Topic: Memorial Changes - by Demon-Man

Memorial Changes
Act 1: The Surprise...

By Demon-Man
Edited by Charzek

My life would never be the same after the summer of the year 2508.

At the time, I was still known as Pete Glos. I was in my mid-twenties and was a web designer who worked from home. Really, I was a pretty average guy. I was relatively tall, but neither skinny nor chubby, and not very athletic either. I wore my brown hair in a short pony-tail, but that's not radical when you consider the people Regena cares for.

In any case, it was during that summer that I moved in with my girlfriend Linn. We had been together for two years and were still very much in love, as we are even today. We had decided that spring to finally share a single apartment. The one we ended up choosing was small, but it was nice, on one of the lower floors of a small building in the outskirts of Ondora. Yeah... Up to that point, I could safely say that I had a perfect life, with my girlfriend by my side and a successful web design job. What I didn't know, however, is that it could become even better... If in a way I could never have imagined!

Before I go on, let me describe the love of my life, Linn. That way, you can get a better idea of what she looked like at the time. To me, she was a super-model. She was slim, with long, perfectly shaped legs. She had a slightly athletic build, and I loved the hint of muscles that lay beneath her skin. She had the cutest face that I had ever seen, with big, bright green eyes and a beautiful mouth. Her mischievous smile has always sent little, pleasant chills down my spine. Dark short hair framed her face, which she usually wore in a rather wild fashion. Despite the unkempt nature it implied, it suited her well.

While I've always been the calm and balanced type of guy, she has always had a very lively nature. Some people may have thought that we did not seem like a good pair because of our contrasting personalities, but it had been those differences that made us such a good couple. While I was the calm spot in her life, she brought variety and excitement into mine.

I must admit, however, that I have always hid a dark side from her. I always had had a secret fetish for the extremely transformed. Don't get me wrong, I love woman, altered or not. Indeed, I loved Linn's breath-taking body. Despite this, I have also had a certain lust for those people whose bodies were anything but normal: hermaphrodites, shemales, the more bizarre, the better. I had never had sex with a transformee back then; I was too shy and too proud to pay a prostitute. Even so, I had a big collection of transformee-related porn. It was difficult to hide it from Linn. Luckily she never found out... or so I had thought...


Three months after we had moved into our new home, on that July morning, Linn made an announcement that would change our lives forever.

"I am going to the hospital for a few days."

"What?" I was taken back by her sudden announcement. My utter surprise soon mixed with fear and uncertainty. Was she sick? Pregnant? I certainly did not want her to be ill, and a baby in our lives could change everything. My doubts and worries creased my face, but she simply flashed a gentle smile.

"I just want to undergo a little treatment. I want to improve my appearance."

That was no less of a surprise, but at least it soothed my worries. Still, I had no idea what she could improve and told her so. I'd not seen anything particularly loathsome about her appearance...

"Well... You'll see when I get back." She winked at me and continued to dig into her cereal.

I tried to get more information out of her, but she just giggled and told me to be patient. I knew from experience that I could never win an argument with her and quietly dropped the subject. I imagined that she was planning on enlarging her breasts, or lengthening her body in general. She had often told me that she thought that her breasts, solid B-cups, felt too small, even though I had replied each and every time she had brought the topic up that I loved them. Even so, I would have loved her a little more if she had larger breasts, but I could never tell her that, so I kept my lie to myself. As we sat in silence at the breakfast table, my mind churned with the possibilities.


The next day she left for the Falchion Hospital in East Ondora. Even though it was on the other side of town, it was the best known hospital specialized in beauty-treatments. As she stood on our doorstep before she left, she kissed me and told me, "I will not be able to talk until the treatment is over."

I told her to take care, and that I would not worry about our lack of communication. Even so, I fretted over not seeing or hearing from my love for several days. The idea that my lover would not be in our kitchen, or in the bed laying next to me when I awoke unsettled me. I hoped that what she said wasn't true.

But it was true. For three days we had no contact. It was hell. Not only was my love away, leaving me all alone, but I had no idea what she was doing to herself. I had easily convinced myself that it was just a few minor changes for her perfect body, but the mere fact that I actually knew nothing drove me crazy.


Eventually, the hospital called me to come pick up Linn. I rushed there as soon as I got word. The recent days had weighed so heavy on me that I could hardly wait to see her again. Sadly, I had no car, and thus had to travel by train. You should have seen me, all nervous and jittery. I was constantly cursing the vehicle for being so slow. I just hoped I could calm myself before I saw Linn. I was not my usually calm self, and that only compounded the issue. I couldn't let Linn see me this way.

Finally, I reached the hospital. After I asked the receptionist where Linn's room was, I used a nearby map to get an idea where to go and hurried to her room. There, the doctor greeted me instead of Linn. My disappointment was plainly visible.

"Don't worry. Your girlfriend is here; she just wants to surprise you in her own way," the man said. He nodded his head towards a side room. I glanced in that direction but could see nothing. Before I could come closer and get a better view, a familiar voice stopped me.

"Please sit on the bench in the office, please. I want this to be a surprise for you, darling," my lover's voice said. I was quite perplexed but obeyed her order. She also asked me to let the doctor put a blindfold over my eyes. The situation was growing ever stranger by the minute, but again, I simply obeyed. When it was her wish to do something, I couldn't say no. I already had a clear idea that she probably wanted me to feel her improvements before actually seeing her. It suited her playful personality.

The doctor grinned a strange sort of knowing smile when he placed the blindfold over my eyes and eventually left. "Better I leave you both alone for some private time." So it was only Linn and me in the room, and I was just a few moments away from touching her new body. I hope I don't have to express how nervous I had been. My heart was beating in my throat.

"Ready?" Linn said from the other room after the Doctor had closed the door.

