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Karmas Treasure
By Grayfield

The group of adventurers cautiously approached the ruins they had spent three years searching for now. Ever since their little group had formed during their university days and the rumour of this place’s existence had reached them they had been searching for it. Little rumours and whispers and fragments of texts found in old tomes had been all they had to lead them on for almost three years until they had found it; a set of instructions that had lead them here. And now, if their information was correct, they were about to discover the great hidden treasure of Karma, one of the Great Demons. The leader grinned with excitement as he caught sight of the ruins.

“Let’s go.” Darien was a strapping lad who measured in at an impressive six foot five inches. His arms were thick with muscles and he wore his plate armour and carried his greatsword over his back as if their weight meant nothing. His handsome good looks and cheerful, charismatic personality had drawn in most of the others and his brazen disregard for anything that could harm him had kept them together through thick and thin.

Of course it was the work of the second in command, Hillary, which had gotten them this far. A quite skilled magic user, Hillary had graduated from university last year and was now a professional mage. Her occult knowledge and skills had translated texts and brought them the knowledge they had needed to get to this point. She was also quite pretty with an athletic build uncommon to practitioners of magic. Her relatively small bust was made up for by her well toned figure and piercing green eyes and her red hair had a passionate swirl to it that had drawn the eye of many men.

Following her were her self-appointed apprentices, the twins. Though not incredibly skilled the two girls had an aptitude for magic and were useful enough as skilled labour that Hillary had kept them around and agreed to teach them. Although they were both nineteen now they had the youthful look of girls still around the age of fifteen, a matter they were planning to fix with magic if they didn’t mature a little faster soon. Still, their appealing blue eyes and cute demeanour had allowed the group to get bits of information that would have been either hard or impossible to get with another type of influence.

Then there was Delilah, Darius’ younger sister. Two years his junior, she had decided to follow him wherever he went and help him in his quests. Although she hadn’t really inherited his good looks from their parents, she had gotten the same ability to bear heavy loads. A bit more muscular than Hillary, the tall girl could carry much more than her frame would suggest and was used as the porter for the party. Not wishing to be kicked out of the group for complaining she had taken the task of lifting and carrying in her stride knowing that at least it meant she could stay by her beloved bother’s side.

Walking beside her was Trillian, the party thief. She was quite happy to admit it and her easy going nature had kept the morale of the group up in the more depressing times. Her slight figure and quick hands meant that she was very good at her ‘job’. Besides, sometimes people had been a little reluctant to part with the next part of information they had needed, and they weren’t about to let a little thing like laws stand in the way of a prize as big as this.

“Remember everyone, my wardings are more effective the closer we stay together so don’t go wandering off unless you want to fall prey to one of the inevitable traps we’ll find in here.” Hillary told them as they approached the hoped-for entrance. Trillian rolled her eyes.

“We know, Hillary. We haven’t gotten this far by being stupid you know? I don’t intend to end up as some demon’s plaything now.” Hillary adopted a haughty pose, choosing to ignore the slighter girl’s sarcasm.

“Well, as long as we’re all clear then.” Darien let out a loud laugh then that startled the others, pointing across the remains of the room they were in, the roof and most of the walls long since demolished, to a set of steel doors that lay at a forty five degree angle to the floor. They were set in some kind of concrete that despite the ruin of the structures around them held its original shape. Darien dashed over to it and ran a hand over its smooth surface.

“This has got to be it. Look at this, nothing we know of could possibly last like this. It isn’t even slightly worn, and there’s no vegetation growing over it.” He waved Trillian over. “Find that lockbox and get this thing open.” Trillian glared at Darien’s back but headed over to do as she was told. If he wasn’t so damn attractive she would never have let him get away with ordering her around like that. Trillian looked over the door until she found a panel to one side with a numerical keypad on it. She smiled, remembering how she had acquired the supposed code to this lock. Now was her chance to try it out. She punched the code into the softly glowing keypad and waited with held breath, not knowing what would happen if her information had been wrong.


Re: Karma's Treasure

She wasn’t the only one to let out a sigh of relief as the doors hissed open, folding outwards as light barely visible in the sunlight of the day poured out of the entrance. Darien pumped his fist high the air in victory while Hillary smiled and the twins hugged each other. They were in.

“Delilah, leave the pack here. I don’t think we have to worry about thieves here, aside from our esteemed Trillian,” Trillian gave him a mock-bow at the half-compliment, “and we need to make sure we can carry as much out as possible.” Delilah gratefully dumped the load of their equipment off her back and moved over to her brother. Darien grinned with anticipation as he turned to the others. “Ok ladies, let’s do this.” Darien then stepped into the artificial glow of the corridor beyond the door, his sister and the twins soon following. Trillian noticed Hillary looking vaguely off into the distance as she made to follow too.

“What’s wrong?” This seemed to break Hillary from her reverie.

“Nothing. I just thought I saw something is all.” Trillian smiled.

