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Unending BE - episode 32677

"Sure, sounds good." Jim agree. Thumbing through the magazine's bottom right cirner, he found the correct page and pulled it open...

"What the...?!" Jim exclaimed. Sharon's response was less literate - but no less vocal - as she... 'yelped' would be accurate.

The reactions were reasonable, considering that the magazine, when opened, had began to emit a dense, dark smoke in a strangely compact column. Jim quickly dropped the apparently burning magazine - although there was no actual flames to be seen - and the two of them hopped over the back of the couch and backed away from where the magazine rested, and the thick, six-foot-tall column of dense smook that hovered above it.

Suddenly, there was a muffled 'pop', and both Jim and Sharon felt the slight but sudden increase in air presure in the room. In the same instant, the smoke swirled with a thick, dully red smoke - then suddenly condensed...

...into something quite different.

Jim's jaw dropped, and he could feel Sharon, clinging to his left arm, go rigid in shock and no little fear. The two stunned young lovers stared, mouths agape, at the figure that now stood in front of them, seperated from them by a short love-seat.

It was a woman... sort of. Easily six feet tall, her skin - of which quite a bit was visible - was a deep, almost angry red. It almost seemed to have an inner glow, so smooth and flawless was the flesh.

Covering the shapely legs from the thighs down to where the love-seat cut off the veiw was a pair of what appeared to be black leather boots. The same dark, glossy material formed the tiny G-string that barely covered any of her trim-yet-womanly hips. Nothing at all covered her slender waist and well-defined abdominal muscles, and the tiny scraps of leather shaping a bikini top might as well not have existed at all, seeing as they were barely adequate to cover the large, rigid nipples that graced the incredably firm, crimison breasts that - despite being the size of basket-balls - thrust proudly from the ribcage, almost perfectly spherical.

The... woman? Creature?... 's face was a study in dark sensuality, with full, sensuous lips slightly upturned in a sneering, knowing smile. Above her pert nose, two dark, piercing eyes regarded the couple. Surrounding the darkly seductive face was a massive man of black hair, marred only by a streak of deep red that formed a lock of hair above her left eye...

...and by the two massive, curled horns that shaded from pures black at the tips to an extremely deep red at the point where they joined her forehead.

"Well, well, well - a pair of mortals..." The demonic woman said, her voice deep yet utterly feminine, seething with sensuality and dark promises. Her full lips parted ever so slightly, and an amazingly long, thick toung slid from between them. From behind the woman's shapely ass, a long, obviously prehensile tail rose to her face, and that massive tongue lightly licked the thick, rounded end of the tail in an obscene gesture.

"Who... what...?" Jim stammered, scared shitless. Instinctively, he and Sharon had backed away - only to fetch up against a bookshelve, barring any further retreat.

"The name..." The demoness said - and waved a hand negligently. Instantly, the love-seat flared into ash, leaving only a slightly charred spot on the carpet. "...is Dominique. And, after an eternity of imprisonment, I am finally free. Free to... indulge myself."

Then, taking a single step forward atop the six-inch stiletto heels of her boots, she lifted one smoothly muscled arm and pointed a slender, long-nailed finger at....



Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Jim flinched back from the demoness' pointing finger - but since he was already backed up against the book-shelf, it did little more than cause a brief burst of pain as his head smacked against the oak wood.

"You..." Dominique said with a wicked grin. "You shall choose the form of my entertainment!"

"Me?" Jim said - squeeked, actually. "Wha... What...?"

The female demon laughed - an unpleasant sound. "Choose." She said, taking a step closer. "Choose that which would be... entertaining. A... 'game' with you and your friends, perhaps? Or, maybe there's something about this woman you'd wish... altered. Or Yourself - something... different? Maybe you's just like to choose to pit your sexual skills against mine..." She leered at him, then commanded. "Choose!"

Swallowing, Jim...

*...chose the 'Game' for the six of them.


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Jim mulled it over for a moment and then proudly proclaimed, "I vote that we all play Monopoly."

"What?" asked Dominique in confusion, "I refuse to play Monopoly! Try again..."

"Oh, all right," Jim said, "then let's play a card game. Poker!"

"Excellent idea, but not just regular poker.... Strip Poker!" Dominique replied, "Except in my version of the game...."

*everytime someone loses, they are..... "enhanced"...... in a way of my choosing.


