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Transform or Dare?

Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively
simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the
theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...

Transform: A little horsey


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

"I'll choose transform you nerd." Said Jen.

"Fine then, but you'll regret what you just said." Said Kyle.

"Just do it and get it over with."

"OK then. For your transform, you will turn into a female centaur. But your transformation
will be different. If you see a female horse your pussy will start to get wet, your juices will
attract the closest female horse. The horse will stick its head up your pussy, it will slide up
you until you and the horse merge together. Everyone will treat you as a freak, but they will
accept it as normal. Your pussy will also be able to take the horse. Have fun at the zoo

She gets on the bus

"Jeez what a pervert!" Jen said slamming the phone down in fury. "Let's see who's laughing when I report him to the school councillor..."

She continued to mutter to herself as she ducked under her bed and managed to retrieve her lost garments, finishing getting dressed; she grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Jen was less than enthusiastic about today, instead of a regular school day the faculty had planned an educational visit to the city zoo. Jen hated walking around for no reason; spending time standing in the sun looking at some animals that she didn't even care about. Especially when it meant that the trip would last an hour longer than a regular school day.

The bus was going direct to the zoo, Jen usually caught a ride with a friend but today everyone was being picked up and bussed straight there. Jen climbed on the bus at the end of the street along with almost a dozen others, her friend Susan was waiting for her and had saved her a seat.

"Here we go" Jen said rolling her eyes as she sat down, Susan laughed, "Oh come on, it won't be that bad!"

"Yeah, for you! You love animals! "ËœI'm going to be a vet when I'm older Jen' "ËœAnimals are so cool Jen' "ËœI can't wait to go to the zoo'" Jen said mockingly.

"You're just boring!" Susan laughed, punching Jen playfully on the arm. The bus drove on through the city towards the zoo, the further they got the more yellow buses joined the convoy until they pulled up in the zoo car park. Jen and Susan had bickered playfully for the entire journey about what the day was going to be like, Susan continually insisting that it would be really enjoyable and Jen the exact opposite.

The whole school was lined up and handed entrance passes as they were led through the large iron and brick gates that opened into the zoo. They were given free reign of the place but had to meet at lunch for food and a team building exercise. Jen, Susan and the other cheerleaders headed off into the zoo. Susan led them in a straight line direct to the elephant enclosure. With nothing better to do Jen stayed with the group as they trailed around the park, looking at lions, tigers, gorillas, penguins; when they reached the Antelope enclosure they seemed especially interested in the girls, crowding around them, scrambling against the fence.

"Weird" Susan said, "They seem to like you Jen"

Jen didn't say anything, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and her chest felt tight. What if Kyle's curse was real...

"Hey guys look!" Anne, one of the other cheerleaders shouted from across the path, she was looking through a wire fence into the enclosure opposite, Jen spun on the spot and saw what she was pointing at.



Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Anne was pointing at a herd of zebras; the group were standing a long way off but became interested in the girls as they gathered around the fence. Jen stood at the back of the group, her mind full of crazy thoughts that the curse might be real. Weirdly only about half of the herd seemed interested, the rest stayed where they had been standing before.

The herd reached the fence and muzzles found their way through the chain link, allowing the girls to touch the animals. "Wow! They're so friendly!" Anne said.

"I know, don't you love it!" Susan said back, letting one zebra lick her hand. "Come on Jen, don't be shy; touch one!"

Jen was reluctant, but her rational mind convinced her that she was panicking over nothing. The group formed a pathway so that Jen could get closer to the animals, as she approached they became visibly excited, the whole striped mass surging forwards making the fence bend outwards. Jen reached her hand out to touch one of the muzzles; the zebra whined and brayed as it licked her hand.

As soon as her hand made contact the whole group heaved again, the fence bent to an extreme angle as the weight of over 50 zebras pushed against it.

"Er... I don't think the fence is supposed to do that..." Rachel, another cheerleader said nervously, backing away from the bulge. The other girls did the same thing, but, as Jen went to move away the herd grew more agitated again and pushed as one against the fence.
A park ranger ran over, shouting "get away from the fence!" And people started to run away as the sound of breaking chain and cracking fence posts grew louder.

The cheerleaders ran with the rest of the crowd as the park ranger was joined by more keepers and they formed a barrier of people between the crowd and the buckling fence. Suddenly the fence seemed to flatten in slow motion as the whining zebras surged forward. One of the keepers shouted "Don't worry, they're like horses, they won't try to get past us" Only to be flattened seconds later by a stampede of zebras moving up the path in the direction of the terrified cheerleaders.

"Look out" People shouted, trying to jump out of the way, some climbed trees while others took refuge behind walls in flower beds. The cheerleaders ran as fast as they could but the zebras easily caught them. The crowd thinned as more and more people got out of the herds way, they were insistently following Jen.

"Jen look out!" Susan cried as Jen was pushed to the floor by one of the animals, Jen screamed as she landed, rolling over onto her back she looked up at the mass of black and white stripes around her, she was convinced she was about to be trampled but instead they started to lick her insistently, Jen screamed again "Help me!", she could see that the cheerleaders had climbed a nearby tree and Susan was perched on a branch that over hung Jen's position on the path.

"Jen!" she cried. The zebra's licking was progressing down her body as different individuals jostled for position licking the bemused girl. She rolled over and tried to crawl away only to be bitten gently on the ass and pulled back, her skirt ripped and she screamed as it was dragged away by one of the muzzles.

This seemed to fuel the animals scramble even further, with her skirt now ripped off Jen's face was pushed into the ground and her ass was raised into the air as muzzles fought to push against her. She cried as she felt another forceful muzzle push her panties up, tearing them so they hung like a belt around her middle. Suddenly the licking stopped and Jen could feel just one muzzle on her now bare ass, looking down herself she screamed in terror. She could hear the shouts of other people from beyond the striped wall that had engulfed her.

