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Chronivac Version 4.0

This story is based on the Chronivac Diaries located at http://www.geocities.com/uniclock/stories.html. CHRONIVAC is copyright 1999 by Mark Kwestin.

TransDem Labs has just completed its newest version of the Chronivac Machine. Thanks to advances in technology the user can now use their Personal Computer to make changes to themselves or others.

Chronivac version 4.0 includes a CD-ROM that contains the altering software, a portable emitter, and a USB connection to a PC.

The portable emitter can be programmed with up to ten customizable changes that can be processed without the use of a PC (although higher detailed altering can only be made with the help of a computer). The portable emitter also contains a revert button to undo any changes made.

Connected to a computer the Chronivac program can now change almost anything imaginable both physically and mentally. The only main limitation is that only living things can be changed into something else living (excluding any type of plant). So a person can be altered into any type of human or animal.

When connected via PC you have the ability to scan any possible transformee to upload their personal information to make alterations easier.

Here is a list of major alterations that can be made: Age, Species, Gender, Nationality, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Body Sizes, Hairiness, and almost anything you can think of. Many mental changes can also be made; major mental changes include: Age, Species, Sexual Orientation, Perception of Reality (EX: transformee either knows that he has been changed or thinks that he has always been the what he is), and much more. Most alterations use a slider bar to control the change.

Alteration can be made through the software by selecting the feature to be changed from a list or by searching through the entire list at once.

Chronivac version 4.0 does not offer a preview of changes being made but will apply the changes once the save button has been pressed. If the save button is not pressed again within one hour of the first save the change will be reverted for safety reasons.

The Chronivac emitter will transform whatever being is in front of it and has a maximum distance of 20 feet.

Now TransDem Labs is looking for a possible tester for their new software and will send the program to a random person with no instructions on how to use it.

Who Does It Get Sent To?

*A boy


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Jeff got his package in the mail, and opened it. He noticed the USB cable so he hooked the device up to his PC. When he installed the program the Device came to life. each of the 10 displays lit up The Computer screen read Please configure, Choose 10 options. There were a list of options Jeff looked through them, and choose a few that sounded interesting. Nationality, Age, gender, height, breasts, weight, chest, waist, hips, and legs. The Screen flashed configuration complete. in the 10 slots appeared the options Jeff had chosen and a number beneath that read 000 on all the slots. He unplugged the devicedand examined it. Along with the 10 options there were 4 other buttons off/on, Save, undo, and Unaware. The off and on Button and the Unaware button both had LED's ABOVE them to show status. Both lights were on.

Jeff pushed all of the option buttons but nothing happened. He heard a door slam and his little Sister walked in passing in front of him and went into the kitchen. The Device came to life, the word 'Scanning" came on then, all the option boxes changed from 000's to proper values. 'Holy shit it works.'
NOW what.

*Hmm*...transformation packages...


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

On all the values, Jeff found something fun. It had species change, height, weight, hair colour, tail, horns, feet, legs, body hair amount, penis length and thickness and other stuff that he scrolled by on his computer. Well detailed, and many options, there was even a iguana transformation! And when he looked around on Chronivac, he found packages, transform packages. A small forum for those who got the program, a display on how it would look before changing and links to transform packages sites. "Jeff, I'm gonna tell mom you do strange things, she's gonna get mad at you. And what's that Chronivac?...'Transform for fun'...bad slogan..." She tripps away and then close the door. After a short while Jeff hears the voice of his irritating sister screaming for mom. Luckily she wasn't at home, and he could easily uninstall it and put away the CD somewhere safe. He sighs, and then look at the screen with a excited face and red chins. Then he found one site that really got his interest. 'Chronivac transforming central', with alot of packages to download. He had thought about small changes on his body, but he didn't understand the menus and the program recommended the packages for beginners. But which one should he choose...animal transformations..furry transform...muscle...ageing...hairyness...mythical transformations...it had it all. He runs quickly to his door and locks it and then return to the screen and shoves his chair closer to the screen and lays his hands the computer mouse. And which category should he take?

