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Topic: Indigocarmine's workbench

Hi all,

I've been on a mad LoB writing kick lately and thought it would be nice to have a place to tease upcoming things I'm working on, solicit ideas, or reach out for help writing. A thing I'm increasingly interested in is trying to use the help of other authors and crowd sourcing to make more random/less designed changes and this might be a good place to plan that out.

I'm also posting because I've got some story business to deal with.

I'm about to finish a long, complicated story and thinking about what my next longer thing will be. I have an idea for using the help of other authors. So I've emailed some of my favourite recent LoB forum authors for help using the forum PM system. I have heard back from a couple of them (thanks guys), but not everyone yet. I'm a little concerned that some of those emailed don't know to check for PMs since the system says delivered but unopened. So:

@darkdonny and @xerox2 you've both got mail. Can you please read it and get back to me if you're interested in participating soon (or not), otherwise I might have to ask some other writers. I am keen to get started soon.

@Madmax011 according to the system you've read the mail, but haven't responded. Can you please let me know one way or another if you're interested soon?

(How to check PMs: the "PM" on the top right of the forum header will appear bold and have an asterisk if you have unread PMs. Click on it to enter the PM mail interface.)

If you are interested in participating in future stories, let me know,  but precedence will be given to people who write a story on the board (since I love reading Tf fiction) or are admin or curating a RP.

Current projects:

Women Make The Clothes (6 episodes, 4 illustrations, currently publishing 3/6)

The Serpent And The Hood Part II (1 part, 1 illustration. Story written.)

Couples (6 long episodes, 4 illustrations. Story written.)

The Serpent and The Hood Part III (1 part, 2 illustrations. Story outlined.)

Body Art (9 parts, 7 illustrations, story concept, partial outline)

I've also got an idea for another long (5 part?) story kind of based around Demon-Man's story idea 27. And I've got concepts for S&H part IV and V set up. And a few ideas besides.

Hopefully you've all been enjoying my output and been digging Clothes Make The Woman.


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So far, I love it.  I must confess that I prefer hyper descriptive writing describing the transformations as they happen.


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Yeah, I get that. Clothes is playing with fashion shows and the surprise of the reveal and it's all done by a single narrator so it's less describey than normal.

You'll definitely enjoy Couples which is 1) super long and 2) very much in the moment.

I haven't written Body Art yet, but it's going to involve a lot of slow transformation and maybe be more extreme than most of my stuff so far.

Thanks for commenting smile


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Love your imagination!


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...and tentacles have feral bliss.


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theriyv wrote:

So far, I love it.  I must confess that I prefer hyper descriptive writing describing the transformations as they happen.

Most of us do, but the story are good nevertheless. The transformations are creative and it's good to read. Great work!


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Absolutely, Nikita.


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Thank you, keep up the good work!


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Thanks everyone smile It's pretty cool you're enjoying things.

Also: @darkdonny you've still got mail and haven't sent me any kind of reply. I'd appreciate it if could PM me back sooner than later.


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Sorry about it. I have been working a lot of weird hours lately, so I just saw the message. I sent a reply.


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No worries. I wasn't sure if everyone knew how the PM's worked. I only discovered it by surprise myself.

Thanks for replying.


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Hi all,

First order of business: @Madmax011, you've got mail. Also I really need your vials ASAP. (Or if you are too busy, permission to find someone else...)

Second thing: how did everyone enjoy the Women Make The Clothes experiment? Do you like regularly scheduled stories?

Third thing: I am thinking of trying to do a Belial-themed transformation game/reality show type story that has contestants performing belial related challenges, guest judges maybe, and a voting/poll component to decide who gets changed. For this to work though, I think we'd need a certain level of participation from board members. Is this a thing people would be interested in?

Fourth thing: I am going to be unable to post new stuff for a couple weeks (probably) so my next story will likely run Sunay Sept. 7. Sorry, I was hoping to keep something coming out every week for a while, but real life is intervening.

Current projects:
The Serpent And The Hood Part II (1 part, 1 illustration. Finished. Due Sept 7)
Couples (6 long episodes, 4 illustrations. Finished.)
The Serpent and The Hood Part III (1 part, 2 illustrations. Story written.)
The Serpent and The Hood Part IV (1 part, 4 illustrations. Story written.)
Body Art (9 parts, 7 illustrations, story concept, partial outline)
The Serpent and The Hood Part V (semi-sequel to Body Art) (1 part, ? illustrations. Concept)
Family Albums (7 parts? 7 illustrations? outline/concept)
The Serpent and The Hood Part VI (semi-sequel to Family Albums) (1 part, ? illustrations. Concept.)


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I loved Women Make The Clothes.   Your pictures were quite nice as well. 

I was thinking of writtng a short story and hoping I could find someone willing to make an illustration or two to go along with it.  I was hoping you or another member would offer their talents.  I can't pay unfortunately, but can offer an exchange of services, editing support or the like in return.

I would certainly be interested your Belial-themed transformation game/reality show.  You can count on me to participate any time I'm not too busy with 'real life' myself.

Finally, Do what you need to.  We can always find other things to occupy our time while you get things done.  Take as much time as you need.

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Thanks! I had fun writing it.

I *could* be interested in doing some illustrations. I think it will depend a little on if the transformation is a thing id be excited to/confident in drawing. I also might take a while since I've got a lot of my own belial drawing projects on the go. But if you don't mind waiting a bit or won't be offended if I pass on the idea, please feel free to PM me what you are thinking or a draft of the story. I'm flattered you'd want me to illustrate it.

Great smile. I'll PM you with some stuff about that. Do you know how the PM system works? You've actually already gotten unopened mail from me... (See above for instructions)

Actually, I've thought about it, and I'm going to try and keep the update train rolling. Just not on my usual Sunday, maybe. You should check the belial story section Friday night maybe for the next thing.


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Lol...I wasn't expect ion the fashion designer being modified.


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Carman stands behind her designs.

(And I've always thought it was kind of cute when female fashion designers come out in a scaled down version of the looks they send down the runway.)

Also @Darkdonny and @Madmax011, you've both got mail.


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Hey, @esunalily, you've got a PM from me. Do you know how PMs work? It's the "PM" on the right hand side at the top of the forum. If it looks like "PM*" then you have a message.



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Hi all,

So Couples is finished (for now at least). I hope y'all liked it.

For the next two weeks you will get:

The Serpent And Hood Part III: The Waitress (1 part, 2 illustrations)
The Serpent And Hood Part IV: The Band (1 part, 4 illustrations)

If everything goes according to plan the following weekend I'll start serializing Body Art (8 parts (more than 100 pages), 1 8 part series, 1 5 part series, 6 other illustrations). This will run Sundays and Wednesdays until it is done.

The following week will be The Serpent And Hood V: The Performance (1 part, 1 illustration)


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It's good to see an active writer here. Great work!


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Thanks! I'm just trying to pay back years of lurking!


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hey, indigo, can you check your PMs? I sent you one, but it says undelivered.


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Hmm. I did open one from you, and was tardy replying. I've replied to that one. Was there another?

I made space in my inbox here if you need to try again.


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indigocarmine wrote:

I made space in my inbox here if you need to try again.

I've upgraded the limit of messages to 1000. there shouldn't be a problem anymore.


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Cool. Thanks! I was thinking of trying some PM based story things in the next few months, so that is very helpful.