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The REAL Start of a New Day...
Unending BE - episode 3773

Sharon smiles from where she's kneeling in front of Jim, his massive cock in her warm hand, gently stroking it as she licks her lips and says...

"Hey, Jim - If you're that tired, maybe you should have stayed home."

James Robert Harrigan - 'Jim' to his freinds - jerked his head up with a start - then began to flush as he realized he'd drifted off to sleep - and into a weird dream.

A really weird dream.

As the slightly-bookish looking young man rose from the mildewy couch, he brushed off his jeans and T-shirt. Looking around, he thought to himself that 'weird dreams' could be excused in a place like this.

"Come on, sleepyhead." Sharon, Jim's current girl chided gently. "Rick and the others are waiting for us in the foyer."

Jim needed no urging to follow Sharon anywhere. Short and a little on the 'pale and skinny' side - a result of her part-time job at the town library - his girlfriend was cute, if a little flat chested. But she had a world-class ass, which made following her a real pleasure.

Even if he WAS following her in Hill House, the huge, supposedly 'cursed' mansion atop - oddly enough - a hill.

Of course, none of them would even THINK of coming to a place like this on Halloween Night - that was just too cliche.

So, they'd come on Hell night, the night before Haloween.

Entering the foyer of the massive, creepy mansion, Jim smiled at the little knot of friends. Nearly inseperable, they'd decided to do this as one of their world-famous... well, town-famous stunts.

Rick, his carrot-topped friend (and the town's most famous marathon runner) was there. As usual, he had his arm around Candace, the amazingly tall, slender (and flat chested) dancer with the fabulous legs. The tall brunette nodded at Jim.

Then, of course, there was Brad and Brenda. Both blond, Brad was the classic 'Surfer Dude', so laid back that you sometimes had to hold a mirror under his nose to make sure he was still breathing. Brenda - like a female clone of Brad, her boyfreind, was as deeply tanned as Brad, and had the same golden hair. But she was a true beach-bunny, with DDD-cup tits she liked to barely cover with tiny crop-tops, and just enough brain power to figure out how to microwave popcorn.

"So - what's the plan?" Jim asked, seeing they'd already discussed the night's 'festivities' while he'd slumbered.

Rick laughed. "Scavanger hunt. Whoever brings back the coolest thing gets the first pick of the booze." He gestured at the cooler. "We've drawn straws to see who teams with who - this is a partner thing."

Jim agreed that it sounded fun> Although he had preferences in some matters, in something like this, the pairing up would work fine, no matter who it was. So, he wasn't upset to discover his partner was...


"Oh, this will be fun!" Brenda giggled - doing interesting things to her firm, round tits.

"Yeah - sure." Jim agreed. Truthfully, Brenda would be useless in the search - but the buxom blonde beach bunny gave him something fantastic to look at while he did all the work, so it balanced out. "Come on - let's get going."

The pairs spread off, each heading for a different part of the moldering mansion. When a stry whim passed through Jim's mind, he couldn't help but act on it. Sure, he was in a relationship with Sharon, and he'd never actually CHEAT on her - but taking Brenda down to the basement alomst guarenteed she'd get scared - and press herself tightly against him. It was simply to good to pass up.

It didn't take long for him to lead Brenda into the cool, musty basement - where they both stopped dead, amazed by the sight that greated them.

It was the quintessential 'Mad Scientest's Laboratory.' A strange chair with wide feet and arms rested on a raised platform in the middle of the room. Along one wall was a large device with a strange metal ball sticking out of it on a short post, and on the other side of the room there was a collection of beakers full of odd-colored liquids.

"Ohhh... I think I saw this in a movie once!" Brenda exclaimed, wandering (to his dissapointment) away from Jim's side.

*Brenda examines the metal sphere


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

"So... nuthin' at all, eh Jimmy-boy?" Rick joked as Jim and Brenda entered the room.

"No..."Jim sighed. What he didn't realize, yet, is that they had brought something back. When he wasn't looking, Brenda had touched the metal sphere on one wall, and had felt a breif, pleasent tingle. What that tingle had signified was Brenda's aquisition of an amazing power, although none - not even Brenda - new of it yet.

"He was too busy drooling over Brenda's tits." Sharon said, dryly, and Candace agreed with a giggle that that was probably the case.

"Speaing of huge tits..." Brad said from behind Jim. Before he could turn around, Brad had grabbed him. Laughing, Rick held up the item they'd found - a massive pair of fake latex tits. The size of beach-balls, they were built in to a massive, lacy black bra. While Jim complained and tried - unsucessfully - to break Brad's grip, Rick slid the massive, MMM-cup tits onto Jim's chest, covering themn with Jim's t-shirt. Strained to the limit, the now taut t-shirt clearly showed 'cleavage' at the top, and the black line of the bra through the thin materiel.

"And we got this!" Sharon announced. She showed jim the prize - a massive, highly realistic dildo.

It was at that instant that Brenda's new power was revealed when she said...

*"Jimmy! How cute - I wish those really were your tits..." [BRANCH 1]
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*"Ohhh... I wish Brad's cock was big as that dildo..." [Continue reading]


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Brenda took the dildo from Sharon, and examined it. "Jeepers! I wish Brad had a cock this size!"

"Brenda!" Brad exclaimed and suddenly felt a tingle in his crotch. His crotch of his jeans exploded and a foot and a half long cock sprang out.

Everyone stared at Brad's huge cock until he jumped behind a couch. "Did you do that, Brenda?" he asked franticly.

"I don't know," she stammered, "I guess I might of, but I don't know how. All I did was wish and it came true!"

"Try something else, Brenda," Jim suggested.

"Okay," she said, "I wish...

*I knew how this happened to me."

Suddenly, Brenda was hit by a flash of knowledge, and knew how this had happened.

"The owner of this house had created a way to gain the power to alter reality. He had powered up the orb to grant him the god-like abilities. However, as he walked toward the orb, he tripped over a cable, cracked his head on the base of the stand, and died. They hauled the body away, but the orb stayed powered. It's been sitting here all these years, waiting to give the power to someone. I'm the lucky one who got the power," Brenda giggled as she finished.

"Damn," Jim whispered to Sharon, "I could have had that power instead of her. What's an airhead like her going to do with that power? Give everybody big dicks?"

"Actually, Jim," Brenda replied, "Since you're so curious as to what I'll do, I'll tell you. I was going to grant all your wishes since your my friends, but since "I such an airhead", as you said, I might make a mistake, like accidently wishing...

*your dick to shink to the size of a cashew.


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

"Oh, like I would ever say, I wish Jim's penis was the size of a cashew," laughs Brenda, as Jim gasps.

Grabbing the front of his pants he finds himself suddenly deficient in the manhood department. "Brenda!" whines Jim.

"Oh...what a whiney little man you are. I wish that you could find something to keep your mouth shut for a while!" Brenda cackles.

*Brenda smiles as Jim suddenly attaches himself to her breast.

As Brenda made her wish, suddenly her sweater and bra vanished, revealing her large, beautiful breasts to everyone. "Mmmph!" Jim exclaimed as suddenly his mouth was pulled by an unseen force to one of Brenda's tits. Ordinarily this would have been a dream come true, but Jim didn't like being manipulated like this. And he certainly didn't like having a tiny, half inch penis. He tried to pull away, but his lips seemed stuck to Brenda's bust and his tongue felt merged to Brenda's nipple.

Brenda looked down at Jim and giggled as he tried to speak. "That keeps you quiet."

"Hey!" said Sharon. "If you want someone sucking your tits, uses Brad. I'm sure it won't be the first time. Jim is my boyfriend. Jim, will you stop that!"

Jim turned his eyes at Sharon and made a helpless shrug. "He can't," Brenda giggled. "Not until I wish him loose."

"Then do it!" Sharon demanded.

"I don't want to," Brenda said petulantly. "But I do think I'll hush you up as well." Brenda made a quick wish and...

*...Sharon's tongue swelled and changed into an erect penis.


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Brenda smiled and then says, "I wish everyone knew you for the self centered stuck up bitch that you are!"

Sharon moves back, but as she tries to yell out something she finds her tongue to be swollen. Stepping back faster she begins to trip over her clothing, which is falling to pieces all around her.

Jim struggles to get a look as to what is going on and Brands pats him on head and murmers, "I wish you weren't being such a drag, honey."

As Sharons tongue/dick swells out between her lips, her stomach convulses she falls to the floor bent over. tyring to relive the pain she bends over farther till until she finds her face in her crotch. "MmmmMMMM!!!" she tries to say, just before uncontrollably begining to fuck herself.