"Yes," I replied. I heard her footsteps approach me. They sounded strangely low and flat, as if she was hitting the floor with a paddle. I dismissed it as an echo.

Eventually, she announced that she was standing directly in front of me. I could feel her heavy breath against my skin. It was clear that she was as nervous as me. This fact calmed me, but only a little.

"Okay. Don't say anything," she whispered. "Just let me guide your hand."

I nodded. Linn took my right hand in hers, which felt strangely large. It was probably my mind playing tricks on me, I thought. Why should she have enlarged her hands? It wouldn't make sense.

Well... If I had seen her, I would have known.

Eventually, I touched her skin. It was soft, warm; the same as I had ever known it. At least, I thought so. Slowly, I moved my hand further across her skin. It was her breast, it must have been, but there was something wrong about it; I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I continued to explore her breast. It was clearly larger. Instinctively, I moved my other hand to her other breast. They seemed like they must have been more than D-cups. Just as I had expected.

"You've enlarged them, eh?" I said grinning.

"Not just them," Linn replied with a giggle. Her remark slightly confused me. Soon, my fingers came across her right nipple. It was not simply large, it was massive! At first I didn't realize what it was. It seemed thick and rubbery, and at least the size of my thumb. I continued to rub these strange, thick sausages between my fingers until I was startled by a soft moan escaping Linn's lips.

"Err, sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry for, honey," my lover said. "Please touch me more. You may explore me freely."

I did so, but I was beginning to doubt that she had stopped with just improving her appearance.

Could she have undergone something stranger? I had no idea and didn't know if I'd like it or not.

My question was quickly answered when my hands moved between her breasts to feel her belly. I was too surprised to actually speak and simply continued to touch her skin. The skin between her breasts was not smooth as I had expected, but, instead, quite hairy. Soft, short hairs lined her sternum, not unlike my own chest-hair. What did it mean?

I slowly moved my hands down to touch her belly. There, I found not the slim, muscular stomach that I knew and loved so much, but a round, fleshy mass. I squeezed it a little, which caused Linn to giggle. Her belly had clearly been expanded. It seemed spherical, and I imagined the round belly of pregnancy. At first, I feared there might be something inside.

"No fear, darling. I am not pregnant," she said. It did not help much however.

The real shock came when my hands moved further down.

I am not as dense as you might think. Of course I already realized that my cute, beautiful lover had undergone some form of bizarre transformation and almost certainly looked like no supermodel at all, but I had no idea how far the changes went. Thus, I continued to explore her new body. As I did so, I became surprisingly curious. My initial feelings of shock and disgust were quickly replaced by arousal as my secret fetishes began to churn in my mind. I couldn't help it. The idea that my girlfriend had become something grotesque made me horny, even though I told myself that it was wrong.

When I further explored her lower belly, my finger met a bush of hair made of thick, dense curls.

Before the treatment, she had always shaved herself completely down there, so the amount of public hair I found was a surprise. But after all, it made sense, considering the hair on her chest. As my hands groped in the fur that surrounded my lover's neither regions, my hands did not find her soft pussy-lips. Instead they found something thick, fleshy, and long, protruding from where I thought her pussy should be. I was absolutely confused. I could not understand what it was.

Suddenly, the thing began to pulse and harden in my hands. It then hit me like a thunderbolt.

A penis.

Linn had a penis, but not just a normal one: it was a monster. Maybe my lack of sight caused my brain to exaggerate the proportions, but the thing seemed to be at least twice the size of my own average-sized penis. My mouth went dry. At this point, I had no idea what to think. I simply continued to touch her and explore her body to get a better idea of the extent of her changes. Of course, the fact that her member had become fully erect by now didn't help.

Slowly, I continued my tactile trek downwards. I noticed a small moan of disappointment from Linn. I am pretty sure she enjoyed my exploration of her new addition. After that first shock, it didn't surprise me to find a suitably large scrotum below. It hung very far down; the hairy, wrinkled skin felt absolutely unfamiliar. Eventually, I found her testicles. Each one seemed to be the size of a big apple. Unconsciously, I squeezed one, causing my lover to jump back.

"Not so fast, darling," she said with a giggle. Well... I must admit that the idea of actually fondling these things intentionally was far more attractive than I thought it should.

Slightly trembling, I continued to explore her new body. I left the genitals alone and continued down her legs in the hope of touching something I knew, but it was all wrong. The smooth, slender legs that I had loved so much were gone. Combined with the very male genitals between her legs, I could have imagined that I was not touching Linn, but rather, a guy that Linn had hired as a practical joke.

The legs I found were bulging with muscles. They seemed rather short too, but it could have been just because of their mass. They, too, were quite hairy, possibly even hairier than mine. Whatever had happened to Linn, she now quite possibly looked more like a guy than a girl. At least her breasts were still there. Strangely the image forming in my mind was somehow arousing. It clearly toyed with my secret fetishes, but I could not have imagined that they would be so prevalent coming into the situation.

Enough, I thought. I needed to see her. Without a word, I grabbed the blindfold. Linn's hand stopped me before I tore it off. I noticed that her grip was too strong for a girl of her former size.

"Not yet," she said. "I want to kiss you. One last time before you see my new self... Just in case it's too much for you after all." Her voice sounded pained to think that I might disagree with her choices. I can't say that the image in my mind wasn't appealing, but then, this was Linn with this body, which I just couldn't get my mind around.

I simply nodded. I had given up trying to guess what surprises she still hid. Maybe a beard?

Gently, Linn pressed her soft lips against mine. They were huge and thick, but to be honest, they felt wonderful. I still imagined her former, beautiful self kissing me. I gave in, kissing her back. I was ready to see her true new self. Whatever she looked like, it was still her. And as I have said, the idea of her being some grotesque monster was becoming quite attractive to me after all.

