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Coming next Sunday is the first part of my next serialized story. It's about a four couples gathering for a social evening with unexpected consequences. It will have six chapters and comes with four illustrations.

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Ooh!  Couples!


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"Do we really have to go?"

Christy perched on the edge of the bed while fiddling with the clasp on her earring and looked up at her husband Pavel. She really didn't want to have to spend another precious weekend night making nice with Pavel's friends spouses while he had fun.


Christy could see that Pavel was avoiding eye contact. She rolled her eyes: passive Pavel strikes again.

"You know Greg and I have been friends forever, we can't flake just because you aren't crazy about his wife..."

"Pfff! Not crazy? I can't STAND her!"

"Come on, Cara isn't that bad. She's just, just a little too...."

"Pretentious? Bossy? Superior?"


"I hardly think replacing her navel with a clitoris and then preaching about it counts as Bohemian..."

Christy finally managed to catch the eyes of Pavel and unloaded her best glare. Pavel wilted a little, but managed to stand firm.

"C'mon honey, Merc is going to be there and Joan is in town for the first time in forever. It's the band getting back together!"


Christy snuck the offending earring through its hole and snapped the clasp closed, stood up, and smoothed her frock out.

"Fine. But you owe me mister."

"I love you."

"You better."


"Betsy, are you ready!?"

Merc untied his tie for the sixth time, readjusted its length, and began to assemble the knot for the seventh time. His hands fumbled the knot and he had to start over. Merc couldn't help it, he was nervous. And besides Betsy was so much better at it... if only...


Merc pulled the knot tight, frowned at the sloppy execution, and went looking for his wife.

The sound of sobbing brought him to the kitchen to where Betsy was sitting on the floor in her green cocktail dress, stocking legs drawn up to her chin, crying. His heart sank and he started to drop down to hug her, hesitated, and slowly kneeled next to her. He gently put his hand on her shoulder.


"H-how am I su-supposed to face h-her? H-how am I supposed to be in a room with, with that dog?"

Merc's heart sank. He knew things were going to be awkward, that while Betsy was working on forgiving him, she was apparently not ready to deal with the embarrassment and anger of being around Joan. But they had talked about it, and agreed to it and... "Aw, honey...."

She sniffed and looked up at him, makeup smudged, and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, it's been more than a year and you've b-been so good. I, I really have forgiven you..."

"Look, don't be sorry. I'm the one who should be sorry."

And he was. Sleeping with Joan was the stupidest decision of his life. Alcohol had been a factor, the transgressive atmosphere of Pavel's bachelor party had played a part, and Joan herself, dressed to kill, one of the guys but not, and coming on strong, had sealed the deal. Truth was he could barely remember it.

But he was responsible for it.

"We don't have to go if you're not ready."

"No. I want to go. I have to go."

Merc could see Besty steel herself. She took one more big snuff, wiped the tears from her face, and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Help me up, I've got makeup to fix and a bitch to scowl at all night."


"I'm joking. But I still want to go. If we are going to make this work, if things are ever going to get back to normal, we have to be able to spend time with your friends. I want to do this."

"I love you"

"I love you too. Now help me up."

Merc reached down and pulled his diminutive wife off the floor.

"I might scowl at her a little..."


"Manny, which dress? I want to go sexy tonight."

"Babe, you know I think you always look sexy."

"Manny, ESPECIALLY sexy tonight."

Manny looked at his wife and quirked an eyebrow. Joan stood there, in her black, lacy lingerie complete with garters and stockings, holding two of her racier dresses. She grinned slyly and quirked her own eyebrow.

"Why do you want especially sexy? Aren't we just having dinner with your guy friends?"

"Manny, baby, sometimes a girl needs to dress up. Besides, I love my boys, but if I don't show my stuff off a little they forget I'm a grown woman and treat me like their little tomboy mascot. Besides, Greg told me he had something special planned tonight."

"Careful babe, your going to make me jealous here."

"Aw, you know I love you. I'm just an awful flirt is all."

Manny couldn't help feeling a squiggle of doubt and arousal in his guts. Joan might be his wife and the love of his life, but she always worried and excited him when she looked so predatory.

"I love you too and I think you should go with the blue one."


"Cara, they should be here any minute? Are you ready?"

Greg adjusted the lights in the living room, turned on some soft background music, and lit some candles around the room. He adjusted the couch throw pillows, thought about it, and adjusted them again. Satisfied, for the moment, he surveyed the room and stoked stubbly his beard. He wanted tonight to be perfect.

With hardly a noise Cara slinked into the room carrying a tray of teacups and a small, steaming teapot and set it on the table. She artfully arranged the cups and lit a small stick of incense on the side of the table. The aroma of lavender oil and burning sandalwood filled the room.

"Darling, you really don't have to be so worried. Tonight is going to be perfect."

"I know, it's just..."

"That you want to sleep with Joan, I know. Trust me, give it a chance and it'll happen. I see how you two look at each other."

Greg sighed and looked at his wife, standing calmly, patiently waiting for him to surf his turbulent emotions. He wringed his hands. "It's just, I've always been so attracted to her. I mean, she's one of my best friends and I love her, and I just want to share that with her. And it's been so hard to watch her explore that with the other guys: back when she and Pavel dated years ago, or when Merc and her had sex after Pavel's bachelor party. I'm jealous, and I'd love to have a chance before..."

Cara stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her husband.

"Darling, if it's meant to happen it will. You are a fantastic lover, and when Joan finally gets a chance to experience it, she'll finally get to experience the joy I know. I love you."

Greg looked down into his wife's eyes and the love and tranquility of them. Cara's capacity for love and ability to find freedom and balance her immense passion with the peace of letting go of desire always staggered him. He was so lucky to be with her and wanted to be more like her.

"I love you too."

Greg drew his wife closer to him and kissed her with all of the emotion and passion he could muster. Cara kissed him back and slide a hand under his jacket as she pressed her chest against him. Greg could feel himself becoming erect and slid a hand down her back towards her bum and...

The door bell rang.

"That must be our guests. Darling, go let them in while I pour out the special tea."


Cara surveyed the guests as they came into the living room and sat down on the sofas around their coffee table. She watched Joan smile and make eyes at Greg, hug him a little longer than casually in greeting. Manny, her husband, looked a little uncomfortable and uncertain sitting next to her.  Merc and Betsy looked brittle, like maybe Betsy had been crying and maybe things were still shaky between them. Cara felt sympathy for them. Pavel grinned apologetically and talked a little too loudly, while Christy looked a bit sullen with a thin, glued on smile. Cara smiled.

There was love here, but also healing that would be needed. There was work to be done.

Cara made eye contact with her guests and began to pour the tea into each of their glasses. "Please enjoy this tea as a token of our hospitality. Leave the worries of the world behind and become part of the group."

Greg quickly took his mug and sipped from it greedily to show everyone not to wait. Joan grabbed her cup and rakishly downed the contents in a flash of cleavage. Merc and Betsy accepted their tea with polite grins and sipped appreciatively. Manny quietly took his mug while, with an eye roll, Christy accepted her cup. Pavel still smiling apologetically, picked up his cup, took a long drink, and announced how lovely it was. Christy rolled her eyes again. Cara at last picked up her cup and took a sip.

Cara sat there quietly, sipping her tea, legs folded under her as the group fractured into comfortable pockets of conversation. Merc and Pavel began discussing their upcoming camping and fishing expedition, while Christy, sensing Betsy's hurt, was focusing on her and making quiet jokes. For all of her prickliness, Cara could tell Christy was sensitive and perceptive and really respected her. Greg and Joan were obviously flirting while Manny, gamely, tried to keep up, blushing slightly. Cara felt at peace, what they were doing was right.

It wasn't long though until Cara felt the telltale blush of the tea. She felt a little light headed and giddy, the room had a brighter quality. She felt blood rush to her nipples and vulva as a breathless sense of arousal started to build in her. She laughed.

It was time.


Christy felt odd. Like she was floating. She felt good, and safe, and, if she was honest, more than a little horny. Suddenly the idea of joining in together for tea didn't seem so stupid.

Cara suddenly laughed happily, and Christy felt like joining in and sharing it. Betsy actually did, smiling her first real smile of the night. In fact everyone was smiling now and looking at each other and breathing a little deeply and hard.

Christy realized her crotch was warm and that she was feeling a little wet. She looked at Pavel and saw his trousers were tented with an erection. Quickly glancing around the room Christy saw that all of the men had boners and that Cara, who wasn't wearing a bra, had clearly erect nipples. Cara's belly button clit, visible through a window in the front of her dress, was also swollen and glistening. Christy shifted on her seat and stroked her hair, she didn't know where any of this was going, but she was curious.


