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Chronivac Version 4.0

This story is based on the Chronivac Diaries located at http://www.geocities.com/uniclock/stories.html. CHRONIVAC is copyright 1999 by Mark Kwestin.

TransDem Labs has just completed its newest version of the Chronivac Machine. Thanks to advances in technology the user can now use their Personal Computer to make changes to themselves or others.

Chronivac version 4.0 includes a CD-ROM that contains the altering software, a portable emitter, and a USB connection to a PC.

The portable emitter can be programmed with up to ten customizable changes that can be processed without the use of a PC (although higher detailed altering can only be made with the help of a computer). The portable emitter also contains a revert button to undo any changes made.

Connected to a computer the Chronivac program can now change almost anything imaginable both physically and mentally. The only main limitation is that only living things can be changed into something else living (excluding any type of plant). So a person can be altered into any type of human or animal.

When connected via PC you have the ability to scan any possible transformee to upload their personal information to make alterations easier.

Here is a list of major alterations that can be made: Age, Species, Gender, Nationality, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Body Sizes, Hairiness, and almost anything you can think of. Many mental changes can also be made; major mental changes include: Age, Species, Sexual Orientation, Perception of Reality (EX: transformee either knows that he has been changed or thinks that he has always been the what he is), and much more. Most alterations use a slider bar to control the change.

Alteration can be made through the software by selecting the feature to be changed from a list or by searching through the entire list at once.

Chronivac version 4.0 does not offer a preview of changes being made but will apply the changes once the save button has been pressed. If the save button is not pressed again within one hour of the first save the change will be reverted for safety reasons.

The Chronivac emitter will transform whatever being is in front of it and has a maximum distance of 20 feet.

Now TransDem Labs is looking for a possible tester for their new software and will send the program to a random person with no instructions on how to use it.

Who Does It Get Sent To?

*A boy


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jeff got his package in the mail, and opened it. He noticed the USB cable so he hooked the device up to his PC. When he installed the program the Device came to life. each of the 10 displays lit up The Computer screen read Please configure, Choose 10 options. There were a list of options Jeff looked through them, and choose a few that sounded interesting. Nationality, Age, gender, height, breasts, weight, chest, waist, hips, and legs. The Screen flashed configuration complete. in the 10 slots appeared the options Jeff had chosen and a number beneath that read 000 on all the slots. He unplugged the devicedand examined it. Along with the 10 options there were 4 other buttons off/on, Save, undo, and Unaware. The off and on Button and the Unaware button both had LED's ABOVE them to show status. Both lights were on.

Jeff pushed all of the option buttons but nothing happened. He heard a door slam and his little Sister walked in passing in front of him and went into the kitchen. The Device came to life, the word 'Scanning" came on then, all the option boxes changed from 000's to proper values. 'Holy shit it works.'
NOW what.

*Jeff Takes The Chronivac To The Zoo


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

A Fun Day At The Zoo

After a while of thinking what to do, Jeff decides it'd be fun to go to the Zoo and test the Chronivac there. Only problem is, how is he supposed to get all the equipment over there and test it out without raising suspicion?

“There must be a portable version of this program,” Jeff mumbles, “or at least a way to download it onto my phone”. The boy checks through the program, after a while of searching, he finds a section labeled, “transfer program to a portable device”. Jeff grins and clicks on the section, a message pops up, “please connect preferred device”. The teen takes out his phone, which is a Galaxy A52, and hooks it up to his computer. He follows the instructions, and in a matter of minutes, Jeff has the program downloaded and installed on his phone.

Jeff quickly puts on his shoes and grabs his phone, he then hurries downstairs, “MOM, I AM HEADING TO THE ZOO,” he calls.


“OKAY,” with that Jeff hurries out the house and runs to the bus stop, he gets on the bus and after a hour he arrives at the zoo.

Jeff gets off the bus, he walks to the main entrance and gets himself a daily pass, once inside, Jeff takes a few minutes to decide where to head to first.

*Jeff Decides To Head For The House Of Bugs


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Bugging the tour guides

Jeff didn't realize just how hot today is. By the time he made it inside the Zoo, he is dripping with sweat from standing in line underneath the scorching sun. So to cool off, he heads for the House of Bugs which he knows is always kept air conditioned.

Upon entering the building, Jeff sighs in relief and looks around. His phone vibrates and the Chronivac app opens up, marking everyone in the vicinity as possible targets, including himself. He thinks for a minute about what to do first. Then it hits him and he begins punching in his idea.

He selects all female staff workers inside the building that are actively working on the display floors and giving tours. Then he sets each one of them to become a hybrid of a nearby insect or arachnid. However he makes sure that reguardless of what they become, they still are able to perform their jobs, and that no one thinks anything differently about them, though only in the sense that the female staff being half bug isn't anything new. He sent the changes through and watched as several girls suddenly tore through their clothing as different body parts turned unhuman.

A tour guide for example, shredded her pants as a massive spider butt grew out and her legs split into 8 legs total. Another girl grew wings and a wasp tail and began hovering above her group. One girl fell to the floor as her body became coated in sturdy plates. Her head remained the same save for the long pair of antenna sticking out of her hair. And even though she now has the body of a milipede, with several rows of tiny breasts lining her underside, carrying her body around on their nipples like legs, she is still cheerfully leading her tour. One of the workers who greeted visitors has even become mostly butterfly, and is standing on top of her now 6 breasts, similarly using their longer nipples as legs, just like the milipede girl. She has wings for arms and no human legs to speak of either.

Then he saw something completely unexpected. Inside a newly added, massive display, a woman with a massivly extended ass and a second pair of arms was down on her hands and feet. She looked to be actually on display for some reason, and what's more, she was completely naked. She all of a sudden let's out a lusty moan and a pale colored egg pushes out of her pussy. Several thousand ants then suddenly swarm in order to move it underground and out of view.

The crowd watching her claps and moves on as the guide, a woman whose scorpion tail is poking out from behind her while her new lower set of arms have apparently made her shirt completely unwearable as she had no top on. If she hadn't been wearing a skirt, she likely would be naked too.

"Hello sir, care for a tour?" Asks a voice from behind Jeff. He turns and has to look up to see her face. It is the same pretty girl whose upper body is now seamlessly joined at her hips to the a massive spider butt underneath her. "I saw you were watching Anna's show. Are you interested in learning about her? Did you know that she lays about one of those eggs a day, and each one is filled with about 70-80 thousand ant eggs?"

"Wow, that sounds impressive" says Jeff awkwardly.

"Well, she is the Queen of our largest ant colony after all. My name is Rebecca by the way. Oh, and if you are wondering about myself, I am harmless as I don't have fangs to bite with and all I can do is spin webs" said the spider girl.

"That's still sounds pretty cool."

"I know right? I can even make all of my clothes too if I wanted to. But I haven't gotten around to fixing my uniform quite yet. So I'm sorry about my lack of clothing at the moment."

Jeff shakes his head "nah, its fine. You seem unbothered by it anyways and no one else seems to mind it or be bothered either." The two of them continue talking for a while and manage to hit it off pretty well with eachother. Jeff manages to muster up the courage to ask her out and Rebecca actually agrees to go out with him. They even set the date for tomorrow too.

Rebecca has to get back to work and says goodbye to Jeff. Jeff continues to walk around the House of Bugs for a bit more, then leaves for another location in the Zoo in order to find some new targets.

*To The Aviary


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jeff "enhances" the bird exhibit

The memory of Anna is bringing Jeff a few new ideas to try out. For one, she had been merged with the ant queen of all things, so her life has become focused fully around laying her eggs, to the point that she now is the main attraction in an exhibit, instead of just being a "normal" employee of the zoo.

Jeff continues meandering through the paths until he reaches the Aviary. He walks inside the large netted dome and into the open interior where several kinds of birds were able to fly around freely. Jeff nods to himself and opens the Chronivac app on his phone again. He finds 3 zoo employees are inside the Aviary at the moment and selects the pair of tour guides first.