"Please help me!" she cried as an unfamiliar sensation washed through her abdomen. She watched in horror as the herd stood still and watched the lone zebra at her ass lower its head further. It's muzzle pushed against her pussy, Jen winced as she was pushed forward. The muzzle pushed again but this time Jen felt it shift and hot breathing filled her pussy. "No!" she screamed as it pushed again, the muzzle pushed into her pussy deeper, the hot breathing was become more distant as the zebra's head filled her deeper and deeper.

Jen continued to scream and tried desperately to get away, her legs flailing around the head of the animal. She felt herself lifted slightly by the animal and looked down to see her pussy stretched around the muzzle of the zebra. She stopped screaming as instead watched in horror as her pussy stretched around its head, its eyes and ears disappearing inside her.

Jen felt sick, and threw up onto the path in front of her as she was lifted by the animal. She was raised by the zebra until she was above the rest of the herd, she looked down to see her pussy impaled on the head of a zebra, and it's neck now slowly sinking inside her.

She could now see the crowd of onlookers that had gathered around the herd, no longer running they instead watched with morbid fascination as the zebra was slowly sucked into the half naked girl.
Jen was becoming detached from the situation; she could make out Susan calling her name but couldn't focus on it for an extended period. Her view was slowly becoming lower until her pussy had completely engulfed the head and neck of the zebra. As she was lowered the rest of the herd sprung back to life, reanimating into another frenzy of licking and nibbling. Jen tried to fight them off but her kicks and punched offered little resistance as her top was bitten and ripped off along with her bra.

Through tear stained eyes the naked girl watched her legs retract quickly into her body and felt a bizarre suction in her groin as she fused with the zebra. Her shoes and socks dropped to the floor uselessly. Her ass shifted and disappeared as her back was raised higher, her pussy fusing with the "Ëœshoulders' of the animal until it vanished leaving the girl with the body of a zebra from the waist down, the striped fur forming a trail that ended below her navel. The licking from the other zebras now focuses on her belly and the join between her and the zebra slowly started to cease as they became more docile.

Jen wiped away her tears and started to shout again.

Everyone treats her like a freak


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Still dazed by what happened, she stumbled over to Susan to figure things out, her breasts swinging free as she stumbled.

"Hey Zebra Butt," said Susan.

"Why did you call me that?" Asked Jen.

"Because you've always have the back end of a zebra." answered Susan.

"So you don't think that this is weird?" Asked Jen.

"You've always been a freak like this." said Susan. "You've even got your own place to stay at the zoo at night because your parents couldn't stand you humping every cylindrical object."

"Why do I do that?" Asked Jen as she felt a stir in her new pussy.

"Because, as an animal, you've always been naturally horny." said Susan. "In fact you've had sex more times than every girl in the school combined.

A male zebra walks by

Jen felt a mix of shock and horror cross her expression as Susan described her as....well, basically a slut, and a zebra slut at that. More sex than every girl in the school combined? She wasn't sure if she was more stunned by the amount, or by the thought of WHAT she had supposedly been having sex with.

The very thought of sex made her new pussy tingle again, and she felt a sympathetic response from her front, where her human slit had been. Sliding her hand down her smooth tummy, slightly more erotically than she had intended, she gasped as her fingertips traced the border between her human and zebra parts. All the sensitivity of her pussy had remained in the skin and fur that met there, an erogenous zone that ringed her hips and dipped down in front as if to tease her (and anyone looking at her). She tugged on her fur a bit as her nipples perked, and she looked at Susan, blushing.

Susan just rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Please. Have some self-control, Jen. You said you could make it through the field trip without trying to hump something. Come on." Susan gestured toward the group, which was listening to a rushed speech by one of the zoo staff while they herded the zebras back into their pen, everyone seemingly ignoring Jen's transformation and nudity as she trotted up to the rear of the group. "Just...I dunno. Keep your hands to yourself. You're buying me lunch if you screw up. Hahaha, "screw" up." Susan smirked.

Jen blushed even darker as she felt her new instincts getting stronger, and bit her lower lip. "Umm...could I, like...have a top? It might, uh, help." she nervously crossed her arms over her breasts, but that only seemed to stimulate her nipples even more. She gently pinched one and stifled a whimper.

Susan raised an eyebrow. "You're acting weird. Since when have you ever worn clothes? It's not like I keep an extra shirt for you in case you decide NOT to be naked for once."

Jen stamped a hoof nervously and stammered. "We can just go to the gift shop or something, I don't care, please, Susan, I don't know why I'm acting so weird but there's just this thing it's making me really..." she trailed off as her gaze crossed the herd of zebras.

"What? Hey. What?" Susan said, poking Jen on her human hip. Jen's tail whipped around and raised straight up. Susan looking into the pen and saw a zebra stallion looking back. Jen licked her lips.

Jen uses the Curse


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Managing to tear her gaze away from the zebra she looked at Susan, still feeling horny.

"Jeez Jen," said Susan. "Every time you look at something cylindrical, all you think about is sex."

Hearing the word sex she felt her hands pinch her nipples as she stifled a moan of pleasure. Through the haze of sex on her mind she thought to her self, 'all I need to do is use the curse to turn me back to normal'.

"Transform or Dare, Susan." said Jen while rubbing her self.

"What are you talking about slut," said Susan.

"You picked nothing," said Jen through moans of pleasure, now rubbing her erogenous zone. "I dare you to," - Jen felt a wave of pleasure go over her and her mind quickly changed to sex - "become my sex slave. Your head will turn into a giant zebra cock that will fit into my pussy. Only I will think this is odd. You will obey my every command." All the while she was moaning through her sentences and actually starter to whinny.

Susan's head changes

"Jen, what are you...oohhhh!!!" Susan cried out as an incredible wave of sexual energy pulsed through her body. The changes began without delay, Susan buckled over and grabbed her head. At first there was a fierce headache, Susan's hands began shaking at the thought of what was about to happen. All of the sudden the aching pain turned into thoughts of pure carnal pleasure. Susan's body quickly became hot and sensitive, her pussy throbbing with all these flooding thoughts. Susan was unable to suppress her moaning by then.