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Dominique smiles and waves her hand casually. There's a flash and suddenly the six friends are sitting around a hexagonal table, under a chandelier, only a single light in the center is lit. Two decks of cards are on the table, as well as plenty of chips. "Hey, how'd we get here? asks Candace. "What happened to our clothes? WHO or WHAT is THAT?", she aske, staring at pointing at Dominique."

"This is Dominique, she'll be our demonic tormentor this evening", says Jim.

"Thanks for that introduction, Jim. All right folks, the game is strip poker, Dominique style. As for what happened to your clothes, when you play my version of strip poker, you strip first. You will play poker, and every time you lose a round, I get to change you in any way I want." She strokes her tail suggestively as she walks around the group, looking at each of them in turn. The way she moves is both sexy and predatory at the same time.

"This is like, totally bogus." says Brenda. "I'm like, really really bad at poker. I'm not playing."

"The penalties will be severe for anyone who doesn't play along." says Dominique. She point at Brenda, and suddenly Brenda's pretty lips turn into vaginal lips, complete with a clit below her nose. Brenda would scream if she could, but she can't because her mouth is now a pussy. "Anyone else not want to play?"

"What do we win if we win?" asks Rick, blatantly staring at her large red breasts.

Dominique grabs his chin and lifts his face upwards. "Up here, Rick. My breasts aren't going to answer your question."

"They might."

"Whoever has the most chips at the end of the night gets turned back to normal and is allowed to leave. They also get to choose one person to take with them. The rest of you get to party with me for the rest of your lives. The dealer rotates with each hand. Why don't you get us started, Rick."

Rick deals the cards, his hands shaking a little. He tries bluffing the others, but Sharon wins the first round through sheer luck. "Hooray!" she says and pulls the chips her way. Three more nipples appear on each of Brenda's large breasts, giving her large breasts a cow like appearance. Large horns appear on Rick's head. Jim looks down at his chest as he grows a fairly large pair of DD breasts. Brad looks normal, but when he tries to talk the find his tongue has been turned into a large penis. Six more nipples grow under Candace's breasts, and inflate to the same small size as her first pair. She also grows a long cat like tail above her buttocks, which twitches in an agitated manner.

Rick passes the cards to Sharon. She deals, and the game is tense. No one wants to fold but Sharon's hand is useless, and she throws down the cards in disgust. Jim wins, but just barely. Candace's chair is knocked over as her legs split in two. As they watch her four legs grow into complete, sexy girl's legs. Another torso grows between them. She can feel the eight breasts dangling down from her new torse, her four feet on the ground, her tail moving the air around her naked rear end. Rick groans as his cock doubles, then triples in size. Sharon's breasts grow, and then another pair grows in below them. Brad grows another pair of arms, below his first two. Brenda's large breasts inflate further, and start dribbling milk.

Sharon hands the cards to Jim.

*Dominique comes up with some more strange changes


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Jim accepts the cards from Sharon, shuffles the deck (with some difficulty, as his new, massive tits get in the way), then begins to deal them out. The tension in the air builds as everyone studies the hands they have been dealt, trying to reveal no clues to what they hold even as they scrutinize each others' faces to figure out who is bluffing. Jim stares at his cards, then glances at his DD-cup breasts, a small grimace twitching across his features as he does. He only has a pair of measly twos, but decides to try and bluff it out anyway. Feigning unconcern, he tosses several chips into the center of the table. Brenda peers at Jim intently, no doubt employing her limited mental ability to its utmost to read through his mind, and raises his bid by two chips, making an odd sucking noise with her vagina-mouth as milk continues to dribble from her six nipples.

Brad glances at the pile of chips and tries to speak, but only succeeds in mumbling incoherently around the penis that fills his mouth. After a moment, he tosses his own bid onto the table. Candace holds her cards close to her face, outwardly calm as she eyes the others shrewdly. But the anxious twitching of her tail gives away her true feelings. She meets the bid, however. Rick looks over his cards, then, with a dispirited groan, folds. Sharon does likewise. The bidding goes round the table again, and when the hand is finally called Brenda turns out to be the winner, with a pair of Jacks. She drags the pile of chips over to her, making elated slurping sounds with the cunt in the middle of her face. As before, a wave of transformations sweeps across the losers.

