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Re: Infamous 5

"And So It Begins..." by Zach

I sat on the wall after class, nervously fingering the box and swinging my legs. It was the first day of school after spring break and had been one of the most stressful I'd ever endured. I hadn't dared carry the box around with me all day in case I misplaced it or someone thought they might borrow it, and that meant leaving it in my locker. That turned out to be an even worse plan - I was on the edge of my seat throughout every lesson, worrying that someone would break into my locker and take the box. It was irrational anxiety and I knew it: the lockers were all well-protected with combination locks, and it was vastly unlikely that anyone would ever keep anything in there which was particularly valuable. Plus it was a good school; everyone was pretty honest in general and we'd only had a very few incidents if theft in all the time I'd been there.

I was waiting for Karyn, my best friend of longer than I'd care to mention. In fact, I'd been waiting to talk to her for over a week, but she always spent spring break with her parents in their caravan in the mountains and we had no classes together this year, so this was the first chance we'd had to get together for a while.

Finally, I spotted her strolling towards me across the yard. She was wearing her usual get-up of scruffy old slacks and her favourite worn old green jumper. Her short red hair was in its normal unruly state and she displayed her quirky grin as she spotted me slouched on the wall. The overall effect, I thought, was pretty cute. I'd always thought she was cute, but we'd never been more than friends. There are some friendships you just don't want to complicate.

When she finally reached me, she leapt up onto the wall with somewhat more ease than I'd managed earlier.

"Hey, Jon-boy! How's it going? Good break?"

I grinned sheepishly. "Was okay. You?" I asked.

She shrugged, "You know, same-old, same-old. There's only so many snowy mountain peaks you can gaze at in wonder in a lifetime. I might have to give the old spring break tradition a miss next year and just hang out with you."

I grinned. "That'd be nice. Save me from couch-potato-dom."

"Anything of interest to report while I was away?" she asked.

"My grandfather died." I stated matter-of-factly.

Her face fell, "Oh, Jon, I'm so sorry. I know you were close. What happened? He wasn't all that old, was he? I thought he was off on one of his expeditions just a few months ago."

I shrugged slightly. "Heart attack, apparently."

Karyn frowned. "You don't seem overly upset."

I took a deep breath and took the plunge. "That's because I'm not convinced he's actually dead."

"I presume we're not talking adolescent denial here," she asked, with a raised eyebrow. "I mean, how can they diagnose a heart attack with no body?"

"Oh, there was a body, I'm just not sure it was him." I realised I was probably giving her images of mutilated corpses or worse, but I was genuinely nervous about what I was about to show her.

"Erm. Then what makes you think..." she started, obviously somewhat bewildered.

"This." I interrupted, holding up the box. It was fairly unimpressive, about one inch by four and an inch deep, made of plain dark wood with a few obscure markings carved into it.

"What is it?" she asked, intrigued. I think I was probably playing up the cloak-and-dagger stuff too much, but it was quite mysterious, after all.

"It's my inheritance." I opened up the box. Inside was a rather crumpled piece of paper and a rather unusual, if plain-looking, stone. The stone was slightly metallic, rather like haematite, but with a reddish hue to its surface, rounded, flattish and about an inch across. "Read the note," I instructed her. She did so, with much eyebrow-raising in the process. The note was from my grandfather and what it said was this:

Dear Jon,

If you are reading this, it means I have passed on. Do not mourn my leaving; although we shall no longer be able to spend time together, be happy knowing that where I am now is just a new start and a different perspective than before and that I shall just look at it as my next great adventure.

The stone you find in this box is my legacy to you. Treat it with care, it does not look much, but has immense power. I have entrusted it to you, as my favourite grandson and friend, to be its keeper and guardian now that I am gone.

I found the stone on my latest expedition to South America and I believe it to be of Incan origin. How it works, or where it came from beyond that, I have no idea. All I can tell you is how it works and trust you to use it wisely.

Bear with me on this next bit; I know it sounds fantastic, but trust me when I tell you that I am telling the truth. All I say is real and it will not take much experimentation for you to prove it.

While holding the stone against your flesh (I recommend just holding it in your hand as the simplest approach), simply use the words 'I wish' followed by whatever it is you want the stone to do. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this, as far as I can divine, but beware for the words of a wish can be reinterpreted but not changed once the breath is over. The stone has great power, but is not unlimited. Changes made will be as if it has always been so, apart from for those within earshot of the wish or out of the range of influence of the stone. This range I estimate at several miles, but I fear I have not been able to determine an exact figure.

I must go now. Use the gift I have given you wisely, and think of me often.

Your friend, always,


Karyn finished reading the note and looked at me accusingly. "Is this a wind up, because it's not funny if it is?" I shook my head. "You can't be serious. If this note is real, your grandfather faked his own death or something similar and has left you a magic Inca stone which grants wishes."

I nodded. "Yep."

"And you expect me to believe that?"


"Not a chance." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I mean, I'm as open minded as the next girl, but this is just plain silly."

"See that branch?" I indicated a piece of wood that had fallen off one of the nearby trees. I grasped the stone in my hand. "I wish the bark on that branch was blue."

I was used to the sensation by now; it was like momentarily getting something in your eye, forcing you to be unable to look at the object the wish was affecting. Karyn was obviously a little taken aback by the strange sensation.

"Hey, weird, it was like..." Then she caught sight of the branch. Which was bright blue. "Holy shit!"

"Impressive, huh?"

"My god, it really works!?" She was agape.

"It does indeed. Wanna see the scary part?" I grasped the stone again and wished for the branch to be red.

Nothing happened.

"Why didn't it work?" asked Karyn, looking puzzled.

"Because it was contradictory to a previous wish. Basically, you can't undo wishes, which is what makes this thing so scary to me."

"You aren't kidding, that is scary!"

"There is, however, some room for movement: I wish the branch was very dark blue." The sensation was felt by both of us again and when we looked, the branch was indeed a dark, almost black blue, which was a lot more innocuous than the bright blue it had been moments ago. "So, you see I was able to make a new wish which didn't contradict the old one and have it work. The branch is still blue. However, if I was to try and move the branch back to its previous brighter blue, that would fail as it contradicts the latest wish."

Karyn was clearly astounded. "This is great. Scary but great. We can have lots of fun with this."

I wasn't so sure. "I dunno, Karyn, it seems very dangerous to me, I'm thinking of just locking it away and throwing away the key."

"You can't be serious. You have the most amazing discovery ever, and you want to lock it away. How about this: how about we try it out for a while and if anything disastrous happens or looks like happening, then we'll decide to put it somewhere safe."

She was making a reasonable amount of sense. "Okay. We'll use it for a week, but not for anything drastic. We'll have a little fun and nothing more. Agreed?"

"Sure thing. Can I have a go?" I knew she'd ask, and I'd never had any intention of saying no, but she did seem a little over-excited about it. In the end I knew I trusted her and handed over the stone.

Karyn fingered the stone, passing it from hand to hand, feeling its smoothness. The first thing she tried was wishing the branch back to light blue, with no success as I had predicted. She was just contemplating changing the colour of her shoes to better match her old slacks when we were interrupted by a high-pitched laugh.

Sarah McMillan, head cheerleader and class-A bitch, was wandering across the yard followed by her usual entourage of drooling, overmuscled football players and other assorted testosterone-fueled flunkies.

Karyn was unimpressed. "Can you explain to me why men are so shallow? Everyone knows that McMillan is a total bitch and yet, because she has blond hair and big tits, every guy in the school spends half his life dribbling down her cleavage."

"Not every guy," I noted, although I had to admit that Sarah wasn't bad to look at, even though I'd never associate myself with someone with such a untrustworthy character.

"Okay, most guys. There's only one of her; why can't she just pick one and let the rest of us have a go?" She sighed.

I grinned. "Got your eye on anyone in particular?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

She scowled at me. "No. Just a general feeling. God, I wish I had long blond hair and big boobs and maybe then I'd get some of the attention."
I think it dawned on us both at the same time what she had said and we just looked at each other, a look of slight shock on our faces, but it was much too late by then. I found I had to look away from Karyn, as I got something in my eye, or so it seemed.

I knew pretty much what to expect when I looked back, but it was still weird.

To be honest, the breasts weren't really noticeable. Karyn always wore her favourite baggy green sweater and I was really pretty much in the dark as to her bust size before the wish, but presumably they hadn't counted as 'big', at least in her mind. The hair, however, was a different story. It was not only light blond and lying gently across her shoulders, but more shockingly, perfectly straight. It was not, in my opinion, a look which suited her, but then I didn't suppose for a moment she'd been serious with her hastily spoken wish.

Karyn looked down, pulled at her bra and lifted a lock of yellow hair to take a look at it. "Fuck."

"Indeed. This is why I wanted to lock this thing away. This sort of thing was bound to happen." I sighed.

She shrugged and then looked disconcerted at the new things obviously going on in her bra. "Could have been worse. I could have wished..." She realised she was still holding the stone. "Never mind. Here, take this thing back before I mess up some more." I took the stone and put it back in the box, out of harm's way.

"We could make some more wishes to try damage limitation. You were pretty vague." I noted.

"No. At least not yet. Let me go home and sleep on it - on my back - and decide what's best. I don't think now is the time to be rash." With that she was up off the wall and walking away. "Meet me here again tomorrow," she called back before she disappeared around the corner.

I looked down at the box and shoved it in my pocket. I decided that tomorrow I was going to leave it at home, well-hidden from Mom. I figured it was less likely to cause more trouble if it was less directly accessible.

I looked around the now deserted yard and decided it was time to slope off home. Tomorrow was a new day and there was only one way to find out what it would bring...

"The Rise of the Infamous Five" by Monsta

The next morning Jon and Karyn began experimenting with the magic of the stone. They learned how to use escape clauses and time limits to limit the damage of the stone's volatile magic. Eventually they were able to find a way to reverse Karyn's earlier careless wish and restore her to (mostly) normal. As the school year progressed onward they began doing more crazy things like swapping body parts, bodies, genders etc.

Little did they know that the more they wished, the more unstable the magic of the stone became. The 'undoing' clauses Jon and Karyn were so fond of were especially damaging, as they were contrary to the stone's nature. Just because Jon's grandfather had not found the limits of the stone, did not mean it had none. For example, the magic of the stone had once had the power to move the cosmos, but now could only influence a few square miles. The stone had been forged long ago at the height of the old era, and though considerable energy had been put into the stone, the stone has since suffered considerable use and the magic of the old ways was but a shadow of what it once was.

After high school graduation, Jon and Karyn decided to wish themselves acceptance into a very nice college, with full scholarships of course. Sure, they could have just wished themselves a degree or money or even the knowledge the schooling would give them, but none of those things would be the same as having a real world college experience. Like most college experiences, Jon and Karyn's involved a lot of partying and alcohol consumption. Unlike most college experiences theirs also involved increasingly volatile magic.

On one particular evening in Jon's sophomore year these two different aspects of Jon's college experiences collided in a way that would forever change human history. As Jon was hanging out with his frat buddies on the fraternity porch, a few REALLY nice women just happened to be walking by. (Of course this college had an abnormally large number of REALLY nice women thanks to some previous work by Jon.)

At a pivotal moment in human history Jon drunkenly leered at the two women's bosoms and then made the following wish, 'I wish all the women on this campus would get more than two breasts.'

The stone glowed for the final time as the very last of its once vast energy came unraveled to grant Jon's last wish. The final magical item left over from the old era was finally expended; this was the end of magic.

For the stone's, and thus the magic's final act it did not simply give the two unfortunate women in Jon's line of sight more breasts, rather it slightly altered the sequence of events in the lives of a few nearby college students in a way that it would cause Jon's wish to come true. It altered the course of Five seemingly random college students to be exact.

Sure, Jon would get his final wish, but he and everyone else would get far far more. The era of magic may be over, but the era of the Infamous Five was just beginning.

"I5: Outbreak" by Monsta

It began as a research project on frogs. At least that's the "official" story. Five students at Luke University apparently stumbled across something while conducting research into frog DNA. The students had been working on mapping and breaking down the DNA of a particular South American frog when all of a sudden the updates they were giving their professors dropped greatly in quality, and then quantity. It was early May 2013 when they stopped giving updates altogether. It was around that time they are presumed to have discovered....IT. There is no official name for IT, but here were many names for IT. Names were usually things like the programmer, the remote, the zapper, or the box. In any case what IT did was an evil right out of some crappy sci-fi show. It was a watershed leap in power through science not seen since the creation of the atom bomb. And it was in the hands of five very, very disturbed college students.

The 5 students who built IT have since gained international infamy, but other than the original group of 5 that actually has IT, no one knows exactly how IT works. But everyone knows what IT does. The entire world has seen or heard about what it does.

It is somehow able to reprogram human DNA in an extremely specific way that causes radical mutations and transformations.

When the very first changes started, no one knew what to make of it. In fact, at first no one knew anything was wrong. It wasn't as if they hung around to explain their science project to their victims or gave reports to their instructors about their little side experiment.

The story of the Infamous Five wouldn't come out until later, but the story of their victims started innocently enough with some swollen breasts in a few college girls.

The exact time line and circumstances surrounding the "outbreak" of the first programming victims is not yet fully understood. Multiple studies agree though it started sometime in January 2013 with some girls at Luke University growing bigger breasts. The original victims were not even aware that they were victims. Before all this started if a young woman's breasts gained a couple cup sizes over a few month period she probably wouldn't be terribly alarmed.

Depending on her previous size she might even be happy. If she thought about a reason at all, she might consider it either a growth spurt or maybe weight gain from the freshman 15 she had heard about from other students.

Medical records subpoenaed by the FBI in later investigations found during the time period between January 1 2013 and March 31 2013 at least 15 young women reported to their doctors that their breasts had grown at least 2 cup sizes over the last few weeks or months. The doctors examined the women, ran thorough blood work, but never found anything wrong.

The world continued on unaware.

But then late by March of 2013, 4 young women at Luke grew REALLY big breasts. EE cup and up. The 4 women did not know each other and they all ended up going to different doctors, so nobody was aware of a pattern developing at that time. The doctors all diagnosed macromastia, which had always happened in a small percentage of women.

Again, the world continued onward.

But then any semblance of normalcy was forever broken in April 2013, when 7 girls at Luke grew ADDITIONAL breasts. Four girls grew a third breast between their normal two; three girls grew an extra pair of identically sized and shaped breasts below their original ones. It was THEN that people knew that something was really wrong, but nobody knew what exactly was going on. The medical term for women having extra breasts is Polymastia. There was no medical term for women GROWING extra beasts! Even regular polymastia was extremely rare prior to this and up until then had almost never produced extra breasts in such symmetrically perfect sizes and body locations. In fact the most frequent location for an extra breast had actually been a small one in an armpit. On top of all that, these new breasts had clearly appeared out of nowhere on their bodies with no prior history of extra breast tissue in the victims.

Two of the victims, Angie Brenner and Trisha Young gave interviews on Anderson Dooper. Angie now had three D cup breasts on her chest now, all in a row. The outline of both her cleavages was clearly visible even though she had on a heavy shirt for the interview. She had no idea how or why this had happened to her. She described getting a small bump in between her breasts one day, which she just assumed was a pimple. But a couple days later the pimple was not only bigger, but had a ring of puffy skin around it. She scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. But by the time her appointment came, the growth had clearly formed into a third nipple. She went to her dermatologist but he only diagnosed her with supernumerary nipple, and told her it was not common, but not rare either. She tried to explain that it had suddenly appeared a week ago, but he dismissed her fears and said it was probably always there, but hormonal changes or stress brought it to the surface more. She said she went home and tried to get on with her studies, she could always get the third nipple removed later. But within a week the area beneath her new nipple started to swell. And within two weeks she had a third breast, easily an A cup. Within a short time after that it was well on its way to matching her original two when she ran into another girl in her dorm wearing a heavy sweater on a warm day. Angie said she could tell the girl had three boobs like her from the indent in the sweater. She said she confronted the girl, who was very shy, and she told her about her own growth. After that the shy girl admitted to Angie that she had in fact suddenly grown a third breast. Angie and the girl who preferred not to be named went back to Angie's doctor to confront him with this new evidence, but by then at least two other girls had been to see him with supernumerary breast growth. He had ran tests on the other girls and promptly ran tests on Angie and the shy unnamed girl still had no idea what the cause was.

Trisha Young described a similar experience, but her changes were slightly different. Trisha had grown a second pair of C cup breasts right below her original C cups. The bottom curve of her upper breasts rested against the tops of her lower breasts. Unlike Angie, Trisha was not shy about showing off her new assets. She wore a low cut top that showed off ample cleavage, but her shirt had a circular opening in the middle which also allowed people to see her lower cleavage. She admitted that she greatly appreciated all the new attention she was getting from guys.

