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I had this one lying around for quite a while. I was never really happy with Lavender's fate and also not entirely content with how Eibe's transformation progressed during the story. I tried to streamline it and add a new twist to the end.


„So what is the surprise you had been talking about,“ asked Fahn sitting on his bed while his girlfriend came into the room.

Fahn and Lavender had been a couple for only two months now but like many teenagers they believed it to be the one and true love. Both 18-year-olds had met at the birthday party of a common friend and fallen in love at first sight. Unfortunately there was a dark shadow above their relationship – Lavender's father. It was the classic story of an upper class girl and a boy from the common classes. Even though he was a hard working and very well mannered boy, Mr Fenchel's conservative mindset would not allow him to accept any love interest of his daughter that was not the son of one of his business partners. Maybe he was overprotective, since Lavender's mother had died far too early and thus raised her almost alone, but his influence was already stressing their relationship to its limits. Both had known that it could not have gone well this way for any longer.

Yesterday Lavender had told Fahn that she had a solution for the problem but didn't want to say anything yet, it was meant to be a surprise. An hour ago she had come to Fahn's home, a small apartment in the town's centre, in order to reveal her plan privately. For some reason she seemed to wait for something however even though both were alone in his room. Since she refused to tell anything he took the time to admire his beautiful lover. Her slender, 5 foot tall frame was encased in an elegant one-piece gown which ended in a short skirt, leaving her long, shaven legs free. She looked so fragile but that was what he loved about her. Her cute face was framed by a blonde bob cut and revealed suppressed excitement

„You see. I have come up with a plan together with your mother,“ she finally said. „With her help my father will never be able to tear us apart. She should be here in just a minute.“

That was a surprise. Still very young at the age of 37, Fahn's mother was a very loving and caring person. She had immediately taken interest in the love affairs of her son and offered all support she could give. Yet, he had no idea how she could actually help them to deal with Mr Fenchel. No point in dwelling too deep into it, he thought, he just had to wait.

Suddenly he heard glass breaking nearby, probably in the kitchen, and then strange tearing and bubbling sounds which only lasted for a few moments. Before he could even stand up to check what had happened, someone knocked at the door. With a broad grin, that absolutely did not fit Lavender's normally shy attitude, she opened the door. However Fahn did not see his mother entering. Instead a bizarre, massive...thing stumbled into the room. At first sight it seemed like a mixture of a bipedal dinosaur and a human caricature drawn by an insane painter. The creature was easily 6 feet tall and had a fat and pear shaped body. Not even the hint of a waist was visible, instead its fat belly was wobbling with each step.  While its torso was slightly hunched over, its neck bent upwards in an S-shape, similar to an ostrich but far, far shorter and many times thicker. Instead of a true head Fahn could only see a pair of fat human-looking lips which had been stretched forwards, so that its „head“ had a distinctive cone shape.

The creature had no arms but in exchange its legs were extremely thick and muscular looking. Although they were set further apart on the body than they'd have been on a human, they had a very human form and ended in large, masculine feet. Fahn was surprised to see no tail, instead there were only two massive, fat and wobbling butt cheeks as far as he could see. At last he noticed that the being was indeed female: It had two giant tits, the size of watermelons, hanging from its torso, suiting its massive belly and ass, and no penis between its legs, only a thick bush of pubic hair which indicated that it had a vagina. Fahn was baffled. He had absolutely no idea what this freak was or why it came into his room, until Lavender broke the silence.

„Oh, you look great, Mrs Eich. I hadn't thought you'd go for these proportions,“ she screamed joyfully at the creature. Fahn had never seen her so excited before.

It took him a moment to realize something else.


„Yes, luv. Its me. Sorry if this comes as a shock,“ the creature answered with the voice of Fahn's mother from its oversized lips.

And a shock it was. There was nothing left of the attractive woman she had once been. Her feminine and curvy body reformed into this twisted pile of muscle and fat.

