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Mitch's BlueBerry: Reality Alterations Made Convenient

Meet Mitchell Jenkins. 21-year-old, 5'10", gray-eyed, brown-haired pervert. Not that he was a bad guy... Just a pervert. But at least he kept it private, making sure nobody was able to see his Internet history, bookmarks, and hard drive. Because if anybody ever did, well, that would just be embarrassing!

It was about 11:30 on a Saturday-- a fine early-summer day, sunny and hot but not too hot. But rather than doing something outside, or at least out of his bedroom, he was currently hunched over his desk, drumming his fingers as he looked over the interface on his new phone.

The BlueBerry Soothsayer III, supposedly the most powerful personal reality-altering device since the World Processor. Mitch had heard stories on the Internet of similar, less advanced devices. Enchanted notebooks that made true whatever was written in them. Typewriters that performed the same function, albeit a bit easier to use. And then there was the Master PC, which may have had a limited area of effect but the menus and 3-dimensional representations of targets made it a powerful device indeed. Finally the World Processor, as its name suggests, eliminated the range limitations with the compromise of a simpler command-line interface.

But, time moves on and technology advances at an astounding rate. In this day and age smartphones are all the rage. It began with the original BlueBerry Soothsayer Global Edition, which was released about the same time as the surge in popularity of the early BlackBerry models. Its touch screen was operated by a stylus, text entered through the use of specific gestures for each character. Admittedly, this may not seem a great improvement over the standard smartphone implementation, but the BlueBerry was far more advanced in correctly recognizing what was being entered.

Its key feature: the Soothsayer application, which seemingly altered reality at the command of its user. He or she would simply enter what they desired, and thus reality was altered accordingly. Of course, what was actually happening was a bit more complicated, and less controversial than blatantly changing the structure of reality. The phone itself was (and still is, with current models) a multi-verse transportation device. When assigned an owner, the BlueBerry creates a physical link with the individual, and upon the execution of a command, the BlueBerry connects to a central processor with which it requests the destination of the parallel universe in which only the specified changes are present and all other aspects identical to the user's current universe. Said user is then transported either immediately to the destined parallel universe, or through a series of "routing" universes, depending on the type of change requested. Alterations such as items being present in one universe but not in another, or differences in numeric values, for example, do not necessitate routing universes, as said alteration is only represented by a "1" or "0" value. Conversely, physical changes to a person's body, for example, would require routing, as there is a gradual scale of difference between neighboring universes. To the user, then, it would simply appear as if the change was occurring gradually over a (usually short) period of time. It is also important to note that the central processor's database, which is present and identical in all universes, contains the "travel history" for each of its users, so that revisiting previous universes can be accomplished easily.

Granted, none of that is truly important, as from the user's perspective, reality is being altered around them. The travel system worked (and still works) perfectly, but there was one major flaw with the original BlueBerry Soothsayer Global Edition: security. There was only one security system in place. Upon activation, the phone created a mental link with its user to install compatibility software into his or her subconscious. In other words, only the phone's owner could understand how to navigate its user interface. It prevented literally everyone else except the owner from using it, but it did not protect against theft, separation, or any other means by which the owner could be prevented from using it.

Thus the next incarnation was developed: The BlueBerry Soothsayer II (the "Global Edition" was dropped, as it was rather irrelevant considering there were no other variations). Enhanced security features mainly involved a mental link with everyone in its vicinity which inhibited the desire to as much as touch the phone without the owner's permission, or interrupt him from using it. Upon misplacement, the phone would emit a subconscious command to anyone within range to ensure that it would find its way back to its owner. As well as the extra security features, a keypad was added to the physical interface so that text may be entered more easily, and the Soothsayer app itself was upgraded with menu "quick-select" options that mostly dealt with the "awareness" of individuals within range, whereas with the previous model it was required that the user specifically enter the desire for another person to be aware of the alterations into the Soothsayer app's command line.

More improvements were made with the current model. The phone's chasis was upgraded to nigh-indestructible levels of sturdiness, for one thing. But the most noticeable upgrade was with the Soothsayer app's interface. It still prominently featured the command line implementation, but it also included a graphical display of the alteration (when appropriate). The mental link that was used by previous models now conferred to the user a heightened sense of sight when viewing the BlueBerry's display screen, which allowed the user to literally see more detail than would normally be physically be impossible for a screen of its size. Thus, more information about the desired alteration could be displayed as the user entered a command. As far as programming, the third generation also used a much more advanced "intention recognition" A.I. software, which used the mental link with the user to analyze his or her intent while entering a command. In this way, the BlueBerry virtually always knew what its user wanted and ensured the desired result was attained.


Author's note: Didn't feel like reading all that? I don't blame you.

What to take away from all of that:

  • The BlueBerry Soothsayer can alter reality. All you have to do is enter a command into the Soothsayer app.

  • It knows what you want. It is never wrong. Vague commands, however, may still produce unforseen side effects.

  • It won't break, it can't be stolen, and the owner won't lose it.

  • Only the owner can use it; nobody else can understand its GUI.

