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There are 3 routes here worth mentioning that share most of the same text. I've posted all 3 here.

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Re: Novelty Chocolates

A Typical Day for Rachel?
added by Riku on 05/10/2004 04:32

Rachel Clark woke up to the sound of her alarm clock going off as it always did this time of day. She was a fairly attractive young woman, just turned eighteen a few days ago and fresh out of High School. Part of her wished she was still in school though, lately her life had fallen into a rut. It was the same thing every day - getting up at 8am, helping her mom around the house, getting on the internet to chat with friends, going shopping for little things and then going to bed. Rachel longed for a change from her boring routine with every fiber of her being! Little did she know her wish was about to come true..

She was frying pancakes in the kitchen for breakfast when she heard a knock at the door that started her.

"Who could that be? No one stops by here this early." She mused to herself. "Mom isn't even up yet!"

Turning the flame down on the stove, she set her spatula aside and walked out of the kitchen, towards the front hall.

"Oh, my hair is a mess!" She pouted as she passed the mirror in the hall. Raising a hand, she tried to smooth it down. "I really hope it's no one important, I look like a monkey styled my hair."

Despite being worried about her appearance, Rachel knew she had to answer the door. It had to be something important, either that or some stupid salesman. She was really hoping it did end up being something big, at least she'd get a little excitement in her life that way.

"Hello?" She opened the door and peered outside.. but no one was there. Rachel blinked her eyes a few times and turned her head to look up and down the street for someone walking but again, there was no one. "Oh no.. I'm getting so bored that it really is driving my crazy."

She went to close the door when the edge tapped against a brown, paper wrapped package sitting on the porch. The cancelled stamps on the front were completely unfamiliar, Rachel figured they had to be from some obscure foreign country, but it was addressed directly to her in delicate, flowing script.

"Huh? Where did this come from?" She bent down and picked up the box. It was surprisingly light. "Maybe it's a late birthday present that mom ordered. Looks like it's from some place like Abu-Dhabi."

Shrugging, Rachel carried the package inside and set it down on the coffee table. If it was a present, her mom probably wanted her to wait to open it but she couldn't find anything on the label to indicate that and it -was- addressed to her.

"It must be something really special since the postman delivered it this early. Ohhh.. I have to open it, I don't think I can wait until mom gets up! Besides, I can just rewrap it later!" Rachel giggled, feeling excited over her mystery package.

Carefully she took off the paper and opened up the lid. She couldn't believe her eyes! Inside was....


Re: Novelty Chocolates

TF Chocolates
added on 06/29/2005 17:21

Rachel opened the box and saw another box, she pulled it out and saw that it was a box of Chocolates. On the Box were the words, "Transform Chocolates, You never know what you'll be".

"Transform Chocolates? Never heard of these. Mom probably signed me up to some Product Testing Group."

Rachel went back to cooking her pancakes but every few seconds, she looked at the box of chocolates. She finished cooking and ate her breakfast. Rachel then grabbed the box of chocolates and ran upstairs to her room.

She opened the lid and saw all kinds of chocolates. There was no guide to the chocolates on the back of the lid so she had to randomly pick one.

Rachel picked one and ate it. Then...

Novelty Chocolates
added by FS Lash on 06/30/2005 12:38

Rachael closed her door and lay down on her bed with the box of chocolates, she immediately began to giggle, The box was filled with all sorts of novelty molded chocolates in different shapes. Two of each one white chocolate one dark chocolate.

She picked out a small pair of white chocolate breasts and tucked them into her mouth enjoying the taste, she swallowed the chocolate and suddenly felt the pressure of laying on her chest relieved. She sat up wondering why her bra felt loose.

She spied the chocolate box and leaped back with a yelp on her bed. The chocolate she had just eaten was back. She looked at the tiny pair of white chocolate breasts.

"No Way!" She said crawling over to the box she plucked out the white chocolate breasts again, waiting for it to reappear, it didn't.

