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First Period
Unending BE - episode 15

Jim hated first period, as did everyone else in the room. This didn't stop Ms. Garcia from not trying to interest the class in English Literature at 8:15 am. His reverie was broken by the sound of Ms. Garcia drop the chalk and gasp for breath. She was clutching her chest as she turned, and the stunned class could see her breasts growing and pulling her yellow blouse tighter. As the fabric continued to stretch, she ran from the room. The stunned class just sat there facing the door and in complete silence. Just then...

*...(all together now!)something else happened.


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

Jim heard a plastic clatter from behind him, which in the extraordinary silence of the classroom sounded like the rapport of a pistol, if Hasbro made pistols. Several students jumped in their seats. Jim was the first to shake the shock of recent events and turn to look.

"Erm...sorry..." said his friend, Rick. The boy's normally fair skin was as red as a cut beet. After a split second of worried hesitation he bent down in his chair and scrabbled to pick up what appeared to be a thin cigar tube off of the tiled floor. He finally glommed onto the thing just as half the class was turning to see what this new distraction was all about. Rick hastily thrust the silvery tube into his jacket pocket. Still in full turbo hyperblush, he grinned like a cartoon character at all the attention. "Dropped my pen..." he finished lamely.

No one called him on it, however, as the dam of conversation chose that moment to break, flooding the stunned kids with a torrent of babble. Indeed, only Jim was still paying Rick any mind. He made sure that his suspicion was plain upon his face. It worked: Rick, who was finally losing color, reddened anew and sunk into his seat, staring at little particles of guilt apparently floating just above his desk.

After a full fifteen minutes, during which the hubbub grew from amazed chatter to a somewhat prurient uproar, an assistant principal did his very best to try to restore order using nothing but stern glares. When this, somehow to his surprise, failed, he waded into the tumult and started throwing orders like a sprinkler spitting water. It was in this atmosphere that Jim bolted from his seat, grabbed Rick by the collar and hauled him out into the hall.

"Hey! Ow!" protested Rick, though honestly he put up only petty resistance; he was only too glad to get out of there.

"As surely as an Andorian's cunt is blue, you had something to do with what happened to Ms. Garcia!" accused Jim.

Rick looked him up and down. "That was a bizarre thing to say, Jim, I have'ta say..."

Jim scowled down at his slightly shorter friend. "Don't change the subject. What did you do in there? What was that tube I saw you pick up?"

Rick started walking down the hall, forcing Jim to follow.

"Change the subject?" he said, his eyes glancing furtively at every door they passed, reminding Jim of a rat in a cat-guarded house. "I'm not the one talking about the pudenda of cheesy Star Trek aliens, Jim."

"Jesus, you moron, just tell me..."

Rick the Rat interrupted, his voice squeaking with tension. "Not here, bud. I call for an emergency ditching. You comin' with?"

Without waiting more than a half-second for an answer, Rick scampered for an exit.

"Hey, I...wait!" called out Jim. He raced for the door and was through it before it closed. He spied Rick already across the school lawn in a fast walk calculated to look nonchalant and failing utterly. By the time an out-of-breath and out-of-shape Jim reached him Rick was clearly heading for a nearby gas station. Losing patience, Jim grabbed Rick again and twirled him around. The two friends stared at each other. Rick was the first one to break away, clearly embarrassed, yet excited just beneath. His voice took on the character of the "letter peddler" on that TV puppet show.

"Wanna see a magic wand?" he said, glancing first this way then that.

Before Jim could answer, Rick was already pulling out the silvery stick, looking for all the world like a gnomish pervert revealing the stage pole of a fairy's strip club. It was shiny with chrome but covered in Rick's greasy fingerprints. It had a slight knob at either end; really more like caps. It was otherwise unremarkable...a Beverly Hills Pixie Stick.

"A magic wand," repeated Jim, unconvinced.

