Topic: Cruelty of Men 2

Crackling flames and the sound of stone against steel could be heard in the camp, a military placement that sat in some muddy plains outside a mere 5 miles from a city. The moon shone down brightly over the plains and the stars twinkled in the night sky, the troops waiting for dawn. The army belonged to a man who’d been known for his cruel yet effective tactics, a way of converting populaces and leaving the cities he sacked as nightmarish locations that only fools would dare venture into.

Large red tents scattered the site as far as the eye could see, large open areas housed horses while the many other smaller tents kept some of the lower ranking soldiers. There were red tents to designate foot soldiers and staff bearers, blue tents to denote they belonged to alchemists and mana-weavers, while the black tents were kept for officers and high ranking officials.

Nestled deep in the heart of the camp was a rather large red tent, it stood taller than the others surrounding it which usually showed the soldiers residing inside were squad leaders or staff bearers. Only the worthy were given this honour of carrying the bizarre devices that could fell the thickest stone wall and warp flesh as if it were clay. A woman sat inside the warm red confines of the tent, a wooden floor had been put down above the fabric and two small wooden beds sat either side of the tent. A tall woman in chainmail armour held a sword, its tip pointing the floor as she ran a whetstone across its surface. Sleeping soundly nearby another woman slept, she wore a lighter set of armour made from leather and cloth. Rosette stood up with her sword in hand and wiped the blade clean with a cloth, before sliding it back into its scabbard and placing it down next to a set of plate bracers that sat on the floor near her chair. She began undoing the fastenings on her chainmail, and started to pull the battledress from her shoulders, the interweaving metal rings chinking loudly within the tent. A brazier near the edge of the tent crackled loudly as Leanne awoke from her slumber, sitting up in her straw and fur covered bed and yawned before looking over to Rosette.

“What time is it sister?” Leanne said as he shoved her feet over the edge of her bed and stretched out her arms, yawning again as she stood up and walked over to the small table her sister sat beside.

“It’s nearly dawn, we need to make a move Leanne. We’re marching when the sun rises, this is best chance” Rosette exclaimed as she managed to pull the rest of her mail away, leaving her covered in some simple red linen robes that she wore under her battledress. Leanne took a moment to remember their plan, she’d been confused as to why her sister was removing her armour before the siege.

“Oh…Oh of course I forgot! Well does Betty still owe us?” Leanne said abruptly as she remembered what they had been planning to do, her mind was still half asleep and she didn’t feel fully lucid.

“Aye, she does. I explained our wish to her and she said she thinks she’s got device that can do the job” Rosette replied as she leaned over and placed a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Do you still want to do this?” She continued as she looked into her sister’s eyes with concern.

“More than anything” Leanne said back with a smile, and with that they both nodded and stood up, before beginning to unfasten their sheathed daggers from their belt. They threw their equipment and weapons onto the bed where Leanne had been sleeping, until they bore only their basic attire. They both walked out the tent and left their gear scattered on the floor and beds, their noses immediately hit by the stench of mana, musk and coal. The campsite was a terrifying place for those who’d never experienced one before, many soldiers walked around with prisoners in toe, using hard metal collars to pull chains of male and female captives alike. Echoed screams and moans could be heard occasionally throughout the campsite as they used their weapons to ‘dispose’ of the prisoners in varying ways, while some of the soldiers fought amongst themselves and usually ended up either dead or worse. Rosette and Leanne both looked up in awe as a large two legged creature padded through the mud, huge long tentacle like necks jutted from its central body and on the end of each thick flexible neck an oozing cock could be seen. A thick human tongue would occasionally dart out from each tip, while the thick central head had a massive eye poking out from its erect urethra, all the while it dragged a huge set of male testicles behind it.

“I do wonder why we even use those worms, they never produce anything infectious” Rosette said as she continued walking on past the creature with her sister, uttering her words in whispers when she was a safe distance away from the beast.

“It’s a good way to dispose of prisoners, they never care anyway after conversion” Leanne replied in jest after looking back at the beast, eyeing it’s massive anus that had a pair of eyes above it between two massive cheeks; wondering how many people had been given to that worm. She turned her head back as they walked towards a blue tent at the end of the pathway, being careful not to step on any small slimy cock-slugs that wriggled in the dirt, some of the other male soldiers would randomly pick up these creatures and take them into their tents, presumably to laugh and play around with them. Both sisters finally got to the tent and pulled apart the fabric that covered the doorway, a young woman stood with her back to them as she diligently worked on repairing a device. The tent was littered with large strange staff like devices, their construction was crude and they had a large ring like shape on the top. These were the devices the soldiers used to sack cities and convert its populace.

“Betty” Rosette said in an authoritative tone, which caused the young woman to turn around to face the two sisters.

“Ohhh my dears! What can I do for you? You’re not here to collect your gear are you? The battle doesn’t start until…” Betty said in a rushed voice, before Rosette raised her hand to stop her words mid-sentence.

“Betty, we’re not here for that. We’re here for, something else…” Rosette exclaimed before Betty could finish her sentence, she smiled at the staff engineer with a rather worrying grin before walking over to one of the staves that leaned up against a wooden post.

“It’s about that…thing I told you about” Rosette said with a much calmer and gentler tone than Leanne was used to, clearly she was attempting to coarse her into doing her bidding. Betty’s expression turned from one of confusion to worry, her forehead wrinkling as her eyes opened up wide.

“You…you can’t be serious? I thought you were joking, do you have any idea how much trouble I could get into!?” Betty said out loud as she threw her tools down onto the workbench, a rather frustrated tone of voice showed how concerned she was.

“Hush!! You don’t want the other officers to hear you…do you? Listen I saved you before, you would have been just another worm in the dirt if not for me! Now can you do this or not?!” Rosette said as she hushed Betty’s loud words and used her normal authoritative tone to bend the woman to do as she wished, and even went so far as to threaten her. “Otherwise I might have to tell the colonel that he has a new test subject for his fleshwalker programme” Rosette continued, a devious smile creeping up on her face as she looked deep into Betty’s eyes and saw her will break at the threat.

“OK Ok! Look I’ve got something, it’s only a prototype but it seems to do fusion pretty well, I think I could set it up for conversion for two humans” Betty replied as she wandered over to a large chest near the edge of her tent, as he opened it up and began rummaging around. Rosette nodded to her sister, who then nodded in return before fastening up the tent’s fabric doors to block out any loud noises that would come from within. She then walked over to her sister and wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned her head against the linen covered shoulder. Betty stood back up with what looked like a small handheld version of the staves she had, and grabbed a mounting rod from the side. She pressed the rod into the ground in the middle of the tent and fastened the ring onto the top of the device, creating a smaller version of the larger staves that littered the tent.

“Now a power source, I think I’ve got some cells here somewhere” Betty muttered to herself as she began rooting through the piles of ornate metal, and dragged out a large backpack from the clutter of parts he was so used to working with. She connected up a long metal pipe to the bottom of the staff and turned a few knobs on the backpack, a faint hum of mana could be heard as the staff began to fill with energy. Betty pressed down on the level and a small ball of mana began collecting in the middle of the ring, small sparks of lightning arched over her hands and robes, seemingly having very little effect on her.

“OK so this one’s a lower power version of our main weapons, it’s designed to be a portable version of the other devices but I’ve not yet found a way to power it. Anyway enough of my rambling, are you ready?” Betty said as he continued to mumble aloud, while her fingers began twisting a few smaller knobs on the base of the device she’d placed atop the staff, seemingly configuring it for a specific purpose. Leanne and Rosette both looked at each other, and then back to crackling ball of energy that sat in the middle of the ring, which didn’t appear to be getting any bigger. They nodded to Betty as she pressed her hands back down on the lever catch, getting ready to release the bolt.

“Are you sure? You know the results can be unpredictable” Betty shouted as she felt rather uneasy doing this inside her tent, but she had precious little choice as she risked a fate worse than death should she fail to comply.

“We are….do it!” Rosette said aloud as pulled her sister close, Leanne moved in a little closer as she saw Betty remove the clip that held the lever down. Both their hearts began to pound within their chests, realising that there was no going back after this; that the road they were about to take was a one way street. Betty released the lever from the device, a sudden crackling sound was heard in the tent as the containment field dropped, and sent the ball of energy screaming towards the two soldiers. Leanne and Rosette closed their eyes as they felt the licking bands of lightning arc across their skin, the ball of mana exploding against them before the burning blue energy began to seep into their skin. A powerful wave of heat flushed through both their bodies as the mana began permeating their flesh and bones, an overpowering sensation of arousal suddenly hit them both.

Their clothes suddenly began to burn away, the once carefully crafted strips of leather and linen started to sear off their flesh; turning to ash and floating upwards. Bright blue flames engulfed their bodies but left their skin untouched by pain or scarring, seemingly only affecting inorganic matter. Leanne and Rosette held back their word and tried desperately not to say anything, but as the last shred of fabric vanished off their bodies and left them naked on the wooden floor of the tent; Leanne could hold herself back no longer.