Jim is distratcted from this strange scene as he finds himself shrinking. Growing smaller by the second, he is quickly reduced to tiny 6 inch tall version of himself, with his overly large mouth and tongue still attached to Brendas tit.

*Rick tries to sneak off with Candice while nobody is watching them.

Rick leaned over to Candice a horrified and whispered in her ear, "I think she's lost it. Let's go while she's distracted." Candice nods. While Brenda is watching Sharon and laughing, Rick and Candice start to sneak out of the room.

They are about to reach the door when Brenda's voice stopped them. "Where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Ummm, I gota go." Rick said. "Man stuff."

"Ohh, that. You can do it here while we all watch. Right, Candice?" Brenda turned her gaze on Candice.

"No. You're crazy Brenda. Look what you did to Sharon there, and Jim. How do you think he feels hanging off your boob like that?" Brenda flinched under Candice's verbal assult.

"You BITCH!" Brenda screamed. "I wish you would just..."

*...thake Brad there and completely deepthroat him. Chin to balls Candice."


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Candice felt the magic dragging her towards Brad Well, she thought, I might as well get on with it, since I will be whether I like it or not.

But as she started licking and sucking Brad's monster cock, she felt the magic urging her upward, until she was kissing and sucking on his chin.... As she did this, she felt her mouth tingling, and suddenyl growing to take in more of Brad's chin and face until his whole head was in her mouth.... From there she started sliding her way down his body, pausing to make sure she got his cock in too, until she had Brad swallowed up to his balls.....

*Brenda said, "That's not what I wanted, I wish Candace would stop deep-throating Brad. I wish she were inseperable from his cock instead..." [Continue reading]

*...join Sharon in her fun." [BRANCH 2]
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Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

With Brad stuck in her throat (since she had swallowed him up to his balls), Candice began to worry if she would take all of him into her when Brenda spoke and Candice began to feel Brad leaving her mouth. Soon Brad was on the floor covered with her saliva, coughing as he began to breathe again. But his cock, stimulated by being sucked, expanded and its head moved purposefully toward Candice. It found her cunt like a flesh covered missile (which it was at this point) and entered her as she stood over Brad getting her breath back after, basically, spitting Brad out of her mouth. Bard's cock moving inside Candice and paused only to stroke her G-spot and then cervix, then it pushed even deeper! Both Brad and Candice moaned and their bodys began to move, Brad bringing his hips toward Candice and pushing his cock while Candice moved toward Brad, also driving his cock deeper as well. Both were hitting orgasmic highs as brad felt himself going deeper than he ever knew while Candice felt Brad going places she never knew she had. Brenda, watching with interest, saw them aline themselves until Candice looked to be riding Brad hard, except that she was barely moving on his pole on the upstrokes and pushing down on the downstrokes as more of brad went inside.

Finally, Candice was 'sitting' on Brad and her legs folded beside him when his balls merged with her butt. Her asschecks changed color and fine har began to grow over her entire rear. Her legs merged with Brad's hips and groin leaving Candice to appear to be growing from Brad. Her hips changed color until it almost matched Brad's but somehow remained her hips. Breanda watched as the colorline that was brad moved up to Candice's waist and further up her torso. Brenda was surprised somewhat when Candice's waist didn't fill out, it remained nicely curved and definately feminine. The colorline stopped under Candice's breasts but continued up her back under it reached her neck. For several seconds, nothing else seems to happen, Candice looked normal, from her head to her arms and breasts, there was a color change in her skintone that looked like a tanline and went down her torso until it reach below her waist. Candice's rear had a good coating of hair that match Brad's pubic hair color rather than Candice's own.

For Candice, the high she was on, went even further. She felt Brad's shaft pushing deeper inside her, and then it was in her throat? Candice came hard on that thought, making it her fourth one and felt it push into her mouth from behind. A tingling came all over her and felt like another orgasm rising fast. She felt something rising from her depths up her throat and filling her mouth. Her mouth began filled with some wonderfully tasting fluid and she found herself starting to spit it out as more came from below. She could know longer retrain herself and just spewed it out and came again.

For Brad, all he knew was that he was very deep into a female and had to push further in. His hips continued to flex and push into the the feminine flesh. He felt his impending orgasm continue to build and felt something like a mini-orgasm hit, at least twice, but the big one was still building. Then it hit, the largerst and longest orgasm that brad has ever felt. He felt himself spurting wildly and passed out from the pleasure of it.

For Sharon, she was Candy swallow Brad whole then spit him out. The his cock moved on its own and went inside Candy, then both of them moved so that all of it was inside. When Candy had finally straddled Brad there was a color change that sweeped over her. This left both of them coupling even though as Candy's legs disappeared somewhere. Candy was still 'bouncing' on Brad when she began to start spitting some white stuff out of her mouth. Soon it became a flood of something as it continued to come out of Candy's mouth. Then it hit her, Brenda's wish was for Candy to become inseparable from brad's cock and she was for she was now Brad's cock!

For Brenda, Brad now had a Candy-cock and both had just came and from what had come out of Candy's mouth, Brad could now produce cum by the gallon. still..."I wish for Candice to have multiple breasts, each of them to become larger and cum-filled so that she is like a French tickler. I wish for her orgasms to drive his orgasms and I wish for her to change shape to fit any pussy Brad wishes to enter." Brenda watch as Candy grew additional breasts until there were six of themn on her front, four on her back and one on her sides and each one growing larger until each was a 'G' cup.

Satisfied with Brad and Candy, Brenda looked around and decided...

*...to have Candy suck Rick's cock...

Brenda looked upon the 'new' Candy with interest. Seeing her still 'standing' above Brad, looking a little stiff, even after shooting quite a bit of cum, made Brenda realize that she could still add a few things to the mix. First she gave Candy some range of motion, even when she was fully hard. Next she gave Candy the need to feed from cocks for their cum, but on a random schedule. Then she gave Brad a pair of breasts with cock-nipples for feeding Candy with (and for giving her energy to use for her 'special' functions). She also kept Candy mentally independent from Brad but completely subservent to him when he wanted to enter another female (but left a few 'goodies' between them). Then she positioned Rick and wished for Candy to recover and begin feeding.

Candy recovered with Brenda's wish and found herself staddling Brad (and feeling his cock throbbing inside her) and began to look around when her hand found her breasts but lower. Trying to look down she saw her new enhanced (upper) breasts and then leanded over to find her hand on her middle breasts (and felt her breasts touching each other!). As she moved her hand to her side, she found another breast! One of each side of her each level with her lower breasts. Surprised, she straighten (stiffen?) and felt Brad's cock press deeper into her, causing her to arc her back and her hands to swing behind her. Now she was almost shocked, she had breasts on her back! She froze as she considered what was going on, here she was, staddling Brad and feeling him inside her, covered with breasts (at least 5 pairs, six on her front, 2 on her sides and at least 2 on her lower back) and hunger?? Yes, she realized that she was hungry...looking around she quickly spotted Brenda but her taste didn't seem interesting for now, maybe later. See spotted Sharon still laying on the floor, eating herself ... no wait, she wasn't eating herself, she was fucking herself. Interesting, Sharon had a cock-tongue and was really going down on herself, hmmm, Candy realized that she could smell Sharon's fluids and that Sharon had had at least two male ejaculations and four female ones, but she was also a bit out of the way. Still, it would be interesting as she could feed while kissing Sharon, then Brad could fuck her. She glanced down briefly at Brad below her and noticed that he had two nice looking cocks jutting above his breasts. She was about to continue her search when she froze, Brad wasn't supposed to have breasts, was he?? Oh, yes he did. They (his breasts) were for her and contained special goodies for her and while they look interesting, she didn't want it at the moment. She idlely bounced on his cock and massaged her side breasts when her glaze came upon Rick and locked on to his groin. Yes, there was her next meal and he was close enough for her to reach.

Rick, who had just was his girlfriend shagging Brad and then lost her legs and was still bouncing on Brad's engorged member. Then he saw extra breasts come into being on her frame and now she was looking hungerly at him. He saw her twist and bend towards him, one hand landing on his hip and pulling him toward her. He also realized that he was without clothing and his memeber was standing at attention as Candy moved her mouth onto his head and began to lick it. She pulled him closer and really started to give him a good licking before she settled down for some serious sucking. Using one hand on his balls and her other on his hips, she soon had Rick in a rhythm that can her almost full control over his orgasm. She used it to her full advantage as she enjoyed the taste of his cock in her mouth and the pre-cum that came with it. She also had her hips gyrating on Brad's organ and she felt herself begin to build to her own orgasm. She allowed Rick to cum and throughly enjoy the taste of his cum as it filled her mouth before she swallowed for his next cumload.

