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A quickie I felt like writing. Not sure yet if I want to add to the epilogue or not.


„You want me introduce me to what?“ Hans asked in disbelieve.

„My new girlfriend,“ his mother answered with a wide smile. „You will like her.“

The young man was kind of dumbstruck but at the very least that explained why his mother had been acting so weird lately. After a month without any of her usual calls, he had suddenly been invited to stay over the weekend for some „important“ reason.

In the end he was kind of glad that his mother had found somebody. She'd been rather lonely ever since he had moved to Ishtadar to live together with his girlfriend Reyna. He had been the last to leave. Something he still felt a bit guilty about. His older sister had already moved away long before he did. Their father had disappeared not long after his birth, a case that had never been solved. Their mother had been single almost ever since, except for a few short lived romances.

He wasn't sure if this new relationship was going to last any longer than the previous ones but it was the first with another woman. He had never guessed his mother swung that way. Maybe that was a positive sign.

„So what is her name?“ Hans asked.

„Jasmine,“ she answered. „I must admit there is something else important we need to talk about with you but we need to wait until she arrives.“

Things were getting more weird but Hans was willing to wait. Looking over he could see that Reyna was equally confused. She could clearly read from his bodylanguage that this whole situation was anything but normal.


Jasmine arrived two hours later, her shift at the hospital over. Hans' mother, Fiona, had told them that she worked as a nurse.

Hans was surprised the moment he saw her. She was quite stunning. Although about as old as his mother, according to her, which would mean in her mid-forties, she looked about ten years younger. She was tall and slender, with long black hair and a slim, elegant face. Her features were almost elven. Maybe there were one or two in her bloodline. While his mother was rather good looking, she had more the humble charm of a housewife. Jasmine on the other hand had the aura of a seductress. Everything about her was high-class and refined, her looks, her movements, even her manner of speech.

„Finally I meet you Hans,“ she said when introducing herself. „You are even more handsome than your mother made it sound. And this must be Reyna. How nice to meet you.“

Rather than shaking hands, she embraced each of them and gave them a faux kiss on each cheek in the manner of Ellyrans. Afterwards the four enjoyed a nice dinner prepared by Hans' mother, one of the few things he still kind of missed. She was an excellent cook. Following that they sat down in the living room and enjoyed some drinks. There was so much to talk about, especially about how Jasmine and Fiona had met.

It was almost midnight when Fiona suddenly interrupted the conversation.
„Hans, Reyna,“ she said. „Remember the important thing I wanted to talk with you about?“
„Uhm yeah,“ Hans said, wondering what it was about. It seemed far too early for the two women to marry already.

„Well...,“ his mother continued. „To cut to the chase. Jasmine and me want to be changed.“

Hans didn't know what to say. Them getting married would have been the lesser surprise after all. He had never expected his mother to go that way. She had never shown any interest in this before. On the other hand he would never had guessed that she was into women, either. So obviously there were some things about his mother that he had no idea about.

Reyna sensed his unease and gently squeezed his hand.

„Hans,“ his mother asked after a while. „Are you okay? I am sorry if this is a shock.“

„No, no,“ he replied. „I just didn't expect it. How do you want to be changed?“

„That is a surprise,“ Jasmine answered with a smile. „We need your help, though.“

„Our help?“ Hans was confused. What did this mean.

„Uhm yeah,“ his mother said uneasily, clearly far more embarrassed to talk about this than her lover. „You see....the transformation we had planned. We need your and Reyna's help for that. It is rather complicated.“

„So what would we need to do,?“ Reyna asked before Hans could reply.

„That is too complicated to explain now,“ Jasmine said bluntly. „Would you accompany us to the hospital?“

Both Hans and Reyna were puzzled. Usually people would transform themselves at home or in an alchemist's private shop. It only became clear after a bit of explanation. Apparently Jasmine was friends with one of the hospital's alchemists who was also specialised in transformative formulas. Due to the increasing demand in town, the hospital had allowed him to offer his services within the facility, making use of bedrooms and other equipment to speed the clients' recovery.

„Well, that makes sense,“ Hans said warily. „Okay, I guess its no problem to accompany you.“

He could tell that Reyna wasn't happy either about the surprising amount of secrecy but it couldn't be helped. Maybe the two of them were just embarrassed about what they wanted to do or it was indeed just too complicated to explain now. He sighed. Just the fact that his mother had a lesbian lover and wanted to get transformed were heavy enough subjects to digest already.

