Topic: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: Transformation Machines

I hope you all enjoy the shorter of the two stories I wrote to celebrate Demon's Eve (Halloween).  This one was interesting to write as it's all first person stream of consciousness.  The italicized portions are other people speaking, with brackets to try and keep multiple speakers straight.  The italic and bold sections and outside motions/sounds.  Hopefully explaining that here will prevent confusion.


      Welcome back everybody to another exciting product demonstration from your favorite company, Crimson Moon alchemy labs.  This is Rex Luther, your guide into the realm of the strange.  Our special last month on furniture so comfortable you’d never want to leave it was a great success, to the point we actually had to pick up a special license as an exotic furniture dealer.

           But that was last month.  You're here today as you want to find out about what new and exciting products your friends at Crimson Moon alchemy labs have up their sleeves.  I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with a special, once a year event that is coming up soon.

Indistinguishable mumbling from offstage

           No Larry, the wild cockwomen frolic in the spring, not the fall.  And don't you get enough of that at home from your wives?  No my lovely viewers, the event I am talking about is Demon's Eve.  A night of costumes and thrills for everyone.  Of course odd body shapes and bizarre noises from behind closed doors are business as usual here at Crimson Moon alchemy labs, but we thought we'd bring our expertise to the wider market.

          And what better way experience Demon's Eve than a set of products that pays homage to one of the Great Demons?  The project we've revealing tonight has been in the works for a long time.  As anyone who hasn't lived under a rock most of their lives knows, most of the female inhabitants of the Realm transformed themselves for the Great Demoness Freya's 2500th birthday.  Those machines are a huge part of life in the Realm, where almost half the population has been transformed in at least some way.

           After two straight years of work with some of the original engineers, alchemists, and magicians who built the Great Demoness' machines, Crimson Moon alchemy labs is proud to present a set of our own transformation machines.  Each one pays homage to one of the base four machines, yet is different enough I expect we'll get plenty of business.

           Now I know you don't tune into these product demonstrations to listen to me prattle, no matter how good my voice sounds.  You come to see people transformed in all sorts of bizarre and life altering ways.  Tonight, you won't be disappointed.  Bring in the first one guys.

           For those of you without eyes or listening to me instead of watching…and why would you do that, half the fun is seeing my pretty face…a team of six technicians are pushing in the first machine.  It's about six feet long, two wide, and four or so high.  It's pretty boxy, though the top is a rounded hemisphere designed to open down the middle.  I bet you can guess what goes in there.

           But while the boys get any last minute connections hooked up, let's talk to the lovely couple that will be using our machine tonight to make a major change in their life.  Please welcome to the stage Brad and Dixie.  Both are young, in fact the snazzy card I have right here says they just graduated from university.  Good for you two.  Brad is a tall and fairly solid man with short brown hair.  His fiancée Dixie is the stereotype manic pixie girl.  If she's over five feet then I'm a frog, with bright green hair cut in the pageboy style, a handful of colorful tattoos decorating the visible parts of her body, and she's bouncing up and down like this is the most exciting day of her life.  Which in retrospect, it probably is.  Now Dixie, why don't you to tell us why you two wanted to be the first to demonstrate this wonderful new machine?

           Well Rex, I'm from the Realm initially.  I put off my transformation until after university, when I planned to return home and join in on the family business.  But my plans to take my place in the dick farm were sidetracked when I met Brad.

           [ We quite literally had one of those meet cute moments, you know the ones where someone runs into the other and books and papers fly everywhere? ]

           Brad was such a gentleman at helping me get everything back together that I rewarded him with a date.  One date led to two led to us becoming a steady couple.  Brad popped the question right after graduation and we planned to return to the Realm together.  One of our underclassmen friends was about to head off to an internship with your great company.  She knew about our plans and knew the project she'd been helping with would be perfect for us.  And now here we are, ready to be transformed.

           Heartwarming, truly heartwarming.  It looks like the boys have everything ready to go, so why don't you two strip down and hop into the machine?  Have some fun with it Dixie, as it's the last time you'll be moving that way….well, what do you know, the carpet does match the drapes.

           The technicians are guiding Dixie into the machine.  They have the top hemisphere open, revealing a padded bench inside.  They're directing Dixie to lay down on it and slide her arms and legs into the proper holes.  Now they're asking Brad to walk up behind her.  He's sporting a hard-on like a small tree, which is making it difficult for them to get butt to crotch like they need.  Ok, a bit of lube and some repositioning has solved that problem.