This time, Jeff takes a while to be more specific about what their transformations will entail. The first girl, a 24 year old named Beth, Jeff set her up to have her arms and legs swapped out with the wings and feet of one of the many parrots flying around. He gives her a beak and sets her to shrink down to parrot size too, though still remain proportionally scalded correctly. However, to compensate for her smaller size, Jeff does give her the ability to fly. Lastly, Jeff changes her occupation to "exhibited creature/information distributor" instead of "tour guide".

The second girl, an 18 year old named Erika, is given the ability to lay any kind of bird egg, reguardless of species. However, in order to do so, she needs to have sex with that specific bird. Her eggs always will result in a hatchling of the same species as their father. And to ease things along, Erika now gives off an irresistible pheromone that randomly alters itself in order to attract a large variety of different bird species. Finally, he changed her body to now be covered in sky blue feathers, while patches of them would appear over her arms and thighs. Her feet will become large bird talons and instead of finger nails, she will have long feathers instead. She will be incapable of extended flight, but will be able to glide for a bit, and will be able to easily climb trees with her talons.

Jeff looked over the two targets once more. He adds a trait which allows both girls to become fluent in all bird languages and also sets Beth to have a set of male reproductive organs in addition to her female ones so that she too can impregnate Erika if she feels like it. Though her babies will only be normal parrots and not some human/bird hybrids.

Jeff sends these transformations through and selects the final employee, a man named Greg. He first turns Greg into a hot woman with very eye grabbing assets. Going off of this, he gives her a large peacock tail and very decorative feathers covering her hips, back, and arms. These feathers don't actually hide anything importaint, but do give the appearance of her being somewhat clothed. Jeff then adds the ability to mimic any bird song . And to make things interesting, Gretna will now only be able to move provocatively while using her feathers to emphasize her large chest and ass, while also enhancing the appeal her thin frame with a colorful background. Like Erika, Gretna will lay eggs, several daily as a matter of fact, though all of them will not be fertilized eggs. But she will always be able to do so, and will not be required to have sex first, like Erika is. However, Gretna will have a fetish for it and will often give public demonstrations to anyone who wants to watch. She also will be able to speak all bird languages too.

Finally, Jeff turns Gretta's feet into bird talons like the other girls have, only hers are not meant to be used to latch onto trees. Her backwards facing talon instead is used similarly to the heel on a pair of high heels. And because of this, her 2 rear facing talons aren't curved, but straight with a sharp 90 degree bend near the tip that points towards her other talons. The other 6 are still curved and are basically just larger versions of normal talons. And while she cannot use her new feet to easily up climb trees like Erika can, she can still pick things up with them, such as her eggs.

Gretta also will be incharge of maintaining the Aviary and entertaining the more mature zoo-goers with her myriad of erotic dances and her overall pervertedness. She technically now is considered to be an extremely rare species of bird and because of that, is allowed to do just about anything during her shows, even if she wants to fuck all of her adult audience members, regardless of their gender, and no one will find it odd or wrong. But Jeff does make it so that she is unable to actually reproduce with her audience. Now she requires a special procedure that only the staff in the veterinary clinic her at the zoo can preform.

Jeff sends Greg's transformation through and looks around to spot her, which isn't too hard to do. About 20 feet away, a man suddenly tears out of his uniform as his body becomes one which easily can rival any super model's. Her body then undergoes the rest of the edits in about 10 seconds. She begins to sing using a interesting mix of tweets and chirps with more human tones mixed in. It's something which no ordinary human can do at least. There is almost a hypnotic allure to it too, though Jeff isn't all that drawn in by it as he still is riding the high from successfully asking Rebecca out. However several adults seem to be and follow Gretta around the Aviary as she erotically dances for them all along the way.

To his left side, Jeff sees Erika bending herself over a rock and moaning softly while an exotic bird is fluttering madly just behind her ass. Clearly she is enjoying it. Then Jeff watches as Beth softly lands on top of Erika's ass and pecks the other bird away before she takes over fucking Erika. Jeff has to suppress a laugh as he watches the small parrot woman suddenly grow an erect human cock out from her pussy and then shoves it into Erika just as her rasin sized balls drop. Though they currently both are tiny when compared to his own, Jeff figures that if Beth were human size, her cock and balls would be seriously massive.

Beth too begins quickly fluttering behind Erika for a few seconds, then pulls out as a strand of her cum trails out of Erika's pussy a few inches before breaking. Beth takes a few moments to flutter then goes back in again for another round. This happens a few times until Beth has to land on top of Erika's feathery ass in order to catch her breath for a while. The two begin tweeting and chirping in many different sounds to each other. Sometimes a few human words will be used, but for the most part, they are sticking to some combination of different bird languages.

Jeff turns to leave once he understands that they won't be doing anything else than talking to each other for a bit. He manages to look just in time to see Gretta squat down and push out an egg that looks pretty similar to an emu's egg. She grabs it with a foot and then hands it to the closest person to her with a smile, being sure to flash her pussy in the process for everyone to see. The crowd cheers and Gretta then thanks them using normal words.

With that, Jeff feels that he has had enough of this place and goes out to find a new zoo location to mess around in.

*The Savannah exhibit


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Making the tour guides a bit more interesting

Jeff sauntered through the Zoo, coming out of the Aviary exhibit and straight into the Savanna tour section. He remembered this from watching a commercial about this Zoo, they offered a “Ride Through” of the entire exhibit. You could see all the animals in their simulated habitat from the comfort of a safari bus, which is more like a jeep attached to two tram carts. There were all kinds of animals just naturally walking around, some were confined to separate enclosures however like the predators. Elephants, Lions, Zebras, Gazelles, Giraffe, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Leopards, Snakes, wild boars and meerkats and all sorts of different animals that populated the Savanna’s.

Heading to the entrance he noticed one of the special tours was about to begin, noticing a large number of people boarding the tram carts attached to the safari jeep. He quickly ran over to the back of the queue, lining up behind the others. A pair of Zoo employees were ushering people into the carts, a tall buff looking younger man wearing tight brown shorts and a wide brimmed safari hat. Alongside him was an older woman, short, plump and curvy who looked a bit worn down compared to her younger co-worker. While the young man, whose name tag declared him as “Richard Daniels” smiled happily while securing the passengers into their seats. The older woman who’s name tag was “Daisy Daniels” just wiped the sweat from her brow and gave people a tired half grin.

Jeff rubbed his chin in thought, while casually glancing around at some improvements he could make to these two. He sees that the Safari Jeep is covered in a Zebra stripe print, and gets an idea.

Focusing his attention on Daisy, he decides to make some enhancements to her. Relieving her face and body of the ravages of time, while not actually regressing her age. She just has an overall youthful look to her now. Jeff smirked as he noticed that it had the added effect of improving her overall mood, having smiled a bit more for her more blemished and wrinkle free face. He did like the short stack look however and increased her assets while keeping her at the same stature. Licking his lips as he watched her breasts swelling massively against her khaki brown safari uniform, stretching the limits of their confines from within. He was surprised however as her outfit began to change alongside her growing assets. What was once a fully clothed safari jacket, had turned into a vest that barely held together in the middle from the near foot of cleavage that threatened to burst free at any moment.

Then the second half of her transformation began, her ass began to inflate at a massive pace compared to her tits. It broke through her shorts and Jeff could see the telltale Zebra pattern beginning to form. Like a beach ball inflating beyond its limits it grew to three times the width of her shoulders as it kept growing backwards and further beyond till two stubby limbs popped out from underneath it and quickly grew into large sturdy hooves. By the time her transformation had finished, she was a full fledged Zebra-taur. Everything from the waist down had been replaced with a full Zebra body. Despite being part animal however, it still retained her rather humann feminine -like curves of her ass. A rather juicy looking rear end with black and white striped ass cheeks that jiggled enticingly with every stomp or her rear hooves. Jeff could see the thick leathery folds of her black lipped zebra pussy, and it’s moist pink depths just barely covered by her short tail, and the cute little udder that resembled more of a pair of human breasts than a zebra mare. Jeff liked the look of this and decided to enhance her “udder” to the size and shape of the enhanced one that adorned her chest, leading to a massive pair of naked breasts with thick nipples jingling endlessly alongside her ass and exposed pussy.