Jim gasps in shock as his penis rapidly shrinks within him, transforming into a vagina; at the same time, a long, hairless tail grows out from his spine, its tip shaped remarkably like the male organ he just lost. The nipples on Sharon's six breasts abruptly thicken and grow longer, forming tentacle-like appendages that sway in the air as if they have a life of their own. Rick grunts, and everyone turns to watch as his legs grow a thick pelt of hair and his feet turn into hooves; it would seem that Dominique is turning him into some sort of satyr. Next Brad's fingers--all twenty of them--suddenly turn into five-inch-long penises; he holds them before his face, watching as they wiggle limply. Finally, Candace groans as her neck abruptly elongates, growing to three feet (giving her the appearance of a nightmarish, humanoid-centaur-giraffe).

"Wait a minute," Sharon interjects, turning to face the demoness. "Will the losers have to stay like this permanently?"

"If I so choose," Dominique replies. "Those who remain with me will be my playthings, and shall adopt whatever form amuses me. Of course, I may think of even more amusing shapes for them . . ."

"Asshole," mutters Candace under her breath.

"An excellent suggestion," agrees Dominique. Suddenly, Candace's lips pucker up and shrink as her mouth turns into a wrinkled, pink anus. She tries to talk, but all that emerges is a grotesque flatulent sound. "Any more complaints?" asks the demoness. "Good; then let the game continue."

It is Brenda's turn to deal next. She passes out the cards, rather ineptly, and the bidding resumes. After what happened to Candace, none of the party cares to see what further perverse changes the demoness has in store for them; they are all intent to make this the last hand, and come out on top. The bidding is fierce as they try to outbluff each other, regardless of what their hands are, and the pile of chips in the center of the table grows steadily. In the end, the one left holding all the chips is . . .



Re: Dominique & The Hill House

They put the cards down. Sharon and Brad have given up in disgust. Rick looks happy with his hand full of high and wild cards. Then he sees Brenda has the same hand, only hers are all the same suit, and in order. Everyone turns and looks at her in shock. She slowly realizes that she won. "I win!" she would have said if she could. Instead her pussy mouth kind of squeaked.

The others were not so lucky. Jim's female parts spread across his body and he feels a strange stretching on his back. When the changes stopped Jim now has the body of a blonde porn star to match his DD breasts and vagina. His phallic tail matched the new pair of wings on his back.

Sharon's back grows rounder, curvier as she grows a matching two pairs of breasts on her back. She squeals as she feels something happen between her legs. When she rubs her ass Jim notices her asshole has changed into another vagina, a mirror image of her original, with her new clit buried in her buttocks.

Rick becomes more muscular, like a body builder. His head widens, then lengthens, several of his teeth growing into prominent fangs. His eyes start glowing. This is Dominique's idea of making him more handsome

Candace watches as her fingernails and toenails, all 30 of them, turn into retractable claws. Her ears grow to be cat like and move up to the top of her head. A large pair of white wings grows on her lower torso's back.

Brad isn't terribly surprised when suddenly his hair grows, thickens, and turns into a nest of penis-snakes

Dominique steps up to Brenda and says "I play the rules. Who are you going to take with you? You decide who escapes Hill house and who is never seen again." Without hesitation, she picks Brad. "Well, if you want to be back to normal, give him a nice long kiss." Brenda steps up to Brad, clearly frightened by this evil demon. When they kiss Brad's huge cock shoots into her and her eyes widen. He massages her multi nippled, lactating breasts with all his penis fingers, as they morph back into their normal selves. They look at each other.

"Wait! " Says Sharon. "You can't just leave us here! You've got to come back to save us!"

"Ha!" says Demonique. "What can those air heads do?" Suddenly Brad and Brenda have their clothes on again. Just as suddenly, they are at the front gate of Hill house. Brad turns to Brenda and asks "What do you suppose will happen to our friends?" They look up at the house, which looks particularly dark, brooding and evil this evening.

"I just don't know, Brad. Something bad I suppose."

Here's what happens:

*Dominique demands they keep playing the game


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Meanwhile, inside Hill House, Dominique taps a sharp-nailed finger against her lower lip as she contemplates her new pets. "This game has been most enjoyable . . ." she purrs. "Though for me far more than any of you, I'd wager." She pauses to rub her hands together in a self-satisfied way. "In fact, I'm having so much fun, I think I'll just keep the poker game going for the time being."

"Will the winner get to go free again?" Jim asked uncertainly. "And get to choose someone else to go along?"

"No," Dominque replied with chilling finality. "That was a one-time offer. The rest of you are going to stay with me until you all die of natural causes."