“Ohhh…by the gods…I can feel it!” She moaned loudly as he eyes opened up wide, her eyes rolling back up in her head as she felt her entire body warm up, the heat seemingly permeating her sister’s naked skin. Leanne pulled herself close to her slightly taller sister, pushing her hands against her skin as they both let out a loud moan of pleasure. Leanne then began to feel the first signs of change, the feeling of her fingertips sinking into Rosette’s hips where she’d placed them mere moments before, her gaze shifted down with an open mouth as she saw that her skin had begun to fuse with her siblings. She’d seen this many times before with prisoners and converts, it was what they’d wanted after all; but to feel it as the change wrecked their bodies was another thing entirely. Rosette looked over as she felt her sister’s fingers slowly sinking into her body, the sensation was almost like her buttocks and hips were made of silly putty; and her fingers were sinking into something not quite solid. All the while the flesh itself started to stick and fuse together, the spaces between Leanne’s fingertips began to vanish as her hand sunk deeper into her sisters hip, until even her nails were consumed by the merging skin that sealed up over the top. A mere minute had passed and already Leanne’s hand had disappeared into her sister’s flesh, leaving her arm jutting out of the side which also began to fuse with Rosette’s lower back as she willingly pressed it against the soft corrupting flesh.

“It feels…..so much better than I could h…have Aahhh! Imagined!” Rosette moaned as she finally let her gasps of pleasure out, and moved her free left arm up to her chest and began rubbing the skin, while her other hand pressed down against her sister’s free arm. She willingly sunk her fingers into her sister’s limb, moaning as she began to feel her flesh becoming part of her sibling; and her sister’s flesh a part of hers. Leanne moved a finger down to her crotch and began to rub the flat shaved pubic bone, gasping loudly at the sensation of her fingers suddenly beginning to merge with her crotch. She pressed her arm against her side, while Rosette closed her eyes and gasped as she felt her other arm slowly merging with her lower torso, her fingertips sinking between her breasts while their arms began to slowly disappear into their bodies. Their hips bumped together and without much of a warning they found they could not separate them. Rosette looked down and saw their merging hips slowly starting to pull into each other, she had the instinctive urge to push away, but found her arms had already started to totally disappear into her chest and her sister’s torso. At this point their bodies had become so mixed up it was hard to tell what belonged to who, and it seemed that even their skin had started to take on the exact same shade of strange corrupted peach.

Moans escaped both their mouths as the entire side of their torso began to pull closer and closer, and Rosette let out a gasp of delight as the gap between their bodies disappeared behind supple human flesh; and only their legs and head gave away their true origin. Rosette and Leanne both looked down as their breasts began to pull closer to each other while their torsos started to become one. Their minds also began to meld together as they started to feel each other’s merging arms fusing, they began to sense each other’s legs and how they moved; it was like they were both feeling through each other’s skin as well as their own. At the same time their warm soft breast flesh began to fuse together and slowly shrink down, watching with delight as the mass from their shrinking breasts began to add on to their outer pair.

“AHhhhhh!!! Mmm….mmmore!” Leanne screamed aloud as sudden violent cracking sounds could be heard from deep within their merging torsos, the sounds of popping and snapping were evidence of their skeletons starting to merge painlessly together. Both their pussies leaked profusely in arousal as the last traces of their arms and hands disappeared into their twisting bodies, leaving nothing but slightly protruding stumps where their armless shoulders now sat. Their merging breasts began to vanish into their expanding torso while their other two moved even closer together and grew twice as large as they’d been before, both merging humans had the deep desire to touch them; but lacked the hands to do so; their forced restrictions however only served to turn them on even more. Their shared chest cracked out and pushed upwards, while their organs and skeleton starting to also merge together into stronger and more powerful versions of what they’d had separately.

“Oh….oh wow” Betty exclaimed as she watched the two former soldiers who’d saved her life, slowly change into something totally different before her eyes; and in her own mind she began to feel rather aroused at the thought of this creature too, a thought she quickly banished from her mind as she stepped back in cautiousness. The fusion of Leanne and Rosette had gotten rather large and began to slowly stretch upwards as it gradually gained height. Leanne and her sister’s inner leg started to fuse next, and like their breasts the flesh began to shrink as soon as it came into contact with each other. Their slick female holes leaked their slippery feminine fluids onto the floor as more and more of their bodies pulled towards each other, their chest now fully formed with two huge E cup sized breasts hanging down. Their outer legs also started to thicken up while their toes and feet began to swell with more flesh and muscle, it was as if their transformation was shifting the mass they’d lost to a more suitable position.

Their moans filled the tent which sent shivers down Betty’s spine at the sound, watching as their tormented twisting bodies warped into each other, all the while their slick swollen pussies oozed down their growing legs and onto the floor in arousal. Finally their merged leg disappeared into their lower torso which left them standing on two legs, with a highly mutated set of hips. Their groans became louder as they felt their pelvises sliding up against one another, before the bones began to creak and snap loudly within their bodies. Creaking sounds emanated from their hips as the bones began merging together into one large structure, the vibrations this provided stimulated both of their dripping genitals at the same time. At this point they look more like a two headed armless woman than anything, their legs were quite large for a female and their entire body seemed to be structured more like a man, however their lower body had seemingly become somewhat more rounded and fat; like they were becoming bottom heavy.

Both Leanne and Rosette began panting and gasping loudly, opening their eyes and looking down as they began to feel their dripping female pussies move closer and closer together, a scream of pure unbridled ecstasy was heard as they wailed in howling bliss at the sensation of their swelling cunt lips forming into one. Their labia started to fuse together which sent powerful orgasmic sensations pounding through their bodies, while the openings spread into each other until they were but one dripping female hole. At the same time they felt their buttocks slowly closing in on each other, the two innermost cheeks gently pressed together and began to follow suit with their legs. They fused together into one cheek, and for a moment they had three buttocks with two assholes, but it wasn’t this way for long. Soon the middle cheek began to shrink down, but the space between her remaining two buttocks didn’t close up that much. Her two human anuses could be seen clearly between cheeks as they too began to move closer. The fusing humans shuddered violently as their two puckered holes began merging together just like their pussies had done before. They could feel it moving upwards to a rather strange position before her buttocks gradually closed in, all the while their buttocks grew slightly bigger and heavier. There was still a noticeable gap between both cheeks, leaving her much more pronounced puckered anus clear to anyone standing behind her.

Not a moment passed after her anus and pussy fused, they felt their clits slowly rubbing against each other, sending waves of orgasmic bliss shuddering through their body, and a deep swelling sensation began to emanate deep within their shared womb. They then felt their two shared clits slowly melding together and puffing up from their oozing female lips, it felt as if something was extending out from the newly fused folds.

“OHH yes…..YEES!” They both screamed in perfect synchronisation, both speaking the exact same words at the same time, their howls of joyous ecstasy sounded both arousing and also quite harrowing. Betty could see what the two moaning soldiers could not, past their huge breasts all they could feel was a stretching sensation and a feeling of swelling within their womb. She watched and observed their fat fused clit stretching forwards, their slick female lips began to slide upwards as a rapidly growing object started to grow from their pussy. This structure continued to grow and swell up, the clit puffed up and began to become larger still, while the wet female lips rubbed up over the sides and were seemingly locked behind a puffy head. She watched as the two merging humans shuddered through their shared torso and let out a rather scary inhuman scream.

They could feel something moving through them, their vagina stretching apart as if they were giving birth. Fluid gushed out from their pussy before a heavy orb like object pushed its way out, sagging down in a huge sack of skin. A mere second later and they shuddered again, wailing as yet another object slid out from their pussy, sliding down into the same sack; it was then Betty realised they’d just grown a set of huge sagging male testicles. Their massive wrinkly balls began pulsating and throbbing up and down as new corrupted seed started to churn deep within the orb like structures. Their moans of pleasure became louder still as a hole opened up at the tip of their still expanding clit, white fluid almost immediately began to leak out and dripping onto the floor. They looked down and could see the tip of their extending growth past the two large breasts, gazing upon what they’d both dreamed of seeing.

“Ohh Leanne…it feels so goooooood!!” Rosette moaned deeply as she felt the huge aching growth bobbing up and down in time with their heartbeat, the thick oozing fluid continued to leak onto the floor.

“Our cock….it feels soooo sensitive!!” Leanne wailed loudly in response as the growth began to take on a very familiar shape, it was clear to Betty now that they were now sporting a rather large ten inch human cock. The skin around their balls suddenly sealed up and left them without a vagina or womb; only a huge set of testicles, a throbbing cock and a powerful orgasmic sensation that emanated deep within their loins. It was clear they were becoming male, they could feel their newly aching prostate throbbing deep inside their ass, groaning all the while as their cock continued to swell up and become bigger still; cum leaking from the tip onto the ground. They both turned their heads and suddenly began kissing each other in a rather messy but passionate way, gasping and moaning all the while as their tongues intertwined and began leaving drool over their lips.