Betsy didn't know why she felt so good or so aroused. She hadn't felt either, really, in quite some time, since Merc had done what he'd done. But here she was, staring at the straining crotches of Merc, and, despite herself, the other men and smelling herself and the arousal of the other women. She wanted to love all of these people and make love to them and feel happy.

Cara smiled broadly, face flushed with excitement, reached under the coffee table and pulled a large wooden box from below it. Reverently, she opened the box, reached inside, and placed four glass wine bottles of fluid with wrought iron decorations on the tabletop. Betsy could see one had the symbol of a vase pressed into the steal, another had a lotus, another a horseshoe, and another an anchor.

Cara glanced around the room and Betsy felt her heart beat faster as they made eye contact. "Friends we brought you all here because we love you and want to share a great gift with you."

Greg stood, placed a hand on his wife's shoulder and smiled at his panting, sweating friends.

"Who wants to play spin the bottle with demon cum?"


See you all next Sunday for the  next instalment (and an illustration).


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Pretty good so far, Cara seems quite unique with her bellybutton clit. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next chapter will bring

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Part I: Spinning the Vase Bottle

"I want to go first!"

Joan felt the words leave her mouth before she realized she had even said them. She was burning up, feverish and delirious. She felt as if her insides were contorting and expanding and her thighs were slick with her arousal. Joan was so ready to be fucked.

"Joan are you sure about this?" Christy asked her. "This is... a really big deal."

Joan didn't even have to really think about it. Couldn't really think about it. She was vibrating.

"Of course I'm sure. I want this so badly. Don't you?"

Christy bit her lip and looked away. Her nostrils flared as she thought. After a moment she nodded.

"Good!" Cara clapped her hands and looked deeply pleased. "For this to work we all have to participate. We have to do this together."

"H-how is supposed to work?" Merc wondered.

Cara took a ragged deep breath to centre herself. "One of us is going to spin the bottle, and share it with whoever the bottle ends up pointing at. The spinner and their selected will go somewhere private and share the bottle and then share their experience. For the best results each pair should each try to drink about half the bottle, but be sure to finish drinking all of it. Everything else should take care of itself."

Joan frowned. She wished everyone would stop talking so that she could get things started. She rubbed her thighs together and squirmed in her seat. "Can we get started already?"

Cara nodded, looked around the room, and slid to her knees at the coffee table. Greg slipped down next to her and Joan herself followed an instant later. Christy and Pavel made eye contact and a blushing Christy nodded before the pair also dropped to the floor. Betsy reached up and dragged Merc into a passionate kiss and then slid to her knees at the table too. A very dazzled looking Merc soon joined her. Manny, was the only one not to join them on the floor.

Joan looked up at her husband and smiled. "Manny, baby, when you asked me to marry you, you said you wanted an adventure. Well, here it is." She smiled encouragingly.

Manny blew a big breadth and cautiously took his place at the coffee table.

Cara, positively glowing with passion and joy, beamed at everyone. "Now we can begin."

Joan took the cool glass bottle from a smiling Greg. She could feel the weight of it, the solid build and iron decoration, the slightly purrplish fluid inside. She turned the bottle in her hands and saw that it had the vase symbol on it. She smiled.

Heart pounding she placed the bottle on its side on the coffee table. Her hands were shaking, and sweaty while her vagina was aching and throbbing between her legs. She rolled the bottle back and forth on the table a little, enjoying the sound of it made. She grinned wolfishly around the table and gave the bottle a spin.

With a rumble she felt the bottle twirl on the table. At first the vase bottle was spinning too quickly to track but gradually, exquisitely gradually, the bottle began to slow. Now it pointed at Pavel, then Merc, now Christy. It began to slow. It pointed at Betsy and Manny and Christy again. It was now crawling. It was pointing at Cara, still Cara, still Cara, it was going to stop at Cara.... but no, it moved past and stopped right on Greg.

Joan felt her heart lift and smile spread across her face. She really loved Greg, they had been friends forever, and he was the last of her old gang with whom things weren't at all awkward with. When she came to the party, a big part of it had been to spend time with Greg, and if she was being completely honest, to maybe set the groundwork towards eventually seducing the man. Now, now she wouldn't have to.

Joan sprang to her feet, clasping the bottle in one hand, skipped over to a very happy looking Greg grabbed him by the hand and led him off deeper into the house.


Greg couldn't believe his luck. His fantasy was happening: he was finally going to sleep with his biggest high school and college crush. And not only that! He was going to change with her, and share a new and profound connection.

Joan dragged him around another corner, pressed herself to him, and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Where's your bedroom. I want to do this right!"
Greg shivered and began to steer Joan towards his marital bedroom, holding her to him and kissing her neck and shoulders. The pair, lip locked and grabbing, managed to stumble down the hall, bumping and grinding on a wall for a moment, before eventually, with a shriek, falling into the bedroom and onto the bed.

Joan pushed herself off him, stood up, and started to work on the wire and cork closure. Greg smiled and looked up at her, admiring her lean, athletic body. Joan still had the long, firm legs, toned arms and core, wide swimmer’s shoulders, small high breasts, and the slightly squarish jaw of her teenage tomboy days. But with her carefully styled black ringlets, tight blue dress, with its plunging neckline, high hem, and artfully exposed lingerie, Joan had mastered her beauty in a way that was even sexier. His already erect penis strained in his pants.

With a pop Joan removed the cork from the Vase bottle, and saluting Greg with the bottle and a grin, wrapped her lips around the spout and took a long bracing drink. Taking a quick breath she tipped the bottle vertical, arching her back slightly, and took another longer pull on the bottle and providing Greg an impressive view of her cleavage and bobbing throat. Greg shuddered, this was actually happening.

When Joan finished drinking, she pulled the bottle from her mouth, and paused for a moment, eyes lidded and lips slightly parted and panted for a moment. She looked at Greg with a sultry smile and brandishing the half empty elixir bottle in one hand, unzipped her dress. A wiggle of her slender hips and her dress slid off her body and pooled on the ground. Taking a step forward she kicked off her heels, unhooked her strapless bra, and dropped it on the floor. Bending forward a little, her small breasts hanging forward, she slipped off her panties and kicked them off. Another step had her standing at the foot of the bed wearing only a rakish smile. Joan pushed her hair over to one side. "Well, I've done my part."

Greg whimpered with arousal at the sight of her.

Joan climbed onto the bed on her knees, straddling Gregs legs, grabbed his tie and pulled him to a sitting position. She kissed him fiercely on the mouth and Greg tasted something cool and refreshing, with a burst of aromatics and something musky and salty. Joan ground her crotch onto his clothed lap and pressed the transformation bottle into Gregs shaking hands.

Greg brought the bottle to his lips and took a long sip feeling startlingly refreshing liquid and tasting the same aromatic and musky flavour he tasted on Joan's lips. He swallowed and felt tendrils of cool ripple down his esophagus and into his stomach. Joan, hands free started to undress Greg. Greg taking drink after drink from the bottle and feeling waves of coolness ripple through his body in counterpoint to his building arousal, was dimly aware of Joan untying his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, and slipping his garments from his upper body.  Greg took a deep breath. He needed to finish the bottle. Now.

Raising the bottle up higher, Greg began to rapidly swallow the last of the liquid. Below, Joan undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and yanked his pants and underwear off. Greg swallowed one last time and pulled the now empty bottle from his lips and moaned as Joan ran her tongue along his rigid cock.

Greg could feel it now, a chilly weight in his stomach that radiated out of his body, suffusing everything but his overwhelming arousal. Looking down his body he could see Joan, black hair tangled around her face, breasts hanging, as she crouched looking at him like a predator. Greg could feel it in
Joan too: that cool, churning sensation had spread through her and was calling out to him.

Greg could tell it was time. "No going back now."

Joan looked down at Greg, laying on the bed, cock bobbing with his pounding heart rate. She felt strange, still light headed and flushed, but also alien somehow, as the fresh, cool feeling in her body sang to her and sang to the coolness she could feel in Greg. She knew it was time.

"No going back now."

"As if I would want to."

Joan climbed up Greg’s prone body, taking it in one last time. His broad, hairy chest and blocky, slightly soft torso. His Muscular thighs and arms with their own crop of wiry black fur. His round face, curly mop of hair, blue eyes, and well groomed beard. Greg was one of her oldest friends and he was glorious.

As she drew herself into position, she felt the frigid ball  of the elixir in her grow frantic. She grasped Gregs penis and, as she lowered herself onto him, slipped the cock inside of her aching, sopping cunt. As the organ penetrated her she felt a tremendous burst of pleasure and something else...

...something new.