Without warning Susan's head and neck exploded into a mass of changing flesh, the last vestiges of sight and sound disappeared from Susan's senses as her new "head" began forming and molding into its proper shape. Hair began receding into her scalp and the bones and tissue on her face began to soften and grow extremely sensitive. The rest of the "neck" turned a long dark black shaft giving off a moist slick reflection from the light. Jen who was thoroughly fascinated by the whole transformation became gradually more and more aroused from the thought of fucking that cock, her pussy was soaking wet and craving sex.

By now the new Zebra cock grew over two feet in length and was getting thicker, pulsing with a smell that Jen found intoxicating. A fluid was dribbling from the new cock as Susan unbuttoned her shirt and began rubbing one hand over her breast and using the other to touch and caress her new 'head'.

Unable to resist the overwhelming smells Jen trotted over and delicately grabbed the throbbing shaft. She brought the cock head to her lips began to lightly kiss the tip of Susan's zebra cock head. A jolt of energy and excitement caused the cock to become even stiffer and throb in Jen's hand briefly surprising Jen before she became more excited. Susan, overwhelmed by the sensation, only pressed forward to Jen's lips again, the drive to please Jen began to dictate all of Susan's logic. She felt the need to fuck, please, and serve Jen whenever possible.

By now Jen had wrapped her lips around the head of the cock, licking, kissing, and sucking the pulsing head. She used her hands to rub and pump up and down the slick black shaft. "God it tastes so good!" thought Jen to herself as she closed her eyes and gave the head another wet kiss.

Susan who had become overwhelmed with pleasure didn't feel the two lumps growing at the base of her cock head. The lumps started filling out and getting larger. Susan kept playing with her nipples as the new pair zebra testicles slid down her chest resting gently over her pair of breasts.

Jen was now giving Susan a full blown blow job, her eyes closed and in the moment focused only on sex. Susan, on her knees, suddenly jolted as her balls gave a rippling spasm and Jen soon tasted a jet blast of hot cum in her mouth. Despite swallowing as much as she could, Jen's mouth couldn't bare to take on more and the cock head popped out spraying it's load all over Jen's face, neck, and chest. Jen loved being showered on in cum.

By now Susan was vigorously rubbing her testicles feeling the electrifying pleasure that came from it. The transformation had completed and shakily Susan stood up from her knees...

More cravings are satisfied...


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

"Teacher they're doing it again!" cried one of the nearby students. Jen suddenly snapped out of her sexual trance and realized she was still in the middle of the zoo. She had given oral sex in front of every passerby that was there, including her own class. A dark blush washed over her face only to be interrupted by a prodding at her side, "Oh my god... Susan?" Jen cried out, Susan perked up her cock head at the sound of her name. This wasn't meant to happen Jen thought to herself, "I didn't mean to.." Jen started only to trail off in her words looking at the powerful cock. So long, so ripe for sex, Jen's thoughts started slipping back into ideas of sex.

"Jenny why don't you take your sister and her friend back to Jen's stable. They can take care of their businesses there and return to the field trip when they're done," commanded one of the teachers, "and if they take too long I'll be sure to call Susan and your parents and let them know that you'll all be spending the night. Spending the night? Thought Jen, her pussy began throbbing even harder at the thought of all night fun. Jen was rubbing Susan's cock head with all these thoughts and gave Susan a lighter kiss on its 'head' smiling. "But teacher I don't want to stay at Jen's stable all night!" protested Jenny, "They make too much noise for me to sleep." Jenny crossed her arms. Despite knowing it was one of her duties she resisted doing it as much as she could. "Someone needs to look after them while we're busy with all the students." retorted the teacher and gestured Jenny to be on her way. Jenny, a sophomore, was only a few years younger than Jen but quite sexually active; some say she only got into the cheer leading team because her attractive figure and not her lackluster skills at cheering. Her sexual drive might have been due to all the times she had to sit through Jen's sex sessions since the sixth grade, observing hot and sweaty rhythmic motions and acts that Jen performed. Some students even referred to her as a nympho even though her list of sex partners was dwarfed by Jen's, still Jenny wasn't satisfied with her sex. She wanted more but couldn't quite put her finger on what she needed.

Jenny took Jen and Susan's hands and led them back to Jen's Stable. Upon entering Jen noticed that it looked identical to her former room, despite a cut away that goes out to a normal stable housing other Zebras Jen felt quite at home. Jenny continued to lead them on into a somewhat larger opening of the stable, as Jen stood where she needed she found a mirror nearby and started to play with her hair fixing any tangles and unkempt strands, Jenny also provided Jen with a towel to wipe off any remaining cum stains on her face and breasts. Jenny then began busily prepping Susan for the sex session, normally it was Jenny's job to help Susan find Jen's pussy, she grabbed the pulsing cock head and for a second just stared at it. Jenny discretely rubbed the length of the member in playful fascination. "You can take a kiss if you want." said Jen, having noticed Jenny's sudden interest "Besides Susan can use some lubrication."

Jenny suddenly gave off a face of disgust, "That's gross Jen!"

"I just figured you wanted to get experimental, I'm willing to share sis." Jen winked

Jenny turned her gaze to Susan's cock head unsure of how to take that last remark. "Here," said Jen, "let me help you. Susan!" Susan's cock head raised to attention for a command, "Satisfy Jenny's sexual cravings and do what she asks to make it possible."

Upon hearing the command Susan's cock head turned toward Jenny. Out of shock and fear Jenny fell onto her back and tried to crawl back wards moving away from Susan's approaching Zebra cock. Finally pinned up against a wall Jenny, out of defense, tried to grab the cock and move it away from her face "Cut it out Jen I'm not THAT interested!" Jenny cried, but the cock head found an opening and rushed forward to give Jenny a "kiss" on the lips. As the black smooth slick cock head moved back from Jenny's lips, she stood there wide eyed at what just happened. Some of the pre-cum dripping off of Susan's cock head had made it to Jenny's lips, the taste was phenomenal. Jenny looked at the cock head again only with more curiosity clouding her mind, the cock moved forward again only this time penetrating Jenny's lips, now Susan had allowed Jenny to wrap her lips around the cock head, and Jenny did just that. Still a bit skid-dish and confused at how wrong all of this may be she still couldn't resist the good taste of Susan's cock head. Jenny laid herself down a bit and propped up her head with a nearby pillow and began playing with her new cock toy, she moved her arms up the length of the member to admire its strength and size. Susan, already on her knees, began removing Jenny's cheer leading skirt, underwear, and shoes. Despite this happening, Jenny didn't care as she was already trying to fit the whole 'head' of the cock into her mouth.