*Transplant Options


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Jeff then noticed something called transplant options. He clicked on it. The instructions read, "These options do not transform you entirely but allow you to trade a body part with something. It is like a body swap option only just for body parts."

Jeff kept reading and considered his options.

*Swap dick with a snake


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

While the options given to him were Intresting, Jeff wanted to try something. Was it limited to swapping his dick with just inanimate objects? Why not swap his dick with something more... Alive and exotic.

Looking at the chronovac he typed in the change he wanted, to replace his dick with a snake, one that would be attached to his crotch. He didn't set the gender, not worried about it before clicking confirm.

Striping off his pants and underwear he sat in his chair with his dick fully erect. Jeff smiled as he rubbed his dick, giving it all the attention it wanted as his balls shrivels up and were sucked into his body, but his dick started extending.

Jeff moaned as his dick tip grew fatter, larger and wider, split in open as a pair of fangs and a forked tounge grew into it, a pair of snake eyes opening for the first time as his tip became the head of a snake.

The rest of his dick kept extending, under full control of the snake attached to his crotch and stopping as nearly two feet long and
Covered in green scales as Jeff smiled down at his snake dick.

By that was before the snake turned towards him, raising its head at him and flicking it's tounge at his face. He froze up as he felt the snake's tounge on his nose... And the tounge touching his nose as he became acutely aware of a certain hole his new partner had... He had a female snake attached to his crotch.

*Jack off with the snake


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Jeff reached out to stroke the tip of the snakes head, and amazingly, the snake nuzzled his hand as it approached, giving a Jeff a shiver as he felt the pleasure go all the way down the snake's spine.

The snake's apparent hole gaped, brining to mind that it was quite larger that it should be on a snake; but the flushed feeling of the apparent vagina brought need to Jeff as he used both his hands to stroke the snake writhing in pleasure in front of him.

He brought one hand down to his partner's snatch, poking one finger inside; causing him to spasm just from that, almost too much to handle. The seemed more used to it, as it seemed just find twirling itself down to face its own snatch as Jeff lost himself. It let out its tongue and drew its tongue down the apparent labia pushing Jeff further into whatever trance he'd entered.

Jeff absent-mindedly continued to stroke the maiden snake, the snake coiling around his arms with the slack in its body as it did so; drawing pleasure out of as much of its length as it could. Drawing him deeper and deeper into this hypnotic sex act; until Jeff could barely feel much else of his body save the snake, as the rest of his body became numb from the pleasure, leaving nothing but the snake.

At this point it was almost as if he was the snake, thinking of himself as it, beginning to see her own sex from the snakes perspective, licking at her own womanhood, far more human than it should be on a snake, and far deeper. She began to wonder if she could fit her own head inside herself. Soon enough her lips parted, as she made her way inside herself, drawing it out slowly to pull as much of herself inside as she could before it reached its peak, and just as the end of her tail was just about the only part of her that hadn't entered her vagina, she sped up, pushing her coiling around herself to its peak as she felt something building throughout her entire body, flowing out from her vagina.

Suddenly she felt a torrent of cum shoot from her mouth, filling the womb with her; and so she slowly began to slip out of her womb, taking several minutes to slip out.

Once Jeff's sense seemed to return to Jeff's body, they could feel both bodies, control both bodies as they flexed their hands and coiled around a bit, see through both eyes as they swivelled their heads to see the entire room at once... But there was a problem.

Jeff still felt as if "her" consciousness was still housed in the snake's body, as if her snake body was now the real Jeff, and their human one, even the head, just felt like an extension of herself.

Perhaps it was just that she felt that way because her "Snake dick" was still so sensitive after sex that it drowned out the human body in comparison; like how you have more nerves in your face so you feel more associated with it... Or maybe she'd screwed up her mind by doing this, had she fundamentally screwed up her own brain?

… Then again, if she had, she could just change it back with the Chonivac… But did she really want to? Being a girl snake dick felt amazing, and if she'd indeed just cummed into herself, she may well be a parent to a clutch of eggs.