“You’re just nervous ‘cause we finally found the place. Now c’mon, I want to stay close to that ever-reliable warding you have.” Hillary sighed and followed the thief in. But she still couldn’t shake the nervous feeling that they were being watched.


Pariah chuckled to himself as the adventurers entered the ruins. Ever since Karma had bound him here for some misdeed he could no longer remember the details of the avatar had been quite bored. Sure guarding the treasure of the Great Demon was a vaguely interesting job, and he even got to chat with his master on the occasions he came back to add to his stash, but the entertainment was rare and thus much cherished when it arrived. He tried to hold his enthusiasm in check and not make it too quick, but it was hard.

Besides, that mage girl was pretty talented and the boy carried an amulet that repelled demons. He guessed he would get a chance to use his favourite toy when dealing with adventurers against the boy, and he already had plans for the mage girl. He hadn’t yet tried that trap, after all. It would be interesting to see how it worked against her wards. Pariah grinned, baring his pointed teeth. Yes, this would prove to be an interesting distraction from his boredom.


The adventurers cautiously moved down the corridor. The walls appeared to be made from some sort of smooth metal-like substance with the only break in them being the strip of lighting that ran along them just above head height. It sloped downwards and went on for about twenty yards. The corridor was rather plain and eight feet high and just lead to a door at the other end which was split down the middle by a jagged line. They were about halfway down the corridor when the entrance hissed shut behind them. The twins jumped at the sound and Trillian looked back nervously as their quick escape route was cut off.

“We press on.” Darien stated in that impressively calm tone of his. The others clustered nervously around him and Hillary as they approached the door at the end of the corridor. As they were about to search for a way to open it, however, the door hissed open by itself, retracting into the walls on either side. On the other side was a huge room. It was easily thirty feet high and twice that again wide and long. Light panels were placed along the roof at regular intervals. The floor appeared to be made up of square tiles roughly four by four feet that were arranged in neat rows. There were ten doors to each wall aside from the one they nervously entered by which had only the one.

“So, where to now fearless leader?” Trillian intoned as the door behind them slid shut once more. Darien thought for a moment, trying not to be impressed by the sheer size of the room. Then he pointed at the first door on the left wall.

“We start with that one and work our way around.” He turned to the others and grinned. “There’s sure to be something interesting in every room anyway.”


Pariah grinned as the boy’s words filtered over the audio link to the safety of the control room he had moved himself to. He did so enjoy tormenting the overconfident ones. He would take his frustrations out on the boy and then have a little more fun with the others.

“Too bad for you the first trap here so badly ruins your plans boy.” Pariah grinned evilly as he reached over and pressed a button, activating the first trap.



Re: Karma's Treasure

They had just started heading for Darien’s declared door when they all froze as a click ran throughout the floor of the room. They paused, nervously waiting for what was to come. After all, they had expected traps and were prepared to face anything from beasts to demons themselves. So when the tiles of the floor started rising up as pillars, they were caught a little off guard. When your floor suddenly becomes a wall and you would rather not be trapped twenty plus feet in the air or crushed against the ceiling you only really have one choice. Leap out of the way. And so it was that try as they might, the party was scattered. Some of the pillars did indeed rise to the roof, cutting the members of the party off from each other. After a very chaotic five minutes the pillars stopped moving, but this wasn’t much consolation to those who had now been separated by them.

All of the adventurers now found themselves alone, except for the twins who clung to each other nervously. They tried calling out to each other, but could not hear any replies if they were forthcoming. And so it was that
Darien, ever confident he could rescue the others, was the first to step down his now predetermined path through the corridor formed by the pillars that had risen around him. He knew he could find whatever had triggered this trap, disarm it and reunite the party. He allowed thoughts of the girls ‘thanking’ him to distract him until he came to a door. Having quite lost his sense of direction he had no idea which one it was, but it was as good a start as any. It hissed open as he approached and revealed a long corridor that appeared to be some sort of firearms range, even if it was better built and far more refined looking than any he had ever seen. Besides, firearms were never as reliable as a trusty sword. The door hissed shut behind him as he wandered into the room, looking for another door.

“This place is pretty cool, isn’t it?” Darien whipped around and drew his sword in one fluid motion at the sound of the voice, only having to adjust his view slightly when he realised that the speaker was hovering about fifteen feet in the air instead of standing on the ground like a normal person. Of course, one look told Darien that this being was anything but ordinary. Its skin was smooth and hairless and a very bright red. Its mostly human physique was marred only by the digigrade legs which ended in three toe-claws which Darien assumed it would balance on as it walked. A strong muscular tail swept lazily in the air behind it as it floated there. His bald head was capped on either side by impressive ram’s horns that looked like they were formed of onyx and his pupils were a plus-shaped hole in his otherwise quicksilver eyes. He was impressively male, his hard cock rising a clear foot into the air and being at least three inches thick He carried in one arm a long rectangular device that vaguely reminded Darien of a gun, but was unlike any design he had ever seen. For starter there was no barrel, only a crystal at the firing end of the rifle.