Witnessing all this Jen, who was already very horny, was feeling sexual frustration from the lack of action and began rubbing her erogenous zone. The waves of pleasure rushed through her body and forced a heated moan. Suddenly she noticed the Zebra stallion she spotted outside, it had come in from the pen to escape the heat. Their eyes locked, Jen licked her lips again and noticed the Zebra stallion was still very hung. The Zebra stallion sniffed the air and caught the heavy scent Jen was putting off, it then trotted over to Jen's pen and quickly pressed its nose up against her pussy taking in a deep smell. Jen almost buckled from all the excitement, but just as the stallion wanted to hop up onto her back to start fucking, Jen pulled away with an "Ah ah ah." waving her finger at the Zebra stallion. It whined and grunted, stamping its foot in frustration. "I want to have some fun with you first." coed Jen. She rolled onto her back, which wasn't easy now that she was a Zebrataur. Once she managed to get herself in position she beckoned the Zebra stallion over, at first the stallion wasn't sure what to do but the overwhelming scent Jen was giving off had attracted the stallion to take in more of its allure. Just as his cock moved over Jen, she grabbed the head and began playfully kissing and licking it. The stallion likewise began licking her pussy, Jen twitched a bit at the rhythmic actions the stallion's tongue was making, moving deep inside her and out again.

Jenny was so involved in her own sexual fun that she didn't notice the 69 going on between her sister and another Zebra. Susan began rubbing Jenny's bare pussy now, which was thoroughly hot and wet from all the action, Jenny's body began to move rhythmically to the motion of Susan's hand. As a return gesture Jenny used one hand to rub and play with Susan's balls, she could feel the cum churning inside of them.

By now both girls were engaged in full on blow-jobs, sucking and kissing, with the additional help of the Zebra stallion's licking and Susan's fingering, all four were nearing climax.

Suddenly Jenny felt Susan's balls ripple, she was cumming, excitement was building for Jenny as she braced herself sucking and rubbing the cock head as much as possible. It was difficult to focus on what she needed to do as she too was nearing climax from Susan's expert hand motions. Both bodies were grinding each other as each exploded into orgasm, Jenny tried to cry out a moan but was stifled with Susan's cock blasting cum into her mouth. Never before had Jenny taken in so much cum, the cock head eventually popped out of her mouth and continued spraying its fresh hot cum all over her face and cheerleader top. Jenny still had cum oozing from her lips as there was so much to swallow, Susan who had experienced two orgasms collapsed. The two girls had curled up against each other covered in sweat with Jenny still playfully kissing and licking off the cum still coming out of the Zebra cock head.

Upon hearing her sister and Susan's orgasmic episode, Jen also found herself swallowing loads of cum as the stallion let loose a loud grunt and stamped its fore hoove. Like Susan there was far too much cum for Jen's mouth to handle and eventually it came oozing out from between the cock and her lips. Jen noticed she was getting better at this though, she managed to keep the cock inside her mouth despite the cum oozing out. Maybe next time I'll swallow all of it, Jen thought to herself giggling at the idea of it. Before long though a sharp rush of sexual energy surged through her as she too came to climax with the Zebra's incessant licking. The Zebra stallion kept licking even after Jen stopped cumming, still licking up all the sweet juices.

After several minutes both Jen and Jenny weakly sat up looking at each other. Jenny eventually pulled off her cheer leading top letting free her sizable breasts, she gave Jen a dirty look and then said, "I need more."

"Transform or Dare? Jenny."


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

"Do you want to experience that again?" asked Jen.

"Hell yeah," said Jenny, who was licking Susan's head.

"Fine then, Transform or Dare," said Jen.

"What are you talking about," asked Jenny.

"I want you to experience a better way." said Jen. "Now you picked none so you get both. You will be able to fit any cock into any of your openings and withhold all of the sperm that comes out. So, for example, Susan is able to completely fit inside your mouth with out you feeling any discomfort. For the dare." Jen was still feeling sexual and clouded her judgment. "I want you to use the curse on me and make me able to do the same."

"Transform or Dare" said Jenny, as her mouth and pussy tingled.

"Transform," answered Jen.

"You will be able to fit any cock into any of your openings and withhold all of the sperm that comes out," said Jenny.

Feeling a tingle in her mouth and pussy Jen's breasts perked up at the thought of swallow all of the stallion's cum.

The stallions goes for Jenny


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Laying on the ground, exhausted from the intense orgasm, Jenny didn't notice the stallion walking over to her. She felt something nudge her butt and instinctively raised her ass.

The stallion, smelling the horniness coming from Jenny, lunged at her. Driving his cock deep into Jenny, which made her wake up in an orgasm.

"No, no, no, no. no!" yelled Jenny. "This can't happen."

Jen, noticing Jenny trying to get away from the stallions cock said, "Susan, shove yourself into Jenny to stop her form moving.

Susan got up lifted Jenny to be raised higher, allowing the stallion to pump into her more easily. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Jen went over to Jenny.

"Transform or Dare," said Jen.

"Dare," said Jenny.

"You will enjoy having sex with animals and will lick my pussy whenever I say so. Now shove your face in their." said Jen, presenting her pussy.

Jenny stopped struggling against Susan and the stallion and let her body go limp. apart from her head which was buried in Jen's pussy.

At that moment they all reached orgasm and blew a huge amount of cum into Jenny and onto her face. Her stomach expanded a little, storing all of the cum.

Unexpected changes...


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

"Jen," cooed Jenny, "I feel really warm."

Jen was a bit confused by her statement, after all they both had sex not five minutes ago, yet she can't shake off the feeling that she too was getting warmer in a different way.

Jenny was laying down now and rubbing her nipples rhythmically enjoying every sensation. Jen was beginning to do the same, they felt so good.