Jeff was further excited when he saw that the jeep that led the safari tour had been completely abandoned and the carts were now attached to a harness that Daisy would wear. Making this tour much more interesting to him at least, he was eager to be one of the front row seats to get a chance to sit directly behind Daisy's harness as she led the tour.

“Richard dear, can you make sure all my straps are attached?” She called out, turning around at her waist, her vest doing a poor job of containing her massive tits.

“Sure thing mom!” Robert called out, ducking underneath his mothers Zebra torso and checking to make sure every strap that connected the trams was tight. Jeff saw this and got an idea.

Focusing on Robert, he quickly feminized him. Going from “Richard” to “Richie” becoming a nearly identical clone of her own mother, down to the size and shape of her breasts and the cute mole on her left cheek. However she was much taller, slender and younger than Daisy.

Before she could rise from underneath her mother however, Daisy bucked her hips and knocked her daughter face first into the ground. Bending her hind legs, Daisy hovered over her prone daughters ass it was presented into the air. Robertas clothes vanished suddenly, leaving her completely naked to the world. Daisy moaned lewdly, grabbing Jeff’s attention as her daughter's backside began to deform and her legs to dissolve into her thighs. Jeff was fascinated as he watched everything below Roberta’s waist warp and deform much like her mothers, only in a different method. Whereas Daisy was attached to a horse at the neck, Roberta was attached to a giant leathery sack at the waist. However a furry black white sheathe began to move up her body engulfing her until her entire body was enclosed and even her head was sucked up inside.

Daisy raised her back legs up, and brought the sack and sheath that used to be her daughter with her. The massive leathery testicles were nearly inches from the ground, and the sheath that nearly reached her front hooves almost touched the dirt below. Before Jeff could get a good look however, Daisy started to move forward. All of her assets jiggling too and fro uncontrollably, ass, both sets of breasts, that big juicy zebra butt and most off all her massive beach ball sized testicles and sheath.

Jeff’s eyes were glued to the top of the sheath as a pair of pink and black hands pulled it open from the inside out. What slowly emerged was a woman, whose skin was mottled a pink and black with a leathery looking skin. She had multiple viens running down her torso, some were throbbing and thick. She still retained her breasts, and thin waist. However her face and head resembled more of a mix between a human and a zebra with thick pillowy lips. She was completely hairless, and a clear trail of pre-cum bubbled forth from her lips every now and then. Daisy moaned loudly, as her “Daughter” began to stretch herself fully from her sheath. Seeing that she was extremely flexible enough to stretch her body up and around her lower torso and set herself upon a makeshift saddle on her mothers back. She unlocked a saddle pack attached to it, and pulled out a bullhorn so she could be the tour guide.

“Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s tour! As we guide you through the flora and fauna of the amazing world of the African Savanna! I’ll be your guide “Richie Daniels!...but everyone just calls me Dickie!” She giggled airly, having adopted a rather bubbly persona for someone being a living zebra cock. “And my mother Daisy will be ferrying us along on this wonderful tour” She cheered. “Say hi to everybody, mom!” She gestured, only for Daisy to shudder and moan loudly. As her daughter moved and talked, it only served to arouse her. Dickie’s eyes bulged and went cross eyed as her stomach bulged, and that lump grew into her chest, then her breasts surged and finally her throat grew wide as a large white bubble of cum blasted out of her mouth straight towards the tour trams. Jeff was caught off guard when all the passengers screamed in delight and pulled a plastic sheet that was at their feet over their heads and barely caught the cum blast before it hit them, much to the delight of the rest of the tour.

“Whoops! Moms gotta concentrate on the road!” Dickie laughed, not even bothering to wipe away the excess cum dripping off her body as the tour opened out into the plateau.

*Jeff makes some lusty lions


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Watching some sexy lion ladies hunt their prey

Jeff, being the only person in the front who was disturbed by Dickie's attempt to coat them in zebra cum, looks down at the floor of the safari tour carriage. Seeing how thanks to the plastic covering, he managed to stay cum free, he finally can relax a bit. He knew what would possibly happen, but just didn't expect it so soon.

"Anyways, Mom here is going to be moving pretty fast until we see something interesting, so hold on" informs Dickie. She finally wipes the cum drool from her mouth and slides back down beneath her Mom and back into her sheath. The megaphone is now sticking out of the sheath's opening, but that's it. Dickie has hidden herself away completely so that her Mom can move unhindered.

Daisy takes off galloping right away, and to Jeff's surprise, she is quite quick too. Even with the weight of the carriage, she still is pulling it like a champion. Daisy suddenly halts her pace and slides to a stop in a rather graceful manner for skidding across the dirt in hooves. She pauses for a second before she quickly gropes at her upper breasts with her hands. "NnneeeeiiiiggAAAaaaaahhh!" Daisy says in a half whiney/half moan bellow. She continues pleasuring herself for a couple more seconds before she stops, leaving herself flushed red and panting. However, because of her actions, Dickie is able to push herself out of the sheath.

Daisy points to something and Dickie nods. She then turns and wraps around Daisy's back to face the people, and without the megaphone, tells them what's going on. "Alright everyone, in a moment we will round this hill, and will be able to see our pack of lions. The ladies are currently are stalking their prey, so if we don't spook them, we may be able to see something interesting." This is met with several "oohs" and "awes" from the tour group, as well as a mischievous grin from Jeff.

Jeff brings out his phone and his grin widens when he finds that 5 female lions and a single female gazelle appear as targets. He focuses the lions first and changes them all to human women in body only. He does slightly adjust them to be able to stand and move around on all fours with ease, but besides that, they are fully human. He next changes their natures entirely to be horny, not hungry, and to be bisexuals. And to finish it off, he changes their clitoris to function as a pseudo-penis, similarly to what a female hyena has. He also returns their tails and ears.

He now focuses his attention onto the gazelle, and gives her a similar change. She however does not get a pseudo-penis, and is instead given a few extra rows of breasts along her underside, as well as an insatiable sex drive. Jeff decides to leave her antlers intact too, but rounds their ends significantly and softens them a bit.

He sends the changes through just in time for Daisy to cross over the hill and allow for everyone to git a good view of the action below. Sure enough, 5 naked women with lion tails and ears are slowly crawling towards a lone standing woman with 8 milk filled breasts dangling beneath her and a pair of phallic antlers on her head. Her pussy was a bright reddish color which everyone could easily see from the carriage. The 5 crawling ladies suddenly lunge forwards and pounce on the gazelle. But instead of running in fear, the gazelle squeals in excitement and lowers her head down as the lion women surround her.

The gazelle stabs towards 2 of the lions, startling them. They turn to distance themselves a bit, but are met with their pussies being impaled by the twin phallic antlers, then lifted into the air. The two captured lions start loudly moaning as they paw at their crotches and breasts. They cannot get themselves off of the antlers, and resign to making out with each other instead.

Meanwhile, with 2 of the 5 out of the battle, the remaining 3 lions grin smugly, knowing that the gazelle no longer has anything to use against them. They pounce once more and "catch" her, though Jeff could swear that the gazelle didn't even plan on escaping in the first place. The gazelle moaned and dropped her front half to the ground while raising her ass into the air. Her bright red pussy now on full display for her 3 "attackers". One lion takes the bait and presses her face into the gazelle's crotch. The other two approach either side and latch their mouths around a breast and begin drinking. The lion who is kissing the inside of the gazelles pussy begins licking and pleasuring it as best as she can.