“Why don’t you come down here and we can chat about it?” Darien was confident. He knew from experience that the amulet he wore protected him from a demon’s touch and magic. It had cost him a lot to acquire. The demon laughed.

“No, I don’t think so. Not while you are protected entirely from my powers.”
Darien grinned. At least this demon was a worthy enough opponent to test his mettle against.

“So, we square off against each other until one of us gets bored?”

“Dear boy, I’m already bored. You’re here to help me with that. And despite your physique being almost as impressive as mine, I’m afraid I am not interested in a contest of strength. You see, not many people find this place so I get so few chances for release.” The Demon raised the rifle and pointed it at Darien. Darien dodged out of the way as a bolt of energy blazed from its tip. Immune or not, there was no point in taking chances.

“You see, this rifle is an ‘Armour Weapons and Devices Removal’ rifle. It strips a target of all non-organic devices including clothes, armour weaponry and incidentally that pesky amulet of yours.” Darien was managing to dodge the demon’s blasts with varying degrees of success. When he had been forced to parry one of the bolts it had indeed dissolved his sword.

“It’s an Edeni relic the master was kind enough to loan me a while back. Helps remove protective items that would otherwise deny me fun, and is definitely one of my favourite toys. The technological base of its power means that magical warding has no effect on its blasts.” Darien was keeping a close eye on the demon, waiting for an opportunity for it to come within reach so he could counter attack, but his opponent was too fast for him to capitalise on his movements. Then Darien suddenly lost track of the demon as it moved too fast for him to track.

He felt a warm pulse engulf him and watched with growing horror as his armour, and then his clothes and then finally that amulet he had spent so much on simply dissolved into thin air. He looked behind him to where the victoriously smiling demon floated to the ground and then placed the rifle on the ground. Darien nervously backed away as it advanced, horribly aware just how vulnerable and naked he was. He didn’t think he could take the demon in a wrestling match, and there was no cover in this firing range to speak of.

“Of course, first I’m going to have to do something about that horrible masculine physique of yours. Never been a big fan of men, especially naked ones, so we’ll start by fixing that, hmm?” Darien turned and ran for the door to the room as he felt a strange warmness engulf him and he began to change even as he fled. First his muscles which he had worked so hard to develop softened and deflated even as he started to shrink. His skin smoothed and his hair became much finer and lost some of its tan as it became healthier and unblemished by his scars from his adventuring life.

Hair cascaded down to the base of his shoulder blades as it curled a little and became a much lighter shade of blonde. He felt his face squirm a little as it assumed a much more feminine configuration, his eyes widening even as his cheeks raised and became more rounded and his nose shrank in proportion the to the rest of his features as his lips puffed outward and took on a pleasing feminine twist.


Re: Karma's Treasure

His now delightfully supple skin encased a much daintier frame that couldn’t have been taller than five foot two inches. He whimpered in a distressingly high pitched tone as his nipples tingled with excitement and puffed out and his aureole tripled in radius as the flesh beneath them puffed out. The flesh expanded and rounded quickly and it wasn’t long before he had to cross his arms across his fine new, pert breasts as they bounced wildly and painfully as he ran. Each was easily bigger than his head and far harder to contain in their jiggly enthusiasm than he would have thought.

He then felt a tightening in his waist and a creaking in his hips as they pulled in and pushed out respectively, his arse taking on a pleasing curve as it matched the lines of his now wide, childbearing hips. His legs quickly followed suit, the hair disappearing from them as he acquired all the proportions of a stripper he could spend hours watching. He reached the firmly closed door and started banging desperately on it with his now tiny fists as he felt his manhood quiver. His balls conspired to retract inside him together, leaving an opening between his legs as the traitorous organs rearranged themselves inside him into a proper set of female reproductive organs even as his cock shrank into the now developed folds of his pussy lips to become a much smaller but incredibly sensitive clitoris.

Darien cried out in his now pleasingly feminine voice to be let go as he hammered his much weaker arms against the door, willing it to open as his breasts bounced fitfully on his chest, his pussy became excited at the smell of the demon’s musk and the demon slowly approached him from behind. His panicked eyes locked on the firm cock approaching him as he looked over his shoulder at the demon now mere feet away from him.

“Bend over and lean against the door with your forearms. And stop that damn whimpering; it’s unsightly.” Much to his dismay Darien found his body doing exactly as the demon requested. His forearms pressed against the cool metal of the door as he tilted his torso perpendicular to his legs, his pert breasts dangling from his chest and heaving with his nervous breathing as his quite wet and annoyingly willing new pussy was exposed to the air behind him. He tried to object, to reason with the terror approaching him from behind but found himself unable to do much else with his mouth other than pant in what he disturbingly realised was a quite horny manner. The thought occurred to him that he was now posed like an expectant and willing bitch waiting for her lover to pleasure her just as two firm hand tipped with sharp talon-like nails that teased his flesh took a hold of his hips on either side. The base of the demon’s shaft rubbed against his aching pussy as the demon placed his cock in the cleft of his arse and leaned in towards his head, his pleasant smelling breath fogging Darien’s mind with lust as he leaned forward to whisper to her. “I’ve been looking forward to fucking a nicely proportioned woman for some time now. Fuck me back well enough to make me enjoy the moment, Darien.”

