Topic: The Silver Queen

A commission from Collegeman

Chapter 1

            “Come on in Mom, the water feels great.”  My daughter Lindsey had already removed her top and shorts to reveal the scarlet two-piece bikini underneath and was splashing through the shallows at the edge of the lake.

            We’d hiked up to the lake for most of the morning on the third day of our weeklong family camping trip.  It was a kind of farewell trip for my son Justin, who would be leaving for school in a little more than a month.  It’s hard to believe he was already eighteen, I could still clearly remember holding him as a baby.

            “Let me get lunch unpacked first.” I called to Lindsey, who was already up to her hips in the sparkling blue water.

            “I’ve got it honey.  Go enjoy yourself and rest your feet.”  My husband of twenty-three years, Martin, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.  “After all, you went through all the effort of making these sandwiches this morning. The least I can do is prep the rest of the spread.”

            “It’s a mother’s job to look after her family.”  I told him, smiling.  “Then again, it will be much less work once the walking stomach leaves for school.”

            “I heard that.” Justin yelled from where he was sitting on a rock staring into the lake.  “You’ll miss me when you’re stuck alone with my sister.”

            “He has a point.” I told Martin as I undid the buttons on my shirt.  I had on a one-piece silver swimsuit underneath.  As much as I once would have loved to show off my body like my daughter was, I would be turning fifty next year.  Even after taking good care of it, things start to break down after that much time.

            “We’ll have to find a way to convince her to move out too so we can finally have the privacy we’ve lacked the last twenty years.”

            “Let’s see, with us she gets free food, free rent, can mooch all the entertainment she likes…why would she ever leave?”

            “Maybe if we started charging?”

            With a chuckle, I finished changing and made my way down to the water.  As I let it run through my toes I thought Lindsey was right, the water felt great.  We passed another hour by the lake, soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.  I found a rock that was submerged less than a foot and used it like a seat while I ate my sandwich.  My two children inhaled their food like the young adults they were and went right back to what they were doing before lunch.  For Justin that meant walking around the lake, admiring all the little pools of water at its edges.  For Lindsey, it meant more swimming.  I’d first introduced her to a pool when she was barely old enough to walk and she’d taken to it like a fish.  A wall full of ribbons and a two years as her high school swim team captain attested to this.

            With this in mind, it was startling to see her break the surface and start floundering.  She was yelling something, but it was incoherent due to the way she was flailing in the water.  My maternal instincts went into overdrive and I dove into the water to save my daughter, never mind the fact she was probably a better swimmer than me.  My baby was in danger and that was all that mattered.

            I’d nearly reached Lindsey when I felt something bump against my leg.  It wasn’t the bottom, that was far below. Instead it felt like I’d kicked a fish, but what fish in its right mind would swim up to a human like this?  The answer, it turned out, were the fish surround me and my daughter.  They would bound in, smacking me with their blunt heads, before swimming back out of reach.  I thought there was something strange about them, but it was hard to get a good look at the fish with how fast they were moving.

            One of the next assaults hit me hard enough to rip the bottom of my suit.  I screamed and tried to protect myself while dragging Lindsey back to shore.  She was moaning pitiably, completely out of it.  I wasn’t sure what had come over her until I felt something smash in between my legs and wriggle against my slit.  I tried to cross my legs to keep my attacker out, but that reduced my buoyancy enough that I started to go under.  I was forced to kick my way back above the surface and that was when the attacking fish struck again.

            I let out a spray of bubbles as I felt something crawl up inside me.  I was far from a virgin and had the children to prove it, but this felt bigger than anything or anyone I’d ever taken before.  To make it worse I could feel the fish writhing, trying to climb deeper inside me.

            Against my will I felt myself grow hot and bothered.  This was a violation, yet it was also possibly the most aroused I’d felt in my entire life.  My entire lower torso felt like it was on fire.  I thought it was finally over when my attacker stopped thrashing, but then I felt a different kind of movement.  It was if some part of my insides was shifting around, flowing out of my stomach.  That should be impossible unless…alchemy.  These damn fish had to be some sort of alchemical perversions.  You always heard stories of travelers who went out hiking or camping and were never seen again, or came back twisted into inhuman shapes.  But those were only supposed to be stories.  It might have been like that in the old days, but today?

            My thoughts were interrupted when the pain stopped and the full force of my arousal came back into play.  I reached down, desperate to try and pull my attacker from me, but as soon as my fingers brushed the flesh of whatever was jutting from my body I was hit with the most explosive orgasm of my life.  The little lights in my brain winked out and I sank wordlessly beneath the rippling water.

Chapter 2

            When I woke up, it took me a moment to realize where I was.  When the slow beeps of the monitors and the sickly smell of the cleaners finally penetrated my ears and nose respectively, I realized I was in a hospital.  Why was I here?  Ok, trying to sit up answered that question.  My entire lower torso felt sore on the inside all the way down to my crotch.  It was almost as bad as the time I decided I wanted to be brave and deliver Lindsey without a local.  I’d learned my lesson by the time I had to deliver Justin.

            “Oh thank the stars, you’re awake.”  Martin was suddenly at my side, hugging me dearly.  “It’s been days.”

            Days?  I’d been asleep for days?  “What happened?” I asked, worried.

            “You…don’t remember?”
            I thought back.  I remembered going on a trip to celebrate Justin’s birthday and upcoming departure.  I remembered leaving camp that morning, remembered arriving at the lake…but the part after that was a jumble of confusing images.  “It’s all rather blurry.” I admitted.

            “Let me go get the doctor.  He wanted to talk with you the moment you woke up.  I’ll be right back, I promise.”  Martin rose from my side and left the room.

            Left with nothing to do, I examined the room around me.  That took all of a minute, as it was a rather standard hospital room.  I’d never been one to sit still patiently and wait, something that made me an efficient mother and homemaker, so I tried to sort through my mess of missing memories.  Out of habit I twirled a few strands of my shoulder length hair through my fingers.

            Hang on, my hair used to be dirty blonde.  Even at my age, I’d yet to start going grey.  But somehow, inexplicably, the hair curled around my fingers was silver.  And not old lady silver either.  It was almost…metallic, with light and dark spots that provided the illusion of texture.  It almost reminded me of the skin of a…

            With a jolt, the rubble of my scattered memories snapped back together.  I remembered swimming in the lake, remembering being attacked…I almost tore the bed sheets in my sudden haste.  I had to know, had to see.  The flimsy hospital gown I was wearing was barely long enough to cover my crotch anyway and I ripped aside easily.  When I saw what was growing out of my crotch, I let out an ear piercing scream of terror.

            “Mrs. Vaughan, are you alright?” the doctor asked as he skidded to a halt just inside the door, Martin hot on his heels.

            “Alright?  Alright!” I was heading into full on hysterics now.  “I have a…have a…penis.”

            In truth, it was far more than that.  I’m not saying that if the phallus sticking up between my legs looked normal I would be taking this situation any easier.  Would you, in my position?  The problem was my new penis looked very fish like.  It was covered in silver scales accented with black and white much like my hair.  The silver coloring continued down all the way to my crotch, where it formed a sturdy foundation before the silver scales fell away into the pink of flesh.  The scales also covered…oh damn, I had balls too.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all the set tends to go together.  But seeing those fleshy, golf ball sized orbs hanging from my body somehow made things worse.

            And I still wasn’t done explaining all the differences my new member had from a dick that belong to…say my husband.  That was a dick I was very familiar with from long experience.  Martin’s dick didn’t have small fins growing out of the side that waved listlessly, or a similar fin like material running around the base of the glans like a skirt.  It certainly also wasn’t anywhere near as big.  I’d never been a size queen and had been perfectly satisfied with my husband’s average six inches, but the monster now fully erect at my crotch was close to half again as long as what I was used to.

            It was at this point a bag was shoved in front of my face.  I tugged it over my mouth gratefully and tried to bring my hyperventilation under control.  While I did this the doctor checked over the chart at the foot of my bed.  When I felt I was ready, I set the bag aside and Martin gave me a hug for support.  I don’t know how he could touch me with that…thing between my legs.

            “I’m sorry things happened like this Mrs. Vaughan.  We had hoped to break the changes to you gradually, but I was in with another patient when you husband came to fetch me.  Before we go any further I need you to understand that your life isn’t in any danger.  Your changes have stabilized.  So if you can, Mrs. Vaughan, I’d ask you to remain calm while I do a quick examination.  Can you do that Mrs. Vaughan?  Or would you like me to call you Sonia?”

            “Either works.” I replied distractedly.  Then another thought hit me.  “Lindsey.  Is she alright?”

            “She’s safe, Mrs. Vaughan.  However, she was affected in the same manner as you.”

            “You mean…she has…a”

            “Yes, like you she also has a penis.  However, due to the age difference she was spared one of the other severe aspects of the transformation you underwent.”

            “I don’t understand, what aspect?”

            “You look a little different now honey.” Martin told me.  “But not in a bad way.”

            My husband handed over a mirror and I took it gingerly.  I was afraid I now looked like some kind of monster, like the transformees who had to be locked up in zoos for their own safety.  But the face that stared back at me, eyes wide in shock, was my own.  The silver hair framing it was new, but everything else was the same.  And yet…it wasn’t the face I’d seen while brushing my teeth the morning before the incident.  In fact, I hadn’t seen this face for a long time.  It was if I’d suddenly lost ten or fifteen years of facial wear and tear.

