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Growth-XX: Scenes from the Outbreak
Prehensile Problems

Strange things were going on in the city, strange things indeed. What had been only strange rumors apparently proliferated by perverts had become either terrifying or exciting reality, depending on who you asked, when a woman with an I-cup bust and fittingly massive cocks for nipples had checked herself into a downtown hospital, followed by a slowly escalating onrush of wildly, sometimes inhumanly changed men, women and by now everything in between. No one, certainly not the first woman, knew why this was happening, and Grace Keyes certainly didn't care. All she knew was that the talks about a city-wide lockdown and even calling in the National Guard were threatening her livelihood. As owner of a tourist agency, her business was definitely not going to be considered essential and impossible to run from home, and while she did have some savings, who knew how long it would take to find the source of a virus, plague, bio-weapon or whatever it was that was doing this. And yes, all these things were in the running for the reason in the endless talks and radio shows throughout the media.

All that was known by now was the overarching, shared cause of the transformations was apparently contact with fluids, mostly of a sexual nature, although some patients were reporting to have changed after drinking perfectly normal milkshakes. Grace didn't believe any of that, and for good reason - she'd actually seen someone change right in front of her, without coming into contact with anything except her iced coffee, and Kaylee Grayson, her best friend since high-school, always drank hers with almond milk. No bodily fluids to be found in there. Usually. Which was why there was a hint of doubt in Grace's conviction.

In any case, Kaylee had drunk her coffee, chatted with Grace amicable, until, with a gurgle, she'd begun pawing at her throat. Grace, thinking her friend was choking, had jumped up to try and help, but Kaylee was breathing fine. Panting even, face flush with arousal, eyes rolling up in her head, even though there was nothing remotely sexual going on. Unless Kaylee had started running around with a remote controlled vibrator inside of her, which Grace would not have expected of her somewhat prudish friend.

But the actual reason became apparent quite soon when first Kaylee's cheeks bulged, then her lips - and then the fattest, girthiest cock Grace had ever seen pushed her best friend's lips into a stretched-out 'O', Kaylee's jaw spread wide open by the sheer size of the thing. Muffled squeals of pleasure accompanied the growth of the massive shaft, and Grace as well as all the other patrons of the café they were sitting in could only stare as if hypnotized. Which was why Grace was still transfixed when Kaylee's new acquisition twitched, strained, urethra yawning open... and unloaded a massive amount of cum right into Grace's face and onto her more than generous breasts.

Which was the main reason Grace didn't believe much of what the so-called experts were saying. Kaylee had changed without coming into contact with bodily fluid, Grace hadn't changed after just that. Sure, she'd felt queasy for a while, but who wouldn't after getting their face covered with enough cum to not leave an inch of skin visible? Now Kaylee was in the hospital, forcibly mute and under close observation in the isolation ward together with at least a dozen other cases, and Grace had to drink her after-work latte alone.

Sitting in the sun in her smartest business attire - pencil skirt ending just over the knee, pantyhose and button-up shirt, blazer hanging over the backrest of her chair - Grace could hardly believe Bay Cove was having a crisis that apparently was severe enough to threaten total lockdown. People were sitting and chatting animatedly, enjoying coffee and light snacks and...

'Oh my god, she's hot!' Grace had never considered herself bi, not after three very agreeable relationships and thankfully as many amicable breakups, but the woman just passing the café made her question her orientation.

The blonde bombshell had truly outrageous curves, perfect skin, a beautiful face, and judging by her outfit, she had no qualms about showing off. Hotpants and croptop made for clothing that was barely a step above a bikini, and with the way she walking, her wide hips swung side by side alluringly with every step, her breasts bouncing, clearly no restrained by a bra and yet full and round and perky...

"Nngh..." For a second, Grace thought the queasiness was back, only it felt... different. Decidedly so, actually. It felt hot and throbbing, lustful even, and it was lower than her stomach, it was... right in her womb. "Ungghoood..."

How was that possible? It was clearly not natural, but how had Grace gotten infected? And what was even happening to her? She leaned back and bit her lower lip, trying to fight what was happening, trying to stem the inexorably rising tide of lust, but the throbbing grew more intense with every shaky breath, a pressure growing within her until...

"Hgh!" Something was pushing against Grace's cervix. From the inside. "Uhhahahah..."

