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Topic: Self-cest + Dickneck CTF

So I have this idea of combining this kind of dickneck CTF ( http://gammatelier.free.fr/full/joy_dickneck.jpg) with self-cest, but I have a ton of ideas with variations and I'm having trouble coming up with a finalized form. Help me out here.

My current "prototype" involves the underside of a horse (or centaur), with the girl's head at the end of a thick horsecock. When fully erect, she faces forward (+ a little bit down due to the shape of the horse barrel). The TF is still one-person, one-body, so the girl still controls the entire body even though her head placement is obviously not ideal.

Also on the underside of the horse, at about the midway point, there is a hanging pussy-tunnel. If she grows too aroused, she will end up fucking herself to the point where she can't help but gyrate her horse hips and thrust her own dick (and face) in and out of her own tunnel, finishing with cumming out of her mouth and into her own love-tunnel.

1. In regards to her dickneck, there are two options:

A. At rest, her dickneck is completely flaccid, and her head is the only thing poking out of the sheath (accompanied by a huge sack of horse testes). As she grows aroused, her head first faces toward the ground, but rises as it further erects.

B. Her dickneck is permanently erect, so that she can always see (almost) forward. But getting more aroused causes her dickneck to lengthen and expand drastically. This way she will always have a view of her own tunnel (which I like), but it also makes less physical sense (which I don't like). It also means that her head won't be the only thing poking of her sheath, which loses out on cute factor (and anticipation factor, since it means less starting distance between her face and her pussy-tunnel).

Which one do you prefer?

As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of option B, since the whole point of me coming up with this is the slowly growing anticipation of having your aroused dick push your own face forward inch by inch toward your own love-tunnel (followed by abusing your own face as you can't help but literally fuck yourself). But option B also means that there is less starting distance and thus less anticipation. Plus, having an already erect cock lengthen forward and backward doesn't make physical sense, and comes off as rather silly. If possible, I could use some ideas in ironing out the flaws with option B.

Alternatively, is there another form you can suggest (ditching the horse base-form entirely)? Having a hanging pussy-tunnel simply attached to the bottomside of a horse body has little aesthetic, if any.

2. Speaking of the pussy-tunnel:

A. Should the pussy-tunnel be open-ended (with labia at both ends)? Should the girl be able to fuck her face through the tunnel and come out the other side? (yes, I realize how funny this sounds)

B. Or should the pussy-tunnel remain one-way? Should she only be able to see again once she cums and loses arousal?

Option A admittedly is just fucking amazing with no words to describe the bizarre-ness, especially if you can imagine yourself plunging in and out through to the other side. Plus, everyone would be able to see you cum out of your face. But I think option B would just feel better because you'd have a deeper pussy to work with. It would be the difference between a short and a full-sized onahole. Which would you choose?

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Re: Self-cest + Dickneck CTF

In addition, her original human body will still be fully intact (sans head) and merged with the top of the horse. Her human legs are more or less permanently spread eagle (she can still close her legs for very short periods of time in order to fit through doorways or tight areas, but that's about it). Her original human body will have its own need to be sexually fulfilled, and though she can still feel everything, it does not affect the girl's dickneck (because we don't want riders being thrown off from the self-fuck bucking, do we?)

3. For her human body, I see three options (unless you can think of another one):

A. Her human body is flush with the horse, with her legs pointing skyward and forming a saddle for "riders". The combination of large breasts and spread-eagle legs help keep the rider secure while moving. Male riders can either titfuck the breasts from the normal riding position, or they can take the "backseat" and go for the Home run.

B. Her human body is vertical to the horse's body (merged at the human butt) and faces backward. It is positioned just ahead of where a normal rider would sit. When riders decide to have a go at it, the girl can have her human body wrap itself around their's.

C. Her human body is merged to the backside of the horse's head and neck (or whatever else happens to be there).

They all have their merits. Option A is the most aesthetic and bizarre option. Option B allows for more intimacy, allowing for almost full-body contact, but loses on aesthetics. Option C is somewhat of a compromise, but sex can become a bit awkward due to the further-ahead-than-normal position, plus the horse neck would have to be ungodly strong to support the weight of two bodies.

Which is your favorite option, and do you have any more ideas?

4. Lastly but no means least, what should be in place of the horse head?

A. Normal horse's head - the girl is in full control of it

B. Normal horse's head (merge) - the TF turns into a 2-person, 1-body merge, with the horse in control of the body, except for the human body on top

C. Human upper body (merge) -the TF turns into a 2-person, 1-body merge, with the centaur in control of the body, except for the merged human body on top

D. Human upper body - the girl is in control, giving her two heads and sets of eyes she can look out from; however, the merged human body on top of the horse body doesn't make as much sense anymore (can keep it or lose it) [alternatively, you could say that the final TF is one personality originating from combining and merging two people into one body)

E. Man-eater mouth + tentacles (see https://nhentai.net/g/116194/4/) - can either assimilate or not

F. something else (giant prehensile horse cock or something idk)

Lots of ways to go here, and can change the entire paradigm. But if I had to choose one, I would go for option E, because the another major point of the dickneck CTF is being forced into having that handicap, but the tentacles would still enable some function. Also, it would be really cool to be able to temporarily assimilate someone and gain their senses during that time, being able to see and feel through them. In return, they would get to control the horse body.


Re: Self-cest + Dickneck CTF

cant wait for more of this


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Another thing I thought of if we go with 1B. She can have a pair of underside breasts on either side of her head where it normally rests when she isn't aroused (or at least not aroused beyond her base lust since she is now a sexual creature). In other words, when her dick neck is at its shortest, she can use her underside breasts as pillows! (even after her TF, she is a side sleeper).