All of the sudden both girls' breasts began vibrating and gurgling, the sexual sensations
were overwhelming to both Jen and Jenny. The Zebra Stallion walked over to Jen and began licking her right nipple, with Jen cooing in pleasure she grabbed the stallions hair to encourage its exploration. Slowly a fleshy mound began to build from the girls' nipples, it kept elongating and forming in their hands. The Zebra Stallion used its tongue to envelope this new growth in its licking with Jen's body wreathing in pleasure. The sensation was intense, even Jenny was rubbing her sensitive new growth with her hands completely
consumed by the pleasure.

Soon the growth on each nipple began to take on a phallic form, each slowly shifting into highly sensitive penises. The breasts also changed, taking on a slightly more translucent color and becoming softer but plumper. Jenny could feel the changes as she rubbed her hands along the member to her breast which had now fully transformed into a gigantic testicle. The sensation was foreign but incredible! It didn't take long before Jenny began pumping both of her chest cocks.

Susan stood up and walked over to Jen, who was thoroughly preoccupied by the Zebra's intense licking of the right nipple cock, and proceeded to grab the left one pumping it with her hands. Susan's cock head looked up at her master who was overwhelmed with this attention and pressed forward for a "kiss". Jen responded by delicately placing her hand on Susan's shaft and passionately kissing back with more licking and sucking.

Suddenly both Jenny and Jen let out a cry as all their nipple dicks exploded in orgasm. Jen found the experience sensational, feeling the cum churning and then quickly flowing through her breast/testicle to her new cocks. Finding enough energy to focus, Jen moved her left nipple cock to her mouth and she began sucking her seed out, swallowing every drop. The Zebra Stallion had it a bit tougher, the cum surging out spraying over the Stallions nose, but it managed to use its powerful tongue to lick up the rest.

Jenny simply let her two cocks erupt into the air, her hands fastening to the ground on each side of her, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Eventually the pressure died down and Jenny began gaining conscience...

What happened...?


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

"What the hell?!" Jenny sat up terrified at her new endowments, "What the hell did you do to me?!" staring up at Jen who was lost for words.

It suddenly hit her. "Jenny I asked the cursed question twice..." Jen began saying before sub-consciencely playing with her cock heads. "...And?!" Jenny said interrupting Jen's dazed moment, "Sorry... um.. well if you use the curse twice I heard horrible things happen to people." Though Jen hardly considered this horrible.

"Look am me Jen!! I'm a monster! I'll never be able to return to school like this!!" Jenny replied angerly. "At least you'll feel really good all the time." Jen said weakly, the words simply slipping out of her mouth. Her body had been getting hot again, and the rubbing of her erogenous zone didn't help.

"God you're such a slut!" Jenny retorted, "If you like it so much, then Transform or Dare?"

Jen looked at Jenny. "This is my chance," thought Jen, "I can return to normal!" But Jen's sex drive was beginning to cloud her thoughts and she found it hard to figure out what to say. Suddenly she felt the Zebra Stallion mount her from behind, "Wait! What are you..

Ohh!!" she cried out as she turn to see the Stallion sliding his enormous shaft into her. She had never felt Zebra cock enter her and it felt sooo good! The head of the shaft penetrating deep inside her, coming back out, and returning. The Zebra was beginning to pump vigorously while Jen cupped her testicle breasts gasping out in pleasure, her nipple cocks were rock hard and sticking out. But Jen knew she had to get a straight answer if she was ever to return to normal. "Dare!" Jen cried out hoping that was the answer she was supposed to say, the hot sex was only making it harder for Jen to remember what they were talking about.

"Fine," steamed Jenny, "I dare you to think only about sex all the time, you will worship sex, and you live for nothing else but the pleasures of sex. If you're going to love it so much then you may as well live by it you whore."

Jen mind was instantly washed away by the title wave of sexual thoughts. Even looking at her sister turned her on, her chest cocks throbbing for attention. "Susan..." Jen said weakly as the Stallion continued having its way with her, "Bring Jenny over here by whatever means necessary... oh god..." Jen made another gasp as the Stallions member made another dive, sliding deep into the folds of her enhanced sex.

Jenny resisted screaming but before long Susan managed to pin her down and slide her head into Jenny's sex. The new experience forced a gasp out of Jenny's mouth as Susan's cock head was completely engulfed by Jenny's young sex, she was then lifted up and
walked over to Jen.

Jen couldn't contain herself, despite the resistance and weak slapping of her sister, she grabbed both of Jenny's breasts/testicles and began sucking on of the cocks while rubbing the other. Jenny was stunned and quickly overwhelmed by all the sex that was going on. Eventually Jenny slowly gave in, wrapping her legs around her sister's torso while Susan was pumping her head into her along with Jen's insistent licking and sucking. After all
Jenny was inherently a nympho.

In the mist of the moaning, Jenny could have sworn she heard her sister say transform or dare but was too preoccupied with her pleasures to care. Jenny only started rubbing Susan's testicles to accelerate the orgasm.

"Do you like cock?" asked Jen, Jenny locked eyes with her sister while keeping in motion with the fucking, "Yes..." she faintly said. Jenn's eyes looked dark as she smiled with anticipation, "Jenny. I want you to be my cock, I want to ride you until your body fuses with mine and becomes a Zebra cock and you're going to enjoy every second of it." Jenny's eyes grew wide before closing to an orgasm.

Susan and the Stallion first exploded into their partners with their pussies taking in every ounce of the cum, then Jenny exploded her nipple cocks onto her sister's face before the whole group collapsed onto the ground again to recover. Jen laying on her side embraced Jenny looking into her eyes, "And I'm going to have lots and lots of sex Jenny. Lots." Jen whispered, smiling with a burning anticipating in her eyes.

The transformation begins...


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Jen wasted no time at getting started, to Jenny's surprise Jen was up and ready to go after all that sexing.

Jen's sex driven mentality was immensely excited to experience this new transformation, her nipple dicks were already hard and her testicle breasts were quickly filling with newly hot and sticky cum. Holding each of her churning breasts Jen finally moaned, "Susan, fuck me..." as she continued caressing her breasts and hungry cocks, "I want to enjoy myself..." as she looked at a slightly frightened Jenny.

