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I had a few pretty rough days and most of my equipment is not working yet.
So I decided to start writing down a few ideas which developed into a new story project set in the Drugs series of stories, dealing with the city of Jizza. In this case its the city's large project to create an equivalent to Frey's Zoo of the transformed, a place famous for its inhuman exhibits. My plan for the story is to make it a collection of independent chapters, each dealing with a different volunteer or set of volunteers who willingly become one of the zoo's many exhibits. Be they mockeries of real animals one would expect in a zoo or something alltogether more exotic.

I got a few ideas but suggestions for chapters are welcome. Like the Greatest Show, complete entries, are welcome, too. smile

Here is a little sample from what I got so far, describing the zoo a bit more in detail:

There were no disagreements. Things were set in motion immediately to make Jizza's Zoo a reality. The chosen location was the ruins of an old cotton factory in the southern district at the edge of town. It didn't take long to flatten and remove the last remains of the old factory. Together with a big chunk of the surrounding parkland the area had the ideal layout, easy access to water and electricity and good connection to the major traffic lines.Within the next few months the zoo started taking shape. It was set up as a mockery of a regular zoo and divided into five sections, each one presenting a certain theme of transformation: Living Genitals (creatures that are for the most part made up of genitals or one very prominent one), Fantastic Beasts (bestial looking transformees and actual animal-hybrids), Unclassified Beings (bizarre transformees that do not fall into any other category), the True Zoo (hosting actual animals but with people fused to their genitals or other bodyparts) and the Aquarium for all manner of aquatic transformees. Each section contained a selection of buildings with smaller, themed enclosures and large open-air enclosures. The largest of the buildings was the Aquarium. There were also going to be a restaurant, a hotel, snack bars and other tourist attractions, like a small “petting zoo”, basically a kind of brothel featuring some of the zoo's inhabitants.

Once the facilities themselves were nearing completion, the administration started its hunt for exhibits. An empire-wide campaign was started, a combination of fliers and advertisements across television, radio and newspapers. If interested, people were asked to contact the project organizers. There they'd be explained the details of what was asked of them. They'd essentially become property of the zoo, even if under slightly different legal definitions. Their transformations were not up to their own choosing and their former identities would be withheld from public to create the illusion of them as inhuman creatures. Despite these conditions volunteers started to come in within the first few days. The vast bulk of volunteers came from Jizza's own population, as expected, but there was also a surprisingly large number of willing subjects from all over the Empire. Even a few people from Freya's Realm called in, eager to support the zoo by becoming attractions themselves. The weeks before the zoo's grand opening were indeed very busy for the local alchemist's guild.


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Sounds like a fun new project.  I'd love to offer some suggestions (or maybe a chapter) when you get it more defined.  A couple of world-building questions.  As it's set in Jizza, is there a focus on female to male transformation or is it more open?  Will all the transformation be by potion or do they come up with a transformation machine (something more flexible like the omni-copier, maybe the anima-maker in this case)?  Will the new exhibits retain their intelligence, or will the they drop down to childlike or animal perceptions?


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Thought Jizza was the most obvious place for such a thing. smile

To your questions:
1) There might be a focus on female-to-male among my own TF ideas, depending on what I feel like. However, since its the zoo organizers who decide over the transformations and there are a lot of volunteers from outside Jizza, the zoo would have a more varied collection of exhibits, not just males. So in other words, feel free to mix genders as you like.

2) A bit undecided as most transformations would only be for a small number of individuals. Maybe they might built a few machines for specific TFs that are either hard to achieve right with potions or that would be used on a larger number of people. One idea I had to add to the main concept is that the zoo will also feature a small section which features real animals, however people are allowed to be fused with these animal's bodyparts, e.g. genitalia. This might be easier to achieve with a machine.

3) This might be mixed. Either they offer the volunteers to drop their intelligence if they like or make it a requirement for specific TFs. E.g. maybe they leave those with their minds intact that would be barely able to show it due to their bodyforms (e.g. fishlike transformees) but scramble those who would have humanoid or fairly flexible bodies, if that makes sense.


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Since these are sexual beasts with a large libido, I could imagine a section that was a combination of a zoo with free living creatures, a nudist camp with parks and buildings and a brothel, so that the nude guests could have sex with the transformees that were either living out in the open or inside special buildings. Maybe also a place where the guests could become one of the transformees themselves if they wanted to. A form of free love.


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I changed the zoo's descritption a little. The new section make probably more sense than basing them on enviroments.
I also added the "petting zoo" based on Rexin's suggestion. Nude parks and such would probably pop up next to the zoo but not as actual part of it.