And suddenly Greg was on his feet and her legs were wrapped around his waist and they were fucking. She could feel his dick pumping into her and heard herself squealing with pleasure and glee. She felt an orgasm ripple through her and Greg's penis erupt inside her and then she felt her coolness and Greg's coolness connect. Suddenly Greg's cock stopped moving inside of her. She could still feel it there, swelling larger than before, but it had stopped moving and seemed rooted there in her... to her. She felt her vagina contract impossibly tight around the embedded cock and the flesh of her pelvis flow and connect with the flowing flesh of Greg's pelvis. She felt their hip bones connect and could tell they were now connected, conjoined.

But, even though they were now joined at the hip, she could still feel Greg's penis imbedded inside some secret depth of her no longer visible vagina.

Joan cried out in pleasure and excitement. This felt incredible!

She unwrapped her legs from Greg's waist, and planted them tip-toe on the floor. She drew looked into Greg's eyes and was startled to see his face changing. Long black hair, in coifed ringlets cascaded down his back and framed his face. His eyes were becoming larger, and his face slimmer, yet his jaw became more prominent and retained its beard. Joan brought a hand to touch her own face and felt the line of a square jaw and the stubble of her own beard as it grew in.

A shared orgasm rippled through the pair that they both felt together.

Joan wrapped her arms around Greg and drew him in, or maybe Greg drew Joan in, pressing their torsos together. Joan could feel her breasts swell, and pressed against them the swell of Greg's new tits. Joan felt her hips and ass swell and become broader, and trailing a hand down Greg's softening back, felt his ass grow womanly and pillow as well. She felt Greg cup her ass, and in an unexpected burst of pleasure, slip two fingers into her ass. She moaned and warped one of her legs around Gregs calves, felt her lower leg sink into the flesh of her lover's leg. Greg squealed as Joan's other leg touched one of his and also sank into it. The pair felt the bones of their legs merge into a single pedestal, which broadened at the base and swelled into a passive pod of glandular flesh not unlike a breast or pregnant belly.

Joan was on fire, Greg was in bliss. The pair both screamed in orgasm, voices husky and light and indistinguishable.

Joan grabbed the back of Greg's head, hand wrapped in silken locks and drew Greg into a passionate kiss. Joan felt their beards rasp against each other and suddenly tasted and smelled cunt. Pulling back she was able to witness Greg's face finishing splitting open, from nose to bottom lip, into the vulva or a new vagina. Joan was uncontrollably excited by this and felt her nose and top lip swell and warp into thick long cock. In her mouth she felt her tongue swell oddly, as it grew a pair of small balls at its tip. Joan rammed her new face cock into Greg's face cunt, feeling her tongue slip out of her mouth and her new ballls swell obscenely. Greg's eyes widened in pleasure.

Joan kept fucking Greg's face. reaching her arms up around his shoulders to help drive her thrusting motion. She drove her cock deep into Greg's face, her tongue balls slapping him in their bearded chins. She felt her tits press against Greg's and suddenly into them, their titflesh becoming a pair of shared bands that extended from her chest to his. Joan kept thrusting, feeling their shared breasts pull and squish between them, as her face dick penetrated the wet, hot tube of Greg's face cunt. She pulled back for another particularly deep thrust and, as she plunged balls deep, felt a pair of large breasts explode from her and Gregs backs. She grabbed one of Greg's new back tits and felt her own former nipple stiffen in her hand. She kept thrusting. She was close, so close.

She could feel it....

She could feel it....

She could feel it....

And with a pair of muffled screams, she felt her face cock boil and erupt with cum as Greg's face cunt clamped down on her organ.
They collapsed against each other, attached face to face and balanced on their shared pedestal and base, panting, sweaty, and giddy.

Joan felt her tongue shrink back into her mouth. "I love you, Greg."

Greg could only wetly groan through his face cunt in response.

Joan stroked his hair and rubbed her bearded cheek on his.

"I'm so happy we did this."

Greg groaned sloppily in affirmation.


To see the final form of Greg and Joan go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14463482/

And come back next Sunday (actually Sunday this time) for the next instalment!


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Couples Part II: Spinning the Lotus Vase

Cara could hear the sound of frantic fucking emerge from her and Greg's bedroom. She smiled, pleased that everything was going well for them. She looked around the table at her remaining guests who looked flushed and nervous, squirming in their seats. She could see them listening to the sex sounds with wide eyes. Christy brushed her breast and played with her hair. Pavel laid a hand on his wife's upper thigh, stroking gently. Betsy rubbed her thighs together and Merc stared at her with rapt attention. Manny, looking more aroused than the rest, openly stroking his erection through his pants. Everyone panted. Cara pressed her thighs together and took a deep, steadying breath.

"They might be a while. So why don't we continue?"

Cara picked up the Lotus bottle, feeling it's heft and cool surface in her hands. She placed it upright in the middle of the table.

"Since my husband was picked last, I believe it is my turn to spin the bottle."

Cara took a deep shuddering breath, aware of the frenzied flush of the tea and pulsing of her cunt, her extra clit, her nipples. She wanted this so badly. She looked around the gathered faces and wondered who it would be. Enigmatic Manny, a near stranger? Troubled Merc or shy Betsy? Gentle Pavel? Brash Christy? Cara reveled in the uncertainty. She didn't know whom she would share herself with and she was dying to find out.
Cara reached out and tipped the bottle onto its side. Making eye contact with each person in turn she wound up her wrist and spun the bottle.
Cara stared at the bottle on the table as it spun. Round and round and round and round. The whirr of the glass spinning filled the room. The bottle began to slow, now keeping pace with Cara's hammering pulse, now slowing to match her panting breath, now barely turning at all. Pointing at her. Pointing away. Now.... gradually....stopping.

Cara closed her eyes, savoring the moment. Feeling her breath rattle in her chest, the feverish lightness of her head, the pulsing heat in her vagina. She took a long, shakey breath, and let out a soundless moan.

Cara, still with closed eyes, turned to face the direction the bottle was pointing before finally opening them.

There, with the tip of the bottle pointing straight at her, was a very stunned, very horny looking Christy.

Cara felt her own arousal spike and smiled. "Well dear, shall we?"

Christy couldn't believe her luck. As the bottle was spun she remembered feeling deeply conflicted: she was burning up, seething with the desire to be chosen but was repelled at the idea of being with, transforming with Cara. She had felt elated every time the bottle pointed at her and relieved every time it moved on to the next person. When the bottle finally ground to a halt in front of her, pointing at her she was stunned. She didn't want this, she wanted this more than anything. Her heart dropped and her loins exploded.

Christy remembered glancing at Pavel and seeing him smile encouragingly and nod. She remembered seeing Cara open her eyes and see her, naked lust shinning in her eyes, a smile of genuine pleasure blooming on her mouth. Christy remembered blushing furiously, biting her lip, hating herself a little as she nodded yes, yes they shall.

And now Christy was here, nervously sitting on the edge of a bed in Cara and Greg's guestroom, wondering what comes next. Sitting next to her on the bed, close enough their hips and thighs are touching is Cara. Chirsty could feel the soft ripple of muscle in Cara''s legs as she stuck the bottle between her thighs to get the leverage she needed to pop open the bottle. Christy stiffled a moan at the sensation, annoyed with herself for wanting Cara so badly. With an audible pop, Cara finally wrenched the cork out of the top of the Lotus bottle.

Cara held up the bottle. "Care to do the honours?"

Christy knew this was the point of no return, that once she took a drink from this bottle her life was going to be radically different. She thought about her life and her husband and... the feverish glow in her head, the hammering of her heart, her shortness of breath, and the straining, soaking pulse of her pussy. She needed this. She reached out and accepted the bottle.

And took a long sip tasting the surprisingly sweet, slightly salty flavour of the liquid.

She handed the bottle back to Cara, who raised the bottle in a cheers, and with a look of rapture took a sip herself. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back and purred. Christy felt her body ripple with heat at the site of it. Cara took another drink and handed the bottle back to Christy.

"You don't like me very much, do you?"

Christy, startled, almost spat up the sip of the fluid she had just taken.  Wide eyed she glanced back at Christy. How could she even begin to explain the whirlwind feelings of desire, disdain, jealousy, respect, and kinship she currently felt for this woman? How could she tell her how much she wanted her, how scared she was by this whole process? Christy took a longer, deeper drink of the bottle to buy herself some time.

Cara grinned lopsidedly. "It's okay, you don't know me very well and I like a challenge." Her eyes grew sultry and her voice husky,  "Besides, I like you enough for the both of us."