After Mrs Eich and Lavender had finally calmed him down enough to sit onto his bed again, she began to explain how she had slowly developed a growing interest in transformed ones and how it would be to become such a sexual monstrosity herself. Eventually this desire had grown so strong, that she couldn't resist any longer and just transformed herself a few minutes ago with some barely refined D-cum from the local alchemist. That explained the broken glass (the vial) and the bizarre sounds which had come from her deforming flesh. Apparently she had had doubts about not telling him and that it would shock him but when Lavender had come to her to ask for help, she had decided to keep it a secret. Their brilliant plan to have Fahn and Lavender stay together forever should be a surprise for him. Unfortunately she did not explain anything more about this oh so brilliant plan.

„And what now?“ he asked with a sceptical tone. After seeing what his mother had done to herself, he had a bad feeling about what was going to come next.

„Just watch,“ Lavender said as she put her hands gently onto his shoulders. „Trust me, I know what I do and I so want it to happen.“

Then she gave him a long, gentle kiss. It did not help to fully quell his doubts but he felt too conflicted to stop her. After all she just said that she really wanted it. When their lips departed he felt a strange pang of loss. He wished they could have stayed like this for longer but Lavender was already undressing. For some reason he felt not really surprised, even though it aroused him involuntarily. Then she took a vial with a glowing, red fluid from her purse while his mother turned around. For the first time he fully saw the massive ass of her new form. It was far larger than he had imagined and yet both ass cheeks were firm and spherical as if made from jelly instead of fat. Her still visible anus was quite large and swollen, too; but looked almost lost in that massive butt. Her vagina was equally enlarged, her labia puffy and hanging out at least two inches, clear fluids were dripping from it.

Fahn had the unshakable feeling that this was utterly wrong. Something deep within him urged him to stop it but at the same time he clearly knew that Lavender would never forgive him if he intervened. So he stayed still, even when his lover moved just up to his mother's butt. Finally she blew him a kiss, poured the fluid in the vial onto Mrs Eich's anus, turned around and then bent down. Lavender carefully pressed her own flat butt onto the monstrous cheeks behind her, leaving Fahn confused what this performance had been meant to be all about. Suddenly the girl gasped however and then her flesh simply imploded. Fahn jumped up from the bed in shock but in the single moment it took him to do so, her body deflated faster than the eye could see. Face, limbs and other features disappeared in the blink of an eye while her overall body mass got rapidly smaller. With a final gulping sound the transformation ended. Nothing was left of Lavender except for Mrs Eich's slightly larger anus.

„Wha...? Why?“ was all Fahn could stammer after seeing the total destruction of his girlfriend. The pure fact that she had apparently been absorbed by his mother asshole left him standing there in disbelief.

„That's what she wanted, luv,“ the sexual monster began to explain. „This way her father will never have any influence over her again and you can have fun with her whenever you want. She is part of the family now, so to speak.“

She giggled at the remark. Then she used one of her massive feet to push her son back down onto his back. He was not prepared for the impressive strength of her leg and was pressed flat onto the sheet. To his own surprise his mother used her large toes expertly to open his jeans and pull it down together with his shorts, leaving his crotch nude.

„So don't let her wait. I am sure she wants to make use of her new form.“

Fahn wanted to protest but before he could do so, his mother already had his penis in her mouth and was sucking in ways he had never known were possible. He clearly knew how wrong this all was but his body betrayed him. Very quickly his penis got erect thanks to his mother's oral ministrations.

„But that's...it's...“ he stammered.

„Wrong?“ Mrs Eich answered after raising her head from the proud hard-on of her son. „Don't think about it like incest. You are going to fuck your girlfriend. I just assist.“

Without any further hesitation she climbed onto the bed, which groaned loudly under her weight and lowered herself. At first she carefully drew her dripping womanhood over Fahn's penis, caressing it with her swollen labia. He could only moan in pleasure, the sensation overwhelming and a cruel tease at the same time. Once his member was sufficiently lubricated, his mother shifted position. Without even looking she managed to easily guide her anus onto Fahn's slick member and let it penetrate her. At first only Mrs Eich was moving, riding her son's cock and enjoying every moment of it, but a few moments later he slowly began responding to her movements. Completely overwhelmed by the events of the last minutes, the transformations he had just witnessed, Fahn had given in and allowed his arousal to take the upper hand. In the end he rammed his cock with full vigour into the warm, tight hole that had been his girlfriend just a few moments ago.