"Okay, now it's time," she said.

Gently, she removed the blindfold from my eyes. It took me a few seconds to get adjusted to the fluorescent lighting of the room. And then I saw her. I would never have recognized her if I didn't already know who it was.

Many parts of my imagination were now proven true. She hadn't become smaller, but rather, far broader, and extremely masculine, too. Strangely, I began to explore her new body with my eyes in the same way as my hands had done. Her breasts were larger than before. They must have been at least E if not F-cups, with dark brown nipples that really were the size of my thumb. Surprisingly, they were erect and pulsing. I noticed small white droplets forming on them. Linn was lactating.

This small detail only added to my growing arousal.

Her breasts rested on a huge, round belly. It looked like a combination of the roundness of pregnancy and normal fat. Although I had loved her once-athletic frame, this new belly somehow suited her far better.

Below the belly, I saw the most shocking attachment. Her penis was still hard. It was a beast, nearly a foot long and aggressively pointing towards me. Her balls were quite suitable. They hung down almost to her knees and looked even larger than I thought. They were covered in long, dark curls. Her legs were really as muscular as I had felt. They weren't shorter, but instead, far thicker than they had been before her transformation. They could have belonged to a small, unshaven bodybuilder. What surprised me more, however, were her feet. They had been enlarged into what looked to be giant paddles. They looked quite masculine, but were at least three times the size of mine. They were undoubtedly the cause of the strange sounds that she had made when she came into the room.

My eyes drifted back upwards, getting those parts into view that I hadn't explored with my hands.

Linn's arms seemed quite short, even on her new frame, but they had become much more muscular, too. Though they were not as muscular as her legs, they were still clearly bulging with pure muscles. Like her legs, they were quite hairy, not unlike those of a man.

I noticed that her entire body had a very manly fur. Not only her arms and legs, but, as I had felt before, there was a dense forest of dark curls between her breasts and between her legs. Her pubic hair reached up to her navel. Furthermore, I could see thick patches of dark hair in her armpits, too.

So... My girlfriend now looked like a short, thick, muscular, unshaved man with tits below her neck.

Her body was indeed, even more manly than I could imagine at this point. Fortunately, the further up I looked, the more feminine it was, though it in no way resembled her former self.

Her neck was thick and long, and I could no longer tell where her neck ended and her head began. Instead, her neck just bent forwards and ended in a thick bulge. It bore a certain similarity to a circumcised penis. However, there was no cock-head. Instead, the thick, long neck ended in Linn's face, or at least what was left of it.

She had no hair on her head, which was quite ironic, considering her furry body. She also had no ears and no nose. Instead, the only things left were her beautiful eyes, unchanged from their pretransformed beauty, and her mouth. However, her mouth was massive now, far broader than any human mouth, complete with thick and swollen lips, almost a comical exaggeration of a feminine mouth. Still, I could see her mischievous smile. Despite all the massive changes, I could see my beloved girlfriend in this body. Her soul, her mind.

"What do you think?" she asked, after I had stared at her for what seemed to me like several years.

To my surprise, she didn't seem that sure of herself as I thought she was. She blushed.

The only thing I could reply was, "Why?" Not the the most clever thing to say in such a situation, but you must remember that I was absolutely torn. On one hand my uber-sexy, hyper-cute girlfriend was now a short, muscular creature that looked more like a man than a girl. On the other hand, however, it was still Lynn, and my fetish for grotesque transformations had reached the surface. Despite the many justifications I tried to make for not being so, I was quite aroused by her new form.

Linn explained to me the reasons for her transformation. Yes, she had found out about my secret fetishes. To my surprise, however, she had actually been in the very same position. She, too, had a fetish for grotesque transformations and, on top of that, had played with the idea to transform herself, too, but it was her love for me that kept her back. She thought I wouldn't love her anymore and thus kept it secret, just as I had done. When she had found out about my collection, however, she decided to fulfill her long dream and surprise me. She hadn't been sure, however, if I really would like it.

You can't imagine how relieved I was. Not only did I now have a very logical explanation as to why she had done this to herself, but she actually shared the same desires as me! Not only did I no longer have to keep a part of myself secret to her anymore, but she had become part of it, too. My worries vanished. She really was the perfect lover, as I had concluded. She was not only my lover now, but one of those creatures that I desired so much, too. She was MY sex-creature now.

Without a word I embraced her. To her own surprise, I began to kiss her furiously. Eventually, she gave in and kissed me back with her wonderful, soft lips. I could feel her massive hard-on pressing against my legs. I must admit that, at that moment, my own member was rising, too.

"I love you," I whispered where her ears had once been. "I love you in this form. You look even more sexy than ever."

To my surprise I saw tears appearing in her eyes. "I love you, too," she said as she continued to kiss me.

We continued our embrace for several minutes. I must admit that I had to fight the urge to undress and give into my sexual drive, but I knew the doctor could come back any moment.

Eventually, we separated again and got ready to go home. There, we could continue what we had started.

Surprisingly, Linn refused to get dressed, not because her clothes wouldn't fit her anymore, but because she wanted to show off her new body. "I don't want to hide this. Besides, it arouses me to be naughty," she said to me, giggling and showing me the smile I loved so much. Yeah, she was a monster now, but it was still her kinky self after all.

Of course, many people stared at her and at the ordinary guy holding her hand. I am pretty sure we must have been a very odd sight. Linn had plenty of time to relish her exhibitionism, since we had to travel by train.

Eventually we arrived home. I did not waste any time and headed directly for the bedroom. I almost stumbled in my hasty attempts to undress myself. When I finally was nude, I noticed that Linn was already getting hard. I giggled. I could hardly believe what was happening. There was a hairy, muscular creature getting a hard-on, and it made me aroused. My own penis was getting hard from the idea of having sex with her.