Christy swallowed hard, her body involuntarily reacting to the lust in Cara's voice. She handed the bottle back to Cara. "I, I really want this to work. As much as I might find you frustrating or holier than thou, I want you. You are beautiful inside and out and I want.. I want to fuck you and transform with you and be with you." Christy felt herself blush furiously and laughed and rolled her eyes at her own embarrassment.
Cara smiled, god she was beautiful, and kissed Christy on her lips. "Good, then we're on the same page." She took a long drink of the bottle, finishing most of what was left and handed it back to Christy. "Go ahead finish it."

Christy brought the bottle to her lips, feeling the last of the thick sweet fluid pour into her mouth. She rolled it around, savouring it and then she felt a hand reach under the skirt of her dress and slide into her panties. She swallowed hard, and moaned at the sensation of a pair of fingers dive into her pussy. The hand quickly pulled out and Cara slipped one of them into her mouth. "Mmmm, you taste just like the bottle elixir now." She presented her other pussy-soaked finger to Christy who experimentally gave it a suck. She felt her whole body respond as she agreed, her steadily leaking juices did taste just like the potion.

Christy gave the bottle a shake, "I think it's done."

"Good, so what are we waiting for?" Cara climbed to her bare feet feet.

Christy felt herself colour with embarrassment again, "Uh, I've, uh, never been with another woman before. I'm not entirely sure what to do."
Cara laughed generously, and grinned mischievously. "Then let me be your guide."  She reached up above her shoulders and undid the knot holding the halter on her loosely draped, patterned dress. All at once the dress slid down her otherwise nude body and pooled around her ankles. Christy marvelled at her body, the long graceful limbs, the high modest breasts, the cascade of her long, blonde hair, her toned buttocks, the swell of her hairless cunt, and the glowing pink clit nestled in her belly-button. Christy didn't understand why she wasn't interested in women, in this woman before.

Cara stepped closer and drew Christy to her feet, kissed her deeply on the mouth, their saliva sticky and sweet like the bottle. She reached behind Christ and began undoing the buttons on the back of her black dress while parading kisses across her shoulders, up her neck, to her ear. Chirsty moaned. Cara reached down, gathered her skirts, and drew her dress up over her head and tossed it to the floor. Christy pressed her body against Cara's naked form, grabbing her back and butt, sliding her bare thigh between the taller woman’s legs. Cara, groaned, but still managed to unhook Christy's bra, and slid it off her body. with the bra out of the way, Cara dipped her head and sucked on Christy's nipples, causing her to cry out, and reached down and slid her panties around the swell of her hips and butt and onto the floor. Cara slid her finger along the swell of Christy's labia and the smell of the sweet, Lotus bottle filled the room. Cara stood all the way up, pulled their naked bodies together and kissed Christy with shaking passion on the mouth again.

Cara stepped back from a deeply panting Christy and enjoyed the look of her body. The shoulder length sweep of her frizzy red hair, the swell of her d cup breasts with their large nipples, her wide hips and generous ass, the slightly chubby thickness of her thighs. "That's more like it."

Christy thrilled at the compliment felt a building heat of arousal and need pulse through her.

Cara stepped towards her and pushed Christy back onto the bed. Christy giggled happily, and Cara, with a whoop, climbed on top of her and kissed her. And for a while they just played like this, touching, kissing, exploring swells and holes, tasting everywhere the floral syrup of the bottles potion. Christy was having the time of her life.

Cara drew herself up for a moment, swung around, and reoriented herself so that her pussy was hovering above Christy's face and her own face was close to Christy's cunt. Christy could smell the flowery scent of Cara's vagina and could feel the hot breath of Cara on her own.

"Are you ready for me to take you on a journey of spiritual discovery."

Christy rolled her eyes. "God you're pretentious! Just fuck me already!"

Cara laughed with delight and lowered herself onto her lover. Drawing in deep breath of the flagrant bouquet of Christy's slit she lowered her mouth and kissed it. She stuck out her tongue and rubbed it along her outer labia hearing Christy moan beneath her. Feeling the air of the noise blow against her own cunt. She stroked her tongue along the bloom of Christy's inner lips, and felt the woman gasp and buck below her. Cara licked her again, and again, beginning to work into a rhythm. Christy continued to gasp and wiggle. And then Cara felt it, a warm tongue rasp along her own vulva and penetrate her folds. She lost her rhythm for a moment as she cried out in pleasure. A few panted breaths and she was back at it. Soon the two women were lapping away at each other, pausing for the odd groan and gasp, until, building, building, building... both women cried out in orgasm!

And the world changed.

As both women experienced a mind crushing rush of pleasure, Cara was aware that the sticky, sweet heat in her stomach and mouth and crotch has rushed through her whole body and the change begin.

She felt her face press against, and then into, her lovers cunt and her own cunt being invaded below her. She felt the clit in her belly button explode out in length and her swell. Her breasts grew, multipled and migrated along her body. She felt her torso slip into Christy's flesh, and felt her arms wither and shrink. With a groan, and an odd sensation of pleasure she felt her face reform, squeezed between a foreign pair of thighs. She felt her clit lash about wildly and smelt the whole room filled with the over powering scent of a curious mix of flowers and cunt.

She sucked her lips desperately, swollen oddly, shaped differently. She licked her now toothless gums and the oddly squishy palette of her mouth. Her tongue touched something electric, something that made Christy screech in pleasure. Cara licked it again, the weird, hard bump located at the apex of her lips, where they split oddly under her nose. Christy gasped again and pleasure flooded through both women. So Cara licked it again and again obsessively.

Distantly, she became aware of someone licking her vagina all along the inside, sucking her labia, licking her cit. Her legs writhed. She felt her, no their, pleasure grow and magnify and grow and EXPLODE. And soon both women were screaming in ecstasy as orgasms ripped through their bodies. Another wave of pleasure crashed against them and she felt herself loose control of her bladder, and a moment later, Chirsty's bladder empty too. A gush of hot, urine scented fluid, shot out of Cara's nose and all over the bed. The waves of pleasure slammed against the pair again, and again, both screaming themselves hoarse. Cara felt Christy faint, and her own world grow dim, until with a back straining burst, she too, blacked out.

Chirsty slowly became conscious, blinking her eyes. Her face felt sticky and wet, and smelled strongly of flowers and cunt and piss. Her lips felt odd, soft and a little fleshy. She was staring up at the ceiling, a pair of unfamiliar thighs sticking intruding into her view on either side. She couldn't feel her arms, and felt strange masses on her back and stomach. She moved her legs frantically, trying to right herself into a standing position.

Christy felt a strange, thrilling humming sensation in her cunt. "I see someone finally woke up."


"Yes. Everything is okay, dear, but we've changed. Merged I think. I'm pretty sure my face is your vulva now, and that your face is now mine." Chirsty saw one of the legs in her view raise itself up straight and the foot on the end of it wave. "How are you doing down there?"

"Uh, I'm okay. I feel really good... but I'm a little worried too. What are we now? What do we even look like?"

Christy felt her vagina thoughtfully bite it's lips. "That's a good question. I can't really see anything since my face is basically pressed into the mattress. There is a mirror in this room, but I think we'll have to work together to see it."


"I think if you can get on your knees and crawl in a clockwise circle, I can move my legs to go the same way and you should be able to see us in the mirror. Sound good."


"Alright, go ahead. No, no, the other clockwise."


Christy saw the legs in her vision tentatively swing in one direction and crab walk, while behind her, her own kneeling legs moved in the same direction. Soon she could see the edge of the mirror, and, with just a few more awkward shuffles, she could see them.

Christy gasped.

Their shared body was bizarre and beautiful. Cara had been right that the two women had merged and that they now appeared to be each others cunts. Christy could see her face peaking out from between the splayed legs of Cara, her red bangs like a tuft of pubic hair. She still had her green eyes and freckles and her nose, but her mouth was different. It still mostly looked like a human mouth, with a horizontal opening, but the lips were swollen and larger than before split along her philtrum to her nose.  Nestled in this gap in her lips is what appeared to the human sized clit of Cara.
The pelvis that Christy's face perched on was unchanged. It still sported Cara's long, graceful legs on either side of her face and Cara's pert ass in the usual position. However, above that their body was radically different. For one, they no longer really had a torso. Instead their body was a pair of hips and legs joined by a tube of flesh, looking like their smooth stomachs flowing into each other. Although, this fact was a little hard to determine since they had developed massive growths on either side of their middle section. On both their top and bottom, about where a belly button would be was a giant flower of female genitals. A long, prehensile clit tentacle, looking like a stamen, thrust up from the centre of a massive of labia petals and tits, arranged in a circular bulge. On their top, the flower massive sagged with gravity and from their bottom it hung heavily below them. Christy couldn't see it, but she suspected that at the heart of their cunt flowers were vaginas.

