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This CYOA caught my eye a while ago for its sheer randomness. The paths in this CYOA are broad but shallow, so it's definitely worth checking out the tree outline if you're desperate for more content. I will be posting other routes for posterity.

Start: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/it … ore/map/13
Tree outline: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/it … on/outline


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 2: Parasitic Butts   

    addition by: bobboled (23)

far in the outskirts of your hometown, there was a strange laboratory, one that wasn't government owned, and no one quite knew what went on there. Convoys moved in and out at night, but that was all most people know. Then, one day, People saw a smoke coming from the lab and the local authorities came to investigate. When they got there they found the lab as a smoldering ruin, devoid of any recoverable data or bodies. Unable to find any evidence, the case was closed a week later. That's when the strange occurrences started happening. A woman came into the hospital, gibbering about being attacked by some round monster and that it had hit her chest. The medical team examining her found nothing wrong with her psychologically, but what they found underneath her shirt was something modern medicine had not prepared them for.

The woman, who on her records had a small A cup as her breast size, came into the hospital with a chest the size of watermelons. When the doctors cut her shirt off to check for wounds, they found that the bulge in her shirt were not enlarged breasts, but that the woman had a large butt on her chest, complete with a working sphincter and vagina. The medical staff was perplexed, but x-ray scans showed that the butt on her chest was real and very much attached. The sphincter had hooked up to her stomach and was taking part of her nutrients, while her new vagina had not created a new connection to her uterus, but instead had a second one in the middle of her huge butt, with enlarged ovaries in either butt cheek. Unable to do more than comfort the poor woman, she was kept under care at the hospital as researchers examined her body.

A couple weeks later, the doctors were rushed into her room as the woman was panicking again. The woman told the staff that her boyfriend had visited her about a month ago and that they had made love. As well, her boyfriend had convinced her to let him have sex with the pussy in her breast/ass. She did, and now nearly a month later her chest butt had swelled to twice its size. The woman began to moan and squeeze her butt chest as her pussy stretched and pushed something large and round out of it. Her chest butt deflated back nearly to it's original size, but what shocked the doctors more was that the woman had just given birth to a disembodied butt from her own. One of the nurses touched it and it sprang to life, attaching to and becoming a part of her face. The woman was placed in quarantine while the nurse had to adjust to having a perky butt for her face. And the fact that she was now using its anus to speak with.

These were just the first cases, but certainly would not be the last as more parasite butts and other oddities found their way from the ruins of the lab and into town...

Who are you?
3.   Futanari

What kind of futanari are you?
2.   An athletic tomboy with short bright green dyed hair and a humongous dick


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 4: Alexis the fitness futa   

    addition by: bobboled (23)

You are Alexis, a natural hermaphrodite with both a functioning vagina with big lips and a penis that was a foot long with large testicles. You were on the short side at 5'8, but your made up for it by being lean and muscular. You were very tomboyish, especially with your dyed green and short cut hair combined with your B-cup breasts and your slight tan. This made you desirable by many women and some men and more or less set the stage for how your life would play out. You're 25 and currently working from home as a freelance artist.

You had recently gotten out of a relationship with a tall brunette and were drinking at the bar near your apartment to forget about her. Your three roommates, Samantha, Abigail and Gwen had already left and returned to the apartment while you tried to get lucky with the college girls across the bar, which wasn't working out too well. You were slurring your words and they just weren't into the whole 'muscular girl with a cock' thing you had going on. It also didn't help that your cock was hanging out of your skirt and slapping your thigh as you swayed in front of them.

Dissuaded and disheartened, you stumble back to your apartment but stop near the alleyway by the bar when you spot something odd. On the ground was a quivering mass of flesh in the shadows. Curious, you step closer and see that it was one of those parasitic butts that had been on the news recently. It was large and round, with an over sized butt-slit comparable to the large wet pussy attached tot he butt. Your rational mind told you to run, but the booze and your recent defeat at the bar made you do otherwise. You picked up the butt, which squired in your arms as it tried to attach to you, and brought it up to your apartment. The others were asleep already so no one saw you shamble into your room and throw the parasite as onto your bed. You then ripped off your clothes, revealing your muscled physique and toned abs, and jumped on the bed.

With your natural strength you pinned the sexy butt down and pressed your erect girl-cock against its anus. It sensed what was about to happen and gleefully calmed down as you slid easily into the butts hungry asshole. The butts muscles and contractions were too intense for you and soon the butt was squeezing your balls dry as you came time and again into the detached buttocks. Eventually you passed, awakening in the morning to find...

1.   The butt had replaced your entire head (no more hair or neck either)


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 5: The butt had replaced your entire head (no more...   
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You wake up with a strange feeling. In your groggy state, you don't notice as you head to th bathroom, but once there, your mirror revealed to you what the strange sensation was. You stared at the odd reflection of a butt in the space between your shoulders! Immediately, your hands go up to explore the new mounds that have replaced your head. They felt firm and smooth, like your own ass, and not only that, but the pussy had grown to match the size of your original snatch.

