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  Chapter 15: What's the next lesson?   (ID #1600460)
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You were amused by Morrigan who was sitting next to Nitty, scooting closer and idly petting some of the many pairs of breasts forming her body. This new reality you created was a strange one indeed and you couldn't wait to see how much more you could get away with.

"Ahem!" you were interrupted by Dr. Harrison clearing her throat in front of you. Your eyes traveling up her beautiful well kept body before meeting her annoyed glare.

"Another thing to note is that we must train ourselves to overlook public nudity these days as well, what you see as "eye candy" is a necessity for others, and you should be more attentive to their plights, a large percentage of those afflicted see's that their skin becomes overall more sensitive, leaving them unable to wear even the sheerest of clothing without incident" She gestured towards Nitty.

This thought intrigued you and decided to focus it on Dr Harrison herself, although you would like to keep her body as intact and natural as it is now you focused your mind. Before your eyes you watched Dr Harrisons clothes vanish as if they never existed. Her body was truly a sight to behold, you guessed she was a natural DD cup, and a natural brunette as well. Her ass was a sight to behold, such a luscious pair of beautifully defined cheeks, you could tell she worked to keep her figure. After admiring her nude form you moved forward on your changes to her. Gradually her skin grew more flush, almost like her entire body started to blush. Her skin soon developed an odd texture like an shine you would find on someones tongue, and she seemed to be covered in a translucent moisture that covered her entire body from head to toe. While your changes to her progressed, so too did her arousal. Her large breasts firmed up, losing their sag and her nipples crinkled into hard points on her moist chest. You could even make out her clit, which became engorged and erect standing proudly amongst her labia. Soon her pubic hair sunk into her wet body, and her proud standing clit began to melt inwards against her pelvis and merge with it. While her clit was fusing into her skin the rest of her vagina was growing in a staggering manner, it was like they were being inflated by a mechanical pump. Both sets of her labial lips soon flopped to the floor at her feet, her pubic mound along with them like a fleshy balloon. You watched in awe as her legs and feet were absorbed into the sides of her growing vaginal mound, which grew and grew until the end of her pussy lips trailed out more than five feet behind her. Your transformation of her nearly complete you filled in the rest of the details of your masterpiece. Her swollen lips curled up on all sides of her and flared out to look more like a frilly fleshy skirt, the mound growing plumper until it reached a height just below her beautiful ass cheeks which you left in place. However it was slightly covered by another large pair of vaginal lips that acted more like flower petals flowing around her waist. When all that was done you took in the final form of Dr. Harrison.

She truly was a sight to behold, her upper half was unchanged still as beautiful as ever besides the shiney moist pinkish skin, but below the waist it was if she was fused to some sort of perverted slug creature. Her body was modeled as a slug-taur, although the slug part was actually her former vagina, which she now used for locomotion, and to top it off her upper body had taken the place of it's clitoris, forever erect and aroused. Her upper body glistened in the light and you could see her shivering with every movement and breath she made. Her lower body or "foot" now leaking copious amounts of lubricant from within.

"Fuuuuuu.....sigh....excuse me class...where was I again?" she said while panting slightly. She gingerly moved her upper body, every movement setting off pleasurable shudders through her.

"You were talking about you how some transformees cant wear clothes" you helpfully added.

"Ah yes, like I was saying....Hmpf...ooooh....Some of thooooose! afflicted have situations like mine" she stopped and shook quietly while biting her lip, which further made her open her eyes wide at her mistake and let out a guttural moan at the sensation it gave. Her "foot" released a torrent of juices that flooded underneath some students desks and the scent of feminine sex wafted through the air. Her body slumped forward, and she gently started to regain her composure.

"You must excuse me class...like I was saying, like me...they cannot simply wear clothes without incident anymore....for example, my transformation involved my entire upper body to be converted into the flesh you would normally find on a womans clitoris" She gestured to where her hips were crowned by the clitoral hood of her giant pussy.

"Any form of cloth would just serve to stimulate my sensitve new body to unbearable heights, I simply am not fit for clothes any....any.....any......moooooooooooooOOOOORE!" she shook violently as her arm brushed passed one of the students. A fresh trail of feminine juices flowing over students shoes. Oddly enough you noticed a small drain in the center of the classroom floor, reality was quick to adjust to your changes. Dr Harrison gathered herself before speaking again.

"Sorry about that, there are towels and tissues by the door before you leave." You watched as her bottom half started undulating, her labial lips and entire vaginal mound being used to slowly crawl forward to the front of the class. A trail of feminine cum behind her as her breathing became rythmic and and her upper half quivered with every slow push forward.

