Tanya's femme slit. The folds were barely protected by a thin strip of fabric, though the otter's sex trembled with anticipation... Though she didn't, and really couldn't, see what was happening below, she felt the firm flesh as it burgeoned against her sex. The otter bit her lip, she lacked the will or power to struggle... All she did was curl her toes, and let loose a steamy exhale once Ailsa briefly shifted her grip, so as to peel the thong right off that slit and shimmy it a little up those thighs.

The members, freshly spilled from the stingray's slit, were shiny and dripping with their own juices. Their warmth was felt against that tight cunt with each smear of their sizable -girth- against Tanya's pussy. She was a pretty small ott after all, and just one dick would test her limits, never mind two! The arrow-like head of one member nudged between those folds as Ailsa rolled her hips and pivoted just right... And so Tanya felt that first inch sink inside...

Her tight snatch spread around the spear-like invader. The softest gasp escaped her lips. The ott never thought she'd be taken like, well, this...

"Hohhhh... I-It's big... I—Mmphhh..." The ott's face BURNED with a blush so hard, it could nearly be seen past the fur. Her cunt was getting split by this absolute monster of a cock—And the stingray had two! Here she had been getting claimed by a total stranger—A powerful pred that had snared her with such ease. And yet, Tanya's eyes never parted from the intense stare. The fixating stare quelled any desire to escape, to resist, even thinking became a chore. Her eyes became so heavy, and yet the otter couldn't close them.

"That does feel pretty good, doesn't it?" The stingray idly remarked, speaking aloud what Tanya thought. "You wish you could take both, hmm? Don't worry, I have tastier plans for you, my little cock-adornment. Just relax your body and accept me..."

At once, Tanya became limp. Her legs flopped upon Ailsa's arm, over which they slung, while the stingray's hand reached for the smaller lady's folds. Here, Ailsa teased her plaything with just a pinch of that clit! The fingertips captured that cute little nub and tweaked it, so agonizingly slow. Tanya squealed, her hips jerked, and the sensation, that raw sharp pleasure, was almost enough to overcome the power of the gaze.

The otter, now awash with lust and arousal—the latter of which spiked so hard that her clit was throbbing with rock-hard ache—found herself... Unable to speak! Her lips moved and she mouthed out words, but nothing spilled out. Her eyes were wide with panic, and Ailsa chuckled. "How about you relax your cute little throat? I think you've made enough noise, dearie. What do you have to say, really? That your clit's hard as a diamond? Your tiny pussy's getting split by my dick? I already know that..."

The stingray idly stroked fingers through Tanya's hair, she treated her as little more than a toy. A sputtering, twitching, horny toy! That cunt now felt the full force of thrusts, because Ailsa began to push in earnest. What followed were several deep pushes, which crammed the smaller female to the brim with throbbing hot cock. Just one dick was pushing through Tanya with such depth and vigor that it bulged out the belly. The petite ott's taut tummy bulged with the obscene outline of stingray cock! Thrust came after thrust, and Tanya was forced to withstand each, too fixated by the gaze to even move of her own accord! Her smaller form bounced from the force of successive slams, a rare sound—a breathless GASP—sometimes escaped her maw as the thrusts were often so forceful... They winded her!

The quivering, even drooling, otter felt that dick twitch inside of her, with the edge of climax. And likewise, Ailsa felt that cunt convulse and race towards cumming... The stingray had to pick up her pace, because the otter threatened to bust before she did!

"Fwuhhh..." Poor Tanya was dizzied by the constant crash of hips, the ripple of her big doughy cheeks whenever Ailsa clapped so loudly against them. Given she was only using one of those huge rods, the stingray had to thrust at an angle in order to wedge her dick in just right. That once-virgin slit was spread wide around her member, becoming a perfect fit for the huge cock. Somehow, Tanya stretched to fit every inch!

"Mrrm, you're almost ready, Tanya. Go ahead... I'm going to let you cum, hfff, you should be ready now..."

And so, the stingray released thighs and clit, both arms wrapped -tightly- around Tanya's midsection. The squeeze was so much for the smaller ott's body, she felt totally squished in those powerful, muscular arms. So restrained that she was no longer thrown around by the repeated beatings of dick against her pussy, each thrust now -hilted- deep in her cunt, ready to claim it.

The last thrust sank the entirety of one cock inside of Tanya, the other left mashed up against the smaller woman's otter folds. The ott's tummy was so stuffed that the veins of that huge cock showed through her belly, and the last spent exhales spilled out of Tanya's maw... She felt so -full-. The squeeze made it a little harder to breathe but it just felt so good to be held, to be braced tightly against the larger, stronger pred. She shivered a little... The water was a little cold, but the dick felt so hot...

Inside, Tanya began to change. The shape of that cock swelled within her, the veins grew more prominent, as though the skin became tighter. And said veins grew wider, larger, so as to dominate her belly... And then claim more. Soon enough, Tanya had fat pulsing veins beneath the skin of her chest and hips, the vasculature spread throughout her core and linked her so deeply, so intimately to her pred—Her host's cock.

At first faint, it became stronger... Ailsa's pulse soon came to dominate the otter's body, forcing Tanya to throb in rhythm with the greater whole.

With the throbs came heat, Ailsa's very essence began to flow through her freshly-claimed otter toy. And with that, came sensation. Moments later, Ailsa felt the warmth, the surge of pleasure that flowed through Tanya's body. The otter, muffled to a mere squeal, came pretty hard... Her eyes lidded as tight as they could muster, and were allowed to, whereas her whole body just tightened up and quivered! The ott hissed through clenched teeth... Her cute fists clenched as it just felt so good, so mind-blowingly intense! And she couldn't spill out a sound! Truly it was torture...