Rachael thought she was going mad, the taste of the chocolate still lingered on her tongue and she slipped the white chocolate breasts in her mouth again swallowing the delicious chocolate. Another appeared in the box.

"Oh My God!" Rachael said, then she noticed the weight of her breasts become almost non existent.

"Oh My God!" She repeated looking in the mirror, She had lost 2 cup sizes. She peeled off her shirt followed by her bra which slid straight off her now flat chest.

Rachael picked up the box of chocolates looking again for instructions, this time she found only a small diagram on the side.

Black = [Up Arrow]
White = [Down Arrow]

Rachael opened the chocolates again, picked up the dark breast piece and ate it. Her chest tingled and then expanded like someone was pumping her breasts back up to their former glory. The piece had re-appeared she ate another one, her breasts swelled out more back to their original B cup.

Rachael cupped her breasts sighing in relief. She looked back to the box of chocolates, seemingly endless, little objects there had to be at least 50 pairs in the box.

"and no one is home all weekend." Rachael said to herself. She felt a sensual shudder pass through her body and her cheeks flush at the sudden realization of what she could do.


Re: Novelty Chocolates

Rachael experiments
added by FS Lash on 06/30/2005 13:05

Rachael tried to calm herself but she shook slightly as she took the dark chocolate breasts again slipping them into her mouth. She watched as her breasts slowly inflated to a C cup, her skin felt tight but not painful as they began to grow but then it felt natural, her larger nipples began sending signals to the rest of her body and her cheeks flushed with color as the process brought a warmth to her nether regions.

She cupped her breasts grinning in awe, laughing in short surprised bursts still trying to come to terms with her new box of magical chocolates. The warmth in between her legs itched for attention and she blushed with the honest assessment that she was getting off on this.

In for a dime... she thought plucking the dark chocolate breasts out of the packet where they had reappeared. In for a dollar, she slipped the chocolate between her lips with a single finger chewing on the tiny molded breasts licking the nipples away with amusement while she held her hands on her new C cups, they began to grow again flesh spilling out from under her hands.

Rachael swallowed the chocolate and then got off her bed and stood in front of her full length mirror.

"wow" she whispered to herself letting her hands drop as she stared at herself in amazement. They were huge on her slim frame and she wasn't used to the weight but she immediately began to pose. Pushing them together and pouting at the mirror to create a great valley of cleavage she was never able to get before then she stood up straight with her shoulders back each breast sitting large and proud on her chest.

Her fingers wandered over her enlarged breasts, extra flesh providing a new sensual landscape for her to explore the itching between her legs growing every second until she could barely ignore it she collapsed back on her bed and slid one hand down her jeans and under the lace edge of her panties. Her free hand was busy caressing her new D cup, her nipples were already proudly erect when she began to pinch them.

The sensation was electric, Her new nipples were far more sensitive than her old ones had been, her other hand began to caress her magic button inside her panties and with a single pinch she moaned loudly as she brought herself to a toe curling orgasm.


Re: Novelty Chocolates

More experimentation
added by FS Lash on 06/30/2005 14:37

Rachael calmed down after her orgasm the itch in her pants sated for now. She wondered if the chocolates had some sort of aphrodisiac properties too.

She lay back on her bed tracing circles around her new D cups before turning over to lay on her side looking into the large box of chocolates. It was hard to tell what some of them were supposed to be but others were obvious, her fingers trembled as she reached out for a dark chocolate penis, She looked at the tiny chocolate in between her fingers it began to melt slightly in her hand.

She slipped it into her mouth and then sucked the melted chocolate from her fingers. She felt a rush of warmth in her crotch and pressure in her tight jeans. Rachael took a moment to process the new sensation coming from her pants before unbuttoning the fly on her jeans.

Rachael sat on the side of her bed and slipped her fingers into the sides of her jeans and pulled them off slowly, the betraying bulge barely an inch in size was very visible in her panties which were soaked from her previous attention.

She took a sharp breath in wards when she pulled her panties back. There it was standing out hard from her body with a small pair of balls underneath it, she instinctively flexed a new muscle causing it to twitch. Rachael pulled her panties off and let them fall to the floor. Hesitating she reached a hand down and touched it.