"My transformation, is not unlike Becky's or Nitty's, and like we have to make special exceptions for clothing, we also have to deal with housing situations as well. It's not uncommon to have multiple afflicted persons living under the same roof, for example I share an apartment with Becky and Nitty, their parents have left them in my guardianship to care for their needs and I am only so happy to do so for Becky......and Uhh Nitty as well" Dr Harrison's body grew even redder at the mention of the Cock headed schoolgirl, catching her stumble and adding Nitty as well. You laughed internally, it made sense in a way that a woman whose entire body was comprised of her own pussy would be attracted to Becky's new head.

"Well enough about us, we should move on to our next topic" She breathed deeply and reached slowly to grasp the controller to the slide projector, the very act of grabbing objects was extremely stimulating. She gasped and clicked the button while fluids washed from underneath her desk.

"These..AH! are mmmph....called modular transformations, these like mine are Rare but also not uncommon" She pointed shakily towards the figures on the slides, to you it looked like a magic act gone insane.

"This is the result of one woman's transformations" This surprised you actually, what you thought was a group of people turned out to be a single person. The slide show a line up of four gorgeous female bodies, all with varying degrees of modifications. The common theme being headless with a pussy nestled between the shoulders. The Womans head was situated on a table sideways showcasing that her neck ended thick and long erect twenty inch penis. Each of her four bodies had different distinctions. The first body was completely normal despite being headless with a pussy on it's shoulders. The second body was held up by the first body, it lacked any arms or legs and it's torso was dominated by six enormous breasts, where the arms and legs would be each ended in another large breast. The third body was strange, it was on all fours, and all fours were all feet. The body lacked a regular pair of shoulders and instead after the breasts led into another pair of hips, legs, buttocks and vagina identical to those of the lower body. The fourth body was the most bizarre, it almost looked like someone had dissected it. Upon closer inspection though you noticed that each of the bodies limbs became detached via sexual organ, her arms, legs, feet, elbows, knees, waist and even breasts each came apart. Each limb was attached to one another through a penis or vagina on the other end, Making any movement made while whole a completely sexual experience.

"As you can see, each of the bodies is her own, it is uknown where the virus gets the mass to produce these results, but we are researching. She can feel every one of her bodies, but in this case she has no control of them until her "neck" is inserted into one of them. Victims of this type of transformation report that their other bodies are controlled by their "sisters". The bodies act of their own will, each containing a seperate sentience from the original host body"

This gave you some interesting ideas.


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  Chapter 16: Class dismissed   (ID #1673094)
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Without saying a word, you changed Morrigan and yourself back to normal, or at least what counted as normal for 'you'. She turned to you, her interest in the breasted girl suddenly lost. "Hey, why did you do that?!"

"Because, I dunno, I just wanted to go back for a bit." She gives you 'the look' and you hesitate. "I mean, I just wanted to be normal for a bit/ it's getting kind of hard to keep track of everything, y'know?"

She pouted, puppy eyes beating you down like a hammer. "Humph, fine for you maybe, but I liked being headless. At least do that for me. Please?

"F-fine, just...just don't look at me like that! It's unfair." She giggled, leaning closer, her eyes huge and lip trembling. "Okay, i get it. At least you can't use that after I'm done..."

"Hah, even without my head I can still twist you around my finger," she said as she tapped her fingers in typical evil genius fashion. "Why, I can-" but her head was gone. You rather liked her face, and you couldn't understand why she wanted to get rid of it so often. Oh well, at least it wasn't temporary.

You feel at tugging at your shirt. It's Morrigan, of course, because you forgot to enable her to speak. You change her again, and this time her voice comes from her pants, muffled. She unzips them, baring her cute pussy to the whole class. "Much better! And thanks for the vision too. How are you doing that if I might ask?" You wave your hand above the blank space of her shoulders. She Jerks a little, as this is where her line of sight lies. She thought she would get hit, but there really isn't anything there.

"I shifted your vision. You don't need eyes like this. I have no fucking clue how this works."



"Soooo, now what?"

"I dunno. Class is almost over. Want to change some more people before we go?"

Morrigan stood up, her crotch level with your face. "Ffffffffffff.....uck yessssss." Then she sat back down.

"Ooookay. What's first?"


Dr.Harrison announced the weeks homework, just a simple research essay on a particular transformation. You could do it the night before, as usual. Panic papers were usually your best work.

in the ten minutes between your chat with your girlfriend and your leaving class, the two of you had done a pretty good job. The couple infront of you had been morphed into a conjoined twin, with the boyfriend becoming an exact copy of his girlfriend except for the hair color. And the fact that his/her groin retained his penis. A girl sitting in the front by her self soon found herself surrounded by several headless copies of herself. One body had six arms, another had sported eight huge dicks jutting out of her groin, and yet another was armless and had a snake's lower half instead of legs. Shared between all of them was the fact that where her head should have been, there was instead a perpetually rigid dick. The girl, before she left, took her head off, a wet pussy hidden underneath, and stuck it on her snake body which then slithered away. Her other bodies left soon thereafter, although in separate directions.