Into that open, silently moaning maw, the stingray stuffed a couple of her fingers. Her digits hooked into that muzzle, bulging a cheek out as she teased the ott. Tanya was helpless to stop them, she tasted the salt and let loose this low murmur. At this point, her eyes watered, both from how good this felt, and how she hadn't blinked since what felt like forever.

"Hmm, you feel pretty nice, Tanya. And you're pretty sensitive! I could have fun playing with you for a while... Oh, you can feel the throbbing in your belly, too? Well, I'm turning you into a cute little addition to my cock."

The stingray crooned, once more reading the needy femme's mind. Briefly, Tanya's eyes were wide with panic at the mention of adding to that cock, but then? The thought of being afraid vanished. With the merging of their bodies at the crotch, the steady pulse of Ailsa through Tanya, the bleeding of the prey's sensations through her host... Tanya felt... Soothed, pacified. Strangely enough, the big stingray no longer felt alien to her, rather it was the opposite. In Ailsa's eyes, she saw her own reflection, more than that, even. She could see herself in her host's gaze, the spread of veins and sensitivity throughout her body... It was beautiful to behold.

"That's good. You're getting there, little ott. Or rather—Little cock.~ You're mine... As part of me as my other cock, throbbing beside you. Can you feel it now? The thrum of my other dick, so eager for its slit-mate's attention... You should give it a stroke.~"

Ailsa tantalized, and Tanya felt compelled. The otter yielded... In body and mind to her new host. Any pretension of being separate, now or before, from her host... That slipped out of her mind. She was one with Ailsa, her host, whose name seeped into her mind through thought, really the stingray was just the rest of Tanya's body, much as Tanya was the smaller portion of the larger pred. Each throb through her body made this obvious.

And now that Ailsa—No, the both of them, the one of them, they wanted to stroke their aching, other cock... Well, how could the otter-cock resist? The otter bit her lip, eyes fixed onto Ailsa's as ever, for approval. Her hand blindly reached for the other shaft, which she grabbed with one try. Because like an arm regaining sensation after being slept on, Tanya could now feel that other cock. She could feel that hot, twitching, throbbing, needy thing right beside her, it needed to be stroked, just like herself!

Silently, Tanya lapped her lips, wanting. Somehow she felt this hunger, even though she hollowed on the inside. Her belly was increasingly bulged by the shape of this fat cumtube, which pushed through her abdomen and between her breasts, so as to form a stark divide. From that tube started to flow forth the stingray's precum, cumming in big runny globs. Soon, Tanya was going to be drooling, but first the other changes had to finish up below.

Ailsa helped along the process by lifting up the otter's legs and tucking them against the smaller woman's self. Within moments, the flesh merged and knitted together here, each leg forming a bulging shape within which the structures grew more and more indistinct. Calves fused with thighs, and footpaws stuck to her own rump cheeks. The gaps between those sealed over, and increasingly the flesh became pliant, spongy, then just sort of... Squished itself together!

Once the compression relaxed, what was left from the wet SCRUNCH were two fat, throbbing big bulbs, one on each of Tanya's sides. The shapes firmed, and shifted, so as to adorn Tanya's former hips, now cock-base, as the two bulbs of a knot.

"And a little more..." Ailsa remarked, an aside as she pressed the otter's fat tail -firmly- upon her hard abs. Here, the length of the tail merged to Ailsa's abdomen, sinking between and beneath muscles and flesh so as to leave behind a huge, vaguely tail-shaped vein up the stingray's crotch.

In the meantime, Tanya's quivering pussy was extinguished by one powerful throb through her body! The folds smooshed so very tight along the shaft and then fused to the stingray's crotch, the pink of slit flowing into the bright red of cockmeat. Where there was once the slight gap between pussy and cock-base, there was now only a smooth transition of otter fur into lavender and violet flesh. Now, she was ready...

Tanya had been stroking across the length of other-cock the entire time. Her own changes were an afterthought compared to the pleasuring her host's other throbbing member. Sure, her body felt delightful, tingly, and hot... But the other dick felt just as good, perhaps even better, as her hand vigorously stroked it! Each stroke brought the dick, well, -both- dicks closer to climax. Because the pleasure of jerking off was -magnified- by Tanya's newfound sensitivity! And she was so attuned to every sensation, every throb through her partner dick.

Ailsa closed her eyes. With that, Tanya suddenly found her own gaze able to move, she finally blinked! But before she could speak, precum frothed at the back of her throat. When her maw opened, she sputtered out fresh prejizz, and Ailsa gazed over her cute new cock-addition with a chuckle. "It'll take some getting used to. Now come on and... Well, cum on." Both of the big stingray's hands wrapped around the ott. Then they stroked furiously.

Within moments, Tanya started to see stars! Her body tingled with the succession of strokes, each jerk of paws along her form felt as good as jerking off her other cock! Perhaps even better. She twitched and gurgled beneath the pawing, it all felt so heavenly, but she made sure to keep stroking off her partner-cock as well! With the rapid stroking of both otter paw and Ailsa's hands, the two were reaching new peaks of pleasure.

And the last of the changes settled in, the side-by-side placement of the twin stingray-cocks shifting, so as to place the otter-cock right above the other-cock, the two stacked on each other on that crotch. It was even more convenient for Tanya to stroke now, and the placement even made it look like it was sticking out of the otter's own merged crotch!

