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Hello my fellow forumites,

As many of you know I sell stories on Amazon as well as the ones I post for free here (I'll come back to 7 days to a new you soon, I promise).  For a bit of background, my average story is 10-12k words and sells for $2.99.  My last few stories have been much longer than average; 14, 18 and finally 30k words.  While I am willing to sell the former two at the same price, my most recent story took nearly double the effort of most of my others (30k=~70 pages of size 12 font).  I'd really like to get more out of it, so herein lies my questions.  As (hypothetical) paid story consumers, is it more palatable to split the story into two (or possibly 3) parts at $2.99 apiece or keep the story together and sell it for more ($3.99 or $4.99)?  One reason I'm asking here is the story is from one of my more bondage/mundane transformation (aka no alchemy) series (confined fashion), so there would be less conflict of interest.  The story won't come out until next month, so I have a bit of time to decide, and I'd appreciate any feedback you'd be willing to give me.



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Normally i would pay for a reasonable long story up to $5, but only if the themes are really interesting for me. i think 70 pages are  very long for a erotic fetish story, maybe too long. but that' s just my opinion.


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True, but at the same time, there is a psychology with the pricing. Like with drugs, price one at $3 and another one at $5 and the average person will think the $5 drug works better and will walk away thinking they got the better deal.


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Nikita, I certainly never planned for the story to get this long.  The downsides of roughly planning out all the events before hand is you never know how long the story will be if you try to cram everything in.  And I have tried pricing a story higher before, $3.99 for the 25k word one I wrote, but it never sold as well as its predecessor.  The then again, nothing has, as the transformation room is my best seller by far.  If I do sell it as one story, it will probably be my only upload for the month, as I have to do 2-3x the work to get it ready.


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i know how that feels...

i plan my stories short, then i start to write  and they quickly become unmanageable, and finally i abandon them without having released anything hmm


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Redstar00 wrote:

the transformation room is my best seller by far.

That's not really a surprise. IIRC, that's your story with the most bizarre TF in it.