It should have hurt. It had hurt every time back when Merle, her second boyfriend, had slammed his dick into her cervix when they'd had sex. But now? The mounting pleasure made Grace's legs shake, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as grabbed the armrests of her chair tightly, biting back her moans by literally biting down on her lower lip. Just before she thought she had to cry out in lust, her cervix finally gave way to whatever was forcing its way through her, but that did not make things any better.

To the contrary; Grace had chosen her more longterm boyfriends in part for their impressive members, being a bit of a size queen. Her pussy was well-experienced with feeling the swollen helmets and thick, throbbing shafts of the male member, and what was spreading her wide open from the inside was clearly at least shaped like one. And each and every cock Grace had ever taken paled against it in both size and girth. Liquid lust had begun to form in Grace's snatch from the very beginning, now it was starting to soak her underwear.

Grace's nipples were so hard she thought they would soon punch holes through her lacy bra, her face burning with lust and shame. She was unbearably aroused, at the mercy of this thing inside her, and there was nothing she could do. She could not fight it back. She could not control her lust. She could not get up and maybe make it to the toilet where she was at least out of sight - her legs were shaking too much, too weakened by lust. All Grace could do was sit there, along for the ride.

And what a ride it was. The thing within her wriggled and twitched, slowly making its way to Grace's entrance, now more of an exit, pressure and lust building within Grace the closer it got. Her eyes rolled back and the first tears trickled down her reddened cheeks, lower lip slipping free as her jaw began to slacken, fingers twitching around the armrests. She could hear the first hushed comments from people close to her table; questions and speculations for now, but that was sure to change very soon.

"Mgh!" With a barely audible squelch, the fat head of the growing cock within Grace's pussy popped free of her vagina, spreading her lower lips wide and tenting her satin panties.

Not that it stopped for even a second after this first taste of freedom, continuing outwards at the same inexorable pace as before - but not forwards between her legs to tent her skirt. Grace dimly realized that what was bending upwards and forcing it's way up towards the waistband of her pencil skirt was no ordinary cock. Not that any cock growing from a womb was ordinary, but her unexpected appendage was rather more bendy than usual - and it obviously had a mind of its own.

Inch after inch slid out of Grace, every throbbing vein stimulating her inner walls in the most exciting ways, the slimy skin slick with her juices rubbing against her clit, panting sighs replacing normal breaths as the fat, spongy head stretched Grace's waistband and found its way under her shirt. The lewd bulge under her tight skirt showed the outline of her tentacle-like cock perfectly to the gasping, scandalized onlookers; not that Grace herself saw it, her body shaking with barely supressed lust, hips twitching and head almost rolling back as her jaw hung slack, tongue lolling out as she fought to keep her moans back.

Bellybutton, solarplexus, sternum, all got slick with her femcum as the cock made it's way upwards, unheeding of the no longer hushed comments about what was happening, the scraping of chairs as people took a safe distance or the sounds of phonecalls as others called an ambulance. No, the shaft pressed its bulbous head against the band of Grace's bra, pushing and forcing its way under it, struggling almost as much as with her cervix, until it finally slipped under and made its way into the valley of Grace's cleavage. As the prehensile shaft slithered upwards, the hooks of the bra gave with a series of quiet pings, and Grace's tits began to jiggle with her shaky moans, bereft of their support.

Finally, the glans of Grace's invader saw the light of day for the first time, making its way out between the second and third button of her shirt, rising from her deep cleavage like a charmed cobra. There were gasps and at least one scream, and the first proper, deep moan from grace as the cock wriggled its entire length against the walls of her pussy, against her clit, against the sensitive skin of her soft breasts as it rose higher - and plunged forwards, jamming it's giant head right into Grace's slack mouth, stretching her full lips wide.

"Mglkh!" Grace could taste herself on the velvety skin of the shaft pressing against her tongue. She could feel a heartbeat synchronous to her own pulsing in the glans. "Ghg-ghg-glrgh!"

Her lips tingled lustfully, the sensation almost lost among the torrent of lust racing through her, but still adding to it exquisitly. Her pussy was on fire with lust as the fat prick began to thrust its entire length back and forth, the massive throbbing snake rubbing against her clitoris, against her trim abs, the glans pumping into Grace's mouth and plugging her throat again and again, squirting thick, salty pre into her eager maw, the taste spreading all over her tongue and making her dizzy with lust.

