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There is some fantastic use of the concept of space-time normalization of transformations here.

Source: http://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapte … /full.html

PDF version with illustrations: https://goo.gl/wb6jvC


Transform or Dare?
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Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school
colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...

It Begins With a Pussy on Her Face
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“Oh piss off, it’s not like any of this is real”

He sounded far from the phone and Jen asked, “Are you on speaker? Is this some fucking prank you and your friends cooked up?”

“I’m... No... That doesn't matter. Hurry up and choose, you only have a few seconds to decide...” Kyle replied with a hint of panic.

“Fine...Transform... Whatever” Jen yelled back.

Jen could hear him let out a relieved sigh, then without hesitation he said, “For your transformation, your nose and mouth will switch places with your pussy.”

Jen laughed, then asked, “Are you serious? I thought you were a pervert before, but this is on a whole new level...”

“Perverted?” Kyle yelled, “Fine... Any attempt to change back will just result in a different transformation.”

“How’s that for a whole new level?”

“If you like to gamble, feel free to test it. I've had pretty good luck with mirrors.”

“You might go back to normal, or you might end up with dicks for hands.”

“Mirrors? Dick hands... What the fuck are you talking about?” Jen asked.

He ignored her protest and continued, “Whatever happens, people will think you’re normal, with the exception of the two of us.”

Jen asked, “Do you realize how crazy you sound right now?”

Kyle was silent for a moment then said, “If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life like that, you must apologize to me by noon this Saturday.”

Jen was a little surprised at the sudden change in his voice as he spoke. It was very monotone, almost like he was reading a script.

“You have two choices. Say you’re sorry, or learn to live with whatever you become.”

Jen shot back, “like I’d ever apologize to a perverted freak like you!”

He sighed then said, “Glad to hear it... Good luck Jen.”

Jen was annoyed and slammed phone back into the cradle as she yelled, “What a fucking waste of time. Is he completely insane?”

She cursed and continued the search for the rest of her uniform...

She Changes
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[Wednesday - 7:00AM]

She was pissed off after wasting time on the phone with Kyle and was annoyed that she couldn't find the rest of her uniform. She decided to head up to her room to look again.

As she climbed the stairs, she felt out of breath. Near the top, she realized that her throat had begun to close.

She tried to call for help but couldn't. As she struggled, she crossed her eyes and watched her nose flatten out. At the same time, her mouth fused shut and her teeth melted away. The event wasn't painful but did frighten her. In moments her mouth was gone, leaving only smooth skin and the profile of her chin and cheek bones.

She was about to pass out from a lack of oxygen but suddenly took a deep breath, choked a few times, then recovered. She felt the warm air on her inner thighs. Each consecutive breath traveled through her pelvis. That misplaced intake made her realize that the curse was real.

As she breathed, the smooth area on her face split apart. She felt as it slowly opened and reconnected with her throat, though she wasn't sure it was her throat anymore.

She reached up and felt her pussy.

Pussy Face
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She ran into her room, pulled the door shut and looked in the full length mirror. It was true, her pussy had migrated to her face.

Seeing the change made her feel dizzy. There was no nose or mouth, just a pink slit starting between her eyes. She pulled down her skirt and was horrified to find her nose and mouth between her legs.

“Unbelievable...” She said.

The unexpected sound from her crotch startled her and she began to cry. Warm tears ran down her misplaced vulva.

She jumped when her brother knocked on the door and said, “Yo sis!, You better hurry up, the bus will be here soon.”

“Uh...OK.” She replied, not entirely sure what to do next...

Say Sorry
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She cautiously regained her composure.

“According to the curse I just need to apologize to Kyle and I’ll go back to normal.” She thought.

The bus would be there soon and she had to hurry. She pulled back on her skirt and ran back to the phone in the hallway.

The caller ID still had his number and she pressed redial. She held the phone to her ear and listened as it rang. After a few minutes Kyle picked up.

“Kyle, I’m sorry! Please undo the curse.”

“Hello? ....... Who is this? I can’t hear anything...” Kyle replied.

Jen realized that her mouth wasn't anywhere near the mouthpiece and lowered the phone down to her crotch. Once there, she repeated her apology.

Nothing happened.

“Kyle... I said I’m sorry, please undo this...” She begged.

She pulled the phone back to her ear to hear his response.

He had hung up.

“That fucking piece of shit pervert prick! Fucking Fuck. How dare he hang up.”

“She quickly hit redial, but was met with a busy signal.”


Just then her brother came around the corner...


Re: Transform or Dare: Pussy Face - by fortestingpurposes

She Finds Her Top
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Roy, her twin brother, asked, “what’s wrong Jen?”

“This asshole won’t pick up his phone!” She yelled back.

“It’ll have to wait, the bus will be here any minute. Where’s your top ... and sock?”

“I can’t find them...” Jen said, suddenly embarrassed that she was standing there in her bra.

“I’m sure the guys would love it if you went to school that way but, since I’m such a great brother, I’ll help you out.” Roy replied with a smirk.

“I saw your top on the couch a little while ago.”

“Thanks,” Jen said.

Her slight embarrassment from being shirtless was suddenly eclipsed by her realization that he was looking right at her pussy. She quickly reached up and covered it with both hands.

“Jen?” He asked, with a look of confusion.

“You saw it!” She yelled as tears began to form, “I can’t believe you saw it...”

“Your top?” He asked with a confused expression.

“My...My face...” Jen replied.

“Uh...Yea?” He added.

“Are you OK?”

Jen was to embarrassed to process what had just happened and quickly ran past him to get her top from the living room.

With that in one hand and her pussy still covered by the other, she ran back upstairs...

What's With The Bandanna?
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She pulled on the top and tried to figure out what to do about her face. It was hot outside, so she had to rule out scarves or turtlenecks. Still in a hurry, she found a pink bandanna and quickly positioned it over the pussy. She found her missing sock near the foot of the bed and pulled it on. She still hadn't found the panties that went with her uniform, but decided to leave them off since she was now breathing from down below.

After pulling on her other sock and both shoes, she went back downstairs to wait with her brother. She was stuck in panic mode and desperately wanted to hide in her room, but knew that her only chance to fix this was to find Kyle at school. She picked up her bag and met Roy on the front porch.

“What’s with the bandanna sis?” He asked just as the bus pulled up.

“You saw my face... What do you think?” She replied sarcastically.

“I think you’re acting a little odd, but I won’t judge.” He replied with a smile.

Jen didn't respond as they stepped onto the bus. Other kids gave her strange looks as she moved down the isle to meet her friends.

“Hi Jen, what’s up with the bandanna?” Suzy asked.

“Yea, you look like you’re about to rob the bus.” Alex laughed.

“I've got a sore on my lip.” Jen lied, hoping they’d drop the subject.

“You've got a sore on your pussy?” Beth asked with a laugh.

“Is it bad?" Suzy asked, as she grabbed the bandanna and pulled it down.

Jen panicked and quickly threw her hands over her face to hide it from view.

“Let us see Jen. We might be able to fix it with makeup.”

Jen felt she had no choice and slowly lowered her hands. Suzy reached up and pulled apart her labia for a closer look. Jen felt Suzy’s fingers and fought the urge to scream.

“Looks fine to me, do you girls see anything out of the ordinary?”

“Nope, same as ever...”

Jen was terrified but managed to ask, “So having a pussy on my face isn't strange to you?”

“Why would it be?” Beth replied.

“It’s different, but I couldn't imagine you any other way,” Suzy added as she withdrew her hand.

Jen thought back to the curse, “People will think you’re normal...”

They convinced her to take off the bandanna. Apparently that was more disturbing than having a naked pussy on her face. She caved to the pressure and stuffed it into her backpack. Without it she felt exposed and spent the rest of the ride with her head down...

Bathroom Break
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They arrived at the school and split off to find their lockers. Jen and Beth were in first period together and made there way to the east end of the school after waving goodbye to Suzy and Alex.

Jen felt an unusual, yet familiar pressure growing in her throat and neck.

“Oh no...” Jen said.

“What’s the matter?” Beth asked.

“I...I need to pee.” Jen said, realizing that she never had an opportunity to go before she left that morning.

“Want me to come with you?” Beth asked.

“No... You go ahead... I’ll see you in class.” Jen said, quickly making her way to the nearest bathroom.

“Alright... See you there!” Beth yelled as she disappeared into the crowd.

Jen made it to a stall and began to sit down, then realized her mistake when she caught a whiff of the toilet right beside her nose. She turned around and looked into the bowl. She could feel same muscles that used to be in her groin up in her neck and cheeks. As she loosened them, urine came pouring from her face. She began to cry as she though about how freakish she was. So far, the only relief she had was that nobody was paying any attention to her.

She finished and wondered how strange her anatomy must have been now that everything was flipped around. She wiped the face pussy and left for her first class...

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She was a little late and Mr. Johnson made sure she knew it. He gave her a look then told her to find a seat. With a quiet apology, she sat down next to Beth, then spread her legs so she could breath more comfortably. Next, she folded her arms and buried her face.

After a short lecture, Mr. Johnson said, “I hope everyone has their presentation ready.”

“Jennifer, since it looks like you’d rather be sleeping, why don’t you go first?”

She quickly pulled her head up and said, “I wasn’t sleeping.”

She still wasn’t used to speaking with a mouth in her crotch. She looked down and noticed something. A few drops of clear fluid on the desk. She realized were it came from and quickly rubbed her arm across the now moist pussy. As the moisture hit her arm, she felt her cheeks turn red with embarrassment. Drooling from a mouth was one thing, but this? She didn’t want to stand in front of everyone with a wet pussy on her face.

Her heart raced as Mr. Johnson said, “Sleeping or not, you need to pay attention. Now please come to the front and read your essay.”

After everything that had happened, she had completely forgotten about the assignment. It was in her backpack but she hesitated to pull it out.

“Come on Jennifer, we don’t have all day.”

“OK, coming...” She replied, finally working up enough courage to retrieve the papers.

With shaky legs, she stepped to the front of the room and turned around. Half of them watched her while the other half was preoccupied with the windows or floor. She lifted the essay up to cover her face and began.

“Napoleon Bonaparte was ... born on the 15th ... of August ... in seventeen six ... sixty nine...”

She usually had no trouble reading in front of a class, but today was different. As she spoke, she felt the lips on her face filling with hot blood, causing them to swell. Her skin tingled and she felt goosebumps running down her chest, making her nipples stand.

Moisture built up in her pussy and began to drip down her chin. She was somewhere between aroused and terrified. As adrenaline pumped. Her trembling legs made it more difficult to speak from her groin. After what felt like ages, she finally finished.

Mr. Johnson looked up and said, “Thank you Jen. Please leave your essay on my desk and sit back down.”

“Beth, will you go next?”

She sat and once again burred her face in folded arms. Fortunately, the rest of class consisted of other students reading essays. Mr. Johnson didn’t call on her again.

After about half of the class had read, the bell rang. She quickly grabbed her bag and left the room...

Not Here
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Desperate to fix this, she went straight for the freshman lockers to find Kyle.

She didn’t see him, but did find one of his friends.

“Hey, where’s Kyle?”

“I haven’t seen him today.” He replied.

“Do you know where he might be?” Jen pressed.

“We’re both in science next period, maybe he’s already there...” He said.

“Take me there!” Jen demanded.

“Fine...It’s this way...” The boy replied, a little annoyed that she was interrupting his short break.

They arrived at the classroom and Jen looked in. Some of the younger kids looked up at her. It was either to stare at her pussy, or because they didn’t know why a senior was looking into the room. It felt wrong to aim her genitals at so many young eyes. She pivoted her groin into the doorway and asked, “Is Kyle here?”

One of the kids in the back said, “I haven’t seen him today.”

“That little prick!” Jen thought, then quickly left without offering thanks.

Her best bet now would be to request that he come to the office. With minutes until her next class, she half ran to the font office and pushed through the door. One of the secretaries looked at her and asked, “Can I help you?”

“I need to see Kyle Perkins, can you call him here?” Jen asked, somewhat out of breath.

The secretary turned to her computer and said, “Sure, one moment...”

She quickly keyed something into the computer then turned back to Jen and said, “I’m sorry. It looks like he’s out today.”

“Out? Why is he out?” She asked, beginning to panic.

The secretary then asked, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Yes... Kyle Perkins! I need to speak with him!” Jen said, becoming impatient.

The secretary once again turned to her computer, then said, “Oh, sorry. He’s out today.”

Something wasn’t right. She wanted to argue but the bell rang before she could respond.

“Fuck...” She thought, not wanting to endure another moment with a pussy face.

She didn’t want to be late again and quickly left for her next class...

Just Like Them
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Jen made it through the next class without being called on. The following period was a study hall and she took the opportunity to continue the search for Kyle. She went back to the office but had no luck with either secretary. It was like they were stuck in a loop. She knew Kyle was behind it and had no choice but to give up. She wished she had saved his phone number from that morning, but since she hadn’t she couldn’t call until she was back home.

She met Suzy, Alex, and Beth in study hall.

“Hi Jen.” Suzy said as she sat down next to them.

“We were just talking about Alex’s new man.”

“Stop it Suzy...” Alex replied with a blush.

“They hooked up last night,” Suzy added with a grin.

“Yea, you don’t need to go and tell everyone though...” Alex said with an annoyed look.

“Don’t be ashamed Alex, he’s really hot.” Beth replied with a slight blush.

Beth was the only girl in their group who hadn’t had sex yet.

“What was it like?”

“Well, he didn’t last very long, but he had a big cock and it felt really good.” Alex bragged.

“Good to know that he’s more than just a pretty face and muscles,” Suzy added.

“I remember my first time. It was last year with Nathan.”

“He nearly lost it when I pulled off my panties. Luckily he held his load until I had my fun with him.”

“Jen, who was your first?”

Jen wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about this in her current condition, but said, “Uh... It was sophomore year...”

“Yea? Who was it?” Beth pressed.

“Remember Owen?” Jen answered.

“Oh yea, he was a real hunk. Didn’t he transfer last year?” Suzy asked.

Jen blushed, and added, “Yea. To bad he didn’t stick around, he was pretty great.”

“That must have been very strange for you.” Alex added.

“What do you mean?” Jen asked.

“He knew what he was getting before you two even started. It’s odd to imagine first time sex without that revealing moment.” Suzy added with a giggle.

“He was plenty excited to see what I had to offer!” Jen replied, not yet realizing that her friends couldn’t imagine a version of her before the curse.

“What does sex feel like for you?” Alex asked.

“I can’t imagine it feels any different... We’ve all got the same hardware here.” Jen replied feeling a bit ticked off.

“Wouldn’t you have to do it in the sixty nine position? Or maybe it’s like a really sexy blow job.” Suzy joked.

Jen finally understood and said, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

“Oh come on Jen, she’s just joking.” Alex replied.

Jen stayed quiet, but felt heat on her cheeks and lips. Thinking about Owen made her horny...

Not Like Them
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Jen still had some twenty minutes until her next class and could feel pressure building in her neck. She knew what that meant and decided to use the restroom. Her friends offered to tag along but she asked them to stay. As she left she heard Suzy say, “We must have struck a nerve...”

She didn’t want to give her friends the cold shoulder, but couldn’t bear continue that conversation. She walked down the hallway and found the closest bathroom. It was empty when she entered. She considered herself lucky and found a clean stall to relieve herself in.

Just like that morning, piss came pouring from the middle of her face. She hated everything about this. Once finished she wiped off with some toilet paper.

She went to the sink and washed her hands, then looked up at herself. Her pussy was a cute pink slit with two small lips peeking out. It was quite the specimen, but currently lived in the wrong place. After her early morning adrenaline rush and that short conversation with her friends, she found herself feeling really horny.