           Now while the technicians are closing the section over Dixie and Brad's lower body, a second set are setting up a rig to run up Brad's back.  From what I've been told this isn't strictly necessary, but the rig helps prevent too much unnecessary movement.  From the projections, the process is quite mind blowing and keeping standing will be difficult afterward unaided.
         The technicians are backing up now, signaling we're all good.  Dixie, are you ready?

Indistinguishable noises from inside the machine

        That was hard to hear but that sounded like a ready.  Brad, are you ready?

     [ I've never been more ready. ]

           Alright then, hit it.

The sound of mechanical grinding and flowing fluids

           We can't see anything due to the machine, but here's an approximate play by play based on the sensors.  Right now Dixie's butt is merging with Brad's crotch.  Lots of little internal connections are being made to prepare Dixie for her new place in life.  Her arms are growing smaller, shrinking away, while her leg bones are decalcifying as the flesh around them swells into huge sacs.  The flesh of Dixie's breasts is flowing upward, filling in her neck as her face tilts parallel to her body.  Her hair is receding while all facial features but her mouth are wiped away.  Her entire body is thickening out, shifting from oval to circular, while her former head is growing even bulkier.  Her arms are completely gone now, her legs are fat and round, and only the last few internal changes are processing.

           For those of you who can tear your eyes away from that part of the machine, you can see why the techs recommend the support brace.  Brad is positively shaking, his mouth open and moaning as he builds up to the most explosive orgasm of his life.  One that should happen in 3…2…1.

          Ow my ears.  And they say only women are screamers.  Not that I blame him.  The nerve hookup is supposed to be intense.  At least Dixie was muffled by the machine.  Speaking of our newly transformed girl, let's get her out and show her off.

           Wow, you can hear the cheers of excitement from the crowd as the hatches release and Brad is able to step free from the machine.  There's no sign of Dixie, except for the massive phallus poking out of his crotch like a missile.  She has to be over four feet long and two wide, with balls that hang below Brad's knees.

           Right now Dixie is showing off her flexibility, bending around to try and get used to her new mana based senses.  It hard because of…well how hard she is.  Brad is reaching down a hand to rub Dixie's helmet.  Look at the shudder run through both of them at the connection.  That's right folks, it might be Dixie's body but it's still Brad's dick.  They both get to feel the pleasure.  Brad is pulling his wife up into his chest, showering her head with kisses.  If he's not careful…well there she blows.  Dixie has just dumped a load all over Brad's face.  Look at that output, there must be a gallon of spunk running down his chest.  At least the orgasm has allowed Dixie to soften a bit, shrinking down to a more manageable three feet.  Let's go see how the newly conjoined couple are feeling.

Steps across the stage

           Dixie, I must say I like the new look.  How's it feel to be a cock?"

           You have no idea Rex.  Every movement I make is pure pleasure.  My senses feel all weird, like everything is too sharp and too fuzzy at the same time, but I think I'll adapt to MBS pretty quickly.

           Brad, any comments?

           [ My wife is now my dick.  My two most precious things are now the same.  Like Dixie said this state is going to take some getting used to, but we'll do it together.  I can feel how happy this change has made her and I look forward to us spending a lot of time together in the future. ]

           Well it's not like you can spend any time apart.  Before we go to commercial, what are your plans now?

           [ We still plan to go home to Dixie's family's farm.  She won't be in the shed with her mom and sisters getting milked, instead we'll be doing the farm's marketing and accounting together.  We've spent the last year making contacts and hope to bring our product to the Empire in the next few years.  This wasn't the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence I pictured after college, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ]

Indistinguishable whispering

           Huh, what's that Bob?

More whispering

           Ok, thanks Bob.  Well Brad, you might not have to give up on those kids yet.  According to the lead technician, you've inherited your wife's reproductive system.  Your anus is now a cocoa, which should be fun to play with if you ever invite others into your sex life.  But you're entirely capable of getting pregnant and carrying a child, much like a normal cockwoman would.  So use your new dick responsibly Dixie, or you might make your husband pregnant.

           Is that an incentive or disincentive?

           Fair enough.  Alright, let's give it up for our happy volunteers Brad and Dixie.

Much clapping from the audience

           And now we'll go to a brief commercial from one of our corporate partners.  This will give us time to swap out machines and get this place cleaned up.  But before I go, Bob reminded me of one more thing.  While the machines in the Realm are normally only used by women, ours are not gender specific.  Bob could have easily been the one to lay down on the bench and come out as Dixie's new dick.  Or two men or two women could use the machine together.  Just our small part to ensure our products are available to the widest audience possible. And now…I'll let you go for a word from our sponsors.


