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Just a little idea I had and decided to write down to relax.

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A weak light pierced the darkness underneath Jizza's streets, while the echoes of footsteps reverberated from the ancient curved walls of the tunnel. This was not the sewers but actually beneath them and at the northern most edges of the town above. This catacomb like maze was far older, as old as the city itself, the granite walls uneven and rough, water dripping from countless tiny fissures. Two women walked this forsaken dungeon, a single flashlight providing just enough light to find their way around.

„I am not so sure about this any longer,“ said the one without the light. Her name was Harmonia Fandafort and 39 years of age. She looked completely out of place here, a member of high society, not an adventurer or sewer worker. She was tall and slender, almost fragile looking but with a certain elegance. While she had at least chosen to go down these tunnels in a pair of leather boots, the rest of her attire was a combination of white knee long trousers and an expensive silken blouse, both already covered in grime. She had even applied her make up, as if she had been invited to a garden party, emphasizing her full red lips and almond shaped eyes. Her narrow features were framed by her dark brown locks which fell down to her shoulders.

„Don't chicken out now. There is nothing down here. We are almost at the spot anyway according to this map,“ replied her friend in a self assured tone. Glevi Donoris was as much foreign in this enviroment as the one following her. She was dressed in an equally expensive attire, although she prefered a short skirt, to show off her wide hips. Overall she was more voluptuous than her friend. Frequent visits to the alchmist had made sure of that. She had to thank these treatments her smooth face and E-cup breasts, too. She looked like in her late twenties, although in truth she was even five years older than Harmonia.

„Do I have to remind you of Karl,“ she added. Harmonia visibly bristled at hearing that name and simply nodded, her expression hardening as she continued to follow the other. Both women had been divorced from their husband a month ago. It had been a sudden and quick affair, after they had found out that their husband had been cheating on them, with each other. Rather than trying to apologize or right things, Karl and Werner had simply decided to be true to each other abandon their wives. Glevi and Harmonia had been left in dumbfounded shock. From the shared anger and feeling of betrayal grew the plan that had let them to this place.

Half an hour later they finally reached their destination. It was a large, square room, about a hundred meters in each direction and easily ten to the ceiling. Aside of a narrow ledge, it was entirely filled by water, emerging from a circular grate on one wall and following down a narrow, separate tunnel. Unlike the previous tunnels, this place was not shrouded in total darkness. Three shafts in the ceiling channeled just enough light from the surface to see.

„I told you this was all part of the city's old aqueduct,“ Glevi explained. It was true. Jizza's aqueduct had been built about the time the city had been founded in order to provide it with water. Nowadays these tunnels were largely forgotten but nonetheless it still spilled into the town's reservoir of fresh water.

„So this is our new home, I guess,“ Harmonia commented, sounding quite anxious. Their plan had been to transform themselves but somewhere remote, where nobody would ever find them. They were both so fed up with their lives as they were now that they could just end them as well. Suicide was not an option, though. Death was too far a step, although one could argue that this one was not much less of an extreme reaction. Both women had their doubts but at the same time felt like they had come too far too turn back. There was a weird, unspoken feeling of being committed now.

„Yeah, lets undress and get it over with,“ answered her friend, putting on a wide smile to lighten the mood.

She carefully squeezed the flashlight into a big gap between two flag stones and put down her bag. Then the two undressed. They did it quickly and in silence, trying to hurry before they could have second thoughts. Even nude they didn't not mesh with the dank tunnels, their tanned skin and perfectly manicured nails, their shiny hair and well trained bodies betraying their history as the wives of rich and successful men.

It was cold and wet in the room, causing Harmonia to shiver slightly. None the less she took the vial her friend handed to her with a nod. Glevi carefully knelt down and lowered one foot into the water.

„Its not too deep,“ she said with an audible shiver after most of her leg was inside the pool. „But its cold.“

Her friend simply smiled in reply. Together they stepped into the water of the pond properly. It reached to just above their knees. They looked at each other and drank the content of the vial before throwing them into the stream. The changes were instantaneous. Both women's legs lost all shape, knees and muscles fusing until they were left with nothing more than thick tubes disappearing into the water, oddly bent into a slight squatting pose by the weight of their bodies. They felt their altered legs hardening and losing most muscle control, inflexible but perfectly able to support them in this position indefinitely. They also felt how their feet changed and melted, turning into roots that dig deep into the ground below, anchoring them forever to this place.