Jenny couldn't believe what was about to happen to her, her body was trembling. Jenny thought at first that she could run but as soon as Jen's commanding eyes came in contact with hers, it was almost as though she felt it was an obligation to get on all fours and present herself to Jen.

Jen, seeing this, was elated and excitedly trotted over to positing her zebra pelvis over her sister's back end. With Susan positioning her head at the lips of Jen's soaking hot pussy, Jen proceeded to dry hump her sister.

At first it was an odd sensation, the underbelly of a zebra body grinding against Jenny's ass but then all of the sudden tendrils exploded out of the zebra groin and plunged deeply into Jenny's anus and pussy without mercy. Jenny let out a deep gasp, the shock and initial pain was almost too much but then the pleasure started to set in - as if it was two cocks penetrating her. For Jen the sensation was strange, but phenomenal! It only encouraged the the carnal humping and sexing - along with Susan's rhythmic thrusting, Jen was going to explode soon from all that pleasure.

The stallion zebra, being sidelined, seemed confused by what was happening but was still extremely horny. It must have sensed something from all of this because it walked up next to Jen only to present Jenny with something to play with, for the last time on her own...

Jenny saw the hot and heavy zebra cock dangling next to her, the smell and pheromones from it seemed to have a catastrophic effect on her as she found herself irresistibly grabbing and sucking it as much as she could.

The transformation continued curling up Jenny's legs into large cum-filled zebra testicles, and the black warm texture worked its way up her body. Jenny could feel that she was shrinking since the other cock was getting larger and larger in her mouth - strangely enough she was still able to fit her lips around it - but instead, resorted to licking it lovingly.

Jen's eyes were rolling into the back of her head as Susan began to explode into an orgasm and Jen's pussy was almost in a way kissing and sucking the cum out of her; All the while her sister was transforming into her new proud zebra cock! Her hind legs could barely avoid buckling.

By now Jenny was drunk with sex - being connected to Jen's mentality and becoming a cock had compounded her already intense sex cravings. She had finally successfully managed to get the companion cock she was sucking and licking to explode and she quickly pressed her lips around the cock head to capture every ounce of that delicious cum the stallion cock was spraying into her, after all this was the last time she as a girl would be sucking a cock.

The warm cum flooded her mouth as it sprayed, she began gulping it down but at the same time the transformation had worked its way up her torso and had made it just under her breasts. She was hanging high above the air and was very stiff. The warm cum she had swallowed seemed to have been recycled and integrated with her because her lips and nose began to drool her very own cum. The stallions cum rushing through her seemed to have wiped most of her memories and thoughts and replaced it with dominating thoughts of sex. Jenny realized she would have to pass urine and even mate with other mare zebras, but that didn't seem to mind her, in fact her new thoughts excited her.

Giving the stallion's cock one last kiss, Jenny's arms, breasts, and head began to mold into its final form. Her eyes closed, her hair fell out, and any sensations of smell and sound dissipated forever to be replaced with intensely sensitive skin and with one final *fwomp!* her head popped into form with her lips closing in to fulfill the complementing features. With that, a new *male* cum drooling Jenny has a new life to look forward to.

When Jen had finally managed to overcome her erotic thoughts, she looked down at her new sister (brother?) with pride. Jenny was hard, and starving for sex - so was Jen. Looking around the empty stall the only Zebra inside today was the stallion, but Jen's sex-driven mind didn't let that stop her...

Surprise visit...


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Jen was overwhelmed at the changes brought about in her mind and body - so much lust. Sex. Oh my god sex. Jenn wanted it, needed it, craved it more than anything else in her existance. Her new balls and breasts rapidly churning more of that rich hot cum and filling them nice and full. Her pussy throbbing in heat, dripping its juices down the contour of her new black, full, zebra balls. Jenny, my gawd Jenny - she was so beautiful, hard and proud throbbing, leaking all of that tasty sex ready to sink into some hot needy pussy.

Jenny needed to fuck right now. She looked to Susan and was about to make her first advances when suddenly a familiar voice is heard behind her.

"Wow look at you!" Jen turned around, it was Kyle. Without hesitation Jen spewed out the words "Transform or Dare!" Her sex addled mind spared no delay in finding a source of satisfaction.

"Whoa! Easy Jen! They were going to close the Zoo in half an hour and I was just stopping by to see how you were doing, you don't need to do that!"

"Too late!" replied Jen in a husky voice, "I need sex!" a wild fire in her eyes spared Kyle any measure of doubt.

"Shit I knew I shouldn't have bothered seeing you!" Kyle spat back in a slightly meeker tone - knowing full well what consequences he was about to face.

"Whats it gonna be baby?" Jen said with a slight moan, "You have less than a minute..." her mind started clouding up in lusty thoughts again, she soooo needed release!

"I..." Kyle thought for a moment, "I guess I'll take..."



Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer


Kyle stood stone faced while he awaited Jen's response. Did he make the right choice? Surely a dare wouldn't be nearly as risky as choosing transform.... would it?

Jen bit her lip in anticipation, "Oh Kyle, baby..." she said as she walked over to him putting her arms on his shoulders "Jenny baby is going to have a lot of sex tonight, and I..."

Before she could say anything her body started reacting again, Jen pulled away for a moment before convulsing in a manner that Kyle would only think was a powerful orgasm. More of the zebra's coat started growing up along Jen's torso covering every inch in fine white and black hair, her face started pushing out to form a sort of humanoid zebra mussle while a black mane was growing along her spine up to her neck. It seems as tho the transformation kept her hair a brilliant blonde but effected everything else, even her testicle breasts seem to have bubbled up even larger. Jen was now much more zebra-like than before, although still maintaining a humanoid torso and zebra-taur body.

Kyle stood there slightly dumbstruck at what just happened, before he could say anything Jen stampeded towards him. Kyle turned to run but was knocked down by Jen's tauric body and he hit the ground hard. He quickly spun around onto his back to gain his bearings only to come face to face with Jen's new cock, Jen apparently stod over him, he wasn't sure how to react.