A woman's entire upper half disappeared, leaving only her lower half sitting idly in her chair. It then sat up, and with some effort managed to hook her book-bag over her hips and walked away. The man next to her, unmoved, didn't flinch when he was suddenly turned into a lithe Asian girl. her clothes sagged on her small frame, but what was most shocking of all was that instead of a mouth, her original penis had taken it's place. She turned to her friend, a taller blonde and whom you had assumed was her girlfriend. She now had her pussy where her mouth was. She leaned in and gave the former man a 'kiss' before they picked up their stuff and left.

Lastly, at the behest of Morrigan, you changed a student in the front to be the opposite of Dr.Harrison. The woman, a young redheaded girl, lost definition in lower body as her clothes also disappeared. Her legs melted together, lengthening until they were an eight foot long lump of flesh. It quickly grew in girth as her ass expanded, wrinkles forming on her once smooth skin. The end of her deformed legs regained shape as her lower half finished its transformation into a vary large cock, her ass turned into her testicles. She ahd good control over it too, as she was more than able to make her way over to the teacher although there was a rather large trail of cum across the floor, her efforts causing her to explode several times over her short journey.


You and your headless girlfriend high-fived and promptly left the classroom to-

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Chapter 19: A cute brunette walks in
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Chapter 20: The brunette brings her friends over
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This choice: Something else
Chapter 17: A change in profession   (ID #1865515)
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The two of you were walking to the cafeteria, intending to eat some lunch, when Morrigan stopped suddenly. She was tugging at your sleeve, contemplating something, but what it could be was hard to tell given her lack of face, or a head for that matter.

"What's on your mind?" You ask.

"Well," she started, "I've been thinking, you've got this amazing power and yet you're still here at school. I can;t help but think that you could do a little more, and maybe profit from it..."

"What do you mean?"

"I think that, given what you are now, you could probably use your talents for more than just fun. You could probably have a pretty good business of transforming people. Or, failing that, you could just make people think their beautiful and change the bejeezus out of them. I don't think it'd matter too much either way so long as you get paid."

"Hmmmm, so what you're saying is should open a salon or something? A body shop of sorts?"

"Yes!" she said excitedly, her pussy-lips drooling a little from all the talking they were doing, and the excitement. "That's exactly what you should do! Screw college loans, we could get a small space at the outside mall and start from there. I'll help you and everything! So, what do you think?"

You rubbed your chin thoughtfully. Here was a good idea, although in truth you had never thought to be the owner of a salon, or a worker there. But, the idea of transforming people and then having them pay you money was a lot more appetizing an idea than staying at the college for three more years.

"Yeah, that sounds fun. Let's see if we can make it happen."

"Alright! I'm so excited, now give me a kiss." You leaned down and 'kissed' Morrigan's nether lips, making her shudder a little. In doing so, you sealed the deal. You were a little exicted too, and couldn't wait to see how this venture would work out.

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This choice: Three weeks later and the "Body Shop" is open and ready for business.
Chapter 18: Three weeks later and the "Body Shop" is open and ready for business.   (ID #1867305)
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It hadn't been easy setting up your salon; you had to find the money, get the loan, acquire a shop area in the mall, but you made it happen. You had found a small shop space at the local outdoor mall in the nice part of town. It was small yes, but cozy too. Morrigan was helping and that made things easier too. For now she would be working strictly as a receptionist, but she said she might be able to help out with some actual salon services later on down the road. You had 5 seats total for customers, although you knew business would be slow to start. That's why you and Morrigan had come up with an idea to drum up some quick customers to get the ball rolling. Outside of the shop was a banner that proudly announced your grand opening and said, "First ten customer's get a free treatment." Each person who came today would get their choice of one of five services: a facial mask, body sculpting, facial enhancement, body replacement, and special(!). The last one was for you to know and the customer to find out.

It had been about an hour since you had first opened, and although you didn't expect anyone to need to go to the salon around 11 am, you were excited to see your first customer. A surprisingly tall Asian woman in a tank-top and yoga pants walked into the shop. It looked like she was just beginning her morning workout when she saw your store. She went up to Morrigan and asked her about the promotion to which Morrigan happily said she was the first. Your girlfriend handed the lady the pamphlet that had all of the services on it and told her she could pick any one.

The woman glossed over it for a moment before she asked about the body replacement. "What's this all about?" she asked Morrigan.

"Well, what we do is enhance and beautify one of your features to reflect or improve over one of your others. Like, if men say they like your chest a lot, but you want them looking you in the face instead we can make that happen."

"Really? I like the sound of that. Do you think you could make it so that people will look at my eyes instead of my butt? I know it's nice, but it's so infuriating having everyone look down and behind me all the time."

"Of course we can. Just go to Alex over there and she'll get you started."