"What the fuck?" You exclaimed, not knowing how or from where you spoke. You spread apart the buttcheeks to show the anus that now functioned as your mouth, breathing in and out. "That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen." You comment, the butthole mimicing each word. In the time you spent exploring your new ass, you didn't notice how hard your dick had gotten. You blush at the thought that this weird form turned you on.

2.   Try to fuck your new Butthead.


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 6: Try to fuck your new Butthead.   

    addition by: bobboled (23)   

Your plump butt-head was situated on your shoulders with your pussy resting near your clavicle and you pussy-like butt slit residing above that. Now, blowing yourself had never been hard, what with you having a dick that was over a foot long, but this was something else. You're cock twitched with anticipation as you ripped your clothes off and jumped on your bed. With your flexibility it wasn't very hard to bend yourself in half, even with your abs in the way, and bring the head of your dick up to your butt-head asshole. Unlike a regular anus, your new one was already slightly lubed up, likely your spit, and easily accepted your throbbing cock as you fed it into your butt-head.

The loose ring that was was your anus mouth gripped your cock as you bent further and further, burying your fem cock into you hungry butt hole. You began to buck and thrust into you head anus, all while fingering your original cunt as you plunged the depths of your butt head. And, with your mouth like control of your head anus, you were able to sort of suck your cock as you anally screwed your head, making you cum hard as your balls emptied themselves in your butt head.

You would have gone again, but the act had tired you out. Briefly you wondered if your butt head would get pregnant from your own seed but this thought was interrupted by a knock on the door. You panicked, and were only further stressed out as you felt a bulging sensation in your ass head....

The girl knocking on the door was Gwen, your strikingly tall Asian roommate, a curvy girl with small breasts and a couple of naughty piercings. She was also your sometimes fuck buddy, the two of you satisfying your urges when you were both single. "Alexis, it's nearly twelve in the afternoon, are you up?"

The pressure was mounting in your head, like a pulsing headache but much less painful. The Sensation came in waves and you knew then that there was something growing in your butt head and it was coming out of your anus...

With horror you realized that your butt head not only got pregnant, but that the births were hyper accelerated!

2.   You give birth to genitals(penis, vagina, anus), or maybe body parts


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 7: You give birth to genitals(penis, vagina, anus)...   

    addition by: bobboled (23)   

"Alexis, I'm coming in, "Gwen declared and opened the door. "Alexis ar- oh my god, what happened to you!"

You were fidgeting on the bed as the swelling increased inside your butt head. It was getting harder to concentrate as your body began to head up and become aroused. "I got attacked by a butt last night!, " you lied, knowing you couldn't tell them you had willingly brought one back to the apartment. "I - ahhhh, "you gasped as your body contracted again.

"What? What's happening?" she yelled, frightened by your appearance and behavior. "Are you sick, did the butt do this to you?"

"N-no, I'm.. gasp, giving birth through it..."

"Oh-okay! Um, what should I do?!"

"I don't fucking know! It feels like it's coming out of my anus!" you managed to say as Gwen hopped on the bed. Her cute face, speckled with two lip studs, an eyebrow stud and a nose ring, stared into your butt face with concern. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to help you. You're my friend, now hold still." With a shocking amount of hesitation, even if it was Gwen, she pushed you down and sat on your chest, using her greater body size to pin you down. You might have been muscular, but it was still no match for Gwen when she was a good half a foot taller than you and thirty pounds heavier. You were about to protest, but the words caught in your anus mouth as Gwen stuck her hand inside. You began to thrash about in surprise and pleasure as she practically fisted your anus mouth, searching for the thing that was about to be birthed. Gwen wasn't unaffected though; her face was bright red and there was an odd look in her eye, like she was enjoying your subdued position. "Alllllmost... got it!" She said as she pulled the parasitic offspring out of your loose butt heads asshole.

There, held in Gwen's hands and dangling before you was a large...

1.   Penis and balls


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 8: Penis and balls   

    addition by: FromDurgeWithLove (5) 

In Gwen's hand was your penis offspring, wriggling in her hand. She stared at it. "Wow! It's huge! Imagine what this monster must feel like, right?" She said. "Well, I've got my own package, thank you very much." You retorted. Gwen smiled before shooting you a glance.

"So does that mean I get to keep it?" She asked. You shrugged. It wouldn't hurt to have another big dick around. Gwen was moving the monster to her groin when it leapt from her hand. It swiftly attached...