            “I…look so young.” I stammered.

            “It’s not just looks, the merging de-aged you about fifteen years by our estimation.”

            “But Lindsey didn’t go through this?” I shuddered at the thought of dealing with my daughter from fifteen years ago.  Lindsey was a holy terror as a small child.

            “She lost a year or two, but she’s young enough it’s hard to tell.  Your daughter woke up yesterday and so far hasn’t exhibited any of the other possible symptoms…” the doctor stopped when he saw the look on my face.  “Perhaps I should start at the beginning.  Do you know what happened to you?”

            “I was…attacked…by some sort of fish.”

            “A cockfish, to be specific.  They’re a regulated alchemically created species, so I suspect you ran afoul of an illegally dumped school of tropical ones.  That happens sometimes when the alchemists worry they’re about to be caught.  They dump their stock and hope they can recover it when the heat dies down.  Unfortunately, the species is rather fragile and normally doesn’t live long in the wild.”

            “You seem to know a lot about this.”

            “I’m a specialist the hospital flew in.  There tend to be only five or so cases of cockfish mergings a year, so I don’t get called on a lot, but I hopped on the first thing smoking once I got the call about your case.  I can…sympathize with your situation.  My wife was also attacked on a camping holiday ten years ago.  It took some adjustment, but today she’s stronger for it.”

            That was surprising.  Up to this point I had been thinking about my change as some sort of life threatening, or at least life altering problem.  But if the doctor’s wife had lived with her fishy genitals for a decade, maybe this wasn’t the end of everything.

            Seeing my acceptance, the doctor continued, “When one of these cockfish encounters a human female, it will attempt to swim up the vagina and merge into place.  The result is, as you saw, a very fishlike penis and hair of a similar color.  These are the immediate changes, with more to follow.”

            “What kind of changes?”

            The doctor shrugged.  “It’s highly variable, entirely depending on the fish.  Those with the same color or produced at the same time tend to gift the same characteristics, but not in all cases.  Due to the low number of incidents a year, it’s hard to develop clear patterns, but here goes.  Infected patients experience everything from masculinization and extreme body hair growth, to the increase of female sexual characteristics and total body hair loss.  Exhibitionism, voyeurism, dominance or submission, extreme libido…it’s a wide range.”

            “So what you’re saying is you have no idea what will happen to me and my daughter.”

            “I’m afraid not.” The doctor admitted.  “All I know is that you should expect further changes in your body and/or demeanor.  But rest assured, we will be stand by to help if there are any complications.”

Chapter 3

            With a sigh, I unlocked the front door and let myself inside.  The last week definitely ranked as the worst in my life.  I was discharged from the hospital after only another overnight for observation, but then I was left picking up the pieces of a devastated lifestyle.

            One of the most onerous things I learned during my stay was the care my new cock required.  Due to its fishy origin, my organ now constantly extruded a slimy lubrication.  Thankfully this didn’t smell, or I would have needed to transform my nose as well.  When left exposed, the slime evaporated just as fast as it was produced.  But when covered, it soaked into everything.  Apart from potentially ruining my underwear, it could also crust as it dried.  As the doctor put it, that could cause serious health complications.

            All in all, this unwelcome part of my change forced me to go around with my cock out unless I wanted painful repercussions.  The doctor told me this was the most difficult change his wife had to adapt to.  Through years of experimentation, they determined I could safely go two hours with my penis covered, maybe three if I used special absorbing pads.  That would be enough for me to go shopping without scandalizing the neighbors, but I would still need to let myself air out at home.

            In fact that was the errand I’d just returned from, getting several outfits tailored to fit my and Lindsey’s new additions.  The doctor was part of a network of professionals who dealt with transformed individuals and he was able to suggest a good tailor.  From a wardrobe perspective, I supposed my change could have been worse.  Walking out of the tailor’s shop I passed a woman with four arms and an equal number of breasts going in the opposite direction.  She was dressed in a pair of cobbled together bikini tops, which was probably the only thing that worked with her new anatomy.

            I put the modified clothes in the wash and went upstairs to talk with my daughter.  Lindsey had taken the change hard.  She barely spoke at meals, which seemed to be the only time she ever left her room.

            Knocking on the door I called, “Lindsey, can you talk?”  Silence.  “Lindsey, I’m coming in.”

            I stepped into the darkened room and saw my daughter curled up on her bed.  It was still strange to see her with bright red hair shot through with purple, the same color as her new penis.  I sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped my daughter in my arms.

            “Mom.” Lindsey’s voice was weak from crying.  “What are we going to do?”

            “The only thing we can do.” I replied.  “Adapt.”

Chapter 4

            As I pulled into the parking lot, I wondered for the hundredth time if this was a good idea.  As supportive as my family was, I found myself needing to talk to someone else.  Someone who could understand what I was going through.  I told this to my doctor over the phone and he suggest I check the listings for local transformed groups.  I thought the last thing I needed was to be around those who voluntarily had themselves changed, but the doctor assured me there were groups for involuntary changes as well.  To my surprise there was one in our town that met the very next night.  Which is how I found myself outside a local community center on a Thursday evening.

            Trying to decide how to dress was another problem.  The meeting was scheduled to last about as long as I could safely cover up, and that wasn’t including driving time.  Should I hide my change and tough it out, or would they understand?  In the end, I had gone with one of my modified skirts.  A heart shaped pattern around the crotch was reinforced with a non-porous material and split with a soft rubber zipper.  If I wanted I could unzip and let myself evaporate normally or I could hide my change under the darker heart pattern.  I’d driven to the meeting with my dick flopped out on one of the half heart sections.  But now that I was here, should I leave it out or tuck it in?

            That decision was pre-empted by a knock on the car window.  I jumped as much as if I’d opened a cereal box and a demon leaped out and went “boo.”  Looking around I had a second fright and banged my knee on the steering wheel.

            The woman who knocked on my window was obviously transformed.  She had four arms and six breasts, reminding me of the woman I saw while getting my clothes fixed.  However, this woman also had a huge segmented tail rising up her back like a scorpion.  Curling the other way was the woman’s hair.  Instead of individual strands, it was more like a string of large black beads squashed together.  It reminded me of a sex toy I used to have back in college.

            “First time coming to a meeting?” she asked, as if we weren’t total strangers in a dimly lit parking lot.  “Don’t worry, we don’t bite.  We did have a woman with a compulsion to suck on things, but she moved away last year.”  The transformee’s smile was meant to be reassuring, but the slender fangs she had instead of incisors made it more menacing.  Combined with the woman’s three purple eyes, it was hard for me to look her in the face.

            Ever since my transformation I was worried about being thought of as a freak.  Yet here was a woman changed so much more than me, treating me as a person.  And instead of thanking her, I was gawking like an idiot.

            “Yes, this is my first meeting.  Seeing you, I must be in the right place.”  I reached for the doorknob and the scorpion woman stepped back to allow me to exit my car.  As I shut and locked the door I realized she had four legs as well.  Apart from the two in the usual location, she had two more growing out facing backward.  They were longer than normal as well, which compensated for the fact they were bent at more of an angle.

            “I’m Scorpia.  I’m glad you found the courage to join our little group.  The burden we bear is lessened the more we share it, at least in my opinion.”

            She held out a hand and I shook it.  “Sonia Vaughan.  I…just needed someone talk to, someone who understands what I’m going through.”

            Scorpia patted me on the shoulder.  “Don’t worry sister, everyone at the meeting tonight has been in your shoes before.”

            Together we left the parking lot and entered the meeting building.  The room inside was fairly empty.  There was a set of chairs arranged in a rough circle, with the occasional large gap.  About a third of these chairs were taken, while several more individuals were standing next to a table against the wall with coffee and pastries.

            But what caught my eye were the people in the room.  A good majority were women…or possibly used to be women.  I don’t know if that was because the fairer sex was more likely to end up transformed, or women needed to talk out their feelings more.

            A woman who appeared to be an anthro golden retriever was talking with a headless woman in a pink sundress.  Beside them sat a normal looking man holding a huge breast with an eyestalk growing out where the nipple would be.  Over by the refreshment table a conjoined couple were discussing last night’s television with a woman whose green skinned face lacked any eyes.

            I should have been uncomfortable in such company.  Two months ago, I’m ashamed to say, I might have run out of the room screaming.  Apparently, it took gaining a penis to give me some perspective.

            Scorpia led me over to the snack table, where a large transformee was laying out another box of pastries.  From the waist down the woman appeared to be some sort of slug, her vagina running from mid chest all the way down to the end of her bulbous body.  Along her sides were rows of fat breasts like a living skirt.  Above the waist the woman was chunky, nay obese.  Just her upper half could have contained two of my entire bodies.  Her breasts alone were almost as big as my torso.

            When she saw me, the woman’s dark skinned face broke out into a wide and friendly smile.  “Scorpia, you brought us another member.  Good, good.”

            I was distracted by the woman’s hair, which was actually a forest of small breasts growing around her head, so my companion got a word in first.  “Delinda, this is Sonia.  I met her in the parking lot and decided to act as an escort.  Sonia, this is Delinda, the leader of this branch of the Hope organization.”

            I managed to pull my mind back to the here and now.  “A pleasure to meet you.” I said, shaking the slug woman’s hand.  My own was completely engulfed in her flabby mitt and I was surprised to find a large amount of muscle underneath the padding.