"Then what's our incentive to play?" asked Sharon peevishly. Candace seconded the question with a sucking sound from her anus-mouth.

"Pleasing your new mistress should be incentive enough for you," the demonesss replied, her voice low and dangerous. Then she smiled. "However, to make the game more interesting, here are the new rules: Whoever wins the hand gets to choose one transformation of theirs to be reversed, while the losers will be transformed even further. At the end of the game, the one with the most chips gets to remain as they are for one week--while everyone else gets to see just how wild my imagination can truly get."

None of them thought this was much of an incentive, but they knew better than to complain about it. With Brad and Brenda out of the game, it is Candace's turn to deal. She shuffles the cards and passes them out. After a spate of lackluster bidding, owing to the crappy hands that everyone holds, Sharon emerges as the winner with a pair of sixes. She imediately chooses to have the tentacles on her breasts shrunk back into normal nipples (the way they were waving about of their own volition was quite disconcerting). Domique complies, then changes the losers. Rick suddenly groans as if having an orgasm, and a second massive prick suddenly erupts from his crotch.

"Now he can do double duty," chirps the demoness, with a lewd sneer.

Candace makes an odd moaning sound through her mouth-sphincter, and twists her ass around to look at the place beneath her tail. Everyone watches as her labia abruptly swell to an enormous size and turn red, purple, and blue; she now has the genitalia of a female baboon in full heat. Jim's transformation is next; as he had halfway expected, delicate horns sprout on his forehead and his hair suddenly grows long, blonde, and lustrous, furthering his transformation into some sort of demonic sex-nymphette. Candace, her rear pair of legs twitching uncomfortably as the pendulous labia brush against her thighs, passes the deck to Rick. He deals out the cards, and the winner of the next hand turns out to be . . .

*Sharon again, much to her delight. Looks like she's on a roll.


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Jim smiled seductively at everyone, sure that his hand was the best. Of course, he hadn't intended to smile seductively, but his new lips weren't much good for smiling any other way. He laid down his hand in front of a distressed looking Candace and Rick, "Straight Flush, king high. Looks like I win this time." He stretched forward, showing a goodly amount of cleavage as he did only to be stopped by Sharon...

"Wait a minute," she said, gently pushing her boyfriends hands away from the pile of chips, "I have a straight flush, too, but mine goes to the ace." Jim spluttered unbelievingly, "A royal Flush! That's... That's almost impossible I..." he gulped as his body began to alter itself. A palpable heat radiated from his body as he emitted a musky scent that aroused Rick terribly, and even had Sharon getting wet herself. His clitorus swelled until his legs were forced apart and grew extra sensative as did his nipples. His wings turned a glossy black and he panted from the near constant sexual sensations his own heartbeat caused.

Rick moaned not only from the scent Jim issued, but from his own changed as well. His balls split apart giving him a full second set to match his second cock. His clawed hands strengthened and started oozing a slightly sweet smelling oil as his stiff members tilted the table up and oozed pre-cum.

Candace moaned through her sphincter mouth as he rear legs pushed her chair back. Her second torso grew a light coating of dusky brown fur as her feet changed into four more sets of hands. Almost beyond her control she shifted her hind legs to remove some of the pressures her baboon heat was causing her and she blurbled strange sounds and all six of her hands balled into fists rhythmically.

Sharon glanced down at herself and thought for a moment as Dominique tapped her foot impatiently, "Well, what's it going to be, girlie girl? Sharon nodded and said, "I want my normal number of breasts back." Dominique smiled and Sharon's extra breasts withdrew into her body, leaving her normal except for slightly larger breasts. She paused momentarily then asked Dominique, "What... what if I don't want to lose the last change?"

Dominique smiled and moved behind Sharon, caressing her back as she spoke, "Well, my sweet... You don't have to give back any of my gifts if you don't want... I suppose I could always give you any change you like, instead of taking one back.... but only you, since you weren't too scared to ask."

Sharon nodded and rubbed her ass-clit surreptitiously. It wasn't so bad having it back there, although if she ever got pregnant it might be inconvenient, and she wouldn't put it past dominique to inflict a pregnancy on her out of spite. Still, with only her two original breasts remaining, and a larger but not uncomfortable size.... She sighed as Jim dealt the cards to the next hand.