As they made out with each other, they felt either foot begin to swell up and stretch forwards with more mass that’d been previously resting within their legs. They didn’t really care what happened to their feet, and just wanted to make out like the filthy abomination they were rapidly becoming. Their toes began to gradually fuse together while slowly stretching out, while a thin layer of skin connected to expanding digits. Their toes formed into four distinct digits which grew longer and longer still; forming a webbed series of fat shapes. Betty looked down at their shifting feet and recognised the shape, realising that it wasn’t too dissimilar from the feet of a frog. Eventually the final changes spread through their lower body, and left them with a large webbed set of frog-like feet; however both sisters seemed more interested in making out with one another. At the same time their legs also began to change, the joints cracked rather loudly while the muscles in their buttocks and upper legs began to swell. Their overall height began to gradually shrink as their body was pulled down into a more frog-like stance, with their legs primed and almost ready to jump. However their fused form had given them a fair amount of mass; and they still stood much taller than the average man.

Their new totally fused shared body seemed rather strange looking in comparison to their human faces, even their skin tone was slightly darker from that of their heads. Their huge throbbing erection continued to bob up and down, moans escaped their drool covered mouths as they felt a wave of liquid heat move upwards inside their necks, and the warm sensations began pooling within their lips. Their kisses began to get more passionate and messy as something strange began to happen, a strange sensation of swelling began to become apparent within their lips. They knew this was their final stretch, their changes progressing to ravage their face and make them just another sex hungry abomination, and sure enough they felt a wonderful feeling of growth in their mouths. Their tongues began to entwine around each other as the muscles inside started to grow longer, their lips started to puff up and grow larger as drool oozed from the edges of their mouths. Groans of pleasure escaped their wet maws at the feeling of their nostrils closing up, while their noses and faces slowly shifted forwards gradually into a new strange shape. All the while they felt the vertebrae in their necks extending upwards, growing longer and thicker to support two heavy heads. Their moans began to change in tone as their necks shifted upwards, the larynx popped loudly within their throats as their voices began to sound even stranger; producing sounds that no human ever could. Their moans began to turn into the familiar wails of pleasure some of the abominations would make, at least the ones that were lucky enough to still possess mouths. Their cries of joy echoed in the tent and got Betty feeling rather exited at the sight of such a long massive cock throbbing within arm’s reach of her.

Even more noises of popping bones could be heard as their nostrils sealed up totally, all the while their faces shifted forwards into a rounded smooth shape. They felt their jawbones becoming more and more pronounced, growing larger and heavier while their nasal cavity totally sealed up to make way for more room for their growing tongues. Both their lips puffed up against each other and spread out over where their noses had once been, growing so large that it took up most of their faces. They both closed their eyes as they began to lap and lick and kiss their expanding huge kisser lips, their eyes slowly moving to the sides of an expanding head while their mouths grew larger still. Their necks began to extend upwards to become even longer, at this point growing out to the point where their heads were almost indistinguishable from their necks; it had become a streamlined tube of flesh, ending in a massive pair of lips. Their hair began to slowly fall away, the ear lobes slowly merging with a smooth supple neck while their ears just became small holes in the side of their long slender head. Their lips and mouths lapped at each other, drool leaked down from their smooth chins and dripped over their manly body and onto the huge womanly breasts. They felt the final changes of popping bone in their faces snap into place, until they opened their eyes again; to see the world from another perspective. With their eyes on the side of their heads they could see all around them, except from what was directly in front of their mouths. Their lips had grown so large they dominated their entire head, the huge massive maw and long supple tongue oozed an almost constant stream of slick lubricating saliva. Their teeth had been pulled upwards into their gums slightly and weren’t as useful as before, while strands of their hair were still clinging onto the smooth skin that had replaced their follicles. Rosette’s head leaned over and licked her sister’s smooth scalp clean of hair, leaving them both with smooth bald wormlike necks with huge womanly kisser lips that dominated their faces.

“Better than we could have imagined!” They both said in perfect synchronisation, their minds seemingly interlinked and half merged together. A very loud but strange moan exited their mouths as their cock continued to throb, it was clear by their tone of voice they were probably quite close to orgasm, but the change had left them without arms to finish the job.

“MMmm we feel so good! What shall we call usss? We used to be Rosette and Leanne….two lovely girls…OHHHHH!!! But this feels amazing…we’ll call us Rosanne!” The creature said as it began talking to itself, the two heads appeared to be seemingly speaking separately now, but finishing each other’s sentences. It was almost as if the two heads were separate people, but of the same mind. In reality they were one being, with two minds; their brains had been interlinked so they could sense each other’s thoughts.

“You!” The left head spoke, “Finish me off!” the right head demanded as both heads gazed over to Betty who stood in the corner. She wandered over to the tall lumbering creature, which stood at about 7 foot in height with the long supple necks. Betty had become rather aroused at the sight of this creature, and felt rather tempted to follow out the creature’s order; after all only the officers and soldiers were allowed to indulge themselves with the creatures, staff engineers were strictly forbidden due to the corruptive nature of the devices they used. But she’d already broken one law, she could break another; it was this train of thought that caused her to raise both hands upwards to gently caress the underside of Rosanne’s lovely thick heavy cock.

“ARGGHHH!!!! OHH YESSSSSS!” Rosanne screamed at the top of their voices as a sudden wave of orgasmic pleasure rushed through into their prostate and a powerful climax hit them. The entire situation was too much for the fused beast to handle, they’d never had the pleasure of experiencing a cock before; let alone such a large sensitive one which they both shared. Betty was neither prepared nor expecting the massive amount of cum that shot from the tip of the slick heavy cock in front of her. Heavy musky white fluid splattered her face with a surprising amount of force as she fell backwards on to the ground. Her face was totally covered in the creature's cum, her mouth filled with their seed which caused her throat to tingle and feel warm as she accidentally swallowed what felt like a gallon of the sticky fluid.

“That’sss better……mmmm…ohh look!” Rosanne said aloud as she moaned and gasped at the feeling of their first male orgasm, looking down to see Betty’s face covered with seed, before a deep moan of pleasure exited the mouth of the cum covered woman. She slipped a finger down her linen robes and began furiously masturbating, gulping the sweet tingling seed at the powerful wave of pleasure that pounded through her body. This change in behaviour was as surprising to Rosanne as it was to Betty, her fingers ramming deep inside her pussy as she began licking the excess cum from her lips and mumbling loudly.

“NOOoo!!! Wasn’t supposed to be….URgghhh…this way. AHhh god it feels….w…warm!” She moaned as tears trickled down her cum-stained cheeks, unable to help herself as she began franticly pleasuring herself into a dumb stupor. She realised what had happened, but it was too late to stop it now; she was unable to stop herself from the pulsating waves of arousal and heat that began wrecking her body. Certain converted beasts still retained latent magical effects in their seed and fluids, some were used as infectors to convert smaller villages, and it seemed that Rosanne was one of the lucky abominations to possess this trait.

Betty’s moans turned to wails of pleasure as she felt her face rapidly stretching forwards, her face deforming at a rather shocking rate after receiving an entire face-full of Rosanne’s thick salty seed. Her tongue lapped at her lips and tasted the cum that stained her mouth, while it tingled in her throat and forced her lips forwards. Like Rosanne’s own face her head began to deform and change in the same way. Her nose gradually pushed outwards with her shifting skull, while her eyes remained tightly shut at the feeling of change that washed over her. The more she lapped at the cum that coated her face the more her lips and tongue began to change, what was once human had become odd and deformed, her tongue began to extend out of her mouth while her lips puffed up and extended forwards with her shifting face. She slipped her longer more flexible tongue out of her mouth and began lapping over her nose and eyelids, groaning all the while as her face changed into something totally alien and strange.

Betty tried to open her eyes, she wanted to see what was going on but found that she was unable, it was as if somebody had attached two large weights to her eyelids which prevented her from doing anything but keeping them shut. In reality the cum had begun to sink into her skin, and once bright blue eyes were slowly merged into her changing head, her eyelids sealing up and leaving smooth skin where they once were. Her skull cracked and creaked forwards, her lips puffed up against her nose and sealed the nostrils together, her maw increased in size until her huge lips and mouth made up the majority of her head; just like the creature that’d inflicted this change upon her. Before she could beg or plead for more, she felt something long and hard being rammed down her throat, her moans immediately being stifled as she began wrapping her long slick tongue around the massive shaft, realising that this was Rosanne’s dick. Her entire mouth managed to take in most of the shaft, while the tip began stretching her neck apart until she was able to fully swallow the head without any gag reflex. At the same time she felt her torso starting to change, the stretching neck began to grow larger as her whole body began to thicken up. She reached both hands up and began gently stroking both of Rosanne’s heavy balls, her eyeless head working hard to pleasure the object that’d been put in her mouth; which felt like an automatic response, to suck and please whatever was forced into her maw. Her pussy leaked onto the ground as the arousal of change got well underway, the ground starting to get damp from the combined discharge of male and female genitals.