The next phase of the initial "outbreak" produced a LOT more breasts on a LOT more women. Before long, all the female students at Luke were in a panic as breasts grew and/or multiplied all over their bodies. Some women grew as many as eight breasts, four pairs of them taking up their entire front torso! Others had extra breasts grow in more unusual places such as breasts on their backs, a single breast jutting from their crotch, or breasts sprouting from their knees. A few really unlucky women had some of their body parts take on breast like characteristics. One girl reported her ass cheeks growing big nipples and swelling out. Another girl had a small nipple appear on each of her face cheeks, and her cheeks became swollen, effectively giving her face breasts. There was even an unconfirmed report of a freshman girl getting a nipple on the tip of her tongue, and her tongue became slightly breast-like.

There was no record of any woman who got changed having direct contact with anyone or anything unusual. Their diet, medications, sexual partners, medical histories and family histories were scrutinized for clues. No one suspected 5 fellow students with radically advanced technology. It wasn't like the Infamous 5 wore villain costumes and pointed green ray guns at victims out in public. One of the eventual nicknames for the unknown device was "the remote", because you never saw the attacker in person.

In fact, the only evidence the women had been tampered with in any way before undergoing changes was the appearance of a 3/4 inch diameter circular rash somewhere on their bodies. The rash was similar to a radiation burn and faded away over the course of 7-10 days. People eventually started calling them "P rashes". Once somebody got a P rash they had no idea how they would change, only that they would.

By the time of graduation it was evident nearly ALL women on Luke's campus had a so called P rash and were rapidly developing various types and degrees of mammary changes.

Everyone thought at the time it was some sort of virus. It was dubbed "nipple-pox" by the media.

The National Guard, USAMRID, the CDC and the FBI completely closed down the entire Luke Campus area shortly before graduation and thoroughly searched every inch of the area. But no evidence of anything out of the ordinary BESIDES all the female students having multiple and/or multiple extra breasts was ever found. Besides many women who had been on campus had fled in the initial phases of "outbreak", so if it had been a virus it would have spread beyond campus already.

Graduation commenced a few days late. The female students on hand to collect their degrees all had to wear greatly oversized robes in a vain attempt to hide their new additions. There were of course no bras for their now unique bodies, so a lot of loose and visibly jingling breasts paraded across the graduation stage.

And then the breasts stopped appearing. For a brief period of time that seemed to be the end of it. The women at Luke had grown a lot of boobs. It was very weird, sure, but not the end of the world. The changes had supposedly been contained by our glorious government, or at least that's what they told us. So, sending off the samples to the lab for further study and packing up was the order of the day.

The victimized and now breast covered Luke women were terribly upset of course, but as women with big and/or multiple boobs they found plenty of men MORE than willing to help them feel better. There was a flurry of nude photo shoots of course, which set online sales records. Playboy had a special edition that attempted to capture one of each type of modification. They appeared in numerical order of breasts. The issue started with girls that had just had their regular two boobs enlarged, and then went on to women with three breasts, then four and so on.

If my wife Tina had ever caught me with that issue, she probably would have castrated me. (Sadly, news of little old me, Tom Halverson getting castrated wouldn't even make the news these days.) Tina thought that showing these multiple breasted women all over the news and TV was "disgusting".

With classes over for summer the transformed women of Luke returned to their hometowns. They got a lot of attention at first but then people all over got used to seeing multiple breasted women.

It was remarkable; even after an ordeal like that people just went about their daily lives. People apparently just accepted a woman growing a bunch of boobs is something that could happen for no apparent reason. Even the women who were now literally saddled with permanent daily reminders of their being altered into something different than normal went back to their studies at Luke in the fall.

But the false sense of normalcy was to be short lived...

"I5: We Are The Infamous Five" by Monsta

In late October 2013 twelve young women in Des Moines Iowa grew horse penises. Yes, twelve random young women ages 24-31 grew huge, fully functional horse penises!

Unlike the breasts THIS could not be spun as normal by any doctor or scientist. My wife and I were in a panic as the news broke, what the FUCK was going on?!?

The Luke breast incident was quickly overshadowed by these new transformations. Now people really had a reason to panic. There was no medical reason for this! No medications or viruses or whatever could be blamed for a human woman to acquire a full penis from a totally unrelated species.

Around this time the suspicion of the day for our glorious government leaders was "environmental contamination". It was pseudo-science spin for we have no FUCKING idea. Much in the same way global warming is used to explain ANY form of weather, generic "toxins" and phosphates in the drinking water get blamed for everything else.

I had watched one of the horse penis women named Allison Banks give an interview on GNN. She looked like a normal, relatively pretty blonde woman except for the obvious big bulge in her trousers.

She told the interviewer about her ordeal, and how hard it was for her and her husband to adapt to her changes. Her husband Shawn was there and had his arm around his wife for support, but you could tell he was in shock over his wife having male equine genitals. She started crying when she talked about her dream to have children being ruined. That pretty much confirmed that her vagina had been absorbed during the transformation, leaving only the horse penis.

I remember thinking at the time what I would do if my wife Tina suddenly had only a giant horse penis jutting from her crotch. It raised a lot of hard questions. Would we still have sex? If we no longer had sexual feelings for each other would we still stay in love? If we did have sex WHAT would we do for sex? Would I be ABLE to do any of those things to a....horse penis???

The Des Moines incident was investigated as well, but of course nothing turned up.

The five students must have been not only testing their device, but seeing what they could get away with. And as it turned out, they could get away with a lot. No one had any idea at that time how these things were happening. People least of all suspected five random college students with hyper advanced technology.

The student's discovery, whatever it was, was working beyond their wildest speculations. And even better for them, no scientist in the country had a clue what was going on or what to do about it. The bulk of the FBI had investigated the entire Luke campus and the city of Des Moines only to turn up NOTHING.

I was saddened to hear a short time later that Allison's husband Shawn had filed for divorce. I'm sure he still loved her. But I imagine he couldn't handle the thought of being sexual with her ever again. Sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship. No matter what people try to say about true love, and eternal love, and unconditional love without a foundation of sexual attraction humans have a hard time forming relationships beyond friendship. True intimacy between people requires the ability to BE intimate with each other.

The inability of authorities to even IDENTIFY their involvement only set up a pattern of increasing boldness. The Infamous Five's next step was sending out a letter to major news networks around thanksgiving 2013 boldly announcing their discovery as well as their intentions for it. It read as follows:


Dear World,

We are the people you will soon refer to as the "Infamous 5". As you know, last spring there was an outbreak of unusual female breast development at Luke University.

We are responsible.

There were also four women in Des Moines who now find themselves equipped to breed their own racehorses.

We are responsible.

Among the many things your scientists and elected officials DON'T know is we have discovered a way to reprogram and alter the essential functions of human DNA. We intend to use this technology as we see fit. And it so happens we see fit to alter people at our sole discretion to test our new DNA codes as we come up with them.

Our experiments are intended not only to break not only the boundaries of DNA science but also test the limits of social science. For all of human existence we have treated others differently because they were different from us. We always have and still will love, or hate, or worship, or enslave, or fight, or fuck based on appearance. Well, now humanity will have a chance to see how it responds to appearance being.. malleable. How will you respond to someone you love becoming a different race? A different gender? A different species? How will your spouse, your family, your friends, or even your co-workers react as you become someone or something else?

Those of you who we select for reprogramming consider yourselves fortunate! Along with our experimental alterations we will include free of charge delightful gifts for you. This bonus new programming eradicates most genetic medical conditions. It greatly boosts the immune system, which eliminates the common cold as well as all known STDs. And it also promotes greatly improved overall health which should give you a long and happy life with your new body!

Also, once reprogrammed your new adaptive DNA will reject any future programming from us, so you need not worry about getting involved in a second experiment!

However, you will find yourselves unable to surgically reverse any of our changes, as we mentioned, we have also coded our programming to be adaptive. Any attempts to remove or alter one of our programming's will result in highly unpleasant mutations to occur. In fact, we cannot guarantee the mutations would be survivable. In short once you are programmed, accept your new form and enjoy the health benefits that go with it. You will NOT find any relief from medical science, and seeking it only endangers you.

To prove this communication is indeed from us and also to demonstrate our power, we will soon reprogram 100 women in the greater Atlanta area to have an "interesting" addition.


Of course, after that letter the infamous five were quickly identified as 5 missing students from Luke university. Investigators had assumed they had fled the early stages of the breast outbreak and never came back. The five names of the Infamous Five in record time became forever engraved into the history of hated and notorious human beings such as Hitler, Pol Pot, and Osama Bin Laden.

EVERYONE knew the names of the Infamous Five.

"I5: Black Friday Clearance" by Monsta

That Black Friday sure enough about a hundred women in the Atlanta area reported the same previously reported rashes apparently tied to "Programming", aka "P-rashes". Now that everyone knew what was going on the progress of their changes over that holiday season were documented on the news quite well. Not all the affected women wanted to be interviewed or studied of course, but there were at least a dozen women who happily bared their ordeal to the world, in exchange for money. Updates were given each morning by the major news networks; it was the story of the century at the time.

The first symptom reported was that the breasts began shrinking on the victims. The breasts of the affected women continued to shrink slowly day by day until even the bustiest of the women were completely flat chested. Next, their nipples faded away as though they had been mere rashes themselves. They interviewed 4 now breastless women on JBS news with the women totally topless to show the extent of the change they had undergone.

The topless women had been cleared by the FCC to appear totally nude from the waist up without any blurring or bars to hide their chests. It was the first time in history women appeared topless on network news. Of course the FCC allowed this because there was NOTHING on their chests to censor, not even nipples! It was quite disquieting to see living humans with bare, nipple-less chests. The breast-less and nipple-less women were very angry and upset during the interview obviously. They described themselves as being both "raped" and "robbed" by the Infamous Five. There may not have been any censorship of their naked chests, but there SURE was censorship of the many expletives that come out of their mouths towards the Five people who caused their situation!

As if that were not enough, a few days later their vaginas began to seal up! Before long their womanhoods sealed up and faded way as though they had been mere paper cuts. Only their urethra remained for urination purposes. The women were left totally sexless.

One of the de-sexed women a short while later convinced a doctor to surgically "restore" her missing vagina. Not only did the doctor only succeed in giving her a mutilated groin, it quickly sealed again! Worse, cow horns then grew out of her head!! Apparently the Infamous 5 meant what they said about the programming being irreversible. It also showcased how shockingly inferior our supposedly modern "medicine" was to this new tech the Five now had.

The sick bastards had described programming an "addition" to the women, but all the "addition" to their DNA did was prove the Infamous Five could take everything away.

"I5: Infamous, Invisible" by Monsta

Shortly after New Year, 2014, President Bama labeled the 5 Luke students "Bio-Terrorists" who were a threat not only to national security, but to all of humanity. He announced that not only were all five "bio-terrorists" the top 5 on the most wanted list, but he offered a record 100 BILLION dollar reward for their capture. Also, 50 Billion had been devoted to the study of the Five's victims to try to find a cure, and 65 billion had been allocated for NSA and CIA searches for the Five.

But, like all the other times President Bama gave a speech and spent taxpayer money, nothing happened.

A worldwide manhunt for the infamous 5 has still to this day not yet turned them up. The original professors and some other people involved in the original frog research all were investigated thoroughly, but no leads were found. Every possible scrap of data from the Luke laboratory was examined, but scientists were no closer to unraveling the secret of IT. Only the 5 original students to stumble upon the secret of IT know IT's secret. And no one knows where the infamous 5 are. Even reports of Guantanamo bay waterboarding on the people who had been near the infamous 5 yielded nothing. Extensive wiretaps and bugging of all friends and family of the infamous 5 had yielded no traces either.

The talking heads on TV theorize the 5 used their technology to alter themselves so they could not be identified, but talking heads on TV say a lot of things.

Many scientists studying the transformation victims announced that the technology necessary to perform these alterations was "well beyond" any known existing technology. Furthermore, the DNA science and medical science they theorized was necessary to make these reprogrammed DNA strands was well beyond anything 5 college students could reasonably possess. Therefore, it was assumed the students were getting foreign help and financing. A few more fringe people said it was aliens, a magic wishing stone, or visitors from the future. However most of those people found their tongues turning into penises, so they didn't say things like that or anything at all anymore.

The transformations only spread and grew wilder over time. Throughout the spring and summer of 2014 more and more transformations were reported from all over the country. Sometimes it would only be a single person or a couple, other times it was groups. A few times nearly everyone in a small rural community was transformed at the same time. The degree and type of transformations varied wildly as well. Over time it became clear that each individual of the infamous 5 was "into" different things. Worse, they had split up and EACH of them had a remote. P rashes would appear on opposite ends of the country on the same day within hours of each other. Also animal transformations tended to happen in a path that followed major roadways, while genitals changed in another path, etc. The P rash tracking when arranged by type followed 5 clear and distinct different paths of destruction.

It was evidence the Infamous 5 was alive, well, and always on the move looking for more people to experiment on.

"I5: The Horror Goes LIVE!" by Monsta

Over 200 men attending a local fair in South Carolina got P rashes, and shortly afterward all their body hair fell out.

Next, their nipples grew into full female nipples. Then of course their chests started to develop breast "buds" beneath the nipples and eventually they all grew into DD breasts. In a victim group this large there were of course WILDLY different reactions. Some men hid themselves in embarrassment, while other men showed off their new female cleavage with a strange sense of pride. A lot of the transformed men protested outside the white house demanding president Bama do more to find the infamous 5 and find a cure for programming. (No one knew at the time president Bama had his own problems, and shall we say, was already FULLY committed to finding a cure for programming.)

There was a famous photo taken at the protest of one of these boob men that appeared in "Moment" magazine. It showed the man holding a protest sign while wearing a halter top with his wife standing next to him, but she was OBVIOUSLY looking down at his very female cleavage! There are two reasons why this photo became iconic. Firstly, he had bigger tits than she did by far; secondly, it was the look on the woman's face that said it all. She seemed to appear horrified, shocked, confused, and slightly jealous all at the same time! Her face summed up exactly what a woman would think if her husband suddenly grew big female breasts.

Studies of the boob men found that the breast tissue was designed to respond to testosterone instead of progesterone/estrogen. That explained how the men were able to maintain full female breasts on their otherwise male bodies without altering their hormones and causing other side effects.

On that same day the P rashes appeared on the soon to be mammary sporting men in South Carolina, 20 men and 20 women walking around Bourbon Street in New Orleans Louisiana found P rashes on themselves. Almost all of the victims had been couples, but a few had not been. Over the next few weeks the women grew penises and testicles while the men grew vaginas and uteruses. The rest of their bodies remained the same, but they had swapped reproductive systems.

Blood tests revealed that despite having opposite sex organs their sexual hormones remained the same. The men's new ovaries made testosterone, and the women's testicles made estrogen. So, like the boob men these victim's modified bodies had also been designed to maintain secondary sex characteristics. The women weren't going to grow beards and the men weren't going to grow breasts, the victims would retain the outward appearance of their original gender. Only their genitals changed, nothing else would.

From an outward appearance with their clothes on, you couldn't even tell they had been transformed, unless of course you looked really closely and noticed a bulge on the women and a lack of a bulge on the men. I remember my wife asking how I would handle it if we swapped like that, and I made a crack about me always having a headache or being on my period when she asked for sex. People at that time often joked about the wild changes happening all over the country. It was a way to avoid bringing up far more disturbing questions. Deep down though, these disturbing questions were things everyone was thinking about.

After the New Orleans gender change most of the affected couples set up Tweeter accounts to broadcast their plight to the public. My wife and I followed a few of the people from the New Orleans change to our Tweeter newsfeed.

Following this live on Tweeter was surreal. To hear of crazy shit on the news is one thing, to see real people dealing with such a surreal situation in real time was very unsettling. Their daily tweets really gave an insight into how this was affecting them and their relationships. It was far more intimate than listening to generic "public statements" and stupid theories on the TV. The victim's reactions varied wildly. Some could handle their new lot in life with ease, some couldn't.

One of the couples I followed was Tanya and David Hathaway. They were a newlywed couple who had gone to New Orleans for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for an engaged couple they knew, Jason and Bethany. They suspected they got hit while they were at Spirits bar doing rail shots. Tanya and David had been victims of course, but interestingly the bride, Bethany to be got zapped while her fiance Jason did not. Instead the best man, a close friend of the would be groom named Josh got hit. This mix-up helped point the attack down to Sprites bar, because at that time the bride was sitting next to Josh at the bar along with Tanya and David. Jason the groom had gone to the ATM two blocks away to get cash without paying a surcharge. Whoever was doing the programming must have mistaken Bethany and Josh as a couple. They soon also joined tweeter and I ended up adding Bethany, Jason, and Josh to my newsfeed.

Tanya and David had gotten married in April 2014. Bethany had been in Tanya's wedding because they had been friends since childhood. Bethany of course had to have Tanya in her wedding too, which was going to be in the fall. Tanya and David had just bought a house and been planning to have a baby after Bethany and Jason's wedding because Tanya was in the wedding as a bridesmaid. All of them plus several more couples had all flown down together to New Orleans expecting a wild joint bachelor/ bachelorette party. They got the wild party all right, but Tanya, David, Bethany, and Josh all got something extra.