            “And you as well.  We only infrequently get new members in this branch.  In one way it’s a blessing, as it means less people are ending up in the same circumstances as us.  On the other hand, the lack of change sometimes makes the conversation a little dull.” By the way she said it, I could tell Delinda was joking on this last part.  “How much do you know about what we do here?”

            “Not much.” I admitted.  “I came at the recommendation of the doctor who treated me.”

            “Ah yes, we get a lot of referrals that way.”  Delinda cleared her throat, as if preparing a long practiced speech.  “We at the Hope organization provide comfort and aid to those who have been transformed against their will.  This ranges from a shoulder to cry on, to advice about dealing with unusual appendages, to some deals we have with other groups to provide services necessary to our members’ new ways of life.  Everything we do is fully voluntary and, if you wish, anonymous.  You can participate as much or as little as you choose.  My only request is you treat others with respect.  If you can do that, we welcome you with open arms.”

            For the first time since the accident, I finally felt at peace.  “I’d…like that.”

            Scorpia smiled, once again revealing her fangs.  “Then we better take our seats.”

            The rest of the night flew past in a blur.  I wasn’t sure what I expected to happen, but the Hope meeting progressed more like a social club.  We sat around in a group and swapped stories.  Some told of their successes overcoming the struggles of their condition, others explained problems and sought advice.  Some talked about where their changes came from, while others were painfully shy and spoke little at all.

            Cora, the golden retriever woman, talked about how her runs through the dog park had changed since she was merged with her pet by a demon.  I had some sympathy for her position, as Cora had also gained a dick to go with her eight furry breasts.  It seemed Cora now put out strong canine pheromones and all the female dogs in the park loved to chase her around.  So far nothing too untoward had happened and Cora was unsure how far she wanted to go with her new doggieness.

            Delinda, it turned out, used to be a muscle head named David.  His car had broken down while traveling in the marshes Riverlisch in Grave.  While wading back to town to get help he was attacked by the local wildlife, which is how she ended up with her slug like body.

            Scorpia, who turned out to be Delinda’s assistant for the meeting, told about her most recent changes.  Apparently only the bead hair was from her initial transformation.  Everything else she’d done since then was by her own choice.  At first I thought that would make her wrong for this meeting, but the way Scorpia spoke about it I could see each change was a response to feelings instilled by her first one.  It was if she had some sort of ideal body image in her mind and was slowly working her way toward it.

            This seemed to resonate quite heavily with Melissa and Norman, the breast-creature and her husband.  After her initial accident, she’d slowly been reducing herself down to the ball like creature she now was.  Shortly she planned to get rid of her eye as well and fully merge into some other being.  This led to a round of suggested merging subjects until Delinda pulled the conversation back on track.

            Finally, near the end of the meeting Delinda asked, “Sonia, as this is your first meeting is there anything you’d like to say to the group?”

            I figured that question would come eventually.  At the start of the meeting I planned to share very little, but now I poured out everything.  How I felt about my new body, how I was scared about the reactions of everyone around me, and how I was worried I was going to change more.  The rest of the group was very sympathetic and offered lots of helpful advice.  One aspect came from Scorpia, who suggested time at a local transformed friendly gym to burn off stress and start feeling good about myself again.  With a wink, she also remarked that all the naked, sweaty bodies around me would help me know if my sexuality had changed due to my transformation.

            Norman and Melissa gave me some advice about how to deal with my husband and his reaction to my change.  We hadn’t slept together in the same bed since the accident and he seemed to be working longer hours to spend less time at home.

            “You need to rip off the bandage.” Norman explained.  “You need to show him that despite the changes, you’re still the woman he fell in love with and married.  He’ll come around, trust me.  It was the same with me and Melissa.  I was a bit…thick right after she changed and this method opened my eyes to the reality of our relationship.”

            It felt like far too soon, but eventually the meeting ended.  Scorpia walked me back to my car, securing my promise to return in two weeks for the next meeting.  She also gave me her number, in case I needed help in the meantime.  We chastely kissed goodbye and I left, my mind already swirling with the threads of a plan.
Chapter 5

            After a week of planning, the big night came.  The house around me was empty as I changed into a custom made set of lingerie.  Justin was over at a friend’s house for a movie night, while Lindsey was off camping by herself for the weekend. Martin would be home soon; I’d talked with a few of his colleagues at the insurance company to ensure he wouldn’t work late.

            As I slipped the silver bra around my chest I marveled at how the change had youthened my body.  All the sag had disappeared from my breasts, leaving them as high and perky as when I was my daughter’s age.  My stomach was a bit flabbier, but I planned to burn that off at the gym.  I’d already made an appointment with a personal trainer and I would be having sessions three times a week.

            I slid on a pair of stockings, which were Martin’s favorite, and connected the tops to the garter belt around my waist.  I wasn’t wearing any panties and wouldn’t until at least tomorrow.  The whole point of tonight was to get my husband comfortable with what was now between my legs and I couldn’t do that by hiding my penis.

            As the appointed hour arrived I dimmed the lights and lit a row of candles.  I added in a sprinkle of rose petals running from the front door up to the bedroom.  Sure it was cliché, but the classics become classic for a reason.

            I’d no sooner set the basket aside when I heard the front door open below.  “Sonia?” Martin called from below.  “Are you here?”

            “Oh, I’m here.” I yelled back.  “Why don’t you come up to the bedroom and join me?”

            I turned and leaned against the foot of the bed, my back to the doorway. I could hear footsteps climbing the stairs and the creak as the door to the room opened wider.

            I could picture the look on my husband’s face as he took in my sexy body, in a position that told him I was both willing and ready for him.  “Sonia…you look…wow.” Martin said uncertainly.

            “We needed some alone time together.” I told him, still facing away.  “Ever since the accident…I feel we’ve drifted apart.  I aim to fix that tonight.”

            I spun around, presenting my front.  I could see Martin’s eyes travel down my face, linger longingly on my lovely breasts in their satin embrace, before falling toward my crotch.  I could see the conflict behind his eyes as he took in my penis, hard and dripping in anticipation of events to come.

            “Martin, I love you.” I said, pulling his attention back to my face.  “And I hope you still love me.”

            “I do.” He replied without hesitation.  “I just…well…it’s hard to explain…”

            “It’s very simple, actually.” I stepped forward until we were face to face.  “To love me, you have to love every part of me.”  I gently took his hand and brought it forward to rest on my penis.  As far as I knew, this was Martin’s first time handling the member of another person.  Almost unconsciously he started to rub it, his fingers finding my sensitive fins.  Only by a feat of intense concentration I managed not to cum on the spot.

            “We might not be able to come together the way we used to, but I see that as an excuse to try new things.”  With that I knelt between my husband’s legs and undid the zipper of his pants.  I extracted his penis lovingly, reciprocating the caresses he’d given mine a moment before.  As Martin’s breathing became shallower I gave the glans a few licks before popping the dick completely into my mouth.  Scorpia had given me some excellent blowjob tips and less than a minute later I was rewarded with a mouthful of creamy goo.  I swallowed it all down, in keeping with my new persona.

            Standing, I gave my husband a grin as I licked the remains of his cum from my teeth.  "Well, did you like it?"

            "That was….amazing." Martin stammered, still coming down from his orgasm.  "You've never…done anything like that…before."

            "The operative word in that sentence is before."  I took my husband by the hand and guided him over to the bed.  "Like it or not, our old way of having sex is out.  I don't have a pussy anymore, so I have to made do with other parts of my body."  I licked my lips before turning around and grinding my butt against his crotch.

            "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" he joked.

            That hit me like a slap to the face.  Most women would love to look over a decade younger, but it took a chunk out of my self image.  Almost as big of one as losing my feminine treasure for a symbol of masculinity.

            Seeing the downcast look on my cast, Martin struggled to recover.  "Sonia, honey, I didn't mean it like that.  It's just…well…when was the last time we did something like this?"

            "The blowjob, or the sexy night in general?"

            "Either?  Both?  To be honest, I don't think I've seen this much passion out of you since we first started dating all those years ago.  It's making this situation very confusing. But I do love you and will do whatever it takes to prove it to you."

            "Really?  Even pleasuring me the same way I just pleasured you?"

            "I…" Martin shook his head.  "Honestly, I don't think I could do it.  Not sticking my face in your crotch."  As I looked away I almost missed the sudden sparkle in Martin's eyes.  "Do you remember Jimmy, my friend from around when we started dating?"

            I thought back, that had been a long time ago.  "Skinny guy, dark hair.  Liked really butch girlfriends.  One time we got drunk at a party and he told us about how they would…"  I stopped, realizing what my husband was suggesting.  "You're not willing to give me a blowjob, but you're willing to try pegging?"

            "Is it really pegging when your dick is real?" I shrugged, something to ask the Hope group next week.  "Either way, yes.  This is a way I could pleasure you without…having to see it."

            "Martin, part of this whole exercise is to…"

            "Get me used to the fact you have a cock.  Yes, I realize that.  But you have to realize this is an adjustment for me to.  How many people do you know who have bigger cocks than their husbands?"

            "Well there are the Jennings down the street, you know the fashionable gay couple with the bakery.  By logic one of them has to be bigger than the other.  Then there are the women of Jizza, you must have heard about them, and…hmm…who else..."