Betty could feel more of the hot throbbing cock being jammed down her neck, and yet she didn’t feel a gag reflex, it was almost like it didn’t exist at all. She felt her hands becoming numb as the waves of changing heat spread down towards her extremities, the fingertips started to pull back into the hands as her arms began to degenerate. Slowly but surely her arms and hands began to disappear into long inflexible stumps, the mass that was being pulled into her body began to gradually shift into her belly. At the same time her breasts also began to shrink into her torso, even her nipples grew smaller until there was nothing but smooth genderless flesh coating her body. Her groans could barely be heard over the howls of pleasure that exited from both of Rosanne’s mouths, the feeling of such an experienced and wonderful set of lips around her new male cock was too delightful to remain silent about. Betty felt the remainder of her arms sink into her torso, leaving her armless and with two rounded stumps where the former limbs had once sat. The changes began to spread down her lower body, it was then she felt one of the strangest sensations she’d ever experienced. It felt like cold soil was starting to creep up around her legs, the feeling of the dirt slowly spreading up her limbs began to confuse her; but it didn’t distract her from pleasuring the prick that’d been placed in her maw. Rosanne was able to see what was happening, gasping and moaning loudly at the realisation that they were doing this to Betty, they were morphing her into some twisted monstrosity like them; and they loved how it felt.

Betty’s legs had begun to split apart into many separate tendrils and had begun digging themselves into the soil, her bones had seemingly vanished as the flesh simply warped away into long thin tentacle-like structures and slowly began pushing into the ground below. Mere minutes had passed and already her lower legs had seemingly split apart into many different roots and had slowly sank into the soil. Her upper legs began to follow suit, the flesh split apart and began pushing itself into the soil ground beneath her like some twisted fleshy plant. Betty’s muffled moans and shaking body made it apparent that the sensation was either immensely pleasurable or strangely unpleasant. For Betty it was a mixture of both, the feeling of having the soil clasping around the long fleshy root like structures was amazing, but the feeling of legs splitting apart into those tentacles wasn’t something a human mind was designed to comprehend. Her upper legs finally totally vanished into the ground as she was left rooted to the floor, even her buttocks began to slowly seal up and press down into the soil as more roots formed from her lower torso. Her groans became louder still as more tentacles began to slide out from her pussy lips, even the walls of her cunt split up into separate tendrils and dug into the ground. Her entire lower body eventually was converted to nothing more than roots to leech nutrients from the soil; even her pussy had changed into totally genderless flesh, leaving her aroused but unable to ever get off. The changes finally ceased and Betty was left embedded into the ground like a twisted fleshy plant, her mouth and tongue still lapping and servicing her transformed friends; as it was the closest thing she’d ever get to orgasm again.

It was then she felt the cock she’d been lovingly sucking throb and pulsate in her mouth and lips, her tongue wrapped around it hard as she felt it being forced down her neck into her stretchy changed body. She could feel her entire torso stretching apart; her organs and bones seemed to easily move out the way to provide the most amount of pleasure for the cock that was jammed inside her. It was like her entire body had been reduced to a simple plant; designed to do nothing more than suck cock. Without much warning she heard a loud wail of pleasure from Rosanne, before a huge volume of cum began flowing out from the tip. She felt her belly fattening up as the seed started to stretch her stomach out, unable to do anything but gurgle Rosanne’s sticky seed as it collected in her lower torso like a depository for cum and spunk.

Rosanne pulled her fat spent cock from Betty’s huge slimy lips and both heads smiled as a string of their new male cum connected the fat red glands of their dick with Betty’s tentacle-like tongue. Betty tried to say “thank you” but could only muster a wailing moan of bliss as she began to lick at her lips and wriggle her body in an attempt to get free from her rooted position; but like a plant she was stuck in one place and could neither move nor get herself off; as she now lacked the genitals and hands to do so. Her body shivered as her fat cum filled belly wobbled around, and she wailed again, this time it was a plea for another penis to be forced down her throat, as it was the only way she thought a creature like her would be able to orgasm. Her body and mind had been totally reformed into a dumb creature designed to suck dick, in a desperate attempt to pleasure itself. It may manage to finally cum, perhaps after weeks of sucking cock; but it would only lead to more cravings, it could never rest and its only impulse was to taste the salty seed from a man’s cock.

“Mmmm sssorry my dear…I’d love to stay, but I’ve got some rounds to take care of” Rosanne said to the moaning rooted plant-like abomination that had once been the woman who’d given them a favour, who’d been human; but no more. Rosanne stepped her webbed feet against the grass and mud and hopped forwards. A sudden surge of pleasure emanated from their flaccid cock as they felt their balls slapping against the ground with each hop of their strong froglike legs. They were able to waddle and walk upon them; but the act of hopping like a frog seemed far more efficient. They nudged the tent door open with her right head and used her left head to look back at the moaning creature they’d left in their wake; their mind turning to darker thoughts as the exited the tent, giving the soldiers outside a bit of a shock as they realised they had a new creature to play with.


Burning clouds and columns of smoke rose from the ruined city that now functioned as the home to many more terrifying abominations, whose sole purpose now involved searching for sex and feeding off the background mana that was present in their surroundings. This was the way the Colonel’s army would function, they would sack a city; reduce its populace to nothing more than mindless flesh before moving onto the next one. There had been rumours about some of the cities that had remained standing after their sacking, and some of the creatures had actually made a home there; these converted metropolises were a breeding ground for corrupted flesh. Those who ventured within the fleshy walls that shielded the outside usually never returned, destined to become a part of the city, or another monster within. However there were those that tried, some managed to come out with treasures beyond imagining, while most returned irreversibly changed forever.

The Colonels campsite had been relocated in the month long siege and the soldier were celebrating loudly as they enjoyed the spoils of war, many of the men had been lost to conversion but they’d gained many pets and sentient toys to use as they pleased, either from their own ranks or from the city. The army would then sell these pets in one of the allied cities, using the money to buy weapons, armour and more materials needed for the mana staves. Of course most of their resources were taken from the unwilling populaces that they wrought conversion upon, and usually they would have no need for money or possessions after conversion. 

Screams and howls of pleasure could be heard throughout the camp, but one tent looked familiar, a tent that used to belong to two female officers, who now shared the same body. Inside Rosanne wailed loudly in pleasure as their aching male cock was pleasured by four soft gentle hands, their prostate throbbed deep within their loins as two beautiful woman kneeled before them, and lovingly stroked all over their veiny male shaft, it was clear from their appearances that they were both twins; and looked almost identical if not for the differing hairstyles.

“Please miss….make us like you” One of them said as they brushed their fingertips across the head of their cock, the other continuing her sister’s sentence with “Yes…we want you to cum, change us…please!” They both begged the beast, clearly wanting them to convert and change them both. It was clear that Rosanne’s reputation around the camp had spread further than just the confines of war, and she’d made a lot of money and earned many favours with the powerful transformative properties that her cock possessed. She used it convert those who came to her, gaining quite the reputation as a “go-to” for the conversion of willing humans.

She’d changed prisoners, soldiers and customers alike, some who’d been exposed to the staves for too long would beg Rosanne to convert them; their payment was either gold or pleasure, but was usually both. She’d also made a lot of money by offering herself to the soldiers, her anus was thankfully non transformative and a good portion of her influence had been made presenting to officers, who’d turned a blind eye to her activities after they’d had their way with her. She loved the life however, their shared body produced nothing but pleasure, and they loved nothing more than converting a human into something as twisted as themselves.

Rosanne kissed themselves deeply, both heads gradually working their tongues and lips while occasionally gasping in joy, as the two twins pleasured the one who’d warp their own flesh into something strange and sexual. In truth they had no idea what they’d become and would allow fate to decide, but deep down they longed to be of one body. Rosanne opened both mouths and groaned at each other, closing their eyes tightly as they felt their strong overgrown male prostate pounding their insides. Their large body began to shake as they felt a huge wave of cum wash over the twins, a huge spurt of sticky white cum erupting over the two humans. The sounds of their moaning voices after feeling the tingling magically infused seed seeping into their skin, made Rosanne even more aroused; and caused even more seed to spill from her fat heavy prick. They heard the twins wailing and groaning as the sounds of bones popping sounded in the tent, their cries of pleasure being suddenly silenced while the noise of shifting flesh and dripping seed joined the crescendo of transformation which filled the fabricated confines of their enclosure.

After a few more seconds of orgasm, Rosanne opened her eyes and looked down to see what was happening to the twins, her eyes opening up wide with joy at the sight before her. Their moans had suddenly been stifled as their lips fused together mid kiss; the noises of their voices began to fade away while their mouths merged into one, which left them permanently kissing. All the while their bodies had begun to merge into each other and their arms sank into the flesh as if it was made of silly putty, it was a process Rosanne has seen many times over; but it was still fascinating to watch. Their legs snapped and shrank into their body, while their faces warped and slowly merged face first into each other. Their eyes sealed up and several small nubs began developing on their body. Rosanne’s cock began to throb again as her arousal started to build up at the sight of her newest creation, the two girls that’d been begging to be changed not moments before; were now a small blob of smooth flesh on the dirty floor. Three eyelids formed near the top of the rounded fleshy ball, and the eyes within began rolling around in their sockets; seemingly in pleasure. The nubs continued to extend outwards into long fleshy tentacles, the tips splitting apart as skin slid over bright red glands. Cum suddenly ejaculated from the tips of their new slender tentacle pricks and sprayed Rosanne’s already soaked cock with their small amount of non-corruptive seed. Their shared body shook violently as testicles began to develop under each long flexible tentacle, and finally the last human shapes disappeared into their body within a matter of minutes, leaving them changed into a bizarre blob like form, no larger than a medium sized dog.