Surveying the rest of their body Christy realized they had become conjoined in a 69 position, with their legs pointing in opposite directions. While Christy was upright peering between legs in a squat, Cara was facing downwards between Christy's kneeling legs, her large fleshy ass pointed up.
The site of their body was making Christy's cunt salivate and their shared cunt flowers swell and pulse. The room began to smell stronger of their floral nectar.

"Cara, we're beautiful."

"Describe us to me."

"How about we roll over and you see for yourself."

Working together, the women rolled over so that Christy was facing down between Cara's kneeling legs and Cara could look about the room. Together they spun around so that Cara could see the mirror. As soon as she could see them, Cara gasped in joy.

Once she heard Cara gasp, Chirsty smiled mischievously and began to licking Cara's clit in her mouth.

No time like the present to enjoy this.


To see the final form of Cara and Christy go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14530472/

See you all next week!


Re: Couples - by Indigocarmine

Great. The changes become more and more creative. I love them!


Re: Couples - by Indigocarmine

Part III: Spinning the Horseshoe Bottle

Pavel looked anxiously around the room. His wife had just walked off with his oldest friends wife to fuck and transform and here he was left behind.

Distantly he could hear his wife's voice crying out in pleasure. The sound made his erection ache. He was jealous, but not that she was with someone else, but that he was still here waiting for his turn. He also felt lost, not sure what to do.

Merc cleared his throat. "Pavel, since Christy was chosen last I think that makes it your turn to spin the bottle." He handed Pavel a bottle filled with a black fluid that was decorated with a horseshoe. Betsy smiled encouragingly. Manny avoided eye contact, while he tried to covertly play with his cock.

Pavel was glad for the guidance, sometimes he just needed direction.

Hands sweaty and shaking he placed the bottle on the coffee table, tipping it on its side. He looked around the table at the two men and one woman he might soon be fucking. He was filled with desire and nerves. He twisted his wrist and spun the bottle as hard as he could, so hard it slipped and skittered over off the side of the table.

Merc caught it with a laugh. "Easy sport, it's like casting. Simple flick of the wrist man."

Pavel smiled, glad for his friend. Maybe a little attracted to him in the pounding heat of the moment. Pavel stifled the idle thought and spun the bottle again.

This time he spun the bottle more carefully, generating the balanced spin he wanted. The bottle rumbled on the table and began its process of selecting who Pavel would be with. As Pavel watched the bottle spin, tossing shy glances at the remaining people, he thought about his burning, feverish need and the choice that was now out of his hands. He was actually happy about that: he was much better at going with the flow than making decisions. And this choice, this choice was the bottle's.

All Pavel could do now was watch the bottle slow and slow and slow and eventually, with solid finality, point directly at his best friend Merc.


Merc watched the bottle slow, slide gradually past a tense Betsy and point straight at him. He stared down the bottle at Pavel, his face flushed with arousal, mouth open in shock. Merc felt a pulse of blood push into his already rigid boner and a large bead of pre ooze out its tip. He didn't really understand it, but he desperately wanted to fuck his friend.


But there was Betsy to worry about.

Merc knew things had been very, very shakey between him and his wife since he had stupidly slept with Joan. He had his doubts about hanging out with his friends like this would help, but when things took a turn towards the transformative, he really hoped that it would help them. Deep inside he was praying that when the bottle finished spinning, that it would be Betsy and him on either end of it and that by sharing that experience they would be brought closer together. But that isn't what chance had in store.

And now there was his best friend staring at him with open lust and need.

A need that Merc desperately wanted to satisfy.

Merc glanced at Betsy, seeing hurt flash across Pavel's face. Betsy, for her part was already staring at him. She smiled thinly, her eyes a little wet with tears, and took his hands. "This isn't the same thing. The rules here are different and this, this feels right. Your friend needs you, and I can see you want it too. It's okay."

Merc felt elated at her words, but frowned, focusing on his wife. "Are-are you sure?"

"Merc, I want you to do this. I want to do my own thing. And then I want us to be reintroduced each other and fall in love all over again. Maybe who we are now is broken, but what we become might be able to work."

Betsy drew him into a tearful hug, her trembling breasts pressed up against him.

"I love you, now go. And come back to me sexy."

Merc kissed her forehead and looked at Pavel "Well, buddy, it looks like my wife just gave me permission to play."

Pavel moaned.


Pavel followed Merc obediently down the stairs. "Where are we going?"

Merc smiled over his shoulder and waggled the horseshoe bottle. "You and I have a brew to share, and where would be more appropriate than Greg's Mancave."

Pavel snorted. "I'm not sure us fucking is in the spirit of a Mancave, man."

Merc chuckled happily. "Sure it is! Mancave's are full of homoerotic subtext."

Pavel grinned. He was trying to play it cool, trying to keep up the familiar jocular spirit of his friendship with Merc. Trying to ignore his cock straining against his pants and the bulge of Merc's erection bobbing in front of his friend.  But he couldn't: he wanted that cock, needed that cock in a way he never had before, in a way that didn't make sense but was no less real for all of that.

Merc pushed open a door at the bottom of the stairs and revealed a room covered in wood paneling with a large television, a bar, and leather furniture. An open closet in the back corner revealed a padded room lined with chains and fittings.

"Holy shit, Pavel, Greg's Mancave has a sex dungeon!"

"Well, I guess you were right about the homoerotic subtext."

Pavel watched as Merc twisted open the bottle lid and took a long swig of the bottle. Merc winked at him, wrapped his lips around the end of the bottle and tipped it up, chugging its contents. Pavel felt his cock surge at the suggestive view of his friend sucking on the transformation juices.

Merc finished drinking his share, popped the bottle out of his mouth, a black syrupy arm of fluid connecting the bottle rim and his lips. Merc licked his lips, took a bracing breath, and released a mighty belch. "Ha! Your turn buddy." He handed Pavel the horseshoe emblazoned bottle.

Pavel brought the bottle of black fluid to his nose and took a sniff, smelling something vaguely spicy. He brought the bottle up and took an experimental drink. Thick syrupy liquid filled his mouth accompanied by a pleasant burn of spices and salt. He rolled it around in his mouth tasting the flavours.

"Hey Pavel, don't make a career out of it. Just chug the thing!"

Pavel blushed and brought the bottle to his lips , sucking down the thick, ropey fluid.

"That's more like it, bitch." Merc was standing just outside the sex dungeon closet brandishing a riding crop.

Pavel's breath caught in his throat. Oh, that was sexy.

"Merc, wh-what are you doing?"

"Merc?" Merc closed the distance between them, pressing the crop under Pavel's chin. "I think, for this, I'd prefer master. No.... Boss. Call me boss."



Pavel reached up and rubbed his cheek, hot from where Merc had just smacked him across the face with his crop. Pavel groaned.

"B-Boss.... what are you doing?"

Merc winked. "That's more like it. Well, bitch, your going to take off my pants."



"That was an order, not a suggestion."

Pavel almost came in his pants. His erection was throbbing, teetering on the edge. This entire situation was too much for him. He wanted this too much, he loved the submission. He dropped to his knees and began fiddling with Merc's belt and fly. He pulled down his friend's pants and underwear, freeing his engorged cock. Pavel looked at it there, bobbing in his face.

"Okay now, bitch, suck my cock."

Pavel lunged forward, wrapping his lips around his friend's member and began to enthusiastically suck on it. Merc groaned happily above him and pressed his hands into the back of Pavel's head as he bobbed on the cock. Pavel couldn't believe this was happening, but was loving it.

"Bitch, stop that. I don't want to come in your mouth. Stand up and take off your clothes."

Pavel did as he was told, regretfully letting the cock slip from his mouth. Turning his back to his friend, his boss, Pavel slipped off his jacket, and tie, unbuttoned his shirt and dropped that. He kicked off his shoes, undid his pants and slipped out of his underwear. And there he was standing naked, with his thin, lanky limbs and body, his shaggy sandy-blonde hair, and his small tuft of chest hair. His larger than average, circumcised cock throbbed in front of him. He was ready for this.

He turned and saw Merc standing naked too, still brandishing his riding crop. Pavel surveyed his friends naked body, the hairy chest and arms, the fit, muscular arms and legs, the toned torso and butt, the cross cropped hair. His smaller than average dick stood proudly from his pelvis, bouncing with his heart rate. Pavel had seen Merc naked before at the gym, but he had never appreciated it before. Merc was a sexy man, and now Pavel would have him. Be his bitch.

Merc grinned. "Turn around bitch. Bend over."

Pavel placed his hands on the Mancave's bar and presented his ass to his friend. Merc gave it a couple playful whacks with his riding crop. Pavel cried out in pleasure with each stroke and wiggled his ass playfully.