Jen reached up and pulled open her lips to look inside. With her eyes so close to her pussy, she could get a really close look at things. She was amazed as she discovered herself in a way that she never could have before. She flexed some muscles in her throat and opened her vagina. With the bright lights above the mirror, she had no problem seeing down into the opening. She could see her wet pink walls and cervix.

It was surreal to see it in such clarity after only really knowing what it looked like in text books and pictures online. It was also really strange to see this anatomy traveling down her neck. She continued to investigate by stroking her finger in between the inner and outer labia, then began to pinch the hood just above her clitoris. She could feel the lips swelling with blood and watched as her clit poked out.

She was turned on now. With some time before her next class, she decided to give her misplaced pussy a test drive...

Test Drive
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Jen pulled on the sensitive lips and ran her fingers along the skin around her opening. After a moment she slid in two fingers. It felt exactly like it had when it was downstairs. She moved her fingers and found her most sensitive spots. It wasn’t long before fluid began to leak down her fingers and chin.

While her left hand was occupied with the opening, she maneuvered her right onto the now swollen clit. She pinched and rolled the little nub. Her body twitched as spasms of pleasure overtook her. Her pussy continued to drool onto her fingers as she slipped them in and out and massaged the inner walls. She usually took longer to feel this good. As familiar as these sensations were, they felt new.

It wasn’t long before she felt her chest heave. It heaved again, and again... She felt heat in her neck and after a moment, fluid filled her throat. A line of sticky juice stayed connected to her fingers as she withdrew them.

She let out a long sigh from her groin then looked back in the mirror. Cum began to drool down the open hole. She worried that people would be more inclined to point out her unusual face since the pussy was open and had two engorged lips.

She reached up and pushed her cheeks together. Unfortunately that only made more fluid ooze out. She would have no choice but to wait for her pussy to tighten up on it’s own.

She leaned forward over the sink and flexed her the muscles in her neck to push out excess fluid, then grabbed a handful of toilet paper to wipe off her face and chin. As she went back to the sink, Alex walked in...

Not Unusual
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“Oh, Hi Alex,” Jen said, turning to face her.

“Hi Jen... Looks like you’ve been having some fun.” Alex replied with an awkward smile.

Jen kicked herself for not being more cautious. Cum still clung to her lips as she turned away and began to wipe it clean.

“Hey don’t be embarrassed. You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last...”

“To have a pussy on my face?” Jen asked, a bit annoyed at how lightly she spoke.

“No, to masturbate in the bathroom...” Alex whispered.

“Oh...” Jen replied.

“What’s wrong Jen? You’ve been acting strange all morning.” Alex asked.

“Well, this morning some asshole called and cursed me. Now my pussy is on my face and my mouth is in my crotch.” Jen added.

“Wait...What?” Alex asked, taken back by her comments.

“You’ve been like this since you were born. Are you feeling self conscious?”

“I wasn’t born like this!” Jen shot back, angry with her friend for dismissing her explanation so easily.”

“Hey, I’m just telling the truth here, you don’t need to yell at me.” Alex replied.

Jen sighed. She knew the conditions of the curse and replied, “You’re right... I’m sorry Alex...”

“Jeez...” Alex said as she entered one of the stalls.

Jen left the bathroom...

Lunch Time
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Jen had only been rearranged for a few hours but was quickly getting used to speaking and using the restroom with her upside down parts. She gave up on finding Kyle that day. It seemed like anyone she asked would try to help, but after a few moments would forget who they were looking for.

Jen suspected that it had something to do with her curse, but had no idea what. She recalled every detail she could remember.

“My pussy switched places with my nose and mouth...”

“If I try to fix it, I’ll transform again...”

“I need to apologize by Saturday or I’m stuck this way...”

She imagined that it could have been worse. “What if he hadn’t offered a way out at all?”

The thought made her want to cry, but she was distracted by the sound of the bell. It was lunch time.

She met her friends in the cafeteria. She hadn’t given much though to eating until they were standing in line. Feeling a little panicked, she loaded her tray with small portions and found a seat.

“How the heck am I supposed to eat like this!” She said, as she lifted a spoon full of mashed potatoes to her pussy.

“Not like that!” Beth yelled, then started laughing. Alex and Suzy followed soon after realizing what she nearly did.

“Jeez Jen, did you forget how to eat?” Suzy asked, still giggling.

“Food goes in mouth dummy!” Alex added.

Jen was embarrassed and quickly said, “I know... I was just joking.”

“Good one... I really thought you were going to do it...” Beth replied.

Jen didn’t think she sounded convincing but was glad Beth validated her.

She reached down and lifted her skirt, leaned back, then carefully pushed the potatoes in.

Had she been ordinary, she would have literally been shoving food in her pussy, but things were swapped. She found that her mouth worked just fine in it’s new position. She chewed then swallowed. Food traveled up her pelvis and into her stomach. It felt strange.

The four girls carried on a conversation and eventually finished eating. Jen had a little trouble maneuvering the spoon and fork below the table and finished last. Her friends were kind enough to wait. After the last bite, she slid out of the bench and dropped her tray at the receptacle. The group split off and went to their respective lockers...

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Eventually she made it to her last period. Spending the day with her pussy on her face was weird and scary, but she was becoming more confident. With that confidence came some daring behavior.

She sat in her last class listening to a boring lecture from Mrs. Jenkins. She had one arm on the desk, and the other holding up her head. Her hand was pressed against the side of her cheek and she could feel the stretched skin pulling her lips apart. Nobody was phased by it so she didn’t give it much thought.

Jen decided to perform a little test. She adjusted her hand so that her little finger was right next to her pussy, then she gently slid it in. She wondered if anyone would react.


She slid her ring finger in next to it. Still nothing. Mrs. Jenkins looked towards her, but didn’t say anything. This was beginning to turn her on, so she lifted her middle finger up to her clit and began to massage the now rising nub of flesh. Just then, the bell rang.

There was a quiet slurping sound as she pulled her fingers free. She wiped them on her skirt and grabbed her bag. As she walked towards the door, Mrs. Jenkins told her to stop.

“What’s up Mrs. J?” Jen asked.

“I’ll let you know as soon as everyone leaves the room. Please wait there.” She replied.

Jen didn’t know what to expect, but suspected it had something to do with her pussy.

Once the other students had left, Mrs. Jenkins turned to her and said, “I know young ladies like to explore, but you need to be respectful. A classroom is no place for that sort of thing.”

Jen knew exactly what she was talking about and could only say, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

Jen was definitely embarrassed, but now felt more informed. Apparently showing was fine, but playing with it crossed the line.

“So that’s the limit? Fair enough... I guess I’ll just do that on my own time,” She thought.

She would have loved to go home, but today was Wednesday and that meant cheer practice...

Cheer Practice
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She met the other girls on the way to the gym. Since that morning she had been wearing her uniform. She was glad for it, since it allowed easy access to her mouth and nose. As she thought about that, she realized that any sort of flips or twists would reveal her ass to the other girls. Suddenly flush with embarrassment, she tried to think of ways that she could get out. Before anything came to mind, their coach whistled and yelled, “Get in line girls.”

She missed her opportunity and quickly joined the others. She waited for their first formation, hoping that she wouldn’t be picked out as their flyer.

Coach Reynolds went down the line and gave a quick pep talk, then explained the first formation.

She turned to the first girl in line and said, “Ann, you’re a spotter. Take the back left side.”

She continued up the line and assigned Alex and Beth to be spotters as well.

“Jen, you’re the flyer, get in the center.”

Jen dreaded the words and said, “But coach... I can’t...”

“What do you mean you can’t? What’s wrong...” Coach Reynolds asked.

“I’m...Not...I didn’t wear underwear...” Jen quietly replied.

“Why would you? I can’t have my head cheerleader suffocating can I?” Coach Reynolds replied.

Some of the other girls laughed and Jen lowered her head. Given her current condition, Coach was right.

“Alright... Suzy, you take the front left spotter position.”

Coach set up two more groups then explained their stunt.

Jen would definitely be showing her ass to everyone tonight. The first stunt involved tossing her up, then catching her with spread legs. She would have to hold that pose for a few seconds. After that she was supposed to drop straight down then somersault out.

The whistle blew and they began.

Jen managed to screw it up two times in a row to avoid letting her skirt fly up.

“Jen, get it together!” Coach yelled.

“Yea Jen, what’s going on...” Suzy asked.

“Come on, we don’t want to be here all night.” Alex replied.

“You can do it!” Beth said.

With her friends complaints and encouragement, Jen said, “Fine ... lets get back into position...”

There wasn’t anything she could do to stop it and hoped that her bare ass wouldn’t be any more unusual than her face pussy.

They performed the stunt. As she flew into the air, she felt the air brushing along her mouth, nose and cheeks. Midway through, she held a pose with her legs spread apart, then jumped up and dropped down into her friends arms. As she fell, her skirt flew up and she felt someones hand on her bare ass. She somersaulted out of it, giving one more full moon to the spectators and recovered with her hands in the air.

It was done, or so she thought...

The groups performed a few more stunts and she was stuck in the flyer position for the entire session. By the time practice ended, she felt desensitized. The boys at basketball practice had plenty of opportunities to see her pussy and ass. While her friends got a good luck under her skirt any time she was tossed into the air or did a cartwheel.

“I may as well go to school naked.” She thought. “Who would care?”

Since practice let out late in the evening, there was no bus waiting. Instead she met her mom in the parking lot...

School's Out
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Jen stepped into the passenger seat and pulled the door shut.

“Hi sweety, how was school?” Mom asked.

“Absolutely awful.” Jen sulked.

“Oh no... What happened?” Mom replied with a look of concern.

“Someone cursed me this morning, and I’ve been dealing with it all day... Even now.” Jen said, painfully aware that the words were coming from of her crotch.

“Cursed? What did they curse you with?” Mom asked as she began to pull out of the parking lot.

“Well, for starters, my mouth and vagina switched places...” Jen replied, knowing that her mom would probably say she was fine.

“Did someone pick on you?” Mom asked.

“No. Nobody cares. People just treat it like it’s normal.” Jen replied as tears began to form.

“Jen. It is normal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Her mom said.

“But that’s the problem... It’s not...” Jen sobbed.

“Jen, when you were born, the doctors told us that you weren’t like the other babies. Do you know what we said.” Mom added.

“No...” Jen replied, a little surprised that the curse affected her mother’s memories.

“We said we would love you no matter what.” Mom finished.

Jen hated that she couldn’t see the problem, but couldn’t reject the sincerity.

She wiped her eyes and said, “Thanks Mom...”

After a short while they arrived back home. Jen tossed her backpack by the door and went up to her room. On her way up the stairs, she felt her stomach churn, then noticed a familiar pressure.

“Oh no... Not that...” She thought, quickening her pace.

She needed to poop. Under normal circumstances it would have been fine, but now her mouth and nose were inches away from her asshole. She sat down on the toilet and pinched the nose in her groin. She pushed, desperate to get this over with as quickly as possible. Even with her nose plugged, the smell was so intense that she could practically taste it. After a few minutes, she finished and leaned forward to wipe. She held her breath as she cleaned off her asshole. Next, she stood up and looked into the bowl to pee.

As the last of her urine dribbled out, she remembered her plan to call Kyle back. Jen wiped her face, pulled on her skirt, then went back downstairs...

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Her mother was in the kitchen, and her dad was working late that night. She guessed that Roy was either watching TV in the living room or playing on his computer upstairs. Since she was, for the most part, alone; she planned to hit the speaker-phone button once someone picked up. She wanted to make sure he could hear her this time.

She scrolled through a few numbers and found the one that had been timestamped that morning. She wrote it down, then dialed. The phone rang. Jen pressed the speaker button and set down the receiver.

“Hello?” A woman’s voice answered.

“Um... Hi... Is Kyle there?” Jen asked.

“Oh, yes, let me get him...” She replied.

Jen guessed that it was his mom.

After a few minutes Jen heard the phone being lifted then the same woman said, “I’m sorry, who did you say you were looking for?”

“I asked for Kyle!” Jen said, annoyed that she had waited so long for nothing. Was this woman retarded?

“Oh, right... I’ll get him for you...” She said.

The line went quiet again and after a moment the same woman picked up and said, “Who did you want to speak with?”

Now Jen was pissed. She didn’t deal with this curse all day at school to have to put up with this crap now.

She yelled, “Are you retarded? How many times do I need to ask you... I need Kyle!”

“Hey, I don’t even know you. Don’t talk to me that way!” The woman shot back.

Jen let out a heavy sigh and said, “Sorry... I’m Jennifer Smith, will you please tell Kyle to call me?”

Before the woman could reply, Jen hung up. She had a feeling the message would never make it.

“What the fuck did that little prick do!” She yelled.

It was almost like everyone had forgotten about him except for her.

Still angry, she left for the living room...


Re: Transform or Dare: Pussy Face - by fortestingpurposes

Conversation With Roy
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She found her brother watching TV on the couch.

“Hey Roy...” She said with a somber tone.

“You sound depressed...” He replied.

“I am depressed, cursed, pissed off, and I’m really tired of everyone asking me what’s wrong and not noticing that it’s right on my fucking face!” Jen shot back.

“Whoa, calm down sis...” He said, turning towards her.

“I’m not your enemy here... Is it something you’d like to talk about?”

“Roy, I’m not supposed to have this here...” Jen said, gesturing towards her pussy.

“Your pussy?” He asked.

“I guess you’re the only girl I know who’s got one up there.”

“Not many brothers get to see their sister’s pussy on a daily basis.”

“Watch it...” Jen said, feeling annoyed.

“It’s true...” He added with a chuckle.

Jen felt a little mischievous and asked, “What exactly are you implying? Do you think your sister’s pussy is cute?”

He laughed then said, “Of all the face pussies I’ve seen, you’ve got the cutest!”

She got the joke and couldn’t help smiling, though she knew that he couldn’t see her mouth under the skirt. She and Roy were like best friends and often joked and flirted with each other, so his comments about her pussy weren’t anything too unusual. Granted, they weren’t always this direct.

She thought about her face then joked, “You’re supposed to be my twin brother. Why is it you don’t have a dick on your face?”

The Curse Corrects Something
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Suddenly, her brother stood up and opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t. Something was wrong.

“Roy...? Roy!” Jen yelled.

He stuck out his tongue and it looked swollen. At first, Jen thought he was having an allergic reaction and quickly reached for her cell phone. She was about to dial 911 when she heard him cough. She looked up from her phone. His mouth had closed around an even more swollen tongue and appeared to be fusing to it. His nose was stretching forward and becoming more tubular. She could hear him breathing and it dawned on her that whatever she just said had triggered the curse for him.

His nose continued to stretch until it was several inches long. It started to droop and the skin became wrinkly. As his face transformed, he pulled down his shorts. Jen was scared now, not sure what to expect. As his underwear slid off, he revealed his nose and mouth.

He was just like her now. She looked back up and noticed that his facial transformation was nearly complete. His tongue had finished forming into a pair of testicles, and his nostrils closed up behind the drooping tube of flesh. The transformation had only taken seconds and when it was over, a flaccid cock hung about six inches out of his face.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Roy!” Jen yelled, beginning to cry.

“What for?” He asked from his groin.

“Your face... Your dick is on your face...” She sobbed.

“I’ve always had a dick on my face...” He replied with a laugh.

“But... I...” Jen was in shock. Did he really believe that?

“You just stopped breathing... I almost dialed 911,” Jen cried.

“Jen, I thought we were just joking around...” Roy added as he stepped towards her.

She continued to sob as he leaned in and wrapped his arms around her, she got a good look as his limp cock as it passed by her face.

He hugged tight and said, “Jen, please calm down. Whatever has you so worked up can’t possibly be worth this much stress.”

The words sounded so distant and Jen felt defeated. She had no choice but to go with it, and hoped that undoing her own curse would fix him as well. She continued to cry into his shoulder for several minutes. Tears and pussy juice soaked into the fabric of his shirt.