I noticed Linn's eyes resting on my member, accompanied by her mischievous smile. "I think mine is bigger," she said jokingly. She took her massive member into one hand and held it towards mine. It was really far more than twice as big. Well... I had to accept that my girlfriend had the bigger cock now.

We began to gently kiss each other. Her mouth was wonderfully soft and large. Soon we were playing around with our tongues. Mine felt almost lost in the vast spaces of her mouth. At the same time, I began to slowly massage her new breasts. I loved their size. There was so much to knead. When I played with her fat, rubbery nipples, I noticed my fingers getting wet. She really was lactating now. Slowly, I lowered my head and began to suck on one of them. To my surprise, a thick stream of milk erupted from her nipples. It tasted sweet and wonderful. I drank like a little baby while I continued to massage her other tit.

Suddenly, I felt her hand at my member. She began to stroke me with the strong grip of a man, but the gentle motions of a woman. I cannot remember sex with her having ever been so wonderful before. My heart was beating up in my throat, due to the intoxicating mixture of lust and excitement.

Suddenly, Linn stopped playing with my dick and pulled my head away from her tit. She just giggled and pushed me to onto the bed. For a brief moment, I could feel the immense strength in her arms. I realized that she was probably stronger than me, too. Well, I had never cared for genderroles in our relationship, but somehow I had the strange feeling as if she was the man now. I was now flat on my back. Linn didn't waste time and quickly pulled up over me, her body astride my own. She stopped at my crotch, however.

Slowly, she began to lick my hard dick. Her long, wet tongue felt great, but I was not prepared for the blowjob that followed. Her thick, soft lips were just as strong as the rest of her body. My dick was sucked as it had never been sucked before. I moaned and felt the pressure in my balls building.

I was close to cumming when she stopped again, to my relief.

"Not yet, honey," she said with a grin and came back up to my face. She kissed me full on the lips.

"Not yet," I replied, my hands already playing with her nipples.

We kissed again, and this time, my hand moved up to her back and then slid down to her ass. It was large and surprisingly soft. Despite her muscular legs, it was round and feminine, due to additional fat, like that in her belly, but as I had already noticed during our journey home, it was covered in the same dark curls as most of the rest of her body.

"Let's fuck," I said with grin.

She suddenly hesitated. "Err... honey..." She looked uneasy. I had no idea what was wrong.

"I must show you something. You probably haven't noticed it yet, but there is one more change."

One more change? I was puzzled. I thought I had seen everything, so what could it be?

Well... Linn answered the question by showing me. Slowly, she stood up on her knees. Her dick was quite close to my face. Somehow, I felt a slight urge to open my mouth. But before I could do so, Linn grabbed her balls and pulled them up. Then, I saw the 'one more change.' Or rather, I saw nothing. Up to that point, I had thought that Linn had merely become a hermaphrodite. It had just seemed obvious to me, but instead, below her balls I saw only smooth skin.

"I got my vagina removed," she said to me. "I thought it would make me a little more bizarre."

"It certainly does." I gulped hard. It might have only been a small organ, but it made a big difference, for she was now truly a shemale, or rather, a man with tits, given her very masculine body. Furthermore, I would surely miss her pussy. I glanced at Linn's face. For the first time, she seemed seriously worried. I could read in her eyes that she feared that she might have gone a step too far. It was still her, however. She was still sexy to me. Not caring for my sexual preferences anymore, I just said: "Let's fuck."

She began to laugh. Her relief was quite obvious, and I gave her an reassuring smile. "Okay, let's do it," she said as she lowered herself down, directing her anus towards my still hard member. It was thick and hairy, fitting the rest of her new body.

"Don't we need some kind of lubricant?" I asked. I wasn't sure, but I thought it was necessary for anal-sex.

"No worries, honey," she replied. "I got the doctor to change my asshole a little. It now produces vaginal-fluids when I am aroused. Handy, eh?"

With these words, her massive anus engulfed my dick. I gasped. It was incredibly tight. For a moment, I feared it would cut my dick off. But then it luckily loosened its grip on my penis.

"I love you," I said once more as I kissed her on the mouth, making sure that I really did so. Then we began to fuck in earnest. Linn was bumping up and down wildly, like she had done so often when we had sex before. This time though, I was fucking her ass. It felt incredible. It was far tighter than her pussy had ever been. It was wonderful.

Sadly, I was so aroused that I could not hold myself back for long. After only a few minutes, I came. You might have noticed that we hadn't used a condom. Well... I admit I was about to grabone just before she showed me her 'final secret.' After that, I figured a condom was unnecessary anyway, since we both knew that we had no diseases and surely she could not get pregnant this way. With a load moan, Linn came, too, not just due to our anal-fucking, but because she had been stroking her dick while doing so. She shot her load directly into my face.

Exhausted, she pulled off of my dick. I saw my own cum leaking from her ass. Eventually, she lay
down beside me. Her hairy body cuddled gently to my own; her belly and breasts felt so soft against
my skin.

She saw the cum in my face and giggled. "Sorry," she said insincerely.

"No problem," I said, smiling back. I probably would have to get used to such event anyway. I simply wiped it away.

"So I'm not too grotesque for you?" Linn asked.

"No, you're more sexy than ever before," I said. And this time, I was absolutely honest. I had fully given in to my desires and felt wonderful. My perfectly normal girlfriend was gone, but the hairy, grotesque shemale at my side was far more attractive in her own special way. She was not only the person I loved; she was part of my most secret fetishes now, and enjoyed it herself. I was absolutely ecstatic.

Cuddling and kissing, we eventually slept in.


Of course, our lives didn't stop here. It would be a very sad story if it did so, eh?

