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Topic: A Game of Change

I should mention that anyone can create their own outcomes, so go ahead and be as creative as you want.

People in the small city of Hartstead would hear about it every once in a while. It was inevitable. The Game of Change.

Every major city or town on the island country of Tharase has it's own type of unique game that will affect any citizen at some point in their lives. The country's capital city, Johnstone, has 'Spin the Cupid'. Unlike it's weaker counterpart 'Spin the Bottle', once the cupid statue stops spinning, the spinner and the person the statue's head faces towards instantly fall in eternal love, no matter what the relationship between the two was like beforehand. Other places have unique varients of 'Heads or Tails', 'Rocks, Paper, Scissors', 'Snakes & Ladders', 'Five Finger Fillet', 'Poker', etc.

But the Game of Change is definitely the strangest and most abstract of them all. The rules are simple: a person only has to say "Let's play a Game of Change" to another person. The recipient then has one of four choices: Obey, Transfer, Riddle or Transform. "Obey" is simple, the recipient must obey any orders given to them within a two-minute period by the 'host', but those orders can last how long the host states. "Transfer" is a bit more complex as the recipient can transfer the game to the next person they see, but if they fail to see another person within two minutes, then only "Obey" or "Transform" remain as options. "Riddle" allows a recipient to 'win' the game by answering five questions from the host correctly, but even if one question is incorrect, "Transform" becomes the only option. The nature of the game's "Riddle" option prevents the host from denying correct answers, so if the host knows it's true, so does the game. "Transform" is what makes the game strange, as that option allows the host to choose the recipient's transformation. The transformation can be anything, with no limits as to the number or severity of transformations. The host can even choose further transformations that can be triggered by certain times, events, people, words, etc.
Should a recipient fail to choose an option within a minute, "Obey" and "Transform" are automatically chosen.

Most people think that the Game of Change is pure hokum and nothing more than a superstitious school rumour that has managed to spread like wildfire.

Jessica Lane walks around her room, breathing deeply as her mind drifts to angry thoughts from the mid-year Grade 12 dance that ended just one hour ago. The five hour school event was almost without conflict for Jess, until her nemesis Lynette decided that the 'Best of the Best' dance-off would be a perfect moment to humiliate her. Jessica had won the 'Best of Hip-Hop' dance competition earlier, so she was up for the 'Best of the Best' title. But Lynette discovered that Jess' dress had a small rip in the very area that holds it all together, so while Jess danced, Lynette decided to discretely attach a chain to her flowing dress and hook it to a food table. One minute later, the dress completely ripped from Jessica's body and to make things even more humiliating, Jessica had worn no underwear beneath the dress nor bring extra clothes. Jessica had no choice but to walk completely naked two miles through backwoods to get home in order to avoid public, even though it would have only taken her ten minutes the easier way.

But Lynette had a viable reason to do it, as Jessica isn't the nicest person around. For years, Jessica had tormented the much geekier Lynette. Locked her in lockers, stolen her clothes after gym class, replaced her anti-hayfever medicine with lavender syrup, broken her expensive laptops, humiliated her during a presentation by replacing the pictures of school achievements with pictures of Lynette in embarassing situations, and so on. And no doubt will Jessica torment Lynette further the next day.

Jess continues moping about in her room, before flopping herself onto the bed, ready to go to sleep. After all, it's passed midnight. Jessica turns off her lights and then hastily drifts to sleep.


"Fuck! Can't I go to sleep in peace" Jessica screams, rejecting the call.


"For fucksake, stop calling!" she yells, once again rejecting the call.


"Goddamn it!" she shouts, finally answering the call. "Who are you and what do you want at this time of night?!"

"Are you Jessica Lane?" the caller asks.

"Yes, and you are?" Jess responds.

"Lynette Hawes" the caller answers.

"How the fuck did you get my number, nerd?!" Jessica yells, kind of shocked.

"Don't act all surprised. In a place like Hartstead you can pretty much find out someone's computer password without much effort, so imagine how easy it was for me to get your number" Lynette responds.