Grace had stopped caring that everyone saw, what everyone thought, the sheer insanity of the situation playing second fiddle to how amazing it felt to be double-teamed by one cock, fucked savagely from both ends, hips jerking, head bobbing, tongue slobbering and drooling onto her chest, adding to the copious amounts of femcum already making her tits nice and slick. With shaking hands, Grace reached up and ripped open her shirt, grabbing one huge tit with each hand, nipples squeezed between pointer and middle finger as she mashed them together around the pumping shaft between them, jiggling and jostling them to give it a titfuck for the ages.

Tears were flowing freely now, both from absolute sexual bliss and the relentless facefucking, and finally, she felt herself crest the wave she'd been closing in on ever since her cervix had been breached. Had her mouth not been completely full of cock, she'd have been howling with lust, letting everyone in a two-block radius know that the most perverted epidemic anyone had ever seen was indeed real, but as it was, muffled shrieks that did the same for everyone in the café who still hadn't noticed had to do.

Not that the prehensile shaft noticed or cared, if it was even capable. It just kept thrusting, pumping, pounding Grace's face, pistoning out of her pussy and between her breasts, giving her no rest, no respite, making her cum again and again around it with no time to recover. Grace's legs were shaking, kicking helplessly, her back arched in the chair as she climaxed harder than she ever had before, more often than she could count - or endure. It was too much, convulsively amazing, mind-rending, addictive.

She felt blackness encroach on her vision as she began to lose consciousness from sheer overstimulation and lack of air, squealing around the monstrous shaft as she came for the umpteenth time when finally, the thrusting became jerky, erratic, the telltale signs of nearing climax of a male member, and the part of Grace's mind that could still function on an at least instinctual level trembled with anticipation. Still, even with the barely half a dozen thrusts the cock managed, Grace still came twice more, as hard as with any of her uncountable climaxes, but then...


Maybe sensing Grace's lack of oxygen, maybe for some other reason, the enormous dick didn't flood her well-fucked throat with a deluge of cum, instead pulling out, rearing back... and covering her face and tits with cumshot after cumshot, one of which alone was easily bigger than Kaylee's entire load. Hot and sticky it clung to Grace's skin, making her moan and laugh breathlessly, gasping and mewling as she finally could breath freely again, aftershocks of her earth-shattering climaxes running through her and making her body twitch as she slumped on her chair.

Its work done, the shaft began to recede, its length dragging over Grace's sensitive skin and the folds of her thoroughly fucked pussy, making her moan once more as she writhed and bucked around it. When the ambulance finally came, there was no sign of the invader except the thick baby batter dripping off of Grace body.

What's next?

*Hospital shenanigans.


Re: Growth-XX: Prehensile Problems - by FlatCap90210

Hospital shenanigans.

Grace had been in a post-coital stupor the entire ride in the ambulance and during intake, her answers to the EMTs and the nurses mumbled and barely coherent, fully coming to her senses only in her newly assigned hospital bed. Looking around, Grace saw the woman in the only other bed in the room - and almost wished she'd be back in her barely aware state.

Her roommate, luckily fast asleep, unluckily stark naked and only covered by a blanket from the waist up, was unusually tall, and very unusual in general. She was as beautiful as any model on the covers of the catalogs Grace usually laid out in her travel agency, if not for a few downright inhuman features: The oversized breasts were one thing, and another was the fact that there were six of them, of equal size and in two rows down her front, but the strangest was the fact that not one of them were capped by the nipples Grace would have expected. Each and every one of the woman's tits was crowned with a dripping wet, juicy pussy, and as if that wasn't enough, where normal pussies had a tiny little clit, rock-hard cocks larger than any Grace had ever seen rose into the air.

No, scratch that. The cock that had forced its way out of Grace and relentlessly fucked her tits and throat had been considerably larger. The memory alone made her feel a faint ghost of the throbbing arousal deep inside her womb, and Grace felt her nipples pucker and stiffen inside her hospital gown. No way. No way, she had not enjoyed that! Just because it had been the biggest fucking cock she'd ever had inside of her. Hell, all things considered, it still was inside of her!

Grace swallowed hard. Enjoyment or not, she was now one of the changed, a heteromorph, her live irrevocably altered, just like the woman sleeping in the other bed. Only less visibly so. At the mercy of new, unnatural endowments, and cursed to love i-- No, no, no! Grace was a businesswoman first and foremost, not some kind of lewd sex addict, heteromorph or not! She would not fall prey to these new urges, she would not become like... like...


