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Growth-XX: Scenes from the Outbreak
Cerberus Conundrum

Keira didn't get why everyone was so worried these days. Sure, there was a lot going on that was more than just unusual, what with people getting bigger boobs, bigger cocks, sometimes both at once and not always in the usually expected places. But it was just a few people, and they'd had sex or something before changing, or so Keira had heard. And now there were talks of lockdown? Also, it wasn't like Keira was at risk catching whatever was going on. Yes, she liked to party, yes, she liked to drink, but she was also a total romantic that was saving herself for her future husband. It was the one thing in her fundamental Christian upbringing that had made sense to her. The rest got in the way of having fun.

It was after a long night of said fun that Keira made her way through the strip of grass in front of her apartment block, unsteady on her feet after maybe one mimosa too many. She'd shared a taxi with her friends to get home - they loved to party, but they weren't stupid enough to stagger drunkenly through the night - which had brought her within a few meters of the entrance of where she lived, so all she had to do was walk for maybe 5 seconds, 10 with how much she was swaying. What was gonna happen in that amount of time?

As it turned out, nothing, even if getting the key to open the door took another 10 seconds. No, the trouble started once Keira was inside. She wasn't the only one getting home late, even if her downstairs neighbor, a woman she'd only seen in passing before, was far less drunk than her. She had, however, an entirely different problem lifting the hem of her skirt, bobbing side to side as she whirled around to try and keep back Keira when the main entrance door fell closed behind her.

"N-no, stay back! I can't cont--control it, please--ah!"

Keira's eyes were glued to the massive, veiny shaft growing between the woman's legs. It was as big as her forearm and easily twice as thick around, the tip swollen and purple - and the first live erection she'd seen in her life. While masturbating, she'd of course looked at pictures and videos, but this? It was almost mesmerizing... aaand it was doing the thing were it swelled and strained right before.

"Oh nuh-nuh-nooOOOOH!" Weak protests became a rising scream of pleasure, and Keira barely had time to take a half-step back before an impressively thick rope of cum hit her left tit with the strength of a firehose. "Ah-ah-oh goood~!"

Bringing her hands up to shield at least her face, Keira took another half-step back, but the other tenant had turned enough to spray the rest of her load down the hallway and against the door out to the street. Still, Keira felt backsplash hit her from behind, hot, sticky globs seeping through her flimsy dress.

"Oh-oh-oh god, I'm so sorry, it-it just goes off without warning, I... I..." The other tenant was obviously mortified, and drunk as she was, Keira didn't find it in her to get angry. The poor woman had it hard enough, in more than one way... "P-please forgive me!"

With that, the bedicked woman whirled around and scrambled to open the door into her apartment, practically diving in and slamming the door closed behind her, leaving a bewildered Keira behind in the hallway, cum dripping from her tits and back and seeping through her dress and into her skin. Still, she stood there for a minute or two, jaw slack and drunk mind unable to process what had just happened.

Keira had never said a word to the woman except short greetings, and now she'd been covered in cum by the poor woman. Talk about a weird end for an otherwise great night. Deciding that she was way to drunk to deal with this right now, Keira decided to stagger up the stairs and into her apartment for a shower and some water before falling into bed to sleep off the booze. At least, that was the plan...

Even as she made her way upstairs, there was warmth spreading through her body from her breasts and back, right where the cumstains slowly cooled in the fabric of her dress. Which was kinda counterintuitive, even to her drunk mind, but even after more mimosas than had been advisable, she wasn't gonna strip on the stairs or in the hallways. This meant that Keira had to deal with the sticky sensations for a while longer, the pesky, renitent door lock refusing to accept her key holding her up a few more seconds. Then she was back inside her home, stepping to the sink to drink a big glass of water to minimize her hangover. That done, Keira stripped out of her dress, grimacing as the wet spot at the front passed her face, leaving a sticky trail on her lips, nose and brow. Definitely time to shower now.

Showering also helped Keira sober up enough that she was merely very drunk and no longer hammered. What it didn't help with was the strange warmth building within Keira; even after showering, brushing her teeth and putting on her extra large sleep shirt, it was still permeating Keira's body, making her nipples stand at attention. Which was weird, because she wasn't exactly horny, and definitely not cold. But who cared, sleepy time it was. Crawling into bed, Keira pulled the thin cover over herself and smiled, happy about another great evening, even if the end had been weird.

Only sleep wouldn't come. Instead, the heat inside her began to climb faster now, turning undeniably sexual, Keira's loins and nipples throbbing, her entire body feeling tight and achy. Rolling onto her back, Keira felt her breathing deepen, chest straining against the front of the shirt until she adjusted the fabric, but apparently, Keira would have to rub one out before sleep. Wouldn't be the first time she masturbated while drunk before falling asleep.

Throwing off the covers, Keira hiked up her shirt and got to gently teasing her labia, head laid back on the pillow. Just because she wanted to sleep didn't mean she had to rush through things. Pleasant tingles ran through her pussy lips and up her spine, making her sigh softly, nipples tenting her shirt. Middle finger parting her labia, Keira knit her brow at how big and swollen her clit seemed, but it didn't really matter. All Keira had to do was cum, then she'd be able to sleep. Bringing one hand up to her left breast, Keira squeezed the palm-filling mound and rubbed the hard little nub capping it with one finger.

Lust slowly building, Keira bit her lower lip, moaning softly, one finger dipping into her entrance as her clit pushed into her palm... This finally gave Keira pause. Enough to realize through the fog of alcohol and arousal that her breasts weren't palm-filling anymore, bulging out under her hand instead. Looking down at her body, she realized that it looked off. Her shirt seemed smaller, tighter around her frame, legs definitely more toned than she knew them to be. Worry cut through her drunk mind, the thought that something weird was happening literally sobering.

Keira's clit was pushing against her palm harder now, prompting her to move her hand away - and she wished she hadn't. Her clit did look abnormally large, rising proud and uncharacteristically pointy from its hood. Literally rising. Keira could watch as it grew longer and thicker, bulging at the base and the middle before tapering to a thin tip. Gaping at the sight, Keira almost missed that her clit wasn't the only thing that was growing, swelling, getting thicker and meatier.

Keira gripped the sheets tightly, muscles twitching, flexing, bulging as she writhed helplessly, gritting her teeth against the sensations. There was a strange grinding sensation in her hips and shoulders as they widened, thighs packing on well-defined muscle as she watched in fascination with a pinch of horror. This was decidedly not normal, unless someone had put drugs into her mimosas. And what was happening was way too real, sleeping shirt tightening around her growing body, constricting breasts that were by now easily twice the size Keira was used to and slowly approaching the size of her head.

"Wha-what's going ooooohnn~?"

"Something wonderful."

The voice sounded just like Keira's, only the inflection was a little different, more lilting, more seductive. Keira's head whipped around, towards the right where it had come from, but no one was there.

"Down heeere~!"

Craning her neck, Keira stared down at her wide, muscular shoulder - and saw a mouth with full, pouty lips that she usually only saw in the mirror, smiling teasingly.

"What, and I get ignored?"

This time, Keira moved her head slowly, filled with dread and absolute certainty about what she would see - a second, identical mouth on her left shoulder. This one was smirking, its voice more self-assured and sassy. And as Keira watched with trepidation, chest feeling tight, the lips began to bulge out; not growing thicker or bigger, but literally rising upwards, followed by a jaw, a nose, cheeks, all well known to Keira. Head whipping back to her right shoulder, Keira looked into a mirror. Only the mirror winked at her and blew her a kiss.

"Wha... bu... huh?"

"Not quite the welcome I'd have expected, hun." The same face looked back at Keira as she turned her head back left, part of a head that looked exactly like hers, down to the hairstyle. Only her original face was gaping at the new one while the new one was smirking teasingly. "But it's okay, it's not like we're not surprised at what's happening ourselves."

"Me, I'm just happy to be here," the right head said in a bubbly voice before nodding towards the rest of Keira's body, hair tickling her cheek. "Also, don't you wanna do something about that, girl?"