"Get the fuck off my phone Geekzilla!" Jess screams.

"I will, but I have one favour" Lynette states.

"What?!" Jess exclaims.

"Let's play a Game of Change" Lynette laughs.

Jessica shot wide awake, her hands shaking in nervous fear whilst sweating like crazy. "Wha...what?" she asks "You can't do this to me!".

"Oh but I can. It's a very simple game Jess, and karma punishes the wicked. All those times you tormented me. Replaced important pictures from my presentation last year with photoshopped pornography with my head replacing others. All those times you stole my clothes after gym class and whatever. I humiliated you tonight Jess, but it's only gonna get better for you. So, you have one minute to choose your options: Obey, Transfer, Riddle or Transform. Time starts now" Lynette coldly says.

Jessica is unable to think, with being tired and cold. But the fact that her life will change completely in the space of a less than a minute is frightening for her. She has heard about the Game of Change, but she never once thought it was real. Lynette obviously wants her to obey or transform, and considering that Lynette despises her, it will no doubt be something humiliating.

With time almost run out, Jessica, still trembling with fear and panic turns back to the phone and says...

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Re: A Game of Change

Outcome 1: Horse of a Problem


"Fuck you and your stupid game!", in a tremendously stupid display of defiance.

"Ha, that's your answer? Stupid girl, you could have given me a straightforward answer but instead your time is up" Lynette laughs.

"Do you honestly think I believe that this game is real?" Jessica mockingly questions.

"You soon will" Lynette snaps.

"Whatever, just tell me what's going on so that my life will never be the same again" Jess sarcastically remarks.

"Fine. For your orders, tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will shower, dress in your school uniform and then get in your car and drive to the busiest part of town. Once you have done so, you'll begin transforming into an anthropomorphic horse with hooved feet & normal hands, you will grow three metres in height, you will gain Hulk-like muscle mass and your boobs will expand greatly. You cannot leave the car until the transformation is complete, so because of the muscle, height and breast growth, your car will slowly be destroyed during the transformation. You will also have a sex drive so intense, you will want to masturbate or have sex at least once every three hours, and will do so by any means possible. After the transformation, you will continue living out your life but you will remain naked. Anyone you have wronged in the past will know of your curse, and they will take advantage of it, and so will paparazzis/reporters, but they will only know of the curse during the transformation. Your family, friends and everyone else will believe that your new form is normal. Oh and you are also forbidden from trying to force others into the Game of Change" Lynette curses.

"Oh no, I'm so scared that I'm gonna turn into a freak and destroy my Ferrari when I do" Jess mocks.

"You have a Ferrari? All the more better. The price, the power and the horse logo no less. Kinda fitting for what's going to happen" Lynette taunts.

"Get fucked!" Jess shouts.

"We'll see who gets fucked in the morning" Lynette laughs, hanging up the phone.


In the morning at around 8am, Jessica wakes up, feeling no different than usual. She does her usual routine of showering for fifteen minutes, brushing her hair, getting food for school and then getting dressed. But it was at this point that Jessica felt something was up. She normally wears skimpy jeans or a short skirt, thongs, tube top and no bra. Today is different, today she feels compelled to wear the proper school uniform; a knee-length skirt with an ugly shade of turquoise, a forest green button-up long sleeved shirt, dark blue leggings, black slip-on sandals and a light purple bowtie that absolutely contrasts with the rest of the uniform.

"Meh, I s'pose it couldn't hurt to wear my proper uniform just once. That stupid bitch and her game was just a charade to keep me up last night" Jessica thinks, slipping on the last legging.
Jessica doesn't even think to say goodbye to her parents before grabbing her car keys and leaving her home in her expensive Ferrari. "Hmm, do I want to go to school yet? Bah, buying some stuff from the shopping complex sounds better" Jess suddenly decides.