Kaylee was a heteromorph herself, visibly so, and her own mutation had made her mute, too. She was so much worse off than Grace, and the thought gave the newly altered woman pause. If Grace wasn't aroused, no one could even tell she was changed. Kaylee didn't have that luck. Grace hadn't been able to visit her friend, Kaylee being in the isolation ward and all, but Grace couldn't see the younger woman speaking with the obscene penis that had replaced her tongue. If it would even fit behind her lips - it had been enormous.

Feeling first her face and then her womb heat up as the lewd throbbing began again, growing more insistent by the minute, Grace desperately tried to make her train of thought change tracks - but she could just as well have tried to shift an actual train. Size queen as she was, the mere memory of being stretched to her utmost limits fanned the flames of her lust, and then swiftly turned into actual sensation as the massive, seemingly so independent shaft slithering from her womb breached Grace's cervix. Breaths growing deeper, Grace gripped the sheets tightly and gyrated her hips, unable to stop the throbbing member from plumbing her depths in reverse.

"Hnnh~..." Trying to bite back a moan and failing, Grace threw a glance over to her roommate - who was thankfully still sleeping, although her dreams seemed to be decidedly erotic, what with her six nipple-cocks fiercely erect and slowly drooling precum. "Hgh!"

Not that Grace was doing much better, wetness dripping down her ass as she felt her lower abdomen bulge with the monstrously thick shaft inching forwards inside of her, wriggling side to side as if to heighten Grace's pleasure. It was working. Her nipples throbbing, Grace tried pressing her legs together in a futile attempt to stop what was happening, rubbing her soft thighs together as she panted lustfully, arching her back as the cock inside of Grace crept closer to where her pussy twitched helplessly.

"Agh--ah!" Thrusting her hips upwards, Grace entire body went rigid, only her shoulders and heels still on the bed as the nearly fist-sized glans forced itself out of her with a wet sound, the intense sensations knocking the breath out of Grace. "Hh~... hh~... fuck..."

No matter how much Grace pleaded, mewled or groaned, the twisting shaft was undeterred, inch after slick inch wriggling out of her, making Grace' jaw hang slack and her prodigious bust jiggle with every twitch of her body. Having the tentacle-like rod fill her so completely felt easily as good as back at the café, and Grace felt her embarrassment drain away in the face of rising lust. Who cared that she was once again getting fucked relentlessly by a newly-acquired shaft with a mind of its own? The sensations were more than worth whatever other people thought. After all, wasn't she in the isolation ward, where everyone had issues like Grace had?

Not that her crumbling resistance changed anything about the behavior of 'her' cock. Although she accepted the sensations it gave her, Grace still couldn't think of something she couldn't control in the slightest as truly being a part of her, not even as it twitched and writhed, pulling at her womb and the insides of her snatch while it wriggled out of her further and further, raising her hospital gown and into the air until the flimsy garment slipped off and bunched up around Grace's hips.

Only this time, it didn't immediately go for her magnificent tits or her increasingly eager mouth. Instead, the head swayed and pulsed, dripping with pre and Grace's own juices as it seemed to survey the room akin to an obscene snake, all the while still writhing and twisting further out of Grace's pussy. An irresistible pull began to tug at her hips - towards the six-breasted woman in the other bed.

"Oh no. Oh heck no!" As aroused as she was feeling, snatch stretched beyond belief and nipples stiff and throbbing, Grace was not one to jump into bed with strangers. Her cock, meanwhile, obviously was. "Don't... don't!"

But Grace's cock did. In an act of physical improbability, it managed to pull her off the bed, exerting an impossible pull towards her roommate. It was all Grace could do to press the call button for the nurse - recalcitrant shaft and unbearable lust or not, Grace was not going to have her way with a sleeping or possibly sedated woman. Holding on to the foot end of the bed, Grace managed to eke out a few more seconds, her shaft extended straight towards the other woman, but these few seconds were enough.

"Oh no, what--that wasn't in the anamnesis!" The nurse bursting into the room was wearing a rubber apron over her scrubs, a plexiglass face shield, plus some gloves. Infection was definitely treated seriously around here. "Ma'am, what are you doing!"

"It's not me, I promise! Tha-that thing isn't under my control! I--ooohng~!" Grace's knees buckled at another insistent tug from her prehensile rod, and the nurse hurried over to her patient. "Pleashe, I'unno wha' I..."