"Bitch, are you ready?"

"Uh, yeah, but B-boss, Merc, I'm a little nervous."

"Ah, man, do you want this?"

"Of course Merc, Boss. I want this more than anything."

"Me too. Do you trust me?"

"Yeah, I trust you."

"Well then, brace yourself bitch."

And with that Pavel cried out in pleasure as he felt his insides expanding around the fiery heat of his friends cock as his ass was penetrated.

Merc felt the hot ring of his friends anus as he slid his dick deeper into Pavel.

He groaned at the pleasure and unfamiliar sensation of penetrating an ass. He pulled back slowly, so slowly, and pushed himself back in just as gradually. He felt Pavel strain and groan below him. He pulled further out and thrust back in. And further and in. And further and further and in. And soon her was pumping away at his friends ass with all of the force his muscular body could muster. Their balls slapping into each other with each thrust.

Pavel, below him bucked and hissed with each penetration. He bagan to thrust his ass back with the same rhythm as Merc, trying to get fucked harder. Merc gasped at the sensation and reached below his friends belly and began to work his straining dick.

It only took a moment, fucking and pumping, and Pavel's dick erupted with long beads of white cum. Merc was astonished by the sight, and found himself going over the edged..


eurpting into his friend ass. And still erupting. And still erupting.

Merc watched in orgasmic bliss as a thick black, tar like fluid oozed out of Pavel's cock filled asshole and began to flow along their skin. Merc felt the ooze dissolve his pelvis and felt it sink into and combine with Pavel's ass, all without losing the feeling of his dick buried in Pavel. The tar-like fluid continued to flow up their torsos, drawing in their waists. As it coated their shared ass, Merc felt his hips expand and his ass grow large and pillowy and feminine. Merc felt a stretching sensation as a long, flowing fire engine red horse tail slipped out of the flesh of their butt.

The fluid soon reached both of their chests and Merc felt a pair of massive, G-cup breasts swell from his chest and hang heavily from his body. Below him, Merc felt Pavel's chest sprout it's own collection of tits: six heavy dcup breasts that hung in three rows down his torso. Mer cand Pavel both gasped as Pavel's large penis grew longer and longer below them, ending up as a monster of an equine penis.

The fluid oozed over Merc and Pavels arms and legs, and Merc watched his arms grow feminine and thin. Merc glanced down and saw his legs undergo a similar treatment, becoming soft and womanly, and then stretching as his feet pulled together into hooves. Pavels arms meanwhile became duplicate legs: curvy and feminine and ending in another set of hooves.

The fluid soon climbed up their necks and over their faces. Merc could feel his chin sharpen, his lips swell, and his cheekbones rise. He felt his hair flow into a mohawk crest that stood out proudly from his new head and cascade down his back. Merc gasped with his new, husky woman’s voice.
Merc looked at Pavel, glancing over his shoulders, his newly mohawked and feminine face looking at Merc with pleasure. "Boss.." he managed to delicately rasp before his tongue expanded in his mouth, forcing his jaw wide open, as it grew it onto a foot long human penis that Merc thought deeply resembled his.

The tarry fluid covering their body suddenly seemed to set, and grow solid, taking on the appearance of shiny black latex.

Merc felt another orgasm building and gabbed his monstrous new tits as Pavel reared on his rear legs and hott ropes of semen shoot out of both of their massive cocks. He cried out, aroused at his own womanly voice.

"Mmmm, bitch, I could get used to this."


To see Pavel and Merc's final form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14588496/


Re: Couples - by Indigocarmine

Part IV: The Mermaid Bottle.

Betsy smiled crookedly at a flustered looking Manny. "I guess it's just us then."

"Left behind again."

Betsy didn't think he looked that troubled by that. Based on his awkward behaviour and consistently hard cock, she thought maybe the contrary was true.

Betsy, feeling the boiling heat of her still unsatisfied arousal boiling in her belly, kept her smile on her face and leaned forward over the table, aiming her cleavage at Manny and reaching for the last bottle. She grinned as she caught him glancing down at her generous decolletage. She thrilled at the male attention and the feeling of accompanying arousal. It had been so long since she had felt this horny, this unencumbered by hurt feelings. She was deeply ready for this.

Betsy picked up the bottle, spinning the cool glass in her hands, looking at the metal decorations and the symbol of an anchor emblazoned on the bottle. She made up her mind and placed the bottle on its side on the table. "Well, Manny, do you feel lucky?"

Manny looked puzzled. "You don't really have to spin that. It's just the two of us..."

Betsy moued, "But Manny, everyone else got a turn!" Betsy grinned her most wolfish smile and gave the bottle a generous spin.

Like three times before the bottle roared as it spun, round and round and round. Betsy looked at Manny, who was transfixed by the bottle. As he watched the bottle he bagan to pant and reach a hand down to his erect cock. The bottle began to slow, and Betsy leaned forward, placing her hands in her lap and rocking forward on them to press into her aching cunt. The bottle slowed and slowed and slowed and stopped.

The bottle stopped, and while it wasn't quite pointed at Manny, Betsy decided that it was close enough. She lunged across the table and into Manny's arms, pressing her mouth to his. "Congratulations, you win!"


Manny felt Betsy tremble against him and felt his cock strain against her, but he pushed her away.

"Betsy, I know what happened between Merc and Joan. I'm a little worried that you aren't thinking straight about this. This transformation and us being together."

Betsy's flushed face pinched with arousal and hurt.  "I want this, I want this so bad. Drink the bottle with me and let me fuck you Manny."


Betsy mastered herself and looked at him earnestly. "Look, what Merc did reallty hurt me. Really hurt us. But, I can't let that hurt define me anymore. I need to move past it, past him. And Manny, it's been so long since I've fucked. Momma's hungry." Betsy looked at him with naked hunger.

Manny whimpered and gasped. He really wanted to fuck her. Really wanted the bottle. "-I just don't think this is something you should rush into. Especially with all of the hurt and madness of today."

Betsy's face became grim "Well, what about you? How are you so cool about Merc and Joan? How can you be so cool? When did she tell you about it?"

Manny felt himself blush. "She, uh, she didn't tell me.."

"So you figured it out yourself and you're cool with it!?"

"N-n-not exactly. I, uh, was in the room. Hiding in the closet..."

Betsy's eyes went wide for a moment and then grew sly. "Oh, so you liked watching your wife get fucked by my husband?" She asked, less accusation more understanding. And promise.

Manny felt his cock swell even more, bobbing on his crotch like a trapped animal.

Betsy picked up the bottle and began to unwind it's clasp. "And I bet you LOVED seeing your wife walk off with Greg and listen to them fuck madly and transform together. With you down here listening."

Manny felt his whole body on fire, memories of Joan and Greg's love making ringing in his ears. He began to gasp and whimper.

Betsy pulled out the Anchor bottles cork brought it to her lips and took a long, deep drink and breathed a contented sigh.

She held out the bottle to him.

Betsy worried for a moment that Manny wouldn't take the bottle. She saw him struggle against his burning, surging arousal and his decency and concern for her. She saw his arousal win.

He took the bottle from her and took a drink.

Betsy grinned. "I bet when they got upstairs, Joan didn't waste anytime with Greg and got right out of her dress." She stood, pulled the zipped on the back of her emerald green dress and slid it off her shoulders and wiggled it to the floor. She reached behind her and undid her bra and slid out of her panties and kicked off her shoes.

"Do you think she posed for Greg? I bet she posed. Did she pose for Merc?"

Manny moaned and nodded, clutching the bottle.

Betsy cocked her hips and trust out her chest displaying her body to Manny. Her short, curvy body with its sturdy thighs, pillowy ass, narrow waist, and large breasts. She tried to look fierce with her round, soft face. She tossed her mid back length brown hair.

She reached out and took the bottle from Manny and took another sip, savouring the briney, peaty taste of the brakkish fluid within. "Manny, I bet at this point Merc and Greg were taking off their clothes for Joan. Take off your shirt Manny." Betsy took another deep slug of the bottle.

Manny, breathless, slipped off his bowtie and went to work on his buttons. He cast away his shirt and then his undershirt revealing the soft brown skin of his torso, the skinny, ribby contours of his skinny torso. Betsy found herself approving.

Betsy took one last sip, finishing her half the bottle and handed it to Manny.

Betsy dropped to all fours and crawled over. "Merc used to love it when I crawled to him. Did Joan crawl for Merc? Was Joan on her knees for Greg?" Manny was at a loss for words, almost sputtering up his share of the formula.