“MMmm! Enjoy it my dears!” Rosanne groaned as she felt her dripping cock become fully erect again, her eyes locked on the strange creature as it began to gradually roll towards the door, only to be met with an identical looking creature. The strange blob like beasts began rubbing their tentacles over each other’s bodies and began spraying themselves with short spurts of sticky cum, while the newly changed blob shuddered as one of the other’s cocks slid up inside it’s anus on it's underside. Cum sprayed violently from their flailing tentacle dicks before they began to roll out the tent together, still connected together whilst fucking and mating; as if they’d been made for each other.

“They’ll enjoy that new form of theirs, and their mother seemed pleased. Interesting how they both became quite similar” Rosanne said to herself as she watched the mother and her daughters roll away, happy they’d both turned into very similar forms and seemed pleased with them. She looked over to both her heads and began to push her tongues into one another’s mouths again, lovingly making out with one another and enjoying how their huge lips felt as they French kissed with their two fat slippery tongues.

“Hrrmm….Um, Rosanne?” A voice said from the entrance to the tent, which caused Rosanne to open her eyes and part their kiss, leaving a string of saliva dribbling from their mouths.

“Yes little man….what is it? Have you come to sample me?” Rosanne’s left head replied, the other licked her lips and watched as the man who’d seem so confident before began to blush and an erection started to form under his leather armour.

“N…no, you have a visitor. In the grand alchemist’s tent, they’ve requested you attend at once; it’s a matter of great importance” He replied, before waiting for a reply from the tall abomination that stood before him.

“Hmm very well, I’ll go at once” Both heads replied at the same time, their combined voices unnerved the messenger before he bowed his head and left the tent, trying all the while to hide his erection.

“Mmmm let’s go see who wants usss!” Rosanne said to herself, giving herself a long loving kiss before she licked her lips and slowly began to waddle out the tent, her slimy webbed feet slapping loudly against the wet muddy floor with each step. Both sets of eyes were greeted with the rising sun that ascended from the mountain beyond the valley, a great many tents dotted the hillside and a smoking ruin of a city could be seen in the distance. There was a long winding path that led all the way to the battlements where the chief alchemist, staff-crafter, military general and the colonel resided; it was there she needed to venture. She began pressing her webbed feet into the dirt and started gently hopping through the camp, moaning loudly with each jump as she felt her testicles slapping against the wet muddy ground. Both heads would turn around every now and then to look at the various soldiers who were either stumbling about drunk, had passed out or were hard at work on sharpening a blade. Several small creatures wriggled in the mud, scampering away as they watched the large mana beast approaching. Each one of these tiny worm-like creatures had a large eye on the end, a smooth flexible body and a large oversized anus at the other end. Nearly all creatures in the campsite had the same smooth corrupted human skin; while some were covered in fur. Most of the beings that wriggled in the dirt, or walked amongst the soldiers were humans themselves at one point; however some were a fusion of man and beast. Most of the horses within the army’s ranks had eyes or faces resting above the thick black anuses, which could occasionally be seen when the horses would flick their tails to swat flies. The army would have a lot of unconverted prisoners, and would usually fuse them with animals in order to dispose of them.

Rosanne continued to tread through the muddy pathway, and looked to her right as she saw a large tent with its doors pinned open; inside she could see few of the soldiers lying on the floor; clearly drunk and passed out. While near the edge of the room she saw what had become of Betty; she sat inside a large ceramic plant pot and seemed to be enjoying herself as she lapped and sucked on a barely conscious soldier; a tankard of ale still in his hand as he leaned back against a wooden storage unit with the twisted creature’s mouth around his genitals.

Rosanne simply continued walking past as scenes like that were commonplace, most of the converted abominations willingly submitted themselves; as they were desperate for sex and pleasure. Rosanne knew this better than most, and could feel the hungering drive deep inside to cum again and again; it was a curse that most converted creatures had to bear.

She walked past an opening to a tent on her right, where a large section of the campsite had been cordoned off to house animals and prisoners. The area was about the size of a large field and there were several smaller tents scattered around the outside, while a few large cows lazily devoured some grass; some of which had grossly oversized udders which seemed way larger than naturally possible. She turned both heads to observe a few soldier talking outside of the tent, their shouting could clearly be heard; even from such a long distance away. One of them carried a staff in his hands, they seemed to be talking about something important as it appeared to be within a conversion squad.


Re: Cruelty of Men 2

“Excuse me!? Rosanne is it?” a voice said behind her, and the fused creature turned her head and looked over to see a soldier standing before her with a jar in his hand.

“Sorry, I don’t suppose I could ask for a favour. Could you fill this jar up for me? I’m not high enough rank to get a staff permit and I….ummm” He said as he continued to speak once he had Rosanne’s full attention, and suddenly was unable to do anything but blush as he found it difficult to finish his sentence.

“Of course my dear; just get me off and make sure not to spill any over you…unless that’s what you want!” Rosanne giggled as she turned her entire body around; her once semi-erect cock suddenly began to fill with blood almost on command at the mere mention of a free handjob. Her massive prick throbbed and pulsated upwards until it reached its full length and girth, and the soldier gulped before rubbing his hands across their shared perineum. Rosanne immediately began to shiver and moan at each other, and before long they began kissing each other passionately as the soldier carefully angled the jar towards the tip of the large creature’s cock. He clearly knew what he was doing, and had focused on rubbing the most sensitive part of their shaft; it was clear he didn’t want to wait around. A sudden jerk of the shaft indicated that they were ready to blow after a mere three minutes of pleasuring the right spot, and the soldier readied the jar near their swelling cock head.

“AHhh that’s it little man, almost thaa….ahhhh!” Rosanne groaned as she felt her pounding male prostate throbbing deep inside her once more, her moans becoming louder as she felt the soldier press the entire rim of the jar around her cock head. She felt a pressure behind the tip of her prick as she exploded into the jar, and thick streams of milky white cum began to splatter into the glass container, slowly filling it up until the last of her seed dripped from the spent shrinking head. Her cock slid down and slapped against her leg as it flopped over heavily, oozing cum onto the floor whilst the soldier carefully sealed the jar with a lid and grinned.

“Th…thank you! Would you like to see what it’s for?” The soldier replied back as he looked up at the two large heads, their lips curling into a smile and nodded in response. Rosanne gently hopped behind the soldier, all the while she could feel her flaccid cock oozing onto the floor from their dripping foreskin, and their balls swinging back and forth. They followed the soldier down a short dirt path that had large hoof prints embedded into the mud, a track clearly used for animals. The track led down the field on the outskirts of the camp where the fenced off area kept the cows, and from here the squad’s shouting was even more noticeable. To the right of the field was a series of big tents used as a makeshift stable, and several horses could be seen inside. In front of them was a pack horse with a saddle and various carry bags, and atop the saddle was a young woman, who looked no older than twenty and had a beautiful face and long flowing blonde hair with blue eyes. As the soldier approached he hid the jar behind his body and approached the mounted passenger.

“M…mother!” The young woman called out who shifted in her saddle at the sight of the soldier approaching, Rosanne could tell that she knew the soldier well judging from her reaction.

“What are you doing here Hector! I told you that we’re not staying! You and that….thing can stay here and rot!!” A slightly older woman said from the soldier’s left, her clothes were the same as the woman who sat upon the horse. It was clear that the woman sat on the steed was the daughter of the older lady, and judging by the reaction to his presence; the soldier was her husband.

“Please allow me to make it up to you, stay and we’ll work things out! Please!” The soldier begged as she pushed her foot into the stirrup and heaved herself atop the horse just in front of her daughter.

“I’m NOT speaking to you about this! There’s nothing to speak about…stay and fornicate with these monsters if you want, but we’ll have no part in it; you’ll never see us again Hector….goodbye” The soldier’s wife replied as she tugged on the horse’s reins to turn the beast around, intending on leaving the camp forever, as well as her husband.

“I didn’t want to do this…I’m sorry” The husband said as he removed the top from the jar he’d concealed behind his back, and removed it from hiding. He then jerked the glass upwards into the air which sent a rather gloopy glob of cum hurdling through the air.

“You’re not doing anything…I’m the one who’s…” The wife replied before she felt the still warm glob of liquid splatter over her head, the fluid spraying over the daughter’s face, chest and all over the horse.

“ARhhh what the hell! You’re disgusting!!” The wife shouted as she yanked on the horses’ reins to pull the animal around to face Hector, her hair thick and matted with the sticky seed. Rosanne looked at the splattered mother and daughter and felt their cock getting gradually harder at the sight of the daughter’s lovely blonde hair falling out from her scalp in chunks.

