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The Magic Shop

Magical Items Everywhere... This is a story branch containing Magical Items that cause transformation, no matter if they came from an actual magic shop or elsewhere.

The Controller of Reality

Placed upon one dusty shelf was a controller. It wasn't like any other controller that any store had, let alone this magic shop. This controller was dangerous. Dangerous to the touch. If anyone had control of it, reality would be in the hands of anyone. Every aspect, every strand of DNA, every fiber of being would be theirs to control, and the rest of the universe wouldn't even know if anything changed. A simple ripple in the fabric of reality, then the change would just be "normal" to everyone. Anything could happen. Anything. Species could change, dogs could rule the world, men and women would swap genders, time could go backwards, time could be stuck in the medieval times, body parts could be swapped out with anything, people would be forced to wear clothes that would look odd, anything!

Someone will enter the Magic Shop and find the controller.

All of reality will be in the hands of...

An 18 year old artist girl


Re: Remote Reality Editor: Laura the Stallion

Laura, 18, with reality in her hand

Laura came back home after buying the remote, locking her room. She bought the remote thinking it was some kind of bootleg digital table. She needed one quickly for her commissions, but she'll replace it later.

When Laura turned it on, it seemed to have already came with a base reference model for a woman's silhouette. "Well that's nice, I won't have to do it myself", she thought. Unbeknowst to her, the remote had already scanned her and put her own parameters inside, ready to be altered. There were a lot of options, from body parts to... mental options? "That's weird. Maybe it's the different tags?" Nonetheless, she decided to check...

Reality Rules


Re: Remote Reality Editor: Laura the Stallion

Vocal commands and changing the rules of reality. Nothing bad could possibly happen

Laura decided to check the Reality Rules tab. Checking the description, it apparently allowed to have specific rules applying to anything from a specific person, a type of food to the entirety of humanity. "Great, so... a wordbuilding guide for fanfiction?", she thought.

She checked a bit further and saw there was a vocal command tab. "Huh, at least, I could just recite my ideas instead of noting them down. Neat". She activated it, while not paying attention to the user awareness tab. She gave it a simple, yet silly test just for fun. "All women have a cock and balls". And indeed, the remote typed it. "Well, I know it works now", Laura said, nonchalantly scratching her balls. She'd have to buy new jeans, these ones were too tight for her.

She wanted to test a new silly idea and said...

Remote Reality Editor: Laura the Stallion


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Remote Reality Editor: Laura the Stallion
by Pillas

Laura yawned, laying back in her chair and spreading her legs. Like all women she adjusted her silken panties with the pouch. She considered her size average, at least compared to mens dicks. Most women had at least an inch or more on the regular guy, or sometimes more girth. At least men had it easy, their balls didnt get in the way of their pussy or sometimes get them stuck on your labia when things got sweaty. She’d have to buy some new inserts for her panties, the cotton guards to keep her pussy from being smothered by her balls were wearing thin.

She put the strange controller down and stood up, stretching her limbs and shaking out her legs. Bemoaning how her cock while unaroused was pretty pathetic looking. She was envious of some girls and how they always showed off their bulges, and how some even resorted to stuffing their panties to make it artificial. She had done so once or twice when she was younger, albeit the more she stuffed her bras, and panties into the pouch the more aroused it served to make her.

She remembered getting ridiculous one day and stuffing her panties with a soccer ball, and parading around her room like the cock of the walk.

She could feel her cock stirring from the memory, smirking as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“That’s me, the only girl with the giant horsecock,” she smiled, posing in the mirror. Adjusting her knees so her heavy black leathery ball sack didn't knock against them. They were tough enough that hitting them so often with her knees didnt hurt, but it did cause them to get a bit excited. But really, who could blame her. If you had to grow up with the stallion raging between your legs you’d feel the same.

Of course finding panties or any underwear that could contain her was futile, and besides who designs clothing for horsecocks anyway? Due to her unique medical condition she was legally allowed to go bottomless in public. She still wore shoes and socks, but other than that she was fully nude below the waist.

Her sheath was dark and light brown with some white spots and it traveled nearly up to her navel in size. The hole was big and wide enough for someone to fit their entire fist inside of.

Laura grunted, despite the enormity of her genitals they were an unfit match for her rather slim and girlish body. She’d measured the weight of her balls and cock once, and discovered that 40% of her body weight alone was just horsecock and balls. She was a mixed bag on the size and shape of her genitals. As far as she knew, she was the only human in the world that had a cock like hers, and her size was unheard of for even an above average stallion.

However she was proud of her cock, and did her best to treat it with the love and respect it deserved. Especially when growing up, and you had frequent morning woods with an erection thicker and longer than both of your legs propping up your bedsheets nearly up to the ceiling.

Thinking about her past caused her cock to stir in its sheath. The dappled pink and mottled flared tip poked out, stretching past her furry hole in its yawning glory. Of course her cock hogged all the attention, her underutilized pussy lay practically buried behind her balls.