She finally calmed down leaned back. His cock was now sticking almost straight out, though it still looked a little soft.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Jen said as she pushed him away.

“Hey, don’t get the wrong idea sis, you know I can’t always control when it does this.” Roy laughed.

She stared at it for a minute, watching it throb and slowly lift upward.

“I’ve never seen you so interested in my cock before... I hope you aren’t getting any weird ideas.”

“Sorry, it’s just... Unusual...” She replied, as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Jen felt her pussy getting wet as she watched it harden. She had no idea her own brother had such a big cock.

“Unusual? It’s no more unusual than your pussy Jen.” He replied, insulted by the comment.

He let out a sigh, then said, “I suppose I’d better go do something about this before supper...”

Roy stood up and kicked off his shorts and underwear, then left the room with his bare ass visible.

Jen was in disbelief and sat there alone. Why was her brother turning her on so much? She felt wrong, but couldn’t get the image of his cock out of her mind. It was huge, and he was about to masturbate.

Feeling hot, she left the living room to catch up with him on the stairs...

Some Fun
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Jen followed, occasionally catching a glimpse of the long rod now sticking upward in front of his eyes.

As he stepped into his room, he turned towards her and asked, “Can I help you?”

Jen was still hypnotized by his genitals and stuttered, “N...No...”

“Another time I suppose.” He replied as he closed the door.

Now alone in the hallway, she reached up and began to fondle her clit. She wasn’t sure why her brother was turning her on and guessed that it had something to do with the curse. There was no way she’d feel like this normally, but she was to aroused to be grossed out. She quickly turned to head towards her room.

Her pussy was dripping down her chin and both labia were already hot and swollen when she pulled her bedroom door shut behind her. It didn’t take long for her to reach an orgasm. Just like the one she had at school, she felt her whole chest spasm. It felt very strange for her upper body to flex with each orgasm. Strange, but still pleasurable, perhaps even more intense than her previous configuration.

She would have continued but was cut off by her mother, “Kids, come down here, it’s time to eat!”

She wiped off her chin and pussy then met her mom downstairs. Her heart was still racing and she could feel heat on her face. She wondered how she would react when her brother came in.

After a minute, he entered the room, still not wearing pants, and took a seat. His impressive cock dangled in front of his chin.

“Looks like you took care of it...” She said without thinking.

“Yep, it’s a lot easier to see now...” He replied, not skipping a beat.

Mom was completely oblivious to it as she handed them both a plate of food. Jen was amazed to see her brother eat so easily. It was almost like he’d been that way his entire life...

“According to everyone but me, he had...” She thought.

Their mom saw her gawking and asked, “Jen, aren’t you going to eat?”

Jen was startled but quietly replied, “Yea...”

She began to shovel spoon fulls into her groin.

“Thanks mom, it tastes great,” She said, still chewing.

She finished eating and retired to her room. She was disheartened to have to spend a night with a pussy on her face, but knew there wasn’t anything else she could that night. She killed an hour doing homework then took a long shower, toweled off, then slipped into her night gown. As she lie in bed, she couldn’t help thinking about how her friends thought she was normal. How even her mother didn’t realize that she’d changed. And how her brother’s dick had migrated to his face. Her mind was restless, but she eventually succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep...

Day Two
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[6:15AM - Thursday]

Jen woke to the sound of her alarm clock.

She hoped that the curse was just a dream, but quickly realized it wasn’t as a yawn filled her pelvis with air. On top of that, her face was wet and there was a puddle of fluid soaked into her pillow.

With a sigh, she pushed herself out of bed and washed her face in the bathroom sink. Brushing her teeth was a challenge but she managed, then spit the foamy toothpaste into the toilet. There was no cheer practice on Thursday, so she shuffled through her closet and found a nice v-neck shirt and matching skirt. She slipped into a bra but didn’t bother with panties. She wanted to cover her pussy, but remembered how poorly the bandanna worked.

Without a better idea, she pulled on the shirt and skirt, then her socks and shoes. She stood in front of the mirror and adjusted her breasts, then left her room to wait for the bus.

She stepped outside to sit with Roy on the porch swing...

No Need For Pants
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She had nearly forgotten about Roy’s change. His face housed an impressive, and rock hard cock that stood at least ten inches in the air. He had no pants on, and the mouth in his groin smiled as she approached.

“Morning Sis,” He said.

“...Morning,” She replied with some hesitation.

“You’re dick is hard...”

“Cut me some slack, will ya? It always gets like this in the mornings.” He added.

Jen had heard the term “morning wood” but never really put much thought into it until now.

She forced herself to look away and asked, “Did...You sleep well?” Hoping to change the subject.

“Yea. I managed to get to bed a little earlier than usual, so I’m feeling pretty rested this morning.” He replied.

“Good...” She said, still having trouble maintaining a conversation with that cock pointed at her.

It was supposed to be “normal”, but that didn’t apply to her. She knew exactly what was going on and felt weirdly turned on and uncomfortable from his exposed cock.

“Roy, why don’t we cover our genitals?”

“I guess I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose it would be like covering our hands.” He replied.

“Was his dick and her pussy really that innocuous?” She wondered.

“I was really hoping you’d have that out of your system after yesterday...” He added.

“Did someone say something at school to make you feel self conscious?”

“No, nothing like that...” Jen replied with some hesitation.

Just then the bus pulled up. She watched him get on first, still amazed that he was going to school without pants. Fortunately, the other passengers were as oblivious as her mom had been the day before...

Too Much
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Jen met her friends near the back.

“Nice to see you aren’t planning to rob the bus today,” Suzy joked.

“Ha Ha... Very funny.” Jen replied as she rolled her eyes.

The girls gossiped and joked. Jen had time to get used to speaking with her crotch the previous day and joined their conversation more readily this time. Eventually they pulled into school parking lot and departed. Beth and Jen went to their lockers, Alex and Suzy split of to find theirs.

Jen had no problems in her first few classes. After dealing with the curse yesterday, she had a pretty good grasp on the limitations of decency. Just like before, nobody paid her pussy any mind. Between each class she tried to find Kyle, but had no luck. He was either gone, or people forgot about him moments after she asked.

She gave up her search mid way through study hall. Dealing with so many useless people was extremely annoying and she decided that her only option would be to head directly to his house after school. She did manage to get an address from one of his friends before he forgot what they were talking about.

She felt hopeless, but that was completely overshadowed by a familiar feeling of pressure in her stomach. She needed to poop again...

She entered the bathroom and sat down. Every second on the toilet was torture. The bowl stank, her shit stank... Pinching her nose helped but could only do so much. She squeezed out the last of it and felt some water splash onto her lips. That was too much. The feeling of cold toilet water running off her mouth, the smell and proximity to her shit...She wretched.

Of course now there was pressure in her neck. With vomit on her lips, she stood up and looked into the toilet. Hot urine shot into the bowl. After a moment, she flushed the mess and began to clean herself up. The ordeal had made her so disgusted and angry that she began to think about Kyle and his stupid rules.

“He had said something about mirrors,” She remembered.

She cupped some water in her hand and fed it to the mouth in her groin, swished it around then spat it into the toilet. As she wiped her lips, she considered the mirror in the bathroom. She guessed that she might be able to use the curse on her own reflection. She smiled at how clever she was then walked to the mirror. Before she said anything she remembered something else Kyle had said.

“If you try to change back, you’ll just get a different transformation.”

Jen wondered if anything could be worse than what she just experienced on the toilet...

Jen Gambles
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She makes up her mind to test the mirror trick and asks her reflection, “Transform or Dare?”

She replied with transform, then told herself to turn back to normal.

She felt fine and nothing seemed to be changing. A little disappointed, she picked up her bag and turned towards the door. After two steps, she felt her airway constricting. In moments she could no longer breath. Jen dropped her bag and lifted her skirt. Her tongue was now sticking out of her mouth and appeared to be growing longer. At the same time, the pussy on her face began to close up.

She remembered her brother’s tongue and for a moment thought she might grow a pair of balls. Without a working airway, she passed out.


Jen gasped, then coughed. She was being shaken...

“Jen, Wake up... Are you alright?” Alex yelled.

“What... What happened?” Jen asked, slowly blinking and looking around the room.

“You must have slipped... Can you get up?” Alex asked, still concerned.

“I think so... How long have I been out.” Jen asked.

“I’m not sure, but study hall is almost over...” Alex added.

Jen hadn't been out for long and was relieved. As she recovered, she felt air entering her lungs from above. She began to speak, then realized that the sound came from her mouth, on her face...

She quickly reached up and felt it. Her lips, teeth, nose... It was all back!

Jen’s eyes started to tear up and Alex said, “Are you OK? Do I need to call the nurse?”

Jen regained her composure and said, “No, don't call the nurse... I’m fine... Let me just get up...”

It didn’t take long for her optimism to turn to dread as she lifted herself onto her elbows. Her chest was heavy and she could see why. A third breast bulged out between her normal pair. Before that could sink in, she noticed that her skirt had flipped up when she fell, leaving her naked groin exposed. That was hardly an issue as she discovered a new leg sticking out of her crotch. It ended with a strange foot that seemed to have small toes on either side and a big toe in the center. It was strangely symmetrical.

She didn’t quite believe any of it and tried to move the leg. It flexed with ease.

“Holy shit, I’m a monster...” Jen said, as she noticed two pussies, one on either side of the new leg. She guessed that she also had two assholes.

“What?” Alex asked.

“You’re talking funny... I’m gonna get the nurse.”

“No, I don’t need the nurse... I’m fine... Help me up will you?” Jen asked as she pushed her skirt down...

The Aftermath
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Alex took her arm and pulled. Jen stood up and faltered for a moment, not quite used to standing on three legs.

All things considered, the new appendage was easy to articulate and didn’t feel unnatural.

She turned to Alex and said, “I need just a minute, can you wait for me outside?”

Alex hesitated but then said, “Sure...”

Once she was gone Jen pulled off her shirt, then removed the bra that was doing a poor job holding up her unusual chest.

“Three breasts huh?” Jen asked herself as she gave the middle one a squeeze.

“I almost miss having a pussy on my face...”

She carefully stepped back and lifted her skirt.

“Two pussies and three legs...”

Next she propped herself against one of the stall doors and bent forward. She looked back at the mirror and, just as she had suspected, there was an asshole on either side of her newly doubled bottom. Using the bathroom would be interesting, but couldn’t possibly be worse than having her mouth next to her asshole.

She made a few test strides. She thought about trying the mirror trick again, but didn’t want to risk passing out. She stuffed her useless bra into her backpack, pulled her shirt back on, then met Alex outside.

Alex was waiting at the door and said, “You really scared me in there.”

“I’m sorry,” Jen said.

She wasn’t surprised at how oblivious Alex was. That was a running trend and she had begun to accept it...

New Condition
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Jen had no underwear on, yet her pussy, at least one of them, was back in her groin. She realized that Alex didn’t seem phased by her exposed groin when she found her. She needed information and decided that asking her friend might be easier than gradually figuring it out throughout the day.

“Alex, do you mind that I’m not wearing panties?” She asked, hoping the question wasn’t too strange.

“I didn’t think they made panties for girls with three legs.” Alex replied with a shrug.

“I suppose your right... But what if I wasn’t wearing a skirt either?” Jen countered.

“To be honest, I’m surprised you’ve got one on now... You and your brother usually don’t wear pants.” Alex replied.

“Really?” Jen continued.

“What’s with all the questions Jen?” Alex asked with a hint of impatience.

“Sorry, I’m still feeling a bit dizzy from the fall.” Jen lied.

“The bell is going to ring any minute, you had better get to class.” Alex said.

“If you keep feeling dizzy, please go see the nurse.”

Jen thanked Alex then left for her next class. Walking down the hall felt strange. She had shoes and socks on her outer two legs, but was barefooted in the middle. She tried to walk with the outer too only, but found herself instinctively stepping with the new leg. She dropped it down and quickly got the hang of stepping each leg in sequence. She was surprised at how easily she had figured out how to walk and guessed that the curse had rewired her brain to handle the new appendage. She made it to her next class and found her seat just before the bell rang...

During Class
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Class began and the instructor wrote some notes on the board.

Siting felt awkward with an extra leg, but Jen couldn’t help but smile any time she thought about her face. It was back to normal, she didn’t have to eat with her crotch or stick her nose and mouth down into the toilet to do her business. Just like her previous transformation, Alex and her classmates regarded this as normal, and the thought improved her mood significantly. As weird as her body was, she felt more ordinary now than at any point in the last twenty four hours.

Their instructor finished their notes for the day and let them read while he graded papers. Between notes, she flexed her middle leg and moved it around under the desk. It was easy to control. She squeezed it between her outer legs, then spread them all apart. As she experimented, her thoughts went to the two pussies that lived on either side. Both slits had become sensitive and moist from her leg movements. They both felt exactly like her vagina should, but now the sensation was doubled. For some reason, her thoughts traveled back to her brother’s cock. It felt weird to be thinking about him, but she couldn’t help it. He had biggest cock she had ever seen in person. With that on her mind she wondered, “what if my middle leg was just a giant cock?”

She slowly raised the leg until it pointed straight out in front of her desk, then let out a short laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Her teacher asked.

“Sorry, I just had a funny thought...” Jen replied as she lowered her leg and blushed.

“Please try to keep it to yourself next time.” He replied, then turned back to the paperwork on his desk.

Jen didn’t respond. Instead she snapped out of her semi-aroused state and focused on her notes.

She made it through her next class with relative ease. When it was time for lunch, she left for the cafeteria...

added by fortestingpurposes on 12/27/2014 17:40

Jen wanted to head to the bathroom to get a better look at things but was too excited about eating with her face again. She was also very hungry since she had thrown up earlier. She quickly maneuvered through the crowd and met her friends in line. They were each given some mystery meat, veggies, potatoes, and a small pudding. Jen felt like celebrating. She snagged a chocolate milk from the cooler and quickly paid for her lunch.

Beth had made it to the table first and Jen met her soon after. She was too excited to wait for Suzy and Alex and began to shovel in the potatoes. They weren’t great, but she loved the feeling of food traveling down her throat. For that moment, the extra breast and leg meant nothing to her.

“Jeez Jen, you act like you’ve never eaten before...” Beth said, as Jen swallowed another spoon full.

The comment made her feel a little more self conscious and she slowed her pace. She still savored every bland bite, but tried not to look so happy about it.

Alex and Suzy met them a minute later.

“Are you girls excited for swim practice this evening?” Suzy asked.

As the other girls expressed interest, Jen’s heart sank.

“Swim practice...” She said, looking down at the strange pile of meat on her tray...

She had forgotten all about it...


“What’s wrong Jen? Beth asked.

“I... I can’t go...” Jen replied.

All three girls now looked at her.

“Jen, you can’t miss another practice. You’ll be cut from the team.” Alex said with some urgency.

“Yea, we can’t afford to lose you. You’re our fastest swimmer.” Suzy added.

Jen had a bad habit of skipping practice and knew that they were right. Only a week prior, their coach had warned her that she couldn’t miss any more sessions or she’d be cut.

Before she could respond, Roy came up to their table...

Him Too
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“Hi Roy” Suzy said, looking over Jen’s shoulder.

“Hi Girls,” Roy replied.

Jen turned to greet him. She was surprised when she saw his mouth and nose below his eyes instead of a cock.

Before she could breath a sign of relief, she glanced down. He was standing there without pants, and had two enormous cocks on either side of a third leg. Jen’s cheeks flushed bright red. She quickly turned back to her tray and shoveled in a few bites of food, desperate to distract herself from his exposed groin ... or groins.

“Jen, I just wanted to tell you that Dad will be picking you up tonight after swim practice. I forgot to mention it this morning.”