Keira felt like she was getting whiplash from looking to the left and right as her new heads talked and only now realized that she had completely forgotten what was happening to the rest of her: the tightness in her chest came at least partly from how snug the formerly baggy shirt was now on Keira's body. Her breasts no longer merely filled a palm, but would overflow even Keira's enlarged, yet still comparatively dainty hands - because her entire body had bulked up considerably.

Her biceps bulged, straining the short sleeves of her shirt, Keira's lower arms thick with flexing muscle as she gripped the sheets as if they were last pieces of a sinking ship keeping her from drowning. Because the rest of her body was traitorously, torturously aroused, thick nipples poking into fabric struggling to contain her squished breasts, well-defined abs visible were her shirt hat slipped up and further down, right below them...

"Oooh gaaawwwd!"

"I know, isn't it awesome? I mean, look at it! It's sooo big and haaard~!"

"Which is why I don't understand what you're waiting for, hun. Just touch it, give it a few pumps, you'll love it."

Keira's clit definitely didn't deserve to be called that anymore. From the fuzzy sheath that had been the clitoral hood rose a thick, angry red shaft; the thick, pulsing knot at the base was at least the size of Keira's old fist, slimming down to a fat, 7 inch rod that bulged back out to nearly the thickness of the knot before ending in a tapered, pointy tip that was gently drooling sticky fluids as it throbbed, painting lazy, erratic figures in the air. And it was still growing larger as Keira and her new heads watched on.

"Whoaa, that is sooo awesome! Can you imagine how it feels to jerk off with that thing?! C'mon, c'mon, touch it, I wanna know!"

"Yes, hun, just wrap one of these strong hands around it and stroke, stroke, stroke until we cum. It's going to be so easy, just fap-fap-fap-fap."

Keira groaned somewhere between terror and lust. It was like the old trope of having an angel and a devil on her shoulders, only both were horny as hell and were far from divided in what they were trying to do.

"Besides, who knows if it isn't just going to keep growing if you don't touch it? It will be much more enjoyable if you do, that's for sure, hun."

"Who cares what's gonna happen or not happen? I just know we're hooor-neee~!" The hot breath of Keira's right head was tickling her ear, a gentle nibble on her earlobe making Keira moan. "Pleeaase, just jerk us all off, okayyyy~? It'll be fuuun~!"

The bestial shaft rising from Keira's loins was as long as her lower arm by now, and almost as thick around - which, considering her newly acquired muscles, was saying something. It was easily the biggest she'd ever seen, even bigger than that of her downstairs neighbor. A traitorous thought wormed its way into her: what would it feel like to touch it, stroke it, jerk it until she blasted her load all over whatever she would be pointing her massive member at? Just go splurt-splurt-splurt all over the...


"Hun, you really shouldn't fight it. It's just masturbation, right? Nothing we... you... whatever, have never done before. Granted, not with something like this, but that's only going to make it better."

"Mhm, mhm!" The right head agreed enthusiastically, hair brushing against Keira's ear as it nodded. "God, look at it, it's twitching like crazy. It wants you to touch it. Just a few strokes, to try how it feels, pleeaase?"

Indeed, the massive dog cock straining towards the ceiling pulsed and throbbed with Keira's racing heartbeat, precum flowing from it's urethra and down its length, over the swollen knot at its base and further down, were it mixed with Keira's freely flowing pussy juices to soak into the sheets. Shaking her head, Keira started as she knocked it against the headboard of her bed; with all the teasing and talking and lustful sensations she'd completely failed to notice that not only was she growing wider and more muscular, but also taller.

Already her feet were beginning to hang off the bed, all three heads creeping up against the headboard so Keira and her new heads didn't have to strain to keep looking down at her continuing transformation. Thighs as large around as a small woman's torso shook with pleasurable tremors, wide, muscular hips twitched as they kept widening, shaking a cock that had by now surpassed the circumference and length of her forearm, abs rippled as Keira writhed lustfully, and with every breath, Keira could hear the seams in her shirt creak. The only thing not swelling, at least not as fast, was Keira's waist, giving her an hourglass figure of pure muscle and feminine fat.

"Ooh, look at these puppies!" Because the tits stretching Keira's night shirt had become massive, constricting her breathing ever more as they strained against the fabric. "I get the reservations about the cock, but don't you wanna touch them?"

"At least so we can breathe properly, hun? And then, who knows what will happen?"

Keira was panting, partly with lust, partly because deep breaths would have done who knows what with her desperately erect nipples. But she could feel her resistance crumble; why was she even resisting? Because it was freaky? It wasn't like Keira could stop it in any way, so why not enjoy it? Just pump-pump-pump her cock, squeeze-squeeze-squeeze her tits, and...

"Nnnfh, I... I can--nnnht..." It was as if part of Keira's mind had joined the two new heads. "I won't--won't..."

"Why though? There's not really a reason, right? It won't go away, hun. Just give in. Enjoy it."

"Uhh..." Keira wasn't hanging on to the sheets anymore, powerful hands twitching as if they couldn't wait to wrap around something and squeeze gently. "I... ugh... I..."

"Just listen to her. Lets have fun, let's have fun!"

The first seam in Keira's shirt began to rip as she took a deep, shaky breath, twin lances of pleasure shooting through her as her fat nipples pressed into her shirt. Shoulders resting against the headboard by now, Keira raised her right arm slowly, hesitantly, a low moan rising from her throat. Her body was on fire with pleasure, a lustful inferno burning in her shaft. Maybe, just maybe, she could quench it by touching herself, jerk off that monstrous cock?

"Yes, yes, do it! God, I'm so horny, please jerk us off, please!"

"Ooh, finally, hun. There's a good girl. Just wrap your fingers around that thing and go. To. Town."

Keira couldn't. Her cock was so thick and girthy by now that her fingers wouldn't reach all the way around it, not even at the most narrow part just above the knot. Not that it stopped her from immediately pumping her precum-slicked rod as soon as her hand touched the hot, sensitive flesh.

"Aannhh~, yesss, that's it, that's what we needed!"

"Ohohohh, there's a g-good gi--ah! Keep--keep going!"

"Yo-you were right, this-unh! This is incredible! This thing feels amashiiing~!"

"Told you--""Told you!"

Deep, lustful breaths widened the tear in Keira's shirt, and seeing as it was ruined anyways, Keira used her left hand and her newfound strength to rip the garment off herself completely, freeing her breathing and her massive tits. Bouncing free, they were easily as big as one of her heads, the thick nipples as big as the tip of her thumb - and currently, easily as hard under her palm as Keira squeezed and rubbed her sensitive skin, enjoying how breastflesh bulged out between her strong fingers.

Her body seemed to have stopped growing, heels resting on the floor and shoulders resting halfway up the headboard, but something was still going on as Keira stroked her animalistic cock and mauled her enormous, soft tits to a lustful chorus from three throats. Waves of tingling pleasure ran over her skin as it rippled over strong muscles, making Keira shudder in delight, precum squirting from the tip of her monstrous shaft with every stroke.

"Oooh, something... something's happening, girls! We're not done y-yet!"

"Nh-nfh... what n-now? What's going o-oooh fuck!"

"Don't you worry, hun, just keep stroking that diiiiiiick!"

Keira did, but her right head had been correct, too: Every time the triple-headed amazon thrust her hips, massive glutes flexing under a layer of fat to ram her dog dick into her fist, the pleasant tingles intensified until, to a satisfied triple moan, dark fuzz rippled from Keira's sheath, every stroke, every thrust sending it further out, over Keira's abs and thighs, her shins and breasts, feet and arms and faces.

"Nnnfh, soft and plushy..." The right head moaned, nuzzling the middle head's cheek with a nose that was fuzzy everywhere except the tip. "I liiike it!"

"Uh-hunh..." Keira's middle head groaned in satisfaction, hand still pumping a cock that looked massive even on her enormous body, fingers reaching barely two thirds around at the narrowest part. Every time she hit her bulging knot, a jolt of pleasure raced through her, the fuzzy layer covering her skin growing richer, darker, thicker. "I'm... we're... getting so fluffy... mmmh~..."