Without warning Jen's giant zebra cock struck out and 'kissed' Kyle's forehead before latching on and expanding its urethra opening. Kyle immediately tried to pull the appentage off, 'What was it doing?!' Kyle thought to himself in his panicked throes. Jenny the cock continued devouring Kyle's head until the entirely was inside the cock's length, Kyle continued to resist as much as he could but each responce was becoming slower and less frequent. The voring continued as more of Kyle's body was consumed, with only outlines of its form bulging in the cocks length. As the last of Kyle's toes sliped inside the lips of Jenny's cockhead, his bodily bulge started slowly sliding up and into her balls.

"Oh gawd.." Jen moaned as she massaged her two testicle breasts. Kyle, if he was able to speak, would have been screaming for help but alas being inside Jen's balls prevents any kind of real sound, instead twitching motions that would slowly heave those now enlarged testicles would be the only sign of Kyle's struggles. Slowly as Jen's balls churned, Kyle's form started diminishing and rounding out filling and expanding the size of her cummy depository. Gurgling noises continued throughout the process.

"Mmm fuck Kyle, I didn't realize turning you into cum would feel so good!" Jen moaned, by now all that was left of Kyle was his new cum-like state inside some very large dark balls. His purpose had been rewritten in a dark and musky state - a new purpose, a singular purpose, a hot needy urge to fulfill it. With the large heavy balls hanging down, churning and gurgling, Jenny the cock continued to remain hard and throbby - almost signaling a satisfaction by her new modifications.

Jen was now incredibly full of cum in all of her depositories, her body NEEDED fucking. Jen wanted to see through Kyle's new purpose and release his rich hot fertile self into some waiting mares. Thats when she turned her attention to the zebra pen entrance...


Re: Transform or Dare: Zoo Freak Jennifer

Jen broke Into a mad gallop into the zebra pen Kyle swaying between her legs within her enormous swollen ball-sack. Jenny throbbed painfully, as if demanding to be used for her new purpose in life. As they entered the normal zebras pen Jen found it to be empty. The musky smell of the empty pen only aided in driving her lust overboard. Kyle churned inside his ball-sack, sending warm waves over Jen's body as she kept at a full gallop straight through the pen and out the archway into the enclosure.

The musky sent of the animas wafered from the pen as Jen burst into the sunlight and fresh air of the outside world that she'd all but forgotten existed, to her it still didn't. Sex, that's all that mattered now. Cramming her sister-cock into a home and filling it with her new boy-jizz was all she was thinking about, all she COULD think about!

She scanned the enclosure looking for the other zebras still in a full on gallop, kicking up a cloud of dust behind her. She caught a glimpse of black and white movement and picked up her pace. Jenny flopping up and down snaking herself of off Jen's underbelly with a *fwoop* ing sound as Kyle was violently *sloshed* in Jenny's shared ball-sack.

As she drew near to the where she first spotted movement her heart began to sore. She'd stumbled upon the whole herd of zebras. A handful with their backs turned to Jen, giving her a full view of their black enticing folds. One inparticuler caught her eye. (mostly because it was the closest) it had strayed from the group and was eating away at a bushel of grass .

Jen wasted no time. She quickly closed the gap between them, approaching from behind. She all but jumped onto the mare front legs first, and arched herself forward wrapping her arms around the zebras neck (her cock tits spread to either side) to keep it from bucking too much.

She slowly lined Jenny's head up with the captive animals snatch. Jenny throbbed with excitement and anticipation, while Kyle stirred and gurgled. Working together the two parts of Jenny and Kyle began to leek pre from Jenny's cock head.

Jen smiled, savoring this moment. "it's only been a few minuets since I last came but it's felt like an eternity!" She whispered into the mare's flopping ear, it's body shaking trying to get free."shhhhhh, I'm going to make you enjoy this" with a jump forward Jen released her grip in the zebras neck, sitting up right and simultaneously thrusting Jenny the cock's entire length into the animals cunt in one smooth thrust, the pre doing its job lubeing up the massive horse cock. The mare dropped on its front legs taking the Jenny as deep as she could go. Jen's eyes rolled as her body ran on instinct, her tour body thrusting in and out of the tight female zebras hole. She grabbed her left nipple dick and thrusted it into her new muzzle of a mouth, her tough coiled around its base as she took it as deep as she could into her throat. The tough thrusting it in and out as her hands went to work pounding her right, matching rhythm as she pounded the mare with her new powerful cock.

Kyle grew warm and restless as Jenny was plowing her way into the mare's womb . Thow barely conscious except for the desire to be used he felt his time coming. Jenny throbbed larger with each thrust, the mare now dripping wet with her own juices naighed an winied with each pounding of her pussy. Jen felt it was nearly time for Kyle to fulfill his new purpose kicked her hands and tough into overdrive working her dick nipples, wanting to experience blowing Kyle-load free of distractions. Her right cock quickly erupted under the furious grip of her hands shooting cum over the head of the mare. Her left cock soon fallowed, she clasped her lips around the head and began to suck hard, making sure not to miss a drop of her own seed.

Focused on spending Kyle in the beautiful creature below her Jen placed her hands on her front hips and began throw her full weight into each thrust of her monstrous cock. She soon felt Kyle stir vigorously as Jenny's head swelled inside the mare. Her balls tightened under the pressure as Kyle boiled up Jenny's shaft. As he approached her head all three of them tried their best to hold it back, to saver the heat radiating from their shared member, until there was no holding back anymore.

With a furious barrage of thrust Jenny expelled Kyle deep into the mare's womb. Jen screamed out in ecstasy as the female zebra under her did the same in a stream of naighs that could only be interpreted as pleasure. With each thrust of the power clock Kyle was sent gushing into mare. Jen lost in the moment didn't see what was happening to the mare as the assault continued.