She shook her snake head, one thing at a time... She didn't know if she truly wanted to think of herself as a girl yet, yet alone a mother... And yet here she was, thinking of herself as a female.

*Jeff makes matters worse by adding some horse parts


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Jeff continued to very lightly stroke her snake dick. She still felt so very confused trying to think with both heads. Jeff was a guy, wasn't she? She still had a penis, after all, and looked mostly like a dude. But she also couldn't ignore the surprisingly human-like vagina the snake who was her penis had, or the increasingly less alien thoughts her snake brain continued to have about finding a good nest in which to lay a clutch or three of eggs. Jeff was the sort of guy who had decades of people accusing him of thinking with his dick, and now here she was with a real trouser snake between her legs and strange reptilian mind all of its own to think with.

Jeff wondered if she could regain some of the balance of her manhood by exploring some more Chronivac options. Her thought process led her to imagining the huge balls of a horse and thinking big balls might be a manly expression. She wondered if she should use the Chronivac with both hands, but still enjoyed far too much the simple pleasure of stroking her hand down the scales of her snake. She would respond in kind by nuzzling her snake head into the hand stroking her, shivering with pleasure down her spine, as she preened with joy.

Jeff could feel her snake pussy moisten again, and the cum glands in her snake mouth swollen with sympathy. In trying to avoid a masturbation session so soon after the last one, she applied the changes on the Chronivac without paying enough attention to double check them.

Jeff did feel so manly as her legs began to hugely lengthen and bulk up as Jeff grew into the muscled, powerful legs of a horse. She could feel balls drop below her snake part and sent her snake head down to slowly investigate. They did look pretty big and powerful, but those her illusions at additional manliness were shattered when she realized those balls hanging down below her snake dick were in fact horse udders. She licked at them with her forked tongue, surprising herself with the pleasure as her udders engorged and the taste of a drop of milk on her snake tongue.

This was turning Jeff on so much more than she expected, and found herself getting so much more wet than she expected. In addition to how wet her snake pussy had gotten, her snake head was almost instinctively drawn to the sound so the waterfall from the cavern of the horse pussy behind her udder, which looked so huge to her snake eyes.

Everything about the warm cave seemed so appealing to the snake brain between Jeff's legs, and she quickly dived into its interior. She licked the walls, gently enjoying the pleasurable spasms that returned. The cavern was so delightfully warm and pleasantly enveloping and she felt it might be a wonderful place to nest. Jeff moved a hand down to masturbate the pussy that wasn't being filled by her snake head, the one towards the base of her snake, while the other hand followed and was soon playing with her sensitively milky udders.

Soon her already engorged cum glands couldn't help but paint her cavern in the sperm they produced. Spent, she felt it a cozy enough place to nap.

With her other head asleep, Jeff wondered if maybe now was a chance to correct things, with maybe fewer confusing thoughts in her own head. She realized the confusion down below of how nicely filled her mare cunt currently was, and how much her hands were covered in the pleasurable products of her udders and pussies.

*The snake dick dreams, and therefore... So does Jeff


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Before Jeff can even reach out to the chronivac to attempt to alter things, she begins seeing the room begin to twist, random colours beginning to blink in and out in a blur. With a start, Jeff realizes that her snake head is dreaming; a case she suddenly becomes concerned about when her body seems to move on its own, almost like sleep walking...

… Jeff wakes up an hour latter, and everything feels weird, for a moment she tries to remember what she was dreaming about, half remembering something about a bird laying eggs through its mouth, and a pair of lesbian snakes, but already its forgotten under the new sensations. She tries opening her eyes, and her first pair to open are her snake eyes, and she sees herself coiled around what appears to be a human girl; feeling her own scales slide across her skin confirming for her that the girl is in one way or another part of her. The fact she can coil around her so much and still be able to look down over her attests that while she was sleep-walking, she must have increased her own length to incredible proportions. She may well be more snake than girl now.