The petite femme hugged that dick, she suckled the big slab of cock's tip... It was over a foot long, but looked even bigger next to the small ott, so she barely had to crane her head to kiss it! The woman's lips pursed around the glans, precum poured out of her maw and the other shaft's tip. Each of Tanya's suckles from the other tip was defeated by a spew of precum from her own maw, both dicks leaking so copiously against and over each other.

It was a delightful mess, and Ailsa would've held back longer—She wanted her cock-pet to indulge, after all—But it was unbearable by now. The stingray let loose a delighted exhale, her crotch tensed and both of her cocks convulsed with a mind-shattering orgasm!


Huge ropes of cum arced through the air, and Tanya was jerked upright by the sudden tension through her length. The otter-cock stroked her underbelly for that added bit of self-pleasure as the two members spilled hot, creamy nut. The jizz was sent flying, so much that it looked like sea foam, it even barely missed the shore. The climax was as intense as it was messy, Ailsa had to take a breather after the 15th rope of fresh spunk, half-wondering where it all came from. She inhaled deeply while her dick gripped the stingray's hips.

The otter-cock's eyes were wide as she kept spewing and spewing, her face was alight with a blush as she never would've expected to cum this much! Totally unprepared to become a huge overproductive cock, her body trembled as she tried to brace for another dozen shots of cum... The stuff was so sticky, creamy, and delicious! Below her, the other-cock was shooting just as much as herself, without any protest. And due to their placement, a lot of seed splashed upon her furry body, soaking her tits in dripping white spunk and really getting her already-wet fur matted even more.

What felt like an eternity later, Ailsa sprawled back atop the water's surface. Her new sticky otter-cock's body plopped atop hers, the girl-cock panted with exhaustion while the stingray sighed with relief. Atop the girl-dick, laid the other-cock, still drooling cum all over the bigger, furry dick.

The stingray gave her furred erection a little stroke. "Oh right, did I mention it's permanent?~"


Re: The Stingray's Shaft - by flagcatcher (Furry)

Tanya waded above the water. The otter lady was small, one would peg her as less than five feet tall! Her brunette locks were as soaked as her mocha-colored fur, contrasting the beige hue of her underbelly. Everything below her midsection was submerged in the deep blue of the pristine sea. Well, except for her perky breasts and that colossal cock! Her eyes were an intense shade of violet and fixated onto that pulsing spire in her grasp... Despite the ott's size, she had a great big slab of dick jutting out right below her, and it'd been stiff during her entire time at the beach!

Both of her petite paws were wrapped around it, having to use both in order to pleasure that colossal thing. The length was a deep shade of red, transitioning towards purple at the tip. Unusual for an otter, that member also had a triangular tip, like a meaty arrowhead that drooled obscene amounts of precum. Some precum was also drooling from her maw, seeing as she couldn't resist occasionally tasting her behemoth of a dick. That throbbing spire was over a foot long and thicker than her arm, sending so much delightful pleasure through her already sensitive body!

It wasn't odd for her to jerk off so openly, though. After all, it was one of -those- beaches. And she'd been polite enough to do so in the distance, which gave her an excellent view of the fellow beach patrons leaving the shore. It was getting late, so everyone else was packing up their coolers, towels, and umbrellas to head home. Everyone except Yana, the snake, whose buds had just emerged from the water, getting settled into sandals and so forth. His friends hollered at him, one of them shouting the loudest:

"Hey man! We gotta catch that movie at eight! Let's splash to it!"

But Yana shook his head. "C'mon! I barely got in here, you guys had me do all the barbecuing! I'll just catch you later!" He shouted back, then turned away with an exasperated huff. He'd gone through all the trouble of wearing his lovely swimsuit... He wanted to enjoy it!

Yana was a serpent with dark scales, contrasting the pale underbelly. Said scales were emblazoned with tattoos... A blooming vine crept down his left side, while the rest were white and scattered across his right arm and back... The most prominent being an Eastern dragon coiling up his spine. His svelte build was marked by golden piercings... Several of them dangling from his hood, with even more, ahem, tucked away in his genital slit. His complete lack of bulge sure gave him a feminine air, letting him rock a very tight pink thong and bra! He had no breasts or nipples to cover, but still!

It looked damn good on his sleek frame. The young man moved daintily, hips sashaying, pacing across the sand on his toes and yet not breaking five feet tall. Seemed like all of his height and mass was in that tail of his, really, some of it held atop his palm as though he handled a boa or lifted the hem of a dress. The rest had to drag across the sand... All wiggly with his anticipation of a delightful dip! It was rather nice to have the beach all to himself, no one stepping on his tail or flinging used condoms everywhere.

On the other hand, there was a distinct lack of eye candy to appreciate right now... The last person, a total babe of a ten-foot-tall husky with huge tits and an even bigger dick shuffled off, surfboard in hand.

I mean it's not like Yana only came here to admire the tits, he really did like some sand and sun...

But it was also nice to have a hot guy or gal wrapped in his tail and wrapped around his finger, maybe more than that, y'know...

He couldn't help but find the sight in the distance curious, though. Yana stroked his fingers through the white tuft of his mohawk as the sight perplexed him... That otter had a monster cock!

"Hey, you having fun over there!?" He cupped his mouth as he yelled, finding himself amused by the whole thing. Now Yana wasn't lacking in the 'length' area, as opposed to height. His 'bad boys' were over a foot long, each. All the more impressive that they managed to fit in his slit. But! The otter's member was an absolute slab of cockmeat. He could tell that much, even from here, it almost made him envious!