In the end Reyna and him left short time later. Especially Hans had a lot to think about. The goodbyes had been a bit awkward but he had seen in his mother's face that she understood how he felt.

„I don't like this,“ Reyna said back in the hotel. She looked worried. „They are hiding something. Especially this Jasmine. I think she is behind this.“

„I don't know,“ Hans replied while starting to undress. „Mom had always put her own needs behind us. Maybe she always had these desires and only now feels like she is free to live them out.“

„But why the secrecy then,“ came the retort. „I have a bad feeling about this.“

Hans chuckled. „You think they want to get us transformed, too, or something? I don't think so. That would be crazy. I think at worst, they just want us to take care of them or such. Happened to a friend of mine. Her mother had turned herself into little more than a human pot-plant.“

He approached Reyna and embraced her from behind. He squeezed her gently to calm her down. „Don't worry. Its gonna be fine,“ he said before kissing her passionately.


The next morning Hans and Reyna left the hotel early. They had agreed to spend breakfast together with his mother and Jasmine, before leaving for the hospital.

The atmosphere was awkward and they barely talked with each other. Hans and Reyna still felt a bit uneasy about the whole situation. Jasmine and Fiona on the other hand seemed anxious about their transformations. That was to be expected.

After breakfast they drove to the hospital. It was not much different than Hans knew it. The only thing he noticed was the huge amount of bizarre transformees. Only very few were the more common kind of people with a few alterations here and there or animal-hybrids. The majority were unrecognisable as humans. He had heard about the sudden popularity of such alterations in town but didn't expect anything like this. On the other hand, maybe Jasmine's friend was just specialized in these kind of transformation. What would that mean for his mother, though?

They were immediately greeted by a pudgy man, that turned out to be the alchemist friend Jasmine talked about. They were led into a small waiting room and asked to wait a few minutes. It was empty except for a few chairs.

„Okay, so what do you need us for?“ Hans said. He was getting impatient. So far he hadn't been told yet what Jasmine and his mother planned to do. All the alchemist had said had been vague and meaningless to him. Also, why were they all waiting together. Shouldn't his mom and Jasmine be somewhere else to get prepared?

„You'll find out in a minute,“ Jasmine said with a grin. There was something odd about her expression. Not sinister but...mischievous. Hans' mother looked even more anxious now. She actually looked away. As if she was ashamed of something. Something was wrong. Had Reyna been right?

Hans was just about to confront Jasmine when he noticed a faint hiss. He looked around. The sound seemed to come from several small holes near the ceiling. The very moment he started to feel dizzy all of a sudden. He just realized what was going on when he lost balance and the world turned black.


„Good morning, sunshine,“ said a feminine voice. Was it his mother? No, it was Jasmine's voice. But it was weird. Darker, rougher but still recognizable.

Hans slowly opened his eyes but was only greeted by blinding light, forcing him to keep them shut. He felt dizzy and nauseous. He couldn't remember what had happened. Where was he? The hospital! He remembered. They had been in the waiting room. The gas! What had happened?

He tried to stand up but couldn't move, still lying on his belly. Why was he on his belly? He felt heavy and limb. Everything was wrong. What was going on? He could neither feel his arms, nor legs. His face felt all wrong, too. It felt all puffy and his nose felt odd, as if it was blocked. He couldn't move his mouth either but he sensed that it was slightly open. What had they done to him?

„Your mother will like your new looks,“ Jasmine said sweetly with her new, weird voice.

It confirmed they had done something to him. Why would his mother allow such a thing? The glare was lessening now. Hans could finally open his eyes but he couldn't believe what he saw. In front of him was a gigantic pair of green legs. Oddly enough they looked more like those of a man, thick and well muscled. He noticed the skin being covered in small scales, like a lizard's. It fit the appearance of the massive feet far away from him. They only had three large toes each with heavy but blunt claws. With a shock, Hans realized that his face was resting on this...person's crotch. Looking down he saw that his head was sitting on top of two big, soft bulges covered in wrinkled skin. Testicles! His face was resting on a scrotum! By the gods, is that what they had done to him?

„You make a wonderful cock,“ Jasmine whispered as if reading his mind.