*Candace wins, and is more than glad to have one of her alterations reversed


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

The four friends play as hard as they can. It's getting harder to think. The musky perfume Jim now emits has them extremely aroused. Rick can't take his eyes off all the beautiful breasts surrounding him. Jim's jiggling DD cup pair. Sharon's nicely enhanced rack. Candace's tits aren't any bigger, but she has eight of them on her upper torso, eight more dangling down on her lower torso. Rick is eager to run his strong, lubricant emitting hands over them. After betting for a while they put their cards down. Candace wins. The others groan.

Dominique says "Which change would you like to remove?" Candace thinks for just a second. She points to her mouth which is currently an anus. Dominique nods and Candace now has a pretty pair of lips again, although they feel a little larger than they used to be. "Oh, finally!" said Candace. "Why did it have to be poker? You boys have more experience at this than I do! No wonder I'm losing!" Dominique insists that they play another hand. She looks around the table, glancing over each of the four players and is pleased with her work. Nothing gives her more pleasure than taking boring, normal humans and twisting them to her desires before their very eyes. This is what she sees when she looks at each player.


Rick looks very much like a hunky male sex demon. Large horns, long face, two huge cocks (which are permanently erect, although he doesn't know this yet), more muscular, fangs, glowing eyes, thick pelt of fur on legs, hooves on legs, strong clawed hands which ooze lubricant


Jim looks like a delicious little succubus. DD breasts, vagina, penis shaped tail, delicate horns, long blonde hair, body of porn star, narrow waist, nice ass, black wings on back, emits musky hornyiness inducing perfume, huge clit, extra sensitive clit and nipples, extra wide hips, super horny


Sharon is the second most winning player. Her only changes are Enlarged breasts, and her asshole is now a pussy, with her second clit between her buttocks.


Poor Candace has lost more times than any other player. She now has eight small breasts, cat like tail, four sexy long dancer's legs, 8 more breasts on lower torso, huge genitalia of baboon in heat, cat ears, wings on lower back, retractable claws, 3 foot long neck, dusky brown fur on lower torso, hands for feet.

*Candace wins again, much to her delight


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

With a Full house Candace wins again. "Yay" Screeched Candace "Id like my Wings gone". And Just as Her Wings Dissepeared.Jim's Fingernails and Toenails grew and turned black as her Teeth turned more fanglike.Rick's ass Grew a Devil's Tail. And Sharon's Breasts Multiplied Once more and She Ended up with 3 Pairs (Six Breasts).

*Candace Wins Again (Shes on a Roll)


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Candace claps her hands and says "Yay!" again. Her friends groan at their bad luck, especially Jim. Sharon too is quite afraid, as the least changed of her friends she feels she has the most to lose. Candace thinks for a moment about which change she wants removed. She decides her long neck is creeping her out the most. It was a tough choice, so much to choose from. It was either the neck or the weird genitalia, but she couldn't really see that, just feel it back there between her hind legs.

Rick's tongue grows to be a foot long. He can still retract it into his mouth but it's more comfortable not too.

Jim's change isn't too surprising. Her breasts swell from their relatively normal size of DD into a pair of heavy, pendulous HH cup breasts. Think big bust stripper titties.

Sharon shudders as she starts to change

*Sharon's mouth turns into a vagina


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Sharon shrieked in surprise as she felt her teeth shrink away and her gums closing up over them. After a moment of shock, she quickly tried to close her mouth again to hide her toothless gaping hole from the others but couldn't!
Instead she felt the muscles in her mouth contract in a not completely unfamiliar but certainly inaproriate (for this orifice) way! After the transformation of her anus she had a good feeling of what was happening to her and quickly clamped a hand over her lips only to feel them transform into what she just knew was a third vagina.
Her sounds of despair quickly died away as the transformation finished deep in her throat with her vocal chords and with her tongue which had migrated to the top of her now vertical lips and transformed into a clitoris.

The transformation finished, she finally looked around only to discover she was now the center of attention in the freakish looking round. Some looks on the faces of her friends were pityfull, some amused and others clearly full of lust. Still she kept her hand clamped over the hairless transformed facial orifice (to the disappointment of some).
Candace commented on her latest transformation by joking "Don't be upset, Sharon. You know what they say: All good things come in threes!" referring to her three vaginas and three sets of breasts. This got a chuckle from everyone at the table except Sharon who became beet red.

After that latest indignation, Sharon...

*...did something... ...on impulse? stupid? ...clever? ...else?