The left head didn't say anything, instead growling lustfully and pressing back into the headboard, eyes closed as she luxuriated in the sensations. Pulling at her fat, puckered nipple, Keira felt lengthening nails brush through what could only be called fur by now before she let go of the erect, buzzing pleasure nub to have her enormous tit fall back down, still rising high and proud from her torso.

Letting her left hand run over the lower swell of her giant breast, intending to have it join the other at her cock to finally encircle the entirety of her massive meat, Keira instead yelped in lustful surprise from three throats as her palm, soft pads growing where fur was not, brushed over a sensitive, rising mound capped by a tiny, erect nub.

"No--no wayyy~..."

"More titties?!"

"Most welcome. Ooh~ yes..."

Indeed, in addition to the one Keira had already found, three more breasts were slowly taking shape, six tits in total forming two lines on her front, the four newest ones swelling slowly as Keira fondled each and every one of them, all three heads gasping and moaning happily as her fur grew into a rich, shiny coat, hair growing into a thick, cushiony mane running from the top of her heads to her shoulder blades.

The tongue lolled out of the mouth of Keira's right head as she panted and yipped, eyes rolling up in her head, but something was weird. Keira could not remember her tongue being quite so broad and long, easily reaching past her chin, and her teeth felt sharper, too, molars and canines growing larger and pointier. And since when could she see her nose that well?

"Holy fuuuck!" The middle head stared down at her nose, cross- and wide-eyed as it changed shape and pulled out from her face, taking the upper and lower jaw with it. "Oh heck, oh heck, oh--ooh fuck!"

Not that the developments kept Keira from pumping her gargantuan beast of a cock or teasing and fondling her six tits, the second and third rows progressively smaller than the original orbs. Something plush and fuzzy tickled Keira between her giant ass cheeks, twitching and wagging in the throes of lust, but all three of Keira's heads were much too preoccupied with everything else going on to give much notice to her growing tail. The left head used her elongated, broad tongue to gently lick the middle one's fuzzy, surprisingly pointed ear gently, growling soft encouragements as her mouths grew into fanged muzzles, all slack and drooling and panting with lust.

"Just let it happen, hun, enjoy it." As the left head kept licking the middle one's ear, sending pleasant tingles through Keira's body, she had to go higher and higher as the increasingly triangle-shaped ear and all its counterparts moved upwards and into the wild mane covering all three heads. Luckily, the lengthening muzzle made that rather easy. "Doesn't it feel--mmmh~, doesn't it feel gooood~?"

"Yesh, yesh, yip!" The middle head's eyes rolled up, just like the right one's, lower jaw hanging slack as her tongue lolled out to the side, drooling onto the side of her middle neck.

Keira was operating entirely on instinct now, right hand flying up and down her enormous shaft as she thrust her hips powerfully to meet her own strokes, left hand trying to fondle all six of her boobs at once, flying from the gargantuan upper pair to the merely massive lower orbs and to the still sizable lower breasts, squeezing and rubbing and flicking nipples, never neglecting any of the sensitive mounds for long. Her tail, still lengthening and wagging excitedly in the face of overwhelming pleasure, alternatingly swished over the soaked sheets or got pinned against the mattress when Keira's hips slammed down.

"Yeesh, hun, just like tha', ke-keep going, we're shooo closhe~..." Only Keira's left head was still able to form sentences, and even she was slurring her words between lustful moans and gasps, hot breath tickling the middle head's twitching ear. "D'you feel how mush our cock shtrainsh? How it shweeeelsh~ in oh--our grip and--oh gooooood!"

Keira felt all that and more, her six nipples diamond-hard and throbbing as her tits jiggled with every thrust of her hips, breath hitching in her throats in lustful yips and yelps and moans. A tightness was building within her lower belly, pussy twitching wildly as Keira's climax approached inexorably for both sets of genitals, cock swelling so much it almost hurt, Keira's back arching until her massive ass was raised entirely off the bed and...


A perfectly synchronous, blissful howl ripped from three throats as cum exploded from Keira's monstrous dick with a loud squelch, noisily splattering against the ceiling and raining back down on the cerberus as her hips twitched again and again, each rope she fired into the ceiling just as thick, just as powerful as the one before, sending powerful pulses of pure pleasure through Keira that made her minds go blank.

Even the fifth and sixth shot reached the sticky spot on the ceiling, even if their volume petered out slowly, the seventh arcing through the air to splatter over Keira's tits and the eighth squirted out and fell back onto the cerberus' tightly gripping hand.

Finally spent, Keira collapsed back onto the sticky bed, all three heads panting with exertion and pure satisfaction. She just lay there for a while, huge, powerful body feeling weak and drained, but there was nowhere and no one she'd rather be. It was no wonder, then, that the eyes of first the middle head, then the right and then the left fell closed, and Keira drifted off into an exhausted, but deeply restful sleep.

"Morning, sleepyhead!"

"Oh hun, you've been awake for all of two minutes, just like the rest of us."

"What can I say? I'm impatient."

"Girls, shush. No arguing on a Sunday, alright?"

Neither of Keira's heads knew exactly how, but they had taken to their new outlook on life rather quickly. Overnight, so to speak. Of course, it was definitely better than agonizing or arguing, which might have been a large part of the reason. Keira had always preferred to make the best out of the hand she'd been dealt. Or they'd been dealt, now that there were three of her?

Rolling over so she could sit at the edge of the bed, Keira winced as dried cum pulled at her fur - and when she was finally sitting, the cerberus noticed once again how much taller she had become, the bed feeling so low now. Middle head looking down at Keira's body, past massive, fur-covered tits, slightly smaller boobs and finally simply large breasts, she was surprised to find her cock gone.

"Fuck, where is it?! Oh no, it's... it's...!"

"It's in its sheath, hun!" The left head rolled her eyes, shaking her head and making her mane rustle gently. "Don't worry, that's how it works."

"Oh. Duh. Can I blame lack of sleep?"

"Nope! We all got the same amount, after all," replied the right head, chipper and bubbly as ever. "Now, are we gonna just keep sitting here?"

*Take a shower. Because... reasons. Obvious reasons.


Re: Growth-XX: Cerberus Conundrum - by FlatCap90210 (Furry Warning)

Twitching her tail and feeling the slightly matted fur stick to the dried cum on the sheets, Keira's heads winced in unison, the right one turning back to look on the mess from yesterday evening while the middle one remembered another few details and looked up at the ceiling, grimacing at the giant, half-dried stain.

"Okay, shower first, then we clean up this mess," Keira's left head said as she absentmindedly picked at a patch of fur matted with dried cum. "I don't know about you girls, but I feel filthy."

"No argument there..." said the middle head as Keira got up from the bed. "I just hope we--"


"Owww!" All three heads yelped in pain as Keira bent over and pressed her hands against the crowns of the middle and left ones, three dents in the ceiling left were she had received another reminder of how different her life was now. "Aww, heck!"

"Yep, we're bigger," the left head ground out between gritted teeth. "Like, a lot bigger."

"And where it counts, too!" Even the pain couldn't put a dent in the right heads optimistic outlook. The same couldn't be said about Keira's heads and the ceiling. "C'mon, let's go take that shower."

Being abnormally tall, fittingly wide and generally voluptuous was bothersome, Keira had found out. Her studio apartment wasn't high enough to stand up properly anywhere except on the balcony, and after she'd stepped in the bathtub to shower - it had a detachable showerhead and a shower curtain in front of it - and closed the curtain, she found herself brushing against something no matter where she turned. If it wasn't her shoulders, it was one of her muzzles, if it wasn't her tail, it was her tits, ass and hips bumping into the wall or the shower curtain. Part of the reason was that Keira had to stand hunched because, again, the ceiling was too low for her now.

"That's far from ideal..." groused the left head as Keira tried to solve the problem by simply sitting down in the bathtub, only to find she was too thicc to fit. Her mind insisted on using the double 'c' as she realized. "Of course they didn't have people like us in mind when they built all this."