“OK... Thanks...” She replied with a mouth full of food.

“Sure, I’ll see you at home.” He said, then left.

“You’re brother is kind of hot.” Beth said, with a smile.

Jen was to embarrassed to reply and quickly swallowed the mouth full of food.

“Done!” She yelled, then stood up to dump her tray.

“Hey, don’t skip swim practice, alright?” Alex yelled after her.

Jen didn’t reply and instead went straight for the bathroom. Her heart was racing.

Calm Down
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“Two of them?” Jen thought as she entered the bathroom.

“He’s got two of those monster cocks now?”

“And he wasn’t even wearing any pants!”

“Jen didn’t want to think about her brothers two dicks, but the sight made her feel really horny.”

Under ordinary circumstances she’d have been able to control herself, but now she felt both slits begging for attention. It effectively doubled everything. She found an empty stall and pulled off her skirt. She plunged the fingers of either hand into each pussy and began to rub and stroke. The feeling was surreal. She could pinch her left clit and insert a finger into the right pussy. Both feelings registered at the same time and made her tense up and stretch out her three legs.

She maneuvered her fingers in either vagina until she could feel an orgasm coming on. It seemed both sides had their own internal structures and the first to go was on the right. The off center pelvis contracted and sent semi-clear fluid out of her opening. Midway through that orgasm, her left side began to tense up and squirt. Her skin tingled and her nipples hardened, reminding her of the third breast. Her eyes rolled back as she succumbed to the doubled sensations.

She didn’t want to stop, but the bell rang. She cursed and wiped her pussies. She felt dirty, guilty, and still horny as she picked up her bag and ran to her next class. She moved surprisingly fast with the three legged stride, but wished that the middle one had a shoe.

She was late. Fortunately, her instructor hadn’t arrived either, so she found a seat and pulled out her books...

Get Changed
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There were no more issues after that. She knew the worst was still to come. In her last period, she willed the clock to stop ticking. It was no use. The final bell rang and it was time for her to go to swim practice.

She met her friends in the natatorium and they went down to the locker room together. Some of the other girls were already changing and Jen wondered what they would think when she tried to pull on her bikini.

Jen twisted in the combination and opened her locker. She pulled out her school issued bikini and let it unfold. The fabric was stretchy enough to hold her three breasts, but what the heck was she supposed to do about the leg?

As Jen stared at the bikini Alex turned and said, “Hurry up and change.”

Alex had already slipped off her cloths an was pulling her bikini over her breasts. Jen looked around. Most of the girls had changed and were leaving for the natatorium.

“But, it won’t fit...” Jen said, as her eyes became watery.

“It fit fine last week, why wouldn’t it fit today?” Suzy asked, not phased by the tears.

“Come on and change already. We can’t let you to get kicked off the team.”

Jen didn’t like it but gave in. She pulled off her shirt, allowing the three breasts to bounce free. Next, her shoes and socks. The last item to go was her skirt. She now stood there completely naked.

With some hesitation, she lifted her left leg into the bikini opening, then her middle and right... She pulled the uniform up and maneuvered her three breasts into the padded chest, then pulled the straps over either shoulder.

She was right about her breasts. The fabric stretched and fit comfortably.

Her left and middle leg were divided by the crotch of the bikini. Unfortunately, her right pussy and butt cheek were fully exposed.

“Come on Jen...” Beth said, pulling on her arm.

“I can’t go out there like this...” Jen replied.

“Like what?” Beth added, now becoming impatient with her.

“Everyone’s going to see my pussy...” Jen whined.

“So what else is new?” Suzy jeered.

“None of you think it should be covered up?” Jen asked.

She was desperate for one of them to stop her, but already knew what they’d say.

“No, now come on!” Beth said, giving her arm another tug...

They were the last girls in the locker room. Jen was embarrassed but gave up and left with her friends...


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Not That Bad
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She felt naked with one of her two groins showing, she hated it and kept reminding herself, “It’s normal... It’s normal...”

Their coach split the girls into groups and had them do laps. Jen was surprised at how quickly she could swim with a third kick in her rhythm. She still wasn’t happy about exposing herself but since the curse made it “normal” she began to calm down. By the end of swim practice she had taken her mind off of the visible pussy and ass. She went back to the locker room with her friends.

Suzy sounded angry and said, “I don’t know what had you so worked up today...”

Jen threw caution to the wind and said, “I didn’t want people staring at my pussy.”

“Shit Jen, nobody cares about your pussies. To be honest, most of us were more surprised at the skirt you wore today.” Suzy replied.

“So you’d rather I just came to school bottomless?” Jen replied, as her thoughts trailed back to her brother at lunch.

“Jen, I don’t care what you wear... It’s just odd that after all these years you’re suddenly worried about covering them up.” Suzy said.

Jen gave up and said, “Sorry... I fell down earlier today and haven’t felt like my self.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you sort yourself out by tomorrow...” Suzy added with a huff.

Jen didn’t bother changing and patted herself dry. Once finished, she wrapped a towel around her waist, then met her Dad in the parking lot.

“Hi Jen, how was practice?” He asked after she opened the door.

“Oh, it was fine... I kind of wish I had a different bikini though.” Jen replied with a shrug.

“What’s wrong with the one you have now?” He asked.

“It’s too revealing.” She replied as she sat down in the passenger seat.

“Do I need to speak to your coach about it?” He asked as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Jen felt daring and pulled open the towel to reveal her doubled groin then said, “You tell me...”

He looked over and said, “Is there a hole somewhere?”

She couldn’t help but laugh as she said, “Yea... Two holes...”

Dad was confused by her comment and simply said, “OK... Tell your coach and let me know if you have any issues. I’ll go speak with her if I have to.”

Jen wished he understood the humor, but decided that it was better he didn’t and pulled the towel back over her two crotches. She shivered a little as she realized that she just flashed her dad. He had no idea...

Double Fun
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They got home and met Roy and Mom in the living room. Roy still had no pants on and Jen tried her best not to stare at his two cocks. One of them was harder than the other.

“Welcome home you two. Supper will be ready in about half an hour.” Mom said as she walked over to Dad.

She gave him a quick kiss then went back to the kitchen.

“Jen, you’d better go rinse off and get changed.” Her dad said as he left for the master bedroom.

She complied and went to her room. Once inside, she pulled the door shut and locked it behind her.

“Those fucking cocks... I still can’t believe my brother is hung like that.” Jen thought as she pulled off her bikini.

Her slight arousal was once again doubled and since she was alone, she decided to do something about it. She looked herself over in the mirror. Her body was slightly damp from the bikini and the cold air made her nipples stand firm. Further down, she had two tight pink pussies, both a little redish with increased blood flow. She could see a clit peeking out from either hood. She took another look at her middle breast. She felt it, pinched the nipple and lifted it up. It felt exactly like the other two, just misplaced. She continued to massage and tweak the sensitive nipple with one of her hands. After a moment her free hand found one of the two pussies and began to massage the clit.

She eventually moved her hand away from the extra breast and pinched her other clit. She felt a little out of control. She should be taking a shower ... Cleaning up for supper, but having her usual libido doubled was just enough to push her over the edge. Everything was multiplied and she couldn’t stand it. She stood up and dug through her drawer until she found her hidden dildo. She desperately wished she had a second one, but made do by sliding it in and out, then alternating to her other opening. She imagined that she could just keep going forever if she alternated from one to the other.

She felt an orgasm building but lost it when there was a knock on the door.

“Yo Sis, Supper’s ready...” Roy said.

Through heavy breaths she replied, “OK... I’ll... Be down... In a minute...”

Two Much
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She wanted to finish, but managed to snap herself out of it. She sat up then ran to the bathroom. She wouldn’t have time to shower and instead opted to wipe the excess moisture from her pussies before she pulled back on the bikini. By chance, she ended up pushing her left and middle leg through first.

“I guess you get to be free this time,” She said, looking down at her left pussy.

She met her family in the dining room. Her mother was serving meat loaf and potatoes.

Her dad looked up and asked, “Why are you still in your swim suit?”

“I got distracted,” She lied, “I’ll take a shower after supper.”

He didn’t offer a response as he turned his attention to the plate being handed to him. Jen sat down and slid the chair in, grateful to hide her lower half below the table. She was glad that her brother’s two endowments were hidden under the table as well.

Without much distraction, she ate her super.

Roy finished first and said, “I’m done, may I be excused?”

“Sure,” Dad said.

He stood up and to Jen’s surprise, both cocks were fully erect. She blushed heavily and turned away.

Roy noticed and asked, “What’s the matter Jen?”

“You’re ... hard again...” She stuttered.

Their parents didn’t seem to notice the exchange.

Roy just shrugged and left the room.

Jen felt both wet pussies begging for attention and silently cursed her unnatural feelings.

She quickly finished the rest of her supper and asked to be excused as well. With permission she left to find Roy in the living room.

He was on the recliner with all three legs evenly spaced apart. His two cocks were still hard and would sometimes twitch.

She felt moisture leaking down her left-most thigh as she said, “Roy ... will you come upstairs with me?”

All The Time
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She tried not to stare at the two cocks as she led Roy to her room.

Once inside she said... “Roy... I need to ask you something...”

“Please don’t freak out...”

“If it’s not OK... Just forget I asked. I’ll never bring it up again.”

She paused, not sure if she should really go though with it. Her heart raced as she closed her eyes and said, “Will you have sex with me?”

“Sure...” He replied without any hesitation.

“Are you serious? You’re my fucking brother... Why would you agree so easily?” Jen asked, almost more angry than surprised.

“What do you mean? You and I have sex all the time...” He replied, looking genuinely confused.

Jen was desperate for those rock hard cocks but still tried to reason her way out of it by saying, “I’ve never had sex with you! Why are you OK with this?”

“What do you mean sis? We’ve been doing it since we hit puberty. Not many other people are equipped like us. It’s only natural that we’d help each other out...”

Jen didn’t think there was anything natural about it but felt another line of moisture trail from her exposed pussy and gave in.

She locked the door and turned back towards Roy, who was now pulling off his shirt. On his chest were three nipples. She wasn’t surprised. They were twins after all. She stepped out of her bikini and crawled onto the bed with her doubled ass in the air. Roy took no time maneuvering his twin rods into her pussies.

She felt his heartbeat through both cocks and moaned as they slid in and out. She propped herself up on one hand and used the other to massage her left clit, then her right. The feeling was intense.

After some time had passed, he pulled out his left cock and shot cum onto her back. Jen wasn’t ready for the pleasure to stop in that pussy and reached back to insert her own fingers. It wasn't long before she climaxed in the now empty pussy. After another few minutes, he pulled the right cock free and emptied his load on top of the first mess.

Jen rolled onto her back and continued to massage her pussies until she had another orgasm, this time from both. As she came down from the high she realized how much of a mess she had made on the bed. His cum was all over her sheets and there were puddles of fluid forming below her drooling pussies.

Roy let out a heavy sigh and said, “Sorry about the mess... I’ll grab some condoms for next time.”

Jen didn’t respond. She didn’t feel violated, but did felt guilty. She willingly had sex with her own twin brother...

Roy pulled back on his shirt, unlocked the door, then turned to Jen and said, “I’m gonna go clean up.”

“Feel free to ask me for sex any time.”

Hearing him say that was really strange, but kind of endearing. Roy pushed open the door and met their mom in the hallway.

She was holding a laundry basket and upon noticing him said, “Did you two just have sex?”

She spoke as if it was perfectly ordinary.

Roy replied, “Yea, I’m gonna go take a quick shower.”

Jen was still lying in the puddle of cum and sweat on her bed. She had gone from intense arousal to parallelizing fear.

“Her mom seriously had no problem with this?” She thought.

Jen was still naked and covered in sex when her mother stepped into the room.

“Please take those sheets downstairs for Martha when you’re done. There should be a fresh set in the cabinet at the end of the hallway.” Mom said.

“Th... Thanks...” Jen replied.

After mom left, Jen lifted herself up and slid to the edge of the bed.

“This is wrong...”

Not OK
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As she thought about what had just happened, she found herself amazed at how accommodating this curse was. People didn’t think her body was out of the ordinary. Her twin had been changed to suit the curse. He was even willing to fuck her since nobody else had enough cocks. On top of that, her family was completely OK with all of it.

“I can’t keep this up...” She thought.

Thinking of the curse reminded her of Kyle. She jumped up, ran to the phone in the hallway, then quickly dialed his number. Like before the woman, who she guessed was his mother, picked up the phone. She desperately tried to get her to bring Kyle, but the results were the same. No matter what she said, she couldn't seem to contact him...

Her plan to visit him in person was foiled by swim practice that evening. She also wasted the last hour fucking her own brother. It was almost 9pm and there was no way her parents would take her to some strangers house on the other end of town that late. She had no choice but to give up and try again tomorrow.

She started back up the stairs and met her mom in the hallway.

“Jen, why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” Mom asked.

Jen was in such a rush that she hardly realized that she was still naked when she ran to the phone.

“I suppose it’s the same reason I’m not wearing pants...” Jen replied, feeling more depressed than embarrassed.

“Uh uh... You can’t just walk around with your boobs out.” Mom replied.

“Go get yourself cleaned up and put something on.”

Jen was a little surprised by the reaction and simply said, “OK mom...” As she continued up the hallway.

The feeling of guilt was overwhelming as she entered her room. She didn’t want to be in that kind of relationship with her own brother. It didn’t matter how good it felt. Jen thought back to her first curse. Her pussy had been on her face and for whatever reason, she was better off keeping it uncovered.

After her latest transformation, nobody was phased by her naked pussies, even though they were back down below. She reasoned that wearing cloths during a change might carry on to the next transformation. She looked into the mirror for a long while, considering another transformation, but chickened out at the last minute.

“At least her current transformation wouldn’t keep her awake,” she thought.

Jen took a shower, then pulled on her nightgown. She rolled up the sticky sheets and left them downstairs for Martha to clean in the morning. After replacing them with a fresh set, she crawled into bed and fell asleep...

Day Three
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[Friday - 7:00AM]

Jen woke up a moment before her alarm clock and stretched her three legs. She felt rested and pulled herself out of bed.

She retired the night gown and shuffled through her closet to find something to wear. One of her sports bras did a pretty good job holding up all three breasts. Next she found a black t-shirt and slipped it on. She was satisfied with her top half and started searching for underwear. She had a plan, but wasn’t sure how well it would work. She found a matching set that tied together on either side. She carefully untied the right side of one, and the left side of the other, then tied them back together to create a triple of panties with three leg holes.

She was proud of her creation and pulled them on. They fit pretty well after a few minor adjustments. Next, she found a knee length pleated blue skirt and pulled it on. She looked herself over in the mirror and smiled. She could pass as normal if she lifted her middle leg. The next challenge would be finding shoes. She had a few matching pairs of sandals and decided to slip one pair on her outer feet, then another onto the middle. It wasn’t perfect, but she felt better with the extra shoe. Technically, she was now fully clothed.

She knew she could have gone to school with nothing but a shirt on and would have been fine, but decided to test a theory instead. Last night she theorized that the only reason being naked was OK, was because of her previous transformation. If she changed with cloths on, perhaps the next transformation would be more reasonable.

Not only that, she didn’t want to keep seeing her brother without pants.

It was a gamble. She had no idea what might come next but let out a deep sigh and spoke into the mirror.

“Jen, Transform or Dare?”

She once again told herself to change back, then braced for a new transformation...

Something New
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Jen felt her chest tingling and watched as the breast in the middle shrank away, next her middle leg shrank and her hips began to move inward.

She didn’t want to get to excited until it had finished but still felt overjoyed to see that she was transitioning towards something normal. As she watched she felt her neck tingle, then was forced to look upward.

Her head was being pulled down into her shoulders. Before it was enveloped, she let out a quiet “Nooo...”