I continued my job as web designer as before. Linn, however, had to quit her job, and found employment as a waitress in a local strip-bar called "Wicked Corner," which only featured bizarre transformees. At first I was worried; my girlfriend was not only working nude in a strip-bar, but one that was more open to direct sex than most others, too, but in the end, I just had to trust in her love. Linn was very happy with her new body. I could clearly see that this was her true form after all, it had just been hidden for so many years. She still refuses to wear any clothes, not only because she loved to show off her body, but also because of her body hair, as she told me.

Apparently her hair begins to itch terribly under clothes. As a result, the only type of clothes she wears are sandals. It wasn't easy to find some in her size, despite the many shops for transformees in Ondora. Eventually we found one on the other side of the town where they make them quite cheaply and directly for the wearer.

Nowadays, I love her even more than before. We have sex several times a day, and often we try out new things. I've already begun to suck her cock, even though it's too large to fully fit into my mouth. I was surprised about the taste. No wonder she likes to suck my own so often. Sometimes she just appears under my desk while I work and begins to give me a blowjob while I continue with my job.

I couldn't be more happy. Recently, I've even begun to imagine what it would feel like if I had undergone a similar transformation. What would it feel like to look so bizarre, to walk around nude? What if I even had breasts... Or a vagina?

Well, I don't want to indulge in such thoughts too much, yet. But maybe...

The future is full of surprises.


Re: Memorial Changes - by Demon-Man

Memorial Changes
Act 2: A New Beginning...

By Demon-Man

I has been one year after Linn's transformation. We still lived happily in our little apartment.

As you might remember my lover had changed herself from an athletic, beautiful girl into a grotesque, muscular shemale creature. Despite the first shock our enviroment had gotten used to it surprisingly well. No wonder, we lived in Ondora after all, the town with the largest population of transformed ones in the Empire, thus our neighbours and friend usually got to see at least as extreme creatures as Linn each day on the streets. Some of our friends had even been positively excited (in case of a female friend of Linn, resulting in a very pleasant threesome). Even our families had gotten used to it...well...at least hers. My father doesn't care much (he never had) while my mother has begun to tolerate it, she is far from happy however. She has to live with it anyway.

Linn was still extremely kinky. She is so happy showing off her body in public that she often walks around with a pulsing hard on which she shows around even more proudly. After a few weeks she even begun to masturbate in public. She told me that she loved it when people saw her doing it. She even asked me to have sex in public but that was still too much for me. Even though I could now live out my fetishes freely, I was still too shy for something like that. Due to her love for me, she accepted my decision.

However my inner desires had grown up to the point that the thought of actually going around nude was more than pleasant. Seeing Linn happy in her new, bizarre body did not just arouse me, some day I noticed that I also felt jealous. From day to day my imagination became more vivid how it would be to be such creature myself. At first I was scared and tried to shake away these thoughts but eventually I couldn't lie to myself anymore. I wanted to be transformed. That was the dark truth. I wanted to be one of them myself. In the end I talked with Linn about it. As expected she was happy to hear it. She even opened a bottle champagne.

“I just waited to hear that from you. I knew all along you couldn't resist, either,” she told me with a broad grin. Actually she was right. I wanted it all along, I just couldn't face it. When I talked to her I  fully gave up the last resistance. At once I felt free, happy and reliefed. Together we celebrated together all the night, ending in the wildest sex we ever had.

The next day we went to Falchion Hospital together. I wanted her to be with me, as emotional support and for another reason. Actually we had just announced ourself for consultation but in truth I wanted to stay directly in hopsital if possible. Since the previous night I was absolutely eager to be transformed. Linn was no less eager to see me being changed. It was not just that she told me so but her cock was rock hard during our entire journey. The receptionist in the hopistal was quite agasp to see her masturbating in the entrance-hall while I asked for the right room.

Eventually we found the right office. The doctor was already waiting for us. I recognized him as the same one who had greeted me when I picked up Linn after her own transformation. The conversation was quite dry and boring to be honest although I got the impression that the doctor was not very surprised to see me in his office. The first hour he just told me about the risks, prices and the fact that the transformation would be irreversible and that my decision should be very clear. It was the clearest decision I had ever made in my life. I told him so and he smiled. The price was no matter either. It was not as much as I had feared and directly signed a check. I still had enough on my bank and this was surely worth it.

“Can I be transformed immediately?” was my first question.

Fortunately it was indeed possible. The doctor gave orders to prepare the transformation-tube and explained me how the process would go. Actually I knew most details from Linn already but he just went on. When a patient wants to be extremely transformed, like Linn and me, he is brought to a special chamber in the hospital. There they lay him into somesort of oversized bathing tube. The patient is then put asleep via medicaments for three days. During this time the tube is filled with a mixture of water and a D-cum based serum. For each transformation the hospital's alchemists make a unique serum that ensures the desired changes. After this three days the newly transformed patient is woken up and can go home.

“So, please tell me what kind of changes you want to be done?” the doctor, Dr. Kranz his name,finally asked me after two hours.

“My beloved girlfriend has the choice,” I replied. Linn gasped. I haven't told her the second reason why I wanted her to be with me during the consultation. I told both of them that I wanted Linn to decide about my transformation. I trusted her and thus she should choose my future body. She grinned at me and thanked me with a passionate kiss. “I love you so much,” she whispered into my ear. The doctor was okay with my decision. So I left the room.

Half a hour later Linn came to me and told me that I was ment to go to the transformation-chamber.

Dr. Kranz showed us the way. Of course I was incredibly curious and tried to get some information what Linn had chosen for me but she just showed me her mischievous smile. “You'll love it,” was all she was willing to say. So I followed them down the corridors until we finally reached the
place were my entire life was going to change forever. I was extremely excited I could feel my heart beating madly in my chest. In this moment I was extremely thankful to have Linn at my side. She was holding my hand, squeezing it gently.