She sighed, realizing that no matter what joy she was getting from this, this was getting excessive. A thought she lingered on as she realized it was surprisingly lucid compared to when she first started seeing herself as a snake first; though maybe she was just addled by the need to mate at the time, which... May have been fulfilled if she's pregnant, or about to lay.

She tries loosening her coils in order to let loose her human body's arms to try and at least make this more manageable, but her hopes are stifled when a pair of vibrant blue feathered wings burst out where her arms should be.

With her human eyes blinking, she finds herself completely fine with seeing through both pairs of eyes at once, and not even any remaining dissonance between the human and snake minds, it almost disturbed her how natural it felt now. She couldn't help but look at her human half's modest breasts, apparently now supported by its own bra, which itself worried her; though it was less of a surprise to see that her horse udder had grown so large it rivalled a pair of D cups, being supported by its own bra.

Looking down, she saw her lower body had yet more snake coiled around her horse legs, a fact that seemed to confuse her until a third pair of eyes seemed to open somewhere near her feet. She quickly whipped around and saw a tail growing out of her ass, and poking out of a hole in a pair of panties, and as she looked down she saw yet another snake head at the other end.

All three of her heads audibly gulping, both her dick snake and human head turned to the chronivac and read out what appeared to be a log of saved changes: Mind synchronization seemed to explain why she suddenly didn't seem so conflicted, and there were a few items on the change list she'd already noticed... But then came the strange things.

It said she no longer needed to eat so her digestive system had just been replaced with another set of genitals, starting from the throat thankfully, as she dreaded how weird she'd look if she didn't have a mouth on her human face. It seemed her snake tail had also been given this treatment, essentially making her have both a cock snake and a cunt snake. She almost laughed at this until she realized she was laughing through her snake mouths... That and remembered her situation; adding the fact the tail snake was also female, she must have been up to five vaginas by now... Six if she counted her anus, which she very well might.

It was the last entry that gave her more pause than she expected: "Reality shift"... It took a bit to sink in that that's why she must have been wearing women's underwear now, but then a glimpse out the window showed that something was wrong.

There were several others just like her strutting around with no sign of normal humans; they preened their wings, made long and sure strides on hooves, and their own dick snakes poked out of the front of them. A couple were attempting to remain modest, which they were failing at as they squirmed at the fact their snakes were showing, and they tried not to open their mouth much, while others seemed to have given up pretence.

It took a little bit before she noticed that the few attempting to do anything that required dexterity were all holding tools with their snake cocks or snake tails, and she considered picking up something so she could give herself a pair of working arms... Then again, she was horny... And still kind of pinned down by her own snake halves. Part of her wanting to shove her cock self down either of her other mouths, or even her tail's virgin slit behind her anus.

She sighed, realizing that at this point her current form may be the real her right now; just that it might be impractical to be herself.

*Go practical, make the body more functional


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Despite her horniness, Jeff needed to give herself some arms at the very least! Wings are nice, but dexterous fingers would make everything a lot easier. She stood in front of the computer, watching the screen with her human head, using her tail to awkwardly move the mouse and her dick to slowly type in the change she wanted: add one pair of arms.

And then, with no fanfare at all, she had a pair of arms below her wings.
Now that she could type more easily, she could devote her tail-head's full attention to the computer while her other two could focus on her sexual urges. "...Huh," she thought. "Multiple brains means multiple attention spans? That could be useful."

For the next change, she moved her wings to her back. They were getting in the way of her arms, and besides, the angel look is more appealing than the harpy look, in her opinion.

Except, now her topmost shoulders had nothing on them. She was about to move her arms up, but... as the old adage says, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing, so instead she added a second pair of arms. Besides, having two hands for the keyboard and still one left for the mouse is useful.

She thought for a bit on what else she could change. Could her body's function be improved more, or was it time to focus on improving her looks? She could certainly think of a few ways to be sexier...