"Well, duh!" The right head grinned as Keira began running the water over her body, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm liquid washing through her fur, making it cling to her bulging muscles. "We're not exactly normal."

"I know, I actually wasn't being sarcastic." Caressing her front, Keira made sure the - as she now noticed - slightly lighter fur covering her breasts got cleaned thoroughly, the middle head smiling at the sensations as the other two bickered good-naturedly. "But I don't think we can afford a move, even if we could afford a higher place."

"Maybe not," Keira's middle head interjected as she cleaned her nethers. "Should we use shampoo?"

"On our manes, maybe." The left head pouted, throwing a glance at the middle heads mane. "If we shampoo up our entire body, we're gonna need about 15 bottles. Slight hyperbole."

"Eh, I'd say we're clean," Keira's right head shrugged as she turned off the water, brushing her hands over her fur to press out as much water as possible. Even so, the cerberus was still dripping wet. "C'mon, let's towel off and get some breakfast or something."

As it turned out, towelling off was not an option. Keira's biggest towel threw in its figurative twin after one arm, unable to soak up any more water. Holding up the soaking wet, dripping thing, all three of Keira's heads frowned at it with shared annoyance before going to wring it out over the bathtub with her entire, considerable strength. It started well, water splashing into the tub - and then the towel ripped in two, twisted apart by Keira's powerful arms.



"Right, sorry. Now what?" Keira was still soaked, and towels didn't cut it. But the right head had an idea: "Why don't we do that thing dogs do? The full body shaking thing."

"That's--Actually not that stupid," the left head said thoughtfully, turning to look at Keira's other heads. "I mean, there is a drain, and tiles up to the ceiling..."

"The one feature of this apartment that works in our favor," chuckled the middle head as Keira hung the ruined towel over the edge of the bathtub before squatting down on all fours in the middle of the bathroom. "Alright, everyone ready?"

After affirmative noises, Keira began to shake her entire body violently from side to side, manes whipping and water splashing against the walls. But the cerberus also realized one downside of her plan: This manoeuver was not meant to be done with six massive tits. Their weight might have helped with momentum and thus with getting dry, but their wild swinging was feeling far from good.

Still, all three heads grit their teeth for the short while they needed to endure, and soon, Keira was almost perfectly dry and the bathroom was soaked. Although the cerberus muttered and moaned with three nigh-identical voices as she made sure to push the water down the drain with the squeegee she used for cleaning, it was definitely far faster and less work than using up all her towels to get dry.

Cleaned and dried, Keira ate breakfast, which meant squatting down in front of her fridge and wolfing down everything she could get her hands on with all three fanged maws. Big body, big needs. Brushing her teeth took a fair bit longer than three times as long as usual, owing to the fact Keira was much bigger now, but her size finally worked in her favor when she cleaned up the mess she'd made the night before since she was able to reach the massive, dried cumstain on the ceiling without trouble, and her strength made sure that after not even half an hour, only a slightly darkened stain remained, and the sheets were only a matter of washing and drying.

"Okay, that's everything done!," exclaimed the middle head. Hands on her wide hips, Keira's heads smiled at the once again livable state of her apartment, tail wagging lazily after a job well done. "I think we... huh. You know, that pronoun stuff is confusing. Are we I or we or what? I can't wrap my head around that stuff."

"I dunno, what feels right in the moment, I guess," mused the right head as Keira shrugged. "We're seperate but more or less the same person? I mean, I know me and Lefty grew only yesterday, but I'm still Keira, muzzle to mane."

"Call me Lefty again and I'll bite you," growled the left head, though there was also a hint of playfulness in her voice. "I'm Keira, just like you two. Our identity is simply a bit more complicated than other peoples'."

"Yep!" The right head nodded, looking around the room to check if the cerberus had missed anything before putting on a thoughtful expression. "Hey, girls, I've been thinking. Let's go downstairs and talk to the woman from, uh, yesterday. Let her know we're not angry at her and all."

All three heads agreed, and so Keira was at her downstairs neighbor's door ten minutes later, most of that time spent finding a way to squeeze out of her door. The world simply wasn't made for giant, muscular cerberi with giant tits...

"So, ready?" The right head threw the other two a glance, Keira's fist raised to knock on the door.

"Let's get this over with," the middle head replied, and the left head hastily said: "But be careful, don't break the door!"

Keira didn't end up breaking the door, but her knocks definitely made it rattle in the frame. It was thus not surprising that her neighbor opened the door rather hesitantly, only to scream in surprise and fear as Keira grinned at her, not considering the effect the sight of three huge heads baring vicious fangs would have on an unsuspecting, much smaller human. The door slammed closed in the surprised cerberus' face.


"Understandable, I guess." The right head shrugged, and Keira knocked again, much more careful this time. "Don't be scared! I just wanted to talk about yesterday."

"You know we could just break down the door, right? I really just want to talk to you, girl!"

"Hun, that's probably not going to make her feel any better."

"What? It shows our good intentions, doesn't it?"

"She could also think it's a threat, you kno--" The middle head stopped talking as the door opened again, just a crack, and the pale, scared face of Keira's neighbor peeking out. Keira waved at her and smiled, taking care not to show teeth this time. "Hi there!"

"You... uh, yesterday?"

"Yep! You know, you had a little, ah, episode? We just wanted to say you don't have to worry, we're not mad at you or anything!"

"We? Episode... yesterday? Oh. Oh! You're from upstairs, and..." Somehow, the woman got even paler as her eyes flitted up and down Keira's body. "Then it's my fault. I'm so sorry!"

"What for?" Keira straightened and struck a pose as her middle head spoke, turning to the side and raising one knee to show off all her curves at once, all three heads turning and leaning backwards or forwards so all could keep looking at the neighbor. "I think we turned out pretty well! Oh, and by the way, call me... us Keira!"

"I... I'm Debbie..." Opening the door a bit wider, Debbie still kept her lower body out of sight, but color was returning to her face and she was beginning to look into Keira's face - although she couldn't seem to decide on which one. "And... you're really not mad?"

"None of us is, promise!" Keira's right head smiled. "It's a bit inconvenient at times, but it's worth it. And I'm really glad we got to finally meet you!"

"M-Me too..." Debbie gave a first, wan smile and seemed to come to a decision. "Hey, uhm, do you want to come in on a coffee or something? I'd love to talk about, well, you know..."

"Not being quite the same as before?" Left head nodding understandingly, Keira bent down as Debbie opened the door fully, still keeping her lower body out of view. "Sure, thanks for having me!"

While Keira had wiggled through the door, Debbie had prepared two cups of coffee, and now they were sitting and talking at the dinner table, the cerberus on the floor and still a bit too tall for Debbie's table. The mystery of why Debbie had been so bashful about her lower body had also been solved: The smaller woman's summer dress was tented by her massive, erect cock. The poor girl even had to sit sideways on her chair so the sensitive head didn't constantly press against the table.

"... So it's just permanently hard?" Keira's right head boggled, but somehow still managed to sound sympathetic. As the left head took a sip of coffee, the right one continued. "That must be really har-- uh, tough on you."

"You better be putting that foot only in your mouth," muttered the middle head and helped herself to one of the cookies Debbie had set out.

"I didn't think it would wear on my like that. It never goes soft, I'm constantly aroused, and it can just go off without warning. Or if I stimulate it too much..." Turning dark red, Debbie stared into her coffee, and Keira couldn't help but feel for her, the ears of all three heads drooping sadly. "I can't even sleep properly, I wake up whenever..."

"Oh hun..." While Keira's middle and right heads were staring down at the table, looking for words, the left one was looking at Debbie full of compassion. "That can't be easy on you..."

"I... I try my best to deal," replied Debbie before taking a sip from her coffee and looking off to the side. "I mean, it feels great, at least, even if it's distracting and sometimes rather inappropriate as hell, but I have some air balloons--"

"Balloons? What are they for?" The cerberus' right head asked as she wolfed down another cookie, the left head pinching the top of her muzzle just in front of her eyes.