  • The owner won't be interrupted while using it, and people will wait patiently for him/her to finish.

  • By default, only the owner is aware of reality changes, but that can be adjusted through menu options.

  • The Soothsayer app opens up a text/graphical display of a change as the owner is typing it. Specific values/sliders can be adjusted that way.

  • It stores command history, which can be accessed and changed if necessary.

  • Physcial changes to a person's body happen gradually over a short period of time, while most other changes happen instantly. Author's judgment.


And so, Mitchell Jenkins had a new toy. It's not important how, when, or where he got it, just that he had it. Also, he's a pervert, and as he sat there at his desk, his eyes glinting in anticipation and excitement, he pondered what fun, perverted things he could try to do with his new toy...

*6. He doesn't know what to do yet, so he searches for inspiration elsewhere.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

Mitch grumbled as he stared at the blinking cursor on the screen of his great new toy. A device that was able to make any fantasy he could possibly dream into reality, and he couldn't think of anything to try. How annoying!

Well, he decided, just sitting here isn't going to help me. I need some inspiration.

*Mitch is hungry. He heads downstairs to fix himself some lunch. While he's eating, his sister Rae walks in to do the same.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

Mitch cursed himself. He had the ultimate power of all known universes in his hands and he could think of nothing to do with it! All his pubertal brain could come up with involved either girls, sex, his dick or a combination of it. Annoyed he finally gave into the rumblings of his stomach and went downstairs to fetch some food with the Blueberry in his hands. He was just chomping on the sandwich he made himself and staring out of the window for some inspiration when his sister Rae entered the room.

"Enjoying your food?" she threw at him in her usual voice that sounded partly offending but still serious enough so that you could never tell. He decided not to comment it and watched her pick stuff from the fridge, pondering what to do with the Blueberry. The only problem was that the sight of his sister's ass when she was bending down and the firm but small tits being displayed when she grabbed something from the top caused his brain to come up with the same ideas as before.

"Bad, bad thoughts." he whispered to himself and closed his eyes to focus, but there she still continued to stretch and bend.

"What'cha say?" she mumbled with a radish in her mouth laying out the content of her soon to be sandwich, but again he decided not to answer.

Rae will have a tremendous orgasm right now but won't notice it at all.

He didn't really want to type that, but once it was typed in he figured why not. At least it would be a good test for the device and it wouldn't harm anyone. So he hit the send button, and immediately realized how wrong he was...

Still standing there like nothing was happening, Rae suddenly started to moan and pant uncontrollably, her hips started to move back and forth and her knees were shaking. The orgasm was so strong, that very soon she started yelling out the pleasure she was feeling, forcing Mitch to be unable to do anything but to stare at her dazed and overwhelmed by the sexiness of the view of his cute sister cuming just like that while she was making a sandwich.

"Anything wrong?" Rae thew Mitch out of his daze in her usual partly insulting voice when she moved to the table. Mitch just stared at her and tried to keep himself from drooling. Rae just shook her head at him, sat down and started to eat her food. Mitch knew without looking that had a rock-hard erection and would be unable to get up soon without causing a scene. Except of course if he used the Blueberry to fix the situation. But his mind already had further ideas how to instead enhance it...

*He really wanted to see how she would look like with bigger boobs. Much bigger boobs! And probably naked.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

It's not that Mitch had a thing for his sister. Not exactly. Well, not until just a few mintues ago, anyway. Watching her experience an orgasm was downright hot, and because of that, he... sort of found himself seeing Rae in a new light. Namely, he now saw her as a readily available test subject for his new toy.

Of course, Mitch was still a pervert, and so his main interests still revolved around girls, sex, his dick, or some combination of these. Being closely related to his target did not change this fact. And it wasn't like he was planning on having sex with her, he just... wanted some eye candy! Nothing wrong with looking as long as I'm not touching, right? he rationalized to himself. Sitting directly across from her, he was offered a great vantage point from which to observe something he was particularly looking forward to. He wasted no time in entering his new command into the Soothsayer app.

Rae has large, beautiful breasts.

And just like that, her tee shirt began to inflate. It wasn't exactly a rapid process, but it still happened at a noticeable pace. The small bumps that had been tenting Rae's shirt before swelled outwards, gradually sticking out farther and filling out in all directions. As her boobs grew they pulled her shirt tighter and tighter, which showed off the fact that they were become rounder. Mitch could see the outline of her bra consistently keeping up with her expanding assets, seeming to get more snug while at the same time growing along with their contents so that they could effectively contain them. When all was said and done, Rae's formerly modest chest had grown into what appeared to be a full, healthy DD-cup.

Mitch was so entranced by their apparent perfection that he was startled out of a trance when he heard a scoff. He spotted Rae rolling her eyes in disgust, and she crossed one arm over her chest and continued eating with her other. Clearly she was miffed that her brother had been checking her out, and refused to make eye contact with him. Unfazed by his sister's attitude (it was nothing new), Mitch was more concerned over the fact that he couldn't see her tits very well anymore, and sought to remedy this, killing two birds with one stone in the process.