She began to caress it, then cupped her new tiny testicles her finger slipped into her vagina tucked beneath her tiny ball sac. Of course she hadn't ate a white vagina shrinking/removing chocolate, it was still there.

One thought flooded her mind, she picked up another penis chocolate, then another and watched as her erection grew, 3 inches, 4, 5, 6, It seemed huge to her now her dainty hand able to fit around it. It was rapidly becoming the center of her desires. It was still smaller than Jarred's though.

Jarred was her boyfriend of 11 months they hadn't gone all the way but she had seen his up close a few times, she wondered what he would say if he knew that she was about to have a bigger penis than him. She ate another 2 chocolates. Her new penis swelled in her hand pointing away from her crotch hard as a rock and throbbing as it begged for attention, a small damp patch was forming under her as her juices flowed from arousal.

It was definitely bigger than Jarred's now, 8 inches and thick with a set of large balls that looked obscene on her female frame. Clumsily she wrapped her hand around it and began to masturbate her male organ the motion set her new D cups bouncing. But they were forgotten as the pressure rose in her new organ.

She kept going clutching her left breast teasing the nipple as she pumped her 8 inch cock, Sex clouded her mind completely thoughts invading her consciousness as she pictured her boyfriend with his lips wrapped around her cock, in her minds eye however he began to change, growing breasts and full pouty lips...

All thoughts were washed away as she came thick gobs of semen bursting from her new organ with a power that sent it flying all across her abdomen and the bottom of her breasts. Rachael could hardly care she was lying back on her bed basking in the afterglow as her penis began to go flaccid.

Finally she came to her senses, her mind slowly making sense of the new input she stood looking herself in the mirror.

"You slut" she said to herself, she had made quite a mess. Her penis began to stiffen again. "Oh no you don't!" She said and began to scoop white 'shrinking' chocolates into her mouth until after 8 of them the appendage had disappeared completely slowly shrinking into her body like a retreating snake, Racheal quivered at the sensation then she took a breast shrinking chocolate leaving her a C cup.

"Thats almost back to normal." She said walking into her bathroom, Checking out the mirror. Already naked she slipped into the shower and began washing her own cum from her torso.

She began contemplating the fantasy she had formed while pumping her now gone cock. The more she thought about it, the more aroused and excited she got. She could sneak them into food, maybe even mix and match, what would happen if she melted two together?

Her mind was racing.


Re: Novelty Chocolates

Mix and Match
added on 04/22/2006 16:23

Leaving the shower she decided to experiment a bit more.

The idea of melting two together seemed fascinating, but she had no idea where to start and what with. Deciding to let chance decide she closed her eyes and picked out two random chocolates, hoping that they would work together.

To her disappointment one of the chocolates was a breast size reducer, but the other was a regular chocolate penis. That could be interesting.

Carefully she warmed both chocolates in her hands until they were just starting to get soft, then she pressed the two together. It wasn't a perfect match up, the base on the penis chocolate melted deep into the breast chocolate right on top of the nipples to the point where the balls were gone. Feeling a little nervous she popped the odd combination into her mouth and waited to see what would happen.

The first change was obvious, her breasts rapidly went down a cup size. Then the next change began with a pressure in her nipples. They first grew longer and slightly thicker before their tips reformed into the heads of a pair of miniature penises. She now had an inch long penis on each of her breasts where the nipples should have been. They sat in the center of the areola and were the same color as her nipples had been, though slightly softer and less perky. Running a finger around one caused it to harden and send the most delightful feelings pulsing through her chest. Playing with them could wait a moment more though, she didn't want to have such small breasts.

Popping a regular chocolate breast into her mouth she smiled as she watched her breasts grow again.

Done experimenting for the time being she got dressed, shuddering in pleasure at the feeling of the smooth fabric of her bra over the pair of penises on her chest. They quickly became erect, sending jolts of pleasure through her body with every jiggle of her breasts and movement of her body. The way they poked out against the fabric of her shirt struck her as being unbearably sexy.