          Having trouble getting those troublesome cum stains out?  With Demon’s Own cleaner, your house will never look like an orgy just occurred ever again (unless it did just happen).  Demon’s Own, so good we’re recommended by four out of five demons (of those who answered the survey without turning the questioner into a pile of genitals).  Demon’s Own is not responsible for improper use of its products.  Warranty void where prohibited.


           Welcome back everybody, I hope your commercial break was fruitful.  While you were gone we swapped out our machines and are ready for our next demonstration.  For our eyeless viewers…er, listeners, this machine is a tall cylinder, say about eight by three.  There's a split door on one side that runs almost the entire length, sliding open to reveal the inside.  But we'll leave that a secret for now.  Instead, let's bring out Lotti, Shotti, and Grace.

           Lotti and Shotti should be a strange sight, even for those used to seeing lots of Freyan cockwomen.  The twins hail from the city of Loki, not far from the capital.  Loki has a very special version of the cockwoman transformation machine, one brought on by a touch of envy of how close vaginawoman get.  That is why the cockwoman striding toward me has two towering cocks side by side.  They only have a single pair of legs, but there are four fat ball tucked into that massive scrotum.

           Unfortunately, as eye catching as Lotti and Shotti are, they're not here to transform today.  Instead, that honor goes to their girlfriend Grace.  Or is it boyfriend?  Grace is wearing a tight top that emphasizes her large breasts and a short skirt with a slot cut out in the middle.  Poking out is a good sized cock…nowhere near the size of her girlfriends' but respectable nonetheless.  Let's give these three lovely ladies a chance to tell their story.

          Hi Rex.  Thanks for having me as a demonstrator today.  I look forward to changing in a way that will finally let me satisfy my girlfriends in the way they satisfy me.

          You're welcome Grace.  I have to ask, as I know the question is burning through the brains of everyone watching.  Are you a natural born shemale, a transformee, or something different?

           I was born a girl.  I took a trip out to the Realm with some friends for spring break during college.  The pool we went skinny dipping in must have had some very dilute D-cum in it, as I woke up with this between my legs the next morning.  It could have been worse, one of my other friends woke up with a vagina instead of a head.

           [ Shotti and I were staying at the same hotel, on a trip to visit family.  We were just going down to breakfast when Grace and her friends ran out of their rooms screaming.  We just had to help. ]

       {After our own transformation, nothing much phases us.  We managed to calm Grace down while a few of our other relatives looked after her friends.  After a bit we managed to convince her the change wasn't the end of the world.  Her little dick was even cute. }

           [ But not as cute as ours. ]

           { True enough sister.  We stayed with Grace through all her doctor's appointments as a shoulder to cry one…or the closest analogy as we don't have shoulders. }

           I really owe Lotti and Shotti for helping me out of a traumatic situation.  Maybe it was because I'd just acquired one myself, but I found their twin phallic forms highly attractive.  When I finally had to leave to fly back to the Empire I got their number and we started a very fulfilling long distance relationship.  I went back down for spring break this year and got formally introduced to the family.  One turned out to be Jody, one of my transformed friends from the year before, who was now merged into a Loki cockwoman with one of Lotti and Shotti's cousins.

           { We'd been waiting to pull that surprise for months.  The wait was totally worth it though. }

           [ Indeed.  What was more fulfilling was finally getting to consummate our relationship.  Aww, you're so cute when you blush Grace. ]

           I can't help it; you're discussing our sex lives on imperial television.

       {We wore poor Grace out.  We might have twice the vaginas of a normal cockwoman, but three times the stamina. }

          As good as it felt to rub Lotti's and Shotti's huge phallic torsos, it just wasn't the same as when I could stick myself deep into their moist vaginas.  We got to talking about it during the trip and I came home with a determination to change myself to be able to please them properly.  Everything between then and now is boring, so let's jump right into the fun stuff.

           And fun it will be.  Just get those clothes off…ignore the wolf whistles from your girlfriends…there you go.  Now follow me over to the machine.  Bob, can you get the…perfect, the door is now opening.  We call this machine the Penetrator, for reasons that are completely obvious the moment you look inside.  There are a set of divots to stand in and between them is a two foot high metal pole.  Like the previous machine, the Penetrator is equal opportunity when it comes to gender.  For women the pole would be topped with a double prong for both the anus and vagina, but for others like Grace who only have one hole a single point is used.  Grace, try to slide that up against your backside as Bob slowly raises it.  Give a shout when it starts getting uncomfortable.

           A little more, little more.  Ok, ow.  Any more and I won't be able to stand flat footed.

           Perfect.  I'm stepping away now so Bob can close the doors.  Wave goodbye to your girlfriends, you'll see them again soon.  And…the door is shut.  Fire it up Bob.