The crowd is silently watching the show and Jeff's focus fully captivated by the event as well. And for the next half hour, everybody watches the 3 lions rotate around the gazelle. Each first eats her out, then they fuck her with their pseudo-penises. Finally, the gazelle sucks each one of them off too. And from what it seems, she is still more than happy to continue fucking, if only the lions had more stamina. The 3 girls slowed down and were all panting heavily. The impaled girls also had at some point passed out from the pleasure and were limply hugging onto each other.

Seeing as how her spontaneous partners were all tuckered out, the gazelle sets the two lions down onto the grass and pulls out her antlers from them. She shakes off the juices and then moves around the collapsed pile of lions, cleaning each one of them off with her tongue until she was satisfied that she has consumed all of the accessible cum on them. She then let's out a lusty moan and trots away to look for new partners.

Jeff returns back to reality and looks around, now noticing the large globs of cum oozing down Daisy's left flank as Dickie lays limply across her mother's back. Fresh cum still is drooling out from her mouth too. She regains some liveliness and lifts herself up to face the group again. "Well... that was stimulating. I am glad we all were able to see it. This will conclude out brief excursion, and we will be heading back now, thank you all for being such a great group!" Many people clap for her as she returns to her sheath and Daisy begins making the trip back to the rest of the zoo.

Where does Jeff go next?

*The aquarium


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Stopping by the aquarium

Along the way back, Jeff quickly checked the Chronivac and sees that not only have the lion ladies seemingly now are following the gazelle's trail, but have also abandoned their male too. Feeling a bit bad for being the cause of it, Jeff turns the male into another female, only one with a working penis and not a pseudo-penis. He also made her now able to go on for a lot more rounds than the other girls too and he makes her always able to find her mates.

When they tour group returns, Jeff gets off and begins heading for the aquarium section as it is still hot as hell outside. When he enters the aquarium, the massive main tank in the center of the room is the first thing he sees. It is a massive cylinder of water easily 30 feet in diameter with a center rock formation. It even passes up through the ceiling and the top is open on the second floor for people to access it for cleaning and feeding. One of the staff actually is swimming inside the tank with scuba gear on and is cleaning a few things.

Jeff, not one to pass up a golden opportunity like this, brings the girl's profile up right away. A few moments later, the girl's gear disintegrates as her ass fattens up significantly and disproportionally to the rest of her body. It then hardens, and becomes separated from her body which is looking more gooey than normal. The girl's arms are sucked into her shoulders and she moves over to the wall and presses herself against it.

Jeff watches as the armless girl's legs merge together into a triangle shaped blob and then grows many additional row of breasts down her entire front from chest to foot. Only making a gap where her pussy is. Her pussy spreads out wide and open, with her now fatter lips framing the pink insides. Numerous feelers seem to line the inside of her pussy too. But one thing is for sure. This girl is leaking from every hole in her body that is below the neck. A clear mucus-like fluid seems to be pouring out from her pussy and nipples.

The girls teeth vanish and her tongue extends out of her mouth by several inches. A look of pleasure spreads across her face and her eyes are pulled back inside her head, only to then push out of the top her head onto stalks. The new snail girl begins lapping at the glass and slowly moving around the walls of the tank, licking at every inch she can reach.

Jeff snickers at the sight of her, but no one else really takes any notice or care about her so he keeps it to himself. She isn't the main reason why he came her anyways. The big target this time is the aquatic show after all. So he makes his way to that section. The show is not on right now, so Jeff walks up to the tank and sees another girl feeding the fish and prepping for the next show. Her name apparently is Marin and Jeff already has a perfect plan for her.

For starters, she won't be just prepping for the next show, she will be staring in the next show. He turns the girl's legs into tentacles, with 2 longer ones with suction cup lined ends. He then flips her entire digestive system and removes her ass entirely since he makes her no longer produce waste. The girl now will eat with her pussy and her new pussy is now in her old mouth. In her new mouth, Jeff places a beak from a squid, but keeps both orifices ability to feel pleasure. The beak is dulled way down, and is mainly used for pleasuring her captives instead of biting them. He sets it so that her diet now consists only of sexual fluids she manages to force out of her prey. In terms of personality, he makes her extremely friendly and cheerful, but with an uncontrollable urge to eat until she is full. And when she gets hungry, she becomes more and more dominant and predatory.

Jeff sends her changes through and soon the squid girl is swimming about the tank with a fist pumping in and out of her toothless human mouth hole while the other hand gropes her tits. She notices Jeff watching her and swims over to the glass and presses into it. Jeff didn't realize until now just how large she was. For what appeared to be a normal young woman's body, the human portion alone was several more feet taller than any human. And if you include the tentacles, she had to be over 30 feet long. "Giant squid girl would be a better description" mutters Jeff to himself as he notices the label on the information panel only referred to her as a "Horny Squid Girl".

"Nah, I am not a giant squid at all. They can get over 3 times my size actually" says the squid girl. Jeff nods and the squid girl swims away as the show is about to begin.

*Jeff helps put on a show


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jeff becomes a main part of the next show

Jeff ponders for a bit about an idea he just had. And with a sigh of acceptance, he makes his way over towards a unisex bathroom and slips inside. He locks the door behind him and pulls out the Chronivac. "I can't believe I am doing this" he says as he selects himself. Jeff then proceeds to feminize himself from head to toe. When he is finished, he checks over his profile once more before he presses confirm.

Name: Jane (Jeff)
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Body type: Thin and busty
Cup size: F
Race: Caucasian
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Platinum-white blonde
Hair Length: Waist
Mentality: Lewd/Horny
Intelligence: Slightly above average
Extra features: Has gills running down the sides of her torso, can breath both on land and in water, lactating, extra sensitive in water.
Outfit: Tight denim micro shorts, overbust corset, 8" heels, black string panties

Jeff took a deep breath and sent it through. His clothes and body suddenly feel tight and restrictive. But that feeling soon goes away as he shrinks down to better fit her new body. Jane feels her entire body being altered all at once. Especially in her chest and torso, where pounds of fat and breast tissue are being poured behind her ballooning tits. Her gills grow in and her waist sucks inwards while her hips flair out to her sides. Her ass grows in, nice and sexy, and her new shorts hug its every curve tightly. They barely fail to cover all of it too, leaving the perfect amount of her sexy booty uncovered to be still considered "clothed".

Jane then is forced onto her toes as her heels appear on her feet. She stumbles instantly, as she didn't expect to be standing on her fully pointed feet. But she quickly recovered her balance soon enough. Thankfully, the Chronivac made her body very capable in walking in this footwear for an extended period of time. Jane was finished with her changes and checked herself out in the mirror. Though she does not have any makeup on, she feels that it wouldn't do much for her anyways. She already is a solid 10 on the hotness charts and blows herself a kiss in the most seductive manner she can think of. Satisfied, Jane sticks her phone in between her tits and walks out of the bathroom, much to the immediate stares of a few male zoo-goers.

Jane struts back to the Squid girl's tank with ease, gliding over the floor on her toe tips as if she has been born with them. She leans forwards on the railing, sticking her ass out behind her and looks into the tank. Marin quickly swims over to investigate and goes wide eyed when she finds Jane. Jane turns around and leans her ass against the railing for Marin to see. She then begins looking at her phone for a minute while Marin squirms behind her.

Suddenly, Jane feels a few drops of water land on her tits and looks up. Her body is then grabbed by the suction cups and she is hoisted up and pulled into the tank by Marin. Her phone thankfully is now fully water proof, thanks to some quick thinking on Jane's part while she was displaying her ass to Marin.

Marin uses her cups to quickly yank both tits free of their confines. Jane quickly unzips the corset and lets it sink to the bottom while Marin uses her beak to tear a hole in her shorts. Once the hole is made, Marin wastes no time in shoving a few tentacles inside while she holds Jane with her larger two. Jane, being helpless, but also excited, just lets Marin have her way with her. A crowd now is forming too, and Jane is getting turned on by the thought of having squid sex in front of a live audience.