Everything went dark. She didn’t know how much time had passed, but when she came to, something was wrong. It felt like there was a bag over her head and she couldn’t breath. She reached up and felt for her face but her hands met empty air. She tried to scream, then heard footsteps.

“Sis, what are you doing!” Roy yelled.

She felt the sack as it was pulled from her face.

Jen took in a deep breath and looked around. She couldn’t move her neck.

“Jeez Jen, were you trying to suffocate yourself?”

Jen wasn’t sure what was going on and looked towards her brothers face, but instead saw his cock and balls drooping from the collar of his shirt. Jen panicked and reached up to where her neck was supposed to be. She found her pussy there instead.

“What the fuck...” She yelled.

“Calm down, let me help you up...” Roy said, taking her hand. He yanked upwards and she found her footing, at the same time her head swung forward and bounced back... She caught a glimpse of the ground, then felt her neck becoming firm. As it hardened, her gaze lifted until she saw her brother’s face.

He wasn’t wearing pants and his face was in his groin, almost like her first transformation except this time the eyes were down there too. She looked closer and realized that his mouth was vertical and unusually large. It was ... a pussy?

Jen had only begun to process that when she realized that her changes would be similar. She turned her body towards the mirror and was horrified to see that her neck was now a large cock that had pushed down her skirt. The sack that almost suffocated her was a wrinkly foreskin that was now wrapped around her chin. She felt something strange on her back as well; something wet. She wanted to see what it was but couldn't maneuver her body to get a look.

As she watched, her neck continued to stiffen. She felt something warm in the bottom of her misplaced throat and began to heave. After a moment, Jen’s cheeks puffed outwards as thick fluid filled her mouth. It felt good coming up, and tasted a little salty.

“You’d better spit that into the toilet, you don’t want to make a mess on the floor.” Roy said, quickly leading her to the bathroom.

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They arrived at the toilet just in time for her to spit out a mouthful of white gunk.

“Did I just fucking cum out of my mouth?” Jen gurgled.

Her neck continued to throb. It flexed a few more times, sending hot jizz up to her mouth. She held onto the shaft and aimed her face towards the bowl to drool out the remaining fluid.

She could feel her neck going limp as it finished. She spit out one last glob of sticky cum and yelled, “Fuck this!”

She stepped towards the bathroom mirror then held her head high enough to see her reflection. With cum still stuck to her lips, she said, “Jen, Transform or Dare! ... Transform ... Turn back to normal!”

Roy was still standing with her and said, “Transform or dare? You don’t actually believe in that stuff do you?”

Before she could respond, her head began to pull back into the shaft of the cock. Everything went dark and she hoped that the next transformation would leave her with a normal head. She and Roy both passed out.

“Wake up you two!” Mom yelled as she nudged their shoulders.

Jen blinked and looked up. Her mom was annoyed.

“Come on, you can’t be that tired. Finish getting dressed Roy, the bus will be here any minute. Hurry up Jen!”

Jen leaned up and shook her head... It was back on her shoulders.

“Oh thank goodness” She said, then looked over at Roy.

He looked normal. Except he still wasn’t wearing pants.

He panicked when her realized it and asked, “Where are my pants?”

He quickly left with his hands over his groin. Jen still had her skirt on and without the cock pushing them down they had managed to cover up her groin, though only barely. Her triple undies were now sagging down between her now normal legs. She felt her chest. It was larger than she was used to. She didn’t mind that and was happy to find only two firm breasts this time. Her nipples felt a little sensitive as she squeezed, but she didn’t think much of it.

Her mom left and Jen stood up. In the mirror, she saw a normal body. She turned to look at her back. Nothing unusual was sticking out. There was a small damp spot on the back of her shirt, but with no time to change she had to ignore it.

“Two legs, Two arms... Head on shoulders...” She said, somewhat bewildered.

She lifted her skirt and looked at her groin. Her pussy was right where it was supposed to be.

She began to sob...

Hurry Up
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“Come on you two, I can see the bus down the block!” Mom yelled.

Jen regained her composure and pulled on a normal pair of panties. Then she grabbed her now dry bikini from the bathroom, stuffed it into her bag, and ran downstairs. The salty taste of cum was still in her mouth. She spat out some white fluid as she walked towards the waiting bus. Her brother, now with pants, caught up to her and they both got on.

Jen met her friends near the back.

“Hi Jen.” Alex said.

“You’re usually more excited in the mornings...” Beth said, looking disappointed.

“What do you mean. I’m feeling great. I haven’t felt this great since ... Tuesday.” Jen said.

Beth just shrugged it off and the group discussed swim practice that evening.

Jen was excited to attend practice with her body back to normal. She thought about Kyle and wondered if she even needed to bother apologizing to the freak now. After a short ride, they arrived at the school and left for their respective lockers.

“Lets meet up at study hall. I’ll help you out if you need it Jen.” Alex said with a wink as they split off.

Jen said, “Uh... Thanks.”

She wasn’t quite sure what Alex meant. Usually Jen was the one offering help with their school work. She dropped off some books in her locker, then gathered supplies. She followed Beth to her first class and sat down...

Not Normal
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Class was uneventful, aside from a pop quiz mid way through.

The quiz was easy enough and Jen managed to finish early. As she sat there waiting for the other students, she noticed a strange feeling on her chest. It didn’t hurt, but she noticed that her bra was being pushed forward. Her best guess was that her nipples were hard... Really hard. Whatever it was, she knew that it had to do with the curse.

The pressure was becoming more intense as her shirt stretched forward. She raised her hand.

“Yes Jen?” Her instructor asked.

“May I use the bathroom?” She asked with some urgency.

“Have you finished your quiz?” He followed.

“Yes.” Jen replied.

The two bumps were now very noticeable and she hoped he wouldn’t make her wait much longer.

“Alright, please hurry back.”

“Thanks,” Jen said as she quickly grabbed her bag and left.

Jen caught Beth’s eye on the way out. She smiled at her. Jen thought it was odd, but was currently focused on the mystery lumps that had sprouted from her boobs.

She entered the bathroom and pulled off her shirt. The sports bra she had worn was being pushed forward several inches. Her nipples felt really odd, like nothing she had felt before. She slipped off the bra and gasped as she discovered what her current transformation offered.

Two hard cocks, complete with veins and foreskin. They were about five inches long and pointed straight out from where her nipples should have been. She reached up and touched one. It was very sensitive and made her shiver. She could see clear fluid dripping out of the small opening. Precum, she guessed. She knew enough about cocks to know that she’d need to jerk them off to make them go down.

She couldn’t do anything about it now though, she needed to head back to class. She pulled back on the tight bra and managed to turn the dicks sideways to keep them from pushing it forward. They flexed when she touched them. Apparently her boobs had some new muscles. She was more curious than concerned and the pressure was gradually becoming more uncomfortable. She managed to ignore the urges and with two tubular bulges, returned to class. She quietly entered the room and sat back down.

Beth leaned over and whispered, “Lets head to the bathroom after class.”

Jen didn’t know what her friend had in mind, but agreed...

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After what seemed like an eternity, class ended. Jen grabbed her bag and quickly left with Beth to revisit the bathroom. They would only have about ten minutes before their next class started, but Jen knew that she had to do something about the throbbing pressure in her bra. They entered the bathroom and commandeered an empty stall.

Beth turned to Jen and said, “Take off your shirt...”

Jen was a little surprised at how direct she was, but didn’t hesitate to pull it off. Apparently her friends knew about the dicks. After having a pussy on her face, swimming with three legs, and waking up with a cock neck, she was past the point of disbelief.

She thought about her other transformations and realized that every one of them had some sort of sexual theme. She wondered if that was Kyle’s doing or just the nature of the curse.

“You usually need to be milked before first period. I’m surprised you lasted so long today.” Beth said.

“I’m sure Alex or Suzy would want to help too, but we’re in a bit of a hurry this time...”

“Oh well, more for me.”

Jen didn’t quite comprehend her meaning and asked, “Milked?”

“Yea, take off your bra...” Beth commanded.

Jen lifted off the bra and shivered as the cocks bounced free of the fabric. By now the tips were soaked with precum, leaving two damp spots in her bra.

Beth didn’t hesitate to grab hold of the cock on her left breast. She pinched it in her fingers and slid the foreskin up and down. Jen tensed up and her eyes rolled back. It felt strange, but really good. It was similar to when she played with her clit but much stronger, more concentrated.

She lifted a shaky hand up to the other dick and began to stroke it. As if that intense feeling wasn’t enough, Beth leaned in and put her mouth over the left cock and began to roll it around her tongue.

“Holy shit...” Jen yelled.

Beth withdrew and whispered, “Try not to be too loud Jen...”

Jen didn’t respond, she just continued to stroke and occasionally let out a quiet moan. Beth was amazing. Soon, Jen felt heat building deep in her chest. The new muscles tensed and the cock shot cum into Beth’s mouth. Jen was surprised to see her drinking it down as her breast unloaded. Jen’s hand was a poor substitute for Beth’s mouth, but the feeling in her left breast was so intense that her right dick soon climaxed as well. A stream of hot cum shot out onto the bathroom floor. Beth withdrew from the left dick and quickly wrapped her lips around the other, apparently determined to not waste any more fluid.

Finally empty, Jen’s dicks drooped and began to shrink back down. She didn’t have an opportunity to watch them shrivel back into her breasts before the bell rang. She felt awkward and wanted to ask Beth about them but with no time, she could only say thanks. She pulled back on her bra and shirt then both girls left the restroom for their next class...

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Her second class went pretty quickly since she didn’t have to concentrate on two throbbing cocks in her bra. The bell rang and she left to meet her friends in study hall. As she walked, she felt the fabric of the bra rubbing against the tip of each cock. That was all it took to trigger another set of boners. She felt embarrassed as she maneuvered through the crowd of students in the hallway with two growing dicks on her chest but, like her previous transformation, nobody seemed to care.

By the time she made it to study hall, both cocks were hard again.

“Fuck... Maybe I was better off with the extra leg...” She thought as she tried to push the dicks back into her breasts. It was no use. They would push into the soft flesh of her chest but immediately sprang back out when she released her grip. Touching them gave her goosebumps and she found herself thinking about the blow job she had received less than an hour ago. As the sensitive dicks throbbed, she felt moisture building in her pussy.

Alex spotted her and waved, “Over here.”

Jen made her way towards her, painfully aware of the stretched shirt. She met Alex, Suzy and Beth in the hallway near one of the rooms designated to be study halls.

Beth said, “Oh, looks like you need to be milked again.”

“Yea...” Jen said, not sure she liked the wording.

“What are we waiting for...” Alex added.

“Come on,” Both girls said in unison as they grabbed Jen’s arms.

“Suzy, do you want some?” Beth asked.

“Nah, I’ll pass this time... Thanks though.” She replied.

Jen was confused, but was more interested in calming her dicks than asking questions. She followed her friends...

Milk Often
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They entered the bathroom and commandeered the larger handicap stall for extra room. Jen didn’t wait for either girl to ask her to remove her shirt and bra. With her bare breasts exposed, and her hard cocks waiting she sat down on the toilet seat. Her friends didn’t hesitate to latch on. The feeling was insane. Both Alex and Beth slid their tongues up and down her two erect shafts. Even her breasts felt more sensitive as the they massaged the flesh around either cock. Jen was in ecstasy and before either dick went off, she began to orgasm down below. Shivers traveled up her spine as she curled her toes and squirmed.

As fluid gushed out of her vagina, she felt that strange new warmth in her chest. This time both cocks tensed up and kicked out fresh cum at the same time. Jen giggled and turned red as the intense sensation traveled through her chest. Her whole body shivered as the two dicks pulsed.

It was over almost as quickly as it had began.

Now more curious than horny, she asked, “Beth... Alex... Tell me about my dick nipples...”

“What would we know that you don’t? Alex replied as she pulled her mouth free of the now softening cock on Jen’s right breast.

“Just humor me...” Jen replied as she caught her breath.

Beth released the left cock and said, “Well... They get hard a lot and we usually help you every hour or so... At least when we can.”

Jen was surprised and echoed, “Every hour?”

“Yea... Some days you last longer, but that’s about the average.”

“How long has this been going on?” Jen asked.

“It wasn’t long after a couple of us had hit puberty. That’s when they started growing and producing milk.” Beth replied.

Jen felt foolish for asking but went ahead and said, “So nobody thought it was strange that my nipples were penises? Why on earth would either of you agree to suck on them anyway?”

She knew they’d just offer up some convenient explanation that fit the curse, but couldn’t help the curiosity.

“They don't seem strange... I mean, you’ve always had them.” Beth added.

“Don’t you remember? We were just messing around and Suzy tasted some of the milk. We thought she was being gross but she convinced the rest of us to taste it. Turns out, it was really good.” Alex recalled.

“Now it’s just something we like to do. You enjoy it, and we like the taste... May as well help each other out, Right?”

Her girlfriends began to reminisce about sexual sessions that Jen had no recollection of. After a few minutes the two cocks had receded. The foreskins were wrinkled around two small lumps that stuck out a couple inches from either breast. She guessed that they would recede even more as they continued to soften.

She pulled on her bra and shirt then thought, “every hour? I’m not sure I can keep this up...” She wondered how many more mirror tricks it would take to land a more comfortable transformation. This was the closest she had come to normal, yet it came with hourly “milking” sessions... She considered rolling the dice another time...

No Control
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Sitting on a toilet while listening to her friends talk about her unusual nipples was becoming awkward. She decided get dressed and head back to study hall. Beth and Alex followed her out. They met Suzy back in the room.

“Did you have fun?” Suzy asked.

“I suppose...” Jen replied with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“I’m sure the wet spot in your panties would say that’s a bit of an understatement...” Alex added.

Before Jen could reply Suzy said, “I call dibs on lefty at lunch.”

“At lunch?” Jen asked.

“Yea, can I call dibs on the right one?...” Beth replied.

“Oh no fair, now I’ll have to wait until swim practice.” Alex said with a frown.

“Something to look forward to...” Jen replied sarcastically.

“Still not your usual self huh?” Suzy added, noticing her tone...

“You could say that again...” Jen thought, but instead said, “I’m gonna go ahead to my next class.”

“But we’ve still got a few minutes of study hall,” Beth replied.

“I know... I’d like to get a head start on the next chapter...” Jen lied. It was the first thing she thought of that was vague but believable.

She said goodbye to her friends and rather than heading to her next class, she went back to the bathroom. In the mirror, she looked perfectly normal. Her dick nipples weren’t aroused and aside from having larger breasts, the reflection looked like Jennifer Smith.

As she stared at herself, she began to cry. Who cared if it felt amazing? Her friends wanted to suck them every few hours and she was more than willing? That was almost as bad as fucking her own brother and by some twisted logic, it was more debilitating than when she had three legs.

Her only hope was to find Kyle and apologize but, no matter who she asked, he was nowhere to be found. If she skipped swim practice, she’d be cut from the team. Maybe she could convince her Mom to take her to his house afterwards. The deadline was noon tomorrow. If she couldn’t find him by then she'd be stuck like this forever.

Jen let out another sob and considered her options...

added by fortestingpurposes on 12/27/2014 22:29

Every time she had tried to undo her curse, she was given some new transformation. She felt hopeless, but in that hopelessness she had an idea. What if she could introduce her own rules to the curse? The thought was intriguing, but she made up her mind to stick with the dick nipples for now. She didn’t want to risk passing out, at least not without someone nearby. She would rather not suffocate with a foreskin pulled over her head in the school bathroom.

She dried her eyes and grabbed her bag. The next class started off like usual. The instructor directed them to the next chapter and began writing notes on the board. Jen took notes and paid attention, glad to be distracted from her curse. That peace lasted for most of the hour but shortly before lunch, she felt that pressure returning. She wasn’t even aroused as the pair of dick nipples pushed out from her breasts.