The Asian jogger went over to you and sat down in the chair before you. You greeted her and had her tell you what she told Morrigan. "Alright," you said eagerly, "that's easy enough. You want people to look up at you, not down at your butt. Let's get started." You took a cool wet cloth and wiped the small amount of sweat away from her face and combed her hair out too. Now that she was ready, you began to massage her pretty face. You worked your fingers over her face in a way that felt natural to you and seemed to feel good for her to, but you knew you hadn't ever even tried massaging. Must come naturally to a body goddess. As you kneaded her skin, her features began to blur into each other, and you grabbed her hair and added it to ball of flesh colored putty that was becoming her head. Soon her head was just a formless round sphere of flesh, and that's when you started to create.

You ran for finger down the middle, making a crease in the ball and giving it two spherical halves. You kneaded them until they were a pleasing pear shape. Along the crease that ran from her back to her sternum, you made two impressions, one in front and one it back. The front one you tugged and pulled at as it split open slightly and turned into a soft, tight pussy. The back one you pressed your middle finger into and it became a new anus.

Finished, you brought a hand mirror in front of the woman's ass.head, who gasped as she saw her new reflection. You made sure her pussy was her new mouth, and the breath coming out of her talking vagina fogged up the mirror as she looked at herself. Her hand rose up and touched the soft squishy butt that was her head now. "This is amazing!" she said with surprise, "No one's going to look at my regular butt when I have one on my shoulder's!"

"Glad you like it Please spread the word while your about, if you don't mind that is."

"No, I'd love to! I have to tell all of my friends about this. It's amazing, and you're so good.!"

She thanked you several more times before leaving. Morrigan gave you a thumbs up and the two of you waited for the next customer.

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This choice: A cute brunette walks in
Chapter 19: A cute brunette walks in   (ID #1870152)
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Inspired by this picture --> http://www.writing.com/main/redirect.ph … 3D46501772 (You'll need a pixiv account to view it)

About ten minutes later another woman came into the shop. She was a tomboyish and cute brunette girl with short air, curvy thighs and little A-cups. She asked Morrigan about the special that was going on, to which she replied that the girl was their second customer and would be able to get one of the free services. The brunette took a look at the brochure and told Morrigan that she would like to try out the body replacement option.

"Ooh, that's a very nice option. The service makes you feel like you've got a whole new body, almost like a new person." The brunette heartily accepted and went over to your booth. You introduced yourself and told the brunette to relax. "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"Well, " you said as you pushed your power onto her, "I'll need you to take off all clothing except for your socks and shoes. Don;t worry about anyone seeing you, "you said as you closed a hanging curtain around your work area. The girl stripped, leaving only her socks and shoes on, seemingly unembarrassed at exposing her small breasts and round bum to you.

"Great, now please have a seat in this chair." The girl sat down in the soft cushioned chair and closed her eyes as you reclined the chair so she was almost flat on her back. "Alright, you can keep you eyes closed if you want. it should feel a little strange but also a little relaxing too." She chose to keep her eyes closed and you set to work. To the left of the girl was a table with a velvet cover over it, and would be used for your treatment. Grabbing some massage oil, you began to work the girl's body, giving her a light massage and covering her in the warm oil before you began to remove pieces of her. Her body was very relaxed as you plucked her nose and placed it on the table. Her eyes, eyebrows, and mouth were next and placed on the table in a position similar to her face. You then removed all hair on her body except for her head, and smoothed her face out until it was just a blank patch of marble smooth skin.

Working down, you grabbed her nipples, popped them off and placed them to the side. Even lower down, you you cupped your hand over her now hairless pussy and pulled out of her groin, with her tight anus soon to follow. These too went to the table next to her. Now the woman was like a doll, no defining features left on her body except for her head of hair.

Now you began to place the pieces of the brunette back on her body, but not in their original places. You had decided to do a switcheroo, and transplant her bottom to her top and vice versa. Carefully taking her eyes from the table, you lined them up on each breast, placing them in the exact spot her nipples had once been. Her mouth you placed above her groin, and stretched it out some too making it about four time larger than it had been previously. The oversize lips now took up most of her groin and had swallowed her belly button. Her nose you placed just below her breasts.

grabbing each side of her face, you pulled on her cheeks which plumped up and fattened as they became an exact copy of the girls original butt cheek. between her new face butt cheeks, you placed her anus where nose would have been, and pressed her pussy firmly beneath, taking position where her mouth should be. Her nipples were placed in place of her eyes, and were made larger to take up the excess space. Now thumb sized, they jutted awkwardly out of her butt face.

"You can open your eyes now."

The brunette did, and asked to see a mirror. You brought out the full size mirror from the back of the store and had her stand in front of it. "Th-that's incredible she said as she felt around her face. She spread her face ass, marveling at the new position of her genitalia. "My friends are going to freak when they see this It's so different, they're going going to be sooo jealous!".

"Why don't you bring them over? We've still got eight more free services to give away."

"That sounds great. I'll go text them in a minute." The girl then dressed herself, only when she put on her jeans she left the fly open for her mouth, and left her shirt unbuttoned so she could see from the eyes on her breasts. After that, she left outside and started texting on her phone.