Mechanical grinding and whirling

           Inside the machine, the pole up Grace's ass is starting to rise again.  The tip has hundreds of tiny holes that constantly leak a very special d-cum mixture.  This allows it to burrow up through the human body, transforming the flesh along the way.  From the outside, this is actually the least radical transformation you'll be seeing today.  There are only a few signs of changes, but I won't spoil them yet.

           The inside is another matter.  Right now the probe is pushing its way through Grace's stomach.  The d-cum is converting her to run on ambient mana.  She'll still be able to eat, but the food will converted into a natural form of lubricant.

           The probe is up to her lungs now, which are becoming redundant as the elixir does its work.  We still have another minute or so until the process finishes.  What to talk about…what to talk about…oh, I know.  The inspiration for the Penetrator came from a pair that's been in the news a lot lately.  Joey and Fen have done so much to highlight the plight of the massively endowed and the Penetrator is Crimson Moon alchemy lab's attempt to help with that problem.

           Ok, the probe is pressing its way out of Grace's mouth now.  She's fully speared, from crotch to face.  Give it another moment and…ok, transformation complete.  The probe is sinking back into the base and as soon as it is fully retracted, we'll show off the new and improved Grace.

A pause

           Bob has the door open and out walks Grace.  She looks much like the old Grace, with the two exceptions I mentioned earlier.  One is the large vagina that has replaced her nose and mouth.  The other…if you'd be so kind as to moon the audience Grace…is her massively expanded anus.  In fact Grace's anus has been replaced with a vagina that runs all the way from the top of her ass crack, down between her legs, and stops in front with Grace's dick as a huge clit.  She's pulling herself wide and I could easily stick an arm inside her.  Not surprising, as this transformation is designed to allow the volunteer to be able to be penetrated by items up to a standard sized cockwoman.  We can do larger ones as well, but it takes a special probe and wipes out the volunteer's other facial features.

           { Ooh, I can’t wait to stick myself inside her. }

          [ It's so not fair, I knew I should have called heads. ]

           What Grace's conjoined cuties are talking about is a demonstration of a Penetrator transformee’s ability to hugely stretch their body.  The lovely conjoined ladies flipped a coin backstage and Shotti is going to get ridden first.  That is, as soon as Grace is ready.  I should go check in with her first.  Grace, how are you feeling?

           Holl….whoa, my voice.

           As we had to get rid of your lungs along with a lot of other things, you now speak telepathically like your girlfriends.

           Cool.  In answer to your question I feel really hollow.  Like I have this empty itch inside that I desperately need to fill.

           You'll be able to scratch that in a second.  One of the techs has giving Lotti a bucket of lube and she's having fun pouring it all over her sister.  Ready to get penetrated?

           Oh demons yes.

           The conjoined sisters are taking a knees, careful not to smush their balls.  Shotti is leaning forward, presenting her mighty lubed tip in Grace's direction.  Grace has pulled her cheeks apart, opening herself as she presses onto Shotti's great length.  It's a good thing we used so much lube.  Shotti's pushing slowly in and out, going a bit deeper each time.  All three woman are moaning like banshees at the pleasure.

           Lotti and Shotti are standing now, lifting Grace up and down with their TK like she's a giant fleshlight.  A little further…I can see Grace's throat start to bulge…there we go.  The tip of Shotti's dick has forced Grace's vagina mouth wide.  She's now fully impaled on her girlfriend and looks to be in complete nirvana.  The twins are pulling Grace back up, letting Shotti's tip stay in her chest, but are jerking her back and forth faster and faster until…there she blows.  Grace just got filled inside and out.  She's coated with cum from Lotti, it's running down her chest.  I can see more spunk from Shotti leaking out of Grace's face like drool and, as they slowly lift her off, dripping from Grace's hugely stretched vagina.

           I'd say that was a very successful demonstration of what our new Penetrator transformation machine can do.  Oh, what's this?  It seems a young man from the audience has come down to talk to the lovely trio.  It seems his logic is that conjoined cockwomen shouldn't have to share a sleeve, so he wants to get transformed as well.  They seem pretty open to it and I don't mind running the machine again before we swap it out, but our partners wait for no-one.  We'll be right back after this break.


    Transformations can be the most fulfilling day of a person’s life, but they also make it difficult to live the rest of it.  That’s where Eight Armed Fred’s specialty contracting company comes in.  We have over thirty years’ experience making homes habitable once again for extreme transformees.  From easily washable wall paints to extra large anti-clog drains, Eight Armed Fred does it all.  Call today, to ensure your transition to your new life is as smooth as possible.