The changes quickly moved upwards. Their torsi were left largely unchanged, at least outwardly. Their internal anatomy underwent drastic changes to cope with their future, immobile lifestyle. In the process their spines fused together, becoming a lot stronger but also almost entirely stiff. Suddenly Glevi and Harmonia lifted their arms up. It was an involuntary impulse. Before they could even react, their hands pressed together by themselves and immediately merged into one. Their fused arms underwent similar changes as their legs, bones and muscles all melted and merged until they became soft tubes. In this case each woman was left with a thick half-ring of inflexible flesh, framing the head like an halo. Those changed next. Suddenly their necks elongated, becoming almost serpentine. After they had reached the length of their former arms, their heads started to deflate. Their mouths pushed out into a muzzle, while their skulls flattened, until their heads had a distinctive bullet shape. Meantime their hair fell out and most of their facial feature melted away. They were left with just their eyes, now pushed to the sides of their altered skulls, and their mouths which quickly enlarged, their lips inflating into massive caricatures of femininity. In fact their lips seemed to turn to a darker shade of red, imitating the lipsticks they had used in their previous lives.

Finally the heat of transformation moved back down their bodies and concentrated in the crotch. They were already moaning and panting, heavily aroused by the sensation of their bodies changing. At first nothing seemed to happen, although both women could feel a pressure building up between their legs. When it became almost unbearable, their clitori suddenly shot out, growing into foot-long penises within seconds. At the same time the rest of their vaginas merged together and descended, turning into the scrotum for apple-sized testicles which dropped down from within their bodies. In the blink of an eye, their new, male genitalia were fully formed. The pressure hadn't left but now reached its tipping point. Harmonia and Glevi screamed as they experienced their first male orgasm. Thick ropes of cum erupted from their cocks, splashing into the water more than a meter away. The friends knew that it was also their last orgasm, for even after a minute the ejaculation didn't stop. It would not, ever. They had chosen to disappear from the world without giving up their lives. So why not enjoy their chosen, eternal exile. They would forever bath in the bliss of this intense orgasm.

They moaned and screamed for another hour or two. Eventually they calmed down a little, although the sensation didn't cease.

„N...not too bad,“ Glevi stammered. „I...think..I..I can get used to this.“

„I...I love you, Glevi,“ was all her friend was able to say.

Without answering Glevi reach over with her long neck and kissed her friend. Their libido still up, they didn't bother with small, romantic kisses. Instead they were exploring each others toothless mouths with their tongues.

Somehow it felt weird to Harmonia to kiss her best friend like this. There had never been any sexual feelings between them. But now it was to late, anyway. She was incredibly horny and there was no other around to share it with. Just as they had planned.


Neither Glevi nor Harmonia knew how much time had passed since their transformation. It must have been a long time. They could tell the flow of days from the little light they got through shafts in the ceiling but they had long stopped to count them. They've been in the dank cave for at least a few months if not years.

Despite the monotone of their situation, neither regretted their choice. Their constant orgasm was just too good, too overwhelming. It was the center of their new existence and they loved it. To spice things up they would play with each other almost the entire time, kissing passionately or licking each others nipples. Unfortunately their necks were not long enough to reach each others anus or penis. Especially Harmonia would often feel an irresistible need to be filled from behind but unable to act on it. The denial, however, was almost pleasant in a masochistic way.

Over the course of time both have noticed changes happening to them. First was the growth of hair, body hair. Apparently it had been left largely unchanged but unable to shave, even if they wanted to, it had slowly grown back, more than they'd probably have sported as humans. Each one now sported a thick, black bush framing their cocks, with a thin trail leading up to the belly button. They also had thick bushes of hair in what used to be their armpits, obscenely presented due to the locked position of their former arms. The hair didn't really affect them much but it just underlined the amount things had changed.

They had also noticed changed to their physique, specifically a gradual loss of their once youthful shapes, which they had maintained with a strict combination of diets and sports. Ironically they didn't eat at all now. They didn't have to. They bodies subsided mostly on mana absorbed through the skin, with water and additional nutrients taken in by their roots. Maybe they were a bit too efficient at it or maybe it was a longterm side effect of their new anatomy. Either way, they had gained quite some weight, most of it in their bellies. Rather than looking chubby, they looked pregnant, maybe 5th month or so. In addition their breasts had grown at least two cup sizes and started to sag lightly. Glevi mourned the loss of her narrow waist and flat stomach, while for Harmonia it was actually a turn on.

One day the silence of the cave was interrupted by footsteps which to the former was nearly as loud as thunder after months of barely a sound, aside from the permanent splatter of their cum hitting the water. They turned their heads around to be blinded by an almost impossibly bright light in the doorway. They shrieked and shut their eyes but luckily the light immediately disappear. A moment later they opened their eyes again, just to be greeted by a humanoid shape standing in the doorway, a flashlight in one hand.

„I thought I'd find you here,“ a male voice said. „So you followed my suggestion after all.“
The figure stepped closer towards the edge of the stone ledge. It was a man, one that both former women recognized. It was the alchemist who had sold them the D-cum solution and who had mentioned how forsaken the old aqueduct actually was, how most people didn't even knew it  existed. Why was he here?