The little ott didn't shout back, however. She instead chose to beckon him over with a curl of her fingers. Even then, her other paw remained on that shaft. Tanya was so caught up in her pleasure, she couldn't imagine stopping her strokes. That huge cock twitched mightily with anticipation, of both pleasure and Yana joining in on the fun. The length was totally soaked in precum, getting all frothy with tiny bubbles forming across the glaze.

Well, Yana couldn't resist, either. The male chuckled to himself as he waded into the water, then started to paddle off the shore. The whipping of his huge tail helped him close the distance, as he immersed himself in cool, salty water. It soothed scales that had been baking in the sun for a while, so the whole thing was a welcome change of pace.

Yet while the snake swam closer, a voice spoke directly to Tanya’s mind. Sultry and devious, it teased the horny otter with even lewder thoughts bubbling to mind:

‘Lovely work, my pretty prick. See if you can get him close… Real close, and you might have yourself a new roommate in my slit.’

The idea made Tanya burn up with a violet blush. By this point, the petite woman was a thrall to her host’s will… She craved nothing more than stroking her off, drinking down her cum, and generally being a good cock-pet. Her host, Ailsa, could also see through the otter’s eyes and peer into her thoughts… Besides the fact that they obviously shared sensations, being that Tanya was the other woman’s fat DICK!

The serpentine boy finally closed the distance, as he paddled up next to the otter and let his eyes meet her dick, first. It was so dick-stracting that he didn’t catch onto the dark blur which floated a little deeper than Tanya. Especially with how the waves undulated real hard right about now. If he only knew that Tanya was just the tip of the iceberg.

“Wow, must be real hard walking with that fat thing. ‘Specially when it makes up half your body weight.~”

Yana teased, as his fingers delved closer, to run across the underbelly of the otter’s obscene erection. The length was hot, slippery, slathered in precum which slicked his fingertips. He didn’t really have any reservations about openly petting the otter’s prick, after all it was one of THOSE beaches. And it’s not like the otter objected, she was wordless, biting her lip as she ran her gaze down the sight of him. Drinking in his svelte frame, he really was cute… And would make an even cuter cock.

Not that Tanya could truly speak, either. She was so aroused that her precum was foaming in her mouth, the poor otter had to keep gulping to hold it back. Try as she might to rein in her excitement, she was soon visibly throbbing, which Yana found curious. “Heh, really excited, huh?”

The serpent grinned, as he paddled just a little closer to wrap both of his arms around that pulsing reddish-purple length. The dick was huge, ‘specially relative to the snake’s small size. He embraced it readily, hugging against the taut flesh and feeling the firmness against his scales, the clinging slickness smear onto his body. His chin tilted down a little to regard the oozing tip, which was like a volcano, pointy tip and all as it oozed precum in runny rivulets.

His maw eased open just enough to let the tip slot in, as his fangs were retracted, so that let the length’s immense thickness squeeze in with no resistance. The squishy, supple texture of his inner maw hugged that dick… The male’s thin tongue coiled once or twice around the incredible girth, thicker than his wrist. Being a snake, he didn’t imagine he’d have any trouble swallowing that entire shaft, whole…

“Mhmmmphhh…” Tanya murmured, then audibly swallowed back a huge bulge of precum.

Every inch of the length was quite sensitive, and Tanya, being partly cock herself, was attuned to every throb through the phallus. Her little paws helped out, with strokes down the sides of the lubricated member, adding to the pleasure that coursed through the shaft. The gigantic girth thrummed with delight, an impromptu spurt of precum gushing from the arrow-shaped tip and splashing against Yana’s palate. It sure was salty and runny, which made the boy crave more.

In all the excitement, his heart thrummed harder… The throbbing member in his maw just had such an exquisite aroma… Laden with titillating pheromones, how could he have resisted? The dick’s very presence made his heart race, as he could feel Tanya’s pulse through the fat pole. She rumbled with pleasure at his strokes, biting her lip as their eyes met for a moment. It was so hard for the otter-cock to resist spitting up precum, aching as she was!

Of course, the sultry situation made Yana’s own shafts begin to burgeon. The male’s members surged from his slit and protruded past the salty water. His shafts, stacked beside each other as they were, pressed up against the otter’s much larger length. That fat dick got pincered by the snake’s own pulsing pricks, his hips sawing for a pleasurable, added sensation. Grinding girths together only made his bear-hug of that larger cock even better, as Yana let loose a horny little huff… The dickmeat dimpled against the snake’s cock piercings, as tense, hot flesh ground together.

“That’s cute…”

A feminine voice remarked, which drew Yana’s eye. The snake could clearly see Tanya’s maw remained closed, but pulled his muzzle free from making out with her tip. This let him tease back. “Says you.~ Guess you finally decided to speak! Can’t believe you could be so shy despite jerking your cock for everyone to see.”

“Hah, you’re funny, talking to my dick like that. Guess you just really like it—her, rather.”

Seeing as how Tanya trembled in pleasure, but didn’t speak a word, Yana blinked. Then his gaze slowly shifted to the shape which had emerged from the water around him:


The manta ray woman was a deep shade of purplish black, with a lilac shade across her underbelly. She was streaked by glowing violet stripes and adorned by spines, with a shock of white hair matted over her face. The larger lady’s eyes were black, with violet irises—the same color as Tanya’s, fixed onto Yana. She was probably 8, 9 feet tall? Either way, she had surfaced. Arms outstretched, legs paddling in the water.

Yana found himself a little intimidated, but tried to laugh it off, “Hah, okay, I didn’t expect this to become a threesome. Looks like you’re good at holding your breath, which is great, since you might end up needing to.”