*Jeff decides the only way out is a second snake penis


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

Jeff for strange reasons that seemed to be less and less clear as time passed still had some vague conception in the back of one of her three heads that perhaps she should be more masculine. Between her heads Jeff decided that not much could be more masculine than a second penis. This seemed a very rational decision especially to what she was continuing to think of as her main head, the snake penis with horny snake vagina. Male snakes have hemipenises, it's quite masculine that head rationalized, and all of her heads agreed.

Jeff had convinced herself and used the Chronivac to do just that, this time making sure to set the gender of her second snake dick to better balance the three heads she already had. Her main head, watched gleefully, as the horse girl crotch began to bulge with her new twin. The new head's confusion was quickly replaced with horny welcomeness as she began to see through each other's eyes directly at herself in all her increasing glory. She glanced to the growing erect hemipenises of her "little brother" and needed no further invitation because they were both thinking the same thing. She quickly engulfed the small snake penises with her wet and hungry snake vagina, the pair of snake penises twisting and spiraling together in immediate love making. They twisted themselves into position to dive into Jeff's waiting horse pussy. Jeff was pleased to discover the added girth of the helixed penis snakes felt almost perfect in there. Jeff had four human hands but almost had difficulty figuring out which ones to use on which remaining pussies and breasts.

A small whisper in the back of Jeff's largest but perhaps most naive head was certain it had been played again. But she was in so much pleasure to worry about that. Her main snake penis felt for sure that she'd be laying eggs now, and as Jeff ruffled her feathers in shuddering orgasm waves, she was starting to wonder if her horse womb might also be preparing to lay eggs as well.

*What's more masculine than a wolf? Jeff tries for weirder.


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: Snake-Dicked Chimera

That part of Jeff that she couldn't quite figure out why it was so insistent thought it again useful to try to balance things out with a little more masculinity. She idly scratched her horse udder like she might have once maybe in a past life scratched someone's (was it hers?) balls. This masculine fascination of Jeff's tried to get the male snake that was her second penis to help this time. Surely having a dedicated male brain on the team might help her solve this.

After brainstorming Jeff started thinking something ferocious for an upper body might send the right message, maybe offset how feminine her wings and lower body seemed, despite having ostensibly two penises (both of which were snakes with minds of their own). Her tiny male snake head looked up and down her torso thinking ferocious thoughts, yet also getting distracted by boobs. She was surprised by how much her little male part was a boob man, fascinated by such silly mammalian things. Perhaps if she let her tiny male head slither between them and rest there she might be able to think a bit better with him. She used two of her arms to remove her bra and two others to gently cup the male snake penis between them. She could feel the erection of her little male snake penis' tiny hemipenises, and the engorgement of the cum glands in his snake penis mouth. Jeff's main head, the lady snake dick looked on from above, fascinated.

"Wolves are ferocious," one perhaps male part of Jeff thought. She let the idea bounce between her head and a hand flew to the Chronivac before three of the heads realized the tiny male snake penis was daydreaming of a field of tits. Too late, that daydream was quickly becoming reality as Jeff's main head laughed from her standing vantage point above her own girly torso. Two more pairs of tits blossomed along with wolf fur and extra musculature below the girl torso's original pair, growing nearly to the same size as that pair and the horse udders down below. Jeff was indeed more ferocious than before, but at least four breasts more feminine. Her main head looked in fascination at the human girly head, down to the six breasted wolf torso and buffly feminine wolf arms, the angelically feminine wings, the long sexy horse legs framing both her pair of snake dicks and also a large udder and dripping cunt. She felt quite pleased with herself. This was such a wonderful body to have.

Jeff brought her girly head's lips down to meet her male snake penis in the valley of her wolf cleavage. Her little man didn't think he could be any happier than nestled in six lovely breasts, but Jeff deep throated the little guy down into her most hidden pussy, everything was fuzzy pleasure. She massaged her breasts with her four wolf arms. Her main head looked down briefly in envy before remembering there was a perfectly good horse cunt or tail snake that was also a pussy to enter herself into and paint white with all the cum she feel growling in her venom sacks.

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