Rae does not mind me admiring her body. She is also much nicer to me in general.

Rae's rigidness immediately softened. Her shoulders relaxed, and she returned with holding her sandwich with both hands. She rested her elbows on the table, and because she had to slouch forward slightly to do this, she adopted a posture that kind of suggested a great view of cleavage. Had the neckline of her shirt been cut a lot lower, that is. Seizing this bit of inspiration (which was, after all, what Mitch had been looking for in the first place) Mitch promptly turned his attention back to his phone. But he paused just before beginning to type. Why stop at the neckline? he questioned himself. Why not go for broke? With a new, much more ambitious idea in mind, he began typing.

Rae prefers to remain in the nude at all times, and feels completely comfortably doing so no matter who she is with.

Mitch almost gasped, because his sister was already naked by the time his focus had shifted from the screen in his lap to the figure sitting across from him at the table. To Mitch's credit, he did not immediately focus on her tits. The first thing he noticed, in fact, were her bare, slender shoulders, which conveyed an odd sense of delicacy and innocence.

Then he noticed her tits. Indeed, they were beautiful, just like he had specified. Since they were no longer confined by a bra, Rae's orbs were affected by gravity under their own weight, drooping forward slightly as she leaned forward against the table, creating a line of cleavage that looked particularly inviting. Suddenly she sighed - a very content sigh - and leaned back in her chair. Still holding what remained of her sandwich in one hand, she let her other drift down to rest against her stomach. Her breasts, then, rested atop her chest, settling to the sides slightly in a very natural way. Mitch couldn't help but admire his sister's breasts. They weren't just beautiful-- they were perfect!

Of course, as spectacular as his sister's boobs were, he couldn't very well do nothing but stare at them all day long. After some amount of time, his gaze began to wander. His cheeks burned with embarrassment when he realized Rae had been watching him ogle her. She giggled, though, and continued eating the remaining bits of her sandwich with a smile on her face.

*Tapping into his inner pervert, Mitch decides to try something a little more unorthodox and proceeds to make a more unusual improvement to his sister.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

Mitch stared at his sisters tits and enjoyed both the sight and the fact that this annoying brat of a sister was now all his to experiment with. They never went along well and neither he nor she ever really tried to be loving brother and sister. She took every opportunity to make his life miserable and he did the same. And although he had now won that battle by making her much nicer to him, he absolutely had no issue in screwing her up to make some of his perverted fantasies come true. And one particular of these fantasies involved she-males masturbating.

Rae now has a huge boner in place of her pussy and balls to match. Her balls will have no hair and look slightly female. She is as well constantly very horny and has absolutely no inhibitions to masturbate while I am around.

That written he turned his eyes back to his sister with a wide grin and hit the button to send. For a few seconds nothing seemed to change except for probably her expression that got a lot hornier, but then the tip of a definitely hard cock grew rapidly from beneath the table till it stopped right between her big tits. Mitch figured she must be at least 12 inches although it was hard to tell on her small frame. And immediately she started giving herself a tit-job causing Mitch's dick to turn to an equally throbbing state like hers was at this very moment.

"You really know how to work a cock." he teased her and she gave him an exhausted smile.

"Long time experience..." she grinned at him and panted while she was working herself to an orgasm. Like he loved it in his youporn videos he watched her doing herself right in front of him just that this was reality. One hand was busy on her huge shaft, the other one kept working on her huge tits. And the whole show was finished when she under moans and screams came and shoot all her lead on her own tits and on her face. A sight Mitch could only admire till her orgasm was finally over.

"Shit, messed myself up again." she commented her eruptive orgasm and reached out for a tissue while her cock started to go limp again. Mitch however wasn't done yet and quickly grabbed the Blueberry again.

Rae's cock will be fully hard all the time and can stay hard for an indefinite amount of time. Whenever she cums, she blows a full load and loves to cream herself in it as well as drinking her own cum.

Just in time Mitch hit the send button and watched not only how the tissue vanished from her hand but how her cock went back to hard like in a movie running on rewind. But the next thing she did almost made him cum. Instead of cleaning herself with the tissue that was no longer there, she run her hand over her body as if her cum was some form of lotion while she continued to moan rubbing her cock and tried to lick her shaft clean at the same time or at least the part she could reach.

"I hope you don't mind me doing that." she said with her breath going heavy from all the ministration "I just feel so horny all the time." And with that and a final loud moan she shoot another load all over her tits and tried to shoot the following ones directly into her mouth while her body rocked from the pleasure.

*Mitch didn't mind at all and continued on his fantasy which involved him having a pussy and her doing him with her cock.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

I can't believe this is actually working! Mitch thought to himself with glee. To think! He could enact such drastic and bizarre changes and yet they'd still appear as normal! His sister had a cock now. She was still a girl - I think, Mitch thought – but she also had a cock. If that was possible, then what other big changes could he make? What else could he try to test what the device he now possessed was capable of?