In their descriptions of the event, after they flew home, Tanya and Bethany both reported their clitorises were swollen. Josh and David were having trouble getting erections and their penises seemed to be getting smaller. Obviously aware of the Infamous 5, they checked themselves for P rashes and were alarmed to find them on their necks. There was nothing that could be done; their genitalia were on an irreversible course to the "other side".

From their tweets it was clear Tanya and David still planned to have children, despite their changes. Of course though David would be carrying and delivering the baby instead of Tanya. I enjoyed seeing tweets from the young couple. They had been suddenly and radically transformed in a key part of their anatomy that was central to their identity, yet they remained optimistic and committed to each other. In the early tweets they talked of Tanya helping David adjust to his new female anatomy, which obviously required a lot more upkeep than his old one. She explained to him all about how to wipe, how to properly wash it, helpful tips on periods, etc.

One of the more hilarious tweets was from David after one of their first times being romantic together after the change. He remarked: "Just had my first female O and WOW ladies do we have the better end of sex! Tanya says next time she's going to get me to go TWICE. Maybe having a vajayjay isn't so bad!"

Shortly after that Tanya tweeted: "Husband just announced his first time as a "girl" on Twitter apparently! In that case I'll say, ladies, give your man a break. Using this thing "well" is harder than it looks!"

They tweeted a lot of pictures of themselves together still smiling and seemingly happy. They frequently mentioned that they were determined to stay together and not let anything get in the way of their happiness. Their pictures reflected that. They uploaded pictures just like any other couple did. Unless you looked for it, you didn't really notice anything out of place on these two young love birds.

A picture of the two of them together on their vacation to Myrtle Beach was quite revealing of their new reality though. It showed Tanya, a cute young blonde woman in a pink bikini standing next to David, a tall black haired young man on the sandy beach. Tanya was a cute and slim woman with decent breasts and a great smile. David was fit, well-tanned and handsome. However, there was a very large bulge in Tanya's cute pink swimsuit that stole the focus of the whole photo. The couple had uploaded many photos before, but in this one you could not help but see the extent of their transformations. Evidently, the young newlywed bride was now packing some serious sausage! Also, looking at David's swim trunks it was very evident there was nothing to see but an ever so slight camel toe.

The tweets from Bethany and Jason were quite a bit more melancholy, and they didn't come out too often. When they did you could tell Bethany's new penis was putting a strain on their relationship. Bethany made several tweets alluding to attempted lovemaking with her fiance that didn't go over well. Jason often tweeted things like how he loved Bethany still, but he felt he couldn't get intimate with her anymore. In one unfortunate tweet, Bethany inadvertently let it slip that she was better hung than Jason now.

Her tweet read:" I still cannot find any decent underwear to accommodate my new "equipment". I have tried many different styles of panties but nothing has worked. I even tried Jason's briefs but I need more room than he does. I'm looking for any input BESIDES male boxers PLEASE!!!"

The tweet was taken down shortly thereafter, but the word was out that Jason was "less" of a man than his fiance.

Josh had been dating a girl when he suddenly found himself with a vagina. The girl did not stick around. Josh tweeted often how hard it was to pick up women when you have no penis. A lot of women on his twitter feed commented that they would be willing to date him, but none of them lived near Josh. In several tweets Josh mentioned he was considering going "gay", as in dating a man. People tweeted back that he shouldn't date a man just because he had a vagina now. If he's not attracted to men, and if the man's not attracted to him those relationships wouldn't work out either. They suggested he try strap on "toys" with his girlfriends to compensate for his missing penis.

Shortly after Josh's "gay" post, Jason and Bethany broke up. Jason felt terrible leaving Bethany, but he said he couldn't do anything "gay" and said he needed a normal woman.

About half of the original 40 New Orleans victims eventually split up or got divorced. Some people blamed the transformation for the breakups, but about 50% of normal relationships break up anyway so it's hard to say. It surely didn't help anyway.

But these poor people who sought happiness outside their relationship had a hard road to travel. The problem for those people who broke up is they now had the opposite genitals as normal people, but they still were the same sexuality they always had been. This was the situation that Bethany and Josh now found themselves in.

So women were attracted to men, but found most men unwilling to date a woman with a penis. Likewise, women didn't want a guy with a vagina. In essence, the New Orleans victims who either left their partners or were not with a partner who also got zapped were now incompatible with the gender they were sexually attracted to. They were faced with the choice of either dating someone the same as their APPEARANCE gender (i.e. a woman with a penis would have to date another woman who had a vagina.), or dating one of the other programming victims in New Orleans. Of course 20 victims were still with their victim partners, and 10 of those who were not were the same gender as them, so that really only left 9 people on planet earth that were available to them AND compatible to their new gender.

The date ability of the victims between each other who had NOT been together at the time of the incident was hampered even further because all but one couple in the New Orleans programming had been tourists. So they all ended up spread far apart. The dating misadventures of the ones who left their relationships such as Josh and Bethany were the most interesting to read from a social studies standpoint. The men with vaginas almost all hooked up with other men, usually an old friend, knowing full well they would now be effectively gay. However, as time went on both the men in these odd relationships reported being very happy. They had a best friend they could talk to and drink with, but also get sex whenever they wanted. They had the sex they wanted, but without any of the upkeep of a woman. The only downside of course is both men in these relationships greatly missed breasts. They often went to strip clubs together I assume.

The women with penises on the other hand hooked up with strange men on the internet who were into something called Futa. I looked it up on the internet, apparently it's a thing.

Regardless of relationship issues, having a male body with a vagina or a female body with a penis was affecting all of these people psychologically over time, and it showed in their tweets. The women spoke of feeling oddly empowered by their new penises, while the men referred to the new vulnerability they now felt. Slowly but surely you could sense shifting in the relationships. Tanya often was the one picking activities, and David talked a lot more about housework. David talked of 'fifty shades' type things on his tweeter feed sometimes. I guess he was getting into Tanya 'taking' him. I remember being turned off by those tweets, they were a bit too revealing. Also, if I were in that situation I doubt I would want my wife to tie me up, spank me and 'take me'. I imagine I would still be 'the guy' in the relationship.

Of course I wasn't in their situation. I can't imagine what it is like to have an opening into my body that is forcefully entered by another person. Perhaps the reason most women became submissive in the first place was from the inevitable fact of sexual mechanics. Men enter women. Maybe the entering/being entered element is what drives our social sexual dimorphism.

Eventually a few of the men with vaginas became pregnant. The babies they gave birth to also had genitals the opposite of their chromosome indicators just like their parents.. (XX babies had penises, Xy babies had vaginas.) This remained true regardless if the men had been impregnated by a woman with a penis or a guy with a penis. Also a few penis women had had flings with other women and gotten them pregnant too. Those babies also were born with flipped genders, indicating to scientists the programming was not only passed down from parent to child, but was very dominant.

An interesting note I remembered about the pregnancies from these people were breasts. Men who became pregnant did not develop breasts or lactate after giving birth. However, women with penises found their breasts lactating shortly after their partners gave birth, and were able to breast feed the babies normally. Doctors were unsure how the women's bodies started lactating since they had not been pregnant or given birth. They eventually connected the women's lactating to the babies crying. Normal women who are lactating will experience a natural "let down" of their milk when exposed to the sound of a baby crying. Apparently, the bodies of penis equipped women now had that embedded primal instinct ramped up. The issue is though, many penis women have reported they will start lactating when they hear ANY baby crying for an extended period, even if they have never impregnated a man. So they have to be careful if they spend too much time around babies, eventually they will lactate to the point of leaking.

Since the wedding Tanya was planning to be in was cancelled AND because she wouldn't be carrying the baby anyway, the couples child plans were moved up. David soon found himself pregnant with Tanya's child. Like most mothers he constantly tweeted about his pregnancy and posted many pictures of his expanding belly. When David was nine months pregnant he even tweeted some professional "pregnancy photos". One of the most common pregnancy photos of course is a nude expectant mother using one arm to cover her breasts, while the other holds her swollen belly as her shirtless man kisses it. In their photo David was naked and using both arms to hold his big belly, while a shirtless Tanya was using her arm to cover her breasts as she kissed his belly. After nine long months, he gave birth to a healthy 7 pound baby "girl", who of course had a penis like her mother.

Also, Josh and Bethany eventually hooked up and had a baby on the way too. Jason found himself a normal girl.

The dinner conversations my wife Tina and I had at that time often wandered to the New Orleans sex swap victims. We wondered about them and their children and how hard it must be for them. Gender identity is a huge part about being human. Having flipped one way but still being the same everywhere else is hard to imagine.

"I5: Smells Like Change" by Monsta

Next, A group of about 20 men who had attended a church bar-b-que in St. Louis all had their penises shrunken. It is assumed more men were affected but for obvious reasons they did not come forward. Accounts varied but they all placed the final result of their penises at UNDER 1 inch...FULLY erect. Sadly, over 12 of those men had their wives or girlfriends leave them shortly after their transformations. Some people in the media were angry at the fleeing females for abandoning their victimized men, others voiced support saying they shouldn't be forced to stay with someone who cannot satisfy them sexually anymore. This time I asked my wife if SHE would stay with me if I had a transformation. Specifically, I asked if she would stay with me if I had a 1 inch penis. She convincingly said yes, much to my relief. I believed her, but had to wonder how she would react if it actually happened.

I had a dream around that time that was quite vivid. I dreamed my wife Tina and me in the throes of romantic passion, kissing and caressing each other's bodies with wild abandon. I picked her up in my big strong arms and forcefully tossed her to the bed. She spread her legs open wide and inviting me to take her wet moist womanhood. I climbed on top of her and started to mount her but I discovered that even though my penis was fully erect and hard it was not long enough to even enter her! My shrunken member was just swimming around in the moist folds of her labia as she laughed at me! She pushed me off of her side and thrust her crotch close to mine and pointed to how her clitoris was bigger than my penis. I looked down at them lined up side by side and saw she was right; her clitoris easily dwarfed my penis. I awoke with a start that night and Tina asked what was wrong. I didn't tell her.

In late May 2014, 32 women attending the Miss Tennessee beauty pageant grew pig snouts and pig tails. Also 32 women at Miss Oklahoma grew monkey tails. Beauty pageants were rare after that.

Also around Memorial Day in May 2014, several more people in Portland, Maine reported P rashes. There was a 42 year old married man, a 22 year old single female, and a 31 year old married mother of four. To anyone seeing their pictures on the TV there was no visible signs of change, but anyone standing near them knew right away what their alteration was: they smelled VERY strongly of "feminine odor"! To be more precise, their sweat glands had been altered to secrete vaginal fluid instead of sweat.

In normal women, Bartholin's glands around the vagina secrete vaginal fluid to lubricate the vagina. But now these poor people found the sweat glands all over their body replaced with modified Bartholin's glands.

What's more, these new mutant Bartholin's glands now responded BOTH as sweat glands AND as vaginal glands! This meant they would "sweat" vaginal fluid all over their body when they were either hot OR aroused.

As an added insult, a biochemical analysis of the victims also found that they all permanently emitted the pheromones of an ovulating and highly fertile female human, but in concentrations 100x above normal. This was true even for the male of the group. So, any person close enough to them would not only smell obvious "pussy" odor, but their subconscious would respond to the unscented female pheromones and register the altered victim as a highly fertile female.

MBC morning news brought the three of them on their show after their transformation to discuss their ordeal. I had watched it with my wife, both of us were fascinated by programming victims, hell everyone was. It was pretty much the only news during that time. The most remarkable thing about this vaginal sweat gland change was how each victim had a very different account of how it affected them.

The married man reported that other men acted very...odd around him. He could tell that other men found themselves strangely aroused and very confused. After all, he always smells like a woman and emits the pheromones of 100 fertile women standing in the same room. Also, his wife had been acting more hostile towards him since his change and wanted sex far less often. He figured it was because he always smelled like he had been with another woman. After some prodding from the show's host he let it slip that when he DID have sex or otherwise became aroused his whole body became very slippery with his vaginal fluid, which his wife found very off putting. Also the sheets of their bed will quickly become quite saturated with his female juices during the course of lovemaking. This requires a change of sheets and another load of laundry, which only further hampers his wife's low libido.

The young single woman reported a very different experience. Men were VERY nice to her now. She said she had been having trouble finding a nice guy before but now they just seemed to flock towards her when she went out. She also confirmed the man's account of how "wet" she gets all over her body when she is aroused. Sometimes, when she was getting hit on by a hot guy, she would suddenly start to "lube up' as she put it. She mentioned how as a woman she was used to having her arousal be a personal thing. Before, when she became aroused her vagina would get wet, but no one would know that but her. But now, whenever she thinks about sex or sees a hot guy she has to be careful because her whole body will start excreting vaginal secretions. Her skin becomes very wet and slick, just like the insides of her vagina. She mentioned she had had sex several times since the change and while most guys like having her whole body wet and slippery during sex, a couple of guys were weirded out by it. And like the married man said, she definitely had to wash her sheets after sex. She mentioned that women had been acting differently around her too, but the women oddly seemed to respect her more?

The married mom was very upset from her body alterations. She was a typical constantly on the go soccer mom which made her sweat vaginal fluid very often. She said she showered and changed clothes three times a day but found her body always wet in vaginal juices. She mentioned her armpits were especially bad. Her children often complained that she "stinks". She is constantly embarrassed by her odor. She said her car reeks of vagina all the time, and her house is getting that way too even though she constantly cleans. Even people at her work she has heard talking behind her back about the "musty" smell in the office, obviously referring to her. She felt like she was basically a big walking vagina.

Thanks to her pheromone output, she said her husband was CONSTANTLY in the mood now. But because of the kids they could never get many chances to have sex. She was concerned her pheromones were ramping up his libido beyond something she could satisfy with her busy schedule and children. She said she makes herself have sex with him every chance she could, even though her sheets became soaked in vaginal secretions. But he was never sated. Constantly being around her pheromones was driving him mad with lust for sex. She referred back the married man who said men got aroused just being around the his female pheromones for a few minutes. Imagine what her poor husband goes through being around her all the time.

She had concerns her husband was either having an affair, or soon would be. There's no way any single woman could satiate the sexual desire created in a man by the constant exposure to pheromones of 100 women! Even worse than her husband's sexual overdrive issues, when she went to work she was constantly getting hit on by guys, which was making it hard for HER to resist cheating herself. She confessed that the week before, a guy at work had been hitting on her, and even though she loved her husband she had to admit she found him "hot". Against her will last week she became aroused, and it made her start oozing vaginal lubricant from all over her body. It was so much vaginal secretion that she soaked through her outfit, making gooey stains that all her coworkers, including the "hot" guy could see! She ran home and cried in embarrassment.

The most DVR replayed part of the interview was when the camera cut back to the guys on the MBC news crew doing the interview. The cameraman quickly panned up when he and EVERYONE saw the panel all had very visible erections! No one could blame them though being around the pheromone equivalent of 300 ovulating women. Tina felt awful for those people and commented how they couldn't even go to a gym anymore nor do any physical activity in public that wouldn't produce a strong and embarrassing feminine... odor.

Like the Infamous 5 had said, they were conducting experiments on not just DNA and not only their varied individual victims. The Infamous 5 were studying above all how everyone ELSE was reacting to the changes they inflicted. This was all a social experiment to them, on a national scale!


Re: Infamous 5

"I5: Flipping Through the Programming" by Monsta

A big reaction to a change came in June 2014, and it only affected 2 people. A young couple named David and Susan Morrison on their honeymoon in California reported P rashes which were confirmed by a doctor, but they never showed any changes. A full month after the rash had went away they looked exactly the same. People had thought the programming failed until a hacker got into their medical records shortly afterward thinking he'd prove they lied for fame. But it was instead revealed in their records that the husband's testicles had been altered into mutated ovaries and his wife now had over sized mutant testicles at the top of her fallopian tubes. He still had a penis and she still had a vagina, but internally they had swapped genders!

In the notes it was described in great medical detail how the mechanically male David's newly modified ovary-like genitals produced a constant supply of eggs, unlike normal females who have a finite supply of eggs within their ovaries. David's eggs had sperm like tails on them as well which allowed them to seek out a suitable attachment spot within a uterus. Also, David's prostate no longer produced typical male ejaculate, but rather a clear liquid very similar in composition to vaginal secretions. David's other remaining male internal organs had been tweaked to allow only one egg at a time to mix with his new ejaculate. So as a result of his mutation, David now shot out a single female egg within his ejaculate per orgasm.

The mechanically female Susan produced conventional male sperm that flowed from her vaginal glands during intercourse in place of normal vaginal lubricant. In the medical notes it quoted Susan describing to the doctor that male semen practically SHOT from her when she achieved orgasm. And naturally of course with no menstrual cycle, Susan no longer had to contend with periods.

The doctors remarked that this new mutant configuration was not only functional for reproduction, but was in fact far more efficient than conventional human procreation, making them hyper-fertile (to each other anyway). This hyper fertility was because every single mating produced both an egg and sperm into the female! Normal women were only fertile 4 days a month while ovulating on their cycle. Moreover, birth control would not work on the poor woman as she had testicles now, not ovaries. So now their transformed genitalia assured that virtually EVERY time the newlywed couple had unprotected sex, the part male but still mechanically female Susan would get pregnant.