            "That was meant to be rhetorical." Martin groaned as he unbuttoned his shirt.  I could tell he was smiling though.  "Do I need to shake my butt in your direction to get you back on track?"

            "No, but it wouldn't hurt."

            A moment later Marin was naked.  He kept staring between my dick and my face as if wondering what would happen next.  I took pity on him and gave Martin some directions.  "Crawl up on the bed here honey.  That's it, there we go.  You're so brave for doing this for me."

            "If Jimmy was to be believed, I'll be getting something out of it as well."

            Even though I was almost dripping on the carpet by this point, I still paused to add another coating of lube to my dick.  This was Martin's first time after all and I wanted to be as gentle as possible. 

            "Ready lover?" I asked, positioning the tip of my dick at his rear passage.  Martin was on his knees, his face resting on a pillow, giving me a perfect target.

            "As I'll ever be."

            "Then hang onto something, as I'm about to give you the ride of your life."

            With a minimal amount of effort, I slipped my tip into my husband's ass.  He howled in what I thought was pain and I instantly pulled back out.  Was I too big, had I accidentally hurt him?  "Martin, are you alright?"

            My husband lifted his head from a pillow.  "That was…intense.  A bit uncomfortable, but not terribly.  Can you try again?"

            I lined back up and slowly pressed in again.  "How about now?  Any pain?"

            "No, just fullness."

            With slow strokes, I pressed deeper and deeper into my husband.  After a few minutes of this I leaned forward and whispered in his ear.  "How does it feel to be filled with your wife's cock all the way to the hilt?"

            Martin shuddered beneath me and for a moment I thought he might have cum from my words alone.  Instead he begged, "Please, fuck me faster."

            Who was I to deny that request?  I gradually increased my speed until I was pounding in and out of Martin's ass like a wild woman.  My husband had buried his face in the pillow to try and muffle his loud moans, which were only driving me to new heights of pleasure.  I held on as long as possible to prolong the sensation before finally allowing myself to fall over the brink.

            Since gaining my penis, I've orgasmed a few times.  Most were the doctors checking my new equipment to ensure everything functioned properly.  Others were fumbled experimentations.  But none of them held a candle to the orgasm I had while buried deep inside my husband.  I bucked back and forth, milking every last drop of pleasure I could while filling Martin's ass with what felt like a quart of cum.  This set off his own orgasm and he cried out loud enough I worried about the neighbors investigating.

            I pulled out, rolled Martin over, and kissed him passionately as we slowly drifted back from the haze of orgasm.  We pressed our cocks together and he groped my breasts while I held his head to mine.  After what felt like an hour, I rolled off him, exhausted.

            "Wow." was all Martin could say.

            "Wow." I repeated, breathing heavily from all my exertions.

            We lay there in silence for another minute before Martin tentatively asked, "Can we do that again sometime?"

            "Oh, I don't know." I replied, mustering the effort to roll back onto my husband's chest.  "I think you can convince me."

Chapter 6

            I might have done too good a job that night, as Martin seemingly became addicted to our anal adventures.  Almost every other night afterward would end with us collapsing together in bed, my dick up his ass.  We tried it the other way, with Martin fucking me, but we both agreed the first way was better.  I hadn't needed to give Martin a blowjob since and with the way things were going I didn't bother trying to get him to give me one.

            Of course, we weren't alone in the house like we were back when we first got married.  Martin turned out to be a screamer, which made it hard to hide our activities.  This made things somewhat awkward with the kids, after all can you think of a topic a young adult would like to talk about less than their parents’ sex life?  Justin's solution was to try and get advance warning so he could overnight with a friend.  Lindsey simply invested in a very large and very expensive pair of noise canceling headphones.  I might have chipped in for half out of guilt.

            At least my daughter was finally starting to come out of her shell.  I took her to one of the Hope meetings, but Lindsey didn't fit in well with the group.  Most of them were older and while they were friendly, she didn't seem to bond as well as I did.  By the end of the night Scorpia suggested an alternative group, one that was made of up transformation enthusiasts closer to Lindsey's age.

            I wanted to come to the first meeting with her, but Lindsey made the point that she couldn't break into a group of friends with her mother looking over her shoulder.  I reluctantly agreed, then spent the entire time waiting by the phone in case I got a tearful call.  To my relief, when Lindsey returned she was actually smiling.  Smiling, something she hadn't done since the accident.  We talked about it afterward and she had a great time.  Suddenly her change didn't seem like such a burden.

            Time passed and soon Justin was off for college.  Martin and I took a cross province airship with him, while Lindsey stayed back to watch the house.  I think she wanted to come too, but she was starting class the same week.  We were both beginning to accept our new situations, which made me feel safe in leaving her alone.  As for me, I had my cock out the whole trip and didn't feel uncomfortable once.  If anyone looked at me strangely, I told them I had a medical condition.  That seemed to satisfy everyone.  After all, it was a very small change.  Are you going to complain about a woman showing off her modest dick, when there's another woman who's a dick from the hips up walking down the street in the other direction?

            Guedderath was much more open about transformations than back in Edori.  Maybe that was part of college experimentation.  Try some alcohol, sleep with another woman, grow two breasts on of the side of you head, etc.  I went to a parents’ mixer and had a great time with several other transformed mothers.  One was the cockwoman from my previous example, another a walking slab of muscle that hailed from Jizza.  I spent a good twenty minutes discussing workout routines with her and she gave me some very useful advice.

            Once we got Justin good and settled (and extremely ready to be rid of us), Martin and I flew home.  We stopped for two days along the way at an isolated cabin in Merloin province, where we had a kind of second honeymoon.  Needless to say, my husband had a hard time sitting the rest of the ride back.

            Scorpia and I had a laugh over that at our next lunch.  As she worked mostly nights (though without explaining the details of her job), we would often meet for lunch and go shopping or visit the local museums and tourists’ attractions.  I'd lived in this town for over twenty years and it was amazing how much there was I hadn't seen before.

            A beeping from my watch brought me back to the present.  I was in one of the gym showers, steaming away the stress from another workout.  In two months I had developed a fine sheet of muscle and if I kept this up, my trainer suggested entering the body builder contest in a few month's time.  But I couldn't think about that, now I had to get dressed to meet Scorpia for lunch.

            I was halfway through pulling on my pants when my phone rang.  I almost tripped trying to reach for it before pulling my trousers up all the way.  Just before it would have gone to voicemail I hit the button and said, "Good afternoon, this is Sonia Vaughan."

            "Sonia, it's Scorpia."

            "Oh, hey.  I was just on my way out of the gym to meet you."

            "It's a good thing I caught you before you left then.  I'm sorry to say I have a client who wants an immediate meeting.  Can we reschedule for tomorrow?"

            "Sure, see you then."

            I hung up a tad disappointed, but I rationalized that tomorrow was just as good as today.  Martin would be at work and Lindsey at class, so I would have the house to myself for a few hours.  A nap sounded nice, followed by some cleaning I really needed to get done.  And then there were those new art supplies.  I hadn't done any painting since the accident, but I felt it was time I started again.  Partly to improve my feelings of self worth, and partly to pay for all the new clothes Lindsey was buying.

            Honestly, I needed to have a talk with that girl.  All her new outfits were far too revealing.  My mother would have a stroke if she saw what her granddaughter was striding around in.

            I pulled up out front of the house and got out of the car.  To my surprise, when I went to key the front door I found it already unlocked.  Odd.  I stood in the doorway and listened.  I could hear sound from upstairs.  Had someone else come home early or was it a burglar?  Only one way to find out.  I dropped my bag and crept up the stairs.

            The noises seemed to emanate from Lindsey's room.  There was definitely a person in there, maybe two, but the noises were dampened by the closed door and the sound deadening insulation we'd put in the walls last month.  I put one hand on the door handle, took a deep breath to center myself, and pushed it open; ready for whoever was on the other side.

            Or, at least I thought I was.  It wasn't a burglar, it was Lindsey, and she wasn't alone.  She was currently standing by the edge of the bed, naked as the day she was born, and plunging in and out of a woman who was screaming her head off.

            "Oh yea, that's it!  Harder!  Faster!  Just a bit more…YEEEESSSSS!"

            Lindsey cried out as she came as well, slumping a bit in relief as she sagged into her partner.

            "Not bad, I give it four out of five stars.  You need to work on your
orgasm scream dear."

            Lindsey spun around, her face candy apple red.  In a voice evenly split between anger and embarrassment she yelled, "MOM!"

            "You know dear, if you wanted some private time alone with your friend, you could have just asked.  You didn't need to try and sneak around behind my back."  I walked closer to the bed to get a better view of the woman laying there.  She looked very similar to Lindsey, close enough to be a sister, but she lacked my daughter's bright red attributes.

            "You have excellent taste dear, she's very pretty.  Is she a fellow student?"


            "Ok fine, I'll go wait downstairs for you two to make yourselves presentable again.  We will be having a talk before she goes home."  I was nearly as the door when I had a thought.  "If you're here, then why didn't I see your car out front Lindsey?"

            "We took my car, Mrs. Vaughan." my daughter's lover said sheepishly.  "It's the blue one there on the street."

            "I'll keep than in mind for next time."  With that I stepped out of the room and shut the door.

            Five minutes later, just as I finished making a pot of hot cocoa, the girls came downstairs.  Thankfully they were both fully dressed, even if Lindsey's jeans were cut to reveal her penis.

