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Topic: A story idea (i'm searching for an author)


A voluptuous woman is hired as a nanny and wet nurse for a heavily transformed young man named Victor. His parents are very wealthy, and they keep her transformed son as a secret. Before his transformation Victor was in fact a girl named Victoria, but now the only feminine thing on his body is his big mouth. He looks much like http://f3.to/demon-man/thumbs/img_4977b … 218dfe.jpg but without the rudimentary face and the vagina (just a mouth is visible / Victor is blind but can sense the heat of nearby persons) and with a lot of pubic hair on his body. Victors intelligence is greatly reduced, but he can still talk (IQ is around 70)

The payment is fantastic and she's got plenty of free time, but the job is weird, she must cuddle at night with the creature and feed it with her milk. Despite her doubts, she takes the job, partially because she's able to continue her studies.

there she joins a co-worker, which has the same job as her.

For several months everything  went fine, she just gain a lot of weight, she grows several cup sizes and her belly grows into a very soft potbelly. She started a sexual relationship with Victor (she's giving him a handjob occasionally).

Then her coworker announces to quit the job and several days later she' s gone, but a strange new bed appears in the bedroom. It looks very organic and build in pillows that feels a bit like breasts.

She gets cold feet, but a raise and the smooth-talk of the parents convinces her, that the bed has nothing to do with her old colleague.

Soon she get a new coworker and everything get back to normal.

Then the end of her studies nears and she talks with the parents about quitting the job. Meanwhile she has grown into a apparent fat woman, but her head and limbs are still slim, while her breasts, belly and booty are enormous. The belly and butt-cheeks feel more like huge breasts, though, very soft and pliable. perfect for Victor.

Of course the "bed" was her former colleague and of course she gets transformed, because Victor likes her too much to let her leave. His parents arranges her disappearance and transform her into a cuddly plushy for him.

I'll discuss her form with potential authors, since i don't wanna spoil the main transformation of the story smile