Betsy crawled closer. "I bet she got on her knees at some point and slipped off their pants." She undid Manny's belt and slid his pants and underwear off, freeing his veiny, rigid cock. His pants pooled around his ankles, Manny swallowed hard and hammered back the last of the bottle's fluids.

"And I know she sucked their cocks."

Betsy closed her mouth around Manny's cock, rolling her tongue around his glans, sucking on his organ. She cupped his balls, worked his shaft, bobbed her head. And all of a sudden, soon, so predictably soon, she felt his seed flood her mouth as Manny came.

And she felt his semen thicken strangely and glue her mouth around his cock.

It had begun.


Manny was in fucking heaven. Here was a beautiful woman telling him about his sexy, powerful wife doing what she wanted, fucking who she wanted, humiliating him. Itself an act of humiliation that thrilled in the same way that watching a virile man fuck his wife thrilled him. And then she, who knew his secret shame and shamed him with it, seduced him with it, was sucking his cock with her hot, wet mouth.


And Manny was coming. Shamefully, thrillingly soon.

And then he felt it, her mouth dissolve around his dick. He looked down and saw her lips flow into his pelvis and disappear as their bodies conjoined.

He felt her jaw and forehead, where they touched his body sink into him and felt their bones flow together and join. He saw her eyes bulge out of the side of her head and grow out on sleek projections, like the skull of a hammerhead shark. Soon her eyes were held inches past his hips so that her eyes could see around his body.

Betsy reached up and embraced his legs and he felt her arms sink into his legs. He felt his legs change, his feet warping and morphing into hands, his knees bending backwards like elbows. He felt himself loose control of the limbs as he saw them pick themselves up and the hands flex.

Manny watched and felt Betsy's torso sprout six more breasts, such that she had four rows of tits hanging off her torso. He felt her pussy close and watched, in fascination as her legs merged with each other, stretched, and swelled becoming a long fleshy tail. Her feet grew into each other and became globular becoming a massive penis glans. Betsy looked like a massive, eight breasted cock sprouting from his groin.

Manny felt the changes sweep into him as his arms melted into his body leaving him with smooth shoulders. He groaned loudly at the sensation, which was the last noise he would ever makes as his lips merged, sealing his mouth forever. He felt bones in his neck dissolve and reconfigure and he found himself able to spin his head all the way around in a circle.

With his new found neck orbit, Manny was able to stare at his own ass as it swelled and became a massive, pillowy bubble butt. He felt an odd wetness trickle between his cheeks and saw an explosion of pink, flesh shoot out of his anus. The flesh became swollen and petal-like and Manny realized that he was seeing a giant, star-shaped vulva sprout from the vagina his ass now was.

Manny felt a great pressure building inside their shared body and felt an alien, mind staggering orgasm roil through their shared cunt and an explosion of cum shoot out of their shared cock tail. Manny heard an oddly deep scream emit somewhere from their body.

As the stars in his eyes faded, Many panted through his nostrils.

He felt and saw his new cunt rumble out a deep, but still recognizably Betsy, voice. "Oh god, that was perfect."

Manny could do nothing but hold on, an armless, voiceless passenger, as Betsy waddled their shared body into a new position.

He felt their cunt rumble again. "I wonder how Merc and Joan ended up?”

Manny felt their joint body tense with arousal.


To see Betsy and Manny's new body go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14649617/

See you all next Sunday for the epilogue!


Re: Couples - by Indigocarmine

Coupling: Epilogue

Pavel woke up in a heap on the floor. His head was pounding and he felt a little sick and bleary. He mumbled and tried to shift himself into a more comfortable position. The cold and hard of the cement under the basement carpet made it difficult to find one. Pavel shifted again and felt his massive horse cock rub against his six tits and....

Pavel's eyes snapped open.

Last night happened. Pavel stretched out his arms, and saw that they were actually long, shapely female legs encased in a shiny black skin and tipped with equine hooves. Looking back over his shoulder he saw the beautiful form of Merc, now a shiney black woman with massive tits growing out of his ass. Pavel moaned and felt both of their cocks, the one below his torso and the one in his mouth threaten to swell.

Remembering that a tongue erection was an effective gag, Pavel decided to act with some haste. "M-m-m-m-m-Boss. Boss! Wake up!"

Above him, Merc adjusted himself rubbing his face and tits with his arms. "Bitch?"

"Boss, last night happened!"

Merc bolted awake "Fuck! You mean?"

"Yeah, you fucked me in the ass (which was actually pretty great) and now we're apparently conjoined pony girls with huge dicks. Oh, and apparently I can only call you Boss. I'm also pretty sure Greg and Cara drugged us last night based on how much my head hurts and the fact that we, you know, actually fucked."

"Bitch, I..."

"Boss, it's okay. I, I feel strangely good about this. Maybe it's an after effect of the drugs or the transformation serum, but... I'm happy I'm your bitch. I love you man."

"I love you too, Bitch."

"Uh, Bitch, I wonder what happened to our wives..."

Pavel moaned at that thought: their wives radically changed, maybe one of them sporting a nice cock to fuck them with. His tongue-cock swelled, filing is mouth with flesh and forcing his jaw open. He could only grunt his assent.

"Well, since I can't seem to move any of our legs, it would appear that you are my...mount, I guess. Do you think you can get us standing? I want to find Betsy. Okay, Bitch, on three. Three!"

Pavel rolled and worked to get their legs under them while Merc used his arms to steady and leverage his awkward toros to a standing position. Pavel felt his breasts hang heavily and their tail twitch. With a carpet muffled clop, they set off to find their wives.


Merc had to admit the entire situation was deeply surreal. As they climbed the stairs he could feel the sway of their four sexy feminine legs, legs he had no control over. He could see their shiney, black skin, bright red mohawks, and the shapely back of Pavel stretched out in front of him. He could feel the wobble of the massive tits hanging off his chest and the six smaller ones swaying below Pavel, rubbing on their immense horse cock. And maybe most disconcerting of all, Merc could feel his own cock buried in Pavel's ass, somehow stretched all through his Bitch, and hanging out of his mouth. Every sensation was alien.

It was also very sexy.

He just hoped that Betsy, wherever and whatever she was, felt as sexy and happy as he did.

He really had to find her.

When Merc (and Pavel) reached the top of the stairs, it took a fair amount of negotiation to get themselves oriented to open the door. Pavel had to bring Merc (his ass) along side and Merc had to contend with his surprisingly disruptive tits to get his hands on the handle, but they did it and moved into the hallway on the main floor. Some hardwood clopping down the hall and a turn to the left (with a few wall bumps and set backs) and the pair made their way back to the living room where Merc was confronted by the site of a bizarre creature.

From Merc's vantage, he saw the armless back of a thin man whose ass appeared like a shapely woman’s and exploded with a gigantic fleshy mutant cunt and who appeared to have a giant and oddly shaped dick. Then Merc noticed the man's legs bent backwards, ended in hands, and that a pair of brown eyes were perched on hammerhead like eyestalks that glanced around the naked man's ass-cunt.

Brown eyes that Merc reocgnized. "Betsy?"

The brown eyes widened, and the head of the armless man span around revealing the mouthless face of Manny. The ass cunt rumbled, husky and deep "Merc?"

"Yeah, it's, uh me on the back." He waved, his giant tits flopping.

The cunt flexed oddly again and rumbled "And I presume that the other ponygirl here is Pavel."

"Yeah. But Bitch can't talk when our mouth cock is stiff. And, uh, we're both pretty turned on."


"It appears that I can only call him Bitch... and that he can only refer to me as Boss."

"Ooh, that's kinky."

As Merc and Betsy talked, Pavel took the initiative and continued to clop-slink deeper into the room so that they could better see Betsy and Manny's new form. Now that Merc could see the pair in profile he realized that his wife had become the odd penis he had noticed earlier. An odd penis that moved like a mermaids tail and sported six big tits, his wife's brown hair, and her eye stalks. Merc suspected that his wife had been sucking Manny's cock when the change had started. He felt both his cocks stiffen at the idea.

Betsy's ass-cunt voice rumbled again. "I see you like the new me."

"Yeah, you're a pretty sexy cock, honey."

"I'm more than a cock." the odd arm legs of their body churned and Betsy's eye stalks and pussy-mouth were once again facing Merc and Pavel. "I've basically got complete control of the body. Manny is really more of a spectator at this point."

"Is he okay?"

"Oh, I'm sure he is loving it. He's always liked to watch, and now he doesn't have a choice. You guys should feel how aroused he is. It's luxurious." The pussy lips dribbled obscenely.

Betsy advanced her body closer and was soon standing inches from Pavel's face. "Merc, is this your penis?"

"Uh, well, I think they both kind of are. But, I think this one was originally mine."