The room itself reminded me of a scene from a science-fiction movie. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a huge metallic vat in its center. Uncountable cables ran from it into different tanks and devices of unknown purpose. In one corner were several computers and large screens. Eventually he asked me to get undressed and enter the vat. This was the time I had to depart from my lover. We hugged each other gently and I gave her a last kiss as my old self.

She just grinned and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I almost felt as if I was never seeing her again. Somehow that impression was not so wrong at all. It was the last time I had seen her as a normal man. Eventually I removed my clothes as Dr. Kranz had said and climbed into the vat. It was cold.
A few moments later a nurse came to me and put a mask onto my face. Within seconds the world went dark. I was ready to become something absolutely new.

I cannot remember the dreams I had during my transformation. I just remember what I've felt. I was hot, horny. It was as if my entire body was burning with pure lust. I felt happy and joyful until I finally awoke. It took my brain a few minutes to get fully working again. I was in somesort of recovery room, lying in a comfortable bed. It was absolutely silent, no one else seemed to be in the room. When my sight cleared I saw my new body for the first time or rather my new breasts. I was mildly perplexed to see two large mountains of flesh directly in front of my eyes. I was fully prepared that Linn would turn me into a shemale or hermaphrodite but it still took me by surprise.

Somehow I immediately liked them. They were wonderfully large, larger than Linn's, at least F-cups. My nipples were equally large, the same thumb-size as Linn's little teats. To my surprise they were rock-hard. When I tried to sit up in order to get a better view of my body, I noticed that my arms weren't responding. I felt a faint wave of panic when I saw the reason. My arms were gone. I did not even have stumps. There was just smooth skin at my shoulders. I had expected a lot but not that. I was a cripple now. For a short time I was filled with fear and anger. However these emotion were quickly replaced by surprise when I began to touch the scar-less skin of my armless left shoulder with the toes of my right foot. It took me a few moments to realize that something was utterly wrong about this.

Just then I noticed the changes to me legs. At first they were absolutely feminine, long, slender and smooth. They reminded me of Linn's former legs who now rather looked like those of an unshaved bodybuilder. I was more surprised by the degree I could bend them. You must remember that I was not a very athletic person and surely not able to bend as much before. Still I could now bend my legs so far upwards that I could touch my own face with my feet. Those had been changed dramatically, too. Like my legs, they looked now petite and very feminine. Except for my toes however. They were quite long and resembled short finger. Furthermore my big toes were set slightly apart from the other toes and I could move like thumbs. My new feet were perfectly useable as hands. So I was not so much a crippled as I had feared. Somehow I began to like the idea of being armless. I would look absolutely helpless but still had some form of hands to use. For a moment I wondered if Linn had planned this for far longer.

I got myself into a more comfortable sitting position and played around with my new legs. I used one of my feet to grab one of my new tits. In this moment I noticed that there was more on my chest. I had a second pair of breasts that I hadn't noticed yet. My mind had been too much focused on my lack of arms and the changes to my lower limbs. They were only slightly smaller than my upper pair and felt wonderfully heavy, too. With one feet I massaged one of my upper breasts and with the other one one of my lower tits. I felt great. Finally I understood why Linn loved it so much to have her breasts touched by me. There was a strange heat growing in my crotch that I didn't knew before. I rubbed one of my nipples with my toes. I was rewarded with a sudden wave of pleasure running down my spine. There was a also a strange tingle between my legs. It was hard to surpress the urge just to continue but I wanted to explore the rest of my new body.

The first thing I wanted to see were my genitals. Regarding the feminine changes done to my body I should have been less surprised but it still hit my like a thunderbolt what I saw. My penis was still there but it was a little smaller than I knew it but my balls had gone. Instead I had a large, pulsing vagina. It was the source of the heat and tingling I felt before. It was pleasureable feeling but absolutely new to me. As far as I could see my penis was now somesort of hermaphrodite clitoris.

It was strange to think of me as a hermaphrodite now or as a woman although I had expected such a change. Nevertheless the pure idea of having a pussy now made me incredibly horny. I could hardly wait to try it out but first I want to explore the changes done to my head and face.

There was no mirror but I could make myself a good image of my new look while I explored my head by foot. My hair was gone, just smooth skin. Unlike Linn's head mine was still clearly seperated from my neck which still had normal proportions. My skull wasn't that much different, either, although it seemed slightly broader. Like Linn I had no apparent ears or nose anymore. I could still smell (with my mouth as I later was told) and hear however. My mouth was very wide with thick lips. I was sure they looked as overly feminine as Linn's.

Eventually Dr. Kranz came into the room while I was still playing with my breasts and nipples. They were so extremely sensitive. To my surprise I was lactating too. The doctor didn't seem to mind however. Well, he surely saw heavily transformed patients masturbating all day.

“It seems you enjoy your new form Mr. Glos or shall I say Mrs. Glos,” he said with a friendly smile.

I told him how happy I was and how much I loved the new body of mine. In this moment he simply nodded and took a large mirror from a locker so I could finally see my entire body in all its glory. Despite the discoveries I had already made I was really amazed. I couldn't believe that I was seeing myself. The being staring at me was so beautiful, so feminine. My body looked mostly like that of a heavly altered woman. I had no bodyhair left, actually no hair at all unlike Linn. My torso and belly were quite slender with wide feminine hips. As I'd already seen, my legs were long and perfectly feminine, too. I noticed that I got a hard on just by looking at them. I blushed, knowing that Dr. Kranz was still in front of me but he seemed to politely look away. My chest was crowded by my four massive breasts. My nipples were still more than three inches long. My face looked like I'd expected. No features left except for my large brown eyes and a wide, feminine mouth. Somehow I was reminded of a frog. Nevertheless I loved the creature in the mirror. I could see my vagina getting extremely wet from all my excitement. I still managed to hold myself back from masturbating. It would be too embarrassing to do so in front of the doctor even though the idea was not so unpleasent.