“What is this!? Did….is this from that beast! You…..what…what’s going on!?” The wife said with an increasingly furious tone before she tried to dismount herself from the horse; only to find that her feet would not move away from the side of the animal’s hide.

“M…mother! What’s happening!?” The daughter cried out in fear and terror as she brought her fingers up to her face after pulling out a handful of her hair; realising that something was amiss after her scalp had started tingling. The mother looked down and saw that her shoes had begun to melt away into ooze, while her flesh underneath had gradually started to fuse with the horse’s belly. They began to feel their clothes gradually melting away like they’d been hit with some foul acid, while their flesh remained unscarred to all effects except for the changes that would convert them.

“You’ll see my darling wife….you’ll see!” The soldier replied with an expression that seemed to reflect both happiness and terror, at the sight of his frantically panicked daughter pressing her merging mitten like hands against her mother’s shoulders. It was then until she felt a warm pulsating heat flood through their extremities, as the flesh of the mother and daughter became one; sharing blood and hormones. The wife tried to speak but could only groan loudly as she began to rip the clothes from her body, pressing her hands against her chest until her fingers started to sink into her breasts and neck. The daughter cried out in agonising bliss at the same time as their bodies began to pull into each other; the once young supple breasts and chest that’d been no stripped of clothing, slowly pulled into a singular mutating lump of human skin. The mother’s legs gradually fused entirely with the Horse’s belly while the corrosive cum ate away at the saddle’s straps and leather, until the carry bags fell off the horse until nothing blocked their hips and equine’s back.

“NNooooo!!” The wife screamed in a loud inhuman wail of pleasure and discomfort, her body shaking violently as her pelvic floor and pussy suddenly fused with the furry hide of the beast behind them. The daughter’s body followed suit until they were both becoming another part of the horse’s form; human and equine flesh crudely mashed together. This sudden terrifying wail from the mother sent the horse into a wild fit of fear as the alien sensations flooded its body. The huge equine reared upwards and let out a terrifying whinny, which caused both Rosanne and the soldier to back off for fear of getting struck with the heavy hooves. As the horse whinnied loudly upon its hind legs, the soldier watched as its forelegs suddenly cracked loudly; observing the bones within its body beginning to reconfigure rather rapidly. Its long horse-cock began to slide out of its sheath in arousal while its centre of gravity shifted toward its pelvis. Its shoulders popped and snapped loudly, prompting it to whinny loudly while it’s neck and body began to gradually change shape.

The constant rearing stance it managed to maintain put both his merged wife and daughter out of sight, but could see something pressing down against its lower back and buttocks. Rosanne watched with fascination as the horse’s hind legs began to shorten, while the hooves upon its forelegs began to split apart rather rapidly into three separate sections. A swelling could be seeing on the horse’s chest as the shape and structure of its body seemed to become more human; the expanding flesh growing so large they looked like breast. The lower foreleg eventually grew so short it couldn’t be considered part of the leg at all, and appeared to be more like an arm. More and more of the skeleton popped and snapped into place, including the beast’s lower legs, pelvis, spine and neck, until it stood rather comfortably on its two large hooves. The swelling in its chest continued until two large furry breasts sagged down and hung from the massive equine shoulders; while thick black nipples punished out from the furry flesh. The soldiers eyes opened up wide as he realised what was happening; the corruptive cum had fused the human traits of his wife and daughter into the horse, so while the beast became more human; they presumably became more beast.

“NNneeeiiigghhh!!” The horse whinnied loudly as a sudden eruption of cum sprayed out from its still huge equine prick, before reaching its newly configured arms down to stroke the huge meat. The forelegs had totally mutated into three hooved fingers with a thumb to go with the newly changed digits; while the rest of its body had totally shifted to a more anthropomorphic appearance. The massive she-male horse stood proud and tall with its large marbled dick bobbing up and down at its crotch, the large breasts wobbling with every shift of its weight. The soldier walked up to the creature that stood before him, with seemingly no fear and spoke to the creature.

“C..can you understand me?”  The soldier said as he looked into the huge anthropomorphic horse’s large brown eyes, and almost immediately after it nodded to indicate it understood what he was saying.

“Are you….my wife? My daughter?” He asked again, before rubbing his hands across the muscular legs that stood before him. It reached its hand down to his chin and pulled it upwards to bring his gaze back up to its large animal eyes, before shaking its head to indicate that the horse that’d carried his wife and daughter had become sapient, it was its own ‘person’ now.

“Wh…where are they?” He asked the creature, a question which caused its tail to flick back and forth rather rapidly. The large equine turned its body around, the huge hooves pressing into the dirt until the soldier could see only its back. The first thing he noticed is that the merged monstrosity that his wife and daughter had become weren’t still attached to the creature’s back, in fact the large equine’s body was devious of any human flesh; only bay fur covered it’s upper and lower back. It was then he heard a rather strange squelching sound between the horse’s buttocks, and reached his hand down to grip the base of the tail. Rosanne watched as the soldier leaned down and lifted the tail up, and gasped at the sight before them.

A massive throbbing black anus which seemed far too large for a creature of its size sat between its large furry cheeks. Directly above and below it were the two merged faces of his wife and daughter. His wife’s face was underneath the anus, with her nose resting just above it; with her eyes looking up at her husband. The still brown human orbs gazed into Hector’s blue irises with nothing but pure lust and arousal reflecting within them, a massive sagging ball sack was merged with her brow and pulled her eyebrows down with every gradual pulsating shift of the horse’s scrotum. Directly above the anus was his daughter’s face, her nose was positioned above the swollen anus just like her mother. Her brow had merged with the dock of the horse’s tail while their cheeks had become a seamless part of the horse’s own buttocks. Both their mouths had been replaced with that massive pulsating black anus, seemingly the mouths fused into one giant fat equine pucker.

The soldier felt a strange wave of both satisfaction and terror wash over him as he saw the tip of what looked like a slimy tongue slip out from the inside of the rear. The shared tongue lapped up around the throbbing anus before sliding back in, leaving a film of shiny slime over their shared puckered ass mouth. Both his daughter and wife’s eyes rolled around in their sockets as the soldier pushed a finger against the soft sensitive walls of the horse’s anus, an act which also garnered a response from the horse in a form of a pleasurable nicker. He slid his finger inside before gradually pulling it out, and observed his family’s expressions; knowing that they were enjoying their fleshy prison and new perverted purpose. Whether they’d wanted to be a part of this creature or not before; they had no choice now, and they seemed to certainly enjoy the new perspective.

The soldier stood up and released the horse’s tail which flopped down and covered his familiy's faces, a smile curled across his lips at the realisation that this new creature was all of his family merged into a singular being. He walked up to Rosanne and realised that the large horse creature was following him; like an obedient dog following his master.

“Rosanne, I can’t thank you enough. If you ever need a favour with the guard….” The soldier said as he patted Rosanne’s legs, and watched as the two wormlike necks turned to look at him.

“Don’t mention it my dear, enjoy that lovely beast of yours!” Rosanne replied as she looked up at the equine beast, examining its body and floppy marbled cock before nodding both heads and turning herself around to resume her walk towards her destination. Before she left however she turned both heads around to watch the soldier and the equine creature walking away; and saw the horse lifting up its tail. Rosanne caught glimpse of the daughter and mother’s faces as their expressions changed to one of utter bliss; and a large steaming hunk of dung began to stretch their anus mouth open. Rosanne felt her prick harden at the sight, and watched as the daughter’s face expressed terrifying pleasure, while the mother wore a look of bliss and fear; seemingly able to still feel the stinking shit sliding out of their shared pucker. The horse kept its tail raised high as it left a trail of clumpy dung on the ground, the filthy black pucker stretching open again and again as a near constant wave of shit oozed from their shared lips.

Rosanne smiled as she turned her gaze over towards the large field she saw several naked prisoners being pushed towards a cow’s behind, and both heads observed this as they hopped away. A blast from a soldier’s staff shot the prisoners and the cow from a distance, and sure enough wails of pleasure were heard as the group of four female hostages were gradually merged with the cow. Their faces disappeared into the cow's behind while their mouths merged together into a massive singular anus; while their eyes blinked around the pucker as the last of their flesh was absorbed. The cow’s udder sagged down with even more mass as the soldiers walked up and led the cow towards a fenced off area with similar creatures that grazed in the field.

She was accustomed to this procedure, it was how they would ‘dispose’ of their prisoners, usually merging them with horses, cows and goats, while lucky prisoners might get the honour of becoming a soldier’s body part, or even a sex creature like herself to be used by the soldiers. She left the open field filled with cows and creatures alike, and continued to walk through the campsite and revelled in the things she saw.

To those who didn’t know what the campsites were like, this would have been a hellish place; but to a beast like Rosanne it was heaven. More of the stupid wormlike creatures wriggled through the mud, while she glanced into the various tents on the way by to see what the soldiers were doing. Some soldiers were playing games like cards or placing bets, while others were more daring and would play a game that was outlawed by the colonel.