"Yep," affirmed Rick. "I guess, anyway...I found it behind old Mrs. Smillwallow's trash can. I've been experimenting with it for the last coupla' days." He carefully handed it to Jim, who took it warily, turning it over and over.

"You made Ms. Garcia..." he started, still looking at the "wand".

"Drop her chalk?" grinned Rick. "Yes." He retrieved the thing from Jim. "I can only do relatively small things like that...I figure this really was Mrs. Smillwallow's magic wand (or whatever) and she threw it away before it completely ran outta "juice", just like people toss lighters when the flame gets low."

Jim gave Rick a look, like a dog tasting his own shit and discovering that it wasn't so bad. "You call blowing Garcia's tits up 'small'?"

Rick's grin calmed a bit. "Well, compared to trying to turn the neighbor's kid into a bat, yeah, just small stuff."

"You mean you tried to..."

"So, what the heck was that about an Andorian's cunt earlier, Jim?" Rick had tucked the rod back into his jacket.

Jim ignored him and thought about the weird day he was having so far. After a minute or so, he blinked to clear a little dust from his eyes and looked at his friend.

"So," he began, his voice casual, "what now, kemo sabe?"

*"I dunno...what do YOU want to do?"


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

"I've been thinking about the best way to use this. I think we should..."

*Go downtown and make every woman sexier, hotter and with bigger tits too

After school they took a seat in a pedestrian plaza with a lot of people passing by.

"You have to wish carefully while you're holding the wand",Rick said."Now,we want all the women to look sexier,be dressed more sexily,be more in the mood for sex,and have bigger tits.I'd say nobody gets out of wand range with tits smaller than a D,and anyone with C or D gets more than that.And any woman over say 35 gets to look as much younger as wouldn't surprise people too much."

"We don't want any public panics",said Jim."So we can't let clothes burst,or any woman be very conscious of her change."

Rick nodded,and began.

For over an hour they sat there,watching passing women's chests swell,wrinkles fade,clothes shrink...tops grew clingier and lower cut,all skirts,even micro-minis,got at least a little shorter.Bras expanded and became more revealing...or disappeared entirely.Glances grew more flirtatious as sexual thoughts spread.

There were some shop windows within range of the wand,and Rick took some time out to make the fashions on display sexier.


*An attractive policewoman came over and asked what they were doing.

"Hi, fellas," the policewoman stood with her hand on her hip, "you boys have been sitting here a while." Rick looked at her innocently and replied, "nothing, ma'am, just sitting." Jim tried to act nonchalant, but couldn't help staring at the changes overtaking the policewoman. She looked younger every second, her pants steadily retreated up her legs and grew tighter around her well-shaped ass. Rick was staring hard at her, and Jim nudged him as the officer's shirt gradually slipped farther and farther open under the pressure of her expanding breasts. "You boys are going to have to move along, now" she instructed them, tipping her peaked cap back on her head to let her long hair spill down around her shoulders. Rick just kept staring while...

*Jim dragged Rick to his feet, and apologized to the officer for loitering.

"Just doing my job",she said pleasantly,as the boys tried hard not to drool.The now gorgeous and remarkably buxom policewoman smiled and scribbled on the back of a card,handing it to Jim.It had her home address and phone number."I've just broken up with my boyfriend",she said,"and right now I really want some male company.Maybe you guys could come over tonight after I get off duty?" She seemed to stabilize in form,seemingly in her early twenties,her breasts perhaps F cup.Jim nodded absently and she left them.

*They moved on to another public place to work similar changes on other women.

Rick pocketed the policewoman's 'phone number and headed off with Jim to a new location to continue their work. "Rick, I'm thinking," Jim looked a bit troubled, "we could sit out here all day and make every woman we see as fine as we want: breasts, hair, ass, legs, waist, age, complexion, anything; we're like sculptors working in a medium of living female flesh." Rick replied, "yeah, fucking awesome if you ask me." Jim frowned "But what's the point? Suppose we make every woman we see ideally gorgeous; who'll be pretty? What will it mean? There'll be no flat chicks, or fat chicks, or old chicks, just a world of babes, all equally hot." Rick smacked Jim in the head. They arrived at a large strip mall and took up seats along the main entryway. "Just shut up and start wishing, I can't do all this myself, you know."

