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Fifth Birth


CHRONICLER’S NOTE TO THE GUILD:  I retell this story as I acquired it, the words are of those who took part in these events, prithee, for accuracy’s sake, hold me not accountable for them.  My own personal commentaries shall me in marked excerpts such as this one, separate from the main text at large


The Demoness Freya sat on her throne, her heamunculi Thor curled about her left thigh and her cock, stroking her with his wormlike body.  She normally would have been feeling quite delighted in s situation like this, but at the moment she was glaring down from her throne at the defiler who had come in search of treasures to steal.  The man was at the moment naked and chained to the floor.  “What is your name, filth?” she spat the words at him.

“M-my n-name is T`kal, great Demoness…”

Freya smiled cruelly, she would play a most delightful game with this one. “Normally the punishment for your misdeed would be execution by whatever torturous method first popped into my mind, things like, peeling, boiling, dicing, filleting, some manner that would make sure you keep screaming for a very LONG time.  However, I’m feeling a bit sporting, so we’re going to play a little game.  I’m going to make you irresistable to mortal women.  While you fuck them, you’ll be capable of changing their shape however you choose, one time, and one time only, sealed when either you or she climaxes.  However, do not think this gift will come without a price, I shall be watching you, and there are going to be rules to this game, of what you can and cannot do.  The shapes you transform them into can only resemble each other if the women of that shape share the same mother.  Also, the women you transform must hate their new bodies, and must not resemble a normal human.  Should any of these rules be broken, you will be changed into a gel, and depending on the circumstances, returned here to be executed painfully, or lose all bodily control and exist to be the sex toy of the last woman you changed, who will also become the controller of all your prior victims.” Freya decided not to mention that if such a woman was enjoying a suitable form, her becoming an avatar and perhaps being sent to wreak havoc in T`kal’s home village was not entirely unlikely…

T`Kal was shrewd enough to realize he was being set-up, but then again, aware enough to know that he wasn’t likely to get another offer from Freya that would allow him to survive.  “Then am I… free to go?”

Freya grinned cruelly “So to speak.  One of my soldiers will escort you safely out of my temple, after all, we wouldn’t want the stickiness of your hands to get the better of you.”

T`Kal blanched, and remained silent as he was hauled bodily from the temple, and hurled down to the road below.  He set out in a random direction, and had a largely uneventful journey, until just as dusk was beginning to settle in, and he came upon a campground, where two women were busily preparing for the night.  Rather than trying to gain accommodations by being ingratiating as one normally would, he decided to test whether or not Freya had done as she had said, and walked up behind one woman who was bent over a campfire, reached around her and grabbed her breasts!  The set of her shoulders as she started to swing her hand said that she intended to slap him.  Somehow, she missed, and her hand ended up between her legs, pulling her underclothes down.  At this development, he was none to hesitant about taking advantage of her, and opened his own pants to start pounding into her, thinking on what to change her into.  The woman’s attention was focused rather sharply on her crotch, so she didn’t seem to notice as her arms and legs changed shape to be like a pony’s, her hands and feet melting into hooves, her torso elongating, her neck thickening and stretching upwards.  T’Kal looked at his new ponygil, and decided, he’d like a bit more pleasurable ride, and so before pulling out of her, he added an additional pussy at the base of her new neck, between her shoulder blades. He smiled as he climbed onto her back, sliding his member home into the woman’s new upper cunt, fucking her happily as he continued to make additional alterations, such as sliding her breasts up so they were still where he could reach them, et cetera.  It wasn’t until after he’d cum into her spasming orifice that he realized he’d forgotten a saddle and bridle.  Sadly for her, it was roughly at this point when the woman’s companion returned.


Despite how enthusiastically and with great attention to detail this segment of the story was recounted to me, there are things the chronicler’s oath does not require me to recount.  Whenever such an instance arises, I am immensely grateful.  One arose here.  Now shut up and let me get on with it. Do you REALLY find it erotic to hear about bones grinding, popping out of fleshly sacs to dissolve into the earth?  You disturb me… and no, I’m still not going to tell you…  I told you to shut up.