Brad came too and felt Candy gyrating on his cock and did it feel good. He was also aware that Candy was giving Rick a bloe job, though he wasn't quite sure on how he knew that. Lifting himself up on his elbows, he saw Candy's new form rising from his groin and his mouth feel open as he saw her new breasts bouncing over him as she continued her maneuvers in fucking him and sucking Rick. He reached one hand foward and began to lightly stroke on of Candy's lower breasts or was it one of her side breasts, it didn't matter as when he did, he felt his cock go into overdrive inside her. She picked up her pace and he felt like he was going to cum any second.

Things were looking up for Brenda ad brad was effectively stroking one of his cock-tits and was building up for another gallon of cum delivery, Candy was feeding herself on Rick and if she didn't watch herself, would also cover him with Brad's cum. Sharon was still servicing herself and Brenda was thinking it might be time for Sharon to service her. And of course, Jim was doing a nice job of sucking her nipple. Now was the time to...


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Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)


"You're sick, sick....MMMmppphhhhh!", cries Candice, as her tongue begins to grow into a large prick. Soon she is also on the floor giving herself a good go at it.

Brenda then smiled at Rick and wished . . .

*the he would become Brads penis, so that he could all the pussy he wanted. [BRANCH 3]
http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … d=752#p752

*that he could join Candice and Sharon's fun. [Continue reading]


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Rick felt himself being bent forward.

He opened his mouth to scream.

*Because he had a pussy (and his tongue was becoming a penis)

Rick couldn't believe what was happening. His torso was bending forward and his tongue swelled up and out of his mouth, becoming a huge, sensitive penis. Between his legs their was now a pussy with medium sized pussy lips. Rick couldn't stop as his body forced him to start fucking himself as Brenda ordered. He wasn't sure what was worse, feeling his tongue starting to throb or the feeling of something large being inserted into his soft new vagina.

*something else

Brenda laughed, as Rick gasped as his massive cock tongue began to swell out of his mouth, "HAH, that will teach you to call me an airhead, wont it!" Just then, Brenda noticed Candace trying to sneak out the back way, "And just where do you think YOU are going, candace?" Brenda snickered.
Candace winced at the sound of Brenda's voice, "Ummm, I just remembered something that I have to go do. " Replied candace, lamely.. Brenda just rolled her eyes.
Candace seeing that her excuse wasnt going to work, broke into a run.
"HEY, get back here you bitch!" Screamed Brenda, but Candace kept running full kilt for the door, that is until Brenda mumbled something under her breath. All of a sudden, Candace crashed to the floor, and gapsed in horror as she noticed that

*Her legs were fusing together, her entire lower body was being turned into a massive prick, while her tits were turning into massive nuts

"OOF!" What the fuck? Brenda yelps as she crashes to the floor, while Candace looks on, grinning expectantly. Candace begins to scrabble for the floor on her hands and knees, when all of a sudden she falls flat on her face once again... before candace can even react, a very loud "Riiiiiip" is heard.

Candace manages to turn herself over, depsite the fact that her legs arent responding in the least, and reaches over to find that the inside seam on both of her pant legs is ripped from crotch to foot.
Candace shudders in pleasure as she her hand brushes against her legs, as she reaches over to clear tattered remains of her pants to find her legs have totally fused to gether!" "What the hell brenda!

Her entire lower body is quickly becoming covered with long, purple veins. Candace finishes removing her pants just as soon as her feet have finished fusing together, a massive mushroom of flesh quickly begins to swell out of the ends of her legs.

Candace looks at brenda with a panicked expression on her face, as the massive veins begin to progress up her legs, starting with the massive cock head, "WHY Brenda, what the hell are you doing this for!?" candace screams.

Brenda only snickers, "OH, I don't know, because I can?" Brenda walks over to the door Brenda had been running for, shutting it in her face. "Plus, there were all those times that you gave me the shaft to go out with Jim, I guess you can say I am returning the favor!"

Around this time, Brenda is beginning to panic, as the change is beginning to engulf her lower body, her vagina has already been sealed with skin, and the same was beginning to happen to her belly button. Brenda shuddered at the sensastion as her tits began to, well, what can only be described as loosen, as the skin surrounding them became slack, veiny, and hairy.

They quickly began to swell out in all directions, each becoming the size of small couches within moments. The massive sack that contianed them was thankfully large enough to not crush brenda's chest flat, they each rested at her sides as she laid on heer back, her entire lower body having become an absolutly gargantuan cock. The transformation stopped with the testicles, leaving brenda's shoulders and head intact.

Brenda walked over to the stricken Candace, who by this point was too afraid to even speak, grabbed a hold of some loose flesh, pulled herself up on candace's massive shaft, and seated herslef between Candace's massive nuts, causing the massive shaft to pulsate, releasing approximately three gallons of pre. "Well, who is next?" Brenda states sweetly.

"OOF!" What the fuck? Brenda yelps as she crashes to the floor, while Candace looks on, grinning expectantly. Candace begins to scrabble for the floor on her hands and knees, when all of a sudden she falls flat on her face once again... before candace can even react, a very loud "Riiiiiip" is heard.

Candace manages to turn herself over, depsite the fact that her legs arent responding in the least, and reaches over to find that the inside seam on both of her pant legs is ripped from crotch to foot.
Candace shudders in pleasure as she her hand brushes against her legs, as she reaches over to clear tattered remains of her pants to find her legs have totally fused to gether!" "What the hell brenda!

Her entire lower body is quickly becoming covered with long, purple veins. Candace finishes removing her pants just as soon as her feet have finished fusing together, a massive mushroom of flesh quickly begins to swell out of the ends of her legs.

Candace looks at brenda with a panicked expression on her face, as the massive veins begin to progress up her legs, starting with the massive cock head, "WHY Brenda, what the hell are you doing this for!?" candace screams.

Brenda only snickers, "OH, I don't know, because I can?" Brenda walks over to the door Brenda had been running for, shutting it in her face. "Plus, there were all those times that you gave me the shaft to go out with Jim, I guess you can say I am returning the favor!"

Around this time, Brenda is beginning to panic, as the change is beginning to engulf her lower body, her vagina has already been sealed with skin, and the same was beginning to happen to her belly button. Brenda shuddered at the sensastion as her tits began to, well, what can only be described as loosen, as the skin surrounding them became slack, veiny, and hairy.

They quickly began to swell out in all directions, each becoming the size of small couches within moments. The massive sack that contianed them was thankfully large enough to not crush brenda's chest flat, they each rested at her sides as she laid on heer back, her entire lower body having become an absolutly gargantuan cock. The transformation stopped with the testicles, leaving brenda's shoulders and head intact.

Brenda walked over to the stricken Candace, who by this point was too afraid to even speak, grabbed a hold of some loose flesh, pulled herself up on candace's massive shaft, and seated herslef between Candace's massive nuts, causing the massive shaft to pulsate, releasing approximately three gallons of pre. "Well, who is next?" Brenda states sweetly.


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Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)


Rick would have complained, if had been given an opportunity, but as Brenda spoke her wish Rick felt himself begin to change. His mouth went numb, and he found himself forced to look up at ceiling as his head changed shape. He began to shrink, while his arms shrank into his body, and his hair fell out. Oddly, though, his clothing still hung tightly to his body. At about four feet in height his legs began to form large orbs at the base of his body.

Brenda smiles and laughs to see Rick changing into a penis shape, wrapped up in a rubber french tickler shaped like this former clothing.

Just as Rick's height hits about two feet in lenght there is a loud pop, and Brad finds Rick attached to his solidly to his crotch.

*Brad is dismayed to feel his mouth tingle, as Brenda quietly wishes Rick had something to fuck.

Brad felt his mouth start tingling, and looked in horrow at Brenda. As he started to bend forward he opened his mouth to say something, but as it opened, he felt it changing, teeth disappearing, and the opening moving into a vertical slit...

As curly pubic hair started to grow like a beard, he realized that his mouth was now a pussy for Rick to fuck; even worse, it was a dripping wet pussy that ached to be filled with the manhood that Rick was...

Brad would have moaned as Rick penetrated his lips, sliding deep within him, had he the mouth to moan, instead, he had to merely shudder in pleasure (even while, deep down, a part of him was screaming in horror at what was happening).