*Rick saw a woman he knew, a woman who deserved "special" attention.


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

The woman he decided to toy with was...

*Jolene, in tight jeans & t-shirt, at a hot dog stand

Jolene, a voluptuous blonde, is at the hot dog stand getting lunch. With a wave of his wand, Rick....

*Gives her a "foot long weiner" of her own

Rick watched Jolene, the big-tittied blonde in plain jeans and t-shirt, but cute pink heels, trying to decide whether or not to purchase a hot dog from a vendor. Rick overheard the vendor make a lewd comment involving how he bet Jolene could do marvels to a foot-long weiner. Rick could see from the look on her face how not amused Jolene was at the bad sexual joke, and figured she had heard something like it all her life, and a grin came to his face as he a wicked idea. Rick used the wand on Jolene so that, if she chose to get the vendor for his poor joke, she would grow an inch of dick for every inch of hotdog she ate and the more she ate the more the vendor would want to suck her off.

*Jolene buys a six incher...

Jolene smirked, and bought a hotdog despite the lewd vendor. She wasn't very hungry, and perhaps just to make the vendor mad, she bought a normal, six-inch hot dog and walked away. Jim and Rick watched in secret fascination as she sat at a bus stop bench and started to eat the hotdog. Slowly, with each little bite, a bulge began to form in her jeans. Blissfully unaware, Jolene kept on eating, her new equipment straining her already tight jeans. She even shifted her legs to adjust herself, smiling unaware at the people staring at her.

*Jolene catches the bus, and goes home.

"Aw, weak." Jim exclaimed as Jolene got on the bus. "Looks like we have to
have fun with someone else. "

"You have no imagination, Jim." Rick said, and beckoned him to follow. Rick
led Jim down a street, and into an electronics store, Best Buy, to be

"Rick, I knew you were a geek, but I think this might be too much. It's
time for an intervention." Jim said, annoyed, as he followed him toward the
home entertainment section.

"You still don't get it. C'mere. " Rick sat down at a plush leather couch,
inserted in front of the biggest plasma TV either of them had ever seen. It
was a "how-to" display meant to show off their best television, and
surround sound system. With a wave of the wand, the TV now displayed a
perfect view of Jolene, sitting passively on the bus.

"Wow, good idea." Jim said, sitting down and grabbing the remote.


Jolene walked up the stairway to her apartment, on the fifth floor. Her pants
were rubbing her the wrong way somehow, and she couldn't wait to get out
of them. Despite her annoyance, she bounded up the steps happily. She's
never gotten this much attention before, even on the bus. She unlocked the
door to her apartment, and stepped inside. Almost immediately she slid out
of her pants, and her eyes came to rest on the cock and balls stuffed into her
panties. She touches it gingerly, and half yelps at the real, warm feeling in it.
Somewhere, inside an electronics store, two men are howling with laughter.

After calming herself down, she looked at the problem logically. She paced her
apartment while thinking, her six-inch dick flopping around with her quick steps.
Plenty of people were like this, right? Besides....it could be fun.

*"Maybe some food will calm me down." Thinks Jolene


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

Jim was getting a little bored watching Jolene search for something to eat.
Jolene, dressed only in a bra and(for now) a pair of boxer shorts, rummaged
around her kitchen for something that might calm her down. As she reaches
for a few grapes to snack on, Rick covertly waves the wand at the TV, he
and Jim still watching from miles away. With each grape, her hair turns
darker, longer, silkier. By the time she saw her reflection in the stainless
steel refridgerator, it was raven black, and reached almost to her waist.