So if the young newlyweds stayed together they were either going to use condoms for life or have a lot of kids! And speaking of kids since their DNA had been re-written, any children David and Susan had would have the same flipped internal genders!

The internet was abuzz with talk about David and Susan and their crazy new sex organs. Some people engaged in typical celebrity gossip about when Susan would get pregnant. Other people delved into weird possibilities for these unique new gendered people if they did NOT stay together. Obviously if David had sex with another woman besides Susan nothing would happen, two eggs don't make a baby.

Likewise if Susan had sex with another "normal" man all there would be is a LOT of cum! In fact, there was a viral email going around with a cartoon of Susan Morrison and porn star Ron Jeremy having sex in a sperm bank. The cartoon shows a ridiculous amount of cum splattered everywhere and even a cum covered nurse saying "Umm..I guess I can go home early?"

Realistically though, Susan COULD use her male sperm to impregnate another woman. And sure enough thousands of women, mostly lesbian couples, wrote emails to Susan asking her to impregnate them. I guess the appeal of being impregnated by a woman resonated with lesbians?

At the same time other women who had fertility issues related to their eggs or ovaries asked David to send one of his "mobile eggs" to them. I can easily see why this was appealing too. David's easily accessible and mobile eggs would be far better at getting them pregnant than a lengthy, painful, and EXPENSIVE artificial process would be. More direct women wanted David to have sex with them either with or right after their spouses, thus introducing his eggs AND their normal male partner's sperm into their vaginas resulting in their pregnancy and a child with essentially three parents!

I remember talking about stuff like this with my friends a couple times and even my wife once. The early summer of 2014 was all about the "flipped" couple that had suddenly become celebrities. I guess it was a way for people all over the country to adapt to this strange new reality we found ourselves in. We were talking about this scary new situation within our normal human social contexts of gossip, celebrity worship, sexual jokes, etc. My Facepage wall was more about people sharing reprogramming stories and photos than about cats for the first time ever.

"I5: Approaching Storm On the Horizon" by Monsta

In summer 2014 my wife and I saw our first transformed individual in person. We were at a waterpark enjoying ourselves when we passed a woman with 6 breasts by the funnel slide! She had 3 pairs of decent sized breasts lining her torso. She was wearing a custom made bikini top that held all six of her breasts in place as best as it could. She must have been one of the original Luke victims!

Everyone was staring at her, but she didn't seem to mind the attention. A lot of people were asking for photos and she was letting them take them. She didn't get that custom made bikini to blend in with a crowd! Tina chided me a bit for staring at her, but I claimed it was just curiosity.

By fall 2014, there were getting to be so many different reprogrammed people that the major news outlets started to thin out stories on it. It had been the vast majority of news stories for over a year straight. Besides, there were still other things going on in the world after all. The country was still $23 trillion in debt, North Korea was still run by an asswipe, etc etc.. The big stories only happened when someone famous got zapped, like when Angelina Jodie became completely covered in thick and tangled pubic hair from head to toe. She repeatedly tried to shave it, laser it etc, but it only grew back thicker. Now she just accepts it and walks around in public like that.

As news media died down, the stories of people's changes moved even more to Facepage and Tweeter. Facepage was change central. Of course seeing things posted on Facepage by people you KNOW only made it even more real.

Facepage gradually became less about talking about the strange changes from far away, but rather people talking about people they KNOW getting changed or them themselves getting changed. By September 2014 I had two people on my Facepage page that had been zapped.

One was a guy named John Marshall I had not seen since high school. We had been good friends back then, but we drifted to opposite ends of the country and lost touch, like many high school friends do.

Anyway one day out of nowhere he posts: "Holy SHIT!!! Just found a P rash on my neck!" Of course, his page was filled both with condolences and questions about WHAT his changes were.

A couple days later: "Umm, not sure how to say this but you guys keep asking about changes. Well..my 'little john' is not so little anymore. My wife likes it but I'm still worried something else is going to happen. I'll keep you posted".

A week later: "Little John is HUGE!! No other signs of other programming. Love my luck!"

A week after that. "SHIT! It just keeps GROWING!! I'm hung like a DONKEY. This is NOT cool. My wife refused 'happy time' last night!"

Finally about 3 weeks after his first P rash post he put up a picture of himself with the caption: "My third leg. FINALLY done growing, but at this point it doesn't matter sad"

The photo showed him on his living room sofa with a sheet over himself. His legs were spread wide and an unbelievably large shape could be seen under the sheet between his legs. It was hard to believe it was actually his penis. It actually looked larger than his leg. In a private message chat with him, I offered my sympathy.

He mentioned that the transformation programming either by accident or on purpose didn't add any nerve endings to his over enlarged penis. Because there were no new nerve endings in his unimaginably large penis, the ones from his original penis were so spread out it was impossible to really "feel" anything sexual from his massive love organ. It went without mentioning it would not fit inside his wife or any other female other than maybe an elephant. He said even with his wife rubbing with pretty much her whole body on it he barely got a rise. He said it wasn't even a sex organ anymore; all it really was is a growth on his groin that made it hard for him to get around.

The next person on my Facepage list that got hit was my 20 year old cousin Ashley in Utah. She had been at the movies with her boyfriend, when they left she and most of the females in there had P rashes.

Her changes were nothing short of brutal.

She found herself slowly changing into a dog creature. First her nose turned black, and then she grew fur. She added other women from the theater that night on Facepage and it was clear they were all slowly changing into dogs too, but all different breeds. My cousin was becoming golden retriever. She had a big breakdown post on Facebook when she found she could no longer walk upright. Each day she was starting to look and feel less human.

The programming was relentless; it just kept changing her more and more. By the time she was done changing she was physically 90% dog! Her human mind was fully intact, but only a few human physical characteristics remained. If you saw her at a distance, she would pass for just a big dog. Mentally, she was still the same and thankfully could still talk mostly normally. She had been a pretty and popular college student, and now she was essentially a dog. Needless to say, her boyfriend left her.

Oddly enough though, she did meet another boyfriend despite her transformation. Apparently he was a classmate who had been attracted to her all along, but felt afraid to approach her. After her transformation he felt bad for her and offered her a shoulder to cry on. Against the odds and the strangeness of her new mostly dog body they hit it off. She puts up lots of typical "cute" couple pictures on her Facepage wall, but unless you look closely, her Facepage just looks like it belongs to a guy who's REALLY into his dog. Recently they put up a picture of them kissing at the fair they were at. It was disturbing to look at.

"I5: They Taketh Away and They Give" by Monsta

Then things hit even closer to home, a few people in our hometown started getting hit.

A guy named Mike Thomason at my workplace fell victim along with his wife in October 2014. I remember the day he showed people around the water cooler his P rash and looked wild eyed as he wondered what would happen to him and his spouse. People asked him when and where they got "zapped", but he said they had no idea how it happened. A few people asked if any news outlets had contacted him, or if he had contacted them. He said he called GNN and others but the media were really only reporting the more widespread or unusual changes now, but he should call back with what he and his wife turned into. Also the local TV and newspaper were still abuzz with the 27 people who were at a wedding last month and have since had their faces relocate to their groins.

Over the next few weeks Mike slowly started changing. It was subtle and hard to notice, but eventually it became clear he was shrinking. After a couple weeks Mike was only about 4 feet tall. He also lost a lot of his secondary sex characteristics like his beard, his deep voice and his muscular build. He wasn't becoming feminine, just less masculine. He looked to be something between a man and a woman. His small size and lack of sex characteristics made him almost look like an adult who had missed puberty.

He also of course still ACTED very much like he was still his old fully male self. He got himself a typical macho male buzz haircut at the barber each month. He even dressed in male style clothing he custom ordered online for his smaller size. It was very hard to take him seriously at first, a small high voiced person acting like a burly manly man. Mike talked about trucks and fishing and all the macho crap he had always blathered about before. Only now it seemed more like an act.

HR put out work that discrimination against anyone "programmed" was STRICTLY forbidden. And with good reason, a couple of programming victims had sued former employers for MILLIONS under anti-discrimination laws.

People also wondered what had happened to Mike's wife. He had mentioned she had a rash too when he got one, but we never heard more because he never really talked about it and he certainly never went back to the news people. That question too was answered indirectly the following summer when Mike put up a vacation photo on his computer desktop. He had mentioned before leaving that he and his family were going to San Diego.

The vacation photo showed Mike and his family posing in front of shell beach. Behind Mike there was a 12 year old boy and a 14 year old girl that TOWERED over him. (They were Mike's son and daughter that we recognized from all Mike's previous family photos)

Finally, the photo also had a very large muscular man standing behind Mike and his kids smiling widely. The enormous man took up most of the frame and dwarfed Mike's kids and Mike himself. In fact, it looked like Mike only came up to the top of the guy's chiseled six pack abs! To anyone unfamiliar with the history behind the photo, it might look odd to see a huge muscular male posing with Mike and his children. But everyone in the office knew the strange new man had to be Mike's wife! My god! Whatever masculinity Mike had lost his wife picked up 50 times over!

After I saw that photo I stopped to wonder what it must be like for Mike. He went from a 6 foot tall manly man to having the physical body of an underdeveloped woman! His wife was now an enormous body builder. She was a full on MAN! And based on the bulge in the swim trunks Mike's wife had, she was more man now than he ever was. Usually the programmers just tweaked with your naughty bits, this was a full gender change, body and all. I imagine their sex life must be quite unusual if they still had one. I know mentally Mike was the same but surely his new de-masculinized body messed up his "mojo". It's sad to say too, but the bulge on Mike's trunks in the photo was as underwhelming as his unmanly physique suggested. On top of that, Mike's body looked physically pre-pubescent almost; did he still have sexual urges?

And along those lines, surely Mike's wife must be feeling some new "urges" from her new Apollo physique. I wondered if Mike's wife was taking to being a big man better than he was taking being a...whatever he was. She had on a very male outfit. Was it a practical decision to contain her new (and enormous) penis, or was she comfortable wearing men's clothes all the time now? I can't imagine Mike's wife custom orders oversized dresses for her new 6 foot + body builder body. She would look even more ridiculous than he does! If Mike's wife dressed male has she started ACTING male? What if his wife had also given in to her new body's urges and started having sex with other WOMEN? How would that make him feel as a "man"?

Hell even his kids looked down at him now, at least physically. How the hell did he maintain that tough guy persona around the office? I wondered if he still acted like his old self around his wife and kids, or if he only maintained it here at work?

I then thought about his kids. What would it be like having to explain to people this big muscle guy behind me is my mom and this little undeveloped guy next to him is my dad?

Society was getting ever more complex.

"I5: Things Hit Home" by Monsta

I got the call on my office phone around 3pm on a Tuesday. It was my wife. She said someone had noticed she had a P rash on the back of her neck! She had gone to the bathroom and confirmed in the mirror that she really had one!

I was in such shock I didn't say anything.

"Tom! Are you listening? I have a P rash!!!!"

While I was still scared and rattled I did my best to calm her down.

"It's ok honey, we'll get through this. I'll be here for you no matter what happens".

"For fuck's sake Tom! I could turn into a dog, or grow a horse penis, or become covered in nipples! How can you say it'll be okay?!"

"Because no matter what happens I KNOW I will always love you."

I had no chance of calming her down over the phone. I told her to head for home, and I would leave early to meet her there.

She was a wreck, as expected. But I did my husbandly duty all night long to try to comfort her.

I decided I needed to keep a journal and take daily pictures of her transformation. I didn't plan on sharing it with anyone; it was for my own sanity's sake. I wanted to clearly remember this time; I knew it would define the rest of our lives.

I will start the journal as soon as we notice any changes.

Author's Note: I will continue this story through the "finale" of the narrator's own wife transforming, but you are more than free to add your own "conclusion" here. I specifically broke all the episodes up at key times in case you want a different path at any of the turns, this is fiction branches after all! :-)

"I5: It's Cold In the Empty Void" by Monsta


Tina noticed changes today. It's been about four days since she first saw the rash. Two days ago she got her period (normal schedule) But today she said her vaginal opening seemed smaller to her when she put in her tampon this morning. I checked it out and I think she is right, it definitely seems smaller. If everything stopped now and all we got out of this was a tighter pussy, we'd be happy. Well, I'D be very happy. But we both know things are just starting.

Since her vagina is smaller it was reasonable to assume it would get ridiculously small or become some other animal's vagina. Hell it might even close up and turn into a penis, or a tree branch for whatever the FUCK those asswipes were into that day they fucked up my wife's DNA.

I feel as vulnerable and as violated as she does. Someone has raped my wife, raped her DNA, the very essence of who she is.


Tina's vagina is definitely smaller. I can barely fit two fingers in there now. Despite her period, we had sex this morning knowing it might be one of the last times we can. Tina had a hard time cumming, but that's either from the pain of a suddenly tight vagina or the fact her clitoris is smaller now as well.

She really didn't feel like going into work this morning, and neither did I, but we both have limited vacation days. We are going to keep trying to hold off taking vacation until the changes get bad. Wait, shouldn't I mean IF they get bad?

It's hard to be optimistic right now.

We plan to try sex again tomorrow, but if it gets any smaller than it is right now I probably won't fit. My penis isn't huge or anything, but if my wife had a smaller vagina or no vagina then it wouldn't be much use to her, or me for that matter.

DAY 3.

Tina has no clitoris. And her vagina is even smaller than we expected it to be today, it is shrinking really fast. That's a bad sign as fast changes usually indicate BIG changes. We tried to have sex one last time but I can just BARELY fit my finger in there which means we are done having conventional intercourse.


The realization my wife no longer has a vagina, well hell, she fact she technically isn't even FEMALE anymore has NOT really sunk in with me yet. She was obviously upset by all this, so we both called into work to take the next two weeks off and I held her for most of the day as she cried. We had a fuller talk this evening when she had calmed down some.

"Do you still love me Tom?"

"Of course, I will always love you."

"But we can't have sex anymore Tom. Fuck, I don't even have a clitoris to get myself off on anymore. I'm turning into a sexless freak! What are we going to do?"

"We'll get through it. I still love you, we're still together. There's more to life than sex. And if we want kids, we'll just adopt."


She no longer has a vaginal opening of any kind, and her entire vulva is only about 1 inch long. Pulling her now tiny vaginal lips apart, I can see there is just smooth skin down there. There is still a small opening for her to pee out of, but even that looks smaller.

Tina mentioned when she went to the bathroom today it took a lot longer to pee because her urethra is so small now.


Her whole pubic region is completely bare, her vulva faded away overnight. In fact her pubic hair fell out too, she has not even a single pubic hair. More alarmingly, her urethra has vanished along with the rest of her womanhood. She had no way to pee. She was in quite a panic as her bladder continued to fill throughout the day. I tried taking her to the doctor to have them cut into her bladder surgically to drain it. She absolutely refused because she was terrified by any ramifications her mutating DNA might do to her if she tried to alter herself.

I also noticed today her voice has seemed coarse and crackly as she talks, but I assume it is just from panic or lack of sleep. I am not sure if it is a symptom of anything. I had almost convinced her to let me take her in when she suddenly let out a yelp as warm yellow liquid rushed from out between her legs. She stood up and I saw her pee was coming out of....her ass! She ran to the bathroom, but not before making a huge mess of pee all the way to the bathroom. I cleaned it up for her and assured her that it was not her fault.

Apparently her urethra has moved to the inside of her anus. Her back end handles both solid and liquid waste now.

In spite of everything, tonight I was in the mood for sex (I am a guy after all).

I got in the mood as I watched from the bed as my wife got ready for bed. Her hot body, full pert breasts and wonderful ass were the same as ever, they easily put me in the mood just like they always have. But then she changed out of her panties and I saw the bald smooth skin of her pubic region where her vagina used to be. Seeing Tina's bare pubic area is a bitter reminder I won't ever be getting pussy again. I suppose I still have the option of anal or oral though. Tina had always hated anal and I don't like it much either. But, since my wife only had that and her mouth it might become more appealing over time. I thought about asking for a blowjob, but didn't dare with all the stress Tina has dealing with!

I decided if I need to I can masturbate in the shower the next morning, I figure I'll be doing that a lot from now on.


We checked Tina out for changes this morning, but didn't find any. I kind of expected something new to grow out of her pubic mound to replace her vagina, but it's still flat and bare.

Tina makes comments about how odd it still is to pee out her backside, but is in otherwise good spirits considering everything. I noticed again her voice seems hoarse and it seems to be cracking more than yesterday. I'm still not sure if that is a symptom of transformation or just a cold or something. I can't imagine what change a sore throat and a raspy voice could be a symptom of.

At dinner she said the food tasted funny.

Sorry if that seems trivial, I'm writing down anything that might be pertinent. I have no idea what's going on at this point or if she's done changing, so I'm just write down anything odd I can think of.


We think Tina's changes are done! :-) She still has no sex organs, she hasn't grown a penis or anything to replace the missing vagina. She still pees out of her ass, but at least it's still a human ass. She keeps mentioning that things taste strange. She also has a sore throat and a hoarse voice. It must just be a cold, but I thought programming was supposed to give you super immunity?