T’kal eventually found his new mount to his liking, and tied her to a post in the two women’s camp, and decided to leave her in full riding regale, that way the horse and her harness could keep each other company, and the fleshly reins formed of the second woman’s arms kept his horse’s sharp tongue from disturbing his slumber.  Besides, they looked better as a pair.  The following morning, they both grumbled a bit as he climbed into his saddle, but the light touch of his heel on her cunt, and the pressure threatening what could follow, were more than enough to convince the horse that obedience was the preferable course of action, and with tears in her eyes, began to trot in the direction T’Kal indicated.  The saddle’s opinions were largely unknown, as she was now lacking most of her skeleton, and her mouth had been melted into a solid smooth channel, so that really her only choices were suck or blow, and the occasional moan or whimper when she could accumulate enough breath for one.

It apparently made quite the impact on the townsfolk of Eruach to see a man who looked largely normal riding into the square on such a mount, since normally the victims of demons look substantially altered, whether they thought he was a willing supplicant of one, or one of them himself, no one yet knows, but apparently he, too, recognized the impact his appearance made, enough that he felt sure of himself in giving the command that the castle belonging to the lord of the town be yielded to him, and that the townsfolk had to present to him half the womenfolk under the age of 30 naked in the courtyard of said castle, though should any displease him, the town would be razed to the ground.  Candor compels me to point out, that he did not have the ability to fulfil such a threat, but that was largely irrelevant, since the townsfolk didn’t know that.  T’Kal was rather pleased when he found the town actually bending to his demands, and that as he came out onto the balcony of the castle he had just acquired, he glanced into the courtyard and saw that he had also acquired roughly 500 maidens as well.  It sickens me that I must include the fact that, while the majority were of age, easily 200 were not, and I am certain that no less than fifty were below the age of 10.  It was roughly at this time that Ai found this town while out scouting for me, and that i then began moving towards it.  During that selfsame day, T’Kal began making use of the women he had acquired.  His first victim was a pair of young blonde twins, who he had decided would make a good compliment to his maiden mount and saddle.  As he brought them to his new bedchamber, T’Kal marveled at how they weren’t even resisting, so potent was the hex Freya had placed on him. He took the first one, and settled her onto his shaft, wrapping her legs loosely around his waist and fusing them together, doing the same with her arms around his back, threaded through his armpits.  He started bouncing her on his shaft, and realized quickly that if he just used the one girl for this, he’d only get half of what he wanted, and ordered the other to lay down with her crotch under his hips, facing upward, and massage his balls with her cunt.  He wrapped the second girl’s limbs around his legs, once again loosely, and putting each girl’s feet up the other’s ass, and melting their hips into a wide band of flesh around his waist, still fucking away at the first one’s cunt inside, as their breasts started to grow into enormity, wrapping loosely under his back and legs, and sealing at the bottom, creating a loose, cushioning sleeping bag of titflesh, with a head sticking out at either end.  He quickly surmised that, since he would want his nights to be quiet, he should alleviate them permanently of ever having to decide what to say.  The head up by his, he melted her face from the bridge of her nose down into another breast, her nose becoming the nipple, which he planned to use as his pillow after turning the girls over, as it didn’t really matter which way they were oriented, since a warm cunt would await his shaft, and another his balls in either direction.  The other girl’s face he gave some more thought to, at last, deciding that, while her moans and whimpers would be pleasurable to hear, once she regained free will with the solidification of her shape, her motions would be limited only to massaging whoever would be in the sleeping bag, but raucus oaths of hatred really wouldn’t be something conducive to a good rest, so he merely melted her lips together, leaving the rest of the internals of her mouth and throat alone.  With a satisfied grunt, he came, sealing their form and their fate.

By now it was quite cold out, the sun having gone down in the hours it had taken him to make his sleeping bag, and so he walked out onto the balcony once again, to stare down at the mob of femininity shivering below, and thought about what to do with them, then grinned wryly and announced that the first twenty women to the throne room could sleep inside, while the others would have to remain in the courtyard until they could be attended to.  Sadly, children are almost always more agile than adults, and so after the doors were once more closed, 15 of the twenty in the throne room were so young that it was doubtful they had hit puberty yet.  The throne and Dias he constructed is quite artistic in a sick sort of way...... Horus or Karma are apparently quite put out that a mere human did it, and one should only bring it up to them if overwhelmingly masochistic, or suicidal.  I think this is a direct result of the fact, that while Horus and Karma can change their thrones save for pride, T’Kal, unable to change his, actually did it right the first time, and it is the only one of the three actually comfortable to sit in, once you get past the fact it’s made of 5 young girls, and the reason it vibrates so charmingly is because they’re prevented from acknowledging that it’s permanent, and continually are trying to pull free of each other and escape, at any rate.