           And we’re back.  While you were gone, our last demonstration trio became a quartet.  As Shotti, Lotti, and Grace were all lovers of the female form, their new bedmate Travis took a potion to become Tracie before climbing into the Penetrator.  It’s a good thing the room we gave them to cool off in is sound- and fluid-proofed by Eight Armed Fred, you should have seen the four of them on the way out.

           But now it’s time to move onto our next new transformation machine.  The initial idea for this transformation was a commission for just a single potion.  We were looking to fill out a quartet of machines and our alchemists liked the idea so much we had to make it repeatable.  To tell us a bit more about this great machine, let’s bring out the couple who will be demonstrating it tonight.  Give it up for Glen and Wendy Hardy.

Polite Clapping

           Unlike the transformation volunteers you’ve seen so far tonight, the Hardys are a bit older.  In fact they have kids as old as those we’ve transformed.  Glen has the hard body and tan of a farmer.  According to this card he owns a large ranch just outside of Amora.  His wife Wendy is a silver haired lady that never the less still has a spring in her step.  She’s not packing a lot on top, but her butt is an ass man’s dream.  Glen is a lucky guy.

           Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Luther.

           My pleasure ma’am.  Why don’t you fill the audience in on what brought you both here today?

           As you said, my husband and I own a large ranch outside Amora.  Besides a few staple crops we also raise horses and cows.  We’ve run the farm together for just over thirty years, ever since Glen took over after my father passed.  Now our own children are adults and we decided it was time to pass the farm onto them.  But sitting on the beach and slowly rotting away didn’t appeal to either of us.

           [ Wendy and I love the horses we raise.  They’re our extra children.  Eventually we had the idea of jumping from caring for horses to becoming one.  While we could have just picked up a merging potion or one to give us some equine traits, Wendy wanted to go further. ]

          I’ve always had a secret fantasy to be an extreme transformed.  My sister married a man from Suto and moved there shortly afterward.  We lost my brother in law three years ago and Mary-Beth turned herself into a sutonian whore when she couldn’t take being alone.  In a way I was jealous of her living my fantasy, now it’s my chance to becoming something inhumanly strange.

           That you will be.  The machine sharing the stage with you is one the technicians have come to call the Corral Press.  For sake of spoilers I won’t go into any further details than that.  If you happened to catch our first transformation, the machine looks a lot like that.  A narrow and skinny box with a hemispherical top.  The difference is this one opens at both skinny ends instead of just one.  There is also no upright section.  Wendy and Glen, is there anything else you want to say to the world before your transformation?

           We love you Terry, Tamara, and Sherman.  Take good care of us.

           A lovely shout out to the kids.  Before we begin, I’m told you need to take this potion Wendy.  It has something to do with your hair…I see; the elixir has turned it from silver to bright pink.  That will look good on you…but again spoilers.

           The technicians are guiding Wendy into the machine now.  Much like the first machine there’s a padded bench in the center and they’re directing her to lay down face up on it.  Her butt is right on the edge of the table and one of the techs is guiding Wendy’s feet into special boxy sections.

           And now it’s Glen’s turn.  They’re having him approach from the other side of the machine.  His feet are in the special slots and now Glen is leaning forward over his wife.  It almost looks like they’re 69ing each other.  Both are saying something too quietly for me to hear, but they certainly sound happy.  The techs are sealing them up now, closing the top hatch and the ones hiding their legs.  I’m getting the thumbs up that everything is green.  Can I get a countdown from five?


           Hit it Bob.

Mechanical grinding and the sound of rushing fluids

           While we let the pair percolate I guess I can spill the beans.  As you might have guessed by the configuration this is yet another merging machine.  Wendy and Glen are coming together to become what they named an “ass horse.”  You’ll see why when we let them out.  Their minds are melded and mostly discarded, leaving them with an intelligence roughly equivalent to a preteen.   They run entirely on mana for both feeding and senses.  While we wait for the process to finish, we have time for an audience question.  Anyone?

          Do you have to be a hetero couple to use this machine?

           Nope, like all of the machine’s we’re demonstrating tonight they work for any gender combination.  Or I should say any standardish combination, it’s best to hedge your bets slightly when the insanity of alchemy gets involved.  As a male and female pairing, the resulting ass horse will have a vagina, dick, and breasts.  A double female pairing would have four breasts and two vaginas.  A double male would have extreme musculature and twin dicks.  And so on and so forth.  The exact combinations vary slightly depending on the people involved as well.