"Uh, well, there are no condoms big enough for me, so to reduce the mess..." Debbie shrugged, face turning even redder still as she twisted the coffee mug in her hands. "I just had none left yesterday evening, and, well..."

"Hey, we told you - not one of us is angry because of what happened," Keira's middle head said, all of them smiling at Debbie until the flustered, flushed young woman found her own smile. "In fact, all of us rather like it!"

"I, uh, I could hear that yesterday night." As she replied, Debbie swallowed hard, and Keira's left head could see the other woman's massive shaft twitch. "You girls seemed to have fun..."

"Oh, you know it, girl!" The right head of the cerberus gave Debbie a shit-eating grin and a wink as Keira set down her coffee mug. "Seriously, as huge and impractical as this body is, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's super strong and feels amazing!"

"That, and being this tall actually has its uses," Keira's left head interjected. "I'm never going to have to ask anyone to hand me something I can't reach."

"Yep," The middle head continued as Keira reached for a cookie. "No idea how the world at large is gonna react to me, but seeing as I'm about a dozen feet tall and can probably bench press a bus, I'm not worried."

"Must be nice... I get a lot of stares on the way to the hospital, and comments and stuff..." Looking dejectedly out of the window, Debbie played with the handle of her mug listlessly. "I'm a nurse, that's how I got this thing, but do you think people care? I'm... I'm basically just waiting for someone to do something..."

"Okay, fuck that. You know what?" Six ears flattened angrily against skulls, almost disappearing in Keira's manes as all three heads growled in unison. "You just got yourself a watchdog."

"I... I... what?"

"Look at us!" The middle head said as Keira indicated her size, her muscle, her fangs. "Do you think anyone is gonna dare to do something to you if we're around?"

"If they do, I'm gonna bite them," grinned the right head viciously, showing off her fangs.

"You would... do that for me?" Debbie looked up at the cerberus with big eyes. "But you barely know me..."

"I know you enough to want to help you," Keira's middle head replied as the cerberus leaned over the table, squishing her bare, furry breasts under her. "You're a good bean, Debbie."

"Also, I hate seeing people sad!" The right head nodded and smiled. "You know what? Pet my head."


"What? Hun, what's that going to help?" While the left head couldn't follow the right one's logic, the middle one's face lit up. "Ooh, I know what you're getting at! Piper!"

"Heck, how could I forget that mutt!" Now the left head grinned as well. "Whenever I felt down, I snuggled up to her, petted her, and it helped me feel better. It's really worth a try, Debbie."

"The fact we're probably gonna enjoy it is just an added bonus," giggled the middle head. "Come on, try it. We just showered, our fur is super soft!"

"Uh, I... if you're... sure?" Debbie was clearly weirded out, but still she let go of her mug and raised her right hand, hesitating a second before pushing her fingers into Keira's middle mane, gently scratching the cerberus' head. "Wow, it is really soft and fluffy."

The middle head didn't reply, her jaw hanging open and her broad tongue lolling out to the side as she panted softly and her eyes closed partway. Getting scritches felt gooood! Tail wagging behind the cerberus huge ass, Keira drooled onto the table; even the heads not getting scritches were not immune, their eyes glazing over, and when Debbie also raised her left to scratch the left head under the chin, Keira's mind turned into happy mush, her right leg beginning to twitch, slowly at first, but faster and faster until it beat a happy little on the hardwood floors.

"Aww, do you like that, Keira? You like that?" The cerberus could only make a happy little sound not quite unlike a bark in reply, stretching her necks and nuzzling against Debbie's hands. "Who's a good puppy, hm? Whoooo's a good puppy~?"

"Mruff!" She'd meant to say 'me', but somehow, neither of Keira's heads managed to make their lolling tongues and slack maws form words. Words didn't matter right now.

All of Keira's powerful muscles were turning to jelly as Debbie kept scratching and petting her heads, never neglecting one of them for long, but thanks to the bleedover sensations from the other two, even the unpetted head was swimming in pure, unthinking bliss. Slowly sinking to her side on the table, Keira panted happily, until suddenly, the room tilted around her, and with a yelp, the cerberus slid off the table and fell to the floor with a thump, utter surprise on all three faces as she looked up at Debbie who was shaking with surpressed laughter.

"Oh, your faces when you fell! You looked so funny!" Giggling, Debbie got up and squatted down next to Keira, gently petting a small visible part of the cerberus' belly between her middle and lower tits. "Did you hurt yourself?"

"Nrrf, wff." Headscritches were nice, but bellypats were straightup unfair. Panting happily, Keira could barely even shake one of her heads to reassure as her tail resumed wagging and her leg kicked the air.

"Ooh, you like that too, Keira? Does the big puppy like her bellyrubs?" Straddling the cerberus' torso under the lowest set of tits, her perpetually erect shaft resting between them as she leaned forwards to pet Keira's muscular stomach with both hands - where it wasn't hidden by fat breasts, of course. "You like it, girl? You liiiike it?"

Panting and yipping, Keira lay nearly completely limp on the floor, only her right leg twitching helplessly; the sensations weren't even sexual, except for when Debbie brushed against the swell of one of the cerberus' breasts. But all in all, it was mainly pure, unadulterated happiness, filling Keira's entire body and making anything except enjoying it impossible. The cerberus even felt Debbie's massive, throbbing cock rub against her belly and breasts through the other woman's dress, but it was just a third source of bellyrubs to Keira.

Bellyrubs that only got better when Debbie began to move her hips more and more, thrusting her thick shaft between the cerberus' lowest heaving orbs, the swollen head brushing against the underboob of the middle ones. Where Keira was panting and yipping happily from three mouths, Debbie was beginning to breathe heavier, sighing moans replacing the puppy-talk as she began fucking the cerberus' tits in earnest, hands still rubbing Keira's belly, but now mainly giving Debbie support for her thrusts.

"Haah... haah..." Debbie was as lost to her lust as Keira was to her own bliss, both enjoying themselves immensely together, just in different ways. "Ngh... ah~!"

Keira drooled onto the hardwood floor, all three tongues lolling out from the corners of her maws, and Debbie was starting to do some drooling herself, a dark stain spreading in the fabric of her dress as she pumped away. Of course, Debbie's rising lust meant that she had less and less attention to spare for the bellyrubs, and so Keira was slowly coming down from her endorphin high, enormous breasts still rising and falling with deep breaths as the cerberus began to realizes what Debbie was doing.

"Oh. Oh! Oh!" Just in time to see the young woman buck her hips jerkily, and then her cock exploded with its well-known force of a firehose, rope after thick rope of cum blasted right through the fabric of her dress to cover Keira's middle and top cleavage, splashing up to her middle chin. "Nnghaah~!"

Even though the cerberus had just showered, she didn't mind getting her front dirty again. Keira could just take another shower no problem, and seeing Debbie in the throes of bliss without the obvious emotional pain of yesterday evening made the muscular wolf-woman smile. Caressing Debbie's back with her right hand, Keira put her left arm under her heads and looked up to where Debbie was riding out her orgasm - until her eyes snapped open in shock... and then fear as she stared down at the cerberus, eyes flitting from head to head.

"Oh... oh no, I did it again! I just... I didn't want to, I--"

"Relax!" Keira's left head smiled warmly as she rubbed Debbie's back gently. "I know how it is with uncontrollable urges. Remember yesterday?"

"Well, you two had to convince me a little, but yeah," said the middle head, looking up to where her bed would be one floor above them. "It's fine, really."

"I mean, it was our idea that lead to this in the first place," shrugged Keira's right head, tousling Debbie's hair with another smile. "Don't worry about it."

"B-but I got you all dirty again..." Even though Debbie was still looking worried, at least the fear in her eyes was gone. "Even though you just showered..."

"We can always shower again. Whiiich I would like to do before it dries, sooo..." Keira's left head pulled a face while the other two nodded emphatically.

"Yep, I need to get this dress cleaned, myself," Debbie replied as she clambered off of the cerberus' body, shaft still throbbing and tenting her stained dress. "Can we pick this up again later?"