"So, wait." Jim said, interrupting the moment. "Every food changes her?"

"Yeah, so I got bored. This ought to prove VERY interesting. I also made
her a little hungrier, so we won't have to wait."

Back in her apartment, Jolene's stomach rumbled. She smiled deviously,
and opened up her refridgerator again.

She pulled out:

*Something Else

Out of grapes, Jolene peered into the fridge for something else tasty to snack on. She seemed to have a bottomless appetite today. She found a bag of fresh pitted cherries to snack on, and pulled them from the fridge.

"Oh, this should be great." Jim said, jabbing Rick in the ribs and resuming his zombie stare at the television in front of them.

Jolene popped a cherry into her mouth, and chewed thoughtfully. Her lips seemed to perk slightly, and take on a deeper color. With each cherry they took on a richer red and more prominent shine. She quickly emptied the bag, and licked her new lips before looking back into the fridge. Her lips had plumped somewhat, and now seemed to be a deep cherry red color with a permanent slick shimmering gloss. Rick could swear her nipples looked redder too, now peeking through the bra she wore.

Jolene pulled something new from the fridge to eat, it was...


Jolene reached into the fridge and pulled out some old chocolate cake she had been saving for after her diet and uncerimoniously started to wolf it down with her bare fingures.

Rick and Jim watch, slightly disappointed, that for a moment nothing happened.

Then, to Jims mild surprise, Jolene's skin began to get darker to a smooth transition to of dark brown. Her already black her began to swirl into a curl and she began to sweat a little.

Jolene sighed at whatever rush the cake gave her and tossed the empty plate into her sink. Her glanse turned back toward her fidge. Jim notice that eyes where now yellow for some reason.

"Wow." Jim said. "That was...interesting. I'm surprised she hadn't noticed that something was off yet."

"Yeah. I didn't think the change would be so obvious though." Rick stared at the TV. "I mean brown skin from chocolate cake isn't as thrilling as I'd hoped. The yellow eyes...not so predictable, must be an ingrediant in the cake, but not still not too mind blowing huh?"

"Her glisting body is still in almost nothing. That's hot." said Jim simplely.

On TV Jolene licked her lips, and pulled out...

*Another Hot dog.

Jolene didn't seem aware of her transformations causes, just the results. She didn't think twice before heating up a pack of hot dogs from her fridge. She let them grill in her George Foreman grill for a few minutes, and heated up some buns in the microwave.

Taking the eight inch hot dogs off the grill, she puts them in the buns with some fixings. For some reason, she's still feeling hungry after the first hot dog and the grapes, when normally she was a pretty light eater. It seemed odd to Jolene, but she didn't worry about it after taking the first delicious bite of the hot dog.

As Jolene ate the meaty meal, her own meat grew. With each inch of hot dog gone, an inch of cock grew and her balls swelled. When she was finished with the first hot dog, her cock was hanging out of one of the legs of her boxers, and her balls now hung like lemons in their recently formed scrotum.

Jim and Rick watched on, mischievously laughing from the safe distance of a nearby electronics store.

*Jolene notices the growth, and figures it all out.

As Jolene happily finished her hot dog, she felt something shifting in her boxers, and became vaguely aware of her growth. She paused to look downward, marveling at her new size. Her eyes went from her cock, to the new hot dog in her hand, and back to her cock again. Slowly, experimentally, she took a bite of the hot dog while watching her crotch intently. Her eyes widened as she saw her crotch snake a little further down her leg, and grow just a little wider in the process. Her balls swelled even further. She took another bite just to see if it happened again.

Dream logic set in, and Jolene giggled with glee. She rushed back to her fridge, nearly tripping as she slid a pair of sweat pants on. She skidded to a halt and opened the fridge to view dozens of new opportunities.