„Play with my boobs,“ his mother demanded and he obliged. With both hands he started to knead and fondle the massive bags bouncing around just above his head. His mother moaned at each touch and strangely it turned him on, just like the bouncing and wobbling of her body's fat, her belly, her tits, her ass. It was so very different from Lavender's once slim body, he had never thought he might enjoy this even more. Despite himself, he reached down with a hand to play with his mother's free pussy, being rewarded with a cry of pleasure.

It didn't take long for Fahn to reach his climax and he shot his load into what used to be Lavender. He still struggled to comprehend the fact that she was now this swollen asshole, still conscious and fully aware of what was going on, as far as he knew. He simply slumped back, fully exhausted and unsure if his mother had had an orgasm of her own. Slowly she moved off him and lay done next to him, snuggling with him like a lover. Before falling asleep Fahn muttered: „That was great.“


The next day Mrs Eiche explained the details of Lavender's extreme choice of transformation. Apparently she had been obsessed with the idea of going into “hiding” so to speak, her existence becoming a sweet secret for only Fahn to know about, at least in her imagination. She had also admitted to harbour a facilitation for the topic for bodypart-fusions and the sacrifice of oneself as a person. To become an anus had been her idea, a combination of her wish to go into permanent hiding and to reduce herself into something strange and crass.

The first few weeks were rough for Fahn, as he missed Lavender dearly. She was still close by but obviously it wasn't the same. After some time he got used to the situation quite well, however, especially thanks to his mother. In fact he liked her new form and slutty, over-sexual character. They had sex several times a day, which he enjoyed as much as his mother, not caring if it was incest or not. Aside from the frequent mating, their daily lives hadn't changed that much. He still went to school and she would take care of the house...or at least try. She was pretty skilled with her feet and mouth but her size alone made her quite clumsy. As a result Fahn began to take more duties at home and perform those tasks she couldn't.

Mr Fenchel had tried to make the Eiche family responsible for the disappearance of his daughter but since not even the slightest evidences could be found, the police dismissed them as culprits soon after they had started investigating. Lavender had gotten her wish, she was hidden forever with only Fahn and his mother knowing the truth. He was very happy to have Lavender forever at his side even in this strange form and hoped she was as happy and content with her choice. Mrs Eiche had told him that his girlfriend's mind was still fully intact and that she should even possess a sense of hearing and a form of magical sight. Nonetheless he noticed how he forgot about her more and more, due to the lack of any communication. She was nothing more than a big pucker, not even featuring eyes or some other sign of her existence. In the early days he had tried to talk to her but quickly felt very stupid talking to his mother's ass. Nowadays the only contact he had with Lavender was when he had sex with his mother. He felt guilty about it, like he was not giving her the attention she deserved. When he confessed his conflict to his mother, she told him that Lavender most likely had a secret desire to be reduced to nothing but a body part. Maybe being forgotten as a person was exactly what she wanted.

At the same time he had noticed how he felt more and more attached to his mother every day, not in the way normal for a son. Maybe it was the sex but he didn't see her as his mother anymore, with her new appearance and attitude she was like a totally different person, a person he started to feel something similar to what he had shared with Lavender. At first he had refused to think this way, trying to stay loyal to his girlfriend, even if she was just an anus now. Eventually he couldn't deny his feelings any longer, however. He was still torn, a part of him convinced that what he was doing was wrong but he had to go for it, he had to follow his emotions. Three months after the day Lavender and his mother had transformed themselves, he asked the all important question when both were cuddling together.

„Mom, do you want to be my girlfriend?“


„I love you but...not really as my mother anymore. I want you to be my lover,“ he said with a determined expression.

„Oh, my love. Oh....“ Mrs Eich's face turned into a broad loving smile and somehow managed to turn red. Then she gave her son a deep, passionate kiss.

