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Re: Serpentine Relaxation - by kylaris

Serpentine Relaxation
by kylaris

Sienna slipped her book bag from her shoulder to the floor with a heavy thud and a sigh of exhaustion, locking the door behind her. The college senior’s head was a blur of white noise, and she groaned as she rubbed her eyes. She did not want to think about how much anthro reading she had to do, let alone her thesis.

She pushed chin-length ginger hair out of her face. Her roommate, Eleanor, should be at fencing practice for another hour or so, so Sienna had the apartment to herself. She needed to relax. Her mind made up, she dragged her things to her room, reemerging into the living room topless with a pair of towels and a dildo. These she tossed onto the couch, quickly shucking her pants and panties until she was standing naked in the middle of the room. She stretched, her small, freckled breasts bobbing as she arched her back, and with a tranquil smile she started to change.

Sienna didn’t get the chance to really stretch out often - she’d gotten her change early, the summer before college, and hadn’t told many people after arriving. There were so few college students who’d already had theirs, and she hadn’t wanted to stand out. The last thing she wanted was some chaser trying to get with her just for what she could do, and to be honest she could really do without the odd looks and constant party invites from strangers that some of the openly changed students got. She hadn’t even told Eleanor yet, her friend of a year and a half and roommate of a little under a semester.

So all in all, her opportunities to really unwind were few and far between, but today of all days she was determined to seize it.

The change started in her chest, as her boobs started to gently swell, expanding from C cups to Ds and then slowing in the DD range. Then, with a gentle pricking, more started to bud underneath–lower on her rib cage, in the shadow of the ones above, new nipples were popping gently into existence. They in turn started to swell outwards on more breasts, and another set below them, and another below those.

As the boobs reached the bottom of her torso, though, there was a soft tugging sensation around her tailbone, and her tail started to stretch out, pressing smoothly against the backs of her thighs. More and more of it started to spill out of her, rounded and covered in smooth, pale skin, and she sat quickly on the couch before her weakening legs gave out entirely. She stretched her back, feeling more vertebrae pop into place with a feeling better than any massage, and slipped one of the towels under her ass while she could still move it.

She twisted her lengthening torso to the side, spreading her towel over the end of the couch under her head. She might have to use the living room–it was the only room in the small apartment that could comfortably fit her second shape–but that wasn’t an excuse to leave a mess for anyone else. And just in time, too. A drop of something fell from her lips onto the towel, as her jaw started to slacken and soften. She prodded it with her fingers, feeling the loose puffiness of her cheeks, and more liquid dripped from her open, shifting lips.

Her tail was draped off the couch, its swelling mass warm as it forced her thighs apart. Her legs shrank, beginning to lose definition against the tail’s skin. Nipples budded from its pale skin one pair at a time, following the tail as it stretched across the floor. Her pussy was still there, if somewhat more distant as her midriff stretched gently, down to wide hips that were more a base for her tail than for her legs at this point. It had swollen as well, soft pink folds emerging from a growing mound nestled in between her fourth and fifth set of breasts. Sienna shuddered in delightful anticipation. She trailed her fingers over the trimmed strip of ginger hair above it–nearly the only hair left on her body below the neck, the rest subsumed into pale skin and burgeoning rows of breasts.

As her tail wound its way across the room, a full foot thick, her legs finally vanished into its sides. Her attention was now on her face, on the soft lips running from chin to forehead, wrapping around her nose as it shrank into a sensitive pink nub. Sienna moaned, feeling the looseness of her face as the inner lips of her face-pussy blossomed outwards in soft, wrinkled folds of deep pink skin. She hummed gently, setting the entire organ buzzing, and traced the inside of it with her fingers. From her mouth, now a small hole buried within the delicate folds, upwards to her nose, now a clit between her eyes, which closed as she luxuriated in the feeling, electric jolts of pleasure arcing along her face-pussy. She was drooling more heavily by the second, sticky slime pouring out of her and trickling down her puffy cheeks. Her tongue unrolled from inside the pussy, long and muscular and pointed.

Shuddering, she withdrew, her self-control winning for the moment. Her sticky hand felt under her for the dildo, the ribbed rubber perfectly shaped for the dimensions of her face. Without hesitation, she lifted it to her lips and slipped it into her face.