He was a penis. A fucking penis. Her penis, most likely. Hans didn't know if he should cry or scream in anger. He couldn't really do either but a few tears escaped his eyes nonetheless. He wanted to panic or rage. It seemed the most natural reaction to his predicament, especially since this was the doing of his own mother. Bizarrely, he felt rather calm, however. At least in regards to the situation. He was annoyed, disappointed, even a bit angry, sure but none of the deep, overwhelming emotions, he'd expect. Did they alter his mind or was it just Jasmine's own heartbeat that he probably depended on now? Did it really matter? Panic wouldn't help now anyway. Despite himself Hans gave into his fate, even if he didn't like it.

He felt a bit worried about Reyna, though. What would she think about this? Did they do something to her, too? His thought's were interrupted by his captor, though: „You want to take a look?“

His opinion didn't really matter. He felt motion. Jasmine stood up, causing his limb body to flop down, forcing him to look at the floor. The whole experience left him feeling dizzy. This would take quite some time getting used to. It didn't help that he was swinging left and right like a pendulum when Jasmine walked. Luckily it stopped a moment later. He guessed that she was in front of a mirror, he could see the wall in front of her but not much else with his face pointing downwards. Something enclosed his body suddenly. It was not a hand, no fingers, just one single mass. Was it a tentacle? A tail? Jasmine lifted him up, so he could take a look at his new self and her new body.

Or was it “his” new body? Hans wasn't so sure anymore. What he saw in the mirror was neither a man, nor a woman, but definitely some sort of lizard. Her body was still humanoid but very masculine in shape with narrow hips and well toned muscles like an athlete. Jasmine still had breasts, however. In fact they seemed larger and firmer, at least F-cups that were nearly spherical in form. They looked completely out of place on such a body.

Her arms stood out in a similar fashion. Rather than having been enlarged, they were a lot shorter now, easily half in length and only sporting two fingers. The transformed woman would barely be able to reach her nipples. Jasmine's face, her entire head, looked like that of an ordinary garden lizard. There were no human features left, even the bulging eyes where those of a reptile. As a bizarre little addition there were two thin tendrils hanging beneath each nostril, creating the impression of a moustache. Guessing correctly, the lizard creature sported a thick, long tail, which was apparently pretty prehensile, as it was holding up Hans' flaccid body.

At last he took a good look at himself. Ironically he was more human than Jasmine in a fashion. He was a large, thick, human penis, though a dark green in colour. His glans-head was a bright pink though. The only thing that was left of his former self, were his eyes, tiny copies of them left on the glans. Below him dangled a wrinkly scrotum containing a pair of apple-sized balls.

Hans didn't know if he should laugh or cry. He didn't necessarily like what he saw but it was weirdly fascinating. Maybe the surreality of it. Before he could dwell even more on his confusing emotional state, a nearby door opened. Jasmine immediately turned towards it without letting go of Hans. Thus he got to see another lizard creature enter the room. It looked nearly identical to Jasmine, except for some minor differences in size and skin-tone. Most people probably wouldn't even notice at first glance. However, there were no eyes on the other reptile's impressive penis.

„Oh, you look amazing, honey,“ Jasmine explained joyfully. “You make a beautiful lizard? I love your new boobs.”

So this was his mother after all. Thinking about it, the other one was a little bit shorter and had wider hips, like she used to have as a human. It was not too much of a shock, no matter how bizarre it was to see his mother as a hung lizard shemale. After all their plan had been all along to both get transformed. But what about Reyna? She hadn't been turned into his mother's penis. So had they left her alone?

„Hmm, you are just as sweet, stud,“ Hans' mother returned the compliment in an atypical raunchy fashion. He had never witnessed his mother act like this before. But her voice was still recognizable. The lizard bent down, looking Hans straight in the eyes.

„You look quite handsome, too, Hans,“ she said with a smile. „I am genuinely sorry that we didn't tell you. You would never have agreed but I so wanted you to be part of this relationship. I know it is selfish. It is unfair but I am sure you are going to like this. We are going to make it up to you.“

Hans was dumbstruck. He wanted to feel angry. He had been betrayed by his own mother. Made into her lover's penis against his will. He couldn't hate her, though. He couldn't shake this annoying calmness. He just felt mildly disappointed, like it was just a minor offence. Maybe this weird state of mind was for the better. It would make it easier for him to get used to this. Still he worried about Reyna, though.