She had to sit back down in her chair, already exhsuated and light headed from growing an erection. But that’s how it always was with her, she needed to tend to her erections just so she could think straight. Her throbbing member snaked it’s way past her stomach, past her abs and threaded right through her breasts poking out the neckhole of her shirt and stretching the tight shirt she was wearing beyond it’s limits. You could make out bulges of throbbing veins in tune with her heartbeat upon it’s taut surface.

Mindlessly she brought her hands up to stroke at her cock through her shirt, as it finally reached past her neck and the tip nearly as wide and round as her own face kissed her lips.

She licked around the flared head lovingly, shuddering as she did so her mind awash with lust as her balls groaned and flexed in sympathy.

Laura offhandedly comments “Sometimes it feels like I’m more horse than human.”


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More Horse Than Woman

“Sometimes it feels like I’m more horse than human.”

Of course, in terms of pure body mass, that was true. Even just Laura’s cock was more massive than her humanoid upper half, with her equine lower body included she was almost four times more horse than human. As a centaur she always got stared at wherever she went. Those stares only grew more intense when people noticed her massive horsecock, which happened often due to the fact that it was so long it stuck out well past her front legs and her watermelon-sized constantly slapped against her hind legs as she walked. If Laura wanted to she probably could have figured out a way to make her virility less apparent, but since her horse half was allowed to be naked in public she had no desire to.

Laura was still busy pleasuring her cock, her upper body flexible enough for her to bend forwards at an almost ninety degree angle. She licked and kissed around her head as her hands, unable to wrap themselves around even half of its girth, rubbed up and down as much of it as she could reach. The centaur’s oversexed body wasn’t able to last long against her ministrations, and she found her face being blasted with a massive load of cum that filled her mouth and nose to the point where she stated chocking on it. She quickly swung her torso back upright and simply let the rest of her orgasm spill out over the floor.

The intense scent of Laura's musk quickly filled the room, sending her mare pussy into heat. With the needs of her feminine sex now replacing those of her masculine one, the horny herm centaur could only squirm in need, ineffectually groping at her breasts, as she was unable to reach back far enough to masturbate her pussy. In her desperation Laura begged aloud, and triggered the remote still sitting next to her.

What does Laura say?

"I wish I could just fuck myself."


Re: Remote Reality Editor: Laura the Stallion

"I wish I could just fuck myself."
by Flicker

Laura loved saying this. It made her feel like such a powerful beast because no one could fuck herself like she could. She breathed in more of her own equine musk, spurring on her female heat which in turn spurred a growing pressure deep within her equine lower body.

She delighted in the sensations as the odd pressure increased. The sensation expanded, building up into something large and hard until she felt a rippling of muscles she was all too familiar with. She lifted her tail, spreading her back legs apart as the flared tip of a horse cock pushed itself out of her pussy.

As always, Laura was struck with how her own cock totally and completely filled her aching pussy. She could feel every inch of its throbbing mass stretch her pussy to the limit. In return, her horse pussy hugged its occupant tightly, having perfectly conformed to the horsecock’s shape and size through multiple repeat exposure.

She’d had many partners in the past, human and equine alike, but none of them compared to her own magnificent pussycock. She woke up one day during puberty with a second horsecock sticking out of her pussy, and daily life hadn’t been the same since. She licked her lips in anticipation as the equine penis slowly continued pushing out of her horse pussy, relishing the feel of the veiny texture rubbing deliciously against her inner walls.

It didn’t take long until she could feel the strands of her tail brush against her cock as it reached its full length, sticking out about a foot or so out of her backside. It paused momentarily, giving Laura an opportunity to squeeze her pussy and splatter the wall behind her with a thick shot of precum from her cock before it began to slide back inside herself, albeit faster this time.

It always started out slowly at first, but her pussycock quickly built up speed with each thrust. Laura’s moans soon turned to screams as her own body mercilessly fucked itself from the inside out. Like the untamable beast she was, not even Laura could exercise any control over this situation, such was the animal drive with which her own body lusted after itself.

A passenger to her own body, Laura could do nothing as the horsecock pounded in and out of herself with savage force, her body violently rocking back and forth with the motion despite her large centaur frame. The onslaught of her self-fucking was relentless, not giving her even the smallest window to recover. It was all she could do to maintain balance, hooves clacking audibly against the floor.

Laura imagined being taken from behind by a stallion, larger than any of the ones she’d ever been with, treating her like an absolute fucktoy to be dominated. At the same time, she imagined taking a prize mare from behind, as she’d done many times, making sure to leave her mark by stretching them permanently beyond their previous capacity so that no other cock but hers could truly fill them.

With one final thrust, Laura’s rearmost horsecock finally came, tip flaring as pungent ropes of horse cum shot into her tail and splattered against the wall. Her horse pussy came at the same time, clamping down on her horsecock as if to milk it for all its worth. And milk it it did, for her cum shot out with even greater force out of her backside.

When the orgasms finally subsided, Laura’s pussycock grew flaccid, flopping down and leaving behind a trail of horsecum on her fur as it dragged itself back into her pussy.

Laura was panting, covered in sweat and cum and completely exhausted, though not for long as her stamina was practically infinite. She stroked and patted the side of her equine lower body as if thanking it. For despite being a slave to her body’s needs in more ways than one, she wouldn’t have it any other way.