The drive to the complex is slightly longer than the drive to school, though the complex is two kilometres east from the school and only a quick walk away from the beach. Jessica admires the scenery of the morning city rush, all the people going on their usual lives, the beach waves crashing onto the sand, the noise of traffic. She's never seen the hustle & bustle of Hartstead on weekday mornings, only the weekends. "So nice, why have I never done this before?".
Jessica stops the car in a heavily crowded parking area and grabs her bag, but her attempts to get out of the car fail. "I get this car four weeks ago and already the doors are fucked? Bullshit!" she angrily yells. She tries kicking the doors, but they simply won't budge, even though they're unlocked.

That's when it starts. Jessica feels her thongs splitting apart, literally, as hooves replace her feet. "What the?" Jess says, as she sees what has happened. "Shit! Fuck! What's just happened to my feet?" she screams.

As she stares in horror at the hooves, she notices the brown fur growing on her legs under her clothes. "Fur?! That fucking bitch Lynette! How could she curse me like that, after all I've done for her. I'm gonna kick her ass when this is all over" she shouts, loudly enough to alert a nearby pedestrian, who comes to the car to see the commotion.

Jessica notices the man and tries her hardest to act like nothing is happening. The man knocks on her window. "Um, miss, are you okay? I just heard you shout something, and I was on the path" the man worries, concerned.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine as sunshine" Jessica lies, as the fur spreads towards her waist, already covering her vagina.

"Are you sure, a lot of people heard your voice so something must be wrong?" the man asks.

"I said I'm fine!" Jessica snaps, getting angry. She feels something pop through the back of her skirt, but she ignores it for the time being.

"Okay, no need to get upset. I was just trying to help" the man eases.

"You want to help? Then fuck off!" Jessica shouts, nearly scaring the man away with her aggressive tone. She moves her hands towards her skirt, knowing exactly what the feeling she just had was.

"A tail?! Half my body is covered in fur and now I've got a motherfucking tail! I'm going to kill that bitch with my bare hands when I see her!" she furiously screams, throwing a massive tantrum in her car. The man from before returns, with his wife and another concerned person with a camera.

"Listen girl, stop the screaming. Everyone is freaking out and the cops might get involved, so for your sake, shut up!" the man demands.

"Shouldn't you be at work or something?" Jessica questions, not noticing the fur spreading to cover all but her face.

"Shouldn't you be at school?" the wife retorts.

"Yes but I'm eighteen, so fuck both of you. I'm having a bad day!" Jessica angrily yells at the three. At that exact moment, all three people stop talking and just stare at Jessica's face. "What the fuck are you freaks looking at?" she questions.

The men just stare, though the woman is polite enough to point at Jessica's face before being dumbstruck by what she's seeing. Jessica slowly moves her hands towards her face and revels in horror at what's happening. Her face is slowly stretching outwards, forming a sort of muzzle. Her nose becomes larger and horse-like, connecting with the mouth, which is also going through a similar transformation. Her ears shift to match her head, growing pointed and horse-like. Shortly afterwards, a mane of black hair similar to a horse grows and forms down her neck, replacing the light brown hair she had before. Lastly, the brown horse fur covers her face, finishing her transformation into an anthro horse.

"Oh my god! I'm...a...horse!" Jessica sobs, unaware that not only is the transformation far from over, but also that the camera carrying man had snapshot every moment of her facial transformation.

"Whoa! This is front page material! 'Schoolgirl turns into horse girl', that's golden" the camera man enthusiastically remarks. Jessica is now aware that the man is a reporter and he'll ensure that her transformation is printed in tomorrow's country newspaper. But she is helpless to stop him, she can't leave the car. A sudden, unexpected flush of arousal washes through her body as her F-cup breasts begin to grow rapidly.

"Not this! Not now!" Jessica squeals, watching as her boobs grow to a JJ cup and arm & leg muscles become thicker than an average person's waist, utterly annihilating her clothes. The growth won't stop either, and the arousal refuses to stop, allowing her pussy to drip with excitement. She knows she needs to masturbate, by any means necessary, but the lack of space just prevents her from reaching her pussy with her fingers. She has to improvise, but can't think of a way to do so until she sees that the gear stick has broken from the pressure of her muscles. Thinking of the possibilities, she grabs the gear stick and rams the knob end into her pulsing vagina.