When I had calmed down Dr. Kranz began to talk again. He explained me a lot about my new body although I had already seen most by myself. He also told me that I had no testicles anymore. Instead my vagina ended in a womb and fully working ovaries. It was quite a surprise to me because I really had to face now that I was more woman than man. I was however reliefed to hear that my penis was still able to cum. My prostate gland was still working and producing the sticky white fluid. It would just be without any sperm. I must admit that I felt a little dizzy at that time. Not only was I technically a woman now but I could also become a mother but no father. I am sure you have to admit it was quite a lot at once.

Eventually the doctor finished his explanations and told me that I could leave the hospital whenever I felt ready. When he was out the door, Linn came into the room. I was utterly shocked.

During the time I had been asleep, she apparently had undergone further changes, too, because she had no arms. Like me her shoulders ended in smooth skin. Not even the hair in her former armpits was left. The rest of her body however looked absolutely unchanged. She still had normal feet unlike me.

After gulping the first shock, I was still so incredibly happy to see her. I just jumped out of the bed and ran towards her in order to embrace her but I forgot that neither of us had anything to do so.

“Why,?” was the first thing I could say looking at her shoulders.

As Linn explained me, she liked the idea of lacking arms, somehow (to my surprise), especially because she wanted to share that experience/fate with me. Thus she got her arms removed while I had been transformed. Unlike me she got no hand-feet however, nor the same flexibility, meaning that she was quite helpless now and dependent on me.

As reply I simply kissed her passionately. I wasn't surprised to feel her pulsing erection at my legs. My own penis was not less hard but far smaller.

“You look incredibly sexy now,” she whispered into my non-visible ear.

“Thanks”, I replied. “I love your choice.

She simply giggled and continued to kiss me. We almost had sex in the recovery room but decided to wait for home.

“Where are my clothes,” I asked, looking around slightly confused.

“You won't need any,silly,” she said with a wide smile.

“Wha? But..but..,” was I all I could reply.

“Don't tell me you don't want to go out nude? I know you are not less naughty than me.”

She was right. Behind my shyness and embarrassment I actually wanted to do it. The idea of showing my body to the world was extremely arousing. My love had won and so I went out the room into my new life.

It was a wonderful sensation to walk around nude with my lover. It was so excited that my penis was still hard while I could feel a steady stream of pussy juices running down my tights. Linn was more used to such a situation and just smiled at my obvious arousal. Her penis was already flaccid again and swining gently between her legs. It reminded me of somesort of pendulum. Many people stared at us, all with different expressions. Sometimes amusement, disbelief, surprise, sometimes disgust and a few cases I was sure I saw a hint of envy.

The journey back home was a torture. I could hardly wait to have sex with Linn, to use my new body for the first time. I must admit that I left quite a mess on my seat in the train.

Finally we reached our apartment. We were both so eager that we jumped into our bed at once. We were kissing wildy, afterwards Linn explored my body with her tongue, gently stroking my back, my shoulders, my breasts. It let out a moan that startled myself when Linn had sucked on one of my fat nipples. Not only because of the intense pleasure but also because I hadn't noticed yet how high-pitched and feminine my voice had become. There hardly anything left of my old self. Not long and Linn pushed me onto my back. Her tongue felt wonderful. I can'rd hardly describe it for my breasts and nipples were sensitive beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Not long milk was streaming out of them. I moaned again very loudly. It almost felt like a little ejaculation when she sucked my milk.

“Tastes sweet,” she told me with a broad grin and kissed me on the lips. To my surprise she spat a little of my own milk into my mouth so I could taste it myself. Indeed it was very sweet. Not unlike Linn's own milk. I seemed to produce much more however, not just because of my additional breasts. While Linn's breasts would have already been mostly empty, there were still little, pleasurable fountains of milk errupting from my tits. Without a word Linn got upright and positioned herself a little backwards. She tried to sat herself onto my small, hard dick. It was very awkward since she was not used to her lack of arms yet, either.

She needed a few attempts to get my penis into her anus. It still felt wonderfully tight. My fears that my member could have become too small were completely dismissed now. Additionally I got the impression that my penis was far more sensitive than before the transformation. I gasp when her tight anus engulfed my dick. It was incredible. Maybe my dick was partly a clitoris now and thus so wonderfully sensitive. I was lost in pleasure when Linn humped my dick like a maniac. I could feel her own hard on and hairy balls hitting my belly with each thrust. I noticed with some amusement a small puddle of her own pre-cum that had formed in my navel. I just wished I could have knelt her tits with my hands or she mine with hers. Well, now it was too late and we had to deal with it.

The incredible pleasure of just fucking my lover was almost more than I could handle anyway.

Sadly my stamina had suffered from the extreme arousal that had built up during my transformation and the way home. After a few minutes of passionate fucking I came. The orgasm almost knocked me out. It was like a million ejaculations at once, probably due to the new sensibility of my clit-dick. Linn and me screamed in unison while I pumped my cum into her muscular asshole which was indeed able to suck the last drop out of me. It took me some moments to pull myself together afterwards.

Strangely I still felt extremely horny although my dick was already getting flaccid in Linn's ass.

She seemed to be exhausted, too, breathing heavly. Her body was glistering with sweat. However her penis was still rock hard and leaking pre-cum.

“Now it's my turn,” she said showing me her typical mischievous smile.