An idea flitted through his mind. An idea that made his cheeks burn. He debated for a few moments on whether he was brave enough to go through with it. After all, giving his sister a dick was one thing, but doing something so drastic to himself was another thing altogether. Ultimately the repeated sight of his teenage sister shooting a huge load all over herself – over and over – was what sent his curiosity over the edge. (Not at all because the scene turned him on. Oh no, that would simply be ridiculous!)

Instead of a penis and testicles I have a fully functioning vagina.

It was purely for experimentation, of course. Just to test the limits of the device. Certainly not because it was a secret fantasy he harbored...

Nevertheless, he couldn't deny how erotic it was to feel his erect cock seemingly melt into his body, his balls retract inwards, and a deep recess opening up inside of his body. Curious, he placed a hand against the front of his pants, and was rewarded with the feeling of a distinctly flat surface, where a bulge used to be. Still watching his sister, she erupted yet again all over herself, moaning and panting all the while. Mitch suddenly became aware of the damp heat centered not only where his dick had been, but also inside of him behind that spot. He subconsciously began massaging the area lightly.

"Hey," Rae suddenly interrupted him. Mitch froze, feeling oddly nervous. "Can we like, have some fun already? I'm getting kind of antsy."

He blinked a few times, processing the question – that is, what Rae was implying by the word "fun" – a little sluggishly, due to its lurid nature. Certainly this wasn't what Mitch had been hoping for, but now that it was mentioned, it seemed like a good... er, experiment to perform. "Um... sure?" he answered cautiously.

Rae looked more relieved than she did excited, though there was that little I'm-about-to-have-sex twinkle in her eye. She jumped up out of her chair without a moment's hesitation, and walked around to Mitch's side of the table. Mitch stared slack-jawed as she approached, stealing nervous glances at her 12-inch cock bobbing in front of her. She promptly grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the chair. It happened so quickly that Mitch didn't even have a chance to realize that her hand was still slimy with her own cum.

"What...?" Mitch began to ask as she pushed him towards the living, followed by a "Hey!" when felt a tug at the back of his shirt. He spun around in time to find Rae trying to pull his shirt over his head. Too bewildered to protest, he complied and did as instructed. By the time he was shirtless they were already in the living room, and just as he dropped his shirt he was startled by a forceful shove from behind. He tripped, and fell forward, landing on his hands and knees. "What the hell!" he exclaimed as he rolled over onto his butt.

Rae was already crawling up to him, her big DD's jiggling beneath her and her cock pointing to the ground. "The carpet'll do just fine. Can't wait any longer." And then she began working at his pants.

Jeezus, my sister's about to fuck me with her cock, Mitch thought to himself, not quite sure if he was scared or excited, or both. One thing was for sure, though: her 12-incher certainly wasn't going to fit. Frantically, Mitch fumbled with his BlueBerry, opening up the Soothsayer app to fix this problem before it, well, became a problem.

Rae's cock will fit inside of me, he hastily keyed in, nearly making some typos as Rae shimmied his pants down to his ankles. She had taken his underwear along for the ride, leaving Mitch with a sudden breeze across his nether-lips. Needless to say this shocked him, and he simply stared down at the neatly trimmed bush framing his new pubic mound. He watched with fascination as Rae positioned the fat head of her cock near his slit...

And then she was inside of him. Mitch saw stars, and his heard nothing over the sound of his own moans. Still, she had a good six inches left – a six inches which she was currently forcing inside of him. Each thrust caused him to moan harder, and see more stars, until he was finally filled to capacity. And what a feeling that was! To actually have something – something fucking huge! - inside of him! Stuffing him!

He came right then and there. His first female orgasm. It was so strong, reverberating throughout his entire body, that he nearly passed out. But he got used to the sensation and eagerly anticipated the next one as it approached.

The next hour or so was a blur for Mitch and Rae fucked him silly. She was relentless, orgasm after of orgasm rocking both their bodies. Rae had cummed inside of him at least twenty times, and each time he felt her hot cum fill him up and squirt out the sides of his pussy. He didn't mind the sensation, though; in fact he found it to be pretty erotic. Not that he could dwell on it much with all the multiple orgasm wracking his nervous system.

Eventually, though he began to tire out. He nearly passed out, lying limp on his back, before Rae finally decided to stop. "Hey," she said, chuckling softly as she withdrew her length from him. "Sorry about that. You know I forget sometimes you have to take a break.

"Erm... yeah..." he mumbled. Despite the fact that he himself was the one who had made her constantly horny, it still surprised him that she could go for so long without getting tired or having to 'recharge'. Weakly pushing himself up into more of a sitting position, Mitch began to scoot backwards towards the couch, where he leaned against it to rest while still remaining upright. Rae followed closely, eventually snuggling up next to him. Mitch couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of his nude, nubile sister rubbing against him. And when she took his hand in her as placed it on one of her big, firm boobs, he didn't protest. In fact, he gave it and started massaging the fleshy mass, enjoying its softness. Although her skin was still a little sticky, most of her cum from her actions at the kitchen table had dried. Still, Mitch didn't mind. With all the strangeness of the past hour, he figured coming into contact with his sister's juices wasn't something to fret over.