            "Have a seat girls."  I called from the kitchen.  I carried the pot and three glasses out into the family room, where the two women sat together on the couch.

            I poured a glass and handed it to the unknown woman.  "Thanks Mrs. Vaughan." She gently blew steam off the top.

            "You're very welcome dear.  Can I get your name?"

            "Lindsey, Ma'am."

            "Really?  That must make things confusing when you're hanging out together.  Well then, tell me Lindsey, what are your intentions toward my daughter."  I said this in the stern voice of a father cleaning his shotgun while his daughter's date waits.

            "Mom!" my Lindsey cried again, while her lover looked at me like a deer in the headlights.

            I couldn't hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.  "Oh you two should see the looks on your faces.  If I only had a camera."  They both stared at me blankly until I managed to rein in my laughter.  "Ok, on a more serious note…Lindsey…my Lindsey, I'm very disappointed in you."  My daughter opened her mouth to argue but I held up a hand to forestall her.  "How could you choose to date such a nice and polite young woman without introducing her to the family?"

            "I…what?" Lindsey stammered.  "You mean…you're not made about…upstairs?"

            "Mad…no.  Disappointed…yes.  You're a young woman who has received an excellent education, so you know how to take the proper precautions.  Remember, I used to be young like you, so I understand the natural urges when two people with chemistry come together.  I just wish you would have come to me first."

            "So let me get this straight.  You're angrier about me not telling you about Lindsey than the fact we were having sex upstairs?"

            "In a nutshell, yes."  The room grew quiet as the two young women tried to process this.  After a minute I gave them another push.  "On the topic of new things, I happened to notice something else when I walked in on you upstairs.  Since when have you had that tattoo?"

            My daughter blanched.  Her lover fielded the question.  "It's my fault Mrs. Vaughan.  We saw the art in the window of the parlor when we went for a walk after the movie.  I broached the idea that it would be fun to get matching tattoos and…well…I take full responsibility.  I'm sorry."

            "I'm not chastising you dear.  I was just curious.  The quality looks exquisite and it's a good match for both skin tone and hair color.  If you'd asked my advice I would have suggested starting in a different location so it wouldn't look like a tramp stamp, but you're both adult women who can do what they please as long as it's done safely.  Next time, please let me know when you plan to go."

            "So you can talk me out of it?' my daughter asked.

            I snorted.  "As if I could talk you out of anything after the age of six.  I never discovered how you father dissuaded you from that pony you wanted."  Lindsey muttered something I couldn't quite hear, but I'm pretty sure the word dung was mentioned.  "No, I want you to tell me so I can come with you."

            "To supervise?"

            "No, to get one of my own."


            "Seriously.  I'd like a better look at yours later, but as I said before the artist does exquisite work.  I've always wanted to get a tattoo."  My daughter looked like this concept was breaking her brain.

            "Now Lindsey dear." I addressed my daughter's lover.  "You'll be staying for dinner tonight and at least one night a week as long as you choose to continue to date my daughter.  If there's a chance you'll end up a part of this family, you need to spent time with the family.  Now, as we have a few hours until my husband comes home, why don't you two tell me how you met…"


Re: The Silver Queen

Chapter 7

            A few days later I stood in my studio and stared at the painting I had on the easel.  My specialty was landscapes and this one was of a winding dirt path through a darkened forest.  It was nearly done…but there was just something missing.  Not an inch of the canvas lacked paint, yet I couldn't bring myself to call it finished.

            I heard a noise from upstairs and paused.  It must be the girls going at it again.  I swear, my daughter had the libido of a teenage boy and her girlfriend was game to try everything they suggested.  As least Lindsey had integrated well into the family.  She'd certainly charmed Martin at dinner the other night and would have another chance this evening.  That is, if the two young women took a break from making the beast with two backs long enough to come down and eat.

            For some reason that idea refused to leave my mind.  Not the eating part, the beast with two backs part.  Some strange transformee, a merging of two young lovers.  The story unfolded in my mind and I picked back up my brush.  I knew just what my painting was missing.

            And hour later I sat back, exhausted and horny. The painting on the easel now contained a new occupant, a being of transformed beauty hiding in the shadows of the trees.  I felt it gave the painting a story, a fullness that it lacked before.  All that was missing now was my signature and I could apply the sealer.

            A naughty thought struck me.  What if I added a little something special to my signature, much like I'd added something special to the work of art?  Setting down my brush, I retrieved a small cup I normally used for holding water for brush cleaning.  I held it to my crotch with one hand, while with the other I caressed my organ.  I was already quite horny from imagining all the details of the forest monster and it didn't take long to spew my seed into the cup.  A nice relaxing finish to what I planned to be a whole host of similar paintings.

            I took the cup of cum over to my work table where I dipped a brush into it.  I wasn't sure how brightly it would dry, so I mixed in a little white paint before using it to mark my signature.  I could truly say there was a little bit of my soul in with this picture.

            As I started to clean up, my mind was already on my next work.  I wondered who I could use for inspiration…

Chapter 8

            "You know, when you first proposed this showing, I thought you were crazy.  But seeing the room this full, I think you might be onto something."

            Beside me stood Rodger, a longtime friend and the owner of the gallery we were standing in.  We had met when I first started shopping my art almost fifteen years ago and he had sold many of my pieces since.  Rodger was a squat and solid man, his black hair graying and retreating up his skull.

            "Of course I was on to something." I told him with a smile.  "People like art with a hidden story, art that challenges and intrigues them.  And what is more arousing and taboo than the transformed?"

            "You certainly make a good argument for undergoing a change.  I don't think you've looked this good since we first met."

            I certainly felt like a million kriss tonight.  My dress was metallic gold fabric and tight enough to show off all my curves.  It was short enough to give tantalizing glimpses of my breasts above and my ass below, while my dick and balls were on full display.  Throw in some knee high boots, bangles, and earrings and the crowd was having a hard time keeping their eyes off me.  I actually had a woman come up to me and ask if I was a piece of performance art.

            "I've already had iniquities on three of your works." Rodger continued.  "And I expect to have quite a few more before the night is through.  I hope you can keep up this whirlwind production schedule of yours, or you might have clients beating down your door asking for more paintings."

            "Once I rediscovered how…enjoyable painting can be, it's become hard to stop."

            "Mr. Eastman."  We turned as one of Rodger's assistants approached us.  "The Hausers wanted to have a word with you.  They're over on the north wing of the gallery."

            "Very well, I better go see to them right away." Rodger turned to me.  "Have a pleasant rest of your evening Sonia."

            "Oh, I intend to." I gave my friend a hug before letting him see to his clients.

            Now free to wander to gallery, I took the time to examine the other pieces on the walls.  The theme for tonight's showing was transformations and transformees, which was much broader than I thought when I proposed it.

            On one wall was a series of sixteen photographs on canvas.  Each image was a snippet in time chronicling the transformation of a mousy young woman into a rat like little creature.  The subject was here in person as well, snacking on a piece of cheese in her cage on a pedestal next to the photographs.

            Next to these was a series of clay statues.  Each one was of a bisected person; one half normal and one half transformed.  The closest statue was of a smiling woman on the left side, while her right was a mess of breasts and tentacles.  Beside that was a normal looking man above the waist, while below there was a body of a cow.  The one after that had a very feminine pair of legs growing up into a huge flower with vaginal lips for petals.

            I stopped to examine the artist's card, already thinking of a few suggestions I could give them.  To my surprise the sculptures were made by a vaginawoman pair who used their TK to expertly mold the clay far finer than any hands could.

            Beyond the statues was a familiar figure.  "Hello Jeanetta.  How are you enjoying the party?"

            If the woman still had a head, she would probably be blushing.  "I've had four different buyers express interest in my pieces." she replied, the words wafting up from her crotch.  "I'm so grateful you talked me into participating."

            When I found out the headless woman shared my interest in art at one of our Hope meetings, I had to see some of her work for myself.  Jeanetta's mana sight gave her a unique view of the world, one she expressed gorgeously in watercolors.

            "It's my pleasure.  The world needs more great art."

            "Excuse me, Ms. Lowell?"  We turned to see a grey-haired man in a business suit standing next to us.

            "Yes, I'm Jeanetta Lowell."

            "Excellent."  The man held out a hand and the artist shook it.  "My name is Alec Marrero and I own the Greenbank building downtown.  We were looking for an artist to decorate a wall on our west side and I was wondering…"

            I waved to Jeanetta that I would see her later and moved on.  Several sections later I came to my own work.  Front and center was the piece I was most proud of.  It was of a forest waterfall, a dazzling display of liquid color.  Under the spray was a gorgeously inhuman silver scaled woman, letting the water cleanse her body as she played with herself.  I'll admit I'd based her on an idealized version of myself, one with far more changes than I’d ever dream of undergoing.


            I turned to see Scorpia striding toward me with her strange four legged gait.  She was dressed in a black swath of fabric that concealed just enough to satisfy public modesty laws.  She had one of her lower arms through one belong to a middle aged gentleman in a fancy blue suit.

            "Wow, it is you.  I remember you mentioning something about an upcoming art show, but I didn't think you'd be here."

            "Yep, I suggested the idea to the owner."

            "And provided a few pieces yourself I see.  Unless it’s a coincidence the woman in that painting looks a lot like you."