"Ooh, yeah, fuck, oh my, this...feels, great!" she pants. People have gathered by the car, watching the "poor" girl suffer at the grips of her transformation. The car can barely hold her now her breasts have grown so much that they are actually cracking the windshield glass from the pressure. Jessica feels that her muscles have stopped growing, but the pleasure from the knob inside her is so great she doesn't care. She starts getting taller, whilst stuck inside the car, her breasts having grown to the point of lactation. It takes just a few painless moments for her to grow to two metres in height, but as if it's defying physics, the Ferrari's metal just bends and dents rather than burst open from the inside pressure. Jessica can't stop masturbating, even as she outgrows the vehicle that she can't leave until she's finished transforming.

"Ungh...can't stop...need to...keep...going! Must cum! Gotta cum! Fuck, I'm cumming. Cumming. CUMMING!" she screams with ecstasy, finally achieving a massive orgasm. Then finally... BANG! The car can't contain her any more, bursting into pieces that send the metal and engine parts flying several metres, surprisingly hurting no one. Jessica stands outside the wreckage, looking down at her new form as her arousal quickly subsides and fades into horror. The people who watched her transformation now walk away as if nothing had happened and pass weird looks at the three metre tall anthro horse standing near them.

"I'm a fucking freak" she cries, with good reason. Jessica's breasts are now car-sized, which would probably be impossible to support if she wasn't as musclebound as the Hulk. Even with the massive breasts, oversized muscles and height, she has retained an hourglass figure. Unfortunately for her, the curse itself won't be over for a long time, if ever. In fact, she is reminded of the curse by thinking about school and knows that she still has to live a "normal" life, albeit as a tall, muscly, huge boobed, sex craving, perma-nude anthro horse. Before leaving for school, she takes one last look at her body and contemplates the possibilities of getting revenge.


Upon arriving at school, Jessica is surprised that nobody is paying attention to the fact that she is transformed. "At least no one is calling me a freak. I've got to find Emily! Tell her what that nerd did to me" Jessica thinks. She runs off to the gym, knowing that Emily's first class is PE. Thing is, it's also Jessica's first class of the day.

When she arrives at the gym, she almost pushes Emily over because of the speed. "Ow, Jessica, watch out! And you're late!" Emily shouts.

"Emily, I need to talk to you" Jessica says.

"Can it wait until after class? Basketball's important today" Emily asks.

"No, I need to talk to you now" Jessica presses.

"Oi! You! Yeah you lass. Jessica Lane! Get your pony tail over to the benches now!" the teacher, Mr. Thornton yells.

"What?" Jessica asks, confused over what the Australian said.

"I told you to get your pony tail over to the benches. Girl talk can wait until after class!" Thornton repeats.

"I'm sorry? Did you say 'pony tail'?" Jessica asks.

"Yeah mate. What about it?" Thornton asks, clearly getting impatient.

"Nothing, but why can't I play?" Jessica questions. "I'm one of the best".

"Have you not fucken listened at all in the past three years. You have too much advantage, plus nobody can reach the ball when you have it. Now sit down and shut up!" Thornton demands.
Jessica, saddened over her situation, walks to the benches. And sits right next to Lacey, another person whom Jessica has tormented over the years.

"The cursed one arrives" Lacey whispers.

"What?" Jessica questions, turning to see Lacey. "Hmph, get lost emo!".

Lacey is another girl whom Jessica has bullied. But while Lynette was mostly mentally humiliated by Jessica, Lacey was sexually humiliated by her. When Lacey came out with being gay to her friends, Jessica found out and made it her mission to ensure that Lacey would be disgraced. At first, Jessica would just put photos of nude men into Lacey's work folders to repulse her. Soon, she did the same thing with photos of nude women to get her horny in class. Jessica then got her brother's help to place security cameras in the women's restroom so she could record Lacey having sex with her girlfriend in school. When this finally happened, Jessica blackmailed Lacey into staying off school grounds during recess and lunch breaks or she'd show the footage to Lacey's family. Because Lacey thought Jessica was bluffing, Jessica did show the footage to Lacey's family and she has since been disowned because of it and now lives in a rundown apartment with her now-adult girlfriend.