The day started as the last two had. We checked Tina over for changes, didn't find any, then went down to have breakfast. The only difference was today after breakfast she threw up. She's sick for sure. So much for this super immune system stuff. We can add lying to the Infamous Five's list of offenses.

We spent most of the day watching old DVDs and hanging out. There's nothing odd going on other than her cold. Her voice is cracking pretty regularly now.

As we cuddled on the couch enjoying a seemingly normal sick day, Tina even commented on her odd transformation.

"so I'm just a woman without a vagina? And I pee (ahem) out my ass? That seems odd. I (cughem)... excuse me... I guess they are running out of idea(skweak)s for changes"

I Chuckled. "I guess they are. This still sucks but there are...other things we can do without a vagina."

"Oh. (ahhem) You th..ink you're gonna (hem) get more BJs now huh?"

Hmm, I certainly hope so. I'm feeling pent up. On the other hand, since Tina is sexless, I don't know if she even still has a sex drive. I can't imagine what that would be like if she still has a sex drive but has no genitals to "get off" with.

So my wife has no vagina and pees out her ass. This is odd and horrible, but not a deal breaker by any means. Things could have been much much worse. I'll always love her no matter what. As I lay here in bed writing this, Tina is already fast asleep. We both just said "I love you's" and I have a feeling everything will be okay.

Anyway this will be my last journal entry of my wife's reprogramming transformation.


I was wrong about the cold.

Tina couldn't speak this morning. She couldn't even make a sound from her throat at all. I checked and her vocal chords were completely gone! I'll never again hear my wife's lovely voice!

On top of all that she is having a hard time eating stuff. A few of her teetch have fallen out recently. She also says everything tastes awful and her jaw is very sore. I have found a few things like milk, cottage cheese, yogurt she can handle ok. Generally she looks really sick though.

She has to write notes to me now that she can't talk. She wrote a lot of notes today which I included in this journal.

Of all the notes she wrote the one I liked the best was the note that said "I love you" she gave me tonight as we went to bed.

I told her I loved her too. I had no idea that last night would be the last time I would ever hear it from her.

DAY 10

Tina had a few more teeth fall out after breakfast. She is so sick she just laid in bed all day.

I ended up masturbating today while Tina slept. I feel awful doing this knowing Tina has no vagina or clitoris. I can't imagine what it would be like to live out the rest of your life having no way of sexual release. But I'm a man, my sex drive is through the roof and my wife has no vagina. Thanks Infamous Five assholes. I hope when they find you they torture you for 30 years straight.

Day 11

Tina woke up before me and went to the bathroom to go ass pee. After about two minutes she came back into the room frantically pointing at her nose. I looked closely and her nose was smaller! It also has a slightly different shape. At breakfast she had a funny look on her face as she was eating. Then she stuck out her tongue and I could see it was smaller too! Throughout the day I could see her nose shifting very slowly. Also her lips are puffy and they looked stretched out on her face.

She seems to be getting sicker too.

What the fuck is going on?

DAY 12.

Tina's nose is smaller again, and far pinker. It is looking very strange, almost like a mushroom. And also, as I was removing the last of her teeth this morning I noticed some hairs around her chin and a few on her cheek. And this will sound strange but I think her lips are off center, tilted to the left a bit, but it may be my imagination or the swelling.

I hate to say it but my beautiful wife's face is getting pretty ugly. I feel awful admitting that but it's hard to look at her. Only her beautiful green eyes are the same. When I look at her I look right into her eyes, I avoid looking at her deformed lips and nose.

That evening as I was jacking off in the bathroom after dinner Tina suddenly burst in. I just stood there with my cock in my hand frozen except for my balls flopping back and forth from inertia. I felt so so bad jerking off while my wife was going through something so traumatic. I tried to explain it helps me stay focused, which was partially true. She had a look on her face that looked like anger at first but then she suddenly lunged at me and took my cock into her deformed mouth. I was awash in the wonderful sensations! My god she had NEVER sucked my cock like this! No woman had ever sucked my cock like this It was like she needed it, like she hungered for it. My wife had not been sexual in any way since her vagina went away almost two weeks ago. Needless to say I wasn't going to last long getting a blowjob like this.

"Tina, I'm going to come" I told her, but she kept going.

If anything she sped up! I CLEARLY remembered one time shortly after we were married I came into her mouth and she gagged and scolded me to NEVER do that again. And ever since on the rare occasions I get a BJ from her I always let her know when I am close so she can finish me with her hands. But this time, she was not stopping.

"Tina! I'm going to Cum! Ughh" I came. HARD. As my balls tensed up and began to pump their load, Tina just started sucking and gulping it down!

My wife not only gave me a spontaneous blowjob, but she swallowed.

She them wrote me a note that said she knew what I had been going in here for and that she suddenly felt the urge to give me a BJ. She also said my stuff tasted delicious! Even stranger she didn't feel sick anymore afterwards.

Holy shit. I just realized my wife probably NEEDS to eat cum!

DAY 13.

Well it is quite obvious now my wife's mouth is becoming a vagina. I had thought that a couple days ago but intentionally avoided saying that in this journal in case I had hopefully been wrong. Today it is clear I was not wrong.

When I saw her this morning all the odd changes in her face the last few days make sense. Her nose is almost fully on it's way to being a clitoris, and her lips are stretching into a vulva shape. My wife's face is changing into a pussy!

Her tongue is gone. Her teeth are gone. Her jaw is locked in place now, and as I look into her partially open mouth it is taking on the obvious designs of a vagina. Also, those hairs on her face are turning out to be pubic hairs. It looks like my wife will have not only a face vagina on her face, but also a pubic hair beard surrounding it. Great.

It's also quite obvious her vaginal mouth walls have been modified to taste for her now that she has no tongue. Unfortunately her mouth vagina's sense of taste was changed to one "appropriate" for a vagina, i.e. only cum tastes delicious. She keeps eating regular food through a straw but always ends up disgusted by it. The only thing that tastes good to her is cum.

She actually wrote me notes about how she had very strong cravings for it.

3 times today she came up to me and undid my pants and gave me BJs all on her own. Well, now that her mouth is a vagina I guess she technically didn't give me BJs, she actually had sex with me three times today. The concerning part is I can't produce three full loads a day to satisfy her new strong cravings.

DAY 14.

Tina's lips are all vulva now, her labia minora are well on their way too. She has a nearly fully formed female vagina on her face. We had to go to the doctor to find out if there is anything Tina can do to reduce her cravings for semen. I am having a very hard time getting an erection and I am sore.

The doctors ran a bunch of tests and examined her new anatomy. Her vagina feeds into her throat, which had also been modified to have no vocal chords or gag reflex. Her throat was also a blend of human throat and vagina that ran all the way to her much smaller stomach.

This effectively meant my wife's face vagina was over two feet deep! I guess I would never get to "bottom out" in a vagina ever again. My wife easily could take the biggest of porn stars.

The worst news was that my wife's cravings for human semen are a genetically forced addiction. There's no getting over them. The doctors are working on a way to give her a substitute or suppress the withdrawal symptoms, but doubt they will be able to bypass the programming that is causing them. This wasn't like a drug addiction. Her body had several new chemical dependencies related to semen ingestion. She needed regular doses male semen or she gets terribly ill.

The final blow was that while my wife still had her old ovaries in her lower abdomen, she had no uterus there, and none on her new vagina either. The old ovaries were probably left behind to produce hormones to maintain her secondary sex characteristics. There simply was no way anyhow to carry a baby in her head, neck or stomach.

My wife's face vagina was only about sex.

My wife was going to need semen to survive. More semen than I could provide.

Tina and I both realize she is going to have to feed on semen off multiple men to survive.

DAY 15.

I think we are done transforming. For real this time. My wife has a full vagina in the middle of her face. Her nose is now a clitoris and there are two slits on either side she can breathe out of.

This afternoon I was walking into the living room when I saw Tina with her arm up to her face. I was outside her peripheral vision, so she didn't see me there. I watched as she masturbated her new face clitoris/nose whatever to orgasm. I was relieved to see my wife find some sexual relief using her new clitoris at last, after two weeks of hell.

After her afternoon "dose" from my penis today, my wife wanted to cuddle afterwards. Then, she tried to kiss me!

Needless to say kissing was odd given her new face. She had no mouth, but rather a well fucked pussy on her face from our afternoon sex. Giving her a kiss from now on would be essentially giving her oral sex! As she leaned in to kiss me I was put off by the smell and appearance of my cum both in her mouth/vaginal opening and some cum that had gotten caught in her pubic hairs. As my mouth met her vagina, I was taken aback by how much it was like giving her oral sex used to be. The taste of vagina was unmistakable, so even my wife's saliva glands were now vaginal glands. She leaned in harder towards me and I took that to mean she wanted tongue. Reluctantly I inserted my tongue into her vaginal mouth. She had no tongue of her own anymore to French kiss me back. Hell she couldn't even move her jaw anymore. Our kisses would forever be me eating out her face vagina.

After cuddling came the dreaded intrusion of our new reality. Tina wrote me a note saying: "I need cum". We both knew she needed more semen, but my supply was out.

We put out an ad on craigslist. It didn't disclose much, only a woman looking for hookup sex.

We both hugged and cried afterwards.

After only 25 minutes we got a few responses. I let my wife pick out her "donor". She communicated with him via text message. She let him know she had been modified and that he should expect her to look a bit odd, but she still had a vagina and wanted sex really bad.

I agreed not to interfere, but I would be in the other bedroom listening if anything bad happened.

The guy who came to the door was pretty ugly, and fat. He saw my wife's face and started laughing out loud. I could tell my wife's feelings were hurt, but she needed this guy to feed her. She pointed towards her face vagina and then started undoing his pants.

"The guy just said "whatever, pussy's pussy" and then let my wife face fuck him. He didn't last long, grunted and shot his load into my wife, who hungrily swallowed her first FULL load of semen in days.

The ass just said, "Call anytime baby" and chuckled at her situation as he left.

Afterwards she came to me with tears in her eyes and cum smeared all over her labial folds and pubic face hair. She hugged me and cried again. This is going to be hard.

After "freshening" her up, I decided we should go out.

After hiding out for about two weeks our vacation time was up tomorrow. We would have to back to work tomorrow morning. Tina had already sent an email to her boss and her company's HR about her new ... handicap.

She worked in accounting, balancing and managing accounts payable at a part supply company and had very few face to face conversations, it was mostly email. The few times voice communication was necessary one of the other employees could cover.

We both decided it was time to go out on our last day of "vacation". Tina has to wear a surgical mask to cover her vagina in public. As we walked around she was getting a lot of stares. There won't be any more dinner and movie dates with her new digestive system, but we still went to the movie. I almost ordered the buttered popcorn my wife loves (loved) so much but sadly realized she couldn't eat it without blending it up with water or something and drinking it. Anyway she wrote, everything tastes like shit now except semen.

As we sat down I noticed a little bit of cum leaking out of her vagina had wet the surgical mask a bit. I hope no one else noticed. Sitting in a dark theater surrounded by other people focused and laughing at the stuff on screen instead of us was a welcomed escape. I held my wife close during the whole movie, and she rested her head on my shoulder. I could smell her freshly fucked pussy though, she smelled strongly of sex.

After the movie we went home and had sex, or, I gave her a dose depending on your view.

That evening after Tina showered she came into the bedroom nude to put on her PJs. I again looked at the bare pubic mound where her vagina used to be. I already missed having a normal woman. Granted I still loved Tina very much but this was a lot to handle. I also suspected that when it came time to have kids we would just miss her normal vagina even more. I can see why Tina's face vagina was designed to not get pregnant. I mean it's not like she could have a uterus in her brain or could carry a kid in her neck. No, her new vagina is only about fucking, not reproduction. My wife has no reproductive organs. She's basically a cum sucking junkie.

In some weird twisted way those ass hats kind of gave me an over-exaggerated men's fantasy. I have a woman who CRAVES sex three times a day, and never talks back. Maybe that's what the sick fucks were after all along when they dreamed up this modification in their sick fucked up little minds. I thought about how stories about genies or magic stones often had them granting wishes that were really curses. I felt like I had been cursed by a bad wish.

I gave my wife a quick peck kiss on her vulva and we both went to sleep.


Tina is face fucking me again, god I miss talking to her. Sometimes I feel she is more of a pet I share with other guys than a wife. I feed her in the morning. I talk to her, but she can't talk back. Then, she goes to other guys and gets her cravings satisfied off them. She's like one of those cats that "lives" at three different places.

She finds writing stuff down on paper to be a hassle, so when we are together she just makes a lot of hand motions. When my wife and I are apart from each other she sends me text messages quite often. She talks to me more when we are apart than when we are together. It's the only time we really communicate anymore. When she's texting me I get to talk to the witty, intelligent and wonderful woman I fell in love with. When she's home with me we usually just watch TV. I feel like I have a wife who's always away on business that talks to me only by text and a pet at home who only wants me for my "stuff".

Also, after having sex once or twice a day for a while, it really has lost its appeal to me. Usually, in the mornings I will just read the paper and munch on a bagel while my wife face fucks me after drinking her own blended up breakfast. A couple weeks ago she started grinding her clitoris/nose against my pubic bone REALLY trying to get herself off more often as she fucks. She told me in a text that orgasming while she's getting a dose helps her cravings stay away longer. I wondered if maybe one of her other male "donors" taught her that.

At lunch she sometimes comes over to my office (I'm three blocks from her work) and together we go into conference room 3C for a quick nooner IF I'm feeling up to it. Otherwise she will meet up with one of her other men for "lunch". People at my workplace know about our situation, and are mostly supportive. A lot of them still stare at her surgical mask knowing full well what's behind it. Even if they hadn't heard through the grapevine, there are usually pubic hairs poking out from it giving it away. That and the obvious "feminine" smell combined with her never talking anymore pretty much guarantee everyone we know is aware my wife has a fucking pussy on her face. On top of all that, one of Tina's past "donors" is a guy who works in my building. I don't know him very well, but I recognized him when he answered on of her ads and came over to fuck her.

In the evenings Tina usually cooks dinner for us, while I talk about my day. She can't talk back of course, but she nods from time to time. If she has something she needs to tell me she writes it down. I will eat with her even though she just sits there sucking the blended food in with a straw.

You should know at home Tina never wears her mask, so when I look back across the table at her I see her deformed face with two eyes sitting over a pussy surrounded by pubic hair. I can see her nasal slits at the top of her pussy pulse with her breaths, and I feel bad as I think about how my wife has to smell her own vagina all day every day. She really has been dealt a terrible lot.

Tina knows she can't eat solid foods anymore, but she insists on sitting at the table with me as I finish eating. I feel bad that all that tastes good to her now is cum. She insists she can taste the difference in whatever her "donor" had to eat earlier in their cum as it passes from her face vagina down to her throat.

As odd as it might seem to have me eating dinner while a vagina faced woman just silently stares at me sucking on a straw, we try to spend as much time together as we can before her 'donor' comes over.

Tina is happy as today her donor is John.

John is one of her regular donors, she met him through craigslist. He is a 20 year old African American man who goes to the local college. John and I have talked a few times briefly, but usually when he comes over he just gets down to business with Tina. He enjoys getting regular sex without all the hassle, and it gives him more time to study. Well, glad our tragedy can help someone, what the fuck?

Tina has about 20 guys in rotation, but mixes in a few new ones from time to time. I'm pretty sure one of the guys was Mike Thomason's wife, or at least a guy who looked a LOT like she did in that vacation photo. I am thankful that at least Tina is immune to STDs, because there is a lot of action on her vagina.

But of all the men who have fucked my wife's mutant face, I can tell Tina likes John the most. She never wrote it down or texted me that of course, but I can tell from her body language it is DIFFERENT when John comes over. It is also painfully obvious she REALLY likes sex with John. Whether she enjoys John more because of the sex or the taste of his cum, I don't know. But I suspect she likes the sex with him more than me. What makes me think that? She gets naked to have sex with John.

It is obviously completely unnecessary for my wife to remove any clothing to have intercourse with her new body. She almost never does, not even with me. Her sex organ is on her face, so even on a subconscious level she simply wouldn't associate clothing removal with sex, because her sex organ isn't ever covered by clothes.

The only reason I could come up with for her to remove clothes is if she is letting him grab her tits and ass. She wants his big strong hands running over her nude body as he pumps her "fix" into her. She hasn't presented her breasts or any other part of her beautiful body to me in a long time. She just uses her vagina on me to get what she needs.

Tina can no longer moan or make any noise, but I sometimes hear our bedsprings creaking and the occasional grunt from John or one of the other guys as they fuck my wife's face to give her a load. The sessions with John are always louder and longer.

One time John forgot to close the door, and I couldn't help but to sneak a view of the action from the hallway. It was very upsetting to see my wife totally naked and down on her knees using her face to give this strange man pleasure. I know she needs to get semen, but it is still sex too. I was saddened to see his big hands fondle the breasts I had not touched or even seen in weeks.