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This choice: The brunette brings her friends over
Chapter 20: The brunette brings her friends over   (ID #1871700)
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Not long after the butt-headed brunette had left she suddenly returned with two other girls in tow. The first was a very tall and slim mulatto girl with cute frizzy hair, toned legs, and average breasts. The other friend was a pretty tanned girl with long blond ponytails and a ridiculous G-cup chest on just over five and a half foot frame.

The two walked in, or were rather pushed in by their butt faced friend. "C'mon guys, it'll be fun! It's so different from everything else! you gotta try it." She shoved the two of them in front of Morrigan, who politely withheld her laughter as she asked them what treatment they would like.

The mulatto girl asked her what the 'special' was, to which Morrigan replied by simply shrugging. "it's whatever Alex wants to do. Could be something simple, or something amazing, but it is totally up to her." The girl thought for a moment, and decided that she would try it out. When Morrigan asked the blonde what she wanted, the girl told her she wanted the same as her friend. "Surprise me!" she said.

"Oh, I am sure we will..." Morrigan said with a sly grin.

You waved the three girls over to two tables you had lined up together. each had a mat on them and were of the right height for both girls. You asked the two of them to chose a table and lay down, and told their butt faced friend that she could take a seat next to them as you worked. before you get to work, you play some relaxing music and tell the girls to close their eyes. You ask them both, "what is one thing you would change about yourself?"

The mulatto girls replies, "I wish I was more athletic; that I wouldn't let my mind get in the way of my training."

"I wish that my breasts weren't such a nuisance. Sometimes I wish I could just take them off for a bit."

"Okay," you said, "I'll tailor your treatments around that." You began with the mulatto girl. Her skin was smooth and blemish free, and as you began to massage her you took pleasure in feeling her skin beneath your hand. As you run your hand over her midsection, her stomach hardens as her abdomen becomes an intimidating six pack. Your knead her arms as her biceps bulge outward. her legs gain mass and begin to outgrow the short spandex shorts she was wearing. Her ass becomes harder as muscle mass is added, and her breasts shrink down to B-cups as her chest muscles grew taut. After a couple of minutes of this the girl was now in the possession of a very athletic and fit body, slim and muscular while still maintaining her femininity. Amazonian was the correct word for the way she looked. With the athletic part taken care of, now you had to handle her head getting in the way. Tugging softly on just under her chin, her head slid off of her neck. Leaving her neck in place, atop the area where her head had attached a large new anus formed, taking up the entire circumference of her neck. It was huge, but for good reason. Underneath the girls head a massive dick and balls grew. The new dick was as thick as a soda can and three times as long, with a pair of nuts the size of softballs. You then placed her head and dick on her belly and told her she could open her eyes now. Her headless body picked up her dick neck head, then without warning tossed it to the brunette, who ended up catching her friends head upside down and getting whacked by the large dick in her butt face. "Jeez, your body can be mean sometimes!" she said.

"Yeah, but I'm just her head, and she is the captain of the basketball team, softball, and swim team. All I do is eat for her..."

"Oh, you know she loves you. And hey, look how good she looks after the treatment." As she said this, her muscular body got up and patted her head lovingly.

"I forgive you," her head said, "Just don;t be so rough." The body made an okay sign with her hands, then pointed out the door. "Yeah, ok, let's go to the gym. Just, please don't leave me in the sauna again. The girls in there are so... well, you know." Her body then picked her up and without warning shoved the girl's dick-neck into the anus on her neck. The girl blushed as she was rammed into her butthole, but acted like it was normal. Her body waved goodbye as she left for the gym.


"Alright," you say, "You're up next." The blonde pony-tailed girl's problem was an easy fix, just remove her boobs, but you would not be satisfied with that. That was too easy. "I think a little modularization will help you out with your breast problem, an maybe open you up to some new things."

"Whatever you say," she said, "If you think it will help." You did, but for all the wrong reasons.

Asking for her permission first, you removed all of her clothing, even her socks, until she was finally naked. You found that the tan she had was actually all over, so maybe she was more used to be nude than you would have thought. Grasping her large soft breasts, you lift them up from underneath. As you pull, they start to come off of her chest. As they slide off, a small pole of flesh can be seen coming out of the underside of the breasts, attached seamlessly to her chest. With a little tug her breasts came off her chest completely and the flesh poles are revealed. In the middle of where each massive breast sat was a new erect eight inch dick. Placing the breasts on the empty table, you flip them over and expose the tight pussies that were now underneath each boob.

"With these, you can now take your breasts off at will, like if you want to relieve your back pain, or need to jog. When you want to put them on again, you new vaginas will have enough muscle tension to stay stuck on your chest penises. Even running or jumping wont make them come off. They'll only release when you want them to." The blonde said this was great, but you told her you weren't done yet. With her eyes closed, you continued. You did notice, however, that the butt face girl had pulled the breasts off of the table and was playing with them in her chair.