As Kyle was poured into the the mare Jenny's balls slowly deflated. As though they were water balloons being emptied. The zebra on the other hand began to expand, it's stomach swelling as it was filled with with the Kyle jizz. At first it seemed to simply be a displacement of fluid but that quickly changed as her stomach soon became unnaturally swollen. It bulged from her sides, the stripes making up her coat stretched becoming thicker as her belly dropped, mire inches from the ground. Jen continued her pounding as the last of what was once Kyle jetted into the overfilled mare, leaving Jen's balls emptied. And the mare almost immobile, her stomach now 4 times it's original size and propping it off the ground.

Jen took deep breaths, dropped to her knees and rolled onto her side as Jenny became flaccid. She felt fulfilled having aided Kyle in achieving his new purpose. She began to stroke Jenny softly, a reward for a job well done, she was still slick with juices. She looked over to the mare, her legs propped off the ground slightly from her massive stomach. Jen was impressed and proud, first by how much the zebra could take. It didn't seem posable, but Jen didn't care much for that, she was too blinded with pride for the result of her fucking.

Staring at her "trophy" she saw a bulge form, then quickly withdrew.
Then it did it again in another spot, and again. The mare let out a loud cry as is hind legs kicked and bucked, then slowed as her breathing picked up. Jen picked herself up as she noticed the mare begin moving its body in an odd way that could only be interpreted as contractions.

Jen jumped at this realization, Jenny becoming hard again from fatherly pride and also motherly love. Jen was aroused by Jenny's pride and began to stroke her when something began happening with pregnant mare.

Her vagina began to throb and expand slightly as Jen spotted movement. A small tan nub began to wiggle free from between the mares folds, then another, and another, and another! The moved in synch curling into a claw when a fifth one emerged, reveling them to all be connected, the the five nubs being fingers all connected to a palm forming a human hand. It stuck out the mares cut stuck at the wrist, it flopped around looking for a foot hold when it planted itself on its mothers ass and began to push its self out.

The hand quickly extended into an arm up to the elbow, with another push the bicep followed. The mare's vagina gave a quiver the seemed to double in size with a contraction as a mound of short, slicked, blond hair emerged from the birth canal as only the top of the head had crowed. The arm pushed with a contraction and the head was freed with a wet *pop* followed by a deep gasp of air from the "new born"

It lifted its head still taking in air. The face was easily recognized as Kyle, his face still male and the same age as before he was turned into cum, the only difference was his hair color, now the same shade of blond as Jen's. he panted still gasping for air, with another contraction he freed his other arm and had began to pull himself out further. His chest now in few showed him to still be male, it was flat and a little toned with muscle. The next contraction pushed him to his waste, his upper body and arms now fell limp to the earth beneath him from exhaustion, his body unchanged except for his hair color. The mare let out a whinny as the next contraction pushed Kyle further, Jen was surprised to see that instead of human legs that she had been expecting out flowed two horse legs covered in black and white fur connected to Kyle's waste, the final contraction confirmed Jen's suspicions as out flowed the hind legs of a male zebra.

Looking him over Jen saw that Kyle had been "reborn" as a zebra tour much like herself before the additions made to her by the game. Her sex driven mind instantly drew her attention to his cock. And her jaw dropped! It was the most beautiful, most perfect horse cock she'd ever seen (given she'd only started viewing horse cocks with lust this morning) it was onyx black and thick with vains, a fat ring bulged in the middle of its shaft, and was as long and thick as Jenny was. Just looking at it made pre ooze from Jenny's head onto the dirt
"Like "father" like "son" I suppose" Jen stated.

Kyle's "new" mother had regained her original shape, aside from her swollen breasts and had sorely trotted over to his collapse side and nestled herself beside hum, she began to lick his upper body clean. Jen had the same idea as she quickly laid beside him and went to work on his perfect cock. Her mouth stretched around his head, as she took him deeper her jaw popped out of place as the now hard cock reached down her throat. She stopped at his cock ring and suckled it with her lips as her hands began to fondle his melon sized balls.
His legs began to kick and squirm in place as his body reacted to the pleasure. Kyle must have been a minute man as he soon emptied his load unexpectedly down Jen's throat, she chocked only for an instant before gulping down the sweet musky man seed. His mother had cleaned most of his torso and had began licking his hair and face clean when he began to regain consciousness.

His mother was licking up his face when he came too, her wet tough and hot breath made him cringe and began pushing her face away "blah" he exclaimed " oh what's that smell" his arms flailed about until she backed away. He looked up to see the blue sky above him "wait? What happened? I went to check on Jen something about a dare then I hit the floor" he rubbed his head trying to piece together what had happened when he looked down to see Jen throat deep on a gargantuan horse cock. HIS COCK!!!

He let out a horrified scream as he saw his waist connect to the zebra body, in a panic his legs began to kick and buck out of control forcing Jen to release his member from her mouth, long thick strings of cum stretch between the two. He stumbled frantically trying to stand, it seemed since he was "newly born" the game hadn't granted him the experience of his new legs. Jen and his mother stood up, Kyle took this and tried applying it himself and rose off the ground with shaky knees, he took a step then another and focused on matching his strides, slowly learning to walk in his new body, his legs were still wobbly thow.

"You!" He shouted at Jen " you did this! You turned me into a freak like you!" Jen began to play with her chest-icals eyeing up Kyle's cock " now is that any way to speak to your father young man"
"Father? What are you-" he began when the final piece in his memory fell into place. He remembered being engulfed by Jen's cock and pressed unto her balls, slowly melting away into muck in the pitch black sack before everything went blank.

"You dared me to become you jizz!?!?" He shouted again his face red with anger. Jen licked her lips, lust pooling in her eyes "oh no no no Kyle I didn't dare you to do anything... Yet" puzzled he replied " what do you mean yet? I was sucked into your cock and ended up like this!" He gestured to his body, one hoof *clopped* on the dirt ground
"Oh no Kyle, think hard, did I give you a order, say "I dare you to become my hot spunk"? Hmmm, hun?did I?"

Kyle's heart sank, he racked his memory for a way out but she was right! For a moment she'd started to say something but was interrupted by a change, no order HAD been issued. The end result may have been archived , but the order still stood unfulfilled. All that ex caped Kyle was a quivering *gulp*

Jen licked her lips again, eyeing up Kyle like the cut of meat he was to her...

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