1.   To her groin, like she had intended.


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 9: Gwen becomes a futa too   

    addition by: bobboled (23) 

The parasitic dick you had birthed lept from her hands and dove into her underwear, squirming around in her panties as it looked for somewhere to anchor itself. Gwen giggled as it moved about in her panties until it found its target and stopped. Gwen, still straddling your waist and pinning you down, slipped off her skirt and ripped off her panties to reveal what the both of you already knew; the parasitic cock had taken up residence above her dripping wet pussy. However, something new was taking place. "Oh my god, what is happening now!?" she said. You didn't know what to say as you watched the foot long dicks balls grow and grow until they reached the size of grape fruit, taking up and filling the gap in her thighs completely. "Geez, they're freaking huge! Ooh, my nuts feel so fullllll..." she said as she began to grind against your own erect member.

"I-I think I know why that happened Gwen, "you said, seeing in her eyes that she knew too. "I think that's for impregnating my butt head, and your balls likely grew to accommodate multiple insemination."

Gwen just looked at you with hungry eyes, licked her lips, and with a surprising amount of strength picked you upside down, her arms wrapped around you abs as she lowered your head anus onto her new throbbing cock. Her cock filled you anus mouth to the brim as she began to fuck you in earnest; all while using her mouth to attend to your original pussy and suck your balls.

Both you and Gwen came at the same time, her balls filling you with enough spunk to make another parasite with you head butt. Gwen watched with fascination as you birthed a...

1.   Another pair of genitals


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 10: You birth a head sized vagina   

    addition by: bobboled (23)   

Out of your gaping head anus came another pair of genitals, only this time it was a massive pussy, nearly as large a Gwen's head. In fact, when Gwen picked up the wet newly birthed parasitic vagina, it immediately jumped onto her face, obscuring it a attaching to her head. Gone were her facial features, now entirely taken up by a massive vagina that went from her chin to her forehead with a golf ball sized clit residing in its hood. Her piercings had shifted you, now the studs were piercing her labia and the nose ring was stuck in her clit. Unsurprisingly, Gwen could still talk, the fold of her pussy moving in time with her breathing and her words. However, all she said was "MORE" before she jumped you again and took up the 69 position. Gwen was out of control, impaling cunt face on your large fem cock as she once again fucked you head anus to get another parasite.

You ended up birthing a...
A entire butt(is it futa, shemale, female?)


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 11: A entire butt(is it futa, shemale, female?)   

    addition by: bobboled (23)   

Your head anus stretches impossibly wide as new parasitic butt is birthed. It falls on the bed between you and Gwen, and you both notice something quite different about it; while the butt is very feminine, instead of a vagina it had a foot long dick that was thicker than you arm and nuts the size of grapefruit. Gwen, in her sex crazed state, snatched the butt immediately and placed it over her breasts. The butt merged into her skin an she made that its penis was pointing up at her vagina-face as she did so. As soon as it had finished attaching itself to Gwen, the penis sprang to life and lodged itself in her gaping face pussy, only to be pushed back as something came out.

"Gw-Gwen, your face pussy can get pregnant too!"

Gwen could only gurgle as a torrent of massive dicks pushed out of her pussy face. The slapped and bounced off of her large butt chest and landed on the bed, right next to your crotch. Each was about as big as your original cock, with nuts around the same size as your golf ball sized ones. There were four in total, squirming on the bed until they sensed your crotch and dove straight for it. "Gwen help!" you cried out, but she was too busy face fucking herself with her shemale butt chest to help. The four parasitic penises latched onto you groin, two taking up residence on either side of your original and the other two attached beneath it. Then, they all started to grow, each cock becoming larger and larger until they all stood at least sixteen inches long and had become as thick as a can of soda. The balls changed too, each growing to the size of a baseball with you upper sack being pushed aside by your lower dicks. There was now hardly any room in your crotch with your tangle of massive dicks and huge balls squirming between your thighs. to add to the horror, You saw that Gwen had already birthed another parasite, this one a massive pussy like her own. It was nearly as large on the one on her face, with engorged labia, a big clit and was drooling hungrily.

Unable to resits as you dicks began to come one after another, Gwen flipped you over and stuck the huge parasitic vagina above your original, tight pussy. You felt it attach an become your new pussy, the lips touching either side of your thighs as it and your cocks fought for room. Your vision became hazy from so many orgasms and eventually you passed out.

When you woke up...
1.   Gwen was changed beyond recognition, as well as you


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Chapter 12: Gwen was changed beyond recognition, as well as... 

    addition by: FromDurgeWithLove (5)   

When you awoke, you felt incredibly odd. You didn't feel any semblance of being human. You sit up to find that your arms were enourmous dicks! Your breasts were now a huge ass with two anuses and another ass was below that one. You saw the five cocks that were still in your groin and the cock that your legs had become, essentially making you a cocknaga!

Gwen was in worse (or better) shape. Her head was gone altogether, with only a pussy left between her shoulders. All over her body was a menagerie of dicks and butts placed haphazardly with pussies and anuses dotting spots in between. She left herself as a quivering mass of sex. This got your many cocks hard.

Continue the story: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/it … 3212211111


Re: Female Butt Morphs: Parasitic Butts - by bobboled & FromDurgeWithLove

Really great series of chapters.

Transformation Fanatic.