Ignoring her, you grabbed the blonde girl's wrists, and pulled sharply. They each came off with a soft popping noise. On the back of the hands, where they had attached at the wrist, was another eight inch penis. These connected to the two new identical pussies that had appeared at the end of her arms. With care, you placed the detached hands on the table, and then reached for her feet in order to complete the same process, but on her legs this time. You placed each foot/penis on the table next to you, and lined them up nicely with her hands/penises.

Staying near the legs, you grabbed the sides of her pussy. You changed it a little though, to differentiate form the others, and for what you were about to do. Her original vagina became engorged and much larger, almost large enough for you to easily slide your hand in, and starting lubricating itself to the point were it would likely be constantly dripping. You then tugged at it and pulled it off of her groin, along with the equally as thick cock that was now attached to the back of it. In its place was yet another pussy, but this one was identical to the new ones on her body, and looked nothing like her new monster cunt. Reaching even lower, you pulled her asshole of in the same fashion, a new dick attached to it and a tight cunt in its place. You placed these too on the table and set about finishing.

You went around the table to the blondes pristine, untouched face. You pulled off her eyes, nose and mouth, making them exactly like her hands and feet, and leaving four brand new pussies on her face in their place. Finally, you pulled on her head, and much like the rest of her, a dick formed under head and a tight pussy grew atop her neck stump. You told the blonde you were finished, but that you might need to put her back together a bit. You placed her eyes where her nose and mouth had been, shoved her nose between her buttcheeks and her mouth into her groin. Her anus and original pussy were place into her eye-socket-cunts. You swapped her hands and feet, then gave her a bag with her detached breasts in it and thanked her and her friends for coming. She thanked you politely, and shambled out of the store with her butt faced friend who had already her friends mouth, nose, and butthole and was juggling them awkwardly as they walked out.

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Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

This choice: Someone new walks in
Chapter 21: An unsustpecting man walks in   (ID #2005747)
    addition by: bobboled

The doorbell chimed as another person walked into the spa. Somewhat surprisingly it was a young man instead of a woman who came in. He was in his mid twenties, tall and fairly handsome, but had a look of bewilderment on his face. "Uhhh, ", he paused as her cast his gaze across the room, spotting the two beautiful women who ran the spa. "This-this used to be where I got my haircut. Sorry about that, wasn't paying attention I guess."

"Oh no, please don;t go sir!" Alex yelled from across the room. "Actually, this is perfect! We haven;t had any male clients yet. You see, we just opened up and we are trying to attract a diverse crowd of people. In fact, for the first couple of customers our services are free and you just happen to fit in there!"

"Well, thanks and all but I'm not really into all of that beauty stuff."

"Aw c'mon!", Morrigan chimed in, "She's really good at ehr job. make you feel like a brand new person and all that. What have you got to lose?"

The man shrugged, defeated in the face of such hospitality and Morrigan's puppy eyes, "Okay, just something real quick then. What exactly do you do here anyways?"

Alex smiled, "Well, we focus on body rejuvenation and the like. i know it sounds vague but that's the best I can put it. Let me ask you, is there anything that's been bugging you about yourself, something you wish you could change or better emphasize."

"Nah, i'm pretty good honestly. I go to the gym, I eat healthy."

"Oooookaayyyy, uh. How about... what's your favorite animal?"

The man gave Alex a queer look. "My favorite whuh?"

"Don't think about it, just say it. Give me something to work with here dude."

"OK, I uh, really like starfish I guess."

"PERFECT! Ahem, I mean, I can work with that." Alex gestured to the massage table next to her. "Please lie down and we'll get started."

"Alright. A-um, starfish massage?"


The man walked over to the table and lay down. Alex, in her innate need of being a sexual goddess, changed the man into a woman almost without a second thought, so as to better enjoy herself. The man's form shimmered as he changed to she and in his place was a tall svelte woman with pleasing curves, a large squishy butt, larger breasts and soft tanned skin. ehr body was tall and muscualr, with large Amazonian arms and legs that were thicker than Alex's head. Turning the man, now woman, into something like a starfish was going to be a challenge to her, but not one she couldn't tackle. Using her magicks, she lessened the genderbent man's inhibitions and worry of public nudity. Her clothes then dissolved, allowing Alex to see the new woman in all of her entirety. She wasted no time in changing her.

Alex pulled over another padded table to the left of her and went to work. She tugged on the woman's left arm, holding just under the armpit and above her shoulder. She tugged until the arm gave way and began to slide. Instead of there being nothing, another tube of flesh, connected to her torso, slid out of the arm. When she finally peeled the arm off, it was limp, like a glove, with a wet pussy at the end where it had been attached. Growing from where her arm had been was a penis just slightly shorter and thinner than her arm making it still a massive cock considering the muscular arm it went into. She did the same with the other arm and her legs, each sliding off of the giant penises that were attached to where her limb's should be. Beneath each a large ball sack grew and encased two very large nuts. The woman twitched as Alex worked, her cock's revealing that they were prehensile as she scratched her nose with a cockhead.