"Hey, anytime! Come see us later, then we can exchange numbers, alright?"

Debbie nodded happily before quickly stepping to her wardrobe off to the side of the studio apartment and picking out a towel, throwing it to the cerberus before making her way to her washing machine in another corner, cock bobbing side to side, while Keira wiped off as much cum as she could before pushing the stained towel into Debbie's washer.

"Thank you, Keira," Debbie smiled as the cerberus walked towards the door, and began to prepare everything to get her clothing cum-free. "I'm really glad I met you."

"Same here, Debs," Keira's right head said as she gave a wave and began to squeeze herself out into the hallway.

She was beginning to get the hang of it now, how much strength she could use without breaking something, where to twist and where to push, and within a few minutes, the cerberus was out and made her way upstairs. Keira was really glad she'd run into Debbie yesterday, she really liked the girl. The cerberus wanted to care for and protect her new friend beyond just being her "watchdog". Something about Debbie was just so lost and alone that Keira couldn't help it even if she wanted.

*Get cleaned. Again.


Re: Growth-XX: Cerberus Conundrum - by FlatCap90210 (Furry Warning)

Cleaning her cleavages was luckily not much trouble, just quickly running the showerwater over Keira's front and then soaking another of her towels as she dried herself off. This time, the cerberus was more careful wringing out the towel, hanging it over the edge of the bathtub to let it dry. So far, so easy. Less easy was the fact that Keira had time to think about what had happened one floor below as she got cleaned and dried, all three heads pensive and silent. Until, that is, the right head finally spoke up.

"You know, Debbie has a pretty great cock."

"Yeah, she d-- uhm, I mean, what?" The left head only just caught herself. "Why'd you bring that up?"

"Oh, don't pretend you weren't thinking about it." Rolling her eyes, the right head chuckled. "It felt nice when she put it between our tits, right? It's pretty big, even compared to our body, and it has a nice shape."

"Okay, I'll admit it, Debbie's dick is pretty nice, and I did wonder how it would feel inside us. But if we keep thinking about this..."

"Uh, girls?" The middle head interjected, looking down Keira's body as she put her hands against her hips. "Too late, kinda."

Indeed, there was a distinct throbbing in Keira's loins, even as her nipples stiffened. The other two heads lowered their muzzles to take a look at Keira's sheath, and saw the red tip of her dick begin to push out.

"Okay, now what? Do we wait for it to go down, orrrr~..." Throwing a glance first to the left head and then to the right, the middle head tried to feign innocence.

"I mean, we could..." The left head mused, but the fact that Keira's right hand was slowly creeping towards her slowly bulging sheath and her left was already playing with her left middle tit betrayed the fact that all three heads were of one mind.

"But that would be boring, right?" Keira's right head grinned as the cerberus began to rub her crotch, fingers parted around her swelling rod. "I mean, our cock is so big, and we've only used it once so far."

"Nnffh~..." As the fur of her fingers brushed over the cerberus's pulsing shaft, the middle head bit her lip, fangs pressing against her lower jaw. "True, but as good as it feels--ooh! As good as it feels, we need to be careful, or--unnh~!"

"...Or we'll never leave the room again," the left head finished as Keira squeezed her upper right breast, pinching the nipple gently as breastflesh and soft fur bulged out between her fingers

"Would that really be so bad?" Moaning softly, the right head closed her eyes appreciatively as rising lust made Keira's nipples harden, shaft stretching her sheath gently as it grew ever more erect. "Stay in, just play with ourselves and--aanh~, maybe with Debbie?"

"Hey, just because we're now a, like, 8 foot tall wolf monster with three heads doesn't mean we cannnnh~ just become some perverted shut-in..."

"Tru--uh!" Keira's massive dog cock lurched as it stiffened, and the cerberus wrapped her right hand around it, slowly stroking it towards full hardness. "God, that thing feels great..."

"Oh yeaahh~..." Middle head lolling back, tongue lolling sideways from her muzzle as she panted, Keira kept fondling her largest set of breasts while her knot popped free of her sheath, shaft finally fully erect. "I so get why so many guys are obsessed with their dicks..."

"Or with having them sucked--wait a minute." The right head suddenly had a lust-crazed gleam in her eyes, throwing a glance towards Keira's other two heads. "You know what? I've seen eggplants that are smaller than that thing. I wanna try some--mmh~..."

"God, that's such a dumb idea..." Mumbled the left head as Keira sat down on the floor, leaning against the tiled wall behind her. "It sounds great, let's..."

The cerberus' middle head didn't waste time talking, instead diving down towards the pointy tip of her cock, giving it a tentative lick as her muzzle was sandwiched between her uppermost breasts. Keira shuddered lustfully, the sensation of her hot, broad tongue making her shaft twitch lewdly as the cerberus groaned, left and right heads bending down to lick the sides of her throbbing member, pressing against the outsides of Keira's top breasts. Hands now free, Keira began to massage and squeeze her middle and lower row of breasts, gently rubbing and pulling her nipples in a more than fruitful effort to heighten her arousal.

"Unnh~..." As the broad tongues of her left and right heads lapped over the swollen sides of Keira's fat rod, the middle head groaned lustfully, hard nipples digging into soft pawpads as the cerberus squeezed her middle breasts gently. "Oooh, that's gooood~..."

Diving back in, Keira's middle head opened her maw wide to welcome the pointed tip of her cock inside, tongue slurping against the upper side of her enormous member as the cerberus struggled to fit even the upper half in. Of course, that left more than enough red, sensitive shaft unattended for Keira's outer heads to lick and nuzzle and kiss, every touch sending tingles and shocks of pleasure through the throbbing rod. And with three heads, the cerberus had both hands free for other fun parts of her anatomy - although with how erect Keira was from three tongues and a hot maw against her enormous schlong, she wouldn't have needed her hands in any case.

"Mgh, mgh, mgh!" Hips bucking into her middle throat, Keira gagged around her thick shaft, tail wacking against the floor as the middle head's eyes rolled up in their sockets. "Glgh, grgh!"

"Holy heck, you're taking that thing like a champ!" The right head marveled at the way the middle one slobbered all over Keira's knob, breathing more heavily as the middle head's throat was well and truly plugged. "Oh god, that feels amazing! Yeah, keep sucking our dick like that!"

"Got to give it to you, hun, that was an incredible idea--ooh yesss~!" Panting excitedly, the eyes of Keira's left head glazed over before she dove back down and against her knot, licking over the swollen, pulsing bulb languidly while the right head slurped along the parts of the cerberus' shaft neither of the other heads could reach.

Simply masturbating had already been great, but all the saliva making Keira's shaft slippery and the hot tightness of her throat elevated this far beyond even her very first experience with her massive dog dick. The dizziness enveloping all three of her heads had nothing to do with lack of air, sheer lust making it hard to think as Keira pawed her tits, pushing them together and against her heads and shaft for that little bit of extra stimulation that had the cerberus' heart hammering in her throats, lustful growls emanating from all three as she kept fucking her middle throat.

"Glgh, glugh, ghg!" Even gagging on her length, Keira couldn't fit even half of her shaft inside hre muzzle, let alone reach her knot. Precum had begun to bubble from her pointed glans, every drop of the salty fluid guzzled down eagerly. "Ulgh, ghlrgh!"

"Oh god, keep going, don't stooop~!" Moaning encouragements for the middle head, Keira's right head peppered her shaft with a line of sloppy kisses, adding to the slippery mix of pre and spit coating the cerberus' enormous red rocket. "Fuck, it feels sooo good!"

"Languh--Language--oooh heck!" The left head's complaint was cut short as the right one sucked on her massively swollen knot, making the cerberus' member strain and squirt out a glob of pre that oozed back down Keira's length. "Oh--oh--oh god!"

Keira's hips bucked uncontrollably, lust long since overtaken rationality, ears twitching as all three heads chased after the final peak in unison, frenziedly licking and sucking and gagging on the cerberus' cock. Flicking two of her nipples, Keira was rewarded with another thick spurt of pre into her middle maw, throat overwhelmed by the sheer volume. But the additional lube allowed the cerberus to properly thrust upwards, pumping her oversized shaft into the muzzle of her middle head as she did her best to stimulate her cock with tongue and lips.