Five soldiers would sit around a table and there would be five identical mugs. All five mugs were filled with ale, however in one of the mugs there would be concealed; a Dakini worm. The soldiers would cover the drinks with wooden coasters and each would select their drink; the unlucky one would become a slave to the Dakini worm and mutate horribly in front of the soldiers. The lucky men might then use the Dakini worm creature as they saw fit, a humiliating game for only the hardest members of the army to partake in. Sometimes a soldier might be able to grab the worm before it wriggled its way inside their body and turned them into its living sex slave, but most fell prey to the monster’s corruption, and were thrown into the dirt like the rest of the slimy creatures.

Dakini worms were used as weapons by the army, special soldiers whose sole purpose was to breed and infect cities with them would be highly valued in the army; but they never stayed human for long, as Dakini worms were skilled escape artists. Many of the worm spawns would crawl in the mud, some would take on more common forms like slithering snakes with a large eye at the tip of a cock, while others might became tiny rat like creatures; with the human they’d converted only able to observe as their body was taken for a ride by the worm.

Rosanne neared the tent and she began to lick her lips in the anticipation of who might be requesting her presence, her cock bobbing up and down with each hop as it grew slightly erect at the excitement. She turned her head to the left and saw another open tent, this time with a bizarre creature upon the table, it appeared to be a fusion of two human females, their legs and buttocks had been merged together, while their armless bodies writhed in agonising bliss as two soldiers rammed their cocks into their mouths. Only instead of lips they had something far more interesting underneath their eyes; a huge throbbing anus had replaced their nose and mouth; their eyes rolling about in unyielding bliss as they were used and abused; it was clear they’d been mutated for quite some time. Rosanne simply turned her head away as she approached the large tent, her minds focussed on a mission to see who’d summoned them.

“Ah you came!” A tall middle aged woman said as the froglike creature hopped into the tent, which was lavishly decorated in many different items of interest from many corners of the world. Several cabinets filled with alchemical mixtures and potions sat in the corners of the tent, while a large brewing table stood in the far left where the grand alchemist stood; the same person who’d greeted her as she entered. Another person stood in the middle of the room and faced away from Rosanne, with their figure covered by a hooded cloak.

“Rosanne, you have a visitor; from your home” The Grand alchemist said as she walked up to the two headed creature, and turned around to the ominous figure standing before them both. The cloaked person turned around and removed her hood, before looking up with a look of disbelief upon her eyes.

“I…didn’t think it was true!” The woman cried out as she placed her hands over her mouth, trying to hold back tears before she finally managed to retain her composure.

“I…I’m sorry, my daughters…what have you done to yourselves” She said as she walked up to Rosanne, and gently stroked a hand across their armless torso, the huge breasts wobbling a little as the Rosanne tried to process this information.

“Mother?!” both heads said at the same time as the two sets of eyes started down into their parents own set of pupils, the long white hair was a clear indication of her age, which was odd considering how poor they’d been before they’d joined up for the army.

“My daughters, I’ve travelled to be with you here and now, your father left and I have nobody in this world. I cannot bear to live apart from my family, I want….I want to be with you both…always” Their mother; Mylene said with a tear in her eye as she reached up to gently stoke the long wormlike neck. What Mylene was suggesting, and the thought alone of what might happen was terrifying to the mother; but it was something that Rosanne wanted greatly, thanks to her corrupted thought process. To a person in Mylene’s position this wasn’t an insane thought, most peasants would usually end up as Dakini slaves, or dead; the ability to choose their fate was something they didn’t have. The mother knew that they daughters would indulge her request, she had nothing left but death to look forward to; at least with this existence she could be with her daughters forever.

“You mean…” Rosanne said as her cock started to harden at the mere prospect of what her mother was suggesting, being a beast of lust her mind was interested in conversion; even if it was her own mother.

“She’s been prepared for you, should you do this; she will become one with you. I’ve applied the oils myself, so she will feel no pain” The grand alchemist said as she stepped towards Mylene and removed her cloak, to reveal her still rather shapely and beautiful naked form.

“You once helped me before Rosanne, by removing that stupid apprentice for me. This is my way of paying you back; consider us even” The alchemist said as she pulled away the rest of the cloak and folded it over her arm, before walking past Rosanne and patting her legs. She then removed herself from the tent; and closed the fabric doors behind her to give Rosanne the privacy she’d need.

“I am ready, p….please let me do this for you, I’ve nothing left” The mother said as she walked up to her daughter without a single bit of clothing on, and rubbed her fingers ever so delicately up Rosanne’s shared throbbing shaft. A moan of delight exited both Rosanne’s lips at the same time, while their cock began bouncing up and down gently in front of Mylene; a glob of cum slowly oozed out the tip and onto her fingers.

“M…mother, what’re you….” Rosanne said at the sight of her mother’s fingers scooping up her fused daughter’s seed, before she reached her finger down and slipped it between her labia. A gentle gasp of pleasure exited Mylene’s mouth at the feeling of her fingers sliding between her vaginal walls, an area that’d been unloved for a many years but a cheating husband; a husband that’d kicked her out her very home and forced her to find refuge in the slums. She’d been heartbroken and tried to find her daughters after hearing of their conversion, using the last of her pittance to buy passage to seal her fate forever; lest she risk death or being a Dakini slave to some rich lord.

“It’s ok my daughters, I want….ahhH!!! th….this!” She replied and gasped even louder this time as she rubbed the slick corruptive cum across her pussy, before removing her dripping fingers and resumed her gentle massaging of Rosanne’s oozing dick. She turned herself around and presented her backside to her former daughters, using both hands to spread her buttocks apart and revealed a red throbbing pussy; which was a clear indication that the corruption had begun to afflict her genitals.

Mylene could feel the burning heat starting to move into her body from her slick female opening as it began to gradually inflate between her cheeks, before gasping loudly as she felt her daughter’s dick gently press up against her throbbing lips. The changes seemed to be occurring incredibly slowly, possibly due to the small amount of seed she’d infected herself with; however her mind had certainly started to come under its effects.

“Y…yes! Please!” Mylene moaned loudly as she begged her daughters to screw her into just another mindless beast, a corrupted abomination to be used like an object. As soon as Rosanne felt their throbbing red glands slide inside their mother’s puffy pussy lips, they could contain themselves no longer. Rosanne bucked her hips forwards and slid nearly half of her long thick shaft inside their mother, and let out a sudden groan of joy. One would have expected the mother to be pushed forwards by the sheer force and size of her shaft; something which could never have fit so deep or easily inside a human.

However it seemed her flesh was more pliant than normal, Rosanne wondered if this was the work of their own corruptive cum, or the alchemists oils? They didn’t care at this point, and judging by sounds that began to sound from their mother’s mouth; they assumed she didn’t either.

Mylene’s pussy had stretched open to rather impossible proportions, and at the same time she could feel her insides gradually stretching out and changing to suit her daughter’s dick. There was no pain or any discomfort, everything seemed to slide inside her without any resistance. To Rosanne it was like sticking a finger inside warm putty; the flesh seemingly moulded itself around the shaft with very little resistance. Rosanne began pumping her cock in and out of her mother’s opening; groaning and kissing each other’s lips at the same time, lapping at their mouths while they screwed their mother into another abomination.

“Ahhhh! Ohhh….OH GODS! ARRHHH!” Mylene suddenly screamed in agonising bliss and shock as Rosanne suddenly thrust the entire length of her shaft inside her mother; her eyes bulging open wide as her eyes glanced across her stomach. A huge bulge pushed up from her belly button and began moving up between her breasts; a bulge which seemingly felt like an object moving inside her torso. Rosanne groaned as they hilted their mother and began pumping in and out of her stretched hole rapidly, only pulling out a little from within their moaning parent each time; to make sure she was kept full of cock. Mylene’s eyes rolled upwards in pleasure as she began to drool, the powerful feelings of blissful orgasmic pleasure rocked through her body like a tidal wave with every thrust of the object inside her. It felt like her daughter had impaled her entire torso, but there was no pain; only pleasure. It was like her whole body was changing into a giant pussy for her to use; however the truth was far more sinister. Rosanne suddenly grunted at a strange feeling from around her cock; a sensation which began to manifest around the base of their dick. Rosanne suddenly felt a massive surge of heat and blood pump through their body, which caused their large cock to rise upwards within Mylene’s body.

“ARhhh gods...mmmMMORE!” Mylene screamed as she was literally lifted up from the ground, while the bulge that deformed her belly grew up between her breasts. All the while the screaming mother stroked across the surface of her bulking growth, drool leaking from her lips as her mind was unable to comprehend the bizarre pleasure of her morphing body. Shivering sensations of orgasmic pleasure shot up and down Mylene’s body as she could feel her pussy clamping down against her daughters shared prick, a sensation which was akin to having some kind of glue slapped between the two organic structures. Rosanne broke away from their kiss and looked down at their mother, whose feet dangled above the floor as her entire body was speared upon their cock. However what felt strange to Rosanne is that she couldn’t feel her cock, she could see the end plunged deep into her mother’s backside; but the wonderful feelings of wet comfort were no longer present. Rosanne suddenly shuddered in joy as they both felt her mother’s buttocks pressing up against their crotch, which then began to stick to their own skin like adhesive. Both heads stared in wonderment as the flesh of their mother’s backside began to fuse with their crotch, while thick throbbing veins began to spread across the Mylene’s back.