I couldn't help but notice John's penis is significantly larger than my own. What's more, his balls are enormous. I know my wife went out looking for men who could give her more "junk", and probably picked John as one of her regulars because of his huge testicles, not his huge cock. As he slid his huge member in and out of my wife's facial vaginal opening I could actually see the outline of the head of the penis moving up and down her throat! John gets to use more of my wife's vagina than I do.

Seeing her take that monster explained something else I had noticed over the last few months. Tina's vagina is getting stretched out. It was bound to happen to any pussy getting fucked constantly, but well hung studs like that only made it worse. She felt loose to me now. What's worse, she probably doesn't feel me as much anymore, hence the clit rubbing she's taken to doing on me.

Then to add insult to injury, I definitely noticed Tina tensing up with orgasm a couple times during her session with John. She almost never orgasms when she has "sex" with me anymore. I stood there until John grunted and emptied his large load into my wife's face. I saw her vaginal throat busy swallowing his considerable amount of semen. It was very disturbing to know that not only do other men give your wife more sexual pleasure, but they satisfy her other needs better too.

Speaking of sexual pleasure, I dearly love my wife but I miss sex being SEXUAL with her more than anything. It's not JUST the breasts for John but not for me type stuff, it's more than that. Granted fucking Tina's face pussy still felt good even though it is getting stretched out, but sex had become so routine now. I also missed being on top of her and kissing her as I made love to her. Hell, I actually missed kissing with my mouth. Tina always wants me to "kiss" her now, but it's not really kissing. I have never dared tell her this, but since her face vagina gets fucked three times a day it always has a very strong "feminine" odor and constantly reeks of sex.

I have a feeling she is very aware of all this, and keeps insisting on me kissing her nasty used pussy face to prove I still love her DESPITE her having a nasty well fucked pussy on her face!

The part of my life I probably hate the most is in the evenings after John leaves. It starts with her putting her clothes back on. She takes her clothes off to see John, but puts them ON to spend time with me.

Then, not only has my wife just been fucked by a big dicked stud but the cum soaked well fucked vagina he left behind is on her FACE for me to look at all night long. I have to LOOK at the evidence of another man being intimate with my wife for the rest of the night. And now, since her pussy is getting stretched out and doesn't close properly anymore, oftentimes some of John's cum will slowly dribble out of her pussy throughout the night as we are watching TV or doing whatever. The cum will then get stuck on her pubic face hair. I really wish my wife would wear her mask at home.

And of course, when we go to bed she always leans over to "kiss" me. I usually try to get by with a quick peck on her vulva but then usually she INSISTENTLY leans in again until I fully "kiss" her. I have to stick my tongue into her vagina which just got fucked a few hours ago and still has a bit of John's cum in it! It's very disgusting. But then, a lot of things in life are disgusting now.

We searched for other women who have had this modification both in our area and on the internet. My poor wife is the only one we know of. Of course we don't advertise her new body, so I doubt anyone else does either. I sincerely doubt that one of the Infamous Five came up with this very extreme and undoubtedly complex program just to use it on one person. I found several other ads on craigslist that were eerily similar to my wife's. I almost called them, out of curiosity I mean.

I hate the Infamous Five with a burning white hot passion. No punishment could possibly be enough for what they have done to my wife and all the other victims.

Infuriatingly, not only have they not been caught, their attacks are getting worse, and BIGGER all the time.

Multiple small towns in Nebraska were reporting men shrinking down to three feet tall and losing most of their muscle mass while women grew to an average height of 7 feet tall and developed enormous muscles. This attack was uniform across all adults in the community, there was no attack at a gathering or public area like in previous attacks. Many of the victims had not even left their houses on the day they got their P rash.

Shortly after that, in the biggest attack yet, the ENTIRE adult population in the city of Seattle Washington had male/female genital swaps like the one that happened to 40 people in New Orleans a while back. Only children under an approximate age of 15 and women who were already pregnant were spared. People all over the country were in a panic all over again because this attack wasn't just some dipshits with TV remotes zapping strangers in a crowd. This also wasn't a sign of them driving around town in unmarked vans. Their technology could now strike entire cities! All the hundreds of thousands of people in the greater Seattle area now lived in a reality where girls have a penis and boys have a vagina. Who knows how this will affect them or their community?

Just last week they also had on the news that all of Cleveland, Ohio now had reversed INTERNAL genitals like David and Susan Morrison. They expect a baby explosion to come out of Cleveland in about 9 months due to the hyper-fertility of internally swapped genitals. I briefly considered trying to talk Tina into getting a Cleveland woman to feed her need instead of John, but who knows if female produced semen is compatible with her mutant induced addiction. Besides, Tina probably wouldn't want to have to suck semen out of a woman's vagina anyway. At least if she did that though she would have some sympathy for what I have to go through when I kiss her!

I then thought to myself what would happen if John were to have sex with one of those semen spurting Cleveland women? Between her cum and the cum from his huge balls it would probably be that Ron Jeremy and Susan Morrison cartoon come to life! Wait, why was I thinking that? All these odd shifts in society caused very strange thoughts!

A couple days ago Tina forwarded me a Cleveland baby boom story about early adoption registration, suggesting we adopt one. They were waiving the adoption fees for early registrations. We have been upset since Tina has lost her "lady parts" that we can't have children. Her new face vagina is for fucking, not breeding. Tina has no uterus to carry a child in.

We have always wanted a daughter. But what sort of upbringing could we give that poor child with our situation? Her mommy would be a scary vagina face woman who couldn't talk to her and was always out with other men or bringing them home.

And then there would be HER situation. When she got older and asked about the birds and the bees, how could we explain her changes to her when no-one really understood what happens when a young girl with a vagina and testicles enters puberty? I mean surely our daughter would know something was amiss when sex-ed and other girls at school talk about first periods, and she starts oozing white stuff instead!

Fuck, with these new wide area attacks, they would probably have to change sex ed. what WOULD sex-ed be like in 15 years? Girls with penises, girls with internal testicles, face vaginas, guys with boobs, people with animal parts etc etc.

Today the city of Birmingham, England was reporting P rashes appearing on many of its citizens. One of the infamous 5 was in England now. The attacks were going global.

Oh my god. This has gone from a college prank to a WORLDWIDE pandemic in under two years, and it's getting worse, not better. The very fabric of humanity was being altered at an alarming rate. Slowly but at an ever increasing rate these alterations were being passed on to the children of these mutants, who would become a part of future generations. Some mutations produced children at much faster rates than others, which could also come into play down the road. Our bodies, our sexuality, our communities, our offspring and our very way of life were all playthings to 5 asswipes who stumbled upon the power of Gods.

Humans evolved over millions of years into forms that until two years ago were all pretty much the same. Our history shows that even those tiny differences caused most of our hardships and wars. Now humans were being remade into hundreds of wildly different variations practically overnight.

Only time will tell if we can join together to face our new challenges, or if this will be the fall of us all.


Re: Infamous 5

"I5: Little Monsters" by Monsta

My wife Wanda and I knew the craziness we had been witnessing on the news would not stay away from our small Florida town forever, especially when we found out we had gone to the same high school as one of the Infamous Five. The hometown my wife and I shared with that criminal deviant was not even 50 miles from our current home. At least we hadn't been in the same class as the sick little bastard; Wanda and I were two years above him, so when we were seniors he still had been a sophomore. In fact, I only specifically recall seeing him once, when one of my buddies had pushed him into a locker rather hard for "gawking" at his girlfriend. He had been an awkward little spaz back then, and now that he had access to untold dangerous technology, he must be almost literally an angry little monster. My hometown feared he would one day return there, perhaps seeking "vengeance" against perceived wrongdoings. Even 50 miles away we didn't feel safe, but then again nowhere was safe anymore.

In spite of all this, we were still very surprised when my wife first found her P-rash, not only because I didn't have one, but no one else in town had reported one either. We also hadn't gone anywhere recently. One of the sick fucks had come through town and targeted my wife specifically. Or maybe she had just been unlucky.

In any case the fact she was an isolated target was extremely bad news because it meant my wife was probably one of their little "experiments". I had read somewhere before that the Infamous Five did this quite often. When they came up with some sick new transformation they would first try it out on just a person or two. Even their first multiple breast change had been tried out on just a couple girls before they hit the whole campus. Maybe it was the sick little shit we had gone to the same high school with, maybe not. At this point it didn't matter. One of the Infamous Five was using my wife as a guinea pig, using her body to try out some "new code" to see what would happen before they tried it out on a larger group!

They say the first couple days after finding a P-Rash are the worst, knowing something would happen to you, but having no idea what it would be. Some changes have been as simple as giving women in a small town in Connecticut incredibly elastic vaginas or even a case where a few guys in Wyoming got over sized feminine nipples. Seriously, they got hit by the Infamous Five and all they got were big womanly nipples and aureola you'd normally only see on a fat woman with huge tits! They didn't even get the female boobs like some guys did, just the nipples. On the other end of the scale of course, people have been turned into things... unearthly and unspeakable.

As I held my wife in my arms trying to comfort her sobs, I couldn't help but look down at her beautiful body and wonder what she would become. Whatever it was, odds were she would NOT have the beautiful body I had fallen in love with all the way back in high school. My wife was gorgeous; I had thought so ever since I first sat across from her in sophomore English back in high school. It took me three months to work up the courage just to ask her out on a date. She was about 5 foot 6, with long natural blonde hair. She had the fair creamy skin of a redheaded woman she had picked up from her mother's side. Her nose was slender, her cheeks were ever so slightly rosy and her eyes were bluish grey. She had decent C cup breasts that had the delightful teardrop shape with puffy pink nipples most men dream of finding. She wasn't skinny, but she was still slender with the hint of an athletic build that had faded only ever so gradually since we got married a couple years ago. She had been on the track team in high school, and still worked out when she could but given her job hadn't been as often as in the past.

My wife was pretty much inconsolable for the first day after she found the rash. Understandably, she was an emotional wreck as she struggled to accept her awful fate not even knowing fully what that fate was. Using the new PVLA (Programming Victim's Leave Act) my wife took a leave of absence from her job at a local law office where she was a legal secretary. She decided she would hide out in the house and await her fate.

I secretly hoped Wanda would just get an extra set of boobs like those original victims had. However, that seemed unlikely as the DNA warping terrorists had "moved on" to bigger and more diverse things since then.

Less than 48 hours into her PVLA leave I heard my wife in the bathroom crying yet again one morning. Opening up the door to try to console her again I immediately saw this time it was different. Several bald batches were evident on her head, and as she ran her fingers through her wet hair some more came out in her hands.

I remember her wet beautiful eyes looking up at me in shock and fear as she said to me while crouching the bathroom floor, "Oh Frank, Jesus, my hair is falling out. I'm, I'm going bald!"

Over the next two days my wife's beautiful blonde hair continued to drop out in clumps. Before long it was all gone, leaving her totally bald. Actually witnessing my wife's hair falling out and then seeing her bald head each day really hit home the fact that this was no longer some far off news story, this was getting all too real. My wife's very DNA had been rewritten. She was transforming into something new and unknown.

For a while we didn't notice anything beyond her baldness. If this was all that was going to happen, a simple wig would be enough to hide the reprogramming.

But of course, her changes did not stop there.

On night a couple days later as we were doing the common practice of inspecting her naked body for signs of changes we both noticed that her clit was swollen, which is a VERY bad sign from what I had read. It almost always meant the impending growth of a penis.

We were BOTH obviously upset over that unwelcome find, but as we looked at her nude body in the harsh bathroom lighting we saw that something else, something even more strange was going on. Her normally milky white skin was starting to look rather dark. However, she wasn't getting an African aka "black" skin tone though, because it wasn't brownish pigmentation forming on her skin but rather it just looked..darker. If it looked like any specific color, I would have had to say it would be green.

"My god Frank, what the hell am I becoming?" She asked me aloud as she looked over her odd new skin color.

Over the next couple days her clitoris continued to grow, until there could be no doubt that my wife was going to have a penis. I had initially still had hopes she would end up a hermaphrodite like the women in west Memphis, but as soon as her vagina started to shrink I knew she would ONLY have a penis. I was truly startled though by how fast her vagina withered out of existence. It just sealed up over a 48 hour period and then faded into nothingness. I never even got a chance to use it one last time. My wife's very womanhood was just suddenly gone and we were left knowing she would soon have a fully functional male cock. Never again would we be able to make love as man and wife. I had to accept that my wife would be male, FULLY male from now on. By the end of that week her enlarging clitoris/cock was already about four inches long and still growing. Her labia swelled and drooped around the smooth patch of skin in her groin that had once been her vagina as it slowly became a scrotum for what would eventually be her new testicles.

Then my wife suddenly stopped involving me in her daily "inspection" sessions, simply saying she didn't want me to see her like this. I was afraid she thought I was already preparing to leave her or something just because she wasn't a woman anymore. I had to admit I found her new body increasingly LESS attractive as her transformation went on, but I DID still have genuine love for my wife. With my access to her body now gone, the only way I knew she had actually transitioned into full manhood was when I clearly heard her pick the toilet seat UP to piss one day.

It was about this time my wife altogether stopped being "intimate" with me in any way. She was becoming increasingly withdrawn as her body slipped further away from what it had once been. Whenever I attempted to be intimate with her anyway she just pulled away. She was obviously ashamed of her new penis and her ever changing body and wanted to hide it from me. No matter how hard I tried to be a "good" husband and reassure her she just brushed me off. She mostly sobbed and sulked a lot.

I knew my wife was now male, but even with her body now always hidden beneath heavy clothes I knew the changes to it were far from over. My wife wasn't JUST becoming a man, she was becoming. . something else as well.

Her skin continued to darken, and it began to take on even more of a green hue. By the end of the month after she got her rash my wife had developed dark green skin that had a sheen like smoothness to it. Her eyes became yellowed, and had slits not unlike cat's eyes.

Next, I saw her ears began to expand and they took on a pointed tip. Her voice was also changing; it at first just began to crack sometimes when she spoke but before long it was as deep as a man's voice. Oh hell, I hate to admit it but it WAS and still is a man's voice. Even her face was changing, becoming less feminine and more masculine. It was not long before the very face of my wife was not something that I still recognized.

Lastly, her entire body actually began to shrink, going from 5 foot 6 to about 4 foot 6. But as she shrank though her arms, legs, and feet seemingly gained in width what they lost in length. My wife was becoming VERY muscular. Her pants quickly not only became too long for her shorter legs, but they also became too tight for her ever expanding muscles. She took to wearing only baggy sweatpants that could contain her new bulky and stocky legs. Her arms looked like they could curl a Buick LeSabre! I had no doubt my wife was far stronger than I was now, I had to try very hard to not piss her off.

My once beautiful and delicate wife was now a short muscular green creature with big pointed ears. Not an animal, but not a human anymore either. From the massive bulge in the front of her sweatpants she was also an extremely well-endowed MALE creature. If I had to say she looked like anything, it would be a goblin from mythology.

It had been a while since I had noticed any outward changes in my wife's body, and she confirmed the madness was finally over by just blurting it out one day over dinner. I had expected her to be somewhat relieved, but she mentioned the news she hadn't changed in a while like she was saying she had seen some unknown person's dog get run over. She was not only sad, but also withdrawn and disconnected from that sadness. She often discussed her changes almost like they weren't happening to HER; I assume it was one of her coping mechanisms. Maybe she had held out a desperate fool's hope that she would just keep on changing and changing until eventually she was a woman again. She was no doubt depressed at the sudden permanence of her new body. I imagine she thought there's no point in being happy her changes were done after she had already gone through such an extreme change. And with the transformation finished it brought finality to the fact she would be like she is now forever.

I had to try to cheer her up...somehow. I looked right at the strange green creature I was married to sitting at the other side of the table and said, "Wanda, I..I don't know how to say this but, I'm happy you're done changing. I know it's probably hard to think about it right now, but it COULD have been worse. I also want you to know I still love you, and I hope you'll always be my wife."

She chuckled sarcastically at my attempts to console her, "Oh REALLY Frank? I'll always be your wife? Have you SEEN me lately? I'm NOT your wife I'm a fucking gremlin or something. I'm not even a person anymore. Shit...I'm not even female anymore! Frank, my pussy is long gone! How can I be your WIFE if I'm not even a woman? Whether you accept it or not I'm a man now. So technically I'm not really your wife anymore, I'm your husband. Or, wait, no, I take that back, I'm not a man I'm a male SOMETHING now. Ha, maybe I'm your pet!"

She was bitter and taking her frustrations out on me, but I still pressed on. "Wanda, you are not a creature. You are still my wife, no matter what those fuckers did to your body. I want to help you get through this."

She just made "tsk" sound and tersely replied, "Damnit, Frank, why are you even still with me? You can't possibly still be attracted to me. What will it take for you to realize I'm not ME anymore and run off like I know you're going to?"

"Wanda, please. I'm not going anywhere. We can get back to how things were between us, it'll just be a bit different now and.."

"For fuck's sake Frank, DIFFERENT? Do you have ANY idea how big my cock is?!? It makes yours look like a pinky finger! Do you really expect me to believe you're going to suck it for me or something? It probably won't even fit in your mouth! Do I have to take it out and lay it on the table for you to accept that I have it? Will you still want me then? Huh? You want me to spray your face with a load of my hot male semen?!? Hmm? Would you finally run away screaming from me then?"