The demon leaned back from him and slid its cock downwards to his waiting pussy and then pressed the head against his pulsing entrance as he started to slide forward into him, eliciting explosions of pleasure for every fraction of an inch the demon pressed into him. When Darien finally felt the entire length of the demon’s cock inside him the pleasure running through him combined with the demon’s last command and something snapped inside him.
The womanly figure impaled on the demon’s cock let out a cry of primal lust as his memories became clouded and his desires underwent a rapid metamorphosis into that of a much simpler creature who craved only at that moment for pleasuring the maleness that so filled her completely.

Pariah pulled back slightly and began to thrust into his conquest, delighting when she responded in kind and guiding her bucking hips with his hand until she reached an acceptable rhythm in time with his own. The sound of the delightfully pleasured female voice crying out with their timed thrusts was all the more pleasurable to him since it used to be an offensively deep male tone. He did so enjoy fucking a girl doggy style.
There was something about having a pussy presented to him in that manner that just clicked with his libido. So he happily fucked away until the lust-addled slut beneath him was capable of maintaining their rhythm by herself then leant in across her body, his taut chest pressing against her smooth back as he reached his hands around to cup her delightfully firm breasts as they danced with the tempo of their coupling.

Her cries of pleasure reached new heights as he began to play with her nipples as he gently squeezed her breasts, her pussy rippling around his cock as she orgasmed from the increased pleasure. He reached out his tongue and licked her ear as he manipulated her body to ever higher levels of pleasure as she pleasured him in return. Pariah watched delightedly as the levels of induced feminine pleasure scourged the unpleasant remaining masculinity from the mind of his subject. It so irked him to change males that he always attempted this method of change first in order to get the most delight out of his transformations. He was glad to see that this subject was responding to the treatment so well even if her mind was probably too sex-addled now to remember how to speak, let alone her old name or masculinity. He twisted her hormone production and toyed with her psyche a little as he delightfully fucked her to make sure she stayed that way. He even briefly considered leaving her this way, a lust addled slut with only sexual pleasure on her mind, but dismissed that though. After all, normal girls were everywhere and altered pleasure slaves were much more fun.

So it was that he allowed himself to reach the heights of his own physical pleasure and came deep inside his new toy. She screamed even louder and quite happily as his seed flooded into her, probably quite unaware now what it would do to her body and given her current state, probably not caring that it would further change her. He pulled out as she slumped to the floor exhausted, watching the energies of the change spreading out through her body and about to take effect. The only hold he put on them was not to produce any phallus anywhere on her body, delighting in the prospect of this former man becoming an all-female sex beast.

The first change occurred as a line ran down the middle of each of her palms, a little nub forming just below her middle finger on each hand as the middle of each palm opened up into a fully functional pussy. Pariah also noted with interest the internal tubes that now ran inside her arms from her new sex organs to her stomach. It was an interesting development. The next thing to occur was nipples sprouting on her chest. Two more pairs of nipples popped into existence below her existing breasts and were quickly followed up by pert spheres of flesh that matched her original breasts in size and shape so that she now had six rather large breasts adorning her chest. The middle pair’s nipples shuddered and then changed shape slightly as they both became clits and the aureole deformed into oversized pussy lips. They started leaking sexual fluids even as her other nipples began dripping milk, her body reaching a new permanent state of sexual arousal.

Next her legs began fusing together. As the flesh warped and lengthened backwards her torso was swung upright as her legs shifted and twisted into a single slug-like mount for her torso. Pariah watched with interest as a massive pussy formed on the bottom of her new ‘foot’ and immediately began leaking a sticky cum-like substance that would no doubt let her slide over any surface she wanted while at the same time pleasuring herself from the simple act of movement. He laughed and danced back from the creature’s reach as it mewled pitifully and reached out for him, lust etched on its pretty features. He noted with a little disappointment that the changes had finished there. He guessed he shouldn’t have pumped her so full of magic and then restricted her changes. Oh well. This was fun too. Out of interest he slowly led her towards and then up a wall noting with delight hat she could indeed climb the vertical surface thanks to the sticky secretions of her pussy foot.

