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Topic: Hermpire Anthro Plague

Hi, long time lurker first time poster.

Recently, I've dived head-first into writing addventure stuf, picking up an old chain about a contagious Hermaphrodite TF plague caused by a cursed ring. In the branch that I've been adding to, the ring found it's way into a zoo, spreading to the animals, which in turn make people into horny feral anthros as well.

This is where that starts: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/ga … 04125.html

I picked up where one girl became part elephant, but managed to retain her human mind, who then holed up with a human girl in an office building. It turns out she's developed a partial immunity/cure that can be spread like the regular infection, and return ferals to a more human state.

Here's about where that starts, beginning with The Soon-to-be Elephant girl attempting to escape the zoo with her Boyfriend: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/ga … 91583.html

From there, I and author High Commander have done a sort of apocalypse survival story as the two girls gather more friends, gather supplies, and plan out how to cure the city. My most recent post has them at the local college, attempting a mission to sweep and cure the gathered herms there. http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/ga … 28911.html

This is my first real ever attempt at TF or Smutty fiction in general, and I hope it's up to snuff. I've tried to keep a good balance between character and sex, but I may be weaker on the sex stuff. Let me know what you guys think!


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I immediately know which storyline thread you're working on. One of my favorites. Looking forward to reading it.


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Haven't finished yet, but I'm absolutely loving it. Perfect blend between character development and herm sex.


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I love the Hermpires Saga. I kept and updated it regularly on the old and now dead forum. It definitely has the heart and style of sexual transfomation but in the end it is essentially furry-only transformation which you can find plenty of elsewhere. I decided against posting it again since if furry-only TF was allowed, those stories could potentially drown out everything else.

I think people have come to expect a certain standard of the things that I post, that being transformations typically involving multiple sexual growths. If someone else posts it, however, I will be fine with it.

That said, I always like revisiting Hermpires occasionally. It reinvigorates my love for furry herm transformation like none other. The new additions every year are always welcome.