            "I provided almost two dozen pieces for tonight, which is why I'm here.  How about you?"

            Scorpia put another arm around the man at her side.  "Werner here invite me for a wonderful evening."

            "Your friend is quite the beauty Scorpia.  I wouldn't mind a few nights of her company, if she'd be obliged."

            "She's not in the business Werner, at least not yet.  Why don't you head over and talk to Mr. Wick while we girls have a quick chat?"  Werner give me one last look over, cracked a wide smile, and walked away jauntily.

            "Scorpia, what was he talking about, what business?"  I asked as soon as Werner was out of earshot.

            "I'm an escort Sonia, and I think you'd make a great one too."

            "Wait, you sleep with men...for money?  Why would I do that, you know I'm married."

            "I often do sleep with them, but not all the time.  Tonight for instance I'm just playing intelligent and interesting arm candy.  Do you want to know how much I'm getting paid for hanging off Werner's arm tonight?"

            When she told me, my eyebrows when up in shock.  "That much?"

            "Yep.  I only work 1-2 night a week and earn enough to live comfortably.  I've been thinking of broaching the subject with you, it would certainly fit with you new tastes and temperament, but never found the right moment."

            "But I'm not…"

            "Interesting?  Desirable?  I saw how Werner was staring at you.  I can think of a few other of my…friends that would love your company as well.  They're huge art buffs and spending the evening with a…friend so versed in the arts would be a huge turn on.  What do you say, are you game to try?"

            My morality battled against how I felt when Werner looked at me.  "I…I…I won't do anything illegal…or cheat on my husband.  But…” I paused, considering.  “I think I might be willing to try one…date."

            "Good, I'll get everything set up.  I think I know the perfect professional name for you."  Scorpia gestured to the bronze placard mounted to the bottom of the frame.  The name of the painting was spelled out in looping script.  The Silver Queen.

Chapter 9

            I leaned against the wall in the airship terminal and scanned the arrivals board again.  The ship my son and his girlfriend were on supposedly docked five minutes ago, so they should be along soon.  I was really looking forward to seeing my baby again.  After living with him for eighteen years, going four months without seeing him was terrible.  We still talked every few weeks, but that just wasn’t the same.  I thought Justin was going to come home over harvest festival break, but he stayed at school with his girlfriend.  My son had been remarkably cagey about his love interest, only saying she traveled too far a distance to school to make it easy to go home on breaks.  That was one reason she was spending the new year break with us.

            “Relax, he’ll be along any minute.” Martin said from beside me.

            “I’m sorry, it’s just I really want to see my son again.”

            “So do I…oh, I think that’s them now.”

            A crowd of people surged down the stairs from the docking terminals on the upper floors.  Justin was tall enough I was able to spot him fairly easily.  There was a woman by his side, but she broke off and walked in a different direction when they reached the bottom of the stairs.  Did that mean…yes, the arm around her cylindrical torso confirmed it.  I now knew why my son had been so stingy with the details about his girlfriend.

            “Justin, over here!” I called.  My son spotted my waving arm and broke through the crowd in my direction.

            “Mom, Dad, it’s great to see you two again.” Justin grinned happily and accepted my rib creaking hug of welcome.  As I stepped back he continued, “I’d like to introduce you two to my girlfriend Nyla.  Nyla, these are my parents.”

            “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan.” Nyla gave us a little bow.

            I couldn’t help but grin, while Martin’s face was a look of shock.  I knew why, as Nyla was a Freyan cockwoman.  From the waist down she had a normal pair of female legs, with the addition of a pair of huge balls wrapped in a lovely printed skirt.  Above the waist she was a huge naked cock, standing as tall as her boyfriend.

            “The pleasure is all mine dear.  I’m looking forward to fettering out all the little details of your relationship that my son has left out in our conversations.”

            “He did that to protect me, Mrs. Vaughan.  I’ve found that some people in the Empire aren’t as willing to accept massively transformed individuals like me.”

            I pointed down, where my cock was sticking out a slit of my silver sundress.  “I can’t judge you for being a woman with a cock, considering I have one of my own.  Dear, why don’t you go fetch their bags while I walk these two to the car?”

            As we walked out of the building Justin asked, “Where’s Lindsey?  I thought she’d want to be here to welcome me back.”

            “She’s at home, holding down the fort.” I replied.  “She’s preparing a special dinner for us tonight.”

            “You’re letting Lindsey cook?  You know how poorly she follows directions.”

            “Only when she’s in front of a camera is how you put it to me.” Nyla added.

            “She’s gotten better, but it the results are absolutely dreadful we can always order from that take-out place you love.”

            “It’s great Nyla, you’ll love it.  They make the best…”

            I let Justin ramble on about the quality of the food before I interrupted.  “So tell me how you two met.”

            “It was the first week of class...” Nyla began before trailing off.  She didn’t have a face to blush with anymore, but the skin right under her glans turned red and she grew another inch from the blood flow.

            “She was sitting all alone at a table in the dining hall.  She looked so depressed I just had to go over and try and cheer her up.”

            “Moving out to the Empire resulted in some culture shock.  Back home, all the women and many of the men are transformed.  Here, we’re another small group like the goths or stoners.  Looking like I did, I found it hard to make friends.  At least…until Justin came along.  He didn’t care what I looked like, just who I was inside.”

            “Which is a very wonderful woman.” Justin gave his girlfriend a quick kiss on the glans.  “Their loss is my gain.”

            We spent the rest of the wait and the ride home talking about classes.  Like Justin, Nyla was a business major.  She was hoping to return home after school and work at the family cum farm as an accountant and business manager.  Even after only a few months of school, she already had some ideas about how to improve efficiency and raise profits.

            We pulled to a stop in the driveway and Justin helped his girlfriend out of the car.  I escorted them into the house, while Martin stayed behind to handle their bags.  As Justin stepped inside, he spotted the redhead in the crop top and short shorts coming down the stairs.  “Wow sis, you’re looking different.  I must say, I like the tattoos.”

            The redhead’s face went totally blank before the lightbulb blinked on.  “Oh, you must be Justin.  You sister is actually still in the kitchen.  I’m Lindsey, her girlfriend.”

            “Justin!”  My son barely had time to prepare before his older sister pounced on him for a hug.  “You’ve got so much to tell me.  How’s school out in Guederath?  Have you been to any awesome parties?  What’s this about you having a girlfriend?”  Lindsey released her brother and stepped over to Nyla.  “Damn, you have a nice taste bro.  She looks good enough to eat.”

            I couldn’t help but chuckle as Nyla blushed and lengthened again.  “Nyla, this is my daughter Lindsey.  Lindsey, this is Nyla, your brother’s girlfriend.”

            “Wow, I’ve never met a cockwoman before.  I’ve got so many questions.  Are you sensitive down your entire shaft body?  What’s it like having balls that big?  How many times…”

            I cut her off before poor Nyla blushed herself rock hard.  “Slow down Lindsey.  I’m sure Nyla can answer some of your…more respectful questions later.”

            “Yea, come on lover.  We still need to finish off the salad.”

            As my daughter was dragged back into the kitchen by her girlfriend, I marveled once again at how similar they looked.  A mother always knows her children, but for everyone else the fact my daughter was wearing an apron over her crop top and shorts was the main point of differentiation.  I don’t know if Lindsey’s change had instilled some sort of self love fantasy or what, but her girlfriend was certainly willing to go along with it.

            Over the quarter they’d taken a steady stream of side jobs to save up money for minor alterations.  My daughter toned her stomach and widened her hips, while her lover changed her hair color to match Lindsey’s fiery locks.  Both had upped their breast size by a cup and I knew they were saving up for a second pair after the new year.

            And then there were the tattoos.  The pair had acquired several matching ones since the day I walked in on them in bed together…the first time, as it happened two or three times afterward.  Those girls truly were insatiable together.  Anyway, the Linsdeys had settled on a tropical aquatic theme for their body art and already adorned themselves with several images of exotic (eg. Transformed) fish.  These were almost always on display, as the pair wore less and less clothing as time went on.  I wondered how long it would be before they had to apply for public nudity licenses?

            “Welcome to the family Nyla.” I told the cockwoman, who still seemed stunned at what she’d just seen.  “I think you’ll fit in nicely.”

            “I think you’re right Mrs. Vaughan.  For the first time since coming to the Empire, I feel like I’m home.

Chapter 10

            “Honey, what’s the matter?”  When I came home and found Martin curled up on the bed crying his eyes out, I fell into a bit of a panic.  “Is everything alright?  Are the kids ok?”

            “The kids are…hic…fine.  The problem is…hic…me.” Martin said around tears.

            “What’s wrong?  Please tell me.  We can handle this together.”

            “That’s just the problem…we…can’t…”

            And that was when the whole story came tumbling out.  About how Martin had started feeling inferior to me.  About how he was no longer the main breadwinner, with my commissions and escort fees bringing in more than his salary.  About how I had become so dominant and manly.  About how he was ashamed that he could no longer pleasure me as a man should pleasure his wife, that he was the one getting fucked instead.

            This had culminated in Martin trying to prove to himself he was still a man by having an affair.  “But I just couldn’t get it up.” he wailed.  “I kept seeing your face instead and my ass itched in longing for your cock.  I’m broken Sonia…and I don’t think I can be fixed.”