Glevi noticed that he was caring a large bag under one arm. She tried to question him about it but all that came out was a weak croak. She tried again but she just couldn't form any words. Silly as it might sound, she realized that she didn't know how any more. After the first few days Harmonia and Glevi had stopped talking with each other, for there was nothing to really talk about. She wasn't sure how but after all these months in silence, she must have forgotten how to even talk. Maybe it was another side effect of the transformation. Either way she had lost the ability to speak for good and oddly enough, she was fine with it. Harmonia had apparently suffered the same fate and thus neither managed to greet the intruder.

„Don't worry ladies,“ the man said, as if he was able to sense their loss of speech. „I got a gift for you.“

He put down the bag and began to unpack it, carefully arranging all different vials, bottles and technical devices, the two residents of the cave couldn't clearly make out. All the while he was talking, whether they cared about it or not.

„You see, my colleagues and me had a recent idea how to spice up trade and potentially tourism in town. For it to work, though, we need some permanent volunteers and that's when I remembered you too and what you had told me you wanted to do. Turns out you are already in the perfect spot. I hope you won't mind helping us out. I promise you won't regret it.“

The alchemist stood up and took a step back, revealing the device he had been setting up. It looked like a metal box made of pipes and cogs, with a large spinning wheel at the center. Glevi recognized what it was, a portable mana-generator. Werner had been a airship and mana-technology enthusiast and while she had never cared for his exited ramblings, she had a remarkable long term memory. That's why she also knew that this particular brand of generators was well known for its solid built. They were said to work for centuries. Two thick rubber cables were attached to the device, each leading upwards to a metallic object the man was holding in each hand. They looked like silvery dildos.

„Old man Jodl came up came up with the method,“ he began to explain. „I am going to insert these babies into your rectums. They are transmitters which will charge your prostate glands and testicles with mana. Not enough to have transformative properties but some more subtle effects.“

He chuckled and approached the two creatures. Glevi realized that if she wanted to or not, she had no choice. All she could do was to give into the situation and hope for the best. With surprise she noticed Harmonia pushing out her butt, apparently a lot more eager than she was. Suddenly she felt something thick enter her anus. It was a bizarre sensation, especially since she had never tried anal sex before. The alchemist must have prepared the devices beforehand, for it was covered in gel, making the insertion a lot easier. It didn't feel bad at all. Quite filling in a good way. Harmonia moaned loudly as she got the dildo pushed in.

„Okay, now to make sure that they don't slide out,“ the man said as he took a vial from the ground and poured a little bit of its content on their anuses. Suddenly their sphincters clenched shut, locking the devices inside their rectums. Both former women could feel a loss of control over the muscles, indicating that their sphincters would probably stay like this forever.

A moment later the man pushed a button on the mana-generator. A dull glow started to emanate from the accelerating wheel. At the same time Glevi and Harmonia felt the dildo starting to vibrate. It was a wonderful sensation. An erotic tickle that went well with their non-stop ejaculation.

“Seems you like it,” the man commented, while cleaning his hands with a handkerchief. Then he turned around and took two more vials from his bag and moved through the water to face the two former women, carefully avoiding to be hit by their cum. “The output is not much, though. Let's change that.”

He chuckled and poured the content of the vials all over their breasts. He threw the empty glass away and moved back onto the ledge with surprising speed. He hadn't even left the water when both creature's tits suddenly expanded. Rather than just inflating, they seemed to primarily grow in length, though. The lost their softness and thick veins pushed against the skin, each mammary was taking on a distinctive phallic shape. Their nipples inflated even more and turned into solid knobs as thick as the shaft they were attached to. Within moments they finished their transition into the cockheads of the newly formed penises that used to be breasts. Each one was almost three feet long and one foot thick at the base, making them look unusually short despite their size. At last the skin underneath them wrinkled and then sagged down, just to then rapidly inflate with growing testicles. In the end each chest-penis possessed a hairy scrotum containing two balls the size of melons. Glevi and Harmonia screamed in ecstasy as their new manhood joined their regular cocks and erupted with geysers of cums.

“I told you, you'd enjoy this,” the alchemist said after a while. He doubted the two creatures in the water where even listening, he didn't care much, anyway. “Well then, I guess we will see if this works within the next few months. I do not think there is any need for me to come back here again. Farewell.”

He turned around and moved back into the darkness of the tunnels. Neither Harmonia, nor Glevi noticed. Without a word, they moved their heads and continued kissing each other passionately. They were forever lost in sexual bliss. They didn't care. They loved it and gave fully into the sensation, their existence nothing more than a never ending orgasm, polluting the water with their seed.


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I never expected an actual origin story for the whole Drugs premise, but it's still great nevertheless. And I love the TF too.