Rick, meanwhile, was equally stunned at the sensation of completely penetrating a pussy. More than stunned, he was starting to feel an orgasm coming, although he wasn't sure if he or Brad was responsible for that... As it approached, his mouth started oozing something which he realized after a little bit was precum... it felt like he was drooling, only more erotic. Then as he opened his mouth in surprise at the sensation as white goo came gushing and spurting out of his mouth - he was cumming like he had never cum before... it felt like his whole body was locked in a terrific orgasm, and yet it felt almost like he was puking at the same time... He couldn't describe it. It was wonderful. It was horrible. It was..... He felt the pumping slow, and he started to relax... He'd at least get a rest...

Then he heard Brenda laugh, and his blood ran cold as she said, "Who said you could stop? I wish Brad would keep fucking his face with Rick." With a groan of anguish (and perhaps a sigh of relief?), he felt the thrusting increase again, and the urge to cum again rising slowly...

*Jim needs some attention now...

After watching Sharon, Candace, and Brad (with Rick) all fucking themselves for a bit, Brenda remmebered she had a small person hanging from her breast...

She looked down and smiled. "Well Jim, I think you've learned your lesson. I wish Jim were back to normal."

In the twinkling of an eye, Jim was no longer attached to her breast, he was back to full size, and even his manhood had returned to its original size. Unfortunately, his attitude was also back to normal too.

"You Bitch!!! How dare you do that to me!?! You will change me back and you will change everyone else back right now! Why did an airhead like you ever get wishing pow-" He was cut off as his body bent quickly and his mouth latched itself onto his own cock - Brenda had made another wish.

"That's the problem with you Jim, you don't have any respect for me. Even when I have the power to say..."

*since Jim likes being such an ass, I wish he'd become a buttplug so he'd at least be in good company.

"That's the problem with you Jim, you don't have any respect for me. Even when I have the power to say since Jim likes being such an ass, I wish he'd become a buttplug so he'd at least be in good company."

Realizing that yet another outburst is going cost him dearly, he can only groan as he began to shrink just like Rick had a short time ago. His mouth goes numb, and he finds himself forced to look up at ceiling as his head changes into a mushroom shape. He begins to shrink, while his arms melt back into his body, and his hair vanishes. As he reaches about four feet in height his legs began to form large orbs at the base of his now veined and naked body. Then when he is only about three feet tall, he body begins to glisten, and turns a dark black color.

He can only blink as Brenda picks up his shrinking form and laughs at him. She reaches down and flicks the nub that remains of his penis, and his body begins to vibrate. Squeezing him slightly, he feels a fluid flow from his immobile lips and begin to coat his jiggling rubberized body.

*Brenda walks calmly over to Brad, and then inserts Jim.

Brenda took the now slick, black, vibrating plug that Jim had become, and walked slowly over to Brad. She bent down and started sliding Jim around Brad's anus, which seemed to try to shy away from the potential invader.

Then she leaned forward and spoke softly in Brad's ear, "You know how you fucked me up the ass, how you actually told me you would not have sex with me until you could do my ass, well, here's my paybacks loverboy, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did." And with that, she slid all twelve inches of Jim smoothly into Brad's ass, plugging it tight.

Boy that felt good, she thought to herself, but I wonder why, since I actually didn't mind being fucked up the ass, in fact why am I doing all of these things? I mean, my friends could be mean, and were mena, but that's no reason to treat them like this... "I wish I knew why I was doing this."

And with those words, the fourth wall broke for Brenda. She became aware of the fact that she was a character in an online Addventure, and that her antics were in fact the result of authors who had too much time on their hands and possibly the slightest bit of a perversion to their thoughts.


Return: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … d=750#p750
Continue the addventure:  http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/ga … 30237.html


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)


Jim laughed at Brenda for saying such a stupid thing, and started to take off the fake boobs. As he did he saw some writing on the inside of the breasts: "Property of Jim".

"Hmmm, the guy that must owned these was named Jim too," he said, "he must've been a real weirdo. Anyways, I guess this is the winner for the scavenger hunt."

"Damn straight," Rick said as walked over towards the cooler to claim his prize.

Sharon tossed the dildo to Brenda, and said laughing, "Here's your substitution prize, Brenda. You can play with that while we winner's get blasted!"

Brenda got irritated. Sharon was usually rude to Brenda because she was jealous of her big tits, but lately she was even worse.

"I wish something would happen to her," Brenda mumbled.


*Sharon's tits exploded in size.


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Every head in the room whipped around at the sound - except for Jim's.

Jim had the 'fortune' to be looking directlay at Sharon when it happened. He had no time to react as it occured, however - it just happened too fast. One second, everything was as it should be - the next, scraps of black cloth were drifting to the ground. Sharon stumbled and almost fell over.

Which wasn't all that surprsing, as she suddenly had to content the massive weight of the beach-ball sized tits that now hung from her chest. Incredably firm and shperical, the breasts were absolutely enormous, and tipped with equally enormous nipples. They were simply gigantic...

And, from Sharon's reaction, they were real.

"What the...?" Brad stammered in shock.

"My TITS!" Sharon screamed, hefting the massive, firm tits in pure shock. "My God - they just... just..."

"Exploded in size..." Jim muttered in a numb voice.

Then Brenda giggled.

"This isn't funny!" Candace snapped to her, going over to Sharon and wrapping an arm around her, helping her balance against the drag of her massive new tits.

"Actually..." Brenda chuckled. "I just wished that something would happen to her - and look, her tits became really, really big!"

Rick blinked. "Wait a second... You wished something would happen to her?"

"Yep." Giggile

"Then her tits grew..." Brad said, looking at Brenda oddly.

Sharon looked back and forth between the two guys - then her eyes went really, really wide. "You... you mean that if Brenda wished something, it comes true?"

"Oh - now you're being silly!" Brenda laughed - and before the implications had registered enough for anyone to try and stop her, she said, "Why, if that was true, what would happen if I said...

*...I wish I had tits that big, too..."

"I wish I had tits that big too." No sooner had the words left her mouth, her blouse exploded as her breasts rapidly grew to match Sharon's newly acquired 40EE tits. The nipples became erect immediatly. Brenda reached up and slowly pinched her new assets. "Wow I don't know what happened but I like it."
Brad looked nervously at his girlfriend. She had just wished for a set of huge tits and gotten them. "Hey, Bren. Take it easy. We don't know how this power works."

Brenda frowned at his words. He had always told her that she wasn't that bright and all she was good for was sex. "Well, Brad, you and the other guys had better watch out. I could wish that you are all my slaves."

Brenda's words drew looks of panic from the others. Within seconds the three men (Rick, Brad and Jim) were naked and bowing at her feet. "How may we serve you, Mistress?"

"Opps. Guess I better watch what I say." She looked at Candace and Sharon. They didn't look too happy.

"Hey Jim is my boyfriend. Let him go!!" Sharon cupped her huge tits. "Yeah", said Candace. "Just change them back,now!"

"You girls need to chill out. I wish...

*that you would just shut up."

Sharon and Candace are helpless as they look on, unable to speak. Their boyfriends are held captive, the slaves of an airhead with infinite power.
Sharon looks on at how the boys are attending to Brenda's every need, waiting on her hand, foot, and everything in between and grows even more pissed off. Not that she is entirely pissed at Brenda, some of her resentment is shared for Jim, who she knows is enjoying her quality time with and on Brenda.

Brenda sees how Sharon is glaring at them and can feel the jealousy coming from Sharon's side of the room. "What's wrong?" Brenda asks, "the boys seem to be enjoying themselves, are you upset that you aren't having any fun?" The cockiness dripping from Brenda's voice just about sent Sharon over the edge, but she knew a fight with Brenda would prove useless, so she flipped Brenda the tall man and turned her back on her.

Brenda did not approve of this blatent act of defiance, so she said, "Well Sharon if that's how you are going to act, then you............"

*can take the form of the little baby that you are acting like


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Sharon gets instantly pissed as she realizes what is about to happen to her. She starts to lunge for Brenda, but before she can get across the room, she gets caught up in her now baggy clothes. The group looks at the pile on the floor and thinks that Sharon is still going to put up a fight, but realize that no fight will be fothcoming from a 9-month old baby. Brenda is pleased that she had taken the voice away form this child so they do not have to hear what would be certain wailing for hours.
Brenda wishes that Sharon's old clothes were appropriate for her current size and that plently of diapers were available. Baby Sharon seems to realize what is going on, and does not look too happy to in a cutesy baby outfit.