Smiling she decided to give her boyfriend a call. Having him join in her experimenting would make it even more fun.

Chocolates for Mark
added by Will on 11/16/2006 23:45

As the phone rang, Rachel teased the penises through her shirt. They felt so delicious, she suddenly had the urge to eat some more dark chocolate penises to see what would happen. But Mark was already picking up.

“He-Hello?” he asked, his words slurring. Rachel realized that she had probably woken him up; it was only 10:00 on a weekend.

“Mark?” she asked. “It’s me, Rachel. Listen, I just got this amazing present from my mom, and you have to come over and check it out.”
“Wha-?” Mark said, sounding confused. “Well, what is it?”

“I can’t tell you over the phone! You just have to come over and see for yourself!”

“Well, okay. I’ll see you in a couple minutes.”

Rachel hung up and paced around the kitchen. Mark would come around, she decided, once he had seen the chocolates and tried a couple. But she needed to surprise him with them.

In a short while the doorbell rang, and Rachel opened it to find Mark outside. He was a rumpled-looking guy, with tousled hair and a loose-fitting jacket hanging over a plaid buttoned shirt. He slouched slightly when he stood, and was perpetually leaning back as if appraising something.

“Hey, Rachel.” he said. They exchanged a quick kiss and hug, and Rachel thought he paused for a second as he felt her new nipples.

“So, what’s the surprise? He asked her.

Rachel smiled mischeviously at Mark and led him inside. When they were in her room with the door closed - she felt nervous, even though noone was home - she showed him the box of chocolates.

“Woah,” he said. “Novelty chocs. Haha, these are awesome!” He picked out a dark chocolate penis and popped it into his mouth. “Mmm . . . wait, does this mean I’m gay?”

Rachel smiled, but she was waiting for the chocolate to take effect. She noticed a growing bulge in Mark’s pants. He didn’t seem to feel it, though.

“Read what it says on the box.” she prompted, handing it to him.

Mark held the cover up and read it out loud. “Transformation Chocolates: You never know what you’ll be.” Then he flipped it over. “Dark is up, White is down”

Mark looked up. “Uh . . .”


Re: Novelty Chocolates

Rachel can't wait
added on 02/28/2010 21:49

Rachel grabs his crotch through his pants as she pushed Mark back on the bed, pressing her mouth to his as she laid on top of him, her cock nipples pushing into him.

"Woah, are you really cold or something?" Mark asked as he felt them through his shirt. Running his hands under her shirt, he helped her take it off as she shimmied out of her pants, revealing she wore no panties.

They embraced again before Rachel undoes Mark's belt, lowering his pants and boxers, exposing his larger, harder cock. She moved her head down and slowly licks his sensitive penis from base to tip, hearing him breathe in sharply at the feeling. She slowly moved her tongue around the tip, briefly taking it in her mouth and sucking gently. Mark moans and looked down, noticing his usually respectable 6" penis is now closer to 8".

"Oh my god, am I bigger?" Mark asked, surprised.

Rachel moved up to kiss him again, "The box said 'Dark is up'," grinning. He can feel the warmth of her pussy on his cock.

Embracing again, Mark moved his hands behind her, unclasping her bra. Her firm breasts fell free, with her nipple-penises hard and excited. They rub against his hairy chest and Rachel moans with delight. Mark's hands roamed to her chest, finding her nipples, gently pinching as she moaned louder in pleasure. Mark suddenly realised something is odd.

"Rachel, oh my god, your nipples are huge! They look like....they look like little dicks!" He said as he played with them, his cock straining against her belly.

Seductively, Rachel said "I told you, they're magical chocolates. Let me have another..."

Rachel takes a few
added on 02/28/2010 22:26

Rachel picks up a white vagina chocolate and what looks like a dark clitoris chocolate. She eats one, then the other. She feels a tightness inside of her as her pussy shrinks a little, and then a sudden rush of sensation as her clit grows. Looking at the box and slyly grinning, she picks up a dark nipple one and then feeds it to Mark.