Sienna’s tail curled slowly in ecstasy, fully-grown now, nearly twenty-five feet long. Her dozens of pairs of boobs squished against each other and the furniture, sending shivers up and down her enormously elongated spine as she rhythmically, deliberately slid the dildo in and out of her face-pussy. As her pleasure grew in steadily building waves, her right hand began working on her original pussy, caressing its engorged clit and squishing the plump mound. Her arm brushed against the nipples that lined her body as she worked, each one its own counterpoint to the orgasmic high spreading through her. She began to accelerate, the dildo plunging deeper and deeper into her needy face-pussy while her hand furiously rubbed the swollen original. The waves began merging into each other, dozens of breasts curling into one another as her snake-like body shuddered and twisted around the apartment’s too-small couch.

With a surge, Sienna came, her enormous tail coiled tight around the couch as she arched her back and climaxed in both sets of genitals at once. Her moan, muffled by the dildo in her face, buzzed through her softened lips. She collapsed back down onto the couch, breathing heavily.

Her heart and breath gradually started to slow, her tensed muscles relaxed. She sighed in contentment, feeling knots work themselves out all down her considerable length, and she melted languidly into the cushions. It had been way too long since she’d had the opportunity to do that.

A sudden gasp startled her, and her eyes flashed open in alarm to see Eleanor standing in the hallway.



There was a pause as both of them stared at each other. Eleanor was dressed for exercise in a blue tank top and running shorts, her sandy-brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Her face was frozen in an expression of shock, but Sienna could see the first hints of a blush creeping along her cheekbones. That’s cute, she thought. Wait, no! She couldn’t be into Eleanor. She didn’t even know if she was into girls. Or, well, not certain, at least, though there had certainly been a few hints…

“I thought you were at fencing,” she said, and then realized that her mouth was still full of dildo, so what actually came out was a pile of slightly squelchy gibberish. She blinked and surreptitiously pulled the dildo out, watching as Eleanor’s eyes traced the strands of slippery fluid that stretched between it and her pink, vertical lips. She wiped some of the goo out of her mouth with the back of her hand and repeated herself. Her voice was a little muffled anyway by the floppiness of her lips, but she made it work, her flexible and elongated tongue doing its best to compensate.

“Canceled,” Eleanor said distractedly, her eyes tracing the rows of boobs along the couch and the floor. Suddenly she flushed crimson and covered her eyes. “Sorry! Staring.”

They waited another second, neither really having any idea what to say. Sienna considered covering herself up for a moment, but that seemed fairly pointless. She still only had two hands, and there was a lot of her that needed covering.

“So… you’ve had your change, then?” Eleanor said from behind her hands. It was a stupid question, but it wasn’t nothing.

Sienna considered her options. “...yes.”


“Uh, no. Sorry I didn’t tell you.” She tried to start changing back, but her heart was still going too fast from the surprise to focus on it properly, and she stayed as she was.

“...are you OK with me seeing you?” Eleanor finally asked, peeking a little from behind her hands.

Sienna blinked. This was going better than she had expected. “I, uh, yeah, I think so.” She felt a drop of slime fall from her chin to her chest. Her face-pussy was still soaking wet, and Eleanor looked adorable when she was being embarrassed… she focused. “It’s mostly that… I didn’t want to be the weird one? I didn’t want to make things weird. If you’re okay with it, then I’m… I’m okay with you knowing.” It felt good to say that. And not just because as she spoke her tongue was licking her pussy from the inside.

Her roommate’s hands dropped, her face still a red to rival Sienna’s hair. She was staring at the lines of boobs, the puffy, sopping wet pussy nestled between them, the pink folds that ran along Sienna’s face. The swirling ginger freckles that flowed across the pale-skinned serpentine coils in snakeskin patterns.

“You’re so lucky,” she said shyly. “You got a really pretty change.” Eleanor felt her blush deepen, even as Sienna started to develop one of her own. Had she really just said that? She’d always thought her roommate was cute, but it wasn’t like she was planning to do anything about it. Just… to find her looking like this… Eleanor had had a harder time admitting to herself that she had a thing for changed girls than she had admitting she had a thing for girls at all, but it was there nonetheless.

Sienna felt her heart beating faster, the pulse pounding through her two dripping pussies. This was sudden, but… “Do you want a… closer look?” She was blushing now, too.