Two tentacles wrap around Janes boobs, and begin rhythmically pumping away at them. After a few pumps, Jane's milk begins spraying out of them, leaving a cloudy white fog in the water that Marin quickly sucks into her beak. Marin then spreads out Jane's pussy and begins licking her insides with her tongue while her beak is reallocated to keeping Jane's pussy spread wide open. Marin clearly is enjoying herself, and Jane can't complain either.

The sounds of 2 girls moaning and the display they are putting on has now drawn in quite a large crowd. And more and more people are making their way over too. Suddenly, a splash is heard and a diver enters into the water. She swims over to investigate what is going on. "Marin, what on Earth are you doing?!? Put her down now!" scolds the diver. Jane looks over at the diver and smiles. "Its okay, I don't mind this at all. If anything, I could be considered to have baited her into doing this" admits Jane. The diver is surprised to hear this. "I'm sorry, what? You're okay with being raped by Marin?"

"No not at all! That wouldn't be ok with me, but I am giving her my full consent to this, so its fine" explains Jane. Marin releases Jane's upper body from her tentacles, but not her lower body which she has spread out into a full side split. The diver tries to give Jane a breathing device, but Jane refuses and points to her sides. "No need, I was born with working gills. Breathing underwater is no different for me than breathing on land."

The diver is stunned by this revelation and quickly changes her attitude on the spot. "Miss, are you in need of a job! No wait, please come work here. You are perfect for this job. A natural expert! We really could use a girl like you here! You not only can breath under water, but are a lesbian and perfectly fine with Marin's lusty antics too! It is like a perfect match for you!"

Jane is shocked by the sudden job offer. Thinking about it, she is quite suited for doing this actually. Though she could also just modify a few girls here to be like her and also have gills and an exhibitionism fetish. And while this is very enjoyable, she normally isn't a woman too. Though since reality altering is on, perhaps she actually has been by everyone else's knowledge at least. Jane thinks about Rebecca and their date tomorrow and how she would mind if her date showed up as a women dressed rather slutty. Jane quickly finds the idea to be extremely hot, thanks to herself still being attracted to women, which though unintentional, also now includes herself.

Plus, all it would take is a few quick edits and she could even have a full blown lesbian harem of sexy animal ladies. That idea is enough to sell her on the thought and Jane quickly makes a mental note to make it happen once she finishes up here and is able to retrieve her dropped items from the bottom of the tank. Jane moans lewdly towards the diver and clutches her milky boobs while she feels the fluttering of Marin's tongue which still is deep inside her widely stretched pussy. Jane quickly cums several times and Marin scoops it all up and swallows it all.

Marin, now full, releases Jane completely. Jane feels her pussy return back to its normal shape with no sign of any lasting damage or stretching to note of. She takes a second to catch her breath and gather her things, putting back on her corset and once again stowing her phone in her cleavage. She then meets back up with the diver and accepts the job, and tells her that she is able to begin the day after tomorrow. Jane also says good bye to Marin with a kiss on her lips, which causes Marin to moan and cum, squirting her cum all over Jane's face. "Ha ha, I forgot that this isn't your mouth, but your pussy" chuckles Jane as she wipes off the cum and slurps some of it up. "Delicious" says Jane. She swims up and climbs out of the tank and says good bye to the two of them after drying off with a towel.

The audience is going nuts though, so the diver escorts her through their employee office and out a side exit to avoid the rowdy crowd. The warm day actually feels quite nice now that she isn't stuck wearing her boy clothes and can show off as much skin as she wants to. Jane quickly changes her corset into a crop top that was small enough to show off plenty of underboob and gives herself a small purse for her phone and wallet, as her cleavage will no longer work as a pocket. She begins walking back towards the main roads and notices for once just how much her hips swung to the sides with each step, and how it feels to hear the sound of heels on concrete with each step. Feeling her back arch to show off her biggest assets while the jiggling of her ass and titties surely would draw stares form all around. Or at least Jane hopes they will. Jane uses her phone to dry and style her hair into a messy, but still good looking ponytail and heads for the next location.

Where is she heading to now?

*Find the food court


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jane lewdly cools herself off with a popsicle

While making her way down the main path, Jane stops all of a sudden as a realization hits her mind. She then starts laughing to herself, which brings her more than a few curious looks. She takes a moment to step off the main path and take a moment to herself out of sight behind some buildings.

"Jane, you are such a fool" she says to herself. Jane has just now realized that even she herself had been effected by her own edits since she changed her own mentality. Though only slightly, because she made herself have a lewd and horny mind, Jane had changed her entire mindset on everything. "Hahaha, well it's fine. I still know that I use to be Jeff, even though I am now feeling much more comfortable being Jane. This is really weird."

'I probably should undo the mental changes at least...' she thinks to herself while looking down at her own hardly clothed body. 'Meh, its not like it's hurting anything. And I can always turn back sometime later. Yeah. I should just enjoy this while I can. Plus, while this definitely is because I changed my way of thinking, but I actually like being like this quite a lot' reasons Jane.

After deciding to remain as Jane for a while longer, she gets back onto the main path and finds out that she is right next to a food area. 'Perhaps something to cool me down is in order' she thinks to herself as she steps into line for an popsicle.

Now with popsicle in hand, Jane takes a seat on a bench. She proceeds to suck on the popsicle in an unintentionally lewd manner. Her body is just moving in a more seductive manner, while her mind interprets it as normal. She then gets an idea.

Pulling up her profile, Jane makes a quick change and sends it through. Then with a smile, sticks out her tongue and wraps her now split end around either side of her popsicle.

Much to the enjoyment of several onlookers, Jane continues sucking her popsicle in an incredibly lewd manner without even realizing it. She is too distracted by the fun she is having playing around with her newly shaped tongue.

"Hey!" Shouts someone close to her. Jane opens her eyes and looks up to see several guys standing near her.

"Sup?" Replies Jane, then immediately returns to licking her popsicle.

"You're hot as hell, and that tongue of yours is doing it for me. Why don't you come and hang around with us?" Says one of the guys.

Jane laughs at that. "Haha, you're funny. And as tempting of an offer as that is, I'm gonna to have to pass on that. Sorry, but the feelings here aren't exactly mutual if you get me."

The guy, now a bit flustered by Jane's unexpected response, tries again. "Well who knows, you may come to like us. I'd say it's worth a try at least."

Jane stands up, having finished her popsicle. She looks around the group of 5 guys and sighs. She points the popsicle stick towards the tallest guy "Hey you, explain to your friend that his offer's been rejected and that he can't press his luck on this. We just aren't compatible."

"Uhh... Brett, I think this chick is saying she's not into us" whispers the tall guy.

"Exactly, having confidence is good and all, but unfortunately, confidence alone cannot get you everything if you aren't packing the proper equipment along with it" adds Jane.

"What the hell do you mean by the right equipment? Are you saying that my dick isn't big enough for yah?" Brett says, now a bit passed off.

"Nah, I am sure it's plenty big. It's just too big for me."

"Huh? What the fuck does that even mean?"

"Well, even still, your chest is way to small for me too. Come find me when you are rocking a pair of DDs, and maybe then will talk." Jane says while doing her best to not laugh. The other guys look as if they finally put it together and now understand. But Brett sill isn't getting it. When he is about to say something else, one of the other guys stops him. "Brett, I think this girl is saying that she's a lesbian."

"Bingo" Jane says with a smile. She then pushes through the guy's circle and walks away, leaving Brett behind, speechless, while the rest try to get him to just shake it off. Jane toys around with the idea of turning them into girls to join her harem, but ultimately rejects the idea as it just wouldn't feel right after just rejecting them.

There is no way she could foresee that the guy she just rejected today would, in a few months, find her and beg her to let him join her harem. Nor that she would take him up on his willingness to do anything to join. But that's for a later time.

Jane strolls down the main path some more until she finds something new to entertain her interests...

*The petting zoo


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jane enjoys the service at the petting zoo

The petting zoo. There are plenty of things she can do here. She excitedly giggles and strides over to the entrance. She still draws a few glances, but nothing more than that as she steps into line. Though the cute girl in line behind her can't seem to stop staring at her ass with envy, or maybe perhaps lust? Since she doesn't know for sure, Jane doesn't give it any additional thought.