           For example, the member that lays down on their back is the “dominant” for characteristics.  As in this case that person was Wendy, the final horse will have a smaller build and more feminine shape.  If Glen had been the one to lay down, the resulting creature would be bigger and more muscular.  A good question, one more?

          When are you finally going to get a transformation of your own?

           The day before they fire me for not doing so.  And that ding signals that the process is completed.  Let’s give Bob and his team a moment to remove the restraints and so we can see our finished pony.

A whistled version of the Assfaced Gisha’s latest pop hit later

           And here we are.  The two ends of the ass horse look vaguely like Freyan anuswomen, as this was our tribute to that machine.  Large butt cheeks with exposed anus, leading down to sleek legs that end in hooves.  The two sides are connected by a very feminine, for a horse, torso.  The classic hourglass indeed.  The horse is covered in a short layer of pink fur, the color Wendy changed her hair to before stepping into the machine.  Glen’s black hair can be seen on the mane flopped over the front butt cheeks, the tail, and little socks just above the hooves.  Glen can also be seen in the hefty equine penis poking out of the sheath at the back of the horse.  Clearly there’s enough of Wendy and Glen in there still to be excited about their transformation.

           And here comes Wendy and Glen’s son Sherman to collect them.  He’s a handsome young lad, with his father’s frame and mother’s softer features.  What do you think about your parents’ transformation Sherman?

           I think it was a good choice for them.  Now they’ll always be at the farm with us, to play with and cherish.  Maybe I’ll try something similar when I get to be their age.

           You’re not freaked out at their sudden loss of humanity.

           Not really.  They’ve been planning something like this for a long time.  Mom’s not as good at hiding things as she things…thought she was.  Besides, my girlfriend is an anthro horse, so I’m used to being around the unusual.  One reason I think they went this route was to try something different than Kira.

           And it’s not like this is the first time alchemy has entered our lives.  My older brother Terrance became my older Sister Terry through alchemy, settling down to the happy bliss of being a housewife.  Tamara has been wanting to grow udders for years and now I won’t have any excuse to stop her.  We’re going to end up with an entirely transformed farm before long.

           Nothing wrong with that.  The Armstrong farms people do quite well with it.

           Indeed, we have some negotiations with them to set up a partnership between our ranches.  Speaking of which, it was my parents’ wish that their machine be made available to the studio audience here tonight free of charge.

           Quite a generous offer.  Let’s go off to commercial and see if anyone here wants to take you up on that offer.


    Hello everyone, I’m Jacquelyn Ray, transformation activist and spokesperson for Regina.  Demon’s Eve is traditionally all about giving others frights, but the truly scary thing is the number of transformees in the Empire who are no longer able to care for themselves.  Regina does the best it can, but the number of people needing help rises each year.  But that’s where you come in.  By opening your home and heart, you can help make life so much better for a transformee in need.  I’m not saying you have to go as far as I did and actually merge them into your body…though that was a decision that will reward me for the rest of my life.  But just being there to comfort and feed them…often that’s enough for the people who chose this simpler way of life.  Call today, or come in for an appointment.  It just might be the life changing experience you’ve been waiting for.


           And we’re back; ladies, gentlemen, and piles of genitals.  Over the break we had a whopping five different couples volunteer to use the Corral Press.  Three hetero, one gay, and a pair of female and femboi best friends.  The Hardy household is about to have a nice start to their little herd.  Sherman had to run off to try to find transportation for all of them back to the farm.  Due to time constraints we can’t show all the changes, so they’re doing the work in one of the other studios.  When I left the third pair was just climbing in to be merged.  Maybe if we have some time at the end we can parade them in, but to do that we have to keep moving.

           That brings us to our last transformation machine for the night.  This was the most complicated of the four to conceptualize and produce.  We wanted to do something analogous to a breastwoman machine, reducing the participant down to a single part of their essence.  We tried to come up with a way to share essence between volunteers, but the math didn’t work out right.  Instead we came up with the Essence Transfer machine you see before you.  It takes essence from a “donor” and gives it to a “recipient.”  Right now we have the machine tuned to transfer gender and sexual essence, but we hope to offer more options in future.  Right now the machine has two different modes, both of which we will be demonstrating tonight.  To start off please welcome Seth Soto and Maddie Clark to the stage.

           Maddie, though about a decade or two older than Seth, is still quite the looker.  She has the body of a porn star; huge breasts, tiny waist, and an ass you could rest a can of beer on.  Seth is tall and skinny, almost androgynous with his blonde hair in a ponytail.  We’re going to send them right into the machine and talk it out afterward.  The Essence Transfer machine looks like two thick cylinders set up side by side.  The techs are guiding Maddie into the smaller chamber, the one for donors.  Meanwhile Seth is heading into the larger recipient chamber.  The machine was build this way as the math showed some recipients could grow quite large if they gained a sufficient quantity of male essence.  Though that shouldn’t be a problem here.