Which was good, because as he was feeling up her boobs, Rae was busy jerking off again, and had brought herself to orgasm. Ropes of cum erupted from her cock, splattering both herself and Mitch, all over their chests and a little on the faces.

Again, Mitch didn't pay much attention to it, as he was far too busy exploring her mounds (now rubbing her cum into her soft skin).

"I love the weekends," Rae said, sounding happy and content.

Half-listening, Mitch conjured something of a response: "Why's that?"

"I get to stop taking my medicine and let loose. And I get to have fun with you, which I really like because you're the only guy I'd ever be able to have sex with."

But Mitch wasn't listening anymore. He was too busy thinking. His 'experiment' had been a success. He had successfully performed a drastic alteration to both his sister and himself, and everything was 'functioning' properly. His mind began to wander... He began to think of new ideas, things he could do... More specifically, what else could he do to Rae? What other strange change could he make to her to test out his amazing little device?

*He imagines that a step up from giving his sister a dick would be to give her two. Rae grows a second dick next to the first.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

I will love the taste of Rae's cum.

It had come about because Rae wanted a blowjob. She'd asked him outright. "Um, Bro," she'd started sheepishly. "Since you're still giving your pussy a rest - which is totally fine and all - d'you think, maybe, since I don't mind eating you out sometimes - which I like doing, and I'm happy to do it, don't get me wrong! - you might be willing to try, you know... blowing me?" Her voice was nervous and hopeful, knowing that Mitch was still uneasy over the idea of putting his mouth on her dick and intentionally swallowing her cum. And she wasn't wrong. Catching a few drops here and there during their messy fucking was one thing. Consuming a much larger volume - on purpose, no less - was another thing entirely. Mitch had thought about running his tongue up the length of her cum-slickened dick and tasting her seed, and cringed at the thought. It was a little too gay for him, he'd decided.

So that was the main reason he entered the command. There was the 'experiment', of course - could he actually alter his own mind? But mainly, he felt bad for Rae. He loved her. She was sweet, and really knew how to work those puppy-dog eyes to tug at his heartstrings. He wanted to make her happy, so he figured the best way to do that was to remove the reason he wouldn't want to do it.

For her. Not at all because he wanted to remove any excuse he had to not do more depraved things with her. Don't be ridiculous.

Did it work? he wondered eagerly. He looked down at his sister's twitching, glistening cock, and imagined what the sticky fluid might taste like. Feeling no different, but still a little nervous, Mitch shrugged. "Okay, Sis," he said amiably. He sat up on his knees and turned towards her, intending to bend down to reach.

But Rae squealed in delight, grabbed Mitch's face and pulled him in for a quick sloppy kiss on the lips. "Oooh, thanks, Bro!" she practically yelled in delight, quickly scrambling to her feet and sitting on the couch. She scooted forward and spread her legs.

His sister's excitement and eagerness were a little overwhelming to Mitch, and his heart fluttered nervously in his chest as he knelt between her legs. Experimentally, he scooped a fingertip's worth of cum off of her twitching dick, and placed it on his tongue. The salty taste mixed with the slimy texture in his mouth and triggered an explosion of flavor. "Holy crap," he blurted out, and before he could reign himself in, Mitch started licking the long, hard surface of his sister's cock, salivating and letting out little "mmm"s of approval as he worked to lick her clean.

"Oh... Ah...!" Rae gasped, bewildered by her older brother's sudden enthusiasm and caught off guard by how nice it felt to have her dick get a tongue bath. Watching him go to town, she giggled girlishly.

When there was no more cum to be had, Mitch wasted no time in spreading his lips and taking her completely in his mouth. Or as much as he could fit, anyway. Slathering the underside of her cock with his tongue, he massaging the swollen tip with the roof of his mouth and used his free hand to jerk her off.

"Ahh! Nnnnnhh!" Rae moaned, squirming in her seat. She pitched forward and little, and gripped her brother by the hair.

Mitch worked fervently for several minutes, eager to feel the explosion of delicious baby batter in his mouth. Eventually, it came, as Rae moaned out in pleasure and pulled his head down onto her shaft, holding him in place with a desperate strength he didn't know she had. Mitch guzzled down the voluminous ropes of cum that struck the back of his throat like he hadn't eaten in days. He swallowed every drop, not wasting a single ounce of his sister's precious nut-butter.

"Hoooooly shit, Mitch...!" Rae sighed, falling back into the couch. "God, you, uh... heh... really got into it, huh?"

Mitch shrugged, smiling mysteriously. "You want another one?"

"Uuuuhh, oookaaay? Yeah? Of course?"

Mitch rolled his eyes, and turned his attention back to his sister's foot-long member.

