Topic: Salve of Transformation: Lisa's New Day

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SoT: Lisa's new Day
Unending BE - episode 405445

The bright morning light hit Lisa's eyes. She felt the cool breeze of the new spring hit her. "Aw..." Lisa thought to herself. "I could just relax all day." It was Saturday morning. Another breeze hit her face causing some hairs to settle on her face. Lisa sat up and wiped the hairs out of her face, she yawned and stretched.

Lisa walked up to her mirror and started to comb her long black hair. The new morning light shimmered off her hair. Lisa was 16 years old and in high school. She was smart but not too smart for her age. She wasn't a complete nerd...

She had a tall, thin, frame. She was thin which was good, but she did not have anything in the breast department. Her green pajamas hung off her. She sighed. Lisa walked out into the kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cereal. There was a note on the fridge.

"Hi Honey, I am going out shopping. I will be back in a few hours.

Lisa crumbed it and threw it out. She continues to eat her breakfast when she noticed a rapping at the door. "Hold on." Lisa walked to the door and opened it. No one was there but a small package on the welcome mat. Bending down, she could see that it was packaged to her. But who would have sent to her?

Lisa carried the package to the table and opened it. Ruffling through the newspaper, she found some kind of bottle. It was small; it could fit in a person's pocket easily. It looked like some kind of perfume. Lisa looked at the label. "SALVE OF TRANSFORMATION" Hmmm...

Lisa turned it over and squinted to read the back. "Just a dab and your wishes shall be granted..." Lisa almost immediately got excited. She always was a firm believer in magic and the supernatural. Then she thought again. It was too good to be true. "But hey." She thought to herself. "It couldn't hurt, could it."

*"I can't wait any longer!" Lisa tries it on herself.

Lisa looked at the bottle. It had a spray nozzle on the top. "Where should I try this on?"

*Lisa sprays her butt.

Lisa spritzes the spray into the air and sniffs it. She likes the smell of the spray. Soon after enjoying herself she sprays her butt by accident. At first there was a wet spot on her pants but it soon seemed to absorb through the cloth into her skin.

Not much later Lisa got thirsty so she went to the sink and got a glass of water. As she was drinking it, she started to get a wave of heat and a spazism in her butt. Was she getting sick? Soon sweat started to develope as she ran to her room to check out what was happening to her...

*Lisa notices a nub at the end of her tailbone. She is growing a tail!

Lisa scratches at her tailbone as she went to her room. She quickly pulls her pants down. A small nub was pushing out stretching at her panties.

"What is that?" Lisa quickly pulls the panties down to find.

*A penis-tail?

As she pulled her pants down, she was shocked to find a small penis growing out of her tailbone. It wiggled a little as it emerged from her skin. What's more was she could feel the sensations of it. She reached around and touched it, overwhelmed by the new senations from the emerging "tail." The penis grew longer and longer, actually beginning to resemble a tail with a penis head at the end. She wasn't sure what to make of it, but she knew she had to do something...if only she could think of something...

*She used the SoT to try and stop the transformation, but only makes it worse.


Re: Salve of Transformation: Lisa's New Day

Lisa quickly regained her composure.

"I have to change myself back! I look like a total freak!"

She took the salve and sprayed the erect penis-tail and rubbed the liquid in. She gasped at the sensations it gave off. She quickly realized what she was doing and removed her hands.

"I hope this would fix this." Lisa concentrated on the growth to disappear.

After a few moments the throbbing lessened. She turned around to see the erection shrink until it was gone again. The tingling did not go away. In fact it seemed to move around her body.

"Oh no!" Lisa gasped as she felt it center on a new area.

*The sensation centers on Lisa's mouth. She feels her tongue getting stiff!

She could feel her tounge growing. The feeling was not unlike her mouth being very full. Lisa clamped her hands overher mouth in a vain attempt to stop the inevitable from happening. She could feel the dick swelling and attemptinh to esacpe the confines of her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as the massive organ grew larger. Realizing her fate and unable to do any more, she pulled her hands away. Immediatly her new dick broke free.

Boiling out of her mouth the penis extended outward for a good foot. It dangled there , rubbing against her chin. Frantically she pulled on it in an attempt to remove it. But this, as any man would know, is how you masturbate. The dick bagan to harden. Now erect, the organ was so wide Lisa's mouth was streched so tight around it she was unable to make any sound.

*She decided to use the salve again. (Lisa dosen't learn well from past mistakes)

Lisa shook in horror as she reached a quivering hand up to her new...acquisition, "oh my GOD, what the fuck have I done?" Lisa thought to herself, unable to speak with the massivequivering tongue turned cock forcing her jaws open. "oh my god oh my god oh my god, what am I going to do? I cant be seen like this!" Lisa thought as she paced back and forth quickly, occasionally wincing as the bobbing of the dripping rock hard cock caused her to wince in horrified pleasure. Before she could decide what to do, the swelling sensation returned, this time in her chin... she reached up in attempt to find out what the hell was going on, only her hand stopped before it reached her chin... a massive pair of balls was growing in, their weight increasing to the point where she could feel the strain increasing on her back; within seconds, they were easily the size of cantalopes, as they came to rest on her breasts.

"What the fuck is going on here?! lisa tried to say, quivering in panic. Before she could finish, however, the action of trying to talk finished her off, her eyes bugged out as the massive prick began to spurt, within moments, the force of the sensation forced her to her knees, as the massive organ bucked up and down, spraying a thick coat on the wall several feet in front of her.

Several moments later, lisa thought to herself, "Well, this stuff is called the salve of transformation, isnt it? Maybe I can get rid of this thing if I can just think clearly enough... lisa thought to herself, reaching for the spray bottle, but of course, dropped it due to her... well, coating

*Legs, she tries to get up, only to find they are fusing together to form a massive....

Unfortunately, Lisa had, in her haste, forgotten about the thick layer of gooey cum on her hand. As she grabbed the spray bottle, it slipped through her fingers, turning upside down and leaking its contents all over her legs before sliding under her dresser. Immediately, she felt a tingling sensation, both in her legs and in the dick still dangling from between her lips. The hanging member instantly withdrew into her mouth, as did the heavy scrotum on her chin. Lisa was delighted... until the tingle in her legs strengthened.

Her pajamas seemed to ooze right off, revealing her bare legs, which were already beginning to meld together and stiffen. "Oh, God, no, not again! What is it with this stuff?" Lisa gasped, her restored (but still somewhat thick-feeling) tongue working just fine. She watched helplessly as her legs fused together, thickened, stiffened, and swelled out at the tip. Lisa felt the tip open and begin leaking a thick fluid.

Pulling herself over to the dresser, wincing as the carpet rubbed against her sensitive new phallus, Lisa reached under the dresser for the bottle. By some trick of fate, however, the bottle had slid to the farthest corner, where not even Lisa's long arms could reach. After a few minutes of straining, Lisa gave up on reaching it. Then, her eye caught her cell phone, sitting on her bedside table (out of the way of strange fluids, fortunately).

She decided to call her friend Holly. Although it would be embarrassing being seen this way, it beat being stuck as half-girl, half-dick. Finally remembering to wipe her hands off, she picked up the phone and dialed Holly's number. She had just hung up when she felt her boobs start to tingle. Fearful, Lisa pulled off her pajama top just as her breasts began to swell. "Well, this isn't so bad," Lisa said to herself...until she noticed that the skin of her breasts was getting looser as they fell lower and lower. Soon, Lisa's boobs had become a pair of melon-sized nuts. By now, her chest weighed too much to hold up; so, she sat, chin in hands, waiting for Holly to arrive.

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