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The Masquerade

I sighed. My costume really wasn't very convincing, was it? And it was much too late to fix it.

I grimaced at my reflection and cursed Ellie and Patty for their dumb plan to go as transformed to the masquerade ball. I had wanted to just go and have a quiet time dressed as a lazy catgirl or dig out my junior highschool sports uniform and go as a slutty jock. But nooooo, Ellie and Patty wanted to have an 'authentic' Demon's Eve and wear something fleshy and genital laden. Ellie announced that we would also enter the Themed Couple's Costumes Contest. When I pointed out that they were single and my bf was abroad Patty giggled and said that Ellie and her would have a conjoined twins costume and nothing in the rules said we had to be a romantic couple. Ellie had decided it would be awesome and they stared at me until I caved in and agreed. The witches.

But looking at my reflection in the mirror I wasn't sure why I would have ever agreed to this...

It's not like I didn't try. I bought materials and spent long hours constructing the costume. I bought a flesh coloured body stocking so that I would look naked. I created a subtle harness to wear a huge dildo on my crotch and bought pink foam to construct something resembling huge labia that squeezed out of my buttcrack. From the top of the huge foam cunt I add a long pink balloon filled with wire and foam, meant to look like a clitoral cat tail. I took a headband and mounted two normal sized dildos to it and wore it on my head like cock horns. And, for the finale I built a multi breasted harness. I filled four inflatable beach balls with water and sewed them inside yet more flesh coloured spandex. On the front of these breasts I mounted plastic shot glasses and coated them in pink foam to make large nipples. Then I hung these fake breasts on a harness. To simulate armlessness I pulled a tube of flesh cloth over my arms and the had my roommate pull the heavy breasts and harness over that which completely covered my torso and hid my bound arms. The goal was to look like an armless, four-breasted hermaphroditic devil girl.

The reality left much to be desired. The flesh coloured spandex was a weird peach colour that failed to match my pale skin at all. The dildos were obviously silicone and silly looking. My fake breasts hung completely wrong and splooshed around in a way that felt and looked awful. And what was I even thinking with the armlessness? That was going to be super annoying. The costume was tacky and more than a little humiliating.

Why did I always let Ellie and Patty talk me into these things?

"You ready to go?" Asked my roommate who was dressed in a much better costume. Kathy was dressed as a horsegirl. She was wearing a form fitting brown unitard, black high-heeled ankle boots, black gloves, and a false horsetail made from a wig that closely matched her sandy blonde hair. The look was finished with fake little horse ears, hair worn in a ponytail, and leather straps meant to resemble a bridle and harness. She was the "mount" to her boyfriend's demon hunting adventurer. She was also giving me a ride to the party since I was armless for the evening.

"Yeah," I said sullenly.

"Then come on, Brian is waiting downstairs in the car."


When I got the party everyone was staring at me. Ellie and Patty were late, as usual, and since we were the only people who steered into extreme transformations for our costumes, I stood out like a sore penis.

I mean sure, there were other people wearing traditional transformed costumes. There were many, many catgirls, some of whom sported an extra set of fake breasts stuffed under their clothes. A guy and girl were done up as hermaphrotides, the fella wearing false breasts and the girl stuffing her trousers. There were even a couple mannequin based humantaurs and a battered old cockgirl costume. But with my outrageously stacked and well hung costume, I stood out starkly. And, despite the demon-inspired origin of the holiday, I was getting some judgemental stares.

I was also finding my costume quite uncomfortable. The layers of flesh coloured spandex were making me uncomfortably warm and sweaty and the position I had strapped my arms down was starting to hurt. Being armless was annoying because straps and harnesses needed adjusting which I couldn't do anything about. And worst of all my water-filled fake breasts weighed a ton and were hurting my back. I was not having a good time and if I had access to my hands I would have left already.

If Ellie and Patty didn't arrive soon I would leave anyway, arms or no.

Which of course is when my friends breezed into the party.