By the time the bell rang she had broken a sweat and was feeling uncomfortable and horny. She thought about the double blow-job less than an hour earlier and felt the strange new muscles in her breasts tense. She needed to find her friends and quick. Suzy caught Jen in the hallway on the way to the cafeteria and without asking, lead her to the bathroom. Beth met them near the door and they all went in. Just like before, they set up in an empty stall.

Suzy crouched down and said, “Hurry up and take off your shirt Jen. I’m hungry...”

The words made Jen feel really awkward but the throbbing pressure forced her to comply. She lifted off her shirt and bra. Without warning Suzy immediately wrapped her lips around Jen’s right cock.

The feeling was almost too much when Suzy began to suck. Jen flexed her torso and felt goosebumps traveling up her arms and neck. Without thinking, she shoved her hand into her skirt and began to massage her wet pussy. Beth didn’t waste any time joining the party. She took in Jen’s left dick and began to work her tongue under the foreskin. Both girls used their hands to massage her firm breasts. They were like kittens kneading on their mother.

Jen couldn’t stop herself from letting out a few curse words and moans as the intense feeling overtook her. She was to high to think about how wrong the situation was. For the next few minutes all she could do was shiver and squirm while working on her pussy, now with both hands. Some time passed and a deep heat began to build in her chest. The first to eject milk was her right nipple. Suzy sucked hard as it flexed and drained the warm fluid from Jen’s breast. Her left breast began to pulse shortly after. As the last of the cum drained out, the two cocks began to soften. Jen felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm down below and when it finished, she felt defeated.

She managed to look up just as Beth slid her lips from her left dick. Some of the white fluid hung in the air between her mouth and the tip for a moment before breaking and landing on her chin. She quickly lifted it to her mouth with her finger, then licked it off. Jen was slowly coming back to reality and began to sob. Her dicks felt incredible, yet she hated it. Tears fell as she stood up and shoved past her two surprised friends.

“Jen, what’s wrong?” Beth called.

Jen didn’t reply, instead she braced herself on the sink and looked at her shirtless body in the mirror. She wept for a few minutes and watched as her nipples receded into her large breasts. She wasn’t herself anymore. She wasn’t as close to normal as she thought, and had become some kind of freak who needed to be “milked” every hour.

Susy placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “Jen, please tell us what’s wrong...”

Jen didn’t offer an explanation. Instead she made the decision to gamble one more time...

New Rules
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Jen directed the curse at her own reflection and once again chose transform.

This time, instead of simply telling herself to go back to normal, she said, “Transform again, except this time you’re friends will believe you when you tell them what happened. You’ll also be able to find Kyle...”

Satisfied with the new conditions, she stepped back from the mirror and waited.

Her friends were still looking at her with concerned expressions as she felt the new changes coming on. First, the dicks on either breast sucked inward, leaving ordinary looking nipples behind. At the same time she felt something unusual between her butt cheeks. She didn’t really have an opportunity to investigate as her spine began to contort. What happened next wasn’t painful, but felt very strange. She lost her grip on the sink and began to turn. Her torso twisted and her innards moved. In a matter of seconds the transformation finished.

She was still standing with her feet towards the sink, but instead of looking into the mirror, she was now facing Suzy. Jen was now backwards from the waist up.

Suzy still looked concerned but not surprised by Jen’s sudden rearrangement.

Jen was still processing the change when Suzy repeated her earlier question, “Jen, will you tell us what’s wrong?”

Jen took the opportunity to explain everything that had happened since that morning Kyle called. She finished recalling the past few days and looked up at her friends. They were shocked.

“Do you believe me?” She asked.

Beth spoke up first and simply said, “Yes...”

“That’s so weird. You’ve been like this as long as I've known you...” Suzy replied.

“So you don’t believe me Suzy?” Jen asked, feeling disheartened that the new rule didn’t work after all.

“No... I believe you. It’s just strange to think about you with a pussy on your face, or dicks on your boobs.” Suzy added.

Jen was kind enough to leave out the bit where they had sucked on them, but was tempted to point it out after that comment.

Instead Jen said, “I’ve just transformed again, but as far as you two know, this is how my body has always been. Can you tell me about it?”

“Tell you about your body?” Beth echoed.

“Yes. Do I need to be milked? Are there fingers on my back? Things like that...” Jen added.

“I honestly don’t know what I’m dealing with here...”

Beth blushed before saying, “I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be milked...”

Alex added, “You’re a pretty typical girl except your backwards from the waist up.”

“I suppose there’s also that second pussy in your butt...”

Jen didn’t answer, instead she pulled down her skirt leaned forward.

Beth quickly turned away and said, “Jeez Jen, give us some warning before you moon us!”

Jen was focused on her changes and didn’t pay her any mind. She had to bend her knees as she leaned to keep her balance. Similar to when she had three legs, the movements felt natural. Even so, it was very strange to be looking down on her bottom instead of her groin when she bent forward.

Just as Suzy had said, there was a damp vagina tucked between her butt cheeks. She reached back and felt her crotch. Her normal vagina was still there. She wondered if she would be dealing with doubled arousal like when she had three legs.

As she pulled up her skirt she noticed the two girls discomfort and decided to ask, “What about cloths? How do I normally dress?”

Beth blushed and said, “You usually keep your pants on.”

“What about bras or shirts?” Jen pressed.

“You’re usually topless. We were a bit surprised to see you with that on this morning,” Suzy added as she pointed towards the shirt draped over her backpack.

“Is that really OK?” Jen asked, now more aware of her naked breasts.

“I’ve never put much thought into it, I guess we all just assumed it was a medical thing...” Beth added.

Jen didn’t like the idea of walking around with her breasts on display and picked up her bra. Her friends seemed a little confused as she pulled it on, but didn’t protest. After a few minutes she was dressed and could feel her stomach rumbling. Realizing that none of them had eaten, she suggested that the head to the cafeteria. There wasn’t much time left but it would be enough to grab something small. Besides, the line would be mostly gone by now.

Suzy and Beth decided to pass, apparently they weren’t feeling hungry. Jen could have guessed why.

She was grateful for their understanding and left for the cafeteria...

Can't Hide
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Jen entered the cafeteria and joined the few remaining people in line. She noticed her brother in the far corner and decided to join him once her tray was full. Like her, he was now turned around and had his legs positioned on the outside of the bench. He was also shirtless. She guessed that he had a cock between his butt cheeks but didn’t dwell on the thought as she sat down next to him.

“Hi Jen, what brings you to lunch so late?” He asked.

“I was a bit distracted by some friends after class...” She replied, “how about you?”

“I had two big problems to take care of, if you know what I mean...” He said with a wink.

Jen hesitated, but asked, “two problems?”

“I... I needed to relieve myself. I didn’t see you in the hall, so I had to do it on my own.” He added.

Jen could only guess that this new relationship was part of the curse and said, “I wouldn’t know anything about that...”

“Sure thing Sis...” He replied with a grin.

“What’s with the shirt?”

“Why do you ask?” Jen replied.

“Just seems a little strange is all.” He added.

Jen felt the same way about him being shirtless but decided not to comment. She realized that if she had been dealing with hourly erections on her breasts, then he was probably dealing with something similar on his chest. Had her brother spent that morning with vagina’s instead of nipples?

The thought was oddly arousing, but made her felt bad for having involved him in the curse. Now he was back to having two cocks except he didn’t have an extra leg this time. Apparently she was kind enough to help him get them down when he needed it.

She didn’t want to think about that and asked, “Got any plans this evening?”

“Not really. I’ll probably hop online and play some VF2 with some friends.” He replied.

The conversation carried on. It was mostly about school, but he would occasionally mention sexual sessions that she had no recollection of. She managed to change the topic whenever it came up but she still couldn’t help thinking about where their relationship had gone in the past few days. She shared a lot with her twin brother, but had recently crossed a line. Now it seemed that the curse wasn’t going to let her forget it.

As she ate, she thought about the curse and about Kyle. Suddenly, she realized that she knew exactly where he was. The thought surprised her, but she remembered that new rule that was added to the most recent transformation.

She smiled. That bastard couldn't hide now...

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Unfortunately, knowing where Kyle was didn’t help. He wasn’t at school. She could sense that he was at his own home. She could even sense that he was sitting in a living room. It felt strange to have such insight into someones wear-abouts, but she wouldn’t complain. This was the upper hand that she needed. She now felt more confident that she’d be back to normal soon.

Her brother finished his lunch first and left her alone. She finished her lunch soon after. Without much time, she ran to her next class. The feeling of running backwards while facing forwards was very strange, but it didn’t seem to slow her down. She made it to the room just as the bell rang. She noticed two of the chair desks were backwards but didn’t pay it much thought. She guessed that one of the other students was pranking her. The bench in the cafeteria was easy to deal with, the chair desk in the classroom however, was not.

She fumbled with her legs until she managed to stick one through the back while the other hung off the side. She felt a little self conscious as some of the students gave her looks. A few kids giggled quietly. It wasn’t long before their instructor came in. Before addressing the class she turned to Jen and asked what she was doing.

Jen was confused by the whole situation and simply asked, “What do you mean?”

“Why are you sitting like that?” He asked.

“I... I needed to see the board...” Jen hesitated.

She blushed as several of the other students laughed.

Her instructor let out a sigh and rubbed his forehead. “I’m not sure if you’re messing with me or serious... You know we’ve made accommodations for you...”

Jen felt embarrassed and stood up. She realized that the backwards desk wasn’t a prank and slipped in. She pulled out her books and placed them on the second desk that had been pushed against the back of the chair.

This minor annoyance and embarrassment was enough to make her consider rolling the dice again. As she took notes, she did a quick calculation. So far, she had changed five times. Of those five, only two were somewhat normal. Her first change and the dick nipples. Unfortunately both had serious drawbacks. She reasoned that if two of five were sort of normal, a sixth change would have a 50% chance of being close to normal.

She knew the math was flawed. On top of that, the odds sucked...


Re: Transform or Dare: Pussy Face - by fortestingpurposes

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Towards the end of class she felt a familiar pressure building just above her groin. She felt that same pressure building at the top of her ass and wondered how she would deal with it. Class ended and she went straight to the bathroom.

Feeling cautious, she pulled off her skirt and panties and set them on her bag. Whatever happened, she didn’t want to leave the bathroom with wet spots on her cloths. She pulled her shirt up and sat down normally, but with her upper body facing the back of the toilet. She began to pee and almost immediately regretted the decision as hot urine sprayed out of her ass. She cursed and quickly tensed her muscles to stop the stream. It felt like she could control both vagina’s independently, but without much practice she had to give up.

She stood and grabbed a wad of toilet paper to wipe the urine from her ass and legs, then proceeded to wipe her normal vagina. Once clean she pulled back on her panties and skirt. It felt strange to pull them on backwards, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. She felt a little better but still had some pressure in her bladders.

She didn’t have a plan and decided to head to her next class...

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She wiggled her legs throughout the next hour. As she sat, she thought about swim practice. The showers might offer her some relief, if she could last that long. Soon her final class ended and she rushed to the natatorium. Her friends met her along the way. They entered the locker room. She wanted to hop into the showers and pee, but the room was full of girls changing and peeing in front of them like that was out of the question.

She willed herself to hold it for a little while longer as she twisted in her locker combination. She pulled her bikini from her backpack and draped it over the locker door, then undressed. As always, it felt weird to stand there naked with a bunch of ordinary looking girls. Beth noticed her discomfort and asked if she was OK.

“Not really, but I’ll manage.” Jen replied.

She grabbed the bikini and lowered it down to the floor, then inserted her backwards legs and pulled it up. She maneuvered herself into the stretchy fabric and pulled it over her chest, then slipped her arms in. The thinner crotch was giving her a wedgie and she tried to pull it forward. Just then Alex started giggling. Out of her friends she was the only one who hadn’t heard her story.

Jen turned to her and asked, “What’s so funny?”

Alex stifled her laughter and with red cheeks whispered, “Why are you wearing your bikini backwards?”

“Backwards?” Jen replied, not sure she liked where this was going.

“Yea. I didn’t want to say anything. Considering what you told us earlier...” Beth added.

“I get that you’re cursed, but you should at least try to act normal...” Suzy said as she joined them.

Jen didn’t argue. She knew what this meant and begrudgingly lowered the bikini. Once the uniform was flipped, her bottom and groin were appropriately covered. Unfortunately, the low cut back of the bikini let her breasts hang free.

Before Jen could protest Suzy said, “You’re lucky Alex said something. I can’t imagine how much attention you would have drawn if you had gone out there like that.”

Without a choice, she followed her friends up the stairs with her breasts hanging out. Without a bra, they jiggled with each step. She was a little embarrassed, but was more annoyed at the lack of support.

“It’s not like anyone cared anyway,” She thought.

Her bladder was becoming more and more uncomfortable as she swam laps. About midway through practice their Coach blew her whistle and told them to take five. Jen saw an opportunity and quietly slipped back into the locker room...

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She was in luck. The locker room was empty. She quickly pulled off her bikini and hopped into the showers. She spread her legs, pulled apart her butt cheeks, and relaxed. Two urine streams shot in either direction as she let loose.

She turned on one of the shower heads and let the water wash the urine down the drain while simultaneously rinsing herself. Once satisfied that the evidence was gone, she stepped out and pulled back on her suit. She almost put it on backwards again but caught herself half way through.

She made it back to the natatorium just as their coach blew the whistle to start them on another round of laps. Swimming was considerably easier with an empty bladder and the rest of practice went by quickly. Soon, it was time to head home and like before, she left on the bikini and patted herself dry.

Her breasts were out, but she didn’t care. She draped the towel over her shoulders and left to find her mom in the parking lot. The backwards legs weren’t a major issue through swim practice but sitting in the car was a proving to be a challenge. At first she tried to bend her waist back to sit forward but found that to be impossible. Her mom gave her a funny look as she gave up and turned to face the seat. She pressed her naked breasts into the back of the chair while her lap faced forwards.

As usual, mom wasn’t phased and asked, “How was your day sweetheart?”

Jen thought about it and remembered having her dick nipples sucked, then pissing on herself... From that standpoint she felt like it was crummy, but then remembered that she was finally able to tell her friends about the curse.

With that in mind she said, “Pretty good actually. I got something off my chest that had been bothering me for a while.”

“Glad to hear it,” her mom replied as she reached over to buckle Jen’s seatbelt for her.

They made small talk as mom drove back towards their house. It was strange to be watching the world go by out the back window as the car moved down the street. Soon they were home. Jen waited for her mom to unbuckle the belt, then slipped out of the seat. At some point the towel fell off of her shoulders and onto the floor. She hadn’t noticed and didn’t think much of it as she walked into the house with her breasts in full view.

It wasn’t until she met her father in the hallway that she thought about her bare chest and instinctively lifted her arms up to cover them. He gave her a funny look before asking how her day was.

She didn’t want to stand in the hallway like that and simply replied, “Good.”

Her dad said, “Glad to hear it,” then entered the kitchen to start supper.

Jen was ready to be alone and went up to her room...

Bro Needs a Hand
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Once back in her room, she sat at her desk and thought about her curse. She was able to add rules earlier, maybe she could add more now. She decided that one of the new conditions would be that she wouldn’t suffocate or pass out during any transformations. She wondered if she could find a way to avoid Kyle all together by adding a new method of undoing the curse. It was worth a try.

If all else failed, she wondered if she could just give herself the ability to transform at will. She enjoyed the prospect of becoming a shape shifter. Before she could try it there was a knock at the door.

“Yes,” She asked.

“Jen, can you help me?” Roy asked.

Jen said, “Sure, come on in...”