"Good" Betsy swung forward and engulfed Pavel's mouth cock and face in her fleshy cunt in a passionate, penetrative kiss. Merc groaned at the sensation.

Betsy pulled back and looked up at him with her brown eyes. "I love you Merc, and I can't wait to start again."

"Now, Bitch and Boss, let's go find the rest of our spouses."


Manny could only watch on in silence as the conjoined ponygirls led on up the stairs in the direction of the bedrooms. He enjoyed the sway of their hips, bob of their cocks, balls, and tits in appreciative silence. He also enjoyed the sensations of his, but really Betsy's body, as she dragged her cock tail along the floor with her arms (his legs) and mounted the stairs. He approved of the choice, but found that he didn't really have much to say on the subject.

He was along for the ride and it was deeply arousing.

The group reached the bedroom door. Seeing the ineptitude of Merc and Pavel to maneuver to the door handle, Besty shoved her way through and turned the knob and pushed the door open.

"God, you bitches need training wheels or something" she cunt rumbled. Merc felt his insides squirm delightfully at the sensation of their massive labial lobes contort themselves around every word. He could feel how slick they were, could feel them drooling. Manny would moan if he could.
From his vantage point Manny surveyed the room and saw a strange pillar of flesh stroking itself and murmuring. That is until Pavel and Merc ruined the silence by clopping into the toom. A pair of faces, eyes wide with surprise turned and stared. Manny realised this must be one of the other couples. He felt himself grow flush.

The pair had become something immobile, with a large bag of flesh forming a base that the pedestal of their fused lower legs projects out of. Above that the pair had two bodies that were joined face to face at the hips and through their tits, which somehow also projected out of their back. The pair were also nearly identical, with muscular yet feminine bodies, long black flowing hair, delicate faces with strong chins, and short stubbly beards. The only real difference between the two was that one of them had a face split open by a cunt, and the other had a half flaccid penis dangling from where their nose should be. It dawned on Manny that pair kind of resembled his wife....


Manny saw that the head with the penis had said that and wanted to ask if it was Joan. But, with a deeply felt thrill, he realized he couldn't.

"Manny! It's me Joan! Say something, baby, are you okay? What are you speechless?"

"Actually..." rumbled Betsy on his behalf, "Manny can't really talk anymore. He's kind of strapped in and just along for the ride."

"Oooh, I bet he likes that."

"Yeah, our cunt hasn’t stopped dribbling since he realized what's going on. Dude loves being helpless."

Joan's beautiful and handsome face grew predatory as her dick nose started to swell. "Well, we'll just have to make his week sometime and make him watch us having sex."

"It's a date."

Manny rasped through his nose, the very idea of that was heavenly. He felt his shared body respond to his arousal, eight nipples stiffening, cunt leaking, glans swelling.

Joan, seeing him getting lost in his mind waved at him. "Manny, baby, you are super sexy and as soon as my dick gets hard, my toungue-balls are going to swell up and fall out of my mouth and I won't be able to talk. I want to say I love you, and I think I finally found the sexy adventure we always wanted."

Manny nodded rigorously in agreement.

"Well, I'm very happy with my new body and Greg is too..."

Greg nodded and wetly squawked through his cunt mouth.

"….and we, I, want to still spend our lives with you. I didn't know this would happen, but based on the hints Greg gave me, I knew tonight was going to be wild and I feel bad I didn't warn you and talk with you about it. I hope you’re happy with all of this."

Manny nodded vigorously again.

"Oh, Manny, baby, I'm glad and so turned on by..." Manny watched in fascination as his wife's face cock grew suddenly fully erect and a pair of egg sized lumps forced themselves out of her mouth to dangle from her face. Joan's eyes grew amused and a little apologetic.

Manny smiled with his eyes.


Greg was so happy that Joan and Manny were okay. Despite Joan's wandering sexual ways, he knew that Manny was super important to her and that his new body mate would be deeply hurt if their changes had caused a schism.  He knew that transformations and infidelity were hard things to grow through, and was overjoyed that Joan and Manny had a love big enough to accommodate them.

Greg was loving his new body. He felt like he had somehow stumbled into the perfect combination of the sexes with his new mouth cunt and breasts and the ghost of his cock which, while submerged in the conjoined flesh of his hips, he could  still feel nestled in Joan’s vagina. Not to mentioned all of the sensations from Joan's breasts and cunt and dick. He was also forever locked in the embrace of Joan, a woman he had pined after for years. He was so happy that Cara had suggested the do this.

Greg was also pretty pleased what the plan had done to his friends. Manny and Betsy created a strange and arousing beast, but more importantly Manny looked fiercely happy and Besty looked at ease with herself in a way she really hadn't before the change. What had to have been Merc and Pavel made a fetching group of pony girls, something Greg had always favoured and what he had hoped would be the effect of the horseshoe bottle. He couldn't wait to feel Pavel's tongue cock in his ass, or really, to fuck either of them.

Now if only Cara would show up so he could see what happened to his own wife...

"The doors open already!"

"That's convenient, pussy."

Greg turned and saw Christy's face between his wife's gorgeous spread legs crabwalk into the room. He watched her look around the room and noticed that her mouth, appropriately positioned, looked to have adopted some cunty attributes. He also saw a mass of breasts, labia, and a pair of long clitty tentacles waving about from the middle of their body.

"Cara, everyone's here."

A voice called out from behind, sounding like it came from between a pair of kneeling legs at the other end of the body. "Good."

Christy squinted at each of them in turn.

"Which one of you is my husband?"

Pavel groaned loudly around his erect cock mouth and Merc acting as spokesperson "Bitch (sorry I can't seem to call him anything else) can't really talk when he's excited. And, he uh, is very excited to see you."

Christy smiled broadly, lips drooling slightly. "Aw, Pavel, honey you're beautiful."

"Christy, now that you've had a chance to ogle your husband, I think I really deserve a look.”

Christy giggled, "Cara, can't you tell we're having a moment here?"

"Oh is that why I have your cunt drool running down my face, pussy? Anyway, it's my turn!"

Christy blushed and rolled her eyes. "Fine. Okay, you ready?"


Greg watched in fascination as the pair performed a flipping maneuver. The rear kneeling legs squatted and kicked off, throwing their body weight up so that they were standing upright on their splayed front legs. Christy and Cara teetered for a second, there central boob and labia flower flopping obscenely, before tumbling over forward such that the legs originally in front were now kneeling behind and while the rear legs were now squatting forwards.

As the legs splayed open Greg saw his wife's beautiful face where a cunt should be. Like Christy, her mouth looked slightly cunty, with swollen lips and a clit peaking out from under her nose, and looked slick with the juices of arousal.

Greg exclaimed wetly and locked eyes with his wife. She somehow recognized him and smiled. He smiled back with his eyes. He felt like all the meaning and emotion they needed passed between them. Fortunately there wasn't really a need for words.

Greg heard someone blow a moist raspberry "Now who is having a moment? Do we need to get you guys a room?"

Greg felt his face cunt tighten and grow slicker at the idea of spending time with his wife and Joan and Christy...

Cara just laughed with delight. "I'm sorry, I fear my lovely pussy can be rather a rude cunt."

"Pfff you love it. Anyway tell them our plan!"

"Well, after we changed and got acquainted..."

"And reacquainted, and acquainted again!"

"... We stayed up all night talking about our situation and what we thought we could do about it."

"Women, right? Talk talk talk talk talk."

"Quiet silly pussy. We decided we want to share our lives with each other..."

"As if we have a choice."

"... And that we want to share ourselves and lives with all of you, our beloved husbands, their body mates, and our dear friends. That we could come together and form a new family and be together and grow..."

"Cara, dear, youre being a sanctimonious twat again."

Cara blushed and barked a laugh. "Sorry pussy."

"Anyway, we talked it over and realized that if we all moved together here, since it's the biggest place, and sold all of our homes we'd have enough money to renovate this place to our needs, get whatever mobility aids we might need, and live off while we all figure out what out future careers will be like. I for one don't think I can go back to being an office accountant..."

Betsy rumbled through her asscunt mouth "What can you do? What can any of us do?"

Cara smiled "Well I plan to keep on being a doula. I mean, I feel like I have such a deeper connection to the feminine aspect now..."

"And I plan to help the sanctimonious twat out. But it'll be up to all of you to decide what you want to and can do. But we'll be here to love and support you no matter what."

"We really do love you all."

"Now let's start our life together properly by consummating our new marriage"

"Finally my silly pussy says something smart."

Greg, his aching face cunt running down his chin could only agree.


I hope you all enjoyed it!


Re: Couples - by Indigocarmine

Great spin the bottle party. Cara and Christy are my favorites, they looks totaly great.