„Of course I want to. But only if you do something for me.“

„What is it?“ he asked mildly confused.

“I'll tell you tomorrow,” she said. “But first, call me Eibe. From today on I am not your mom anymore, as you say. I am your girlfriend.”


The next morning Eibe was about to reveal what she had been talking about the last night. She took her new boyfriend to a local alchemist's shop where she had apparently also gotten the serum that had transformed her.

“I want you to choose a transformation for me,” she explained. Fahn was baffled but apparently his new girlfriend had been toying with the idea to get modified even further for quite some time. When Fahn made his surprising confession, she had immediately decided to go for it and let him choose.

“You mean I can have you changed anyway I want,” he asked curiously, clearly warming up to the idea.

“Yes, I won't mind, even if its really bizarre. Just talk to Mr Coffur over there and he will mix something up.”

Despite himself Fahn was getting really excited, almost overwhelmed by the power his mother had just given him. He could change her whatever way he wanted, indulge his own sexual creativity without restraint. At first he didn't know what to go for but then certain ideas formed and then others. Minor modifications slowly turned more and more extreme, until he was almost shocked at himself.

“I think I might be going too far,” he confessed to the elderly alchemist, describing roughly what he had in mind. The man only chuckled.

“My boy, I've seen people like her many times before. Believe me, there is no too far. She will like whatever you choose.”

Mr Coffu's words helped to sooth Fahn's mind, convincing him that he should just go with his ideas and not hold back. After discussing the details of the modifications for his mother, the old alchemist began to work. Half an hour later he presented mother and son with a vial, containing a glowing blue substance.

“I think this should satisfy both of you,” he said with a smile.

„Thank you,“ Eibe said and grabbed the open vial with her mouth, tilted her head backwards and drank its content in one go. The changes began immediately. Fahn only had an impression of growing hair and changing proportions before the transformation was over. With silent astonishment he carefully took in the bestial, or rather more bestial, thing his lover had become. For the most part her anatomy was still the same, it just seemed as if every remaining human aspect of her had become that of an animal. Of course the first thing he noticed was the fur. Eibe's entire body was covered by a thick, shaggy pelt. The hairs seemed to be a foot long and hung down as a tangled mass which reminded him of a musk ox. Its colour was very dark, almost black. Later he found out that despite its rough appearance the fur was incredibly soft and made cuddling with her even better.

Her legs had been changed far more. They were those of a horse, strong and muscular and ended in equine hooves. When he saw her head, he was surprised how bizarre his idea looked in the flesh, there was no humanity left. Her head was slightly longer and and a lot narrower. At the end was her mouth, which seemed a lot smaller now. Her human lips were gone, too. What was left of them was thick and slightly wrinkled. As she smiled back at him, he could see her teeth. They very big, flat and jutting slightly forwards, like those of an horse. In fact her entire head seemed very equine and then he realized, it WAS the head of an horse. She just lacked any other features other than the mouth, no eyes, no ears, no nostrils but size, proportions and general anatomy were identical to an equine skull. Like on a horse the fur on her head was so short that it was almost non-existent, getting longer and shaggier from her neck down The only exception was a pronounced beard hanging down her chin, looking like that of a goat. Fahn was amused by that oddly masculine trait.

He was more impressed, though, by what was between her legs. Eibe's human breasts were gone, her chest flat and furry. Instead they had fused and moved downwards to form the massive, swollen udder of a cow. It was at least as large, maybe even larger than on the real animal. Thick veins snaked over the pink, pulsing flesh and four, long teats hung from under it. She shuffled awkwardly, surprised by the large udder pressing against her legs. It would take some time for her to get used walking with it.

“Oh, my crotch feels odd,” Eibe commented. “What did you do with my pussy?”

Fahn saw what she meant. He look at her rearside. She still had her huge and very human looking ass cheeks, only covered in fur. Despite her bestial appearance she had no tail, allowing him to clearly see Lavender's new form. She was still an anus, but no longer the pink sphincter of human, but the swollen, black donut of a horse. Beneath it was nothing but hairy, black skin, leading down to the pink flesh of his mother's udder. Her vagina was no mother. She had no genitals whatsoever now, making her technically a sexless creature, only the large udder left as an inherently female trait.