"You're the one who's lost, horse! I know all about your curse. How you were punished with the Game of Change, how you are now stuck like this, having to live your life naked and sex hungry. I'm happy that someone has finally done something like this to you, although I think Lynette could have chosen something different for you to become. Personally, I would have made it so that your head and neck became a giant dick and your tits became balls, while the rest of your body stayed human. But Lynette says we can't change you, at least not now, so you're lucky" Lacey reveals.

"What do you want from me?" Jessica asks, somewhat afraid.

"You know I still haven't forgiven you for what you did to me. My family hates me and soon, my girlfriend will be moving north, but I can't go with her because I have to graduate. I know that Lynette doesn't want us changing you, but I don't care, so let's play a Game of Change" Lacey curses.

"Fuck, again!" Jessica sobs. "Fine, I choose Obey".

"I was hoping that'd be your choice. I'm getting horny, and I have quite a fetish for human dildo art, so I demand you to use me as a dildo for the next five minutes and then lick your juices from my body. Mr Thornton will try to stop you, but you won't stop until you've completed my orders. And nobody will believe that I made you do it" Lacey orders, stripping naked as she speaks.

"You're a freak...but I can't help but grab you..." Jessica whimpers, but falls into intense arousal and grabs hold of Lacey, driving her leg first into her pussy, which is barely large enough to fit the girl inside. For three minutes Jessica uses Lacey as a dildo, masturbating so hard that sperm squirts from her horse pussy. Then the teacher notices and runs up the benches without disrupting the class.

"Get that poor girl out off there now!" Thornton demands. He even pulls Lacey's shoulders to distract Jessica, but she can't because of her orders. Thornton continues to struggle for two more minutes before Jessica puts Lacey down.

"Are you okay Lacey?" Thornton asks, disgusted with Jessica's action.

"I'm fine, it's all good" Lacey answers.

"Good. But you Miss Lane, I'd suspend you for that, but it's only first period so I won't bother. Commit anything like that again near me and I will have the police put you onto a prison farm down south. You're a horse and shouldn't be in schools or streets, but that's up to your family" Thornton yells. By now, the whole class knows what just happened. But Jessica doesn't care, she's already licking her semen from Lacey, who seems to be relishing the horse tongue smattering all over her body.

"Freak" Thornton growls, as the siren blares. "Class dismissed, especially you, pony girl".


Jessica waits for Emily to get dressed before she decides to talk to her. They start walking to their next class, which they share. Jessica can't think of what to say, so Emily starts asking questions.

"Okay, what the fuck just happened in there? Are you okay?" Emily questions.

"You saw that huh?" Jessica blushes.

"Saw it! I think the whole class heard it!" Emily answers. "Why would you put a girl into your big horse vagina, especially that emo?".

"She told me to do it" Jessica argues.

"If she told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?" Emily retorts.

"No. But have you heard of the Game of Change?" Jess asks.

"Yes, everyone has" Emily responds. "Why?".

"Because I wasn't even like this yesterday! I was human, the girl that you know and not some horse with mammoth tits and Hulk abs. Y'know that girl Lynette Hawes?" Jess complains.

"You mean Geekzilla? Yeah, she's totally weird" Emily acknowledges.

"She did this to me. Last night after the dance, she called me and got me playing the Game of Change. I didn't answer and now I'm, well, this monster. And now I have to have sex or masturbate every three hours" Jessica explains.

"Jeez, did you get so drunk at the dance last night that you've actually forgotten what happened to you when you hit puberty?" Emily questions in disbelief.

"Refresh my memory" Jess plays along.