Brenda does realize that someone will have to care for this baby so she decides to.....

*give one of the boys big milk filled boobs to feed the baby while she decides what to do with her

After Sharon's transformation is complete, she begins to silently cry. Candice looks at the new baby with pity in her eyes, but can't say anything. She wouldn't anyway so she doesn't piss off Brenda further. Rick says, "Maybe she is hungry, Mistress."
Brenda thinks about this for a moment and says, "Brilliant deduction, Rick. Why don't you go feen her?" Rick starts to tell Brenda that there isn't anything to feed the baby in the house, but maybe she could wish for formula when hw finaly realized what Brenda intended for him to feed Sharon with. His chest was swelling and becoming very heavy as he grew huge lactating boobs. Rick starts to complain, but Brenda says, "Is something wrong, Richard?" He closes his mouth and picks up the baby.

Sharon gulps down her dinner, while Rick is perversely aroused by the situation. After the feeding is done, Brenda decides to......

*Have Candice empty the rest of the contents from her boyfriends chest

Sharon burps and falls asleep, milk dripping down Rick's right nipple. His left breast looks a bit bigger than the right, and both seem round, full and firm. Brenda clearly over equipped Rick to feed the baby. "Why don't you finish off Rick there he still seems a little swollen." Candace has no choice but to walk over to Rick. Jim takes Sharon and Candace wraps her lips around Rick's aroused nipple and start to suck. He squirms with the pleasure this brings him, and being one of Brenda's naked sex slaves, his arousal is soon obvious to all. Candace switches to the other breast and starts to suck again, this time flicking the nipple with her tongue. Rick's erection is between their bodies, she lightly brushes his cock with her hand as she empties his large soft breast.

*Brenda changes Rick and Candace some other way


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Brenda frowns. She doesn't want to have to deal with all these little details like who needs someone to feed, and who still needs to be fed. She'd rather play with her new toys, Brad and Jim.
Brenda says "I wish Candace would take care of Rick's breasts permenantly. That way I wouldn't have to worry about it."

Candace winces, but can do nothing. Brenda watches as Candace's legs merge with Rick's. Her pelvis soon follows. Soon Candace is melded with Rick, belly to belly. Her back rises out of Rick's crotch (just above his dick) at about a 45 degree angle. Rick's lactating breasts are between them. Candace's head is now perfectly positioned to suck on Rick's nipples.

Candace continues to suck. Soon, Rick's milk is drained, but Candace is still conjoined with Rick.

Brenda smiles. Not what she expected, but it'll do.

*Brenda does something else.

Rick sits down, carrying these heavy breasts and now Candace sticking out of him is making him tired. Brenda notices him run his hands along Candace's back, then in between their breasts. Rick's lactating breasts were lying directly on Candace's smaller pair, which pushed them up and made them look even larger. Brenda smiles and thinks about what to do next.

*Brenda thinks of another fun thing to do to Rick and Candace


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Looking at the conjoined pair, Brenda decides to add a few enhancements, first giving Candace her ass back, as part of Rick's ballsac, or should that be enlarging Rick's testes into her ass?? No matter, both would always adjust themselves to the larger addition. Now for the real fun, alter her into a more feline form (given her location, and need, for milk). Now move the ears up and make them pointed, add the proper fur coloring (keeping the hair at the moment), expand the nose and make sure to add fangs, increase Rick's nipples sensitivity and make Candace's tougue long and supple (hmmm, maybe enlarge Rick's nipples as well).

As the fur flows down her body, making sure that Rick's breast underside is sensitive to the fur on Candace's breast upperside. When the fur hits her butt, Rick's cock is lengthen into a 3 foot cock-tail, forever hard but very flexible. Add in the ability for Candace to turn and face Rick's front, a very feline cleansing ability, and ensuring that Rick becomes multi-orgasmic (because of Candance being part of his balls).

Now let's see, Candace is now a catgirl and her tail is Rick's cock, so where should the pussy go? Rick's tailbone? Nah, too ... Well, there's always make his asshole into an asscunt, traditional. Ooooh, don't forget to strengthen Rick's legs so he can carry the load without problems. OK, OK, go with the asscunt. Now should Candace be able to eat anything other than cum and milk?? Sure, normal catfood should work...

Now about her hands, let's just leave them normal human except for the fur coating. She can feed herself and loves eating direct from the can, hehehe. Now for cock-tail control, should it her tail that can be used as his dick or should it be his cock that doubles as her tail... hmmm, it's always hard but fur covered (except for the cock-head), and she loves to keep it clean (not to mention that she needs its cum to feed herself a bit). Making it more her tail than his cock should be enough. Oh yea, Rick treats Candace as his favorite pet with lots of ear stratches and fur stroking. There, that should do it. Now what to do with Jim and Sharon now...

*Conjoin Jim and Sharon in some other manner...


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

As Brenda turned her attention to Sharon and Jim, her first thought was to turn Sharon into Jim's cock so that he would always be cheating on her but now...
First she has Jim move into position and allows the two of them to enjoy their last sexual get-together for her wish will take effect at their orgasm. As they orgasm, Sharon begins sprouting fur all over her body, her hair color changes to a complimentary russet as a vulpine tail erupts from her butt. Her legs (from the knees down) alter into a more animal-like configuration (complete with toe claws) but with wider pads to suppport a bipedal stance. Her breasts expand into not only into G-cups but double in number as well, all covered with velvety soft white fur though the nipples are larger and thicker than normal. Her mouth and nose combine and expand into a vupline muzzle while her ears move to the top of her head while growing into triangular points.

As for Jim, while the first thing is that his legs merged into Sharon's her vulpiniod legs and his balls move backward into his ass and expand until they ARE his ass in size while positioning themselves over Sharon's cunt shrinking slightly as they settle down in their new configuration. Jims cock moves toward Sharon's clit and they merge together before emerging fom under Jim's (or is that Sharon's?) ass/ballsac. Jim's upper torso seems unchanged until his face is reached, his nose and mouth reform until a vagina appears in their stead (Brenda remember's Jim dirty mouth).

Sharon's first act is to kiss Jim's cunny mouth and sticks her tougue deep inside. Brenda is unsure as to allowing Jim to keep his arms but seeing them wrap themselves (stimulating all four of Sharon's breast as well as the Jim-cock)... As Sharon feels her first male orgasm coming, Brenda gives her knowledge that although this is Jim's 'neutral' position,m she can resize him (and must) to fit any cunt and that Jim's new dietary needs are her breast-milk and vaginal juices (hers or any female). Jim, on the other hand, now knows that Sharon vupline appearance is more than cometic and that she CAN go on all fours but that this position leaves him vulnerable to being dragged along the ground while moving in this manner. (and while retreating into his [her?] sheath is possible, there are other considerations that make it unpleasant choice). Sharon's tail-tip places itself at her pussy and its added treatment bring them both over-the-edge into a major orgasm.

Brenda looks over the orgasming pair and feels satisfaction over the situation, Sharon is now a literal fox and Jim will always have access to her breasts but will need her help to get in another fem's pants for his cunt juice and that Sharon will have to help him when he does! Now let's see, that takes care of Jim/Sharon and Rick/Candace are enjoying their new form as well, that leaves...

*Brad, now what to do with him... [Continue reading]


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Watching Sharon/Jim and Candace/Rick enjoy their new forms, Brenda turned her attention to Brad. Now that Jim was now Sharon's penis, she thought about changing Brad into one as well, but wanted some other options. To help her think, she had Brad come and service her pussy. After her third orgasm, it hit her and she started Brad's transformation (after another orgasm) by sitting on his shoulders. Her legs merged with his arms, retaining a racconish (with a bit more manuel dexterity) look, fur soon spread along the reformed forelegs and Brad's head sank into her groin, his hair merging into her groin growth, both taking on the raccoonish coloration. Fur spread down Brad's body, quickly travelling to the groin and lengthening and thickening his cock while enlarging his balls. A thick raccoon's tail emerged from his butt while a new cunt appreared under his anus. Pleased with her new rear, Brenda looked down on the top of Brad's head and added a few more alterations, giving Brad some control and head motion, changing his mouth/nose into her vagina keeping the tougue, then altering it into a vaginal penis while keeping the tastebuds along its new length. And the feline ability to keep their coat clean with his cock-tougue (including deep-throating their hind-cock and deep-tougueing their hind-cunt).
Reaching a hand down, she began to stratch the top of his head and listened as he started to chirr, it almost felt like she was massaging her clit (which was where his nose would have been). "Well, Brad, you'll always be faithful to me now, won't you dear?"