            I should have been angry with him.  The man had just admitted to cheating on me…or at least trying to.  But despite that I still loved him and I was pretty sure Martin still loved me.  He was adrift in a rapidly changing world, much like I had been right after the accident.  Maybe I could help him the same way.

            “Martin….Martin I understand.” I tried to break through his wall of grief.

            “Then…you’re not angry?”

            “More like…disappointed.  I wish you’d come to me with your feelings.  We could have worked something out, tried something different.  Now we’re going to go with more drastic measures.”

            “I…understand.”  Martin hung his head.  “I’ll have my stuff out by the weekend.  I think I have a friend I can crash with until I find a place of my own.”

            “Oh no you don’t.”


            “I haven’t spent the last twenty plus years training you just to let you go now.  There will be some repercussions for this Martin, but I’m not going to throw you out.  I love you too much for that.”

            “Then…what are you going to do?”

            I thought about it for a minute while Martin worked to dry the tears from his face.  Finally, I said, “This whole problem started with you thinking you couldn’t be a man for me anymore.  Why don’t we make that true?”

            “I don’t understand.”

            “As you pointed out, our roles have changed since the accident.  I’m no longer the homemaker I used to be and I know how stressful your job at the company has been over the last few years.  Why don’t you quit and take over the household duties?”

            “But I’m a man.  What would everyone think?”

            “Exactly, under this scenario you wouldn’t be a man.  I know our daughter has connections in the alchemy industry.  We could start you on some feminizing d-cum pills while I teach you how to run a household.  Trust me, it can be just as chaotic and stressful as your old job at times, but the rewards are much greater.”

            “You want me to become a woman?”

            “Not right away, though I won’t rule it out in the long run.  The whole point of this would be to break free of the gender and society roles you’ve been trapped in your whole life.  By breaking free, you might finally be able to find the peace and acceptance you’ve been looking for.”

            Martin looked down, where one part of his anatomy was sold on the plan.  Ironic, as his penis wouldn’t see much use if we did this.  “Sonia…I….I love you, so I’ll do this.  To keep you and our family in my life, I’ll do this.”

            “Good.” I purred into his ear.  “Now get out of those clothes.  Someone needs a reward for being a good girl.  Afterward, we can go shopping for a new wardrobe for you.”

Chapter 11

            I lay back in bed, spent and satisfied.  I always enjoyed my sessions with Marcus.  We fulfilled each other on both a physical and intellectual level.  In the six months since I had started taking on clients for sexual as well as escort sessions, he was one of my favorites.

            Still floating in the afterglow of more orgasms than I could count, I faintly heard the door to the room open and close.  "Here you are Mistress." a husky voice said from my side.

            I opened my eyes to see a drink in a tall glass on a silver tray.  The tray was held expertly by Marion, my maid.  I took the glass and sipped greedily, the wonderful liquid within going far to replenish my lost stamina.

            "I saw Mr. Latham off into his cab as you requested Mistress.  Is there anything you'd like me to do for you before I begin packing for our return home?"

            "How about a foot rub?  You give the best foot rubs Marion."

            "Of course Mistress."  As I relaxed under the best non-sexual ministrations a body could experience, I thought about how much things had changed since the day I found my husband crying in bed.  It was hard to reconcile that unhappy man with his current form as the happy maid rubbing my feet.  After months of slow treatments Martin, now Marion, was slowly exiting the androgynous state and entering into a truly feminine body.  A process he bugged me excessively to speed up.  Who knew that inside Martin's body there existed such a feminine soul.  I found it funny that despite all the changes, Marion still preferred male pronouns.

            Within a week of quitting his job, the newly christened Marion…a name he chose himself…was in a tizzy cleaning up the house in his maid's uniforms.  I thought it was going to be a battle to get him to wear normal women's clothes and there he was begging me to buy him these almost fetishistic outfits.  Marion fell in love with cleaning so hard I had to loan him out to friends and clients to prevent him cleaning the polish off the furniture.

            The part I thought Marion would fight me on the most was the chastity cage that hid away his penis.  Instead he had accepted the addition as a totally normal thing.  After all, Marion told me, only one member of a couple should have a penis and he liked mine more.  If anything, locking Marion up only made him hornier.  As part of our agreement I started seeing clients sexually and after the first month Marion asked to join me.  At first he sat in corner, bound to a chair with a vibrating plug in his sissy pussy, but within a month he was acting as the fluffer.  Several clients had asked to screw him as well, but I rebuffed their offers.  Marion was my toy and mine alone.

            "You know Marion, your foot rub has got me thinking."

            "Yes Mistress?" Marion answered without missing a beat.

            "Marcus was very impressed with your performance this afternoon.  He even gave me a little extra as a tip for you.  I happen to agree with him, so I'm going to give you a reward.  Is there a part of your transformation you wish me to advance?"

            Marion's hands left my feet and ran down his body instead.  After months of growth and styling Marion's hair was long and blonde, probably the most naturally female part of his.  The treatments had softened his face to the point of androgyny, which his excellently applied make-up tipped firmly into the female camp.  Marion's hands slowed as he encountered the budding breasts at the top of his maid's outfit.  They were only A-cups, little mounds that might break into Bs in the next month or so.  One night after I allowed him to join me for drinks Marion confessed to me that he had a fetish for very large breasts.  When pressed, he told me he wanted D-cups at least.

            After that Marion's hands dropped to his waist, which was fit and trim from diet and exercise.  Even with the padding from his petticoats, I knew Marion eagerly awaited the day his hips grew wider.  In the center was a triangle shaped cut-out, leaving his chastity cage on full display.  Again, a request from Marion, not me.  Sometimes I wondered who really was the sub in this relationship.

            Below the skirts Marion's legs were encased in white stocking all the way down to his black patent leather shoes.  He was already up to a five inch heel and I planned to upgrade him to ballet boots eventually.  Marion's legs were a bit too solid for his final frame, but were slowly slimming due to the treatments.

            "Mistress, if it wouldn't be too much to ask for…can I get my breasts increased by a cup?  Maybe two, if you're feeling generous.  That would make my body much more pleasurable for you Mistress."

            "Are you sure you don't want those double-ds you talked about last month?"

            Marion flushed.  "I do, but that would be far too much for me to ask for…"

            "Marion, if you try to control how generous I can be, I'll up them to G-cups."  That got an eep from my maid.  "And I'll ensure Madam Pink gives you an extended session on anal training when you go visit next month.  You might have to stay a couple extra days."

            The look on Marion's face was priceless.  He appeared to be on the verge of fainting from excitement.  Madam Pink’s sissy training academy had been brought to my attention by a client.  When I proposed it to Marion, he promised to give me anything if he was allowed to go.  They had a menu of classes and he practically memorized the thing.  Marion already even had a bag packed, though he didn't know I knew about it.

            Marion snapped out of his stupor.  "Sorry Mistress.  Are you ready to depart for home?"

            "I guess I should.  You never know what happens when we leave the Lindseys alone together for too long.  The last time you were cleaning cum out of the pool filter for hours after they had that aquatic orgy."

            The drive back home was restful, at least for me.  I lounged in the back seat listening to music and watching the hills roll by while Marion drove up front.  He asked me to strap in a vibrating dildo first, so he had that at least to keep him attentive.

            Hours later we arrived back home.  The sun was about to set and I was ready for a quiet dinner and a nice restful sleep curled up with my lovely maid.  Those plans, as wonderful as they were, had to be set aside the moment I stepped through the front door.

            "Oh yes.  I've been a bad herm.  Fuck me faster and deeper.  You know you want to." echoed in from the kitchen.

            "Let's see how much of me you can take." shouted an identical voice.  With a sigh, I steeled myself and walked into the kitchen.

            One Lindsey lay on the kitchen island, while her lover pounded into her with a rhythmic smacking sound.  At this point even I had trouble telling which was my original daughter.  The pair had taken great pains to ensure their identicalness, to the point the duo were now herms.  Both had a copy of my Lindsey's red scaled penis, which grew out above a moist and inviting vagina.  Their balls had been moved internal, more for show than reproduction and capable of producing huge quantities of cum.

            Both herms’ bodies were at least 80% covered in tattoos.  Huge inked octopus’ tentacles curled out of their anuses and spiraled around to menace their crotches.  Smaller tentacles played and caressed across all four of their breasts.  Both had "Horny Slut" written in gothic script across their foreheads, while streams of bubbles ran from tattooed gills on their necks up to curl around their eyes.  Last month they'd gotten into piercings as well, with more than a dozen holes in their faces and even more scattered across their erogenous zones.

            Filming this flagrant dining health code violation was the pair’s photographer.  From what the Lindseys told me, it used to be a classmate of theirs.  She...at least I think it had used to be a she, had taken one of the programmable dakini worms into her body, leaving her spawn very talented behind the camera.  The spawn had a normal pair of feminine legs, which led up to a ring of heavy sagging breasts like a skirt.  Above that was the spawn's eyestalk and the dozen tentacles it used to hold the cameras and microphones.  Where the poor host's face ended up I never found out.  The spawn had become part of the family just like my daughter's lover, the pair practically inseparable.

            At that point the banter peaked as both herms came, leaving a huge mess on the counter.  I waited for the screams of ecstasy to stop before saying "Girls." in a tone that conveyed equal parts annoyance and domination.  They looked at me with identical sheepish looks on their faces.  "Now what have I told you two about making porn videos in the house?"

            "Only do it when you're not here?" suggested the one still laying on the island.