She wouldn't be able to that for long, though, as Alex began to massage the woman's head, molding it like a piece of clay into an identical prehensile penis, although giving her head cock balls nearly as large as her E-cup breasts. Now the woman looked more like the starfish Alex envisioned, her muscled torso being the only human looking part of her. Alex had one final touch to add. She remembered that starfish had a central hole in their middle that they ate from, so Alex decided to make one. Gripping her customers clit in one hand, she pulled her pussy, stretching and making it grow up to her collar bone. Now it was the length of her torso but still thin. Alex pulled on either side as her body length pussy expanded and grew into a massive pair of slutty pussy lips, engulfing most of her torso in cunt. It would now serve as her mouth, stomach and vagina. She decided to leave the woman's anus alone.

When she was done, she slid the removed arms and legs back onto their respective penises, where they regained their original shape and funtion like arms and legs should, only now her penis head remained uncovered.

"There we are sir. Do you feel any different?"

the vagina rippled and squirmed as it formed words for the first time. "Yeah, actually! I feel great, like, really good in a weird sort of way." She patted her dick head awkwardly. "Man, I hate to run, but I kind of really need to see my girlfriend right now!"

"No problem, thanks for coming in!" She waved as the weird sexual starfish creature left, her balls hanging out of her limb sleeves.


Alex and Morrigan broke for lunch. It was almost time to close for the day, but they had been very successful. They had passed out tons of fliers and made lots of contacts and transformed a fair share of people. Every now and then a changed customer would walk past the door, like the woman who's upper half was changed into a large penis, or the man Alex made into a headless humantaur futanari with an anus in her shoulders, by request from Morrigan. jsut as they were about to close up, one last customer came in.

It was...

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Re: Magic of Perversion: Alex and Morrigan

This choice: A porn actress wanting to get her looks rejuvanized
Chapter 22: A porn actress wanting to get her looks rejuvanized   (ID #2005939)
    addition by: lord thanatos

Just as you were getting ready to close up shop, a woman walked in, a rather well endowed woman dressed in a set of tight jeans and a hoody which concealed her face for the most part. A little unsure about this new customer, but not about to turn her away, you cautiously asked "Uh, yes, can I help you?"

"Maybe." the woman said in a sexy voice, it and her mannerisms strangely familiar, though you can't quite place where you've seen them before. "Is it true that your treatments can rejuvenate people, give them a whole new look and outlook on life?" the customer asked hopefully.

"It's true. So, what sort of treatment would you like? I really don't want to make you feel rushed or anything, but we were just about to close, so..." you replied, leaving the last sentence hanging in the hopes that the client would get on with it. It wasn't that you didn't enjoy changing people, you definitely did, but it had been a long day and you wanted it to be over with.

"Very well. What I want," the client said, throwing back her hood, allowing you to see her face, "is an entirely new look, one that will help to rejuvenate my flagging career."

As soon as she removes her hood, you sense that you've seen this woman before. You struggle to remember where, and while it takes you a minute, it eventually clicks. "Holly crap, your Tanya tits, the famous porn star!" you exclaimed, shocked to have a celebrity in your shop so soon after opening, especially a porn actress of all things, and suddenly you find yourself a lot more interested in this particular client. The woman in question is typical porn star material, being tall and blonde with big boobs and wide hips and ass. Her face is pretty enough, though she's starting to show her age a little, probably the reason that her popularity has started slipping of late.

Seemingly pleased by your recognition, Tanya smiles "Oh, so you recognize me! Perhaps my carrier isn't quite as dead as I'd feared after all." she said.

"Oh, hardly dead." you reassured, adding "Though I think I know why you came. So, was there anything specific you wanted to try, or would you rather let me choose?" you inquired.

"I'll let you choose the treatment I think. I've heard that you're quite the artist, and seen a few of the results, and I believe if you can do something for me even half as good it should be more than enough to give my career the boost it sorely needs." Tanya replied.

"Okay, sounds good. I like it when the client allows me to get creative. Now, lets talk price." you continued, rubbing your hands greedily, already contemplating what you were going to do to this client. It would have to be something wild of course, and totally sexual, she was a professional porn star after all.

"Oh, money if no real object. My career may be on it's last legs, but I'm sure I can still easily afford whatever you're interested in charging." Tanya said, seemingly unconcerned about your fee.

"Even better." you think to yourself.

"Alright then. Now, if you don't mind, I'll need you to strip nude for me and lie down on this table." you said gesturing towards the area in question.

"I don't mind at all. I'm quite used to being nude in front of people." Tanya said with a wink.