It had been entertaining but now he had to leave her to her own devices and attend to his other guests. He had trapped them in the antechamber and didn’t want them to get too bored waiting for him. He retrieved his rifle and prepared to head back to the control room. It was time to see whether that trap would indeed work on Miss mage…



Re: Karma's Treasure

Hillary was getting annoyed with these pillars. She swore she had walked enough now to traverse the room three times. She figured there had to be some sort of pattern to get them to unlock or retract or reveal the way to a door but so far she had been met with nothing but frustration. She had even tried blasting one of them with magic but it had absorbed her spell without even a scorch mark. So it was that when a door appeared to her at the end of the current corridor of pillars after she had turned the latest corridor she ran quickly to it in the hope a pillar didn’t rise up and block her newly found point of exit from this annoying maze.

She tried not to scream with frustration when the door whooshed shut behind her to reveal a long corridor much like the one they had entered the complex by. Her wards had started to tingle though, so at least she knew she was making progress. There was sufficient ambient demonic energy in this area that it warranted investigation. Admittedly she would rather have Darien or at least the twins with her, but circumstances dictated otherwise. So she marched onwards to the corner, fuming a little as she turned to face another stretch of corridor. Of course it was about that time that the tile beneath her feet slid out from under her with a speed that meant she didn’t realise what had happened until she was dunked over her heat in a vaguely warm viscous substance. She quickly swam back up, grabbing hold of the ledge in front of her and hauling herself out. She was beginning to wonder how to clean herself of the thick sticky fluid when she felt her warding give out from simple overload. She tried a little unsuccessfully not to panic when she realised that she had not only been dunked in but was now completely covered with d-cum. How could she have fallen for such a simple trap?

A strange warmth suffused her as she reached desperately for her spellbook at her side. Panic rose in her as she instead as she watched the fingers of her right hand distend and bulge as they became boneless and tipped with a bulbous purple end as they quickly erected into five aroused cocks instead of fingers. A collection of balls sprouted from her palm, two for each cock that topped her ‘hand’, and she screamed, which turned out to be a mistake since she was still dripping with d-cum, and now some was in her mouth. She desperately reached her left hand for her spellbook, whimpering in terror as her fingers unwillingly curled into her palm and started swelling slightly, the whole hand becoming a rounded cock-tip as her fingers merged into her hand. She felt balls the size of grapefruits drop from her elbow and rest in her soaked sleeve as the shape of her forearm changed from being defined by the bones within to being simply a length of erect, rounded cockflesh to join together her new pair of balls and the head of the cock that was now her forearm.

The last of her magical protection popped explosively across her body as it simply became unable to repel the massive magical influence of the d-cum she was soaked in. her clothes were torn to shreds and she tried to concentrate and recite a cleansing spell to rid her body of the gunk as it settled on her bare flesh. She had only uttered a few syllables before her thickening tongue made her start tripping over the incantation. The d-cum in her mouth went to work as her tongue changed to vein-lined muscled flesh and pressed forward inside her mouth. She desperately tried keeping her teeth shut against its expansion but felt them instead retract into her gums as her jaw reshaped to a fused round hole, her skull and jawbone becoming one bone as her phallus tongue pushed out her slippery lips to freedom. Her lips then fused seamlessly with the emerging cock as it came to stand, proud and erect, in front of her eyes. She couldn’t take her eyes off the two inch thick, nine inch long cock that had been her tongue as it bounced happily in front of her face as she shook her head in denial. Another pair of balls dropped from her chin to bounce in time with their parent cock. This wasn’t supposed to have happened to her!

Her changes weren’t nearly done though. Her hair merged into flesh-like tentacles adorning her head as they lengthened into erect yet completely mobile tentacle phalli. Each one a foot and a half long they thrashed around atop her head with a life of their own as the inevitable accompanying ball sacks filled with testes appeared around their base, adorning her skull with a sick parody of the hair she had once had there. She then felt her ears flatten and the holes widen as they became a pair of pussies adorning either side of her head. Twitching with a horrible life of their own two of her hair tentacles plunged instantly into them. She couldn’t even hear her own panicked moans of denial as her former hair took advantage of her former ears. When she felt her eyebrows twitch and disappear as a clitoris formed above each eye and her eye sockets began to become vertical instead of horizontal slits she had to try hard to hold on to her sanity. Her world plunged into darkness as her eyes became another pair of pussies which were also quickly and horribly filled by two more of her hair tentacles. Light exploded horribly into her sense again as her own muffled, tortured cries became available to her again as the sex-magic twisting her body merged with her own to provide her a means to sense the world around her. She was suddenly horribly aware of the sexual desire her body was now giving off as it still warped and changed.

Her left arm shrunk into her shoulder until only the forelimb-now-cock remained, and it slithered horribly over her back before taking up a position at the base of her neck. Her right arm then followed suit, her ‘hand’ crawling disturbingly over her front until it took up position underneath her chin and behind the balls of her cocktongue, giving her a beard of cocks to match her hair. As if to make up for the loss of her arms a breast sprouted from each of her shoulders and quivered there as Hillary unsteadily got to her feet. Her own modest breasts then swelled up into ripe round shapes as the nipples stiffened, extended and then turned upwards as they too became generous cocks. If she still had eyes she would have cried with denial, instead Hillary just tried to run away. She slipped on her slick feet and slid around as she desperately tried to maintain her balance.

