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As of late, I've been finding it really difficult to come up with decent ideas for stories. This has become so much of a problem that I wrote half of a potential 4th chapter to "Danielle's Problem" but ended up scrapping it because even though it was only half complete, I felt that it wouldn't live up to the standards of the previous chapters (after all, it is one of the most viewed stories on the forum). But it's not just "Danielle's Problem" that I'm having problems with, it's everything. I can start writing something then stare at the screen blankly for half an hour or so before giving up. That's a big problem for someone like me whose only time for writing without "real world interference" is late at night.

Writing the transformation is easy, while going into great detail is somewhat harder. Writing the aftermath of a transformation can be difficult, but that depends on the storyline. It's writing the events leading to the transformation that is most difficult for me. "Danielle's Problem" is a fine example of aftermath writing that features transformations throughout. But I spent almost five months figuring out how to write the beginning of "Amy & Mikaela". Five long months, just for a simple story about a girl who wants her girlfriend to have a pussymouth. It was only when I planned out how the transformation itself should work that my interest in the story returned. At first, only Amy was to be transformed and it was to be nothing more than a pussymouth. But then I thought about it more and the final product is what is on the forum.

This leads me into another issue: sex. I can never find a way to write a sexual transformation story without including more sex scenes than actual plot. The plot of "Danielle's Problem - Part One" is pretty much this: Danielle waking up to find she has a bunch of penis-related changes to her body, freaking out, experiencing arousal over multiple penises on her body, masturbating, ejaculating, experiencing intense arousal over new found lesbian desires, going to school with all these penises that are surprisingly hidden from plain sight, masturbating, experiencing arousal over new found incestuous feelings for her sister, ejaculating. That pretty much sums the plot of Part One. Part Two at least has more story, but still has a lot of sex. Part Three-A features more sex than plot. Part Three-B is all plot, but it doesn't really add to the storyline itself, just a bit of background. I just hope that when I get around to writing a decent Part Four, I don't rely on bizarre transformation sex as a plot device, but no doubt that will happen.

So really, the point of this post is asking for advice on how to improve on all the above subjects, as well as writing a sexual transformation story with a convincing pre-transformation plot.

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Determination and discipline! Could help but surely not easy. My standpoint is that writing should be fun. So if the TF or aftermath is what is more fun for you, then I'd focus on that and if necessary keep the overall plot simple.

E.g. in Belial there are a lot of simple ways to get into a TF: A demon attacks, an alchemical accident happens, the protagonist is a TF-fan who willingly undergoes the changes, its a TF-show like the Greatest Show or the Morben stories. None of those need that much backstory to write, especially since they can draw from already established background.

You could even make it a mystery drama where there is no obvious reason for the transformations.


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Thanks for the help Demon-Man. The mystery drama sounds like a good idea, I could do a "whodunnit" type story or a Saw-like story involving transformations rather than brutal deaths.

I've also recently come up with an idea that has minimal backstory to it, though might eventually have a whole universe that it's set in. Basically it involves an alchemist creating a potion that grants the drinker a resistance to fire, so that she can give it to her dragon hunting mercenary brother. But the experiment backfires and her blood, sweat, tears, saliva and urine becomes semen.

Your art is what got me liking this sort of transformation in the first place, so I try to my hardest to impress.

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When I hit writer's block, I usually end up looking for art(mostly erotic in this case) or something, and after a time something will pique my interest and I'll write something about it.  Something out there usually gets my gears going again.  Although, there is the tried and true Ray Bradbury method of writing, which is as follows:  Write something every single day, at least a page, even if you hate it and will never use it.  You'll only get better and think up more material.


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Then again, taking directions form Ray Bradbury usually has people (or rabbits) ending up in King Arthur's court or on Mars.


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Haha, that's very true!  I think in this case, then, looking at porn is the better option.  At least you can follow that narrative.  Although I did enjoy the illustrated Man.


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i just wanna say that if you would write a saw like story i would love you forever.


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Another way to deal with writer's block could be to take a story or two that you like, but which according to your own taste could need some changes or improvements, and rewrite it in the way you would have wanted it to be if you were the one who came up with the story in the first place. Even if you don't publish it, it can give you some ideas you can use later which can be the foundation of something more original.