I was a little startled by that rather blunt revelation, I had to admit. I actually was a bit worried that finally seeing her apparently enormous erm, cock would give me doubts about our relationship. But I tried not to show it and replied, "Wanda, I know this is hard, but it's over now, whatever your body is now is what it's going to be. We can't do anything about it. You are what you are and I..I will deal with whatever that is. We both will, together."

Wanda seemed surprised I hadn't actually run away screaming after she told me she had essentially a third leg tucked in her sweatpants. She looked right at me with her big yellow eyes and asked me with a deeply pleading tone, "Do you REALLY still love me Frank, even with me being what I am now?"

I answered "Yes" of course, but the truth was, deep down I thought she just might be right. How could we stay together with her being what she is now? I could maybe handle her having a dick but if she really has some enormous green schlong between her legs now, what would I even DO with it? I knew she was still my wife on the inside, but her outside was well beyond anything I had even imagined encountering prior to when those five bastards began fucking with the world.

But I know my wife was more than just her pretty body; she was and IS a person that I loved dearly. I wanted to be with her, but I didn't know if I COULD be with her. Not only were we the same gender now, but we were seemingly different species.

Her sad yellow eyes continued to stare at me so I added, "Wanda, I know your new body will be, well, a lot to deal with but you can't just give up on us like you have been. You have to at least give me a chance to accept the new you. Of COURSE I don't know how big your...um..cock is because you haven't even let me see you naked in over a month! We have to at least TRY to be intimate with each other. You have to at least give me a chance to accept your new body."

"No!, She yelled out in her disturbingly deep voice in-between sobs "I don't want you to see me like...THIS! I want you to remember me the way I was! I'm just a fucking freak now Frank, a disgusting freak!"

"Wanda, no, those sick bastards only changed your body, inside you are still YOU. No matter how big you dick is, or how deep your voice has gotten, or how big your muscles are now after everything inside you are the same WOMAN I married. You'll always be that woman, everything else is just physical. I mean it when I say I still love you and I want to try everything we can to make this work."


Re: Infamous 5

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/51068839/
Note: This is pillas' own contribution to the series. It is a direct sequel from this section of the story:
https://legendsofbelial.net/viewtopic.p … 4487#p4487

The Infamous 5: The Cafeteria

Life moved on however, no matter what terrifying new changes were in store for the inevitable downfall of the human race, humans still had the audacity to carry on their simple little lives like such good little sheep.

Humans were surprisingly adaptive, able to cope and deal with even the most harrowing of situations, even those that just never seemed plausible in any sort of reality. Every morning he woke up next to my wife and was a constant reminder of how easily mutable reality and humanity truly is.

My wife seemed to pass on her condition in stride really, she even seemed generally happier than before. I missed hearing her voice, I never dare tell her that though. I missed hearing her make stupid jokes and giggling on my own, I missed kissing the lips I fell in love with on our wedding day. I missed making love to my wife like on our honeymoon and how it was something special between us. These memories lingered in my head constantly, daily, hourly every time I saw her face.

She had been going to group therapy sessions, learning sign language at the adult center, engaging in support charities and foundations for others who had been changed. She tried desperately to make me go to one of the spousal support groups to help those who are afflicted but still wish to remain with their loved ones. He hated them, he hated the pitiful people they had become, he hated what he had become and what he tolerated. But he had no choice, those monsters had mutilated his wife and forced her to become what she is now.

I had lost my job nine months ago. I told my wife they had laid off the entire former staff and that there wasn't anything I could do, and she supported me. I couldn't bear to tell her the truth. I had been slacking off at work ever since my wife began to see her clients daily for her breakfast and lunch. I'd face fuck her for in the morning before I left, but I was never enough to fuel her for the morning so she always had an A.M. client set up for her. I would always leave work knowing that I'd see some smug, or slimey asshole stroll up to my house with the biggest shit eating grin on his face, look me in the eye as he did so and either give me a thumbs up or laugh in my face. I despised it.

I was powerless to do anything about it though. She needed to eat semen like I needed to breathe, it was essential to her living. If I told her how much her new lifestyle affected it me I dont know what her reaction would be. She'd probably leave me. I've become increasingly paranoid and delusional now though. It's not uncommon to come home from searching for work to find my wifes face deep in some random strangers crotch, her eyes noticing me and giving a little wave as she was fucked deeply and drank in the cum of some smug prick. They always acted like I was the luckiest guy in the world, always complimenting my wifes performance and giving me little pointers.

It was six months of being jobless when my wife approached me with an idea of hers. She proposed something that shocked and stunned me. However to her it was only rational and made perfect sense.

It's been nearly a year and half now. I still don't have a real job, but I make enough good money nowadays that it doesn't matter if I do eventually get one. My wife had been getting deep into the charities and organizations to help the change when she came up with an idea similar to those internal gender swap clinics set up to help those afflicted with the men who ejaculate female eggs and women who ejaculate male sperms. They offered eggs and sperm to alternative couples who couldn't get pregnant or become surrogates in a way. They made a hefty profit off of their business and it was beneficial and supportive of all parties involved.

My wifes idea was a little less refined than that though, she figured that she could use her affliction to her financial advantage. At first I was stunned at her proposal, but after a week and the bills and the mortgage getting ever more late I could do nothing but agree to it.

I had become something I never would have dreamed of when we first shared our vows, I had become My wife's pimp. She had been "talking" with her clients about her situation and how it would have to change. Most of the clients were old co-workers of his or hers and even old friends, and friends of their friends or people who had answered the craigslist ads. She offered discounts to those who she had been feeding off of since the beginning. Most her clients abandoned her, calling her a whore while doing so. I quickly intervened whenever that happened and ended up fulfilling the typical pimp role in our relationship.

She was happy, her customers were glad to pay her generously cheap fee and I scheduled and booked appointments according to her appetite and mood. She worked full time at the COC (communities of change) charity as one of the local managers as I alerted her to incoming customers. She even managed to get a legal license as a sex vendor because it was a crucial element of her condition.

It wasn't a secret what his wife was doing for money now and it was the worst thing I could ever imagine when even women and his neighbors would voice their support at how his wife had "overcome" her mutation and made it work for her.

He couldn't stand it. His wife had become more assertive, more cheerful, more independent. What was he useful for? He was just her pimp, or just another penis for her suck on. They didn't have sex anymore, it was mechanical and cold. She even treated him like nothing more than a piece of meat. He would wake up to his wife face fucking his cock, having coaxed it to erection in his sleep. She didn't even wake him anymore he would get off in her face and she would eagerly suck it down as she casually cleaned her pubic beard and dressed for her workday without even acknowledging him, he was simply a quick breakfast for her.

Everyday I grow more and more resentful. I've begun to engage in dangerous activities now. Things that could very well paint me as a target in the eyes of the I5. It wasn't uncommon to hear about rogue groups, or militias that sprang up as a result to combat the Infamous Five. The government so far was powerless or ineffective at best at trying to uncover the patterns or who the I5 really were. They were elusive and always looking for opportunities to set an example to those who boldly challenged them.

A group calling themselves Defenders of Humanity had sprung up in the wake of the first city wide attacks, declaring open war on the I5. They were composed of local militias, ex-military and even a few mercenary groups. They declared they would stop at nothing to expose these terrorists and bring them to justice for all the world to see. It wasn't surprising to see how much support and media coverage this gained the Defenders of Humanity, however their new celebrity status would be their downfall.

It was during a benefit rally, a gathering of nearly every member of DOH in the entire country in Washington D.C. that the Infamous Five struck. The thousands of people marching in the streets had soon developed P-rashes. Panic spread quickly and the peaceful march became a riot. A very short lived riot, the I5 wanted to make an example of the DOH and any others that dared to oppose them, their changes were cruel and swift. Washington D.C. was flooded with nearly a hundred thousand new changed citizens all sharing the same horrible fate.

The I5 had changed them in a way to make them completely harmless and unable to ever continue mounting any form of resistance. Hundreds of thousands of confused and angry female holstein cows flooded the streets of Washington D.C. Each of them sporting an abnormally large milk filled udder.

After the DOH attack, all copycat resistance groups quickly vanished or ceased to exist. The fear of becoming cattle too much for them to bear. The chaos that ensued after the DOH attack was nothing short of astronomical. The large-scale change even affected the economy of the entire nation, the effort to care for these changed citizens and to differentiate, I.D. and care for the new gigantic herd of milk filled holstein cows had taken a huge chunk of the government budget. Farms had been built to house and "rehabilitate" them, their families were able to visit and even share a profit of their relatives' milk production. These were special farms that were very careful to ID their cattle to make sure none of them would ever be sold off to meat processing plants.

Needless to say, a lot of people gave up eating red meat for a long while. However, resistance groups didn't entirely disappear with the DOH attack. There were still a few underground movements who didn't parade around their activities. It was one of these that I became apart of. I was sort of an agent. I would help track new changes and record them in an encrypted database, the purpose was to track to the exact location of who and what was causing these changes. It was a risk, but damned If I didn't want a piece of those bastards after what they did to his wife, to his marriage.

It's been more than two years since my wife was modified, Nearly a whole year since I've been pimping her out to feed her new diet. She's become a more prominent member in the ever growing modified community, not just for her outstanding commitment to the numerous charities and foundations for the modified but also for her business set up to help those modified like her profit from their misfortune.

I had become tired of dealing with putting personals in papers or online, My wife had become frustrated when people would just answer the ads only to ogle at her modification and then become freaked out or scared or just laugh at her and then leave without payment or feeding her so she asked me to do something about it. I felt bad for her and relieved at the same time. It was the first time in months since my wife actually made me feel somewhat useful. My manhood was merely a snack to her now, no matter how much I came in her face it wasn't quite enough to meet her new dietary needs. She needed at least three or four large loads of semen a day or she became tired, dizzy and extremely hungry.

She explained to me once what happens when she gets really hungry, instead of getting an aching feeling in her throat and a rumbling of her stomach she feels an intense warmth develop in the pit of her stomach and travel gradually up her esophagus. When it reaches her throat it produces a feeling similar to when she used to get horny, only centralized between her eyes and not her legs. Her nose becomes super sensitive to smells and erects from it's clitoral hood, fueling her arousal/hunger. Her nose is fine tuned to detect the scent of any male in her vicinity, able to detect somehow the size and virility of any sperm producing organ in her sights just from the smell alone. Her mouth begins to water and she drools lubricant as her throat begins to ache and spasm in hunger. She says it makes her super aroused to go hungry, Her clit nose locked into a permanent erect state until she sates her hunger.

She explained to me that she was afraid of ever becoming so hungry that she would probably lose her mind. I shared the same concern so I bowed my head in despair as I put together a new plan to help her out.

I created a website and registered it with the local business authority in order to offer my wifes "services" to any paying local customer, any male or modified welcome as long as they pay a small fee. A full medical bio was put up about my wife's condition and how she needed to do this in order to live. Pictures of her modification and of her fully nude body were put up as well to those who offered "donations" or wished to become a part-time client. It started out small at first. Appointments were set up through the site after they paid the fee through a credit card, and he would work out the details of where they would meet to do the deed. My wife was grateful of the work I did and showed me extra appreciation that night of her first newly scheduled clients. She said they were wonderful people, and not like the sleazeballs she'd been sucking off for the past year.

As time went on the site grew and soon he was booking VIP appointments for an extra fee for those unwilling to wait three months for the next available open appointment.

What surprised me the most was how many of her new clients were actually modified themselves. I would often schedule appointments with a lot of women from a neighboring town who had been modified, large penises had replaced their vaginas and nipples giving them a total of three huge cocks each. A lot of their boyfriends and husbands left them after their change, leaving them with their own needs left unfulfilled. The site was soon flooded by requests for appointments with his wife by all these women seeking relief and comfort. My wife loved the new influx of customers and food, but asked me to only book one of the tri-dicked women once a day since they were very adamant at not only stuffing her face but "breast-feeding" her as well so to speak, which left her feeling stuffed and bloated. Soon the modified clients outnumbered the normal men on the site, even those modified from other counties and cities seeked out her services from word of mouth alone.

The site started to gather other attention as well, similarly sexually afflicted modified people started to write letters asking for employment or at least offer their services on the site as well. There were two other women from neighboring states that had the same mod my wife had who asked if they could possibly work alongside my wife. Soon our little business had grown, what was once just a side gig to provide money for us while I was laid off took off into its own full blown business.

The site featured bios of the three vagina faced women, my wife included as well as extra services from other "employees" we have featured.

There was the woman whose digestive system was modified so she could only ingest semen, like my wife and the other two women. However she got off easy as she looks normal enough besides her extra pouty lips.

There was another small asian woman that had grown an eternally erect eight inch penis that replaced her original pussy. However she had a pair of testicles attached to her dick the size of beach balls. She's often seen using her own balls as a seat since they're very large and durable. My wife was ecstatic when I "hired" the little asian girl with the humongous balls, and enjoys feeding from her as often as the other girls. It's strange, instead of an office water cooler the girls usually hang around the little asian womans large testicles and gossip with eachother in sign language while occasionally face fucking her permanantly erect dick. Sometimes I feel pity for her, but she's happy enough and she loves the girls as much as they love her. The other condition with the little asian woman is that all that mass in her testicles had to come from somewhere during her modification, and unfortunately it came from her arms and legs. She's completely limbless, not even stumps are left over from when her body absorbed her limbs to create her new balls. She's always sexually frustrated and helpless to relieve the pressure in her testicles so I took pity on her plight and hired her. The girls are always willing to help and she has her own bio on the site for those interested in her, surprisingly a lot of young men love to pay to help her out.

Another employee that we hired was a thirty year old man. I was reluctant to hire him at first but after I heard his story and of his modification I felt I had no choice. This guy probably had it the worst of all of them so far. Through the site he told me of his condition, he was a normal average thirty year old married man below the neck, but above his collar bone his head had been altered drastically. Attached to his neck was not a normal male head but an obscenely large pair of firm jiggly female buttocks. No sign of his former head was left in the expanse of apple bottom booty on his neck, no eyes, no mouth, no nose. He explained that there was indeed an extra anus on his face that had replaced his nose as well as a small tight upside down female pussy located just below it. His digestive system was similar to my wifes as well as the only thing he could ingest was semen, he said it didn't matter which orifice was used however and in fact preferred to "take it in the nose" as he called it. His original genitals remained and he was happy to help feed the girls as well while offering his own "services" to be met.

The last employee was a recent hire, she was a twenty year old girl. I was shocked that the I5 would drastically alter such a young girl until I found out her true story. She wasn't always a twenty year old girl, in fact she used to be a tall muscular man of thirty five. When her modification happened she lost nearly two feet in height giving her the miniscule stature of four foot five inches. She explained why she needed to work for the site as part of her modification included a clothing allergy, making her body itch and rash terribly if any clothing came in contact with her skin. And the other condition was that she could feed off of orgasms. Her metabolism has been rewired drastically, her body is locked in a constant state of intense sexual arousal. She described it as feeling like you're having sex every second of the day and just at the very peak of climax without ever going over. Masturbation only adds to her frustration and her body needs to orgasm in order to live. She doesn't ingest semen like the other girls, she feeds off of the sexual energy of her partner during sex and converts that into sustenance for her body somehow. She's a living sexual battery. The only way for her to climax is to engage in sex acts with another person, man or woman or whatever they may be just so long as there is body to body contact.

Even though my wife face fucks me daily, she has encouraged me to also help out the girls in their needs whenever I want to. She's encouraging me to fuck her friends and co-workers, it would be an absurd gesture if only what we were doing was just as so.

I've gotten more requests to sort through now, more and more modified people are requesting employment now and I've got to distinguish those from just people who want to pay to have sex and those that actually need it to live.

I had been neglecting my duties with the underground resistance against the I5 ever since the business had been taking off and completely forgot I was ever a part of it. My life was going to take a drastic turn once again after a mole had alerted the I5 to our past tracking attempts and the I5 were on a path of revenge to personally attack all those associated with the underground resistance, my name and address still was one among thousands in their now I5 hacked database.

I ended up buying a warehouse out in the industrial district. We had taken on more employees and more income than we could handle in such a short amount of time.

I had given our business an official name. The Cafeteria, my wife thought of it, said it was a proper name for the people that worked there although the concept was sort of in reverse so to speak.

Speaking of my wife, we've sort of grown a bit distant, the only time we even interact anymore is when we go to bed and she uses me to get her bedtime snack and a small bit of breakfast in the morning. She rarely even tries to start conversations anymore and I feel like I'm sleeping next to a stranger. It's been nearly two years since she was last romantically intimate with me. I feel as if she only stays with me out of some strange obligation she feels because we're married.

I've actually started seeing Mindy more and more behind my wife's back. Mindy was one of our first hires, she was the woman whose digestive system was changed to only ingest semen and her lips were large and swollen. Besides a slight lisp however she was an extremely intelligent person to talk to and I found myself falling in love with her the longer I spent time with her. I now craved to hear her speak about anything she had to say, I was in love with her voice. I guess the mind wants strange things once you've become deprived of it for so long. I felt guilty and ashamed every time I snuck off during Mindy's breaks and asked her about her day or what book she was reading just so I could hear her voice.