Her bellybutton pushed outwards into another cock, this one an impressive three feet long and one foot thick, as its balls dropped from its base each as wide as her torso and thick with cum. It was so sensitive pleasure wracked her frame as she orgasmed, her belly-cock shooting generous streams of cum down the corridor as her torso, sides and back swelled with breasts that grew randomly from the available space. Some of them were then randomly capped with a cock or a pussy as Hillary felt her sanity starting to dissolve in a lust filled fog.

She thought she heard someone laughing with delight as her legs split in two and instead formed two sets of legs both in front and behind her, configured so that she was forced into a squatting position as she shuffled along on her new appendages. The toes on each foot merged into short hard cocks that spurted a little with every step, her ankles becoming balls that clung tightly to the side of her feet even as the back of each of her feet squirmed backwards into a third thick cock. Since her arse had merged with her back legs there was little to stop the backwards spread of her pussy as it took up the underside of her body between her legs and the lips puffed outwards and rounded and it hollowed out, becoming an oversized mouth with a thick, slick tongue that lapped at the air underneath her as Hillary’s rational mind was consumed by the sexual energy coursing through her frame.

Pariah stopped rolling around in the air laughing long enough to close the hatch over the d-cum pit trap as the obscene creature marched over to it. Denied its prize it instead started chasing down the streams of it own cum, squatting down so that its new tongue could lap up its own emissions. Seeing as how it was producing more cum than it could quickly lap up, Pariah thought that this one could keep itself occupied as he went and tended to the others…



Re: Karma's Treasure

The twins both sat on a tile completely surrounded by raised pillars, hugging each other fearfully. Unsure of what to do they had been reassuring each other that Hillary was going to come and rescue them and all they needed to do was wait. When a pillar retracted beside them and then others followed suit in a cascade that revealed a door at the end of the new corridor they stubbornly refused to move. It was only as the tile beneath them clicked and began to rise that they squeaked with surprise and dashed onto the next tile. When it too began to rise they moved to the next, and then the next until despite their intentions they had made it all the way to the door. They were denied even the luxury of nervously standing before the door as the final pillar began to rise and they dashed through it.

When the pillar behind them had blocked any chance of exit and they adjusted their eyes to the low light of the room, both girls whimpered. The heavy smell of sex permeated the room and they could see quite a few… creatures moving about inside. The sisters hugged each other, trying to deny what was before them as they wished for Hillary or even Damien to appear and rescue them.

“Well hello.” Pariah said by way of greeting as he floated through the ceiling. The girls’ eyes widened with fright when they caught sight of his form. “Do you like my little menagerie? I get so few visitors here that most of them are now in this room. I need to be able to keep an easy watch on them you know. Don’t want one of them wandering into the treasure room and damaging Karma’s precious belongings.” The fact that the demon that had appeared before them had just confirmed they had found the place they were looking for didn’t reassure the twins at all seeing as how without Hillary’s protection they were quite certain of their fate now. They tried not to look at the shambling creatures that were the rooms only other occupants. Pariah gave them a disappointed look. “But you two are pretty boring, not even trying to fight me off, so why don’t we stick to your alteration, hmm?”

Pariah laughed as he gestured and caused their clothes to be torn from their bodies. They appeared a bit young for his tastes, despite the fact he could smell their maturity, so he would have to do something about that. And they seemed so close he knew he wasn’t going to be able to separate them. He smiled as he picked out the elder one, or at least the one who seemed to have just a little more bravery, daring to steal a defiant look at him. This was his chance to do something he’d had in mind for about a century or so.

The chosen girl cried out as her hips clicked and shifted so that she was forced to bend over as her arms altered in configuration and they too became a second pair of legs. The other twin looked on in horror as her sister became a quadruped and quickly continued to change. A thick tail sprouted from her end as the girl’s muscle mass increased and her body swelled and altered until she had a much more fearsome figure even if by now it was anything but immature and feminine. The girl’s cries of protest and confusion took on an odd tone as her throat altered and her head shifted to once again naturally look forward and she lost the capacity for human speech as her voice box altered. Her sister was torn between the desire to run and not wanting to leave her transforming sibling’s side. But the transformation of her sister was relentless. Her nipples faded into her now smoothly muscled torso as her clitoris wobbled and then extended down her belly into a nice long cock attached to her by a sheath of skin. Her pussy widened and enlarged as two balls dropped below it at the base of the new penis to fill out so that they just rubbed the floor, quite filling the space behind the transforming girl’s hind legs as they swelled to huge proportions. Then the unfortunate girl’s head twisted and morphed as her jaw extended out into a muzzle, her teeth sharpened and her ears widened and flattened leaving her with an appearance quite similar to a vicious, oversexed lizard with flesh instead of scales as her feet and former hands devolved into two pairs of rather vicious looking claws.