Roy slipped into her room and pulled the door shut behind him. He was still shirtless, which reminded her that her breasts were out. She blushed but recovered when she remembered that he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She noticed that there was a large bulge in the middle of his front facing ass.

“Jen, will you help me masturbate?” Roy asked.

“What?” Jen replied, surprised by the question.

“Please... It’s hard for me to reach the one behind...” He begged.

“Why would I help you masturbate?” Jen asked with a hint of anger.

“Hey, I helped you yesterday. The least you can do is return the favor.” He replied.


He looked so helpless and Jen kind of wanted to see his cock again. She didn’t like the idea of playing with her brother but as moisture began to build in both of her pussies, she decided to go ahead and offer a hand. Besides, she did owe him one... Right?

Feeling a little perverted, she commanded him to take off his pants.

He complied and slipped them down, followed by his underwear. It was strange to see a cock squeezed between two butt cheeks. She didn’t have an opportunity to really examine it before he turned and presented the normal one between his legs.

He stood there and began to stroke the one he could reach and said, “Thanks Sis.”

Jen, now committed, walked over and grabbed hold...

added by fortestingpurposes on 12/27/2014 23:19

Jen felt his heart beat through the throbbing shaft and gently stroked up and down. As she worked on the cock she felt both of her pussies tingling. The arousal she felt was multiplied by the extra vagina. She wondered how crazy it would feel if she had three, maybe four pussies, all begging to be filled. As she imagined the sensation she felt compelled to taste the cock in her hand.

It was wrong. She knew it was wrong... but the smell, the shape. She couldn't stop herself. She knelt down and pulled it into her mouth. She remembered how incredible it felt when her friends had sucked on her dicks. As strange as the situation was, she felt closer to Roy. She knew the intense feeling she was giving him. She could taste his precum as it dribbled out of the tip. She heard him let out a quiet moan and felt his body shiver through the shaft.

Jen reached down and massaged her butt pussy through the fabric of the bikini as she licked his shaft. They continued like that for a few more minutes before the cock flexed in her mouth. In moments hot cum shot onto her tongue. Jen took it all in. It tasted good, really good... Is this why her friends enjoyed her “milk” so much?

After a moment he pulled away and went into her bathroom. She wasn’t expecting it and fell back onto the floor. Some cum hung from her lip. Without thinking, she licked it off and swallowed. In the bathroom, he drained the butt cock. After a moment he stepped back into the room. Both of his dicks were still swollen but drooping downward.

“Thanks Sis,” He said as he caught his breath.

“Sure...” Jen replied, as she regained her composure.

She felt strange and a bit aroused. Under no ordinary circumstances would she have sucked off her brother. After this she was certain that the curse affected her sexually. Every transformation thus far had followed that pattern.

Before she could put any more thought to it, their mom yell up the stairs, “Supper’s ready!”

“Better head down huh...” Roy said as he pulled on his underwear.

“Yea...” Jen added, not really sure what else to say...

Transform at Will
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Roy slid into his jeans and left her alone. She was a little dizzy but stood up and followed him down to the dining room.

Her dad looked up at her as she entered the room and said, “You must really like that bikini.”

Jen had practically forgotten and instinctively cupped her breasts with either hand. Dad didn’t acknowledge her action and instead asked if she had told her coach about the holes.

Jen remembered the conversation from the ride home yesterday and said, “I took care of it.”

Her mom looked up and noticed that she was still holding her breasts and asked, “Is something wrong with your chest dear?”

Jen blushed as she lowered her hands and said, “No...”

She could feel her nipples hardening and wondered if she could every really get used to that. She sat down and ate with her family. Once finished she asked to be excused and went back to her room.

Jen entered the room and felt pressure in the bottom of her stomach. She sat down with her legs forward and her torso facing the wall. She was careful to hold in her urine as she pushed out the poo. Once satisfied that she was empty of solids, she stepped into her bathtub and released both bladders. She hated having so little control over the spray directions and wondered how well Roy handled it. Perhaps he just pinched one, then turned and pinched the other. Or maybe he stood on the seat and held them both downward. The mental image made her laugh.

She let out a sigh and stepped in front of the mirror. Was she ready to try again? She decided that it would be better to write down her new conditions first and went back to her desk.

She wrote down two items:
- Won’t suffocate or pass out during transformations.
- After this next transformation, she would have the ability to transform at will.

She tried to think of something else to add but decided that having the ability to transform herself would save her from having to head to Kyle’s house tomorrow. If she thought of something else, she could always just use the words again.

Satisfied with her list, she stepped over to her full length mirror. She had one more decision to make as she looked at her backwards body and exposed breasts. If she was nude, then nobody would care if she stayed that way. Of course she could always put on cloths if she so desired. If she had stayed dressed for the next transformation then she’d always have to be clothed.

She thought for a moment, then decided...

X Shaped
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She pulled off her shoulder straps and let the bikini drop down, then shimmied out of the bottom half. Once fully nude, she looked at the mirror and said, “Transform or dare.”

She made her choice then said, “Transform again, except after this transformation, you’ll be able to transform at will. You’ll never suffocate or pass out during transformations.”

She finished her statement and waited. A moment later she felt her arms and feet tingling. She could feel the toes on her backwards feet growing longer, at the same time her arms went limp. She watched as her fingers fused together and began to pull upward. They shrank into her shoulders. As her feet changed, she lost her balance and fell onto the bed. As the changes continued, she felt her breasts shrinking and her torso tingling.

Without functioning arms she couldn’t push herself up to watch, but she managed to crane her neck enough to see two bulges coming out from either butt check. Those two bulges continued to grow until they were as long as her legs. A joint formed and finger like appendages came out of the end of either one. The transformation finished and she rolled herself into a sitting position. From the bed she could her reflection in the mirror. In it was a girl who now had four legs with hands instead of feet. Her arms were completely gone, leaving flat skin from her shoulder down. On her chest were six small breasts, maybe B cups.

As she looked herself over, she realized that her vagina was missing. With some effort, she pushed herself into a standing position. She was surprised to find that the four legs could articulate somewhat easily. She was able to balance on three while raising one up to feel her smooth shoulder. She maneuvered to the mirror and used one of her hand feet to tilt it up, then lifted another leg to see what happened below. There was no longer an asshole or vagina, rather there was an X shaped opening. There was no doubt that it was her new vagina, though she guessed that it also worked as an asshole. In each of the four slits that traveled away from the center there was a clit poking out.

She was more intrigued than afraid since she knew she could transform again with the mirror trick. She wondered if her conditions took effect. She hadn’t passed out, though this particular transformation didn’t affect her windpipe. Without any guarantee Jen simply looked at herself and concentrated on changing back to normal.

As she imagined her normal self, she felt the skin on he shoulders pushing outward. At the same time her leg hands morphed back into regular feet. She stumbled back towards the bed and fell as the rear set of legs shrink back into her body. Her top two breasts swelled back to their normal size while the four extras shrank away. In less than a minute the transformation was complete...

added by fortestingpurposes on 12/27/2014 23:30

She stood up and went back to the mirror. It was her. No dick nipples or extra legs. Unfortunately, this form didn’t last long. Before she had a chance to celebrate, she felt more changes. Her nose shrank into her face, followed by the loss of her mouth. She remembered this feeling.

The change concluded and Jen once again had a pussy between her eyes. Her mouth and nose had migrated to her groin. Not ready to give up, she willed herself back to normal once again. At first, it seemed to work but was short lived as a third leg and breast were added back to her body.

Apparently, she was only able to shuffle through the previous changes.

For the sake of testing her own ability, she willed herself to go back to the form with dick nipples. In moments, the third leg shrank back into her body and her middle breast flattened out and disappeared. At the same time her nipples swelled and the tips opened up to reveal the cocks she spent that morning with.

She was glad that she could change herself, but disappointed that she was limited to one of her previous transformations.

Jen didn’t care for her options thus far, but decided that she could live with the dick nipples if she had more control over them...

Another Condition
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Jen felt limited and decided that she had nothing to lose by using the mirror curse a few more times. If she was lucky, one of the new forms would be closer to normal. She was about to say the words but was distracted by a familiar pressure building on either breast. She watched as the two dicks swelled. She reached up and tugged on one. The cock flexed and she felt goosebumps travel across her chest. She reached up and grabbed hold of the other. Soon she was to busy stroking them to think clearly.

She imagined her friend’s mouths on her them and pulled the right cock into her own mouth. It felt good to massage the tip with her tongue. It didn’t take long for her right breast to reach orgasm. The dick nipple flexed and shot warm cum into her mouth. It tasted sweet. She let it slip from her lips and pulled the other cock into her mouth just as it began to squirt.

She felt moisture dripping down her leg and remembered why she opted to transform away from this. These two dicks had more control than she did.

She calmed down and watched as the dick nipples slowly drooped and shrank back into her breasts.

They weren’t fully retracted when she looked towards at the mirror and said the words. She went through the motions once more except this time added a new condition.

“You will be able to control your sexual urges.”

She decided that she would will herself back to the dick nipple form if her next body wasn’t close to normal.

The changes began...

Her Closest Yet
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She felt her groin and asshole tingling and watched as the dicks finished retracting and shrank down until they took on the appearance of regular nipples. She hoped that they were finished but after a moment they split. Each breast now housed two pert nipples, about an inch apart. She turned her attention towards her groin and watched as her pussy tightened up and became more round. She could also feel her insides rearranging. It was very strange.

It stopped and she guessed that the transformation was finished. Aside from a strange round vagina and double nipples, she felt normal. After the dick nipples, she decided that it was best not to be too optimistic until she knew the scope of her new change. She bent over to look at her bottom in the mirror.

The round hole wasn’t her vagina. Her asshole and pussy simply switched places. Overall, it seemed pretty harmless and she decided to leave it that way for now.

She was feeling a bit tired and wasn’t sure how long she had been at it. Her phone read 10pm and she decided to take a shower and head to bed.

Once clean, she pulled on her nightgown and laid down. She had a big decision to make tomorrow. Keep the curse or find Kyle...

Final Day
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[8:00AM - Saturday]

Jen woke up, pulled off the nightgown and went to the bathroom.

It was strange to piss from so far back. Fortunately, her anus and pussy were both in the toilet, so she didn’t have to worry about making a mess. Once finished she reached down and wiped her asshole, then realized that she’d need lean forward to wipe her pussy. It would take some getting used to. Overall, there wasn’t anything debilitating about this new change. Since she hated Kyle, she was seriously considering keeping the current change if only to deprive him the satisfaction of an apology.

She went to her closet and found a bra to wear. Having four nipples was odd, but they seemed pretty innocuous as she hooked the bra behind her back. Next she slipped on some panties. She wouldn’t have given much thought to the feeling of her pussy against the panties, but now she was very aware of the asshole in front. She tried not to think about it and pulled on a pair of gym shorts. Next, she found an old t-shirt to wear. She had no reason to dress up today. It was the weekend after all.

She slipped on some sandals and left for the living room. Her parents had left them alone that weekend to spend time with her aunt and uncle. Since they were gone, she had no way to get to Kyle’s house, unless she called one of her friends for a ride. She sat on the couch and flipped on the TV, still not sure if she should pursue Kyle or just leave it be. It wasn’t long before someone else made the decision for her...

Final Decision
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Roy came into the room a short while after Jen settled in. He was completely naked and like her, had an asshole in his groin and two nipples on either side of his chest. Unfortunately that also meant he was walking around with his cock wedged back between his legs. To keep from squishing it, he walked bow legged.

He reached down and held his balls forward as he sat on the couch. Jen felt awful. She had spent most of the evening transforming herself and didn’t even think about his connection to her curse. The current transformation was fine for her, a pussy didn’t need extra room; but she had no right to leave her brother like that. She pulled out her cell phone and called Beth.

“Hi Jen.” Beth answered.

“Beth, I need to go to Kyle’s house today... Can you give me a ride there?” Jen asked.

“I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment, but I can be there in an hour.” Beth replied.

Jen looked at the time. It was just past 8:30. She knew Kyle’s was about 15 minutes away. They could make it by 10 if nothing else came up. She would have about two hours to find him and apologize.

“OK, just please hurry. I only have until noon to undo the curse.” Jen said.

“Gotcha, I’ll head over as soon as I can...” Beth added.

“Thanks again... I’ll see you later.” Jen replied before she hung up the phone.

“Undo the curse?” Roy asked shortly after she hung up.

Jen thought about the condition she set for her friends and wondered if it would work for Roy as well. He may have been her twin brother, but she considered him to be one of her best friends. Watching the poor guy sit on his own balls looked really uncomfortable and she couldn't leave him that way. She used her ability to transform and brought back the form with dick nipples.

It only took a few minutes for her lower bowels to rearrange. As her pussy and asshole shifted, she could feel the double nipples as they merged and swelled back into dicks. She wondered how long it would take for them to harden this time. Roy changed as well. She glanced over just as his penis finished pushing out of his groin. She could have guessed that his nipples had changed but now was able to see exactly what they’d become. Two small pussies. As she stared at his chest she felt her dick nipples begin to swell. She simply thought, “not now,” and they calmed down. Apparently her latest curse condition worked.

She was glad for that, but surprised when her brother glanced down and began to panic.

“Why am I naked?” He asked with a fearful expression.

“Go upstairs and get dressed, then meet me in my room. I’ll explain everything.” Jen said, trying not to startle him any further.

Roy trusted Jen. He slowly stood up, covered his groin and quickly went upstairs...

Fix Roy
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Jen waited until he was out of sight before heading up to her own room. As she climbed the stairs she thought about Roy’s situation and decided to try and change him back to normal without Kyle’s involvement.

Once in her room she looked into the mirror and said the words, making sure to add a new condition that would make Roy turn back. She began to transform once more.

First her nipples returned to normal. She hoped that the transformation would stop there, but she wasn’t that lucky. There was a tingling feeling on her torso and she felt her skin swelling outward. Worried that her shirt might tear, she pulled it off. It was a wise decision since a new tingling began just below her armpits. She was too focused on the new breasts and arms that were growing to realize that something was happening in her groin as well.

The changes stopped and she looked at her reflection. Her new pair of breasts hung free without a bra. On either side she had a new arm. They were surprisingly easy to use. She wondered how convenient it would be to keep them then noticed a strange pressure in her groin. She pulled down her skirt and was shocked to see a dick bulging against her tight panties. She pulled them off for a closer look.

It was just like Roy’s and it had completely replaced her vagina. Was she a man now? She might have willed herself back to a more ordinary transformation but was too curious about this.

As she examined herself there was a knock at the door...

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“Roy, is that you?” She asked.

“Did you still want to talk?” Roy asked through the door.

“Yes, please come in,” Jen replied, not thinking about her exposed breasts and penis.

He stepped in and to her dismay, he was shirtless and had four arms. The new condition didn’t work.

He looked away from Jen and said, “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” Jen asked.

“Why aren’t you wearing pants?”

“Oh shit... Sorry.” She replied.

She felt a little embarrassed that she was becoming so complacent and pulled on her skirt. Before she could pick up the shirt he turned back and said, “I was going to apologize for being naked down there, but I guess we’re even now...”

She guessed that the breasts were fine since she had pulled off her shirt during the transformation. With that on her mind, she realized that his groin must have changed too.

With no tact, she said, “Take off your pants!”

“What?” Roy asked, confused.

“I want to see your crotch.” Jen added.

“Sis, you’re acting kind of strange.” He added with a mischievous smile.

“I’ll explain everything soon, just let me see what’s down there now.” Jen said.

“Just trust me...”

Roy hesitated for a moment, then said, “But you know what’s down there...”

“Just do it!” Jen commanded.

He undid his belt and let his jeans fall. There was no bulge in his underwear and she soon found out why. As he slid them down she saw something familiar. Her brother now had a pussy, which looked exactly like hers had before the latest transformation. It was almost like looking into a mirror. She shouldn't have been surprised, they were twins after all.