But then he paused, only stroking her lightly as he considered going down on her again. He recalled the sight of her jerking off in the kitchen, aiming her ropes of (what he now knew was utterly delicious) cum onto her own tits, and then again not ten minutes earlier while Mitch was recuperating from their marathon of fucking. A curious thought occurred to him: if she liked creaming all over herself so much, wasn't it kind of a shame that she couldn't do that while the two of them were fucking? The BlueBerry was clearly capable of doing some pretty powerful changes, so was there something he could do so she could do both if she wanted?

The answer was clear. If he wanted Rae to be able to enjoy cumming inside of him, whether that be his mouth or his vagina, and be able to cum all over herself, the simple solution was to be able to cum from two places at once!

Rae has two dicks.

Mitch was more than a little eager to see if this would work. For science. Not at all because it would be hot as hell to watch his sister ejaculating twice as much or to be able to play with more girl-dicks at once. Nope. Nuh-uh.

He stared at her crotch with rapt attention. It was almost like a computer-generated effect. It wasn't like her existing cock split in half, or like a new appendage forced its way out of her like in a Cronenberg film. It was simply a smooth transition of one state of being to another, a second erect penis simply morphing into existence directly below her original fuck stick.

Impressed and delighted (because his experiment was a success - not because he was eager to play with two sister-dicks at once) he took a dick in each hand and stroked them appraisingly. He then slid one hand down to cup her balls, which had basically doubled in size, stretching her scrotum taut and shiny.

Rae shuddered visibly. "Come on, bro, don't tease me like this!" she said, giggling. " if you're gonna offer to blow me, you can't just-- Oooohhh...!"

Mitch had interrupted her by quickly bending over and deepthroating her lower dick (although it was too big to go very far). He went right to work, bobbing his head up and down on her cock while lightly stroking the remaining inches with one hand, and more vigorously pumping her upper dick with his other hand. He worked diligently, eager to get her off so that his mouth could be filled with the wonderful salty flavor of her seed, his efforts spurred on by the ooh's and aah's coming from above him.

He had her cumming in no time. Well, or maybe it did take a while but Mitch was having so much fun he lost track of time. Either way, he soon felt her hand once more grip his hair to hold him in place as his mouth was filled with her delicious girl-goo.

Curiously, he didn't actually feel her other dick cumming just yet. That came a few seconds later, as if spurred on by the pleasure of her first, apparently separate orgasm. While he dutifully swallowed every last drop of cum from the dick in his mouth, Mitch felt more cum pulsing through the thick hot meat of the dick in his other hand. All the while, he could hear the moans and groans from his sister above him. She let go of his hair and clamped her hand over the one working her other dick, angling it more towards her torso. He couldn't see anything, but he could hear the wet sounds of skin-on-wet-skin, obviously Rae's other hand rubbing her cum into her big soft breasts.

"Uuunnnhhh, fuuuuck, Bro, you are really good at getting me off," Rae said as Mitch released her lower cock from his mouth with a wet 'pop' and an 'aaah'. "Okay, um, you need to promise me you won't, like, move out or anything until I'm done highschool. 'Cause we can't not live together forever. Okay?"

"Yeah, okay, sure," Mitch responded absently as he climbed onto the couch next to her. WIthout a word of explanation he laid on his back, spreading his legs and presenting his pussy.

Because he assumed that's what Rae would want now. Not because blowing his sister had gotten him hot and bothered and he wanted her to fuck him again. Definitely not.

Rae snorted, grinning wryly. "Alright, fiiiiiine, I'll fuck you again," she said sarcastically, and promptly pivoted so that she hovered over him. Biting her lower lip coyly, she positioned her lower cock at the entrance to her brother's pussy, and pushed it in.

Mitch gasped, his head tilting back slightly as stars of pleasure filled his vision. Sighing happily, Mitch relaxed and encircled his arms around Rae's lithe body as she fucked him. He love the feeling of her big, cum-slickened breasts gliding over his bare chest, but it was the feeling of her second dick gliding against his belly that he was really paying attention to. At first he thought Rae was ignoring it in favor of the one inside of him. But then he noticed that Rae, ever the professional, was grinding her belly against his, effectively humping her upper dick between their bodies. Mitch was aware that this meant she was inevitably going to make a huge mess all over the both of them, but he was looking forward to this.

Er-- Because he wanted to discover what the new norm was for the two of them now. For scientific purposes. Certainly not because the thought of being cum on by his ultra-libidinous sister was hot or anything like that. No, that would be perverted!

Several minutes of allegedly blissful intercourse and two orgasms later, Mitch felt his younger sister climax. From both dicks simultaneously this time. As his insides were flooded, Rae ground her body into his, burying her face in his shoulder and whimpering in pleasure as her upper cock spurted voluminously between their bodies. He could feel it pulsing hotly against his belly while his stomach and chest were coated with warm sticky seed.

Rae sighed in pleasure, and relaxed on top of him, affectionately stroking his hair. "Mmmmm, I could do this all fuckin' day, bro..."

*"It's just a shame I can't fuck you with both my dicks at the same time, hm?" Rae muses. The thought of taking up the ass isn't entirely pleasant, but it makes Mitch wonder: If it's possible for the BlueBerry to give Rae two dicks, can it give him two pussies?