Upon entering the petting zoo, an older woman greets them and Jane begins her search. Right away she spots 2 prime targets. The twin cuties handling the bunnies are just too good to pass up. "Bunnies handling bunnies" mumbles Jane with a grin as she whips out her phone.

Soon enough, the twins find that their ears have now grown over a foot in length and now top their head. And behind their backs, hiking up their skirts, are their new poofy white tails. In addition to this, several areas on their bodies now are coated in soft fur. Mainly their arms and legs, though no fur on their front or face.

Suddenly their setup changes and the two of them now also are being subjected to the constent pettings from the numerous guests as well. Someone even is feeding one of them a carrot.

Jill focuses on another target, an older looking girl, maybe in her mid 20s, handling the livestock section. "Clearly she needs something too" ponders Jane. Then she makes the woman, who's name is Candice, gain a heafty udder between her legs and hooves for feet, and a pair of hoof/hand hybrids for her hands. Jane gives her a cow tail, horns, and ears too. Finally, she changes the woman's setup a little. Now children can milk her udder like they can with the other cows, while anyone over 18 can "milk" her "udders" in a different sense.

Not one to pass up on such an opportunity, Jane walks over and flashes her ID for the woman. The cow woman nods and Jane leans down and latches her lips around the woman's breasts. Right away, her milk begins flowing into Jane's mouth. It's sweet enough to be good as is, and Jane makes sure she gets her fill. Then, feeling a little bit frisky, pulls out her own tits.

"Care to milk me too?" Softly asks Jane into the cow woman's ear. The woman cock an eye at the request, but nods and places Jane's left nipple inbetween her 2 huge fingers on her left hoof/hand and gives it a tug. Jane's milk squirts out easily with the slightest pull to the Candice's surprise. "Are you expecting?" She asks.

"Uh... no. They just started doing this one day" answers Jane. Technically, it is the truth. Jane continues to be thoroughly milked by Candice for about 10 minutes. But without any signs of her milk letting up anytime soon, Candice starts getting concerned.

"Oh my god dear, how much milk do you have in there? I've already filled an entire bucket and your still going strong. At this rate, you'll out produce Dora here and she is our prize winner for quantity" announces a baffled Candice who then pats the large cow next to her. Jane just shrugs and grins nonchalantly, knowing that she will never run dry thanks to the infinite milk setting she turned on for herself. "It's no biggie, you can simply stop whenever you feel like it."

"Are you sure...? I would hate to leave you feeling half full. I know how annoying getting only a partial milking can be."

"Trust me, it's fine. These tiddies will never run dry after all."

"Is that so... well you know what's best for you I guess. Well, I'm gonna get back to work. It was a pleasure milking you today, Miss." Jane waves bye to Candice and walks away after putting her tits back inside her top. Thankfully, all it takes is a little pinch on the nipple to get them to stop trickling out milk.

Jane looks around for something else and sees a few free range chickens roaming about. This spurs her lewd creativity into gear and she brings her phone out. She targets the 3 birds and does something a little different with them. Instead of the usual transformation, Jane insisted installs a curse onto them.

Whenever a human female at or above the age of 13, looks at them, she will become fully capable of laying a number of eggs, 1 or more times each day for an entire year. If she is currently pregnant with a fetus already in development, she won't be effected, but if she is just starting her pregnancy, then she will lay an egg containing her baby that she must hatch successfully. And when girls who are cursed have their period, it won't be painful, but they will be essentially still limited. This is because they will be laying eggs quite frequently. With 10 times as often each day, and 3 times as many eggs per clutch. This is a minimum, with no hardset maximum. And this boosted rate will last throughout their entire period, then go back down to their normal rates afterwards. These eggs will be perfectly safe to consume and will not harm the girl laying them, even if she is allergic to eggs. Lastly, if a girl ever by chance ends up touching one of those birds, then the effects become permanent.

Jane sends it through and is immediately placed under the curse, along with several other women and teenaged girls. But this is all fine with her as she intentionally looked at them anyways. Plus if she ever wants to, she can always remove the curse's effects with the Chronivac later on.

She is curious though about her own rates, so she opens up her profile and checks the details of her curse.

-Will lay 24 eggs, for 5 clutches per day. During period, will lay 240 eggs, for 20 clutches per day. Next period begins in 14:11:45:32 (d:h:m:s)

"Holy shit, that like... 4,800-ish eggs a day! If I get 8 hours of sleep during my period, then I will be laying eggs nonstop, 1 egg every... 12 seconds! And for the entire time I am awake too. Well, unless I end up just machine gunning them out of me every clutch... This will definitely be interesting to experience in 2 weeks." Jane is actually quite excited now, but without breaking out the chronivac again, she will just have to wait. So she carries on with her day and walks out of the petting zoo section in search of somewhere new to head to.

Where does Jane go to next?

*Jane messes with some dog walkers along the way


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jane swaps around some dog walkers

While walking, Jane sees a few people who are walking their dogs. She takes her phone out and targets all of the women and their respective dogs. There are 4 groups in total, with one woman walking 2 dogs. Ignoring her for now, Jane focuses on the other three and flips the roles of who is a pet and who is the master. She then changes the mannerisms of both the women and their dogs to better reflect their new roles too.

She sends their changes through and looks up to see 3 completely naked women down on all fours walking on leashes. Each leash is being held in the mouth of their respective dog who not only is collarless, but fully clothes save for shoes. The women either have their tongue out or are sniffing the ground as their "owners" continue to walk together. The dogs actually are somehow talking to eachother while holding the leash in their mouths. On the other hand, the three naked, crawling women are staying silent, and follow after their leash holders. They each have been thoroughly trained to behave in such a manner.

One of the women moves over into the grass and squats further down. She then begins to pee. The other two notice and follow after her, sniffing where she just went, as well as her crotch. One if them even licked her clean.

Now Jane focuses her attention on the remaining dog walker. The issue is how should she divide up the roles between 3 targets. But as if to save her the trouble, a teenaged girl comes up to the woman and trades her a drink for a leash. "Perfect!" Says Jane to herself. She adds the new girl and finds that she is the 18 year old daughter of the woman beside her. Her name is Kelly, and her Mom is Mary. Their dogs are named Bella and Ben.

Jane swaps Kelly with Ben and Mary with Bella. She also gives Kelly a working copy of Ben's penis and balls, while giving Mary a copy of Bella's pussy. But to change things up a little, Jane let's them retain their ability to speak. She also swaps their Mother/Daughter relationship with Ben and Bella's mate relationship. She then sends their edits through too.

Now that Mary is Kelly's bitch, and not Mother, the two of them are behaving much differently towards eachother. Kelly, standing more proudly on all fours, clearly is the dominant one, as the nuts dangle beneath her crotch are constantly catching Mary's attention.

Jane decides to watch and listen closely to their interactions for a bit. "Ben! Ben! Can I fuck Mary now?" Excitedly asks Kelly while turning to face her owner. "Sure" replied the dog named Ben. With her owner's aproval, Kelly proceeds to mount Mary from behind and fuck her. Mary begins moaning and lets Kelly have her way with her. For a while until the two of them are fully knotted together.

Jane chuckles to herself a bit and then continues moving on to the next section of the Zoo.

*Someone rudely pushes past her


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Making a dick out of a Karen

The next section of the zoo is themed entirely around the jungle. As foretold by the decor, the lush green foliage, and the spike in humidity means that Jane will definitely be feeling the heat in here. She almost doesn't want to even go inside, but pushes on through. It only now occurs to her that she really doesn't have to suffer through this. She has a life changing app on her phone after all.

A simple tweak to her own tolerance for heat and humidity, and Jane is once again feeling quite comfortable, although also a bit dumb for it needing to take this long for her to think to do this. But she can't dwell on that right now because there is work to be done here.