           Ok, the doors are shut, the light are all green, and things are ready to go.  Hit it Bob.

Strobing pattern of flashing lights, sound of lots of air circulating

           This shouldn’t take long, only another minute.

Time ticks by

           Ok, they’re shutting the machine down.  The tech’s are opening the door to Maddie’s side first and letting the poor woman out.  Scratch that, Maddie doesn’t look like a woman anymore.  She’s what the designers call a Null, someone who has given up all their gender essence.  So please bear with my shift in pronouns.  Maddie has grown a bit taller, but its formerly formidable curves are now nothing but a memory.  It doesn’t even have nipples on its chest, let alone breasts, while down at the crotch it is as smooth as a child’s doll.  At least, a doll not from the Realm.

           The creepiest thing, at least for me, is Maddie’s face.  It’s if someone went at it with the blend tool and erased all the features.  There are still small bumps for the nose and mouth and divots for the eyes, but those are just patches of skin now.  Skin that seems to be without imperfection, a uniform shade that makes it look artificial.  Maddie’s ears are gone and so is all its hair.  I don’t think there’s a single surviving follicle on its body.

          Maddie is holding its hands up to its face, admiring the rounded, nailless tips.  While they pull Seth out, let’s go talk to it.


           Maddie, what’s it like being a null?

          I am…finally free.

           For those watching with the sound off, Maddie’s voice is now a dull, genderless monotone.  The personal assistant on my computer has more human warmth in its voice.  And what are you free of Maddie?

           Being a woman.  My entire life, that was all people saw when they looked at me.  They saw my pretty face or big breasts and they judged me as just another piece of meat.  I made a good living using this fact for a long time, but I always yearned to be free of it.  Now I am.

          What do you plan to do with this freedom?

           I…know not.

           Maddie, would you please show the audience the one hole still available to you, the one you are speaking out of?  There we go.  For those of you who can’t see, Maddie has retained its asshole.  The tiny rosebud is its only way to eat and defecate, and possibly to have sexual contact.  Though the alchemists aren’t sure it’ll retain enough sensation to achieve orgasm.

           That you for sharing Maddie.  It looks like Seth is out of his half of the Essence Transfer machine, so let’s go check in on him.

           For those with short memories, Seth had a very thin and genderless figure before going into the machine.  A bit like Maddie is now, come to think of it.  That certainly isn’t the case now, as he’s inherited Maddie’s curves to the fullest.  Two large, bouncy breasts, a trim waist, and hips that could never belong on a man.  Seth is still a he, at least if he wants to be.  The organ at his crotch has shrunk to tiny proportions, but it is still there.

           If it’s all the same to you Rex, I’d prefer female pronouns now.  That’s why I went through this process after all.

          But why not just take a potion that could have rendered you completely female on the spot?  We sell a whole line of them.

           I could have, but then I would be a man trapped in a woman’s body.  Through this machine I inherited more than Maddie’s curves.  I gained her grace, her mannerisms, and her kinks.

           I think Seth is talking about the marking on his…her skin.  Her arms have darkened almost to black up to the elbow, looking like a tattooed pair of opera gloves.  Similar dark fishnets cover her legs and a tattooed bustier decorates her narrow waist.  This is a great example of the machine transferring fetishes in addition to just gender trails.  This occasionally happens in this mode, but is almost guaranteed in the other

           Maddie showed me some pictures before the show and she looked dynamite in an outfit like this.  Hopefully I can live up to her legacy.

           Oh, so you plan to…how did she put it…make a living using your big breasts and pretty face?

           Yes, I already have a deal set up with Maddie’s old outfit.  I can’t wait to slip into a set of stiletto heels and strut my stuff onstage.

           Speaking of stuff after the show, what do you plan to do Maddie?

           There is a covenant….on a small island…off the coast by Fissing.  A quiet place…where I can rest…and be at peace with nature.

           A serene idea and I wish you two peace and excitement, respectively.  But we still have to show off the other mode of the Essence Transfer machine and to do that, we need another set of volunteers.  Please welcome out Alyssa Hart and Gerry Burke.

           Ms. Hart is a willowy brunette with a pageboy cut.  Her boyfriend Gerry is just as tall and slender, with close cropped blonde hair.  Now Alyssa, why don’t you tell us what brought the pair of you here today?