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

"It's just a shame I can't fuck you with both my dicks at the same time, hm?" Rae muses.

"Yeah for that I would need a second pussy." Mitch though out loud, but Rae pouted.

"I was more hinting at your rear entrance, but ok, you don't have to." she made her requests clearer. Mitch suddenly realized how much sex Rae needed with those upgrades he made. One permanently hard dick had already caused her to wank off most of the day, now having two her mind was solely focused on just one thing: fucking. He watched Rae handle her two cocks one with each hand till she managed to cum once more, and once again she happily creamed her load over her body.

"I.. uh... we could try." Mitch stammered when Rae was finally back to earth. It took her a moment to understand what he had just offered, then a wide, beaming smile came over her face.

Mitch felt a bit odd being bent over like that, while Rae did her best to enter both his pussy and his ass at the same time. However thanks to the huge dicks he gave her, she had some troubles entering his other hole, and once she managed to get somewhat in, Mitch had to stop her, because the sheer size of that monster was too much.

"Sorry bro, it was just an idea." she said apologetic, but Mitch wasn't so fast to give up. All he needed was a second pussy...

My asshole is actually a second pussy.

Mitch suddenly felt an odd tingle in his rear end that moved towards his belly. Obviously that latest command did not only change his other hole to a pussy, it re-formed most of his internals, so it would actually end up in his womb the same way as his front pussy. He had no idea where that command put his guts, but he had other things on his mind right now.

"Try again Rae, I put on some lube." he told her. She looked at him confused how exactly he had put on lube on his pussies, but the urge to fuck something was stronger than to disobey.

"Ok, tell me if it hurts again." she said and slowly entered Mitch once more.

"Now it's fine!" Mitch moaned. That command had not only given him a second pussy, it also was functioning perfectly, including all the pleasure of being fucked. With her double dicks Mitch had just effectively doubled his own pleasure as well.

"Fuck this is good!" he moaned and grabbed hold on the desk he was leaning over.

"Can't complain either!" Rae groaned from behind and increased her pace. Mitch felt temporarily overloaded by all that additional pleasure he suddenly felt- Rae came first - as usual - and he felt both her loads enter both his pussies and join somewhere in his womb. It took him a moment longer, but eventually he came as well. Feeling both his pussies squeeze around both cocks was troubling his mind for a moment, but the intense pleasure erased that oddity a moment later.

"I have to say I got lucky that despite my situation I got a 'brother' that's equally messed up." Rae eventually broke the silence from the chair she had been sitting and chilling after that encounter. Mitch was dripping from both holes and was fighting with his disgust of tasting those mixed fluids and the fact that he really loved the taste.

"Yeah, we really got lucky." he joined the conversation. Rae grinned in response.

"I am not sure if I would call us lucky, but it could be worse." she giggled. She was already busy handling her dicks, and enjoyed how Mitch enjoyed her show. "Like watching your 'sister' fucking herself?" she teased him. This time Mitch couldn't hide his grin.

"Yeah, I do." he realized. "Mind if I handle your tits since you got both hands full?" Rae laughed.

"Go for it! After what we just did that barrier is broken anyways." she leaned back so Mitch could reach around and handle her tits from behind. Soon Rae was moaning once more, thanks to the combined ministration of both her dicks and both her tits. Mitch very much enjoyed kneading the large, firm tits Rae sported now thanks to his change. And when Rae came once again, aimed her cocks at each tit and creamed both of them and Mitch hands at the same time, he didn't bother. All he did was to lick his hands clean of that delicious juice that his sister's cocks produced.

*Mitch gives Rae some significantly larger tits, and makes him a little smaller at the same time.


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

Mitch thought he might feel more okay with how things were turning out if Rae had an even more womanly figure, so he wrote down on the Blueberry:

Rae has massive tits with big dick sized nipples.

Before Mitch submitted that he flooded both of his pussies with the thought that he could taste Rae's spunk and get double penetrated at the same time, so he quickly erased the word "sized".

Rae has massive tits with big dick nipples.

Mitch watched as Rae grew out the biggest, most womanly tits he felt he had ever seen. Mitch found himself drawn especially to how big her nipples were growing, as even flaccid they already appeared to be a big mouth full. Mitch found himself almost involuntarily licking his lips at the unmistakable shape of cock heads on the tips of those nipples.

Mitch thought it a shame he'd have to bend down to give those nipples a little lick, how uncomfortable it might to milk them until they released their tasty man milk. With those thoughts in his head and not much else he could think about, Mitch pulled out the Blueberry again.

I am the perfect height for Rae to double penetrate me while I suck on her dick nipples.

Mitch squeaked at how quickly his height dropped. Suddenly Rae's face seemed so high above him, far past the giant canyon of her cleavage. The height adjustment had worked perfectly to Mitch's goal because just at mouth height were those dick nipples Mitch couldn't stop thinking about. He didn't even have to move as close as he was already standing to Rae to reach out this tongue and gently give the nearest of the two dick nipples a gentle lick.