"Ma'am, I'll need you to return to--ah!"

Grace massive rod clearly had no qualms about changing targets on the fly, and whipped around the nurse's slender body, pinning her arms to her sides before nudging against her face shield, smearing it with pre before pushing it upwards in order to reach its goal, revealing brown hair. The nurse struggled against the enormous shaft's embrace, but it was like wrestling a throbbing python, and once she realized that she was powerless, the nurse opened her mouth to scream for help.

"Glugh!" Only to have her mouth plugged tight and her lips stretched by Grace's fat glans that wasted no time in beginning to thrust. "Ghg, hg, ghulkh~!"

Even though she tried to help, Grace found herself unable to do much, every touch of her slender fingers on her unruly rod sending tingles of pleasure through her, eyes rolling up in her head as she rocked her hips, knees growing weaker until she had to hold onto the bed to stay upright. The nurse's hot, wet mouth didn't help, either, squirt after squirt of pre shooting into the brunette's throat as her tongue licked over the glans in a vain attempt at pushing it out. It only served to arouse Grace' cock further, every throb and twitch of the inhuman shaft making her mewl helplessly, and with every drop of pre the nurse swallowed, her struggles lessened and the blush on her face grew.

"S-so sorry..." Grace mumbled, hips thrusting in time with her rebellious rod, stumbling back and onto the bed to free her hands, immediately going to grope and squeeze her soft breasts. "Di'n' wan'... feelsogood~..."

The nurse's only reply was more choking and slurping sounds as she began to service Grace' thrusting shaft instead of futilely trying to get it out of her mouth, inviting it in deeper with every thrust until the brunette was deep-throating Grace with surprising gusto. Surprising, that is, for anyone not panting and moaning and generally being a horny mess, like Grace was, hands sinking into her enormous, sensitive boobs as she massaged the soft titflesh. Grace simply let the waves of pleasure wash over her whenever the glans of her pulsing shaft stretched the nurse's throat, neck bulging obscenely again and again.

But the brunette's throat was not the only thing about her body that had begun to bulge: With every thrust, with every squirt of thick pre into the nurse's maw, the front of her rubber apron squeaked and stretched, modest breasts slowly turning into veritable mounds that gave the insatiable trowser snake mouth-fucking the brunette and regular-fucking Grace something to slide between, rubbing itself through the nurse`s cleavage. The brunette's hands, meanwhile, were making their way towards her front, still pressed against the nurse's body, but with enough room to finally reach her crotch - and cup a growing bulge between her legs, massaging it intently with slender fingers.

Grace was shivering and twitching lustfully, barely processing what her monstrous shaft's pre did to the nurse, only focussed on the sensations washing away her thoughts, nipples unbearably hard as they pressed into her palms. Feminine juices squirted out of her as the prehensile member thrust in and out of her, stretched out so enormously that it almost hurt - exactly how Grace loved it. In her books, bigger was very much better.

A sentiment that seemed to be true for the nurse's body as well: already, the brunette was unable to fully grasp the bulge under her apron with both hands, the mound visibly throbbing as it swelled. At the same time, her hands began to split in the middle, both halves regrowing the missing digits the other side had taken as the nurse's lower arms and soon elbows followed suit, her splitting arms still pinned by Grace trouser snake and all groping and massaging what parts of the nurse they could reach.

On the brunette's chest, things had taken a turn for the weird in the meantime - as the prehensile, flexible rod pounding both women slithered through deepening cleavage, it was pushed aside more and more by a third growing mound, right between the nurse's original two, which were slowly approaching the size of her head. Their third sister was racing to catch up, pushing the other two to the left and right, Grace' pulsing, thrusting shaft pinned between the middle and right breast.

But the obscene python also seemed to realize that the nurse no longer needed to be restrained, releasing the brunette's arms right as her biceps parted in two before wrapping back around her supple body, and when her arms were fully split, the nurse's four hands were finally free to massage and grope her expanding curves - although she immediately used three of them to strip herself as naked as she could, pants pushed and kicked down around her ankles, apron hanging down her back like a cape after she'd pushed it over her shoulder, and the top of her scrubs bunched up over her swelling, triple bust, giving the massive, writhing rod smooth, soft skin to rub against.