           Well Rex, Gerry and I have been dating for almost three years now and we want to take our relationship to the next level.  Marriage and kids have never been something either of us wanted, but we still felt the urge to do something to draw ourselves closer together.  While researching the problem I came across your website and volunteered us for a project with that goal.

           Gerry, do you have anything you want to add?

           [ I’m so happy I found a woman who literally wants me to be a part of her life forever. ]

           If only we all could be so lucky.  The techs are directing them to undress now.  Gerry is undoing his shirt now, revealing a cute teal bra underneath.  I’m starting to see maybe why they didn’t want the kids and the white picket fence.  Sure enough, he’s gone on a matching pair of teal panties under his pants as well.

           The couple are giving each other one last kiss and hug goodbye before stepping into their respective chambers of the Essence Transfer machine.  Gerry is stepping into the smaller donor chamber, while Alyssa is shown into the larger recipient section.  The lights are green everything looks ready…it’s showtime.  Hit it Bob.

Flashing lights and mechanical sounds.

           While those two get closer together, we have time for another set of questions.  Anybody?

           If my girlfriend and I want to become volunteers for one of your product demonstrations, where do we go?

           An excellent question.  If you go to our website, www.crimsonmoonal.com, besides all the wonderful products you can buy there is a “new and upcoming section.”  If you click on that, you’ll find a link that takes you to a page where you can volunteer.  I think next month we’ll be doing a segment that will let a few people with green thumbs get even more into their hobby than ever before.  Won’t that be a blast?  Bob, do we have time for one more question?  Ok, he’s giving me the nod so we might have time for one more.  Let’s see.  You, the one in the yellow sundress.

          What would it take for me to get merged onto your body?

          My body?  I’m nobody special.  Sure I’m the semi-celebrity face of an up and coming alchemical company, but I’m still small potatoes.  Why would anyone want to merge with me?

          Why don’t I tell you…in private?

           Hmm. I’m looking forward to it.  The techs are signaling that we are done and are moving to open Alyssa’s part of the chamber.  There’s no need to open Gerry’s half.  When used in the full transfer mode, the entirety of Gerry’s essence was transferred into Alyssa.  What was left disintegrated into pure mana.  That’s not to say Gerry is gone, he lives on in his partner as you’ll see in the just a moment.

          The techs are parting now and…interesting, Gerry truly was a woman trapped in a man’s body.  Normally a transformation like this would have resulted in Alyssa bulking up, gaining several inches of height plus a thick coating of body hair, and growing at least one dick.

          Instead, she’s looking even more feminine.  In this mode of the Essence Transfer machine, fetishes almost always transfer over.  Gerry must have had a hell of a pregnancy fetish, as Alyssa now looks to be going on nine months with quintuplets.  Her three, yes she now has three, breasts are the size of honeydew melons and sagging slightly to rest on the ponderous bulk of her stomach.  Alyssa also inherited Gerry’s blonde hair, which has reformed into a huge mass of blonde curls that would look quite at home on a preteen beauty pageant winner.  Let’s step over and see how Alyssa feels about her new form.

          I feel wonderful Rex, even if I think I’ll never be able to walk through a door sideways again.

           I take it Gerry’s pregnancy fetish was no surprise then.

           Nope. It was one reason we wanted to be the ones to demonstrate this mode of the machine.  Gerry isn’t gone.  I can feel his contentment and sleepy happiness inside me, just like we wanted.  He’ll always be the little baby he wanted to be, while I fulfill my fantasy at being the eternal mommy.

           One that happy note, we’ve reached the end of our demonstration for today.  We don’t have time to trot out the ass horses like I promised, but I’m assured there’s a link on our website that will take you to a webcam set-up where you can watch them frolic and fornicate to your hearts content.  There will also be a link to a page where you can sign up to join them.

           But the most pressing question on the minds of many of our viewers is how to get a chance to try out one of these machines.  They’ll be on tour for the next six months, traveling to cities all across the Empire.  Check your calendars, as they’ll be on the move a lot.  After that this set will be gift to the Great Demoness Freya as a thank you for helping getting them up and running.  It’s my understanding they’ll be placed in the capital, to give the people there another option as they pursue their transformation dreams.  At that point the second set of machines will be finished and set up at our headquarters.  If you go to our website, you can make an appointment there.  Don’t wait, as we expect slots to fill quickly.  Six months after that the third set of machines will be completed and will run a tour much like the ones we used today.  Eventually, we plan to have a whole host of machines spread across the Empire and Realm.

Until next month I’m Rex Luthor, showing off the best Crimson Moon alchemy labs has to offer.  Good night, as stay horny.

Screen cuts to black


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This a great story, and I love the Crimson Moon setting so damn much.