As if reading his mind, his mother suddenly said: „I bet you want to see Reyna. You are gonna like this.“

Fiona grinned mischievously and then suddenly turned around. She lifted her long tail and Hans saw his girlfriend in her new form for the first time. There were two small eyes just above his mother's asshole. They looked straight at him. They seemed annoyed. Obviously Reyna wasn't all to happy about her new role as an anus, either. It was almost like she was blaming Hans for this with her stare. He couldn't suppress an internal chuckle. Apparently he hadn't gotten the short stick after all. Rather than horrifying him, the fate of his girlfriend lifted his spirits in a weird way.

His thoughts were interrupted by Jasmine's tail tightening around him and moving up and down. She was stroking him. No, Jasmine was jerking off.

„I can't wait to try this,“ she said, seductively. Hans couldn’t see his mother approaching and starting to make out with his lover. He could barely concentrate, though, for the motions of his host's tail were feeling incredibly good. So that was it like to be a penis. It was mind-blowing. He could feel himself getting hard immediately. It felt weird, like his entire body stretching and swelling. He noticed a salty, thick slime drooling from his immobile mouth. Pre-cum! He couldn't think. It felt too good.

He barely noticed his mother seductively swaying her ass, turning on Jasmine even more. The reptile reacted to the invitation and Hans found himself involuntarily approaching Reyna's new mouth. He couldn't help himself, he actually wanted this, too. His girlfriend looked less convinced, though, her eyes wide and kind of anxious. It was not her decision though and her boyfriend found himself suddenly engulfed in darkness as Jasmine penetrated her lover.

The experience was overwhelming. Hans was surrounded by warm, sticky darkness, his sensitive body massaged by Reyna's tight „mouth“. He couldn't help himself, he enjoyed it. He wondered if it was as great for Jasmine. His fate and his mother's betrayal forgotten, he simply basked in incredible bliss. He lost all sense of time. All there was, was warmth, motion and unbelievable pleasure. In fact the pleasure was slowly building, combined with a growing pressure inside his body, until he finally felt like he was about to burst. That was when Jasmine finally ejaculated. The sensation was so intense, that Hans simply blacked out.

When he regained his sense, he realized that he was in the light again. He felt a thick, salty substance leaking from his mouth. A sense of relief and peace clouded his mind. This had been the best orgasm of his life. With his eyes adjusting to the light, he realized that he was staring straight at Reyna. Her eyes were half-closed and spoke of the similarly intense pleasure she must have felt. Hans chuckled inwardly as he saw his cum leaking from her sphincter, like she was drooling.

In the end, being a penis wasn't so bad after all.


All Hans could see was the white marble floor beneath him. Being flaccid was usually the most annoying time. All he could see was the floor and he would just flop around with every of Jasmine's movements. He could clearly hear the music though and the city official reading the old formula. Hans had always wished for his mother to marry again but he had never expected it would be like this or with him being that much of a part of it.

Three months had passed since their transformations. Hans had adjusted to being a penis rather quickly and didn't mind his fate any more. Reyna had taken longer and from her looks, he could tell that it was more from resignation, rather than embracing it. Somehow her reluctance of being an anus, was kind of a turn on for him.

Either way, today was Jasmine's and his mother's wedding. It was only a small celebration with family and friends in a local wedding chapel. The city official was a small, balding man in a suit, who must have looked quite out of place next to these two, naked lizard shemales. Hans glanced to the side and just saw his sister Greta dangling close by. She was their mother's penis now. She and her husband Daran had been invited for a visit a week after Hans' and Reyna's arrival, just to be tricked almost the same way. Not surprisingly, Daran was now Jasmine's anus. Hans enjoyed the fact that his sister was sharing the same fate as him and from what he could tell, it seemed she had adjusted just as well to it. He winked at her and she immediately got the idea. Suddenly both penises began to rise. It was a game between the siblings. Their libido increased as part of being a penis, they could simply, turn each other on by the sight of their penis-bodies. Just by thinking about rubbing against each other, they'd quickly got hard.

Jasmine and Fiona noticed the motion down below right away but only acknowledged it with an amused grin at each other. Their audience wouldn't mind either. Hans relished his sister's fully erect form, although he was a bit jealous of her size. She was easily four inches longer than him and visibly thicker.


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Damn, that is amazing.

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I hope Reyna eventually gives in and embrace her fate. If you do decide to write a short epilogue after this, maybe it could be from Reyna's point of view and how she eventually gives up and learns how to love her new life, and/or something about Greta, like how reacts when she meets her brother for the first time in their new forms.

Hand and Greta. A reference to the fairytale, or just a coincidence?


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