He told Eibe about the loss of her vagina. At first she was genuinely shocked but then he explained that he had always prefered anal sex with her anyway. He was rewarded with loud laughter. Apparently she liked the idea, accepting the loss of her womanhood in stride.

“So what do you think about my new look,” she asked with a smile.

„You look wonderful, honey,“ Fahn said and really meant it. He gently fondled her beard and chuckled, not believing he had a girlfriend with more hair on her chin than he had. Then he gave her a passionate kiss. Her lips felt dry and strange but he liked it.

„Well, then lets not wait,“ said the massive half-equine creature. „I think I need to be milked.“

The couple paid Mr Coffur for his services and went straight back home, where they explored Eibe's new body. She hadn't been lying about her need to be milked. By the time they arrived home, the pressure had gotten almost unbearable. So they went into the garden and Fahn awkwardly started pulling at her teats. Not only was he rewarded with a stream of warm milk but also a loud moan that almost sounded like a moo. He smiled and continued, enjoying the obvious pleasure his lover got from it. It seemed that her new udder was a lot more sensitive than her breasts had ever been. She described the sensation of being milked as almost orgasmic.

“I think I can easily get used to this,” she said.

Once her udder was empty, Fahn pulled down his pants and mounted her like an animal. He had been hard the entire time and couldn't wait any longer to make use of her enlarged asshole. He didn't think of it as Lavender anymore. He knew technically that she was inside the black sphincter, but the emotional connection was lost. To him she was nothing more than his lover's anus now and he made good use of it. Despite the size, he felt as if Eibe's anus was even tighter now. The pleasure was just too much and he came only a few moments later, filling her behind with his seed.

He let himself fall on the grass, happy and exhausted. To his surprise Eibe turned around and began to lick his penis clean. He noticed how her tongue was not only a lot longer but also felt rougher but not in an unpleasant way. Despite the fact that physically she was nothing but a beast now, he felt even more in love with her than ever before.


It was six months since Eibe's transformation into a furry beast. She and Fahn were still a happy couple that had completely forgotten by now that they had once been mother and son. A lot of other things had changed, too, in the meantime, like the fact that they had sold their old home. They had moved away from town into the countryside and no lived in a converted shepherd's hut on an old grazing hill. Despite being equipped with all modern luxuries, the hut was rather small, only a 25 square meter living room that also served as sleeping room, a tiny kitchen and small bathroom. Only Fahn lived in it anyway. Eibe had a small pen for herself, a box made of wood that had a comfortable bed made of hay and a specifically converted shower which she had spent a big part of their money on.

Fahn still went to school while Eibe spent most of the day on the hill, only sometimes going into town do shop. Since she wasn't able to perform many tasks, it was Fahn who did most of the housework, including cooking. He still had to learn a lot but Eibe enjoyed eating together with her boyfriend. In addition she also ate at least three times as much in form of grass, hay and raw vegetables, since her new anatomy and the milk-production of her udder demanded a lot of nutrients.  Strangely she actually liked all the raw plants and had no problem to graze on the hill thanks to her equine jaws.

The udder had become the couple's main income source or more precisely the ridiculous amounts of milk it produced. Eibe had to be milked at least four times a day for which reason they had spent the money on a milking machine, even though Fahn was the one who had to put it on his lover. When he had time, he would milk her by hand, though, as it was more enjoyable for the both of them. Despite the gallons of milk they got each day, it wouldn't make them rich but was enough to not worry about finances.

The lack of a vagina had at first worried Eibe but she had gotten used to it rather quickly. They used to have a lot of anal sex anway, although even that felt different now. Not in a bad way, though. In fact she was sure that her anus had become even more sensitive. She even still got aroused and outright horny, even if it became a bit more of a diffuse sensation roughly emanating from her rear. Still, she couldn't experience a climax anymore. Disappointing at first, she didn't mind anymore. One could argue that it increased her sexual stamina. Now she loved just being fucked in the ass or having a dildo put in for hours, the pleasure strong enough to make up for the loss of her womanhood. So did her udder. It was entirely different from her former breasts. Being milked was almost orgasmic in its own right.

