Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Sharon looked down as her six beautiful breasts grew firmer until they were painfully full of milk. Her breasts were so heavy and tight, she needed to be milked now! Sharon lifted her hooves to them, pushing on them, but only getting a few drops out. It felt so strange having her hard hooves touch the delicate skin of her breasts and sensitive nipples. She turned to Jim with a pleading look in her eyes.

*Jim notices how full her breasts are and invites Rick and Candace to help him out


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Feeling sorry for Sharon, Rick and Candace step up to help her out. Jim wraps his lips around Sharon's top right nipple and starts to suckle. Currenlty Jim looks like a busty succubus, and Jim can't get close enough to drink from Sharon's breast without his huge breasts touching Sharon's body. She feels Rick's strong hands on her lower left nipple and Candace's enlarge lips on her lower right.

*All this attention to her breasts gets Sharon turned on


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Sharon feels her three frinds suckling from her overly full breasts. It feels so good! She can feel her milk flowing, and Rick and Jim keep licking her nipple, toying with it more than necessary to keep her milk flowing. She can feel her pussies getting wet and her clits aroused, all three of them! The pussy where her mouth used to be is drooling vaginal fluid down her chin. Sharon lifted her hooves to her unused middle pair of breasts, trying to stimulate her nipples even more. Rick's cocks are touching her thigh, and she can feel the fur on his legs touching her smooth legs. Jim's large, soft jiggly breasts are brushing her body in the most delightful way. Even Candace seems to be getting into this, which surprises Sharon and turns her on. The feeling of Candace's big cocksucking lips sucking on her nipple is so nice, and Candace even nuzzles Sharon's full breast with her beautiful face. Sharon's tail starts to swish and rise up, Sharon can feel the air on her two naked lower pussies.

*Dominique makes them go back to playing her game


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

As much fun as she loved tormenting Sharon just for fun and educational purposes, Dominique decided to break up the little milk orgy (after watching the spectacle for a while, of course) and continue the game. Sharon even looked a little bit relieved at the prospect of not having Dominique's wraith concentrated on her any more (if so, she certainly was the only one).

There was only one problem: How could Sharon continue the game?

*Someone else would play for her (maybe Dominique?). But would she still suffer the consequences when her stand-in lost a round?


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

The four friends go back to the poker table. Looking around, this is what Jim sees.


Dominique is a demoness. She has deep red, perfectly smooth skin. She is trim and well toned. She has black hair except for a red streak in it above her left eye. She has dark, piercing eyes, full lips, a pert nose, a long thick tongue. She has long curled horns that emerge from her forehead, rid at first, then darkening to black at the tips. Dominique has a prehensile tail with a rounded, thick tip on it. Her breasts are almost the size of basketballs and impossibly firm. She wears black leather boots with a six inch heel, a tiny black leather g string and a skimpy black leather bikini that just covers her large nipples.


Rick looks very much like a hunky male sex demon. Large horns, long face, two huge cocks (which are permanently erect, although he doesn't know this yet), more muscular, fangs, glowing eyes, thick pelt of fur on legs, hooves on legs, strong clawed hands which ooze lubricant, devil's tail, foot long tongue.


Jim looks like a delicious little succubus. Complete with vagina, penis shaped tail, delicate horns, long blonde hair, body of porn star, narrow waist, nice ass, black wings on back, emits musky hornyiness inducing perfume, huge clit, extra sensitive clit and nipples, extra wide hips, super horny, fangs for teeth, black fingernails and toenails, huge HH cup breasts


Her changes are enlarged breasts (up to an E cup) , and her asshole is now a pussy, with her second clit between her buttocks, six breasts, vagina for a mouth, hands and feet are dainty ponylike hooves, pony ears, long horse tail on her ass that matches her hair


She now has eight small breasts, cat like tail, four sexy long dancer's legs, 8 more breasts on lower torso, huge genitalia of baboon in heat, cat ears, retractable claws, dusky brown fur on lower torso, hands for feet.
"Wait!" said Jim. "How is Sharon supposed to play poker with those hooves? She won't even be able to pick up the cards."

"You're right," said Dominique. "I guess someone will have to play for her."

*Sharon's cards will be dealt to Jim who will play for both of them. But if either of them loses, they both get the penalty!


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"Wait, that's not fair!", Jim interjected. "I can't win for both of us! One of us will always lose!"

"Very well observed, Jim" Domique replied, grinning sardonically.

*"Well, at least if you win you'll be able to immediately undo the change to either you or Sharon." Then Dominique dealt the next round.


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Jim thought about protesting some more but Dominique was already dealing the cards. He didn't want to get some kind of penalty.

The four friends played the round of poker. No one but Rick seems to like the hand they're dealt. It turns out no one but Rick has anything higher than two pair. Jim tries to console himself with the thought that the new rules don't change anything when both he and Sharon lose.

Rick looks down at himself. How to choose which change to undo? He looks a lot like a demon now. Rick doesn't like most of the changes, although if they ever get out of this, he'd like to keep his enhanced penis, at least one of them. He makes up his mind. "My face feels too weird. Make me look more normal."

Dominique sighed, as Rick's eyes stopped glowing and his elongated face moved back to normal human proportions. Actually Rick now looked more handsome and less nerdy than before. He still had horns and fangs, but after feeling his face with his hands he was happy with his choice.

The same change affected the three girls: they all grew bigger boobs. Sharon's six breasts grew two cup sizes each, from large and sexy E cup tits all the way up to G. Huge, heavy breasts resting on top of each other now decorate the body of the pussy mouthed horse girl Sharon has become.

Candace's small breasts all swelled two sizes as well, going from small, rouond and firm to bigger, rounder and with a new jiggle factor. A small change but when multiplied by the eight breasts on her upper torso and eight more on her lower, to candace it meant a change that involved a lot more wobbling, shifting and weight. Candace cups her second pair down, trying to get used to the new heaviness. Being a dancer, Candace was used to her small breasts, and the sudden enhanced curviness and wobble made her feel very feminine.

It was so much fun watching the other's transformation that Jim barely noticed her own. Her already stripper sized titties swelled a full two cup sizes as well, going from HH to enormous, lap filling jugs that pulled heavily at her body.

Dominique deals again and