The feminine orbs thus revealed began to rival Grace' incredible bust, the middle tit almost as big as the other two as all three kept swelling. Between the nurse's legs, something equally massive but far less feminine flopped out as she pushed down her pants, a turgid, veiny cock that only grew larger and girthier as the brunette wrapped two hands around the tumescent length and began to pump, her other two hands pushing her breasts together to mash them into the throbbing invader coiled around and against her. Her nipples were as desperately hard as Grace', aching to be touched, and as the nurse squeezed and palmed two of her breasts, she pinched the throbbing little nubs between two fingers, the last one sadly unattended.

Of course, with four arms, the brunette would have been able to play with all three of her marvelous boobs, but the massive rod between her legs deserved, no, demanded the attention of at least two, already so thick that even two hands barely reached around its girth as the nurse pumped the veiny length. Grace, meanwhile, was barely able to remain upright, body twitching and quivering with pleasure, and let herself sink back on the bed, massaging her tingling breasts as she spread her raised legs wide to make room for the nurse as the brunette was pulled after Grace by the insatiable prehensile cock binding them together.

The nurse knelt over Grace, an inhuman, lewd sight with her nearly arm-length, throbbing rod, three massive breasts and four arms going to town on her assets, and for some reason, Grace, who had never considered herself to be bisexual, felt turned on beyond belief at the perverted vision towering over her. The jiggling of the nurse's triple bust as she pumped her enormous shaft vigorously was positively hypnotic, and Grace felt her breath hitch in her throat as her arousal hit a crescendo, legs shaking to the nurse's left and right.

As Grace' thighs brushed against the nurse's, it was as if the brunette woke from a trance, the barely focused eyes turning to her partner - or fellow victim of an insistent shaft - lying under her, panting and moaning... and on Grace' heaving breasts. Angling her arm-length monster downwards, the bulging underside pressing into Grace' torso, the nurse pushed her spongy glans between Grace' fat tits, the base of the nurse's cock pressing against the thrusting invader inside of Grace' sodden snatch - and the nurse's purple helmet pressing into Grace' chin.

Grace wasted no time to accept the offering, mouth opening and immediately plugged by the swollen, leaking rod pushing through Grace' cleavage. Both women were now sucking on each other's massive shaft, although the nurse was a lot more in control of hers - technically. She was still very much at the mercy of new, uncontrollable urges, of the maddening pleasure that had both of them racing after the next lustful high as they thrust and bucked and writhed. Moans and gasps where muffled now, only hot breaths through their noses and blissful groans could be heard as Grace and the nurse slobbered over inhumanly large manmeat.

Gagging noises filled the room as Grace felt her throat stretched by the nurse's gargantuan rod, reciprocating the pleasurable tingles this send through her by pressing her enormous udders against the brunette's oversized shaft, barely reaching around as the nurse pumped back and forth, her hands stroking what part of her thick schlong remained below Grace' bust. Which was a considerable amount of cock to cover.

Still, Grace felt her pleasure crest again, arching her back as her legs quivered, the pressure against her impossible rod making the nurse groan and sending a squirt of pre into Grace' eager maw. She could feel the brunette's giant shaft strain and bulge even with the climax rippling through her, and even Grace' own member grew less and less steady in its thrusting as Grace's pussy milked the writhing tentacle of a cock.

Grace' juices soaked the sheets, saliva coating her cleavage liberally, and a sticky mix of her pre and the nurse's own spit dripped from the brunette's stretched-out lips and onto her enormous triple bust, giving Grace' prehensile dick a slippery channel to thrust through, unsteady, jerky, once, twice, a third time that went deep into the nurse's throat where it stayed, quivering and bulging, the brunette's eyes rolling up in her head as thick jizz pumped into her with audible, if muffled, squelching.

And apparently, the sensation was enough to set off the nurse's own climax, a deluge of delicious cum exploding into Grace, her cheeks bulging as the nurse's swimmers squirted from Grace' nose. Swallowing frantically, Grace gulped down mouthful after mouthful, but more and more globs of baby batter shot from her partners rod, and only the nurse collapsing onto her ass in exhaustion as Grace' shaft pulled back to paint the brunette's face in a crisscrossing net of jizz saved Grace from fainting as the last thick ropes from the nurse's straining member splattered against the wall behind Grace, a good amount still landing on her plump lips, cheeks and forehead.

Panting, twitching, brain still overwhelmed by what had just happened, Grace and the nurse exchanged a tired, yet satisfied look as Grace shivered and mewled while her cock retreated into her, throbbing veins rubbing against her labia and every little fold inside her.