"Oh--oh no, it's getting even harder, I thing weeee~..." Eyes rolling up, tongue hanging out sideways, the right head yipped lustfully with a dopey smile on her muzzle, hips ramming the cerberus' monstrous cock deep into the middle head's throat. "Hah-hah-haooOOOOOH!"

A twofold explosion of white ravaged Keira's senses - unbearable pleasure wiped away all thoughts, all sense of self, and a deluge of cum blasted into her middle throat from the cerberus' pulsing cock. Neither head could even think of swallowing, particularly not Keira's middle one, and massive globs of cum oozed out of her maw and down her gargantuan, straining shaft to instinctively be slurped up by the cerberus' left and right heads, the sensation of their hot tongues lapping over the trembling member making Keira shudder lustfully.

All her washin up was rendered moot as cum ran down her front, over the swell of her breasts, her abs hidden under her fur, over her hips and down onto the tiled floor, matting the cerberus' rich pelt with her own swimmers again. Writhing and jerking, Keira bucked her hips helplessly as shock after shock of pleasure raced through her with every new rope of cum exploding from her tip, muffled and less than muffled howls of pleasure echoing through Keira's apartment as her climax went on and on.

Finally, Keira's cum was utterly spent, just as the cerberus herself, and she leaned back and pulled her twitching, lurching member out of her middle throat, all three heads panting with exertion and sheer lust. Every last one of her muscles felt weak and loose, satisfaction relaxing her better than any massage ever could.

"Wow, I... heck."

"Taking the words... out of my mouth, hun."

"I... I'd never have thought I would like the taste of my own cum." Incredulous, the middle head stared at her slowly deflating cum cannon, licking her chops to clean up some of the cum sticking there. "Or that I would be able to suck my own dick. Heck, even that I'd have one!"

"Worth having to take another shower?"

"Yep!" Left and middle head nodded enthusiastically as they answered the right head's question.

*Keira is going back to Debbie. Better than being cooped up all by herselves.


Re: Growth-XX: Cerberus Conundrum - by FlatCap90210 (Furry Warning)

One shower later, Keira was standing on her balcony - which was basically just a two-inch strip of concrete in front of a floor-to-ceiling window - drinking a cup of coffee, each head taking a sip in turn so all three got to taste the sweet, sweet bean juice. Sometimes the cerberus wondered if she was putting too much sugar into it...

"Y'know, we do need to go get groceries after we wolfed out this morning..." The right head said as Keira's middle head drank a bit of coffee, the left head simply closing her eyes to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her pelt.

"Heh, I see what you did there," grinned the middle head after swallowing, idly noting that even though it was rather late on a Saturday, no one seemed to be out and about. Had they finally called the lockdown? "By the way, isn't it kind of weird no one is out? We have our puppies on full display and I haven't heard a single wolf-whistle!"

"Is this what we're doing now? I swear to god, if I wasn't attached to the same body as you two, these puns would make me run away!"

"Don't be like that, you know you love us," the middle head mock-pouted, booping her snout against the side of the left head's jaw.

"Of course I do, you're basically me." Rolling her eyes, the left head licked the middle one's nose lightly to show she was just teasing. "But seriously, those puns hurt!"

"They're supposed to, that's how you know they work," grinned the right head, the display of her vicious fangs making making the smile more intimidating than a classic display of mirth. "By the way, since we gotta go get groceries, why don't we go check on Debbie while we're on the way?"

"Yeah, sure, why not." As her middle head cracked his neck, Keira turned around and ducked her heads back into the apartment proper, the left head emptying the coffee mug. "Let's show that girl we mean it with the friendship and stuff."

"Debbie, you home?" A bag stuffed with more bags in one hand, Keira knocked on her friend's door with the free one. "I'm about to go down the street, get some groceries. You want--"

"You want to go out like that?!" Debbie ripped the door open, eyes wide and perpetually hard cock tenting her long, flowing skirt. "I... I mean, you look amazing and stuff, but... but you're naked!"

"Psh, have you seen my fur?" The middle head scoffed as Keira ran a hand down her side, stroking her thick pelt. "I don't think I ever want to cover that awesomeness up with clothes. Not that I even have anything that fits."

"Y-yeah, I can see how that would be a thing..." Blushing a deep red, Debbie couldn't keep her eyes from wandering downwards, her massive shaft lurching under her dress. "But... but more importantly, you can't go out!"

"What, do you wanna spend time with me instead?" The right head giggled, taking care not to show her fangs as she smiled. "I'm flattered, but I really need to go get something to eat. I have literally no food up there."

"You really haven't heard then?" Looking back up at Keira's right head, Debbie had an adorable expression of surprise on her face. "They declared a state of emergency, like, 10 minutes ago. The whole city is on lockdown, no one's allowed to leave their house. Ideally not even their apartment!"

"Oh." All three of Keira's heads made the exact same sound of astonishment at the exact same time, and then the cerberus lifted the bag of bags so the left head could look at the now useless accessory with a sour expression before saying: "Well, that complicates things. What am I gonna eat for lunch, then? I'm a big girl!"

"Uh-huh..." Debbie couldn't keep her eyes from roaming up and down the cerberus' imposing figure, only the fact that Keira's fur was so thick and rich preserving a modicum of modesty. The fierce blush on Debbie's face was a thing to behold. "Listen, I--"

"What the fuck?! The hell is that thing?!" The shrieking, female voice was somewhere between shocked and disgusted - Keira had never heard it, either, another neighbor she may have seen once or twice but never interacted with. "I'm going to call the police! Or the dog catchers, or... something!"

Keira began to turn around, her left head twisting to look at who was speaking, but felt her arm pulled forwards by Debbie, who stepped around and behind the cerberus to push the much larger woman into the apartment. The three-headed dog morph complied, hungry and annoyed as she was; better to extricate oneselves from the situation than dealing with a shrieking banshee. So while Debbie tried to get a word in against an endless tirade that flipflopped between the topics of Keira's entire body and Debbie's massive schlong, the cerberus squeezed herself inside of her friend's apartment, who then followed the huge dog morph and slammed the door closed. The shrieking continued for a bit before trailing off, and then the unknown neighbor stomped off.

"Wow, that... she..." Debbie was the first to find words, although they weren't many. Or coherent.

"Yep." Only now Keira noticed that she'd put one large, clawed hand around Debbie's shoulder and pulled the smaller girl against her protectively. Letting go hastily, the cerberus took half a step away from her friend, afraid that she'd overstepped some boundaries, all three heads looking worried. "Oh heck, sorry about that. I just..."

"Don't worry about it! I mean, I, uh..." The blush on Debbie's face seemed destined to never go away as she looked to the side, right hand gripping her left elbow, cock bobbing gently before her. "What I mean is... I didn't mind. You feel nice and soft and stuff, and, uhm... well..."

*Well, Keira needs food! But Debbie needs something else first...


Re: Growth-XX: Cerberus Conundrum - by FlatCap90210 (Furry Warning)

"Oh, I get it!" The right head spoke first, hefting Keira's massive upper breasts and squeezing the fat nipples until they engorged and poked from the cerberus' fur. "That reminded you of yesterday and how fucking awesome my boobs feel!"

The middle head boggled - this was one of the rare times the three heads weren't of one mind, and both outer heads had literally been born lewd and uninhibited. These kind of shenanigans were to expected. What wasn't was how receptive Debbie was, if the excited throbbing of her swollen shaft and the deepening of her blush was anything to go by.

"I mean, we couldn't stop thinking about your fucking awesome cock, Debs," the left head continued, one of Keira's hands slipping between her legs to dip one claw between her pussy lips. "How about you let us play with yours and we let you play with ours, and then we order takeout?"

Debbie gaped, mirroring the expression of Keira's middle head on a much more human face, staring up at the towering cerberus. The outer heads grinned proudly, and the middle head decided to throw the old rules of society to the wind and join them. She had been wondering how Debbie's massive shaft would feel inside her; oversized as it was on the smaller woman, it looked to be a perfect fit for Keira.