T’Kal went back to his convenient overlook, surveying his property, he came to the conclusion that the statues out in the garden were really in need of replacement, and resolved to remedy it the next morning.

It was in fact, the next morning, when I, as led by my assistant Ai, arrived in Eruach.  I was immediately quite glad of the various protective talismans I’ve picked up over my years as a member of the Chronicler’s guild, as a shield spell is EVER so useful against a hail of arrows.  Apparently as I was female and abnormal (not to mention Ai’s appearance) they assumed that I must have been someone T’Kal had changed, and then sent to town to wreak havoc.  Sometimes having been cursed with an oversized phallus, an extra pair of breasts, and nipple tentacles has advantages... other times... I wish I’d been able to do something very excruciating to the archmage I encountered during my novitate.  Once I had assured them I was not their enemy, my signet of Fair Witness and that my cloak bore the Chronicler’s Guild emblem being immensely helpful in this, I managed to find out what had happened.  They importuned me to use “my magic” to help them, ascribing to me a power that I do not have, and certainly would not use if I did, as it is my role to record happenings, not participate in them.


I apologize for the oddity of this manuscript, the information immediately preceding was included to remind the board that I DO in fact, remember the oath I took to join the guild, and had every intent to keep it.  I had not intended to arrive before things had finished, but Ai could not tell form the height at which she flew over that it was a hexed human, and not an avatar in the castle, as an avatar would have been done by morning, in all probability.


Meanwhile, T’Kal had been building his statuary collection.  He rose at an early hour, and went out into the courtyard filled with still sleeping womenfolk, he chose a pair of brunettes, easily in their early twenties, one with brown eyes and the other with green, as well as a small child that slept between them, a little red haired girl with eyes so blue as to look like gemstones.  He awoke them, and commanded them to follow him, and silently they complied, with blank looks on their faces as he led them into the garden just inside the gates.  he had the first woman lean at an angle against one of the statues already present, facing towards him, with her back arched, and thrust his cock into her cunt a few times to start her change, moving the other woman to the opposite side, doing the same to her, so the two women were touching at the shoulders and their heads were next to each other.  He then reached around the two women, fingering the second one’s cunt to keep things moving, shaping them so that they looked eventually like a very realistic, if giant, sculpture of a pussy, with the imprint of their faces sticking out of the labia, as though they were trying to pull free, which, once all was finished, they would be.  He left them that way for a moment, going to the little girl, and rather abruptly shoving his cock into her mouth.  Her legs slowly melted together, and her arms to her sides, but not to become a snake girl, no, the girl’s breast began to swell as well, and join together in the middle as her torso and legs took shape, revealing the little girl to have, below the neck, become a giant phallus!  He continued, having noticed the gem-like quality of her eyes, he caused them to change into the sapphires they so resembled, her outermost layer of flesh slowly starting to turn into bronze.  Before finishing this, he lifted her up, pushing her into the giant replica cunt, where she fit as snugly as a key in a lock, and he smiled as the bronze layer he had started with her also spread to the other two women, and with an orgasm he finished them, a statue of a giant vulva, complete with giant prick embedded in it, atop the prick the head and neck of a little girl, who’s eyes where sapphires, and from whose mouth dripped white.

He went back into the courtyard, saw that the women gathered there remained asleep, the cold having drained them severely the prior night, woke up a slim, tall, raven-haired woman, who groggily started following him into the castle.  I stepped into the courtyard shortly afterwards, and saw them just as they were stepping through the door.  I also had decided that hiding my more abnormal attributes was a good thing, and so had an illusion in place.  I once again was quite glad for that shield spell, as I could feel the pull of Freya’s hex even through it, I daresay this manuscript would never have been written, had I lacked that talisman.  Once again, I had difficulty as he tried to focus the hex on me, I waited several moments for him to run out of patience with it, then simply threw a rock at his head to get him to realize it wasn’t working.  I walked closer as he recovered from his daze, and when he got back up, the dark-haired girl was still standing and waiting blank-faced, and as he got up, THIS time he saw the Guild Emblem emblazoned on my cloak, and was substantially more respectful.