            "I'd prefer you'd not to do it at all.  That's why I subsidize your studio space.  You can still film in that sex dungeon you call a room, but the living spaces are off limits."

            "Yes mom." they replied in equally sullen tones.

            "In punishment I'm going to make you two clean all this up right now."  That order got me a pair of dejected looks.  "With your tongues." I finished.  Both herms instantly brightened.

            "Do you think we can change the film in the cameras first?" asked the one standing.

            "Only if you hurry.  The maid is already upstairs packing and I'll want to eat when he finishes.  If you're not ready by then, I'll have to find…creative way to punish you."

            "Yes Mistress." Both women saluted smartly and ran off to get more film.  I just rolled my eyes and went upstairs to check on Marion.

Chapter 12

            I stood at the window and watched the sun lowly sink behind the distant mountains.  Even after three years had passed since my life went on a detour…some days it was hard to wake up and realize this was real.  Tonight though, I would be making a choice that would cement my new identity forever.

            Down below, I saw a car pull out and make its way slowly down the driveway.  Inside were my three daughters, even if only one was originally my flesh and blood.  The second came into my life shortly after the accident, while the last was a relatively recent addition to the family.  After graduation, the Lindseys sought out investors for their new porno studio.  One of those interested also happened to have a daughter named Lindsey and she fell in love with their identical lovers idea.  The newest Lindsey was still missing some of her tattoos, but already her body is nearly identical to her lovers.  I can picture the three of them now, from yesterday when we did a bit of shopping in town.  All three were in transparent catsuits that left none of their eye catching bodies to the imagination, though most of the time they went nude these days.  The newest addition to their bodies are the mouths that now top each of their four breasts.  With them, they can kiss and suck up to five different locations on their lovers’ body.  A popular change, one that makes them some of the highest earning non-gross porn actresses around.

            But tonight isn't about them.  That's the reason they're leaving the
house, the house we bought to give them studio space and me room to entertain all my various clients.  They're leaving because tonight is all about me, me and what I will become.

            A knock at the door came and I called, "Enter."  I didn't need to turn around to know who it was.  There's only one other person still in the house after all, discounting the spawn that will be recording the coming events.

            "Mithreth, ith tim." the high pitched voice lisped into my ear like honey.  I took a moment to savor it before turning to face its owner.

            Marion was unrecognizable as the man I married all those years ago.  Instead a hyper feminized sissy stood before me.  His pink highlighted blond hair curled around his permanently made up face in the cutest way possible.  His breasts were enormous, getting in the way of every task, but Marion wouldn't trade them for the world.  They looked heavy enough to snap in half his stovepipe waist, which was possibly only by the twisted power of alchemy.  Both chest and waist were wrapped in a figure hugging pink maids dress with a fortune's worth of lace and ruffles.  Below that a flared skirt emphasized his hips while remaining short enough to show off Marion's ruffled panties.  Like all his outfits there's a slit in the front, revealing the permanent chastity cage holding his last fragment of masculinity.

            Below the skirts were dainty, stocking covered legs.  Instead of shoes, Marion's feet ended in horse’s hooves.  I went through a bit of a cowboy phase last year and Marion asked for the change as the ultimate version of en pointe heels.

            "Did you bring it?" I asked, even though I knew the answer.  Marion was as reliable as the sunrise.

            "Yeth Mithreth."  Marion minced over to me, his butt swaying adorably.  I still can’t believe he preferred to be considered male.  Cover Marion’s cage and it would be impossible to tell his former gender.  I think it added to the thrill he got from submission and humiliation.

            Marion handed over a tiny vial of glowing silver liquid.  It was hard to believe that such an innocent looking object could hold such transformative power, but that was the nature of D-cum.  Clutching the vial tightly, I asked, "Marion, are you truly happy with how our lives have changed over the last two years?"

            My maid cocked his head, confused that I was asking his opinion.  Then he smiled, revealing teeth white enough to be used for a toothpaste commercial.  " Yeth Mithreth, I be very happy.  I love Mithreth and Mithreth ith happy, tho two thall I."

            It was my turn to smile.  That was exactly what I wanted to hear.  "Come here maid and give me one last hug while I still have this body."

            "Yeth Mithreth." Marion exclaimed happily and engulfed me in the biggest hug his limp wristed form could produce.  The naked skin of my breasts felt wonderful against the fabric of his uniform.  I had already stripped naked in preparation for tonight's events, the last time I would ever need to wear clothing.

            "Step back Marion, this could get a little…intense."  As my maid complied I undid the top of the vial, gave the liquid within one last longing look, and downed the entire contents.  Despite the vial being room temperature, the liquid burned with heat as it flowed through my body.  Part of it was thermal, but the rest was something more.  The raw energy of chaos perhaps, or unlimited potential.

            The warmth flowed all the way down to my stomach and then bypassed it to pool at my crotch.  Looking down, I could see the first aspects of the change taking place.  The ring of silver scales around the base of my cock grew, swallowing the pink flesh around it.  Soon they would cover my entire body, bringing changes in their wake.

            The warmth flowed into my genitals and I hardened in excitement.  I was at maximum hardness in less than a minute, or at least what had previously been my maximum.  Now my dick continued to grow, gaining another four inches in length and doubling in thickness.  Below this my balls inflated like balloons, stopping at the size of apples apiece.  I looked up at a moan from Marion, who was licking his lips in anticipation.  "Are you looking forward to me sticking this monster into you, my maid?"

            " Yeth Mithreth.  Very muth Mithreth."

            "If it grows too much bigger, I might have to modify you some more to ensure it fits.  Would you like that?"

            "Ooh Yeth Mithreth."

            Looking back down, I saw the spread of scales had already reached my knees.  In their wake they left a field of solid muscle.  Ever after years of rigorous gym workouts, I would easily double in strength tonight. As the changes progressed downward I began to lose my balance.  Marion rushed to my side and I rested a grateful hand on his shoulder.

            The balance issues were caused by my legs transitioning into a digitigrade configuration.  My lower leg bent backward while my foot lengthened.  My toes merged into two fat claws, with a third breaking out through the skin of my heel.  As the transformation finished with my legs they appeared to belong to some ancient scaly reptile, with me walking half crouched on the balls of my feet.  I'd gotten the idea from Scorpia, who'd received a similar modification from a client last year.

            With my legs complete, I felt the fires of transformation climb higher.  They settled into my butt and pushed outward.  This was difficult for me to see, so Marion helpfully brought over a mirror.  In its reflection I could my tailbone expanding out, the column of flesh growing large and thick enough to swallow my butt.  By the time it was done growing it looked like I had the back half of a fish growing out of my lower torso and extending a good four feet behind me.  It had two fins on the side and a tail in back, all ridged with the super sensitive nerve clusters like the smaller versions on my cock.

            There were twin foot like vaginas on either side, close to where the tail connected to my hips.  With some dexterous bending of my legs I could slip them inside these clever little pouches, allowing me to swim like a fish in the water.  As they were big enough to house a leg each, they would also help me satisfy oversized clients.

            With my tail finished, the scales worked their way up my torso.  I was left with a well defined six pack in front and a pair of sharklike fins in back.  These I could bend aside without discomfort, to allow me to lay on my back.  When the scales reached my breasts they lingered longingly.  I had to admit I'd gotten jealous of my maid's large breasts and remedied this with an increase to my own bustline.  The final result was a bit smaller than Marion's, but they were large enough to give a lifetime of back problems to anyone without my enhanced musculature.

            As the scales moved down my arms they made few changes apart from the added muscles and a set of fins running the down the outside of each segment.  The fingers of my hands lengthened, twisting into pointed claws.  I'd been worried this change might affect my painting ability, but after practicing with gloves designed to mimic the effect I didn't notice a drop in quality.  I held one hand up to my face and admired the contrast of the black nail and the silver scales around it.

            As the scales traveled up my throat I found it hard to breath a moment.  When I brought one of my clawed hands up to carefully investigate, I found a set of gills fluttering on either side.  In addition to allowing me to breathe underwater, they would provide air when I sucked on something large enough to block my airway.  I could feel those changes happening internally, the elasticity of my throat increasing to allow me to pleasure even the largest cocks.  These changes propagated up into my mouth, which took on folds and muscles akin to a vagina.  My teeth tingled and I felt them retract, folding back much like a snake's fangs could to prevent injury.

            Marion passed over the hand mirror and I watched as the changes worked their way up my face.  My chin became a little more pointed, my lips plumped and darkened to an inky black.  My nose grew smaller and my eyes bigger, the irises brightening from brown to gold.  My ears shrunk away and to my disappointment, all my hair fell out.  I knew this change was necessary, but my hair had been a proud part of my appearance for years.  It was replaced with a trio of fins, running from my widow's peak all the way back to the base of my neck.  They waved back and forth, seemingly having a mind of their own.

            I closed my eyes, feeling the transformative potential within me filling in all the last little details before snuffing out.  When I opened my eyes, I was no longer the woman I used to be.  I was something powerful, something both masculine and feminine, a being built for pleasure and perversity.  I was the culmination of three years worth of work.  This crazy adventure started with a woman and a cockfish, now I was a giant fishwoman with a cock.  I was no longer Sonia Vaughan…I was now who I was always meant to be, the Silver Queen.


Re: The Silver Queen

Annd, we have a winner!  I like this tale, well done!