Eleanor nodded hesitantly. “I think so?”

Sienna lowered her eyelids into as seductive a look as she could muster. “Then get over here,” she said, and rolled her tongue out to its full foot-long length.

Eleanor was out of her clothes in seconds.


Sienna took up most of the couch, but a quickly naked Eleanor was straddling her in moments nonetheless. She gingerly ran her hands down her roommate’s extended flank, her forearm brushing past several rows of breasts. Sienna shivered all the way down her body, staring up at Eleanor coyly. She’d spent so long hiding her change, and now she was actually feeling… sexy in it? She could see how turned on Eleanor was by her, by her incredible body, and the feeling of being wanted like that was intoxicating.

She curled her tongue around one of her upper nipples and reached up for Eleanor as her partner lay down on top of her, cushioned by half a dozen pairs of boobs, and kissed her hard. Eleanor’s face was full of the scent of Sienna’s face-pussy, her tongue swirling through her roommate’s beautiful, silky folds. Sienna moaned, her hands moving down to trace the line of Eleanor’s hips and circle in towards her wet pussy.

Eleanor moved upwards, dragging her tongue along the redhead’s face, before swirling it around the swollen nub of a clitoris that had replaced her nose. She sucked on it gently, feeling the warm softness of all those boobs below her as Sienna rubbed her pussy. Something was building in her, the excitement of her lover’s beautiful shape mingling with the stimulation and a strange and spreading warmth.

She pulled back from Sienna’s face, relishing the sticky bond as it broke, and moved down to kiss one of those perfect breasts. When her lips touched it, though, they contacted with a strange, floppy feeling, seemingly numb to her attempts to purse them.

Confused, she sat up and lifted a hand to her face, tracing the loose ‘o’ shape of her lips, and a jolt of pleasure fired directly into her brain. There was a warm, twitching feeling in her jaw, which was feeling oddly boneless, and as the sensation spread through her chest she locked eyes with Sienna below her and both of them realized what was happening at once.

“You’re getting your change!” Sienna exclaimed. Eleanor tried to say the same, but it came out altogether more sloppily than she’d intended. Her lips started to draw upwards, their color fading as they puffed out into the outer lips of a pussy. She clapped her hands to her face, feeling her jaw smooth and go numb, tracing the electric feeling as her body began to change for the first time. Already the first hints of red inner lips were blossoming from inside her changed mouth, and her nose was withdrawing exactly like Sienna’s had.

A pushing feeling in her chest drew a hand downward, where it bumped into her boobs well before it should have. And beneath them, another pair were already pushing out.

Sienna curled herself upwards, laying Eleanor on her back along Sienna’s tail. She reached out and cupped one of the new breasts as it budded, feeling the nipple rub against her palm as the boob underneath it swelled to fit. Her hand traced down the brunette’s side and lean abdomen, making Eleanor shiver as it reached a pussy that was already stretching into place on an emerging, stubby tail.

She hefted Eleanor’s legs as the tail stretched downward, tickling her side and trailing over the couch. “Eleanor, I think you’re… mimicking me!” It wasn’t uncommon for people’s changes to match those of the people around them–family members, sometimes; romantic partners, more commonly. Something about the process sought out desire, and having sex with a changed person could be more than enough to tip someone over the edge.

“Nnnhhh~”, Eleanor moaned, her lengthening tongue spilling out of her flowering face-pussy, slick with sweet new juices. She licked upwards, her pointed tongue flicked against her shrinking, sensitive new face-clit, and her eyes rolled up with pleasure. She clutched her boobs, desperately trying to massage them, but she didn’t have enough hands. Her entire body was flooded with the electrifying sensations of her change. The soft coils of her tail spilled over onto the floor, new nipples racing down them and swelling into more pillowy double-D boobs.

Sienna held her roommate’s shrinking legs, guiding them as they melted smoothly into the sides of her thick, fleshy tail. Eleanor’s pussy stretched and expanded, a flower gaping wide enough to take a whole hand nestled between puffy outer lips a full eight inches long.

Sienna drank in the sight of her writhing partner as Eleanor’s tail slowly stopped stretching and her change drew to a close. The sofa wasn’t nearly big enough for the both of them. Their tails entwined in twisted boob-lined piles all the way across the living room carpet, Eleanor’s still twitching as she lapped at her own face, shivering in delight.