The other twin whimpered in denial and tried to pull away from her poor sister only to discover that her hip was already attached to the side of her transformed sister. She screamed as she was dragged atop the lizard creature and her legs melted into its torso so that she was mounted about midway along it as if she was merely riding the creature even though her legs had disappeared completely. She tried uselessly to pull herself free as her flesh settled into her sisters. She screamed in panic and Pariah smiled delightfully as her arms then pulled into her shoulders and she could suddenly feel all of the sensations of the creature she was now attached to.
Her head moved oddly to her left shoulder as her right bulged and twitched and a head identical to her own emerged from it, whimpering and crying as soon as it was able as her sister’s head became perched atop their shared form too.

“One final touch before I leave you two to your torment.” Pariah grinned as the girl’s chest swelled with growth and what remained of their hips curved as their waist shrank in to give them quite mature proportions and a decent pair of breasts. The lizard beast that was their lower half now seemed to come to life with a mind of its own and headed for the nearest sex-creature with the intention to mate as the twins protested and cried helplessly from their perch atop it as Pariah simply laughed and left the room…



Re: Karma's Treasure

After wandering the maze of pillars for a while Delilah had finally gotten bored with the fruitless march and sat down. Raiding her pockets for something to eat she was pondering her next move when Pariah came upon her. She was so busy staring at her feet, her legs stretched out before her,  as she chewed that she didn’t even notice the demon as he floated through the wall and then down to the floor to stand before her. It was only when he cleared his throat for attention that she looked up, expecting to see one of her comrades. Instead she swallowed her mouthful and dropped the remnants of the apple she had been eating when she noticed the apparition before her.

“Oh shit.”

“Indeed.” Pariah said with a cruel smile. Not one that enjoyed being ignored Pariah went to work immediately as the girl tensed to get up and run. Her pants tore at the seams and fell away from her legs as they began to swell up, merging where they touched each other as her feet rounded and her toes disappeared into the hardening purple tip at the end of her legs. The now single appendage finished its swelling and firmed up into a giant cock perpendicular to her body, swallowing up her thighs as two massive testes swelled out of what was once her arse so that she was perched upon a giant cock and balls for her lower half. It twitched and started to harden as it became erect, waves of arousal passing through her body as her lower half became engorged and ended up at least twice the size of the remaining original parts of her body. She whimpered as the roundness of the organ caused her to tip to one side and she was forced to support herself with one hand to stop from falling over.

“I don’t suppose we could talk about this?” She ventured as her arms lengthened so that as long as both her hands were on the floor she didn’t risk tipping over.

“Gee, let me think. Negotiate the punishment of trespassers with them… You know what, that would be a fascinating idea were you still capable of speech?” Delilah had felt her mouth changing as the demon spoke, her lips changing shape as her teeth softened and disappeared and her tongue merging with the floor of her mouth as it rounded, softened and became more muscular as she regained her pussy.

“Don’t worry though. You’ll enjoy yourself when I’m done.” It puckered a little as she panicked and tried to scream but she made no sound. She would have raised a hand to inspect her face if both of them hadn’t just changed to large suction pads which currently gripped the floor. Pariah laughed as he finished her off, her torso sinking into her cock-leg until her breasts were positioned on its surface just in front of her head which then sank back so that only her face was left on the giant cock’s surface. Her arms shifted to the middle of the cock-body she now had as another pair sprouted from her ‘shoulder’ in a reversed direction to give the mobile cock a bit more stability. Panic filled Delilah’s eyes as her suction feet started marching her off down the corridor as she tried to completely ignore her current situation, her pussy-mouth puckering uselessly as she tried to scream. Pariah enjoyed the fact he’d left her mind alone while giving her body an instinct of its own to seek out things to mate with. He wondered how long it would be before she went insane by herself.

“You know, I think I’ll re-introduce you to your brother. You’re going to have fun hunting him down and peeling him off the wall…” Pariah’s laughter faded into the air as he disappeared and Delilah spotted a door which she marched inevitably towards.



Re: Karma's Treasure

Trillian was stumped. She had tried everything and still couldn’t get the room before her open. She’d lost track of time in the artificial environment and vaguely wondered what had happened to her companions when she felt a presence enter the corridor behind her. She spun around, knife in hand, and immediately threw it when she caught sight of the demon. It thunked uselessly into his torso where the heart would be on a human as he looked down at it with an expression of vague curiosity.
“Well that wasn’t very nice.” He reached up, plucked the dagger out and passed it back to her. “Care to try again?”

“No, I think I’m done.” Trillian nervously scanned for a way out. The demon blocked one avenue of escape while the door shut off the other.

“You’re in luck.” The demon said, his smile making Trillian feel anything but lucky. “I like you. Instead of just altering you for amusement like I did your friends, I’m going to offer you a job.” Trillian kept her eyes open for a chance to escape, but was willing to listen. Any chance of not ending up as a blob of sex organs sounded like a good chance to her.

“Go on. It’s not like I have any other choice but to listen.”