For a moment I was quite puzzled but then understood. I had a vagina now afterall and it was aching for sex. I had no reason to disobey and grinned back. Actually I couldn't wait to feel what it was like to be fucked. Quickly we changed positions, exchanging gentle kissing while we did so.

At least we tried. I managed to fall off the bed because I had problem keeping my balance without arms.

Eventually it was Linn laying on her back while I was standing above her massive penis. For a moment I hestitated. The idea of having her large member inside me was frightening and arousing at the same time.

“C'mon. You don't have a hymen anyway,” she teased me.

She was right. It was one of the little details the doctor told me. Since I was going to have sex soon,  a virgin vagina with a hymen would have been nonsense on my body. Slowly I lowered myself. I moaned when my outer lips gently touched her member. It was already enough to send pleasuring chills through my body. Eventually it entered my inner lips and vaginal canal. It felt so incredibly huge. I doubted if I could engulf all of it. But at the same time it was amazingly pleasureable. I wanted it all inside me not matter what. Every inch I could get into myself sent new waves of pure bliss through my body. I couldn't believe Linn gave up such an organ just for being more bizare but maybe my vagina was just more sensitive than normal. Anyway I was again lost in pleasure. Eventually my outer lips touched Linn's dense public hair. It tickled.

I had really managed to get all of Linn's monster-cock inside me. I smiled at her and began to slowly move my body up and down. Linn was obviously experiencing a pleasure far beyond anything she had felt before, too. She bit her lower lip, her arousal quite visible on her face. Actually this just added to my own arousal. She looked so incredibly cute, reminding me that there was still that sweet girl inside this muscular, hairy body. I increased my pace. The following minutes were beyond anything I could have imagined. I loved my new body, I loved my vagina, I loved Linn's dick being inside me but most of all I loved Linn  herself. My wonderful lover that had brought so much joy into my life. Thanks to her I now had fully become a part of my fetishes.

Eventually I experienced my first female orgasm just at the same time Linn came, too, (Maybe a good sign for our partnership. I often thought that we are perfect soul-mates.). Her hot cum shot into my vagina first and filled my tummy. My vagina tightened around her member, squeezing even more cum out of it. Then I came, too. It was like an explosion of pleasure. My mind was driven away by sensations I never thought they could exist.

A few moments later my senses came back to me. I felt incredibly exhausted while I could feeling Linn's dick getting soft inside my vagina. I was too tired to pull it out. I simply layed down onto my lover's soft front. Ironically I was still taller than her. Thus her her head was nestled between my upper breasts. Lazily she licked one.

“That was great, Pete,” she told me with a tired smile.

“Please call me Nina,” I said. I had fully embraced my feminine side. Actually I felt that I was female now despite my dick. From now on I was no “he” anymore but a “she”. Nina had been the name of an old friend of mine and I always liked it. I decided it to be my new name. Pete Glos was gone but Nina Glos had been born this day.

Actually I wanted to say so much more. I wanted to say her how much I loved her, how much I thanked her, how wonderful I felt but sleep took me before I could do so.


The next morning I awoke lieing on top of Linn who was still asleep. I noticed that her dick was still inside my vagina. I giggled silently to myself. I could hardly believe the last night. It all seemed like a dream but my body was the evidence that it had been true. The greastest joy was the fact that this dream might happen again several times this day.

I sleep again when a hard realization hit me. I had ovaries and a womb. We hadn't used condoms last night. My vagina had been filled by Linn's cum and probably still was. My poor lover was woken up by a loud shriek.

Fortunately I hadn't become pregnant this time. I didn't want to stretch my luck too far however. So I began to take birth-control pills the next day. Luckily they had no side-effects on my abnormal body. It was still a strange thought that I could get pregnant. Afterwards my life continued but better.

I could still continue my job as web-designer since I was working at home anyway. It took me some days to get used to use my feet as hands but eventually it became quite natural to me. Actually I cannot say that my lack of arms bothered me much. Thanks to my uber-flexible legs there were very few situations I couldn't manage on my own. Actually I liked my armless shape. It emphasized my large breasts.

Linn on the over side had more problems with her lack of arms. Without the same kind of handlike feet and flexible legs I had, she was pretty helpless in many situations now. Sometimes I thought she might regret it but it turned out I was wrong. Linn confessed to me that she secretly loved the idea of being my helpless sex-pet even if it meant additional work for me. That was of course the very reason why she had gotten her arms removed in the first place.

What shall I say, I liked it, too. My relationship to Linn had become even better. She was still the wild one who brought action into my life while I was the calm spot to ground her. We often made jokes about the fact that I was now clearly the woman in our relationship while she was the man, at least in case of our appearance. In truth we both respected and loved each other equally, even if Linn considered herself to be my pet. I think it was the perfectly relationship.

While I did my work and managed our little household, Linn did what she could do.

Mostly she either slept, ate or tried to pleasure me as good as possible. She ate out my pussy or gave me a blow-job when I worked, fucked me whenever I needed to relax or offered me her ass when I wanted some fun. She was truly my beloved sex-pet.

Our sex was wilder than ever. While Linn's abnormal body made me absolutely wet, my own feminine appearance was enough to get her hard at once. Honestly I loved to be fucked by her. It was just the most natural situation, to have her dick inside my cunt. Nevertheless Linn still loved to be fucked, too, and I surely did not want to miss fucking her into the ass, either. I've also become more self-confident in being nude in public. Like Linn I had never worn clothes again since my transformation except for high-heels. Linn was honestly surprised to hear about my wish to wear high-heels in public. It made me feel wonderfully kinky and just looked hot on my long, slender legs. I had to get used to this kind of shoes however. I never thought that it was so hard to keep my balance on these things.

I couldn't be happier. Linn's and my transformation had been the best things that ever happened in my life. I had no idea how it could became any better...but again...the future is full of surprises....