And what an entrance: their costume was eye catching and frankly, incredible. It looked like the girls had followed through on their plan for a conjoinment based costume and settled on a kind of piggyback body layout. Ellie looked to be riding on top since it was her smiling face, shoulders, and arms that made up the apex of the costume nine feet in the air. Instead of hair, Ellie had a mound of breasts on her head that started quite small on her scalp and trailed down her back and between her shoulder blades, helping to disguise her hair and her piggyback location. Otherwise her body was hidden by the costume. She smiled and waved at me

Patty, who was the stronger and sturdier girl, was the bottom of the pair and was holding up Ellie. Patty's body was almost entirely disguised by the costume. Her face was built into a massive breast, the middle of three giant tits that seemed to hang on Ellie's chest. Patty's nose was replaced by a long pointy nipple. Below that, Patty's own pair of breasts, naked I thought, hung modestly below the top three. Patty's arms thrust out the sides of the costume and were disguised to look like giant cocks. Patty's bare stomach and abs flowed into the lower half of the costume which was a wide pedestal of piled breasts that flared out like a fleshy skirt, which is how I figured they had disguised their legs. The breast pedestal/skirt started with very small tits around the 'conjoined' girls hips and down the small of their back but grew larger as they approached the floor. The massive tits at the base of the pedestal brushed the floor and completely hid Patty's feet. On the front of the pedestal, at about the height of Patty's crotch was a very large, vertical cunt with a golf ball sized clitoris. From her vantage point in their costumes middle top breast Patty winked at me.

As Ellie and Patty made their way over to me, it struck me just how well made their costume was. All five chest breasts, even the one with Patty's face on it, surged and bounced realistically as they moved and all of their additions; breasts, cocks, and cunt; looked like they were molded from flesh. It was even difficult to see how the girls fit together under the costume: the costume effectively hid all of the gaps between girls and their extra body parts so that they really did look conjoined. Their breast covered pedestal seemed to glide along the floor and I couldn't see the skirt of it bulge with the motion of legs or feet. And the two girls even somehow moved naturally together, despite their awkward piggyback positioning inside the costume! I didn't know how the costume worked, but it had to have been custom made out of some sort of theatrical latex and cost an absolute fortune.

People turned to look at Ellie and Patty as they breezed along. But instead of the bemused, incredulous, and judgemental looks I'd gotten, the girls' costume got nods of appreciation. I blushed when I realized how shabby and ridiculous my own costume had to look compared to theirs. Somehow it had become even more humiliating.

I herded the conjoined girls into the bathroom with my face. I was actually pretty annoyed: how dare they talk me into this and then sweep into the party wearing a professional quality costume! I wanted to give them a piece of my mind and have them explain to me why they looked like a movie special effect while I was running around in an oddly stuffed unitard. I shoulder checked my friends through the door and glared at the 'conjoined' twosome.

"I love your costume," Ellie said cheerfully.

"Yeah!" Gushed Patty's breast face, "the armlessness is super cute!"

"And those dickhorns!" Enthused Ellie. "Such a nice touch."

I stamped my foot and would have thrust my hands onto my hips if they were free. "Stow it!" I snapped. "What gives?"

"Whatever do you mean?" Asked Patty sweetly.

"I mean: why is your costume so fucking nice while I'm running around in a bad grade school art project."

"That's a little R-rated for grade school..." grinned Ellie.

"That's not the point! If you were going to get a professional costume you should have warned me. I feel ridiculous!" I grimaced at them. "How could you do this to me? And how could you afford such a costume!? It must have cost a fortune!"

"It certainly wasn't cheap," said Ellie wistfully.

"Yeah, I had to sell like, all of my stuff and clear out my savings for this!" Said Patty brightly.

I rolled my eyes. "Right Patty, you got rid of everything."

She sort of nodded her head/jiggled her breast. "I'm a boob now, what do I need with savings?" She and Ellie shared a strange grin.

Ellie still smiling oddly said, "you know, we brought something that will make your costume look better."

"Yeah!" Agreed Patty, "make that look much more realistic."

That brought me short: they had a way to improve my costume with them? I wondered what it could be. A coat of latex paint? Better fake tits? A whole other costume? "Really?" I asked.

"Really." Smiled Ellie. "Want to use it?"

I nodded anxiously.

Ellie lifted her purse out of her cleavage and pulled out a small perfume bottle filled with glowing green fluid.

I gasped as realization dawned.

My friends weren't wearing a costume, they were actually conjoined. This was heir body now. And...