"When you turned fourteen, you started transforming into an anthro horse. Y'know, something that can be seen on furry sites. That completed in two weeks, and you were hospitalised for most of that period. Your parents decided against giving you to a farm, but they built a stable in the backyard. But then, when you returned to school, you started having other problems. Every month for four years, you went through growth spurts and muscle development. By the time you turned sixteen, you were already seven feet and something tall. That's when your boobs started growing as well. They got huge before you turned seventeen, but not long after your seventeenth birthday, you decided to stop wearing clothes because of two reasons; one, it was getting hard to find clothes your size & two, you just liked being naked. So after a few months, everyone just gave up. Thankfully you stopped growing this year. But no one, not even vets, can explain your sex drive, which is five times more extreme than actual horses" Emily explains.

"Really? No, I was cursed by Geekzilla!" Jess argues.

"Sorry Jess, but that's not true" Emily states.

"Whatever, let's just get to class" Jessica sobs.


The acting class is something that Jessica is also excluded from participating in, but that doesn't bother her, she just sleeps the lesson away. At recess, while most Grade 12 students hang in the cafeteria, Jessica sits outside eating the hay and salt cubes she was given by the lunchlady, who refuses to serve proper food to animals. Emily and Jessica's two other best friends, Melanie & Brad, join her after they've eaten. Jessica tries, and fails, to explain her curse to her friends, who just believe she's somewhat delusional after getting drunk. After recess, Jessica refuses to attend her mathematics class and uses the time to masturbate, this time using a log. She then attends the next class, a boring literature class.

At lunch, Jessica avoids contact with her friends and hangs alone in the school's old gym, which is used only for times when there are several sporting events happening at the same time. She can't help but cry about her situation.

"No one believes me and that stupid bitch Lynette wants me to suffer. I wish this never happened. I'm a giant horse. This shouldn't be possible" Jessica cries. "Why did it happen to me me?".

"Good question" a voice echoes. "But you should really be asking how it happened to you".

"You...you bitch Lynette. You've ruined my life!" Jessica sobs.

"On the contrary, I've made it better. For me and others like me at least. See, everyone you know and love, as well as strangers, believe you've always been like this, so there's a positive. But you know that you deserved this?" Lynette taunts.

"No, I didn't deserve this! Not this!" Jess shouts in fury.

"You do know you could have become something else. Like Lacey here told you earlier, if she came up with the idea to use Game of Change against you, you would have turned into a penis-headed & scrotum-breasted freak with a human body. That would have been awful for you. If Sammy here thought to use Game of Change against you, you would have turned into a genderless bird creature. You should be thankful. That I am the one who calls!" Lynette explains.

Sammy was another of Jessica's targets. Whereas Lynette was mentally humiliated and Lacey was sexually humiliated, Sammy was socially humiliated. She was once very popular, friends with Jessica actually, but Jessica grew jealous of her and plotted to cause her popularity levels to drop, but she needed to find a weakness. Enter the miracle invention of Facebook, where status updates allow people to exploit others. Jessica found out through Facebook that Sammy becomes extremely hyperactive after drinking caffeine and was once addicted to it. So the next day, Jessica spiked Sammy's water with a lot of caffeine and she went hyperactive. This continued to happen until Sammy's hyperactive actions, such as stripping in class, eating a chocolate llama that was given to the school as an award and defacing windows with the words "CAFFEINE IS EPIC!", earned her the scorn of her friends and classmates for her disruptive behaviour. She found out that Jessica caused it all just days later, but it was too late, her social standing was damaged beyond repair.

"You think your transformation is going to be the last of your troubles? We want our true revenge. We're going to make your life hell" Lynette, Lacey and Sammy all taunt.

"What else can you do to me? Just leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone, forever!" Jessica cries.

"It's too late, horse! Time to sleep" Lynette says, shooting a horse tranquilizer dart at her.

"What...are...you...doing, urgh, feeling sleepy" Jessica yawns, before falling asleep from the dart.

"What do we do with her?" Sammy asks.

"We can't leave her here" Lacey states.

"Don't worry, we have plans for our...friend" Lynette laughs.


To be continued.................probably.

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