She grabbed the first phallic object she saw, which happened to be a carrot. She big into it eagerly, but didn't immediately feel anything. She looked down at her cock expectantly, but it hadn't gotten any bigger. As she ate the rest of the carrot, however, she felt her pants slide up her legs. She felt her bra become uncomfortable, too small. She slowly realized as she ate the last bit of the carrot that everything seemed smaller. A quick hop to the doorway revealed that the carrot added its length to her height: Once five foot eight, now six foot four. She smiled deviously as she stretched her new, longer legs.

*Jolene pulls out a carton of milk.


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

Jolene pulled out a full carton of milk and yanked the lid off. And with an unnatural smile of bliss upon her lips hefted the entire liter to her lips.

"No way." said Jim. "She going to drink the entire liter?"

"I said I made her hunger increase." Rick shrugged.

They watch and she gulpped like she hadn't drank anything in weeks. She got more excited the more she drank. She sweated even more, unnoticing to the changes.

To Rick and Jim the changes that occurs didn't really shock anyone ether, but the still watched intently...and for good reason.

Milk escaped as Jolene cugged the carton. the dropps rolled down her dark skin all the way down her enlarginge chest. Every glup she took was added to her jiggling breasts. The bra was soaked and straining. More and more she breast filled up. Her nipples were erect as seen through the milk soaked pads of her underwear.

While the bra struggles uselessly to hold it's growing load. jolene had other changes. The most noticable was her ear grew pointed and slightly furry, like a cow's. The second most noticable was the fact that her skin, while still dark brown, grew lighter in tone in some areas to create the illustion of a spotted pattern.

"Damn." whispered Jim. "It's cowgirl to the extreme."

"Not to the extreme. That depends on how much milk she drinks."

Jim oogled Jolenes increasing bust size. They were reaching the size of melons. Suddenly the bra burst and the load sprange forth. the skin streched and as Jolene moned and jiggled, Jim throught he heard a slushing sound. The breast grew to roughly beachball sized and each breast grew three new, barely noticable nipples. Jolene moaned and gulped. She reached out and squeezed on of them with a frre hand. Milke began to leak stongly from her nipples. The milk was chocolate and steaming.

Both men stared at the TV wishing for her to finish the carton, but the sensation of giving milk seemed to jarr her out of her trance briefly. She set the carton down and looked down in shock at her gloriously huge breasts.

"Oh my god." she reached up and massaged her new ears. "OH MY GOD. Wha-what happened to me?!"

Rick and Jim listen intently to her on their screen. There was the sound of a door opening and shutting in Jolene's appartment.

"Jolene?! It's me, Amber. Class got out early. Do we still have any of that chocolate cake left?"

Jolene looked even more paniced. Footsteps headed for the kitchen and Jolene ran, jiggling hottly, out of the screens veiw only to appear again trying to squeeze her two huge globes into a shirt she found laying around. The effort caused more chocolate milk to jet out from her engorged nipples.

"Jolene are you he-OH GEEZ!" A beautiful skinny red head, presumable Amber, walk in and nearly did a face plant into Jolene bouncing left breast.

Amber jumped back and glaced at Jolene in shock. "Who are-" Amber stopped mid sentence and recognition dawn on her face. "Jolene?! Is that-"

"YES!" Jolene cryed, still struggleing with her shirt, choclate milk splashed everywhere, soaking it through.

Amber eyed this in a state of shock. "What happened?!"

"I don't know." Jolene said. "I was hungery and then..." She glance back to the fridge. Then she was back in her trance. " I was hungery...so...hungrey." She glanced hungery down at her own overflowing breasts.

Amber, now having spent a little time on the screen also seemed affected. She was still eyed Jolene's swollen nipples, not with shock now, however. Amber looked very hungery too.

"Me...too." Amber said.

*Jolene trys out her own choclate milk while Amber grabs something to eat from the fridge.