Time to give her new Brad-coon bod a workout, she stood on all four paes and slowly walked around the room, looking at her other two toys still exploring themselves. "Rick, come here," she directed, "lay in front of me with you buns in the air. Sharon, come and stand in front of Rick and prepare Jim for some femcum. Candace, once I enter Rick, use your cock-tail in me." Once Rick was in position, she moved so that her hind-cock was positioned above Rick asscunt and was ready to penetrate. "Don't worry Brad, soon you'll be sucking Jim," she muttered as she softly stroked Brad. Seeing Sharon's fozy form straddling Rick's head, she noticed that Jim was very penal in shape, bringing her other hand over to lightly stroke him. Brenda brought Jim closer to Brad's face and started by pushing her cock into Rick at the same time as Jim went into Brad. After seating herself fully into Rick and placing all of Jim into Brad, she felt Candace's cock-tail enter her hindcunt. Now she use her hands to fondle Sharon's foxy ears, "Pleasure me," she commanded, moving her body in a slow sexual rhythm that Rock, Candace and Sharon first reflected back at her then increased the speed of it. Sharon started nuzzling and sucking on Brenda's nipples while Candace resumed suckling Rick's. Jim was merely sticking his tougue out and trying to drink the fluids running through Brad while Brad was running his tougue along Jim's length and becoming wetter inside. Brad also felt his cock inside Rick and Candace's cock-tail inside his rear. Rick/Candace felt wonderful as their tail was inside Brenda and her cock was inside them. Sharon felt only slightly left out as there was nothing inside her cunt except for her foxtail tip brushing along it. The initial orgasm hit all the females first then spread to their male members and rebounded in a towering second orgasm that led into a slower but still powerfully felt third. In the afterglow, Rick ate Sharon while Jim 'grew' to eat out Brad. After which, everyone stared grooming each others fur of various fluids (Candace, Sharon and Brad with some aid from Jim and Rick), after enlargeing Brad's mouth to release Jim's knot. Satisfied for now, Brenda allowed Brad to have some control over their shared body, after all, she could always make him fuck himself or suck himself whenever she wanted to. Still, she now had a fox, cat and her own 'coon to play with and should add a skunk, squirrel and some other dog-type to the mix. Lisa would be good in that role as almost everyone refers to her as a bitch. But who would be for the skunk or squirrel roles, hmmm, maybe add a cow and who's refered to as mousey (for Rick/Candace to play with?). After confering with the others, the choices were made and the decision was who's to be first...

*Someone else for the [interrupted by]...


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Before Brenda could act on who would be first, she felt the presence of her ex-boyfriend (Richard) and his new girl (Catherine) enter Hill House. 'Perfect,' she thought, 'I'll get revenge on both of them and most of these changes will be their own wants and desires!'


Quickly Brenda transports both into her current location, placing both into stasis while stripping them of their chothes (so they're nude). Then she released Rich's head and said, "Well, Dickie, I'm going to forfill one of your dreams today. You're going to have your own personal jaguar." With that, Rich's waist started expanding from his hips, giving him more height while his legs start changing from human norms to a more animalistic stance. As his legs become more feline in apprearance, two new buds grow from his waist, looking like immature animal paws. When his hips shifted from vertical to horizontal, his new forelegs rapidly shoot forward to catch his new balance on four paws. Rich is bewildered but doesn't say anything as his transformation continues. Fur grows over every inch of his new lower body until it is a jaguar coat covering him from his forepaws to his hindpaws. A tail grows from his rear until it is 4 feet in length. At this point, a startled "Wha..." bursts from Rich's lips. "Not done yet, Dickie." Brenda purrs, as more changes happen. First a vagina forms in Richard's front, a nicely formed pussy that's centered in one largish jaguar spot. "Don't worry Dickie, it does go with that pussycat bod you now sport." Fur start growing above his waist along with 6 breasts, each one having a dark spot centered on his nipples while the rest is covered in yellow fur. Each breast soon reach G-cup status as the fur reaches his neck and advances down his arms (but not going over his head, yet). "Almost done, Dickie." His waist contracts slightly, giving a more feminine apprearance to his upper torso as the fur reaches his hands, transforming them into hand-paws (similar to a raccoons), complete with retractable claws. "Ahh, no more punching for you, only slapping allowed," Brenda comments. Richard feels a tingling in his groin and finds that when he bends over his new breasts all press against each other very pleasurably and he still can't see his foregroinal cunt, then realizing that it's not his cunt, the tingling is 'lower', his cock tingles and he feels it growing, lengthening, sliding against his lower belly. His cock continues to lengthen, sliding between his forelegs and still it grows outward, slowing after it reaches out far enough that he can see the head sticking out in space about 12 to 15 inches in front of him, then it thickens, it's girth widening out to at least a foot in diameter. It juts so far out, that he can see it even when he's standing straight looking through his upper cleavage and he can feel it rubbing slightly with his lower belly, even though he's standing still. Brenda walks over and lightly stroke his (penal) head and Rich shudders at the touch. "Fortunately, your cock's always hard as it would really be a drag if it ever went soft as it wouldn't shrink much." "Why??" he finally gets out.

"Let's see, you now have your own personal jaguar, plenty of large tits to play with, also a personal pussy to stroke and one of the largest cocks in existance. Oh yes, those cock and tits are quite sensitive along with the clit in you cunt." Richard's hand had reach his new frontal cunt and he found his clit quickly, almost orgasming on the spot. "And you should check out your new balls, just don't go bouncing your tail as there is not a lot of ground clearance, if you take my meaning." Bending over to the side proved easy for Rich and he found that his enlarges testes had maybe 2 inches of clearence to play with and projected outward behind his butt (his tail could be used to cushion them somewhat). The fur at his neck started to move up his head, giving him a feline muzzle and changing his eyes and ears into feline mold along with his hair into a continuation of his jaguar yellow with dark spots that lengthen down to his back junction. "There, all done now," Brenda said, releasing Rich from stasis. Rich took a few slow, tentative steps, trying to get a feel for his new body, he needed his tail extended behind him for additional balance and had to look forward to keep from bumping his cockhead into anything and had to watch his stride closely to keep from bouncing his balls off the ground with every step. Finally he realized that he was having small mini-orgasms and that his cocktip was producing cum in small but continuous spurts, but that his cum was so thick that it only beaded up at the tip but would soon start to drop off as gravity took over. Slowly he maneuvered his body when he a forepaw to wipe some cum off his cockhead and then bent down and licked it off withou thinking! It wasn't until after he had most of it off that he stopped and straighten up, looking horrified at his actions. Brenda moved toward Rich, placing Brad's face near his cock and had Brad taste Rich's cum, "Hmmm, I did a good job, your cum has a real rich and creamy taste. Don't forget, you are a cat and like to keep clean." Moving away, Brenda turned toward Catherine, "Time to work on your 'kitten' now."

"Keep Cat out of this," Rich started but found his body back in stasis except for his head and cocktip which continued to 'leak' cum. "Now let's get your 'Cat' to match first," as Catherine grew four more breasts and each increased in size until all six were J-cups (or slightly larger), fur grew all over her body and a tail rapidly grew to about three and a half feet long. Her hair shorten until she was covered in jaguar fur except for her face, her ears becoming triangular points. "Now it gets interesting," Brenda comments. Cat's clit began to lengthen, growing straight up from her groin upward until it reach the nipples of her upper breasts, then it thicken, quickly becoming about nine inches across and resting on her breasts, at that point, her body shifted into a more feline stance, her hands becoming more pawlike and her legs becoming feline hindlegs with paws as her torso became horizontal. "Her forepaws are racconish, like your hands but with a bit more dexterity." Her head then snapped up as her neck thicken to connect to what had been the back of her head. "No, she won't be able to move her head around much, but that's because of her new diet." Finally, her nose folded into her skull along with her mouth as a new larger vagina formed in its place along with fur that covered her new face. "She'll still be able to stand on two legs, but only when she's going to feed your cunt her cock."