I screamed and uselessly tried to shield myself with my constricted, bound arms as a grinning Ellie squirted me with alchemy!

I moaned as the solution soaked into my costume and made my whole body hot like it was blushing. I whimpered as I felt my arms recede into my body leaving me actually armless. I gasped as my chest grew and melded with my four fake tits leaving me with my own real, massive two pairs of breasts. I screamed in orgasm as my anus bloomed into the costume giving me a huge cunt that completely filled my ass crack. I squealed and came again as my new ass clit merged with my costumes tail leaving me with a long, mobile clitoris. I growled as my original vagina sealed over and my fake cock and balls became my real massive balls and 16 inch penis. Finally the small cock horns on my head became real leaving me a flesh and blood version of my costume.

The rational part of my brain was freaking out! I was now a transformee! I was armless! My pussy was in my ass! I had four breasts each larger than my head that were somehow heavier than the water filled fakes! I had a cock!

I had a cock...

My cock was rock hard, aching and bobbing in front of me with time to my heart. It felt like it was full of glowing steel and seemed to pulse from somewhere in my back. My new balls churned and seethed. I hadn't ejaculated yet, but I needed to.

Growling a little I took a step towards Ellie and Patty. I guess they saw the need on my face, or maybe they were just aroused from watching me transform, but they glided towards me and embraced me with their arms and cock-arms. My huge breasts mashed between us and I felt a nearly electric jolt as my erect cock touched their warm body. Ellie grasped me by my horn-clocks making me gasp and guided my face into the huge breasts of her chest. I found my lips pressed against Patty's face and she kissed me hungrily, her nipple-nose hard and jabbing me in the face.  I scrabbled my legs on the floor, frantically trying to get purchase and an angle to fuck them. Ellie giggled and, with surprising strentgh lifted me off my feet. I wrapped my thighs around their breast covered pedestal, straddling the conjoined girls as they oriented my cock inside of their large cunt. I was breathless as my entire world was consumed by the sensation of my hard,  hard cock pressing into the tight, hot, slick confines of their pussy. Ellie and Patty groaned at the penetration and shifted me against them. Ellie kept holding me against their body,  while Patty slipped her surprisingly flexible cock arms below me and pushed one cock into my sopping ass-cunt while pushing her other arm between deep crevice of my cleavage. Patty, whose breast-body-face was mashed against my tits started to lick and suck. I started to buck into the confines of my friend's embrace, driving my cock into them but also fucking myself on their arm cock and tit fucking their other phallus. Ellie kissed me, moaning into my mouth while I growled incoherently and Patty slobbered on my massive new tits. I gasped as Ellie grabbed my clit tail in one of her hands and started to rhythmically stroke it like a cock. I felt myself building, boiling, clenching as I thrashed,  fucking and being fucked. I made a kind of mute choking grunt and my awareness narrowed to a moment of eruption as I came, vagina spamming, and cocks all erupting. My main cock seemed to spew forever inside of my friends who both wailed in ecstasy as they finally orgasmed.

I think I was incoherent for a few moments. When I realized where I was, I was laying on the floor gasping and coated in fluids. Ellie and Patty were smiling down at me, flushed looking and sticky. Lazily I grinned back,  taking in their sexy body and thinking what a cute tit Patty made...

And then it hit me again: I had just transformed! I was an armless, massive titted herm. "Fucking hell," I whined, "what did I let you do to me?"

"Win the masquerade contest, I hope." Said Ellie primly.

"But how am I supposed to live like this?"

"Please!' Said Patty. "Suck it up! I made myself into Ellie's middle breast. All I control is my face and these cock arms. You don't hear me complaining."

Oddly, in the moment I found this a compelling argument. "What the hell am I going to tell my boyfriend?"  I asked.

"Who cares about him?" Said Patty.

"You've got us now." Answered Ellie.

"Now come on," Patty the tit said, "we have a Demon's Eve masquerade to win!"

I waddled after them watching them glide along the floor. I felt my cock start to stiffen at the sight and smell of their body. I wondered if they would let me fuck them again soon.



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smile tricked into a transformation. Good story!


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nikita wrote:

smile tricked into a transformation. Good story!

You sure it isn't a treat instead of a trick? wink


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Amazing story! And tied off with casual NTR at the end too!