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

The spell effected Amber quickly. Her horror turned to envy staring at her best friends expanded dripping rack. Amber was on the same diet as Jolene which was pretty demanding. Amber had experienced hunger but not on the scale she was at now. Lunging toward the fridge she pawed frantically through for something to fill her up.

Meanwhile, Jolene was happy hungry and horney. Aiming at her mouth she began squeezing her nipples so that milk shot out. It tasted so very sweet and it felt like her breasts were having multiple orgasms. With a total of eight nipples leaking milk Jolene quickly became drenched in milk.

Apparently when Rick cast the spell to make Jolene hungry it worked both on her normal appitite and her sexual appitite. Jolene sat down on the cold tile floor, her breasts showing no signs of slowing down, while she used her feet to play with her hot dog created penis.

Jim and Rick were both supporting wood as they stared at the image before them. The sound of someone clearing their throat made Jim lose concentration from the images infront of him to notice the stores manager, Phil by the name tag, standing behind the two.

"Well well, I must say you two have some nerver, coming into my store and putting this filth on our TV. I am going to have to ask you two to leave or I will call the police."

Rick turned around just long enough to flick the wand at the manager. With sudden shock Phil grabbed at his crotch. For some reason Jim knew exactly what that look was. Phil was becoming a Philette or somehting. Jim just was glad it wasn't him (well most of him atleast part of him was curious).

Back in Jolene's apartment, Amber had found herself some food. Craving both food and sex she pulled out two chili dogs with the works. With no hesitation she shoved both in her mouth at the same time covering her face with chili. She didn't begin to chew instead she began to suck on both of them, eventually seperating the bun and draining the chili. She pulled them methodically in and out her lips moistly smacking together when it left her mouth half of the dog sucked clean.

The Chili started to make her sweat a little so that her body glistened. He red hair became a much brighter form of red towards the ends and almost orange near her head. Her hair began to move out of its short neatly combed place to rise off her head and form clumps. It never stopped moving and gave the illusion of a slow moving fire. The buns went straight to her rear filling out her almost invisble backside with nice tight flesh. It grew out about three inches forming a small bubble butt.

Jim and Rick heard moaning coming from behind the couch they were sitting on as Phil seemed to be going through some more changes. Rick made the changes go by very slowly for him. People in the store no longer seemed to be noticing them or the every changing Phil, he mentally commended Rick on his forsight given the circumstances.

Jolene didn't seem to be changing from her own milk much. He skin might have become a shade darker but it seemed that if her bust was growing then it was just to replace the lost milk the was starting to pool on the kitchen floor. With a load scream Jolene clamped down hard on her breasts drenching the rest of the kitchen, including Ambers entire backside. She had her first ejaculation from her penis immdeiatly after. She sat there a moment cuaght in revere then promptly passed out on the floor.

Amber having finished off the outsides of the hot dogs, opened her mouth wide and faced the ceiling as she dangled the hot dog above her head. She was no innocent when it came to sex and had learned a few tricks in college already. With out one bite she swallowed the hot dog whole with a loud gulp as it traveled down her throat. Promptly she followed suit with the second one. Much like Jolene, Amber quickly grew a six inche dick. However, shortly after another one formed right beside it. Amber didn't seem to notice though as she began to look through the fridge for something else.

*Amber wants to eat more.


Re: Jolene at a Hot Dog Stand

Amber wasn't sure what to think, but the changes to her breasts and her roommate were undeniable. "Why not?" she decided, and reached for a peach.

Her first bite was unremarkable, she felt something odd, but couldn't place it. The peach was delicious, juicy and ripe with sugar. She took a second bite, losing some of the juice down her chin.

Amber quicky ate the whole peach, but still didn't feel any different. Just oddly empty. She stood up, and felt her panties along her nether lips in a way she wasn't used to. Her hand reached under her thigh length skirt in between her cocks, and felt the enlarged region her pussy now occupied. It was at least twice as tall as normal!

"Ugh... Jo... you won't believe this but the peach made my pussy bigger!"