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Sharon decided she couldn't take it anymore. She stood up and jumped on Dominique, knocking her over with Sharon on top of her. Dominique laughed. "What's the problem, Sharon? Don't you like my litte game?" Sharon tried to scream at her but all she could do was make her mouth pussy quiver. Since she was using both her hands to hold Dominique down her friends got their first look at Sharon's vagina mouth. She had pink vertical pussy lips, not very large, but not quite the simple straight line pussies some girls have. Jim realized Sharon's vagina mouth was exactly like the one she started with. Dominique reaches up and grabs two handfuls of Sharon's six breasts. "My these feel nice, like a big soft jiggly water bed on your chest. Why wouldn't you be happy about these?"

*something else


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

The rest of the players were transfixed with a combination of lust from their transformations, shock at seeing Sharon's latest alteration and blind terror while they contemplated what the demon would do to them as punishment.

However, Dominique appeared to be in a playful mood...for now. With complete power over the players, she was willing to let the game play out fully, if by her rules. In this instance, it seemed that Sharon needed to be taught a lesson, if in a round about manner.

Fighting for what she assumed was dear life to keep the demoness on the floor, desperately trying to scream at her friends to help her, Sharon was caught completely unawares as the sultry demoness learned into her captor to passionately tongue Sharon's new pussylips. Using the girls surprise to her advantage, Dominique rolled over, pushing her squirming toy to the floor as the demon lapped away in delight.

With a thought, the demons tail split in two and invaded Sharon's twin sexes, causing her to arch her back, thrusting her breasts against her mistress. An explosive all body orgasm soon left Sharon a dazed heap on the floor with a leering demoness looming over her.

"See now? All that pleasure my gifts can give and yet you turn away from them. Your commendable spirit will give me great pleasure as I break it down, but you still need to learn your place."

*Dominique decideds Sharon needs more ways to pleasure a partner...

...and turns Sharon's...

*...arms into something more suitable to bring sexual pleasure to others.

Dominique smiles cruelly as Sharon's arms turn into

*Sharon's hands turn into hooves, and her feet as well, for those who like ponygirls


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

In mute horror Sharon watched her hands as they became hoofs and felt the same happening to her feet. Next, she felt her ears pushing up and through her hair as they became pointed pony ears. and to top it off, she grew a horse's tail above her ass-pussy.

Fearfully she looked at Dominique, wondering what else would happen to her.

*Sharon got her answer as she felt her six boobs fill with milk -- milk that she now had no way to express: her hands were hooves and her mouth a pussy!


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Sharon looked down as her six beautiful breasts grew firmer until they were painfully full of milk. Her breasts were so heavy and tight, she needed to be milked now! Sharon lifted her hooves to them, pushing on them, but only getting a few drops out. It felt so strange having her hard hooves touch the delicate skin of her breasts and sensitive nipples. She turned to Jim with a pleading look in her eyes.

*Jim notices how full her breasts are and invites Rick and Candace to help him out


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Feeling sorry for Sharon, Rick and Candace step up to help her out. Jim wraps his lips around Sharon's top right nipple and starts to suckle. Currenlty Jim looks like a busty succubus, and Jim can't get close enough to drink from Sharon's breast without his huge breasts touching Sharon's body. She feels Rick's strong hands on her lower left nipple and Candace's enlarge lips on her lower right.

*All this attention to her breasts gets Sharon turned on


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Sharon feels her three frinds suckling from her overly full breasts. It feels so good! She can feel her milk flowing, and Rick and Jim keep licking her nipple, toying with it more than necessary to keep her milk flowing. She can feel her pussies getting wet and her clits aroused, all three of them! The pussy where her mouth used to be is drooling vaginal fluid down her chin. Sharon lifted her hooves to her unused middle pair of breasts, trying to stimulate her nipples even more. Rick's cocks are touching her thigh, and she can feel the fur on his legs touching her smooth legs. Jim's large, soft jiggly breasts are brushing her body in the most delightful way. Even Candace seems to be getting into this, which surprises Sharon and turns her on. The feeling of Candace's big cocksucking lips sucking on her nipple is so nice, and Candace even nuzzles Sharon's full breast with her beautiful face. Sharon's tail starts to swish and rise up, Sharon can feel the air on her two naked lower pussies.