"Move yourself you slut" says a tour guide who rudely pushes past Jane, setting herself up to be the first "victim" of this area. "Well, since you feel like being a dick, maybe you should also look the part?" mumbles Jane. She selects the tour guide with an idea already in the works.

Name: Karen
Age: 37
Sex: female
Height: 5'-5"
Cup-size: C
Body: average
Personality: Karen
Hair color: Brown, with blonde highlights
Hair length: chin

Jane rolls her eyes upon seeing the description of Karen. "Of course she is..." With the obvious being stated, Jane moves on with her idea.

Name: Karen
Age: 23
Sex: Cockgirl
Height: 8'-2" (4'-6" when flaccid)
Cup-size: n/a
Body: Giant cock with feminine legs and massive balls. Eyes located on head, speaks through urethral opening. Extremely sensitive face, and very reactive to human physical contact.
Personality: Horny, mild airheadedness, generally cheerful
Hair color: n/a
Hair length: bald

Jane snickers upon seeing her entry and sends it through. The rude woman just in front of her suddenly tears through her entire outfit save for her 2 inch heels and stocking. As the rags fall off of her, she leans forwards as her breasts begin to swell extensively. They absorbed her torso and most of her waist too. Now, only her hips and significantly bowed out legs remain below her massive tits. The two are easily 2 feet across each, and still swelling. They round out a bit more, then become slightly oval shaped as her breast tissue turns into testicles.

The surface of each tit starts to become slightly wrinkled as her nipples disappear completely and the two boobs merge together. Now that her boobs resemble a massive scrotum, the internal changes finish as well. 2 watermelon sized nuts drag down the sack until it is only half a foot off the ground, and her knees are bent at almost a 90 degree angle.

Karen's arms, who have been struggling to contain her massive nuts, get absorbed into the sack as well, leaving her completely armless. Her neck widens to match her torsos size, then grows longer and longer. Her head loses all hair and her mouth and nose merge into a vertical slit. Then her face reddens and bends to face upwards before locking itself in place. To finish things up, a large vein bulges across her new shaft and her pussy blends together with her asshole, forming something like a cloaca behind her scrotum.

Jane marvels at her work as the walking cock just stands there with a blank look in her eyes. She shivers and a large glob of something spills out of her "mouth" and slides down the front of her shaft. "Fuck. I'm like, still too fucking horny. Ah, what I would give to have like, a massive pussy to fuck. Ahh! Stop! I can't like, think of lewd things on the Job. She will totes be like super pissed at me again if I like, cum on a guests again. OK, focus Karen. You can like, totes do this. No more sexy thoughts." Says Karen to herself in a younger sounding voice.

Jane moves closer and overhears her mumbling. She takes this chance to push up against Karen's body as a little payback for the shove from earlier. The moment Jane touches her, Karen moans loudly and her shaft extends to full length. She falls back onto her ass right then and there. And after kicking off her heels, she raises up her stocking clad feet and begins stroking herself off with a happy round of giggling.

Jane steps around to her front and taps on her shaft to try and get her attention. Instead, Jane has to quickly step out of the way as a large glob of precum oozes out Karen's mouth, followed by several of her moans as she nears completion. Jane takes this as a warning and distances herself a ways back from Karen.

Seconds later, Karen let's out a loud moan and her entire body tenses up. After a few seconds of holding it in, Karen reaches her limit and sprays out a shot of cum over 100 feet into the air. This is followed by 7 more shots that splater all around her, with 1 landing on top of her face.

Thanks to her loud moaning as a signal, everyone had given her pleanty of room before hand, so no one was hit by falling globs of cum, but the splatered mess across the path was another thing entirely. If it were not for the tree she took cover behind, Jane is certain that she would definitely have been hit by the splatered cum for sure. That being said, not many people seemed to mind the cum caked walkway that much, and just went about their ways as normal.

A manager looking woman approaches the massive cockgirl and sighs. "Well, at least no one is coated this time. Good job Karen, I guess."

"Hehe, thanks. I totes did my best to like, warn everybody like you told me to" giggles Karen. "Yeah yeah, now go clean your face up, it's completely plastered with cum." The manager then picks up her radio and says "Hey McKenna, I'm sending Karen to you and your team. She's gave herself a facial this time and I want you girls to be sure to get every bit of it off of her too. Or do I need to remind you of how bad she reaked after spending a day in the hot sun with leftovers hidden in her folds."

"Haaaa. No, I get it. Please just send her here and we'll scrub her down real good" said the replying woman. The manager helps Karen to her feet, then radios in for a cleanup crew as well.

Jane, feeling completely satisfied, can now begin her exploration of the Jungle section of the Zoo.

*Jane transforms every girl in the entire Jungle section


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jane transforms every woman in the Jungle section

The thing about the jungle is that there are hundreds of thousands of different species of flora and fauna. Even just one type of creature can have several tens of different species, sometimes hundreds if you are considering an insect for example. So it would only be fitting to do something equally to the same scale, reasons Jane.

She gets to around the center of the jungle section of the zoo and casts a wide range poll for all female targets in the vicinity. Then several hundred names appear on her phone as selected targets. Jane gives each of them a similar type of edit that she handed out in the Hall of Bugs before, where everyone would just take traits from nearby animals.

The only differences this time around were that it was not limited to just employees, and Jane has included a limited amount of useable inanimate objects, such as benches, trash cans, and lamp posts as well. Jane sends it through without a second thought and excitedly begins looking around her completely changed surroundings.

The first thing that catches her eyes are the lamp posts. Each post is now the body of a naked woman T-posing. The women are all over 10 feet tall though, with an arm span of several feet more than normal. A glowing light now occupies both of their palms too. But more interesting than that, are the girls who are hanging down off of their arms.

These girls hands are super long, allowing them to completely wrap around their respective arm. They are completely naked too. However from below just their breasts and down to their feet, has been absolutely flattened and turned into fabric with their flattened naked body making up the printed designs background. The foreground now contains detailed information about various things. From directions, to facts, every girl is "printed" differently, and striking different sexy poses.

Aside from those two types, benches all around now are made with a pair of girls whose are in a sitting posture, with their adjacent leg and arm out stretched and blended into the others. Their non merged arms are working as arm rests while their thighs and breasts act as their natural cushions. They can even be seen chatting with people who have taken a seat on them with smiling, flushed red faces. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they are now recieving tons of continuous pleasure from being sat upon. As evident by the blue water tank that you would normally find on an office water cooler. Each girl had one pf them seemingly screwed into their pussy, and they all had varying levels of a clear fluid already accumulating, though some were slightly less clear than others.

Next to them are the trash can girls. Each of these girls have been blended from the thighs down with the tops of the trash cans. Their pussies now function as the trash opening, with their ass holes being a designated plastic bottle and can receptacle meant only for recycling. And upon closer inspection, the insides of said "cangirls" were the inner walls of their pussy.

This kind of bothers Jane, so she selects all 97 "cangirls" and makes their pussies secrete a strong, ascidic fluid that when evaporating or dissolving thrown out materials and wastes, releases a pleasent fragrance. This acid only will come out when something is tossed inside too, though the cangirl's pussy will always remain moist and protected reguardless.

Jane also makes their belly buttons function as a button, and when pressed, will cause the girls to empty their recycling storeage by pushing it all back out through their ass. She is happy and sends the changes through.

Now that the cangirls are "fixed". Jane focuses on some other new additions. Many statues and topiary plants are now blended with a variety of women. And several women now have their pussies and/or tits function as drinking fountains too.

That is about it for the semi-inanimate girls. So naturally, its now time to move on to look for the new tour guides and exhibits. Jane goes to move when she feels her lower half begin to spread over the pavement. Looking down, Jane realizes that she never excluded herself from the target list. Her legs have been fully replaced by the tail of a large snake. What confuses her, is that there are not supposed to be any snake's around here, as all of them are on display in the reptile building. This can only mean that a wild snake must have been nearby and she just happened to take her traits from it.