Rae moaned in surprise at the feeling of a tongue on her nipple, and wasn't surprised at all how instantly erect all four of her dicks became.

Mitch couldn't believe how instinctively he reacted, as he let the dick nipple he had licked go erect straight into his mouth.

Rae glared down at the top of Mitch's head sucking the dick at the end of her massive tits, "Wow, Mitch, I know you are normally insatiable, but what are trying to do today, go for some sort of fucking record?"

Mitch answered only by moaning around the dick nipple in his mouth, then moving one hand to start rubbing the dick nipple that wasn't in his mouth, and the other hand down below to Rae's crotch in the hopes of teasing them towards his dripping pussies below.

*Mitch still wanted to taste more of Rae's spunk at the same time and thought it useful to have tongues with taste buds in his pussies


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

Mitch still was thinking too hard about how much he loved the taste of Rae’s cum and how much of a shame that any of it sent into the direction of his womb. (His very masculine womb, an increasingly confused part of himself tried to reassure himself.)

Mitch let Rae’s dick nipple slip out of his mouth as he turned to make another adjustment on his Blueberry. Rae groaned in disappointment, “Come on Mitch, you just got little sister all big and hard again, whoever you are texting can wait. I can’t believe my brother is such a little cocktease.” Rae pouted down at the top of Mitch’s head and was glad when he glanced up to catch that pout, frowned in response and tried to write faster in his Blueberry:

I have tongues in both of my pussies to taste any sperm deposits.

Mitch probably would have been glad to know that the Blueberry understood his intent better than he did in his entirely too horny mindset. As Mitch grew tongues out his pussies, his pussies also developed more of a throat-like structure to better “gargle” any sperm for its taste. Mitch was growing extra muscles that women had never had the luck of before that maybe gave him as much of a chance to spit from pussies as to swallow. Though birth control was probably the last thing on poor Mitch’s mind when he inserted his command.

What was clearly on Mitch’s mind was pretty obvious to Rae as Mitch stared right back into her tits at her erect dick nipples and licked all three of his pairs of lips with all three of his tongues. Rae loved the way that Mitch dropped a hand to the drooling tongue of his front pussy, eagerly licking his own hand as he excitedly brushed his clit in anticipation. Rae wanted that tongue around one her dicks as soon as possible. “Are you going to stand there drooling?” Rae asked, excited in her own anticipation.

“Sorry about the delay, I just wanted—“ Mitch tries to apologize.

A knock at the door interrupts.

*Mitch’s girlfriend Jenna was wondering why Mitch was late for their date


Re: Mitch's BlueBerry: Strange Experiments

Mitch's girlfriend Jenna didn't bother waiting long after knocking before just barging in. She was dressed to the nines in a very tight, form-fitting red dress and tall red stilettos.

From Mitch's new vantage point, Jenna was a skyscraper. She was naturally a head or two taller than Rae, and the tall heels made it even more imposing how tall Jenna seemed in comparison to a tiny four foot something Mitch.

Jenna had a look of confusion on her face that Mitch expected to turn into disgust but was surprised turned into some form of maybe excited. Mitch was starting to wonder if he had broken his world too much with the Blueberry changes.

Jenna leaned down to Rae and gave her a kiss that lingered long enough to verge on the boundary between a congenial kiss and a full makeout session. Jenna seemed either oblivious to or rather good at ignoring Rae's four extremely erect cocks in the embrace. Jenna gently reached her hand down to tousle Mitch's hair, before sighing and letting go of the kiss with Rae. Jenna winked at Rae, "Thanks Rae for getting some of our Mitch's horniness out before our big date. We've got reservations for a really nice place, and I could use him on his best behavior."

Jenna pulled out what looked like doll clothes at first to Mitch, from under her arm, "Luckily, I anticipated you might be late getting ready for our date, Mitch, so I grabbed you something. Get dressed quickly we don't have a lot of time if we are to make our reservation."

Mitch realized they looked like doll clothes because he was smaller than he'd realized. Something about the hurry in Jenna's voice lead to Mitch donning the clothes with no objection. A brief glance in a mirror showed that it was a matching red dress and some very feminine strappy sandals, and a part of Mitch started to wonder if perhaps he should have complained a bit more about the girly attire, but the tongues between his legs were excited to still not be wearing any underwear and were enjoying the silk feel of the parts of the dress they could lick.

Jenna drove and Mitch was excited by a lot of little sensations in his pussies and his pussy tongues on the drive. Soon enough they arrived at one of the fanciest table cloths and snooty waiters restaurants in the city.

On seating the couple, the waiter handed Mitch a young person's menu and remarked to Jenna, "Your daughter is very well behaved this evening."

Jenna glared back at the waiter, "My boyfriend better be well behaved. He's a full grown boy."

The waiter just laughed as if it was the funniest thing he had heard.

Mitch hadn't noticed the insulting conversation and while he was pretending to study the menu hadn't even noticed it was a young person's menu, as he was too distracted staring up into the cleavage of his girlfriend, and thinking about…

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