The serpent playfully swiped his tongue across his snout and the otter’s throbbing tip. But it wasn’t really Tanya’s, was it?

The manta ray surfaced even more, letting her breasts show, a sizable pair of melons contrasted by her musculature. Besides prominent biceps and forearms, Yana glanced back to see the woman’s thick, well-defined thighs. Ailsa even had a robust set of abs, all of it impressive compared to Yana’s near-absence of muscle. And with how Ailsa was eventually level with the water, floating atop, it was now abundantly clear that Tanya really was her cock.

Awestruck, Yana scanned over the gurgling otter’s lower body, which flared near where the pelvis ought to be. But it then tapered off into a dick-root which flowed right into Ailsa’s genital slit. With how they were joined at the crotch, it was remarkable that there was still space leftover to accommodate Ailsa’s huge, apparently original dick. The snake’s maw hung agape.

“You… You have two dicks.”

Tanya blushed hotter than ever, as she finally let the precum openly ooze from her maw. Meanwhile, Ailsa winked, assuring him, “Mhm, but there’s still a slot in my slit left to be claimed.”

The manta ray’s fingers then danced along the tip of her more ordinary looking dick. That is, if a great big slab of cock like that could be considered ordinary. Yana, however, couldn’t believe what Ailsa was trying to propose.

“You can’t be serious… Becoming your OTHER dick? Leaking cum like her, twitching? That sounds…”

Yana hesitated, as he actually thought it over. Becoming a cock? No, that was a wild idea… Then again, it seemed like the otter-dick really enjoyed it. He imagined it’d be intensely blissful, really. Being a giant throbbing erection, pleasure from every touch. Must have been a lot of pleasure indeed, because Ailsa’s large hands reached for Tanya and stroked the otter’s sides. As her digits pumped along the surface, surely to tease Yana, the half-dicked otter quivered, her eyes rolling back. Ailsa was—jerking her off!

“I promise it’ll be worth your while, little snake.~”

The ray crooned, smooth strokes sifting through Tanya’s fur. Meanwhile, the other cock convulsed more heavily, the thick flesh bobbling around in Yana’s clutches. Tellingly, he didn’t immediately let go or try to paddle away, despite the prospect of somehow being trapped as Ailsa’s sex. It still seemed impossible, but his eyes couldn’t be fooling him. He spoke breathily beside Ailsa’s pulsing tip, “How—How would that work?”

By this point, Tanya blushed a deep violet across most of her body, mostly hidden beneath thin fur. Ailsa’s grip shifted, to stroke the otter-dick’s pert tits, as a couple fingers tweaked one of her stiff nipples. Tanya’s murmurs grew stronger, her body visibly swelling and deflating with each of her full-body throbs. Precum flowed down her chin as an uninterrupted stream, while Ailsa explained, “It’s simple…”

The manta ray eyed Yana up, “I’d stuff every inch of my cock inside of you…”

Yana’s eyes rounded at the nonchalant proposal.

“Then I’d fuse the entirety of my cock with your insides…”

The idea, admittedly, made Yana’s own dicks twitch.

“And lastly, finish you up on the outside. Smooth over those little legs and that tail, dicks don’t need anything below the waist, really. Redistribute some of your mass…”

Yana gulped. Losing his precious tail, though? But imagine how big he’d be as a dick. He might’ve been 4’9”, but that would be huge for a cock. Every scale on his body lighting up with pleasure… And the manta ray’s titillating scent made him even more amenable to the idea. He exhaled, with a horny huff, “And it’d just be for a little while, right? So I can… I can try it out?”

Ailsa smirked, “Oh, you can be a dick for as long as you’d like, dear. So what do you say? My little otter-prick is eager to have a partner.”

Tanya’s cheeks bulged as she held back a particularly large amount of precum, lest she spray all over the male’s face. The idea must’ve excited her very much… And even Yana’s own lengths betrayed him, as they dribbled with plenty of his own runny arousal. He relented, “Mmmphh… I’ll–I’ll do it…”

The otter’s eyes lit up, while Ailsa chuckled, “Very well, you’ll make a fine little snake-shaft.”

It then dawned on Yana, the enormity of the task. Would he simply melt into this huge member, which he was already embracing so tightly? Would he melt into it like ice cream, or more of a sticky, gooey affair? The whole idea intrigued him, as his eyes remained fixated on the manta ray’s massive member.

But then Ailsa helped him snap out of it, by placing her hands on his curvy hips. “Just start by taking the tip and I’ll handle the rest.~”

Yana swallowed a lump, as he let loose a sultry exhale. The male peeled away from the shaft, instead manuevering himself between both dicks. This made the serpent surrounded by otter-dick and manta-dick, feeling the heat of both throbbing bodies against himself. While the fat meat ground up against his backside, Tanya squeezed up against his chest. The otter-lady’s breasts squished between their bodies, as the eager girl-dick placed her paws on the male’s shoulders. What came next was surprisingly natural… The otter closed her eyes and leaned in, smooching Yana on the snout!

It was surreal… The heat of her breath spilled across his face while the girl-dick’s precum oozed all over his muzzle. The slickness glazed his lips, so his tongue flitted out to steal a guilty taste of the runny stuff. As sweet as it was salty, the fluid made his maw water, and he imagined getting to taste it in his mouth -all- the time. Dare he say, it was addictive, so without any shame… He smooshed his snout against Tanya’s and put plenty of tongue in his smooch. Sticky bridges of pre connected their maws as Yana’s agile tongue lapped it all up.