The couple still had a lot of sex during the day or the night, their lust for each other hasn't diminished a bit. Fahn loved his furry lover and was so very happy to have her. In fact he often felt proud to have such a unique beast as a girlfriend. Lavender was long forgotten, neither Fahn, nor Eibe spent any thoughts on her. Theoretically they still knew she was Eibe's swollen anus but none of them cared about it, just as she would have wanted.


The last few months had been quite a journey for Lavender. Right after her transformation she had been all excited about it and happy. It was a weird sensation to be another person's anus. She could still see and hear from the position of the sphincter but that was about it. Her body ran about ten inches deep inside and the only thing she could feel, the entire rest of Mrs Eich's body was numb to her, as if it didn't exist. It was strange to feel so disconnected to the body she belonged to. She also had no control over her body. Although she often regarded the sphincter as her head, it was her host's control that made it clench or open. That, too, was a weird feeling, to be moved like a puppet.

Despite those disadvantages she liked it. Otherwise she wouldn't have chosen such a fate. She didn't have to worry about anything or care about anything. School and work were history. The only things she did was to laze around, watch her host's daily life from the rear, do her duty and get fucked by Fahn. Sex was a wonderful thing for her that made her love her new form with all her heart. Being fucked felt like her entire body was one erogenous zone, actually it was. It was not like sex had been with her vagina but far, far more intensive in another way, it was ecstasy for her. Like Eibe she wasn't able to climax. That didn't matter to her however because the whole thing felt like one ongoing orgasm.

She didn't mind that Fahn had grown more and more distant. In fact she welcomed it. She knew she was not much of a girlfriend anymore and wished for him to go on and be happy. When he had asked his mother to be his girlfriend, she had been overjoyed, for it meant that she'd still get to feel his cock. Afterwards they stopped talking to her for good. She had ceased to be a person to them and was nothing more than Eibe's asshole now. It hadn't been her original intention but strangely she actually liked that loss of identity. Being reduced like that gave her an odd thrill and it allowed her to focus on just being an anus.

Obviously that also meant a very specific function. She could still taste, for she had taste buds inside the sphincter. While she loved the taste of Fahn's cock, she could taste Mrs Eich's wastes. At first she had hated it, crap was not the tastiest of things after all, but she had accepted it as the price to pay for her new existence. That changed, however, after Eibe's second transformation. Physically the alterations only meant for her that she was far larger now and felt a bit swollen. But since Fahn's mother had to eat those huge amounts of food, especially hard-to-digest grass, she also had to poop far more often now, usually several times a day. At first Lavender had considered it a disaster, what had become little more than an annoyance over time was turning into a form of torture. Oddly enough she found herself enjoying it, though. Maybe it was just the huge amounts of shit she had to pass, or her mind adjusting as part of her new form. Either way, she had grown to love Eibe's poo. The taste was still the same but in a weird way, she had become addicted to it. Furthermore the pressure of it passing through her was as orgasmic as sex. Nowadays she could hardly wait for her host to take a dump. Despite herself, she had to admit that maybe she liked it even a bit more than being fucked.

She also loved the special hose in Eibe's shower. A thumb-sized knob she'd push into Lavender and then used to shoot a stream of warm water up her body to clean her. Despite all the pooping, Eibe wanted to keep her anus meticulously clean for her lover. For Lavender however it was a mixture of a shower and being fucked, due to the water's pressure.

By now Fahn's former girlfriend had grown into her new existence to the point where she had stopped thinking about herself as Lavender, too. She was nothing more than Eibe's asshole and she loved the idea of being nothing more than an anus in body and mind. She rarely took interest in anything else considering Eibe's and Fahn's lives anymore, only wanting to perform her „duty“ or be used for sex. She had never considered things to go this way but she was happy with her fate.


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I liked the new version, and Lavender sounded more content too.