For some reason, this really turned her on. She felt her new cock rising. She was pretty sure she could stop it but the sight of his pussy and the throbbing in her crotch compelled her.

Jen hesitated, then asked, “Want to do it?”

New Equipment
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“Right now?” Roy asked.

“Yea... Do you mind?” Jen replied, not entirely sure why she was speaking so nonchalantly.

“No. It just seems a bit early is all...” Roy added as he stepped out of his pants and crawled onto her bed.

Jen was a little surprised at his willingness but knew that part of her three legged curse had carried over. She wasn’t going to complain. Her heart was racing and the new dick was already making a tent out of her skirt. Her brother positioned himself on the edge of her bed with his ass in the air and his two free hands were already working on his pussy. She didn’t want to keep him waiting and pulled off her skirt.

Jen didn’t understand why Roy’s pussy looked so inviting. Her cock throbbed and flexed as she aimed it at his tight opening. She carefully inserted the tip and felt his warmth. Once in position, she pushed forward and let the entire shaft slide into the soft pussy. It was warm and wet and she could feel him squeezing as she slide in and out.

It was eerie to be fucking from the giving end. A very different feeling than being fucked in a pussy. She used her two new arms to grip his waist as she thrust in and out. Her regular arms were occupied with the new breasts on her chest. They were very sensitive. She didn’t know if the pleasure was her own or just part of the curse, but she enjoyed it none the less.

After several minutes, she felt heat building up in the base of her shaft. It felt similar to her dick nipples but stronger, more focused. Seconds later she flexed and unloaded into her brother’s moist cunt. Her legs tensed and after two more hard thrusts, the last of it shot out. As her cock began to go limp, she slid out. White fluid dribbled from her brother’s pussy as she popped free.

She felt light headed and almost fell over. As she swayed the dick continued to softened.

After a moment, Roy rolled onto his back, let out a deep sigh and said, “That felt great...”

Jen steadied herself, then had a terrifying thought.

“I didn’t pull out...” She said.

“Oh no... I think I have a morning after pill somewhere...”

“What are you talking about?” Roy asked as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

“I came inside... What if you get pregnant?” Jen replied with tears forming in her eyes.

Roy laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m a boy. I can’t get pregnant!” He replied with a shrug.

“But... You have a pussy...” Jen shot back, surprised at his reasoning.

“Jeez Jen, having a pussy doesn’t mean I can get pregnant. Besides we do this all the time. Do you see any babies running around?”

Jen was still dizzy and sat down on the other side of the bed.

There wasn’t much logic to it.

She was still worried and decided that giving him back his dick would be the best option.

Before she had a chance to force another transformation, her brother asked, “Hey, didn’t you want to tell me something?”

He stood up and went to her bathroom to wipe out his drooling vagina. Jen thought back and realized that she had planned to explain the curse.

“Oh yea...” She said.

“It’s kind of a long story.”

As he wiped off his pussy, she gave a condensed version of everything that had happened since the call.

Once finished she simply asked, “Do you believe me?”

He thought for a moment then said, “Yes.”

Jen was relieved, and explained how she tried to make him normal again.

He was confused and asked, “aren’t I normal now?”

Jen knew there was nothing she could say to convince him that he wasn’t and instead said, “Just trust me, OK?”

He didn’t offer a response and Jen set to work on a new idea.

She had pretty good luck adding conditions so far, with the exception of him not going back to normal. She wondered what else she could add for his benefit. She knew Beth would be there soon and she might be able to undo everything once she found Kyle, but she didn’t know how that would go and wanted a backup plan...

For Him
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Jen asked Roy to wait in her room while she wrote down some new ideas. He shrugged and stepped back into her bathroom. Without bothering to dress, she sat back at her desk to jot down some new ideas. Her cock slowly went limp and having the warm sausage against her legs felt odd.

Roy stepped into her bathroom. She looked over and could see him squatting down to wipe the remaining cum from his pussy lips. Seeing him like that felt really awkward and she turned away to focus on her ideas.

The condition to make him normal again had failed so she decided to set a new condition to prevent Roy from changing with her. She considered the downsides and realized that he might not change if she did go back to normal.

Perhaps it just needed to specify that he wouldn’t change anymore, unless it was back to normal? She worried that either option wouldn’t take effect until after the next transformation, and she didn’t want him to be stuck with a strange body when she went to deal with Kyle.

Finally, she settled on three new conditions.

- From now on, he won’t change when I do.
- If I go back to normal, he will to.
- I can choose his transformation independent of my own.

She turned to the mirror and used the words once more, this time with the three new conditions for her brother. As she spoke, he returned to her room and sat down on the end of her bed.

The next transformation began...

His Last Change
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Both of them were naked with the exception of the bra covering Jen’s top row of breasts. The changes began with the usual tingling sensations. She was sad to watch her cock go, but knew that it wasn’t something she should keep. At the same time, she noticed Roy’s clit growing into a familiar shape. She had hoped her conditions would spare him from this next transformation but wasn’t surprised that it hadn’t. In her experience thus far, new rules didn’t seem to take effect until after the changes finished.

As their genders returned to normal, she felt her neck and face tingling. It had been a while since a transformation rearranged her head and she wasn’t excited for it to be happening again. Like before, she was forced to look upward as her head was sucked down into her torso. She managed to take one last look towards Roy as his head began to lower. It was surreal, but not painful. Thanks to one of her earlier conditions, she didn’t pass out and didn’t seem to need air as things began to close up.

Everything went dark again and she lost all feeling from her face. She could still feel other things happening. Her extra arms retracted while her chest, groin and bottom tingled. It wasn’t long before her face began to reform. Something soft pressed against either cheek. As soon as her eyes returned, she blinked and began to take in the room. Everything seemed higher and she couldn’t turn her head. She realized that it had migrated to the center of her chest as she examined the two fleshy mounds against her face. She reached up and felt for her neck, but only found smooth skin from shoulder to shoulder.

The bridge of her bra was pushing against her nose and it was holding her breasts against her face. She decided to take it off. Her boobs eased away from her cheeks as she let the bra drop. She felt the transformation finish as the tingling on her ass stopped. She didn’t think much of it and turned to find Roy. His face was also positioned in the center of his chest, but that wasn’t all. He now had two cocks, each with their own ball sack. She wondered if anything else had changed as she ran her fingers along her groin. She stepped in front of the mirror and found that she now had two pussies wedged against each other.

Roy stood up and said, “I’m gonna head back to my room. Good luck with the curse Jen.”

Jen was first surprised at how he reacted. She wanted to ask him if he felt different, but was distracted by what she saw on his bottom as he went towards the door. His butt cheeks had nipples. As he walked out she reached down to feel her own ass. Both cheeks were large and firm and she could feel a sensitive nipple on either side.

As she took in this new form she remembered her new conditions and called after Roy, “Wait. Come back for a second...”

He stepped back into her room. Before he could ask what she needed, she willed his body to change back to normal. It did at first. In moments his head sucked into his chest and grew back out of his shoulders, his second cock fused to the first. Jen wished the changes would stop there but instead the curse reverted him to the first form where his cock moved to his face and his mouth opened up down below.

Jen didn’t want to leave him like that and changed him to the form with pussy nipples. His face and groin swapped once more then his nipples inverted and split to reveal small clits and lips.

Once the change finished Roy asked, “What’s up?”

Jen couldn’t help but be surprised at how oblivious he was. She had done what she needed to do and said, “I forgot what I wanted to say...”

“Oh... Alright. If you remember, I’ll be in my room.” Roy added, then left the doorway.

Time to Go
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Jen was about to change herself when her phone buzzed with a new text. She picked it up and read the message.


It was from Beth.

Jen keyed in a response and hit send.

“I’ll be down in five”

She opted for the backwards pussy and asshole transformation for herself, since she didn’t have a penis to worry about. Once changed, she replaced her bra then pulled on some panties. She shuffled through her closet and found a skirt to wear, then grabbed the t-shirt she had on earlier. She slipped on her sandals then went down to meet Beth in the driveway.

“Do you have an address?” Beth asked.

Jen remembered writing it down, but would have to go get the paper from her school bag. She almost did but recalled her ability to find Kyle wherever he was. After a moment she said, “No, but I know where we need to go.”

“Lead the way then...” Beth answered as she started the car.

Jen directed her friend through a variety of turns and in about ten minutes, they had arrived at his house...

Jen still had a couple hours until the curse stuck and seriously considered giving him a punch to the face instead of an apology. She grinned at the thought but knew that she wasn’t doing this for herself anymore. She accidentally involved her brother and wanted to make that right.

She wasn’t sure how Kyle would react if he saw her with a normal face and decided to change back to the original cursed form. In moments her nose and mouth were in her crotch, and her pussy opened up on her face. She reached down and pulled off her panties so that she could breath easier. Beth hardly noticed.

Jen turned towards her and said, “I’ll be back soon...”

She had forgotten how odd it was to speak from her groin and felt silly for turning her head at all. She shrugged it off then stepped out of the car.

Beth said, “OK, I’ll wait here. Holler if you need me.”

Jen made her way to the front door, then rang the bell...

Kyle's Curse
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An older woman answered the door.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

She sounded nothing like the woman Jen spoke with on the phone a few days prior.

Jen didn’t give it much thought and asked, “Can I speak with Kyle?”

The woman turned and yelled, “Kyle, you have a visitor.”

After a few seconds she turned back to Jen and asked, “I’m sorry, who were you looking for?”

She could hear Kyle’s footsteps as he came down the hallway and thought, “You can’t hide this time...”

He came around the corner and his eyes went wide.

“Jennifer?” He asked with a frightened look.

The older woman shrugged and left them alone.

“How did you find me?”

“There’s no way...”

Jen didn’t give him an opportunity to run, instead she looked at him and said, “I’m sorry Kyle.”

In seconds, the face pussy was gone, replaced by her nose and mouth. Without underwear on she could feel air moving across her restored genitals. She was finally back to normal.

Kyle began to panic...

“I made new rules... I was hidden... How...”

He began to choke, then went quiet as his tongue swelled up. Jen watched as his nose grew longer and changed shape. He was changing just like her brother had.

When the transformation finished, he had a cock on his face. It was nowhere near as impressive as Roy’s. She heard him gasp and then curse from his groin. He pulled off his pants to reveal his nose and mouth.

Jen felt vindicated but also very confused...

What Happened
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Jen interrupted his angry cursing and said, “I don’t know why you changed, but it serves you right you little prick.”

Seeing him transform was more than satisfying, though she couldn’t help but wonder why.

Kyle began to cry and said, “I made new rules, I was supposed to be hidden...”

“I even stayed at my grandparents house today in case you figured out where I lived...”

Jen was pissed when she heard this and asked, “Why the fuck were you hiding from me?”

He let out another sob and said, “Don’t you get it? I didn’t start this... Someone did it to me and I had to pass it on to fix myself.”

“Why the hell did you give it to me?” Jen asked.

“Revenge I guess... I didn’t have a choice.” He added.

“The curse can be cured if it’s passed on with a specific condition. Mine was to give it to the last person who embarrassed me. That was you.”

Jen was beginning to fell bad for the kid but still wasn’t entirely convinced, she considered the situation then asked, “my condition was to apologize to you?”

“Yes...” He sobbed.

“Who cursed you? And how did you make people forget you?” Jen asked.

“I found a loophole in the curse and added some new rules. First to be able to skip several days of school and still be caught up with my work. The next was for you to be unable to contact me. Apparently that didn’t work.”

She knew that he used the mirror trick, then asked, “Who cursed you then?”

“I don’t know... Some girl from school. She made me forget who she was.” Kyle added.

Jen was disappointed at the answer. She looked at the poor fool, who was now holding his hands over his cock face. She knew the feeling and didn’t take pleasure in watching him suffer. Well... Maybe a little.

“When she cursed you, did she say you couldn’t undo it?” Jen asked.

Kyle thought for a moment then said, “...No.”

Jen could see the gears turning as he realized that his loopholes could have saved him. He began to cry harder.

“You fucking idiot. Instead of just telling yourself to change back, you cursed me? And why the fuck didn’t you let me change myself back with a loophole” Jen yelled.

Through tears, Kyle began to apologize. “I’m sorry... I was mad at you... I panicked... I... I didn’t want any of this...”

He fell to his knees and continued to cry.

Jen said, “I know I’m going to regret this... Kyle ... I’ll change you back, but you need to do exactly what I say. Alright?”

With teary eyes he looked up at her. It was weird to see such emotion on either side of his little dick.

Kyle did a poor job composing himself then asked, “Are... Are you serious?”

“Even after what I did?”

Jen was quiet for a moment then said, “Look, if this is what you do to people who pants you, then I’d rather not stay on your bad side... Besides, it sounds like this wasn’t your fault to begin with.”

“So, yes... I’ll help you change back... But keep your hands over that thing. I don’t want to see it.”

He pushed himself up then quickly covered the penis with both hands.

“I’ll do anything you want... Just please... Please change me back...” He begged.

“Shut up... I need to think!” Jen yelled.

She didn’t want to give him back the curse and pondered for a moment before saying, “Alright. To fix you, I’m going curse you. After I’ve said the words, you choose both. Got it?”

Kyle shook his head and muttered a yes from his groin.

“Alright Kyle... Transform or Dare?”

He Chose Both
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“Both... I choose both...” Kyle replied.

Jen began.

“For your transformation, you will turn back to normal. That is, your dick will move back to your groin and your mouth and nose will return to your face.”

“If you do or say anything to piss me off, you’ll switch back to your current form for one hour.”

“Consider that your punishment for what you put me though.”

Kyle began to object but she quickly interrupted him.

“I’m not finished! You still have a dare.”

“I dare you to use the transform or dare curse on me. When I choose dare, you’ll tell me to have a great day.”

Jen was satisfied with the simplicity. She watched as Kyle’s dick shrank into his face and morphed back into a nose and mouth, After a moment, the dick reappeared in his naked crotch.

Without pulling on his pants he looked up at Jen and said, “Transform or dare?”

“Dare” Jen replied.

“I dare you to have a great day.” Kyle said, then shook his head as if waking from a day dream.

After a moment he realized that he wasn’t wearing pants and quickly pulled them back on. Jen thanked him for his cooperation and left to meet Beth at the end of the driveway. Jen still had the curse words and she was finally back to normal.

She didn’t know who had cursed Kyle in the first place but was glad to end it there...

The End?
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Jen opened the car door and sat down.

“How did it go?” Beth asked.

Jen said, “Not quite how I expected it to, but every thing is back to normal now.”

“I’m glad to hear it but, to be honest, you still look the same to me.” Beth added as she started the car.

Jen didn’t have a response, but was happy that the ordeal wouldn’t leave her friends traumatized. As Beth drove, Jen wondered how Roy was doing. She had put him through a lot in the last few days. The thought might have made her feel bad if she wasn’t having such a great day.

She smiled and watched houses go by from the passenger window. As bad as things had been, she did have some fun. Those past few days offered the most incredible sex she’d ever experienced. As she thought about the different forms she took, she recalled the time her friends “milked” her cock nipples at school. The feeling was so ridiculous that she almost lost herself to it.

After a moment, her nipples began to tingle and swell. She recognized the feeling. The dicks were back.

“Did I just transform myself?” Jen wondered.

Her rules were still in effect. Without bothering to remove the dicks, she performed a more simple test. She made her right index finger grow longer. It worked and nothing else changed. The curse had ended, but she still had the power to transform. This time, however, there were no limits.

This really was going to be a great day...


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He actually complied this thread into a story with illustrations here: https://goo.gl/wb6jvC


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He actually complied this thread into a story with illustrations here: https://goo.gl/wb6jvC

Ah yes you're right. I can't believe I already forgot about that