“Gluhhh…” Yana’s face burned. It turned out, it was super hot to make out with a cock-girl. Sucking dick was amazing, but it was even better when the dick could suck back. Whereas once his arms were wrapped around Ailsa’s slippery dick, they now squeezed around the sopping otter, which let him feel every throb through her length. Despite her appearance, her firmness, heat, and pulsing were just like that of a giant cock… Ah, he envied her, didn’t he?

In the meantime, he didn’t want to neglect Ailsa’s other erection. His lengthy tail looped around the length a few times, making sure to grip it securely. With these scaly coils alone, he was actually able to jerk her off. Yana’s remarkable tail dexterity was put to work… The muscular appendage pumped her off with firm strokes that let the pulsating flesh crease and dimple beneath his grasp. A constant flow of precum spewed forth as a result, slathering the entire member and providing delightful lubrication for the continued cock-strokes.

But this wasn’t enough, neither for Ailsa nor Yana. The snake leaned in harder against his newfound cock-buddy, as the otter eeped. Her petite body was sandwiched between Ailsa beneath and Yana above, as the guy stacked himself atop her. Using his grip on the manta ray’s girth, he angled that dick lower, to carefully line up the pointy glans with his tight, cute pucker. His hands reached back to clutch his rump cheeks and spread the mounds, making absolutely certain his aim would be true. He didn’t really need to, but given he had his arms free, he figured he ought to show off!

His eyes alternated between Tanya’s quivering lip and Ailsa’s hungry gaze. The manta ray must have been having a lot of fun simply watching; the prospective penis was doing all the work for her! She couldn’t help but tease:

“The way you work your tail, you seem so confident you can handle my size.~ Just make sure you don’t cum ‘til I’m all the way in… It’d be a shame to waste your climax early, ‘specially since it’d feel so much better once you’re fully turned.”

The woman then reached out, to first stroke across Tanya’s bulging cheek and then caress Yana’s mane in the same motion. The tenderness of the stroke belied the vigor that Ailsa had in her, as well as how much that huge dick of hers would put Yana to the test. Still, he had eyes on the prize: Tanya, that is. Cock goals!

The serpent rocked his hips back and let that tapered tip nudge up against his tailhole, the ring tense at first but slowly relaxing open to let Ailsa’s first, oozing inch tuck right in. And somehow, the sensation was more electric than he expected… There must have been something magic about Ailsa’s member, because just the first inch of prick sent a shudder of pleasure up his spine, and so his coils tightened even more around that girth. His pelvis pushed against the shaft while the tail held it steady, both groups of muscles working together to cram the manta ray’s length inside of himself.

“Hffff…. Damn…” He muttered, and when he gazed back, he found the remaining length of shaft daunting. Holy fuck, that was a lot of dick… And it ALL had to squeeze inside of him. There was no way the short snake could fit it! But thankfully, Ailsa finally helped out… Her palms grabbed Yana’s hips and her own hips began to work in tandem. The first ‘schlick’ of wet flesh sliding into him sounded out… Just a firm push later and there were several more inches stuffed inside of him, stretching out Yana’s rump!

“Hfffff…” He squinted, as his face buried against Tanya’s tits. The girl-dick held him that much tighter, her hands sifting across the scales of his back. The girl’s prejizz soaked his hair now, as their muzzles parted… Yana had to focus on taking the shaft. It was so hot that it was smoldering his rump, his tailhole spreading wide to accommodate the thick pillar. On Ailsa’s backstroke, the arrowhead dick drove him crazy, the way the fringes dragged against his inner walls. The passage was smooth, velvet-like, and soon steeped in Ailsa’s copious precum.

Then, Ailsa started to fuck him in earnest.

The manta ray held a devious little grin as her grip shifted, she now wrapped her arms all the way around him, thus squishing Tanya that much tighter between their bodies. Yana grunted a little as the ray held him tight, with a hold that he knew could be crushing, if she so desired! A breathy gasp spilled from his maw as her pace picked up, pelvis pumping to work that dick deeper into his guts. A dozen strokes later and she was nearly a foot deep inside of him, his body trembling from the rising pleasure.

It felt damn good. Not only from the stimulation against his pleasure-gland, but also the amplified sensitivity. Whatever trick was up with Ailsa’s dick also served to make her member irresisitable.. Yana wanted to take even more, stretched as he was already. His ass ached as her shaft ground against his walls with that heightening tempo, while precum gushed deep into his insides. As this happened, his rump was drawn closer and closer to her base, his tail’s hold reorienting to cling on.

Something odd happened as that limber muscle slithered about near Ailsa’s crotch… The tip pressed into her genital slit. There wasn’t exactly a ton of space in there, given she had two giant cocks, but his tail’s slender tip managed to squeeze in. And it did feel nice and warm, moist, so of course his appendage pressed deeper. A little squelch rang out as inch after inch of his tail crammed into her cock-holster, yet somehow it all managed to fit. That was because his flesh merged with the root of Ailsa’s cocks, and the length of tail burrowed into the taut flesh. His mass flowed into her, melting away every buried bit of tail and dispersing the added bulk elsewhere.

Exactly where remained to be seen. But half of his tail had merged away already, while he was none-the-wiser… As the far more pressing matter of Ailsa’s huge cock occupied his mind (and ass). The member was buried over halfway into him, each throb of the member sending a tingle up his spine. It was crazy hot inside of him, and Yana could feel the manta ray’s pulse through the length, through both–How Tanya thrummed in rhythm with her owner. Ah, to share one heart… How romantic.