Mylene could only gulp and groan as the bulging mass she still believed to be Rosanne’s dick moved up even further, the mass itself began to stretch her breasts apart while her arms and fingers still stroked and rubbed at the stiff mass of throbbing flesh. It was then she felt her feet and legs start to grow numb, which prompted her to gaze downwards to observe her toes and feet gradually starting to deform into lumps. The once relatively smooth human flesh started to sag and crinkle as the bones within her legs gradually disappeared, all movement began to fade away while she noticed that thick throbbing veins had begun to spread up her deforming torso. Her expression was a mixture of terror and excitement at the sight of her warping form, realising that she no longer possessed a belly button, or a belly. Her entire lower torso had been fused against Rosanne’s crotch, leaving her unable to move away or escape this fate. However Mylene had no intention of doing so, and with another powerful surge of orgasmic pleasure, she screamed again in bliss while Rosanne watched her mother throb with blood and hormones. Her pussy and ass finally sealed up totally against Rosanne’s crotch, leaving her mutated lower body looking more like the base of a very thick cock than a human’s torso. Rosanne shivered with delight as she felt her mother’s legs press up against their shared ball sack, which was then followed the familiar sticking sensations that indicated their flesh was fusing into one. Mylene kept her gaze locked upon what remained of her legs, and watched with perverted fascination as her changing limbs began to merge into a singular sagging bag of wrinkly flesh. Rosanne’s testicles started to move through her merging skin and into the new large scrotum that had been her mother’s legs mere moments ago, now forming a new purpose to house their gradually swelling testicles.

Mylene could feel every inch of her body changing, ever wave of blood that moved through he growing veins across her spine; the thick throbbing veins carving new paths through her body. The last of her toes vanished into the sagging wrinkly ball sack until Rosanne began to feel the testicles pulsating up and down; flesh that once belonged to Mylene yielded itself to her.

Mylene however was not left out of the loop, from the base of her body, to the tip of her head; she could feel everything that once belonged to her; including the huge throbbing scrotum that now sat between the amphibious legs of Rosanne. The two headed monstrosity resumed their messy kissing, moaning loudly while their mother gasped with bliss at the feeling of her changing body. Rosanne also began to feel their mother’s body throbbing in sync with their heartbeat, along with feeling through her body like the nice fat dick she was clearly becoming. They could feel the movement of her lips, her fingertips rubbing across her swelling bulge that began to grow even larger with every pulse of blood that rushed through her. Mylene’s waist fattened up while her breasts began to gradually shrink into her throbbing tube-like body; and at the same time her fingers continued to rub and knead at the large bulge of corpus spongiosum that spread up towards her neck, which would form the thick underside of Rosanne’s dick. The feeling of stroking her stretching skin was like nothing she’d ever felt before, it was a sensation of orgasmic bliss that seemed to ache through her whole body; like every inch of her torso was a throbbing erogenous zone to be kneaded and touched. She knew what was happening, what she would become; and embraced it proudly; while moaning as her way of begging for more.

“Oh mother!! You feeeeeel so gooood!” Rosanne groaned deeply as she tugged at the muscles in her crotch with each pulse of blood, causing her mother’s entire body to wobble; which in turn began to send ripples of pleasure through her body. More veins spread around her body up to her shoulders, while at the same time the skin around her neck began to loosen up a little. Mylene didn’t pay much attention to this at first, she was more concerned with the sudden production of fluid that seemed to be welling up in her mouth.

“Feerllls….soo good; yessss! URrgglll…ohgggurrgle gourrrgggle!” Mylene said with a mouthful of fluid, before her entire throat began to swell up as thick white cum began to ooze out from her maw. The fluid didn’t seem to be coming from her mouth; but rather from within her throat, and the action of bringing it up felt to Mylene; like a pleasant form of vomiting. The sweet and salty fluid began oozing out her lips while she licked at her mouth and rolled her eyes up in pleasure; as the feeling of bringing up this sticky substance brought her a strange alien pleasure. Mylene reached up and gripped at the loose skin that began to form around her neck, and tugged away at the flesh as it detached from her chin; revealing more human skin beneath. Her fingertips began rubbing into the folds that would soon become her foreskin, while a bubble of cum grew from her mouth as the last breath of air was released from her lungs. She no longer needed a heart, or lungs; she would serve only as another part of Rosanne’s body. It was then she felt her hands starting to shrink away from her neck as the skin grew wide and fatter; he neck also followed suit as her shoulders began to slowly fade away into the thick tube of flesh that made up her body. A long large vein grew up her back and around the loose foreskin, at the same time she felt the tingling corruptive cum suddenly spurt from her mouth at the sudden burst of blood that surged into her dick-like body.

“Oh god….our cock feels so big; oh mother!! Thank you!” Rosanne groaned as she began to see Mylene less as a mother, and more like a memory; the very name sounded like something you’d give your left hand, rather than the name of the person who’d brought you into the world. Rosanne continued to kiss and lap at each other’s mouth as the felt her mother’s transformation as much as Mylene did; the feeling of the warping flesh, and the gurgling cum ejaculating from her mouth was too much to cope with. Mylene desperately tried to scrabble at her neck and body, desperate to use her merging mitten like hands; but they too became nothing more than stumps on the side of her huge aching body that now functioned as her daughter’s dick. She was nothing more than a cock to Rosanne now; a lump of flesh to bring her pleasure, reduced to nothing more than something to stick inside whatever they pleased. Even though Rosanne had her mother reduced to a cock, she still felt love for her; a strange mixture of the love a man might have for his cock, and the love of a parent.

Mylene felt content in her new purpose as she felt her mouth and nose reshaping, she closed her eyes as the foreskin around her neck slowly began to slide up her swelling chin. The remainder of her arms disappeared into her throbbing veiny body, while the foreskin around her neck grew thicker and wider. Mylene’s hair began to fall away as the colour of her scalp changed from a normal pink, to a dark red. The fibres fell away while her mouth began to tug upwards over her shrinking nose. Her eyes rolled around in her closed sockets while she felt the foreskin slowly sliding up her chin. Suddenly the thick smelly lubricated skin slipped up over her face and covered the entire morphing head, leaving her totally blind to the world around her. The last strands of hair fell from the loose puckered foreskin as Mylene’s face and head started to reshape within the dark smelly enclosure of her prick-skin. Rosanne felt her mother’s features disappearing within the dark enclosures of her foreskin, realising that all which was recognisable about her mother would disappear and only a fat cock would remain.

Slowly but surely Rosanne watched as the foreskin began to gradually peel back, and revealed the tip of a thick red cock head. Cum oozed out from the tip of the now slit-like glands, while the rest of Mylene’s facial features were no more. There was simply smooth skin and no eyes could be seen, Mylene had become totally indistinguishable from any other human cock; with not a single trace of her origin left. This sudden realisation that her mother had become just another part of her, that she now functioned as her throbbing dick acted as the final piece of stimulation Rosanne required; and without much warning a powerful orgasm struck the newly changed Rosanne.

The same corruptive cum erupted from the tip of Mylene’s mouth, and splattered across the floor before dribbling down the thick aching cock that’d once been Rosanne’s mother. Mylene’s mind was still intact and could only feel the pleasure her new erect body provided; she was now just a passive observer, simply along for the ride. She could still taste through her urethra, and loved the taste of her daughter’s salty corruptive seed; aching at the feelings of being nothing but a dumb hunk of cock-flesh for her daughters to use. Rosanne felt the last of her orgasm die down, and watched as the huge cock went limp and sagged down to the floor. Mylene could do nothing but enjoy the sensations of her foreskin sliding back over her head; now totally indistinguishable from any other cock; albeit a lot larger than the average penis.

Rosanne moaned deeply as she felt the skin slip over her dick’s head, happy she had a nice new piece of flesh to play with, the name Mylene was now just something to call her cock when she was sentimental; the mother that’d stood before them a mere ten minutes ago was no more.

“Well then that was nice, our cock certainly feels bigger…and heavier” Rosanne said to herself, giggling loudly as the new fat dick fell limp to the ground and rested within the dirt. She heard a noise from behind her, and turned both heads around to see the grand alchemist standing before them.

“I see you’ve made use of your mother, good! The colonel has requested your presence, he…came by and asked why I was languishing about the camp. I told him your story, and he’s requested your presence; I think he has a mission for you; something about some new victims” The grand alchemist said with a smile, before she stepped aside to allow Rosanne out.

“Ohhh that sounds fun, we can put our new cock to the test!” Rosanne said to herself gleefully, before looking back at the alchemist.

“Indeed! Now you get going; you don’t want to keep the colonel waiting” The grand alchemist said with a grin as Rosanne began gently hopping out of the tent, while her cock was dragged behind her within the dirt; leaving a slick trail of corruptive cum in her wake.

Rosanne began to grin gleefully at the thoughts of her future mission, what perverted things the colonel might have for her; and what unlucky humans would taste the power of her wonderful corruptive cum.