"I, uh, I, what?" Blushing crimson and with a massive, straining erection, it was obvious that not much blood remained to keep Debbie's brain at full capacity.

"I'm saying we fuck, then we order pizza and cuddle," Keira's middle head explained, licking her lips seductively and enjoying how the sight made Debbie swallow hard, even though the motion had happened on the wolf-like muzzle of the cerberus. "Don't leave us hanging, girl, give the bitch a boner!"

"I... I... for real? I've... never, not even before, and now I have this... thing, and..."

"And nothing." Bending down, Keira gently cupped Debbie's face in her right even as she stirred up her pussy with the middle finger of her left hand and stroked her tumescent dog dick with its thumb. "You're beautiful, and your cock is damn sexy. The three of us want you to pound us with it, Debbie, but you need to want it, too. We won't force you."

"Oh... oh god, you..." Tears filled Debbie's eyes as she looked up at Keira's middle head, her left pressing against the back of the cerberus' right hand cupping her face. "You have no idea how it feels to hear you say that. I had this thing for over a week, and... and you're the first to say it's sexy instead of looking at me like a freak, and I have these urges, this need to, to push it into something and--"

"Well, these urges are about to be fulfilled, Debs," the right head smiled as Keira gently trailed a claw slick with her juices along Debbie's trembling schlong, making her lover shudder in delight. "Yours and ours."

Turning around and towards the table, the cerberus leaned forwards and brought one claw between her powerful legs, spreading herself open as she presented her wet and ready twat to Debbie, left and middle head turning to look back at Keira's soon-to-be lover, her right claw lifting one of her top-most breasts to the muzzle of her right head so the cerberus could suckle on her stiff nipple.

"Now, what are you waiting for?" The middle and left heads spoke in unison as Keira bounced in place, making her enormous, black-pelted asscheeks jiggled and clap together. "Fuck this horny hound with that fantastic cock!"

Face almost as crimson as her swollen glans, Debbie gaped at the cerberus, eyes wandering from Keira's fat ass and waiting pussy to her smiling heads and back - but only for a few seconds. Then the desperately horny futa scrambled to undress, clothes flying into a corner, and she wasted no time to dive between Keira's legs and push almost her entire face between the cerberus' folds, lapping and licking and kissing.

"Oh god, Debbie!" Gasping, Keira threw all three heads back and pressed her twitching muff against Debbie's face, hands going to town on the cerberus' massive upper breasts. "Fuck! Your tongue...! Aww, god! Yes!"

The cerberus felt her pointy shaft begin to leak pre, seconds after Debbie had begun worshipping her snatch, even though the smaller woman was very much a novice. Her eagerness made more than up for it, though, and Keira felt droplets of femcum ooze into the fur of her thighs, matting the shiny black pelt as the powerful muscles under the skin quivered helplessly.

"Awwfhugh..." Panting, three tongues lolling from three slack maws, Keira felt her tail wag rapidly, one hand wandering down her front, playing over the multitude of stiff nipples poking through the fur, only to finally grasp her gargantuan, knotty cock and stroke the pulsing shaft slowly, almost sensually. "Feeelshghoood~..."

Three heads and not a single properly working braincell among them, Keira stood there, leaning over Debbie's living room table as she palmed her breasts and pumped her throbbing rod, Debbie almost lost in her folds, figuratively and literally. Slurping and sucking noises filled the room as Debbie pressed her face into Keira's snatch, eagerly lapping up her juices, pulling the cerberus' engorged clit between her lips and letting her tongue play over it until Keira was a mewling mess, knees almost giving out.

"Ghhaawhoooh~..." Keira was near-delirious with arousal when Debbie finally let up on her pussy, her heads speaking in turn as the cerberus' fat nuts roiled and churned with cum, the smaller woman's face glistening with Keira's other juices. "Fhugghmeee~..."

"I... I... yes!"

Any more encouragement or words would have been wasted. Debbie stood up straight, and only Keira's knock-kneed stance allowed her to reach the cerberus' hot and ready pussy with her oversized schlong. Although, of course, it wasn't oversized for Keira. It was the perfect fit, and the muscular dog morph's folds eagerly sucked Debbie deep inside, allowing her to bottom out in one smooth stroke, the smaller woman's smooth balls slapping against Keira's black-furred ones and sending a squirt of pre under Debbie's table.

"F-Fuck... so--oooh..." Bucking her hips with barely any control, Debbie sunk her hands into the fur at Keira's hips and the soft flesh beneath, pulling herself against the cerberus' ass with loud slaps. "S-So hot in-inside youuu~!"

Keira was howling with pleasure - literally. Debbie's massive member was filling her to the brim, stretching her deliciously in just the right way, hitting all the right spots with each and every stroke. When her lover pulled out, the aching emptiness built up an almost painful anticipation in the cerberus, only for the powerful thrust filling her up again to knock the breath out of Keira. The sensations had fried all parts of her brain above pure, animalistic rutting, mating, breeding, all three heads panting and yipping and yowling as the cerberus slammed back into Debbie, almost knocking her down with the difference in their weight.

But Debbie held onto Keira's hips, giving the lust-crazed cerberus a proper pounding, straining rod sliding over every bump and fold inside of Keira until it knocked against her cervix. The cerberus' own, much more animalistic rod bounced and throbbed, Keira's hands having gone back to her breasts, shaft leaking a steady stream of pre that splattered onto the tiled floor, volume increasing at the same rate as Keira's arousal - that is to say, rapidly.

And their noise, too, rose with their lust. It was as if Keira's three heads were trying to outdo each other, and Debbie herself was much more vocal than her previously so shy demeanor would have led Keira to expect. If the cerberus had been in any state to expect anything, of course. But both of them were beyond caring, their frenzied fucking all that mattered, Debbie hammering away into Keira's snatch and Keira meeting each and every one of Debbie's thrusts with bone-jarring gusto.

Holding on to Debbie's table, Keira let her six tits swing free, feeling her pussy clamp down powerfully on Debbie's veiny rod while the cerberus' even girthier member strained, knot swollen almost to bursting. The dog morph was living so fully in the lustful moment that her climax hit her completely unprepared, nuts and abdominals clenching with all their might as rope after rope of Keira's swimmers exploded against the chairs under Debbie's table, staining them white and dripping to the floor.

"Awwghaawwd~, yoo're milkinnngh meee~!" As the cerberus strength waned and she began to slide to the ground, muzzles down and ass up, Debbie held on, fighting against incredible forces trying to suck the cum directly from her balls. "T-twitching... so muh-much~..."

But Debbie had weathered the storm of Keira's climax, and the new position gave her an even better angle to pound away at the cerberus' snatch, and every thrust smacking into Keira's backside ground her enormous, black-furred tits into the floor, making all of her heads groan lustfully, eyes rolled up under half-closed lids and tongues lolling out of dopily smiling muzzles as Keira's ears twitched and her tail wagged.

Babbling lustfully, Debbie hammered her shaft into the cerberus, forcing dribs and drabs of cum out of the dog morph's swollen rod every time she bottomed out. Even though the smaller woman's heavy nuts were churning and twitching and her thrusts were jerky and uneven, Debbie wouldn't let up, couldn't let up, her distended rod finally used for it's very purpose, and so she pumped and bucked and thrust as her words became ever more slurred until they were barely recognizable as such, and finally...

"Aaaghaahuuuuh~!" It was not the most dignified of climactic screams, but it was primal and coming from the depths of Debbie's soul - and the enormous batch of baby batter coming from the depths of her nuts was eagerly sucked up by Keira's womb.

Every last drop, until Debbie had emptied everything she had to give into the cerberus and fell forwards onto the soft fur of Keira's muscular back, muscles burning after their fuck frenzy, but a deep, all-encompassing satisfaction overshadowed everything else. Keira's right head turned weakly and smiled at the smaller woman resting on her back.

"Told ya, that dick is perfect..."