“Lovely progress, dear…” Ailsa chuckled, as she reached a little lower to steal a squeeze at his rump cheek. Had to appreciate the goods while they were still there, after all. Her cock filled him with her heat, her thickness, creating a void within him that was immediately so -full-. While the ray controlled the pace for the most part, and steadily worked his ass towards taking the whole thing, Yana could barely contain himself. He craved even more… Even though the girth already produced a bump in his belly. So his wide hips tilted, to barge his ass against her cock, and try to take -every- inch, despite how the length gradually widened towards the base!

“Mmmphhh… Th-thank you…?” He burned with a little embarrassment, as he wanted to hear her say that exact same thing in regards to his cock-ification progress. Oh, he couldn’t wait…

By this point his rump burned with need… As well as the beginning of his changes. Come to think of it, he kinda felt melty on the inside, already. The fact he was managing to fit this whole thing lent to the idea that he was now so much more pliable. Even as trained as he was, he wouldn’t normally be able to stretch quite this wide. But with Ailsa’s entire length nearly tucked away, a few thick inches remaining… He was audibly squishing around her cockmeat. The snake’s increasingly melty insides seemed to flow into Ailsa’s member, which also felt even more dribbly.

Their flesh molded against each other, mostly Yana’s insides shaping around the burrowing length. He hissed out, fingers clenching as he was just… Stretched so -wide-. His backdoor was a sheath for the manta ray woman’s huge erection, while the tail was almost entirely gone. Then Ailsa sealed the deal with one good -push-, which crammed the whole fat dick inside!


The serpent’s rump cheeks clapped against the base, and then the ring of his tailhole near-instantly fused with her cock-root. His pliant, moldable rump was then gripped by the woman’s hands, which started to shape his cheeks! Her first move was to press down on those firm globes, making the gap between them fuse together. He only really noticed by the time her palms were massaging the melty mass and compressing it, shaping down his perky ass to be more at level with the thickness of his waist.

“Whuhhh… Whoa, is that how…” Yana stammered, his curiosity now sated.

He glanced back to regard that melty feeling in his rump, to see how swiftly Ailsa mashed away his mounds. The points and contours of his derriere had been molded down onto a slight swell, more like a bulb, around where his ass and pelvis once were. His tail, meanwhile, was reduced to a fat vein that bridged the bulb to her cock-root, and slithered deeper into her genital slit’s darkness. Meanwhile, his legs felt funny… Rather tingly, as the limbs began to recede.

They already hung rather awkwardly from his diminished hips, but the situation started to rectify itself. His mass pulled inwards, away from his toes, which dwindled away and meshed together. One could see how his feet were reduced to stubs that in turn compacted further, to leave Yana with stumps beyond the knees. It happened rather swiftly, so he couldn’t fully fathom what was happening… And the pleasure that rose within his core pulled his attention away from his thighs-turned-stumps. Inside, the cock and his insides were fully fused… No barrier between Ailsa and Yana, not anymore… So every thrum through her cock and every twinge of pleasure crashed right through him, like ripples in the ocean.

“Th-that feelsssss…” The serpent hissed with delight. The stubby remnants of his legs leveled off and soon outright vanished, and the mass pulled towards his core, then -through- him and into her… But at the same time, a fat, meaty tube pushed through his crotch and wormed through his belly. Yana hollowed out around a cumtube that extended from Ailsa’s former fused cock and right through his chest, bringing forth roiling precum that junctioned to his throat. The next thing that happened was an impressive SQUIRT of precum right out of his panting maw. All the embarrassment of having accidentally squirted spit on someone, but magnified, as it was prejizz and plenty of it! Someone should’ve told Yana he wasn’t a spitting cobra!

Luckily, it all splashed onto Tanya’s face, and she didn’t mind. What kinda dick would object? Her muzzle nestled up against the snake’s neck, as she placed a tender little lick on his scales. The pleasure of this little touch made Yana all squirmy, it felt even better than a long and languid swipe of tongue across his original cocks! His neck tingled with erogenous delight as he spat up some more prejizz, pleading gently:

“D-do it again… I love it…~”

What a small pleasure, but it was exquisite! Tanya, naturally, indulged him with more savoring slurps across his jawline, making the serpentine male shudder with ecstasy. He really did feel like one giant cock already, the lapping of salty waves along his body making him feel funny. Then it occurred to Yana… He could just jerk himself off! The next thing he did was stroke his palms along his wet belly scales, inadvertently feeling up his grand cumtube. Stroking his belly felt -better- than jerking himself off, and the pleasure continued to heighten, as so many nerves in his body attuned to pleasure.

He cockified from the inside-out, a steady flow of prejizz dripping like a faucet through his core. And just like when it seemed he was finished changing, his legs gone and his pelvis smoothed over, Ailsa remarked, “Just one more fix, dear. And then you’ll truly be my second, cute little cockpet!”

The title made his cheeks burn, but how could he object? He was attached to her groin now, and certainly loved being stroked like a pet. Plus trying to speak was a chore with the constant leak of prejizz from the pent-up manta ray host, so he kept his drooling mouth shut. He sure was curious to see what her finishing touch would be…

Ailsa just let her claws trace along Yana’s snout, then direct his attention lower. The snake stared down at his crotch, and to his surprise, his foot-long dicks were getting shorter. The sizable shafts were shrinking swiftly, the flesh twitching mad as the pleasure had been making his members teeter near the brink of busting their loads… But they weren’t quick enough! The tapered twitchers compacted, until they were thumb-sized nubs and then altogether vanished into his smooth crotch. With this, Yana’s piercings seemed to flow away from his vanishing flesh and drift across his body, which was curious! His rings and barbells migrated up his belly, spreading two cocks’ worth of piercings across his now cock-body. It did seem quite appropriate… And though it was a shame to lose his lovely lengths, their sensitivity seemed to have redirected into himself!