"I can well imagine." you said with a laugh while helping the porn queen to position herself properly. After studying her features, wanting to memorize them for latter, you set to work, having Tanya close her eyes as you began massaging her face, molding it like clay, erasing all features from it until you were left with nothing more than a featureless blob of flesh colored putty attached to her neck. scooping up a handful of this putty, you began applying it to her chest, creating two lumps, followed by two more, the lumps quickly expanding and reshaping into breasts equal in size and shape to her old ones, though far perkier, and with larger nipples, as well as being real, something that Tanya's old breasts obviously weren't. having finished with that, you began to work on Tanya's original breasts, causing her implants to dissolve, then using the excess mass, along with the last bits of flesh left over from her head to reshape them so they match the lower sets, giving the aging porn star a six pack of G cup tits, the perkiness of which any teenager would be envious of, let alone a woman her own age. Deciding that still wasn't enough boobs, you reached down between them grabbing and pulling at the flesh between each set, gradually forming it into a third breast sandwiched between each set for a total of nine.

Satisfied with that, you move on, taking your fingers and applying them to Tanya's neck stump, pressing it inwards, forming a hole, said hole transforming itself into a huge gaping anus easily capable of accepting a baseball bat if she so chooses. Moving from her neck down to her shoulders to her arms, you begin massaging them as well, though with a different goal in mind. Rather than get rid of them, you decide to change them, as well as making them more numerous. As you continue to kneed, Tanya's arms become longer, more rope like, and more flexible, resembling six foot tentacles more than arms, as well as possessing six of them, each arm having split about midway down sometime during the process. Concentrating, you begin filling in the details, the tentacle arms taking on greater definition, as well as gaining a number of nipples spaced in two rows down their entire length, much like suckers on an octopus, the ends of the tentacles beginning to form large fleshy bulbs, but slowly, as you have other things to do before allowing that particular change to finalize itself.

Moving down to Tanya's legs, you grab hold of them pulling them further apart, substantially widening her hips, and allowing enough space for two more legs, which you promptly add for a total of four all in a row. This also, not incidentally, has provided Tanya with three crotches, which you already intend to make use of, transforming her pussy into a large drooling mouth with a two foot highly flexible tongue, the entirety of which is covered with tiny, almost microscopic bumps and protrusions, essentially a horde of tiny clitorises, making said tongue a highly erogenous area. You then duplicate this setup twice, leaving a large drooling mouth with two foot clit covered tongue attached to each of Tanya's three crotches.

Flipping Tanya over, revealing her four butt cheeks, an anus wedged between each pair, you decide to change that, transforming her anuses into pussies, as well as giving her three tails, each about four feet long and ending in a sizable dick like protrusion about a foot long and as big around as a soda can, covered in bumps and ridges specifically designed to provide additional sexual stimulation for whatever partner or partners she chooses to use them on.

By this point, the bulbs on the end of Tanya's new tentacles are just about ready, having assumed a size and shape very similar to that of her former head. Concentrating on them, the head sized bulbs begin to gain features, each transforming into a replica of Tanya's former face, though younger, and heavily altered, her mouth and nose on each one having been replaced by an over sized cunt, with a two inch clit, only her eyes remaining the same. her hair is also different, having been replaced by a writhing mass of bright red thin penis like tentacles each around two feet long.

It looks good, very good, at least to your eyes, and after announcing you're finished, you help Tanya up and escort her over to the full length mirror you had set up, allowing her to see her new self for the first time.

Examining your handy work, Tanya gasps, accompanied by a moan almost immediately thereafter as the air send the vibrations tease the countless tiny clitorises lining her tongue. "Ohhh My GOD! Tanya cries. "T-this is ,is incredible! I-I shOULD b-be able to get ALL sorts of jobs with a body like this! she stammers, having trouble getting the words out as she nearly manages to have an orgasm every time she says something.

"Glad I could help." you said. "Now, about my payment?" you add.

Pulling a wad of cash out of her purse, and handing it to you, Tanya says "Keep it, you've m-more than e-earned it!"

Eyes wide, you quickly count the cash, easily over a thousand dollars. "T-thank you very much! you stammer, shocked and elated to have earned so much so quickly. "Come back any time. And please, tell your friends about us!" you said.

"Oh, I definitely will!" Tanya agreed, walking out the door in the nude, leaving her clothing laying on the floor in a pile. As soon as she's gone, you rush over to Morrigan, excited over how much money you'd made.

After counting it herself, her eyes going wider and wider as she does so, Morrigan exclaims, "Oh my God Alex, you mean you got all of this from just one client?! There's over a thousand dollars here!"

Grinning from ear to ear, you reply "I know. And this is just the beginning. Once she tells her friends, we'll have all kinds of celebrity business, well, porn stars anyway. Just think of how much money we can make then!"

Grinning widely herself now, Morrigan replies "Well, I'd say this was a pretty successful first days business wouldn't you? I'd also say this is cause for a celebration." she adds.

"Hmm, I like that idea. What did you have in mind?" you asked.

"We should______________________." Morrigan replies.

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