Catherine, released from stasis, bounced slightly on each of her four legs and tryed to shake her head to clear it, but had only limited movement. She then pulled in air through her face-cunt and orientated quickly on Rich's cock, moving forward until her face was inches from it, a tougue came out and dipped itself into the cumbead that had formed during her transformation and quickly pulled it back into her mouth. After a couple of additonal tougue licks, she impaled her face on his cock and started to suck, Rich orgasming at the sensation. Cat then move up his shaft until her eyes (closed) hit his foregroin and then started to dip underneath. Rich carefully lowered his body to keep Cat from gong further up his shaft (also to keep from hurting him balls). "After she's done with you cock, she'll want either some milk or cunt juice and your always producing more cockcum, which she'll gladly lickup. Oh, and you'll have to get milk from her breasts and cum from her cock on occassion, she doesn't have her own cunt anymore, just an anus which isn't big enough to handle you. Although you will make gallons of cum for her, she only have about one for you but her milk with make up the difference and both of you prefer a litter box to a toilet but can make use of it. And before I forget, she be able to talk but only after getting use to her new pussy lips."

>Watch Cat finish her first (new) meal


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Brenda moved to lightly stroke Cat's fur as Cat finished her first shot of Rich's cockcum and moved off his cock until she was licking his cockhead. Then she moved up over his cock, forcing her cock between her breasts as his cock moved underneath her breasts. Moving forward, she brought her mouth to his cunt and began to lick his outer lips before pushing her tougue inside him. Rich came almost immediately as Cat continued using her tougue on his cunt (although his cunt juices were 'thinner' then his cockcum, it's taste was somehow better tasting to her). Rich came for a second time and his hands moved to fondle his breasts as his cock robbed her breasts. Cat broke off after his second female orgasm and brought her face up to one of his lower breasts.

Brenda decided to make a small adjustment on both of Rich's lower breasts to enhance Cat's feeding. Just as Cat placed his nipple in her pussymouth, it grew in size until it (and it's companion) were six inches long, 2 across and penal shaped. The sensations that Rich received almost caused him to lose it as his femsex orgasmed again and cum started to flow from his cock. Cat thought his milk was a liquified rich, creamy cheescake. Brenda, thinking of this lastest change, almost moved in to let Brad sample Rich's other lower breast, but decided to do that later, this was Cat's first full meal after all. Cat then switched breasts and again enjoyed a rich creamy cheescake flavored milk taste while Rich handled the sensations better.

Cat then used her forpaws, to climb Rich's body. Moving her forepaws to Rich's middle breasts, she soon had herself more into an upright position, her cock somehow moving from between her breasts to 'fall' into position over Rich's breasts. Her cock then slide through Rich's middle and lower breasts to position itself in front of his cunt as Cat started to move her legs forward, penatrating Rich as her forepaws gripped his middle breasts to support her weight. Her hips thrust forward until she was fully seated inside him and his hands moved down to support her hips. Once fully seated inside him, Cat brought her face to his muzzle and Rich gently licked her lips before pushing inside her mouth, as he did, Cat felt herself bringing a mixture of milk and cum she had just drank flow back to her mouth. It still tasted good to Cat even though it moved outward, feeding Richard. To Rich, the taste was simply wonderful, he drove his tougue deeper into Cat to pull more into his mouth, barely taking time to swallow before pushing his tougue back in for more. Her legs started to push her cock deeper into Rich and soon had his hands assisting her hips.

Soon, Cat finish feeding Rich his milk/cum mixture and she came inside him (as he orgasmed around her). His cockcum was to thick to spit outward, but it flowed continuesly over his cockhead to the floor. As she pulled out of him, hemoved his hands upward to support her body as his head went down to her cock and cleaned it of its juices. Afterwards, she cleaned his cockhead of cum then returned to his cunt before licking the remaining cum off the floor. Rich turned his attention toward Brenda as...

*Brenda came over to give Brad a taste...


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

After watching Dickie and Cat finish their first of many cum-styled meals, Brenda moves Brad over to Rich's cock to taste his cum while she reviews the last few moments (as Cat is 'cleaning' the floor of Rich's cum). Let's see, she goes, Rick has a Candi-striped cat permanently attached to keep his milk supply going and a cock-tail/a-cunt combo.

Hmmm, time for a small adjustment to Dickie and Cat, purrs-ville time for them as she reaches out to give Rich a good ear-scratch and listen to him purr. Cat, finishing with the floor starts to rub against Brad while purring. This induces Brenda to have Brad release Rich's cock and move up to his lower breasts and their creamcake milk. Now Rick treats Candice as his favored pet and Brenda adjusts Candi for cat-girl speech, when she isn't drinking Rick's milk, cleaning herself (and their cock-tail) or eating out Rick's A-cunt.

Ok, done there, now for Sharon.

She's a four breasted vixen with an adjustable Jim-cock that needs vaginal juices for himself though she herself needs cock-cum juice. Hmmm, increase their need and allow them to eat off the other...not quite, a small increase and allow the other to satisfy most of the hunger, that works. Brenda idlely switches Brad to Rich's other breast. Hmmm, allow Candi to milk Sharon, or keep that for Jim, no, allow them (Candi/Jim) to share that. Have to admit, turning Jim into Sharon's cock was a stroke of genius (chuckle) as this does give Jim access to Sharon's breasts, gives him access to a willing cunt (he does need it after all) and he'll never cheat of her again - hmmm, wonder if counts a cheating when she uses him after all she IS feeding him while doing it. Giving Brad a delightful ear-scratch (her clit is part of Brad's head afterall), Brenda looks at Richard and Catherine. Now there's a good job, gave both of them their personal jag and an appetite for the other. Oh yea, I did forget a little something.

Pulling Brad away from Dickie's tits, Brenda moves behind Rich and after a small addition, quickly mounts him while enlarging her hind cock. Leaning forward, Brenda listens as Rich vocalizes what he's feeling (and his purrs grow louder) and grab two of his breasts.

"Maybe I should add the penal barbs that cats have so you'll really yowl for me Dickie," as she savagely thrust into him, "This is just a little payback for all those times you degraded me before others, having them laugh at my expense, leaving me feeling ... unloved." Brenda soon sprouts another set of arms as she man-handles four of his six tits, expanding her cock inside him and adding a knot to it as well and for a finsihing touch extends Brad's tougue into Rich's fore-cunt to use as another enlarged knotted cock (it already is, but...).

"Well, Dickie, I KNOW you love being of the receiving end of it now, don't you!" she all but screams as she cums and ties herself into him. Cat, finishing her cock-cum snack, moves lovingly over to lick the cock-tougue in Rich's forecunt, breaking Brenda's mood. Bringing one hand down, she strokes Cat's head before directing her to a penal nipple.

"And you still have one massive piece of manhood, don't you Dickie. You can't really cheat of Cat anymore, unless I decide to help in that department." She listens to Richard's engine rumblely purrs as she tones down the yowls from ear-splitting to mere M80-booms. Resting her weight on his back, "Like sex, it's fun while it lasts, but soon it's time to move on," she says as she continues to stroke Brad, Richard and Catherine, "but before then, I think it's time for a little more payback. It's just a question of who ... " Brenda briefly considers calling Sharon in to feed Jim her rearcunny while she's tied to Rich and Rick could bring Candi in to sample Rich's improved milk. Soon both Sharon and Rick were sampling from Rich and/or Brenda (who gives herself a second ring-tail, the better to carrest Sharon [or Rick, or whoever] while they're back there). Still the question of who was next came to the fore. After untieing from Rich, she decided to go to another room and set the 'proper' mood for her next victim(s).

*The twins (perfume gag, really stank).


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

After setting the room for the proper mood, Brenda brought the twins before her (facing away) then stripped them of their clothes, leaving them nude in the room.

"Remember that perfume routine you pulled on Brenda?"

"Wha?" both went while turning toward the voice they heard.

Brenda quickly froze both so that they were facing the other. Again the twins chorused, "Where's your clothes?" "Ah, yes the famed stereo effect, now if you both will quiet down, we can get to business."

"OK,' one voiced, "Just who are you?" "Just an interested party," Brenda replied, "Now which of you decided to spring that perfume gag on Brenda, Hmmm?" "Oh that, well, you see, it wasn't really meant for her, it just kinda happened that way." "Just a happystance coincident, at least for us," the other said, "she ... "

"Enough!" Brenda shouted "No, which one of you ... hmmmm ..." Brenda stopped, really looked at the two girls before her, "I'll bet it was you, wasn't it that decided to let Brenda have it, wasn't it ..." "Well, no since letting a good prank go to waste, was there?" "Well, since you put it that way, still one good prank deserves another, don't you think. First, a little positioning." With that, both girls spun around until they face the opposite wall, both bent over and began to move backwards. Soon they bumped their butts into each other but instead of rebounding, they cheecks merged into the other. "Wha, what's going on?" they chorused. "Don't worry," Brenda said, "Soon you'll be pulling that purfume gag again."