It disgusts me how the actions of some less reputable imposters of our guild have created the false reputation that we may be bribed into influencing how they are recorded in history, regardless of the fact that impartiality is one of the core aspects of the Fair Witness oath, something needs be done to remedy this.  Additionally, as the difficulties presented by lack of identification I encountered shows, I submit that the identifying marks of the guild be made larger on our cloaks, so as to avoid such problems.  Dead novices write no tales, and few survive long enough to learn how to deal with such things these days.


I followed him into his throne room, doing my best to keep my most recent meal from repatriating to the open air, to watch, as he sat on his throne and started having the girl he’d brought give him a blowjob, and to listen as he told me the bulk of the tale I have thus far recounted.  The remainder being purely my personal observations.

Right before my eyes, I saw her changing as she sucked, and when I asked what into, he said he’d decided he’d like some bodyguards, and that she’d be the first.  His voice was rather annoying to listen to, like with the power he’d gained a world of insecurities about it came too, probably the fact that I hadn’t revealed that I’m not entirely female, or that I had a shield in place, was making him wonder if he’d already lost his game with Freya.  The girl, meanwhile, had been slowly changing, but from the way changes seemed to start, stop, shift, and how little attention T’Kal was paying to her as it happened, I was starting to wonder if he was in control of it at all.  She sprouted a pair of wings from her back, and a long tail, which was quite feline in appearance save that it ended in a bright pink cock.  I saw her clit split into two, both of which became cock-tipped tentacles easily as long and thick as my arm, as short, reddish brown fur starting to sprout all over her body from the neck down, and a pair of cat ears replaced her own.  T’Kal’s body jerked, apparently he’d cum without intending to, having been distracted while telling his story.  He grimaced a little in disgust seeing the woman’s new shape, but went deathly pale as he heard her start to purr softly, as his flesh took on a blueish transparent look, and his body lost all cohesion.  The woman stood up, and from the sense of power emanating from her as T’Kal melted into a little blob of goop, which she scooped onto the throne, fusing him in to reshape the cushioning.  I have to say that of Freya’s avatars, only Freya herself is a smoother talker, and that she did release all the other women, saying only that those who wished to serve her could, and that while she wouldn’t raze the town to the ground if they refused to tithe to her, that they would become one of Freya’s protectorates against the incursions of the minions of the other 4 demons if they did.


I refrain from giving further information on her as I risk bias if I do, since the gifts she offered were ones for which I had practical use, as the guild has seen fit to issue me neither a mount nor any means of keeping warm on assignment up north, accepting the mount and sleeping bag was only logical, and it was quite obliging of her to even reshape the bag and saddle to fit my contours rather than T’Kal’s, and Ai is immensely relieved that should speed be required she no longer has to fly me places, as it is well nigh impossible for her to do so, despite what the guild’s theoretical physicist has to say, filigree wings will not allow one to carry a being twice one’s own weight.  I also hope the guild will forgive me for being so bold as to have my mount outfitted with a half-breastplate over her stomach, bearing the guild crest in gold inlay, since most of the world recognizes that guild property is off limits, it was to help ensure that my mount would not be stolen. 


I hereby submit this completed manuscript to the council for codification.

Chronicler of the 2nd order,



(separation of character in story telling a story, and character being the story)


Kite deposited the scroll in the carrier harpie’s leg-tube, giving her the fee for delivery to the guild, once more climbing upon her mount, reaching around forward to give her breasts one of those soft squeezes she suspected of being the reason the somewhat skittish woman had warmed to her new rider so quickly.  Kite checked to make sure her rolled up sleeping bag was securely fastened to the saddle, and whistled for Ai, the phallic prongs of the saddle embedded in her lower orifices even as her cock was buried deep inside the saddle’s throat, her nipple tentacles reaching around the front of the pony, one pair wrapping around her nipples to replace reins for turning, the lower pair grasping her labia as a means of signaling speed.  Ai fluttered over, seating herself on the rear pair of prongs, he chest pressed against Kite’s back as she clung tightly to her, letting her legs dangle down, the cocks they became below her knees lightly resting against the mount’s flanks, her arms threaded under Kite’s armpits, the cocks she had instead of forearms and hands nestled firmly between Kite’s breasts as they set off to the east, seeking more to write about...