“It’s quite simple. I get very bored here without new things to play with, and obviously references to this place are few and far between out there in the great wide world. I want you to go out and lure more people here to alleviate my boredom somewhat.”

“So let me get this straight; either I become your servant or your tormented, mindless plaything?”
Pariah smiled happily and nodded.

“Pretty much. I knew you were the smart one.”

“And my companions?”

“Oh, they’re mine now. You don’t have to worry about them.” Trillian let herself feel a brief moment of grief. She hadn’t been particularly fond of any of them, but they had been together for a while. Still, anything to be spared their fate she guessed.

“Alright, how do I sign up?”

Pariah grinned.

“Excellent. I am Pariah.” Trillian regarded him quizzically. What an odd name to have. “It’s not my original, as you may have guessed. Lord Karma renamed me when he exalted me to my current status. And you are?”


“Very good. I hope we can get along in the centuries to come, Trillian. Now strip please.” Trillian reflexively backed away, crossing her arms across her torso protectively.
“Why do I have to be naked?”

“So I can better monitor your changes of course.”

“I thought I wasn’t going to be changed?” Pariah tipped his head back and laughed.

“My dear, I am not so silly as to release you without having some kind of hold over you. No, you will become a half-demon under my thrall and for that you will have to be a little less than human. Don’t worry, I am confident I can at least let you retain your general body shape.”

Trillain looked at him a little dubiously, but proceeded to remove her clothes. It wasn’t as if she had much choice right now. Eventually she stood there before the demon naked, attempting to retain her modesty by covering her private parts with her arms. She whimpered a little as her arms shot out to her sides and she rose a few inches from the ground when Pariah gestured at her.

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel better when I’m done.” And with that Trillian felt a warm ripple pass through her as she began to alter. To start with her nipples became much more sensitive as her breasts swelled out to a c-cup, a pair of b-cups forming below them and a final pair of a-cups below those.

She felt he area above her pussy twitch and grow as she gained a penis. She tried not to whimper as the changes continued. A fleshy sheathe wrapped around her cock as is settled against her abdomen and her feet stretched out into claws as her hands came to be ended in talons rather than nails. The apex of her but twitched as a thin tail snaked into existence and her skin tingled as she grew a coating of fine black fur. She felt her ears twitch and rearrange themselves atop her head as pointed cat ears as her mouth and nose stretched into a muzzle and her teeth became pointed. She felt the changes reach their climax as she yowled, now some kind of anthropomorphic cat demon.


Re: Karma's Treasure

She blinked as she examined herself as she was lowered to the floor once more. Pariah had been right. She felt much better. Stronger, faster and much more sexually receptive. Her cock came out of its sheathe as she played with her nipples and then reached a hand down to stroke it, simply enjoying the heightened sensations her new body brought her. When Pariah wandered over to her and began to fondle her she made no move to stop him. When he flipped her over onto all fours she eagerly thrust her end in the air. When his cock pushed into her pussy she yowled with pleasure. And when he came inside her she felt affirmed in her new existence.

“There we go my little kitten. All done. Now, you must return at least once a year for a dose of my cum or you will devolve into just another sex creature, but other than that feel free to do as you want.” Trillian shot him an annoyed look as she cuddled into his arms.

“Why would you do something like that to me? I thought you promised me freedom in return for servitude?”

“No, I promised you servitude in return for sanity. I am not about to just let you go without provisos am I? How am I to know you won’t decide to just go off on your own?” Trillian grumbled.

“Fair enough I suppose.” She did feel an unusual bond of loyalty to her new master. Perhaps he had done something to her mind while he changed her body.

But something still bothered her. “So, is Karma’s treasure actually in here?”

“Oh yes. He would not have set me to guard it otherwise.”

“Where is it?”

Pariah motioned behind them with his head.

“In there.”

“Can I see it before I go?” Pariah grinned down at her.

“I don’t see why not.” They untangled themselves from each other and stood facing the door as it whooshed open. Trillian was dumbstruck as she witnessed Karma’s treasure. It was a pile of junk. The most valuable thing in there was probably a gold bracelet. There were clothes of all sorts of description, hair accessories, a little bit of jewellery… But mostly simple, everyday items.

“What the hell is this?”

“Karma’s treasure. He takes a single personal item from everyone he personally transforms, and keeps them here to remind himself of his works. I think it’s brilliant. The thought of a demon lord’s treasure inevitably draws people to it while it is in fact something they would overlook entirely while searching for the ‘true’ treasure. Of course, no-one’s ever gotten this far since I started guarding it, but there you go.”

Trillian blinked, a little stunned. Their lives had been spent searching for this? She spared a moment of sympathy for her companions who were no doubt mindlessly enjoying themselves for now and ever more and then realised that she had gained much from this situation instead. The thought of the fun she could have, and the people she could now take revenge on, went through her head.

“So boss, when do I start rounding up more suckers for your amusement?”

Pariah grinned.