With their butts joined, their spines soon left their pelvic bones and fused to the other. Their vaginas also merged, becoming one larger organ, their clits became enlarged as well though both remained in their original positions (at each end of the resulting vagina). Their pubic hair turned black and started to spread away from the pubic region soon covering both hips and as it started down the legs, two merged into each other leaving the two girls with only one set of legs and when the fur reached the feet, they turn into paws. Once done with the lower body, the black furline spread upward until both waists were covered. the fur race up one back, up to the neck then when downward, first going down the arms, changing them into rearlegs and paws.

"Since you decided not to waste a gag, I've set it up so that you'll always be able to spray others," Brenda chuckled, "Of course, your perfume will be just a bit, shall we say, overpowering." As the fur finished the new legs and paws, it moved to the breasts and instead of covering them, moved them down the body pushing them down and around the new twinned vagina causing both girls to orgasm as each breast hit both clits. The fur quit pushing the breasts just below the other's set then while covering them also enlarged both sets. The furline then stopped at the neck. Each girl was covered with short black fur from their neck down. Up both heads the fur went, changing the hair coloring to black. On one head the ears were moved up to the top and the jaw pushed outward into a muzzle along with transforming the nose into a pink triangular spot just above the jawline, a white strip when up the bridge of the nose, into the hair and along the top of the head, leaving a wide stripe as the hair grew until is was a black mass with one white stripe hanging just below the second breast set, unseen it split at the neck into two stripes and raced down one back and up the other, separating at the other head, dragging it's hair into twin tails, each with one stripe going down the middle.

This head turned up in surprise as it saw the tail develop and felt itself being drawn inwards. The mouth stretched downward as the jaws separated and dissolved while the tougue lengthen. The lips becoming the feminine outer covering with the nose transformed from being a scent receptor into a natural atomizer, the eyes moving apart to accommodate a third opening. The white stripes then raced down the tails underside meeting and moving between the eyes around the new anus stopping at that point. A second patch of white began just below the new vaginal mouth, running up the lower belly stopping just under the foregroinal vagina, reappearing between the four breasts, expanding into a diamond shape, hopping to each nipple and surrounding tissue, then ... nothing.

Brenda stepped forward, allow one to see her in her racoonish fur, a bandit's mask across her (and Brad's) face. Pointing toward her left, the twin turn her head and saw a full length soloon-styled mirror that shown her full figure. "You've made me into a skunk!" she shouted, "Where's my sister?" "One, you're a skunktaur, two, you sister is where she'll always be, behind you, ready to displense perfume at any time. Oh by the way, it IS Chanel No 5 though a bit - no you or rather she can't at the moment, but be patient - now your perfume is a bit, strong, shall we say but there are a few extras thrown in and after a bit, I may even tell you a few, but for now..." Brenda move forward and grabbed the head with two hand and gave a hard kiss to the muzzle, Brad began to lick the offered cunny hitting both clits causing both girls to jump slightly under his penal-tougue assault on their conjoined cunt.

As Brenda started rubbing their breasts together, the new skunk started to chir (similar to feline purring)m emjoying the sensations spread through them. As Brad's tougue pushed deeper, Brenda brought her lower hands down and each stroke a clit. Soon both girls had a mind-shattering orgasms that continued into a second and third. Slowly Brenda pulled away, moving toward the rear, watching as both tail move up and over the back. Brenda look down at the vaginal mouth and said, "You'll be able to talk to you sis soon enough and if you're careful, maybe even to others, though you are a cock-sucking fool." Then Brenda mounted them and thrust deep inside, letting the new vaginal tougue work over her shaft. When they all orgasmed again, Brenda tied herself to them. "You love the feel of the knot filling your mouth, stopping your tougue from moving." Fondling all four breasts, she allowed them to oragasmed again before pulling out. "Take a few to get use to your new self. Don't forget to 'talk' to each other now." Brenda left the room, stopping at the door, "Oh yes, you new form is quite a sexual dynamo. Enjoy!" She left the room.

*Follow Brenda


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Brenda deciding that now that the twins were outfitted with their very own four legged "perfume" shooter, and were as closs as sisters could ever be, that she needed to get some more payback.This time she decided to pay-back Mary, a girl who dropped a snake down her shirt at a party in front of her firends. She remembered it vividly: her shaking and tearing off clothing to get at the small wrigling serpent that was down her shirt. Brenda would enjoy this revenge!
She brought a picture of Mary to her mind and and imagined her standing naked in the room she was in. Sure enough, in the span of a heart beat Mary appered naked in the room. She let out a little "eep" and tried to cover her nakedness.

"Brenda? Brenda is that you?" Mary asked with a confused look on her face.

"So you recognize me," Brenda replied with a little grin and a stroke of Brads 'coon head,"Thats good! You know Mary, I've always thought of you as a "snake in the grass", soon everyone will."

With this, Mary felt a terrible lurching in her stomach. She also started to feel an itch play across her nude body, in seconds she was cover from head to toe in dark green scales. She felt her relatively small breast blossom out and expand to a massive HH cup. She then noticed four more nipples emerge from her chest scales. These flesh under the nipples expanded to from four more breast giving her a total of six. these nipples were stacked in three even rows of two each breast one cup smaller then the one above it. next Mary's chest scales reformed to bands like those found on the bellies of lizards or snakes. Her eyes blurred out of focus for a moment then sharpened again in the slit pupil common to reptiles. Her fingers became claws, her teeth became fangs and her tongue became long and forked.She felt a burning sensation in her sides as two more arms rip themselves out of her sides identical to her original pair.

Mary wasn't done changing though. She felt her legs merge together. This new appendage started to stretch out becoming a snake tail of sorts. As this was happening her vagina moved up to where hips are and is now made for straight penetration. The end of her now twelve foot long snake tail took on a phallic tip. She felt internal balls forming within her tail to supply her giant snake tail/penis with semen. As the final touch her hair writhed and turned into a sea of moving snakes. These snakes doubled as penises and were incredibly sensitive. Mary nearly orgasmed in pleasure as the serpents rubbed against another.

She opened her mouth to protest but only a long hissssss came out. brenda smiled and decided what to do next:

*Brenda decides to get revenge on a couple of cheerleaders (the shower incident)


Re: Hill House: Brenda's Gift (Brenda's Route)

Mary, took a few test steps in her new body. And Brenda asked, "How do you like it?" Mary hissed and Brenda said, "Don't you spark that tone with me, and whats a female lizard with her babies? " Brenda says, "I wish Mary would lay 40 eggs!!" Mary felt a tingling sensation in her stomach and her six nipples swelled and grew. Then she was walking towords Brenda when eggs fell out of her. and Brenda set out a bunch of pillows on the floor. and Mary lade her eggs there. Once she was finished. The eggs hatched, and baby lizards came running toward her breasts to feed. Mary was covered in lizards. Brenda said, "Well, have fun!!" And Brenda decided to give a visit to a group of cheerleaders that pulled a shower prank on Her. She wished they where there, and they appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey girls!"

One of the cheerleaders said, "BRENDA?"

"Its me, and I'm here to get revenge on you idiots!" First, she decided to morph two and two together. There where six cheerleaders, she stepped in front of the first two. and combined them. And they where attached back to back, then she decided these two would look like cute bunnies. the cheerleaders felt a tingle on there heads, and ears grew from both heads. Then Brenda saw that there buttcheeks where combined, "Lets fix that!" She said, one of the girls felt a tingle on her Butt. Then it deflated. And she felt a tingle on her mouth, she screamed, "Brenda! What are you Doooinggg" her words became slurred and she felt a weight on her face. and the next thing she new was her butt was in place of her mouth.

But the change was not over, Inside her face anus, a penis sprouted. Then, white fur grew all over the conjoined cheerleaders. And there hair fell to the floor in place of hair. and Breast's took place of there hands and feet. And pussies grew up the cheerleaders stomach. and on the other cheerleader, her boobs left her chest in place on her mouth and nose. and 14 pussies grew around her, and two big erect penises grew in place of her eyes. And Brenda said, "Aww, you two look ridiculous, but don't worry, eating wont be a problem for you, I wish you two always had milk." Both girls felt a sensation on there new faces, on one girl, milk filled her boobs that grew on her face, and the other girl had milk growing inside her new Buttcheeks. Brenda made there tougnes longer. And One girl felt really hungry, so she stretched her tounge down to her buttcheek which had a fully erect nimple on it.

Now Brenda turns to the next to girls. What will she do?

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