*Dominique makes them go back to playing her game


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

As much fun as she loved tormenting Sharon just for fun and educational purposes, Dominique decided to break up the little milk orgy (after watching the spectacle for a while, of course) and continue the game. Sharon even looked a little bit relieved at the prospect of not having Dominique's wraith concentrated on her any more (if so, she certainly was the only one).

There was only one problem: How could Sharon continue the game?

*Someone else would play for her (maybe Dominique?). But would she still suffer the consequences when her stand-in lost a round?


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

The four friends go back to the poker table. Looking around, this is what Jim sees.


Dominique is a demoness. She has deep red, perfectly smooth skin. She is trim and well toned. She has black hair except for a red streak in it above her left eye. She has dark, piercing eyes, full lips, a pert nose, a long thick tongue. She has long curled horns that emerge from her forehead, rid at first, then darkening to black at the tips. Dominique has a prehensile tail with a rounded, thick tip on it. Her breasts are almost the size of basketballs and impossibly firm. She wears black leather boots with a six inch heel, a tiny black leather g string and a skimpy black leather bikini that just covers her large nipples.


Rick looks very much like a hunky male sex demon. Large horns, long face, two huge cocks (which are permanently erect, although he doesn't know this yet), more muscular, fangs, glowing eyes, thick pelt of fur on legs, hooves on legs, strong clawed hands which ooze lubricant, devil's tail, foot long tongue.


Jim looks like a delicious little succubus. Complete with vagina, penis shaped tail, delicate horns, long blonde hair, body of porn star, narrow waist, nice ass, black wings on back, emits musky hornyiness inducing perfume, huge clit, extra sensitive clit and nipples, extra wide hips, super horny, fangs for teeth, black fingernails and toenails, huge HH cup breasts


Her changes are enlarged breasts (up to an E cup) , and her asshole is now a pussy, with her second clit between her buttocks, six breasts, vagina for a mouth, hands and feet are dainty ponylike hooves, pony ears, long horse tail on her ass that matches her hair


She now has eight small breasts, cat like tail, four sexy long dancer's legs, 8 more breasts on lower torso, huge genitalia of baboon in heat, cat ears, retractable claws, dusky brown fur on lower torso, hands for feet.
"Wait!" said Jim. "How is Sharon supposed to play poker with those hooves? She won't even be able to pick up the cards."

"You're right," said Dominique. "I guess someone will have to play for her."

*Sharon's cards will be dealt to Jim who will play for both of them. But if either of them loses, they both get the penalty!


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

"Wait, that's not fair!", Jim interjected. "I can't win for both of us! One of us will always lose!"

"Very well observed, Jim" Domique replied, grinning sardonically.

*"Well, at least if you win you'll be able to immediately undo the change to either you or Sharon." Then Dominique dealt the next round.


Re: Dominique & The Hill House

Jim thought about protesting some more but Dominique was already dealing the cards. He didn't want to get some kind of penalty.

The four friends played the round of poker. No one but Rick seems to like the hand they're dealt. It turns out no one but Rick has anything higher than two pair. Jim tries to console himself with the thought that the new rules don't change anything when both he and Sharon lose.

Rick looks down at himself. How to choose which change to undo? He looks a lot like a demon now. Rick doesn't like most of the changes, although if they ever get out of this, he'd like to keep his enhanced penis, at least one of them. He makes up his mind. "My face feels too weird. Make me look more normal."

Dominique sighed, as Rick's eyes stopped glowing and his elongated face moved back to normal human proportions. Actually Rick now looked more handsome and less nerdy than before. He still had horns and fangs, but after feeling his face with his hands he was happy with his choice.

The same change affected the three girls: they all grew bigger boobs. Sharon's six breasts grew two cup sizes each, from large and sexy E cup tits all the way up to G. Huge, heavy breasts resting on top of each other now decorate the body of the pussy mouthed horse girl Sharon has become.

Candace's small breasts all swelled two sizes as well, going from small, rouond and firm to bigger, rounder and with a new jiggle factor. A small change but when multiplied by the eight breasts on her upper torso and eight more on her lower, to candace it meant a change that involved a lot more wobbling, shifting and weight. Candace cups her second pair down, trying to get used to the new heaviness. Being a dancer, Candace was used to her small breasts, and the sudden enhanced curviness and wobble made her feel very feminine.

It was so much fun watching the other's transformation that Jim barely noticed her own. Her already stripper sized titties swelled a full two cup sizes as well, going from HH to enormous, lap filling jugs that pulled heavily at her body.

Dominique deals again and