Mindy was a physics major in college before her change, a shy bookish girl with barely any sort of sex life. She was a shoo in for educational scholarships and won awards with her groundbreaking thesis papers. When she was changed it had ruined her life. She thought of suicide often while she forced herself to perform blowjobs on the teachers and classmates that were once proud and jealous of her. Mindy was distraught at how quickly people tried to take advantage of her new affliction, her intellect meant nothing to them, people now only saw her as nothing more than a cocksucking slut. She ran away from her home and school and found our ad online while looking for a meal and pleaded to me to hire her.

It was soon after I hired Mindy that the rest soon followed. I've added six new employees and the last one we hired was a good reason for us to expand.

It was shortly after I hired the young looking girl, who now referred to herself as the "energizer fuck bunny" that I hired two more afflicted people.

Samantha Jane was a mid thirties mother of four and doting housewife, She had been changed to become sort of like the male version of my wife. She was still a woman however her nose and mouth had sealed up completely and was replaced by a large permanently erect ten inch penis and a large pair of overfilled testicles. The penis resided in the spot where her nose once stood and the testicles where her mouth once was. Samantha had learned that her new face was very sensitive and just the jostling of her glasses perched on the end of her shaft was enough to send her over the edge. She had to have her glasses specially made with regards to her new appendage, however it still manages to set her off from time to time. Samantha was ashamed of her new endowment, and immediately hid away from her family in fear, she was ashamed of how she looked and how her new premature ejaculation problem would affect her family.

Samantha was worried how she could even breath or eat now that her mouth and nose no longer existed. She found however that she still retained a small pair of nostrils on either side of the base of her penis above her testicles. She felt her stomach turn painfully as she noticed a growing hunger and heat build up in her face. Her penis had become painfully hard and needy. It was after a very embarrassing trial and error that Samantha discovered how to eat in her new state. If she stuck the end of her penis in a liquid she could use what was left of her mouth muscles to suck up the liquid through her urethra. However no matter how many shakes and blended up foods she ate she still felt a hunger that ached from beneath her eyes.

It had been a week since her change that she went to her OBGYN to get a checkup and make sure nothing else had changed in her. Samantha had taken to wearing a large gray veil and hat to cover her change, it was obvious that something was wrong with her when they saw a woman walking around wearing a large veil but at least they wouldn't see her penis. It was while she was sitting in the stirrups that she started to become anxious, ever since she had entered the office she had been finding it hard to ignore the sensations emanating from her face. It was like her penis was getting harder and more needy, she felt extremely horny that beads of pre-cum literally dripped from her tip. She cried in frustration when she came all over the inside of her veil. As she calmed down however she felt her arousal grow more even after she blew her load, her throat pulsed with intense hunger as she smelt something spicy in the air. She was about to run out of the office when the doctor opened the door.

The OBGYN doctor was shocked at the sight before her, like many of her patients she was one of the afflicted by the I5, It was becoming more and more prevalent that people that were changed had come in to get themselves checked out. The Doctor however was also changed, a young woman in her late twenties she had been changed to have a large horny vagina in the middle of her cleavage with a large sensitive clit right underneath her neck. She was fascinated by this change and considered it pretty hilarious given her profession but took it in stride. When she walked in on her latest patient she was unprepared for what she saw. A woman who had a large penis growing out of her face trying desperately to remove herself from the stirrups while her face was covered in drying semen. The doctor moved forward in a hurry to try and subdue the patient and keep her from hurting herself as she grabbed both her hands when suddenly the penis faced woman stopped her struggling. The doctor stared down into the bizarre womens perverted visage when it once swift movement the women's head lunged towards her and impaled her penis right in between the glistening vagina in the doctors chest.

The doctor was taken off guard at the sudden intrusion and was paralyzed in shock at the sensation of being penetrated by a large fleshy cock deep in her chest, a sensation she soon found herself enjoying greatly. Meanwhile Samantha had finally learned what it is that she found herself so desperately hungry for, she could actually taste the delicious female lubricants in the Doctor's needy pussy all around her cock, she sucked some in with her urethra and the rest was absorbed right through the skin of her penis.

Samantha had spent nearly an hour as she face fucked herself in between the young doctors cleavage, the doctor had become a willing particpant to her patients eagerness a while ago. The doctor had climaxed many times from her vaginal bosom and had passed out while Samantha dragged the head of her cock around the doctor's breasts to suck up the stray beads of feminine cum. Embarrassed by her actions she quickly wrote a note apologizing for actions and ran from the OBGYN office.

She had found "The Cafeteria's" flier online and what we offered and sent an application and a plea for help. Samantha seems to have developed some sort of strange relationship with my wife and the other cunt-faced women. They love to take turns feeding from her and to have Samantha feed from them. It's often that I find that my wife sometimes doesn't come home at night and I'll often see her coming into work at the Cafeteria in a carpool with Samantha and the three other pussy mouthed women. I think they're becoming somewhat dependent on one another but I can't really find myself caring as I spend more and more time with Mindy.

The next employee we hired was a poor sap, I felt pity for him, her, whatever she is considered now. I guess he or she would be considered a hermaphrodite but the situation is kind of odder than that. She wasn't really much of a hire as more of a drop off and she doesn't get paid like the rest of the employees as she cant really care for herself anymore.

It was two days after hiring Samantha during opening while I wondered why my wife hadn't shown up to bed last night that I noticed a large blue duffle bag placed at the entrance of the warehouse's door. When I approached the bag however I was shocked as it started to frantically move. I stopped as I considered what kind of person would just kidnap a person and stuff them in a duffel bag and leave them.

I ran quickly to unzip the person from the bag. As I opened the zipper I was shocked once more by the musty smell that wafted out from it. It was like smelling the scene of an orgy, nevertheless I had to free whoever was in the bag. Unzipping the bag all the way revealed the form of the person inside.

Well person isn't really applicable anymore in her case, what was left inside was what looked like two female lower halves conjoined queen of hearts style at the waist, there was no head or torso or arms to speak of. In one of its two crotches there was a large dangling penis and testicles and below that a wet glistening set of vaginal lips. Besides the penis and balls there were no other defining male features. The pair of legs wriggled to and fro wildly as if confused. I got over my shock and helped it out of the bag as it struggled to stand on all four of its dainty feet, its ankles arching as if wearing invisible high heels. I stare at the sight of two lower bodies connected to each other as it gains its balance and wonder. The legs begin to slowly walk around as if studying its surroundings and wanders around idly searching, its asses jiggling enticingly. I look back into the duffel bag to find any means of identification, trying to avoid the parts covered in stray semen and sex juices. The only thing I find is a soggy vanilla envelope. I stare back at the legs as it walks around like some sort of bizarre cat-like creature. Inside the vanilla envelope is a barely legible letter with a simple sentence "Please take care of Steven '' and a picture of a young man and a woman smiling at a wedding.

Stephi is now sort of "The Cafeteria's" mascot, she gets booked her own clients and makes money for the cafeteria. She is looked after by everyone who works here, she is often seen lounging near Kila, the limbless asian woman with the giant cock and balls, massaging the woman's testicles on occasion and offering to relieve her needs. They have become very close, Stephi's behavior is almost catlike and it's hard to imagine the sexy pair of hermaphroditic legs as ever being a man once.

There are four more employees arriving today. All of their changes are similar and very drastic and I want to make sure they feel welcome here.

I had been anticipating these arrivals ever since I heard about the alterations to some poor women in Texas a while back. I kept tabs on them from time to time for my wife in case one of them somehow showed interest in our services.

The women were all altered similarly, I felt bad for them though since besides Stephi they were the most drastically altered victims of the I5 I've ever seen since the mass zapping during the washington rally, that reminds me I need to pick up some milk.

Unlike Stephi however they still retain their speech and hearing, whereas Stephi is all ass and cunts with no way of communication other than when she blindly rubs up against any person for want of affection. Stephi is fascinating to study, I wonder if the I5 had altered his mind or if there was any mind left in Stephi's body to have her act in such an animalistic way, her actions mimic that of a common house cat or maybe it's just Stevens way of coping with her new situation. Stephi uses Kila's enormous testicles as a makeshift bed every now and then when she's not seeing clients, Kila enjoys the companionship.

I watch Stephi curled up legs folded, knees facing each other on each of the bean bag sized testicles as the back door of the warehouse buzzer rings for entrance. I take a deep breath as I make my way towards the back door and greet the latest employees of the Cafeteria.

I'm greeted by a young man with a forlorn look on his face along with two other older men with similar faces. I greet them with a good morning but they only stare blankly at me with such pitiful expressions. I stand there awkwardly with my hand out for a handshake while I falter waiting for a reply. We stare at each other in silence for a few more seconds before one of the older men walks forward and looks me intensely in the eyes as if trying to read my expression.

"What is your name?" He asks, his voice is cold and hard which causes me to step back a bit. I stutter quietly and regain my composure.

"George Briggs sir" I answered. He stares hotly at my face as if engraving my name deeply into his memory.

"I'll remember that" He says cryptically as he turns away and takes his place behind the other older man. The sad looking young man regards me once again.

"I'm sorry about Samuel, he's worried about what we're doing. This was a hard decision to come to and you have to understand we still love and would do anything for our loved ones. It's just that financially we can no longer afford to...meet their special needs" The man struggled to say. As Samuel came forward once again and stood tense in front of me.

"I'll be keeping an eye on Carla daily, you hear me?! I expect you to abide by the details in our contract or else I will bring the hammer down on you so hard the entire state will feel it!" Samuel threatened while shaking a fist at me.

"Please sir, you must understand I didn't start this company for my own gains, in fact I'm the least paid person here! you must trust me when I tell you I'll abide by all the details and more in our contract. I serve not the people that pay for our services but the employees who work here" I explained.

"Bullshit! I know people like you. You dont think I've experienced this kind of crap before? It's not the first time I've seen someone try and exploit Carla because of her alteration. I've heard about the things they do to women like Carla and It's disgusting. What makes you so different?!" Samuel spat.

"Look sir, I don't know what you know about the Cafeteria but this entire organization was created as a way to help my wife who was also zapped. I did this entirely for her and when she started to organize community and charities for other altered people I felt it was my obligation to also help those with similar needs like my wife has. You can come in and ask any of my current employees how they are treated, They are free to leave any time they like but they choose to either live on premises or nearby because of how well they are treated and respected here." I offered as I motioned for him to come inside, Samuel looked at me with for once something close to remorse before his face hardened and he brushed past me tersely. The second older man looked up at me and smiled briefly before staring pitifully at a picture he held in his hands.

"Thank you sir...I know Gina will be in good hands it's just hard to let go of them, I've felt closer to her ever since her alteration but It's just gotten harder and harder to take care of our women...I wish I could do more for her...I...well..." He cut himself off as he struggled to say more.

"I'll just go get them, they're in the vans" The young man said before slowly shuffling towards two white shipping vans in the back parking lot. I couldn't quite see what he was doing in the van but he was taking a long time and I didn't want to rush him in whatever he was saying or doing, he seemed distraught enough as it is. The older man was staring intently at the picture in his hands as he held his grip tightly on the photo, I couldn't see it clearly but from the reflection it seemed like an old wedding photo. I felt for the guy and was about to offer some words of comfort when Samuel walked out the door. He walked towards me, and I braced myself before I was overtaken by a very tight and emotional hug. I stood there in shock while he started to weep into my shoulder.

"I...I'll call every day....please, I just want to keep hearing her voice...and If you ever need...need anything or, if she asks for anything don't hesitate to call me...I'll be here in no time" He cried into my shoulder, I stiffly patted him on the back and told him I would honor his wishes.

The young man came back and I soon got my glimpse of the women I had agreed to hire. At first glance calling them women or even human wouldn't make much sense since they no longer had any remaining feminine features or any defining human features either, besides one large human-like feature. That once feature made up their entire body in fact and it was very obvious what it was. Their entire bodies were restructured entirely until all that remained was what resembled a six foot long smooth human penis and testicles. It was truly the most bizarre sight even in this crazy I5 infected world. A literal pair of giant cock and balls was sitting in front of me and no less than four I was staring at in person.

Each of the giant male genitals had their own differences, the first one was a very dark tan with a light pink glans at its cock head. The second one was a very pale white and seemed to have a large mole on its right testicle. The third was a mocha brown color and the last one was just like the pale one with the difference being that while the other penises cockheads had the look of being circumcised this last one had its foreskin intact making for an even odder sight. I couldn't help but be slack jawed at the sight in front of me, it's not everyday you see a pair of giant human sized sentient dicks breathing right in front of you.

"James...I,...I'll missh You" A slurred female voice called out from the dark tan penis, its urethra moving oddly as it struggled to form words, however besides it's urethra nothing else moved. The young man who I presumed was James walked up to the dark tan penis and embraced it while he laid his head on its shaft and cried into it.

"I'm so sorry Gina...I'm so sorry" He cried, while "Gina" continued to try and sway his tears with her words of "I'll be alright" and "I'll always love you" It was a tender sight no matter how bizarre it seemed as he continued to embrace the giant dark prick. The older man moved towards the penis that was uncircumcised and gently peeled back the hood as if one would a veil at a wedding, obviously familiar with doing this before.

"I'll always love you Kayla...dont forget that. You'll always be beautiful to me no matter how you look. I feel in love with your soul...not your body" The man said gently as he craned his neck up and kissed the slit of the cock passionately and unashamedly. As he pulled back, I could only hear a small whisper of "I love you" come from the prick before its hood fell back over the glans of its head.

Samuel moved away from me and regarded the pale skinned penis and stared at it for a while before engaging it in the same strong hug he had given me. His hands had encircled the shaft as he rubbed its flesh affectionately. My eyebrows raised as I heard a cute feminine giggle from the tip of its cockhead. Samuels strong show of affection soon had another reaction, one that only comes natural when one strokes passionately at a penis. Carla's neck began to lengthen and harden slightly at Samuels strokes, a girlish moan was heard before Samuel gasped and stepped back. Samuel blushed and began to apologize to Carla before she shushed him and thanked him for his display of love towards her, her words slow and sluggish in her erect state. I couldn't help but notice though that the last penis with the mole was all by itself and no one to console it. The rest were preoccupied with their family so I took it upon myself to introduce myself.

I walked up to the large immobile penis and stared for a moment, how does one introduce yourself to a dick? I've become used to seeing the sight of penises nearly every time I walk into work now but seeing one at such a size and stature was truly something else. The women looked nothing more than a disembodied pair of cock and balls, no eyes or mouth were left but they could still hear and speak albeit with a lisp. I tentatively reached out my hand and petted its shaft before I pulled back, the skin was very warm and felt like my own penis would feel. The large dick made no movements, besides becoming giant phalluses they were also completely paralyzed, the only movements being when they became erect or when they became soft like any normal penis.

"Umm...Hello...My name is George, I'll be taking care of you from now on...can you tell me your name miss..." I trailed off and left the rest for her to pick up. The only response was a harsh female laugh.

"That's funny, calling me a miss, is that a joke" The penis said bitterly.

"I'm sorry, I don't know your name yet...I'm trying to get to know you" I explained.

"So what? You can use me like some pet? Like a sex toy for your amusement? Or like some perverted spooge cow? I know how you people are, no matter how many times Gina told me you would be different...you don't know what I've been through...WHat they did to me" She screamed harshly at me grabbing the attention of the other men.

"I keep asking for anyone, to just fucking end my life and kill me but no one has the balls to do it. HAHAHA I've got the biggest fucking balls and I cant do shit about it" She laughed. I stepped back as Samuel stepped forward.

"Michelle, Please calm down...I've been inside, they're different. I know that what you've been through can never be forgotten. I can't forget what I saw either...but I've seen them, I've spoken with the people in there...they are different...they'll honestly take care of you I swear!" Samuel pleaded towards who I now learned was Michelle.

"I trust you Sam, but...I...can't go through that again...It was too much for me to bear...please Sam, promise me that if something happens to me that you'll ...let me finally go...please Sam...don't leave me here without finally promising me that!" The penis yelled. Samuel looked down sadly, even though the cock had no eyes he was afraid to meet its gaze.

"I...I promise you Michelle, '' he swore mournfully. The exchange was intense and emotionally exhausting. I couldn't help but feel strongly about myself if I was ever in a situation like hers. The mood had gone very dark and I decided to break up the silence once more.

"Well. I promise Michelle that I'll do everything in my power to make sure you feel at home and loved...I'm more than sure You'll find our establishment to be nothing like you've experienced." I promised. Michelle however chose to remain silent. I sighed and began to explain our accommodations for the women and where they would be staying and how they would be taken care of.

As the men wheeled in the women on specially made carts I turned back to the empty parking lot and regarded an odd feeling like somewhere I was being watched. I saw nothing in the distance but empty parking spaces and abandoned industrial warehouses. I shaked off the feeling and went inside, not knowing that that feeling was the only warning I would get about my inevitable fate.