After giving it some thought, Jane decides to just roll with it and keep the tail for now. If it becomes a problem later on, she can always change it out for her human legs. But for now, she figures why not enjoy the novelty of change. And it does make her hips and ass look quite amazing too. So with that decided, Jane slithers down the path in search of some more hot animal girls.

What kind of girls does Jane come across first?

*Apparently, her best friend


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Jane learns she is now best friends with the school slut

While moving through the crowd, Jane finds that not only do more people look at her, but there are now quite a few of them who try to hit on her. "Well imagine that. Who knew just having a snake's tail would make me so popular" acknowledges Jane after turning down the 8th boy in just the last half hour alone. She had not come sidereal that now with a 30 foot snake tail trailing behind her, she stuck out in a crowd a whole lot more than before. And with such a good looking girl out and about, seemingly unclaimed as she is moving around alone, it is no mystery as to why so many are taking their shot now.

Not that Jane minds much. She actually rather likes the attention. But mainly because she still has all the winning cards in her hand if an issue were ever to come up. While Jane is thinking about this, another person makes their approach to her.

"Honestly Jane, I don't know if I should laugh at you, or be worried that you are getting too much attention from every hottie around that there won't be a chance for us who actually enjoy their dicks" came from behind Jane. Jane responds by whipping her head around to look at the owner of the voice who has just taken a seat down on her tail. "I-I... um... what are you doing here, uh, Ashley?"

"Ooh? So the lamia knows my name, should I feel honored?" jokes Ashley. Ashley is someone from Jane's class at school. Before today, the two had never really spoken with eachother. And Ashley has always carried a reputation of being their school's slut due to her unfiltered manner of speaking. She never denied being one though, and didn't seem to be bothered by the stigma either. But because of today's events, somehow it seems that they are now best friends with eachother. "Hey, I'm only kidding. So Miss lesbian, what's new? Find any good pussy today?"

With a smug grin, Jane slithers around to lean over Ashley, who has taken to lying back on her tail. "And what if I say that I already have?"

"Woah there bitch, seriously? You're not just sayin shit right? Congrats. So, who's this lucky girl that gets to fuck your slutty brains out?" Asks a rather surprised, but still crude as ever Ashley.

"Well, today I already fucked Marin. You know, that squid girl in the aquarium? Really nice. Oh, and then I have a date tomorrow with a girl named Rebecca. She works here as a tour guide and is part spider."

"Damn girl, you got 2 in one day? What are you, some kind of lesbian magnet or something?" laughs Ashley. Jane also laughs but then replies with "Why, jealous? Or perhaps you also wanna piece of this gorgeous booty?"

"As if. Though I guess if I had to fuck a bitch, you're definitely toping my list of options. Though fat chance that's ever gonna happen. Eating pussy doesn't do shit for me like it does for you. Anyways, enough of this topic. You wanna hang out? Where've you been to already?"

"Hmm, mostly the north and east sections and I now am just starting on the southern section of the Zoo. Why? Have something specific you want to see?"

"Nah, just felt like hanging out together for a while. Maybe leech off of your hotness and find a nice dick to fuck."

"Pfff, so basically I am just your bait huh?"

"Bingo bitch, now go find me some dudes to fuck" grins Ashley. She repositions herself on Jane's tail to actively straddling it instead of lazily laying down on her back while just on top of it. Jane doesn't mind her riding on her tail as her weight is negligible and it seems like now the two of them are meant to be best friends. That said, perhaps this is an opportunity to add another member to her growing harem?

Jane opens her phone and then targets Ashley. She switches her sexual preferences to be bisexual instead of straight. But that's definitely not all of it. How can Jane have a harem of animal girls, if Ash isn't at least some small part animal after all? This needs fixing immediately. But what animal to cross her with?

What does Jane turn Ashley into?

*A hermaphroditic dog girl


Re: Chronivac Version 4.0: A Fun Day At The Zoo

Bringing Ashley into the animal harem

Jane contemplates about what to do to Ashley. There are quite a few options rolling around in her head, but none seem to be a perfect fit quite yet. Then she has an idea that would certainly fit Ashley to a T.

For starters, Ashley will have a dog's tail, tongue, ears. Since her disposition already has Ashley seeking other people for entertainment, making her become part dog would pair in perfectly with that. Not to mention her almost always friendly usage of the word "bitch".

While at it, Jane also gave her a fully functional canine pussy, that not only could also fully handle growing human babies, but at the same time with a litter of pupies. But that's not all. Jane also added a fully functional canine cock and balls. Both the sheathed cock and ballsack would be positioned right above her pussy, whike her pussy would reangle itself to encourage using doggy style almost exclusively.

And to top it all off, Ashley would now also be fully capable of switching between moving on 2 legs and moving while down on her hands and feet. In fact, she would now be faster while down on all fours too.

As for what breed Ashley will be mixed with, Jane doesn't specify and sets it to random. Then she opened up her own profile. There is something she has to do and now was as good of a time as ever to do it. Under sexual preferences, instead of having it set to "females only", Jane changes it to now include girls and women with dicks too. Being fucked by a dick doesn't bothered her nearly as much as there being a man attached to said dick does, and now with a dick weilding best friend, she probably should make herself enjoy them, at least for Ashley's sake.

Jane sends it all through and looks up as a fluffy white tail bushes out from underneath Ashley's skirt. A matching white pair of ears poke out of her hair which rapidly turns from brunette to snow white. From what Jane can tell, it would seem that Ashley rolled "Huskey" for her dog breed, which would normally be fine if not for today's heat.

Her cock sheath materializes and a pair of dog balls drop out of her pussy and into their own sack. Jane finds herself mesmerized by the sight of it, thanks to her editing herself. She begins imagining how it would feel to wrap both sides of her tongue around it and stroke it with that. Wouldn't that feel way better than a normal blowjob? Jane kind of wanted to try it out, but held herself back for now.

"Jane, I'm dying here, can we take this inside somewhere for a while?" Pants Ashley as her tongue slips out the side of her mouth. "Sure thing, just try not to fall off."

"We should definitely buy you a saddle" groans Ashley inbetween heavy pants.

"I'm not a horse. I don't mind letting your ride on me, but fuck getting a saddle" Jane retorts.

"Ture, your tits are way nicer than a horse's. And I will never turn down an offer to ride you, if you know what I mean, ha ha."

"Maybe we can do it later, but let's just get you cooled down first."

"Heh, I won't forget this. We will definitely fuck later, Bitch."

"Says the actual bitch".

"Hell yeah I do. This bitch is horny and I know for a fact that you also are" laughs Ashley.

The two of them enter inside a building near the center of the Jungle section which is well air-conditioned. Inside, numerous displays are set up showing off the smaller plants and creatures of the Jungle, as well as an indoor Aviary for the jungle specific birds. Several ponds full of smaller aquatic fish and plant life also are present. Though those spots are not as cool as the display case areas are.

When they get inside, an essentially naked lady greets them. She has clearly been effected by Jane's prior mass-change, and has been blended with a tropical plant of some kind. Her feet are planted inside a large pot, and she is using her viney arms and leafy hands to direct and communicate with guests. Her neck and torso are also adorned with leaves and vines. But on her chest, hangs a pair of spiky fruit of some kind. Jane doesn't know what kind of fruit they are, though the spikes are a tad bit concerning. Either way, they have become the woman's tits.

Beneath the spiky fruit, a pair of flower buds are poking out of the woman's chest, hinting that her having a second row of breast fruits could be possible. And as if to confirm it, on her back is 4 more identical unopened flower buds.

The woman notices Jane's stare and smiles. "Aren't they neat, if you come back in about a month, all 8 of them should be baring their fruit by then."

"What kind of fruit is it?"

"Well... I am not sure if I can really call them it, but they are basically dragon fruits, that have been mixed with my breasts. Inside each of them is the edible fruit parts, and also now a breast milk filled center. So they kind of are dragon fruits, but kind of not as well. I call them Dragon Tits. Care to try one?"

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