Sienna lifted herself up, her muscular tail supporting her as she maneuvered herself directly above her roommate, the redhead’s freckled, pussified face hovering over Eleanor’s. The newly-changed brunette stilled herself, large brown eyes looking up at her partner in apprehension and flushed pleasure, as a drop of Sienna’s ecstasy dripped from her vertical lips.

Sienna smiled with her eyes and caressed Eleanor’s puffy cheek. “You’re gorgeous,” she said. “What do you think?”

The athlete looked down at herself, at the dozens upon dozens of boobs that covered her tanned coils, wrapped around Sienna’s paler, freckled form. This was her. She’d waited for years, wondering what shape she’d get when the time came. Something subtle? Something bold? Something practical, something lewd? Something she’d use daily, or even full-time? She’d had so many thoughts about what she’d choose if she could, but all of those were gone now. She’d be able to feel like this–the pleasure, the softness, the heavy muscle she could feel lying loose and relaxed in her extended body–whenever she wanted. She couldn’t be happier.

“I love it,” she said, somewhat indistinctly, still getting used to the shape of her new, slippery mouth. (How was she even talking anyway? She made a note to try to figure it out sometime.)

Sienna nodded eagerly. “It’s not something you can exactly go grocery shopping in, but it feels amazing, doesn’t it?” She leaned down, their breasts interlocking like the teeth of a zipper as she got close to Eleanor’s ear. “Want to… do some exploration together?”

Eleanor giggled. “I might go get some things first. Your–our tongues are nice, but I really wish we could get a little more penetration going.”

A twitch of muscles around her crotch startled her, and something started sliding wetly between their breasts. Sienna raised an eyebrow. “One last thing about this shape,” she said, a smirk audible in her voice, and lifted herself up.

Eleanor looked down, wide-eyed, at the slippery, pink, tentacular appendage growing out from Sienna’s pussy, its tip still recognizable as her clit. It was nearly two feet long and thick as a soda can at its base, pushing wetly between her lines of boobs with a muscular slithering motion. Eleanor flexed experimentally and felt her own clit begin to slide out from inside her, just the motion against its hood as it emerged nearly enough to set her off. Her breath caught in her pussified throat as she brought a hand to it, stroked its slick length and pulsing heat. “Oh…”

Sienna drew back, lining her dick up with Eleanor’s elongated mound, and raised her eyebrows questioningly. Eleanor nodded wordlessly, and with a sinuous flex of her long spine, Sienna slipped smoothly inside her. Slowly she began moving back and forth, the huge cock plunging deep into the brunette’s new anatomy, filling her with intense and alien pleasures.

In one of the pauses, Eleanor slid her own dick into place, wrapping it around Sienna’s with an electrifying jolt of sensitive skin against skin. The next time Sienna pushed in she was also pushing Eleanor into herself, their flexible genitals entwined in mutual penetration, driving them to new heights of sensation.

Eleanor’s gasp of pleasure was interrupted by Sienna’s kiss, their tongues entwining and slick, velvety lips sliding along each other. Eleanor’s face, loose and floppy, was on fire with beautifully intense stimulation, her pussy stretched full with Sienna’s dick, their breast-lined coils wrapping furiously around each other, dozens upon dozens of nipples rubbing against one another as the two snake-girls built to their first mutual climax. Pleasure crashed over Eleanor like a wave, surging through her sopping pussies and all the way down her enormously elongated body, her tail writhing in ecstasy before dropping, utterly spent, in limp coils across the carpet.


Eleanor woke some time later, feeling the soft warmth of Sienna coiled around her, briefly disoriented by the rush of returning sensations from her alien new form, sensual and strong. She flexed her jaw, feeling her pussy lips slip against each other. She brought a hand to her chest, marveling at her rows of plush and sensitive boobs. This was her now. Her second shape. She’d have to learn to change back eventually–she did need to go to classes at some point, even if a first change earned her a few days of excused absence–but for the moment, she reveled in the feeling. She was beautiful.

Sienna stirred, blinking ginger hair from her eyes. “Mmm?” she murmured sleepily. Eleanor kissed her on the cheek, her vertical lips leaving a slick patch of her new juices.

“Go back to sleep,” she whispered, a little more clearly than her previous attempts. “I’m fine.”

And she was.