Somehow, the already horny and sensitive dick became moreso. His libido heightened as his pulse thrummed with an increasing urge to cum. And as the changes settled, that was the next thing that came to mind… His fingers stroked himself more vigorously, especially near his piercings, as he quite enjoyed the new arrangement. So much more sensitive now, every inch of his scales now as sensitive as someone else’s frenulum or tip! And even Tanya’s wet fur brushing against his body was enough to drive him crazy with need. He had been peaking with arousal this entire time, and now the throbbing through his bulk was so strong, he could hear his–No, Ailsa’s pulse in his ears.

“Needy cock, hmmm?” The manta ray snickered.

She had released her hold on his waist, as she found it more fun to watch and feel him squirm! She could probably make him bust within half-a-minute of stroking, but Ailsa figured it’d be better to not interrupt her shafts’ quality time. Now that she effectively had two fat hemipenes, soaking up the sun and waves, she drank in the sight of it. Both Tanya and Yana were pretty short before they became pricks, so they were about the same size now that they were shafted, which was just lovely. Then again, Ailsa could feel she had more mass to spare, mostly courtesy of the snake’s enormous former tail. So with just a little concentration… The manta ray made it flow back towards not only Yana, but the otter!

“Mmmphh!?” Yana’s eyes shot open as he suddenly felt something -big- push up towards his cock-root. At first he thought it was a particularly massive torrent of precum, but it was so much firmer. This heaviness, this swelling pushed through his base, immediately causing his dick-root to bulge out fatter, squishing up against Tanya’s equally fattened base. Then, methodically, that same size-spurt engorged the two’s bodies with both added girth and length. Yana still retained his slender proportions, but he became substantially thicker at the bulb-shaped hips and wider all over, his growth most evident in height. He was now one, maybe even two feet taller than before, which might’ve made up for the height lost with his legs.

Tanya, meanwhile, became at least a foot taller, but Yana loomed about a head taller than the otter-erection. Instead, a sizable amount of her increased mass went towards her tits and hips! Her base swelled even thicker than Yana’s sizable bulb, and there was now tension between their bodies as their bulbs barged up against each other. More pronounced was the boost to her breasts, which made the horny otter blush even hotter… Her boobs were now about the size of grapefruits, and currently swollen with erection. The lewdness of a big-tittied dick wasn’t lost on the trio, as it made Yana a little hornier (somehow)... His attention immediately went to her knockers, palms squishing them together.

“Nnnnfffff…” The otter whined, her eyes shutting tight in bliss.

As for Yana, his maw opened wide to latch onto the right breast, suckling deeply from the otter-woman’s precum-slathered breast, savoring the texture and taste. Right now her titties were firm like a knot, so sensitive to the touch… And he could feel them. The snake’s connection to the two was complete, so two became three, which were really one. That meant that Yana could now feel every one of the otter’s sensations as if it were through his own body, or own cock. Likewise, Tanya shivered from every stroke that the boy placed on his own chest. Ailsa, in turn, indulged in feeling her two cocks make out and mash together.

She really could get used to this!

“How badly do you two wanna cum, my perfect little cocks?~”

Both nodded fervently, at this point desperate to let loose, to splatter Ailsa’s seed all over the sea.

“Mhmm, okay… I’ll allow it.~ Go ahead, my pretty pricks… Enjoy yourselves.”

And then as if on queue, Tanya and Yana looked towards one another. The snake, into the otter’s violet gaze, as though lost in her stare. Tanya, meanwhile, wouldn’t peel her gaze from Yana’s own… As the serpent’s eyes turned from the usual green shade and into the same vibrant violet that the other two shared. The two half-cocks didn’t say a word… They immediately embraced each other, real tightly, and mashed their mouths together.


Maws clamped together, tongues flitting against another. The strands between their maws were even stickier this time, because both of them drooled precum, as profusely as each other. Tanya’s eyes lidded, while Yana groaned… His hands stroked the girl-dick’s throbbing back, feeling the tension contained within. Meanwhile, the otter kneaded the boy-cock’s shoulders, these strokes just as blissful as Yana’s own. And finally… The serpent dared to let his tongue extend into the otter’s throat, past the maw and tickling across her palate. This made both of them shiver so much… And that particularly sensitive tonguing was enough to drive the two–No, the three over the edge.

“Glrrrk!” Yana gurgled, as he felt a hose-like pressure of cum blast through his core and towards his maw. At the same time, great big bulges of seed jettisoned through Tanya’s cock-core, and their bellies bulged with the deluge of seed, both dicks’ abdomens squished together. Like the collision of two great big streams, their cum gushed into each others’ maws, while much of the seed back-blasted and overflowed beyond the gaps between their maws. So much cum scattered everywhere as the two had to part mouths to finish cumming, all over each other. Everything in front of Ailsa was briefly covered by an explosion of sticky white, then so much creamy foam was left across the water’s surface… Her two dicks were sopping with cum, pretty much painted white and left gasping.

Gasping for more!

Ailsa smirked, “Seems you two cutie cocks will get along just fine.~ Good thing I’m going to keep you for a very long time.”

And so, after the two shafts indulged in the afterglow, Ailsa turned over and began to swim away from the shore. She was looking forward to showing her new cockpet his new home, her home, while the two dick-pets started to shrink back some towards the slit...