"What is this?" He asks.
"Eat it." She says as she presses it to his mouth. He does, feeling a sudden new sensitivity in his chest. Looking down, he sees his nipples grow in diameter to about the size of index fingers, and stick out farther. Rachel moves her hands to his new nipples, and gently twists them, eliciting a moan from Mark, his cock growing harder and pulsating with a renewed urgency.

She kisses him and then gently moves her mouth to his nipples, taking one then the other in her mouth.
"Oh my god that's good!" he moans.

She pushes him back onto the bed and then straddles him, lining up her pussy lips with his straining cock. She rubs the tip up and down her lips, rubbing her larger, more sensitive clit, shuddering at the sensation. Placing it square under her pussy, she slides down over the tip, her tighter pussy gripping it.

Rachel throws her head back, moaning at the sensation of Mark's cock stretching her pussy. Mark was likewise in awe at the tight satiny confines of Rachel's wet pussy. Inch by inch she lowers herself onto his pole, enjoying all the feelings. When she finally takes it all in, she pauses for a second, letting both her and Mark revel in the sensation.

Mark regains himself and puts his hands on her hips, encouraging her. Rachel begins to slide up and down, her tight pussy pulsating around him, her nipple-penises pulsating in time. As she goes faster, her clit hits his base at each fall, causing her to moan louder. Mark takes his hands from her hips and places them on her nips, rubbing them gently then grabbing them more forcefully as Rachel moans, nearly overwhelmed from the combined sensations.

Bucking faster, Rachel drives herself harder onto his cock as she feels the biggest orgasm she's ever felt growing. She leans over, bringing her mouth to Mark's, kissing him, moaning as her rock hard nipples brush his hairy chest, rubbing his, causing Mark to moan. He grabs her ass tightly, and Rachel picks up the pace, coming closer.

"Ohhhh Mark! Ohhhhhhh....!" She moans as the pleasure builds.

Mark can feel his orgasm building in his balls, too. Suddenly, Rachel lets out a loud scream as her pussy contracts tightly around Mark's cock. Mark can't hold back anymore and erupts into her, reveling in the sensations emanating from between his legs.

Rachel's orgasm is the biggest she's ever felt, Mark's larger cock filling her entirely. But to her surprise, her orgasm also seems to emanate from her nipple-penises as well, each pulsating for what felt like forever. She screams in pleasure, and feels Mark's cum inside her.

Rachel collapses on top of Mark, both of them breathing heavily and covered in sweat.

"Oh my god, that was amazing," Rachel says between breaths.

"Yeah it was," replies Mark, and with a gleam in his eye asks "Want to try some more?"

Route 1: Melt some together - http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewt … 7212#p7212

Route 2: Keep reading

Rachel tries a rear entry

Rachel surveys the chocolates. She picks up a dark chocolate vagina and wonders what to mix it with. She spots something interesting. It looks like an ass but it has a circle in the middle.

Finding this intriguing, she melts the two together and takes it herself. To be sure, she takes another set of the same. She feels her anus adjust a little bit and suddenly it feels very interesting. She reaches behind her and between her cheeks. Suddenly she touches something that wasn't there earlier and jumps! She lets out a squeal as she touches another clit! Right above where her anus should be. Feeling further down, she feels a familiar sensation as she feels a set of vaginal lips.

Mark looks over. "What did you do??" he asks her. Smiling slyly, Rachel just leans forward on her bed, presenting her ass to him doggy style. Mark moves closer to her and notices that it looks strange, taking a minute to realise what she'd done. Mark finds this very exciting and his cock gets harder. Rachel wiggles her ass and looks back, "Well? What are you waiting for!"

Mark moves behind her and lines up his cock with her ass and slowly slides into her tight hole, her ass wet with vaginal juices from her new orifice. Rachel moans at the intrusion, arching her back to allow Mark easier access. He moves slowly, letting her get used to the feeling.

Rachel, eyes closed in pleasure, feels Mark's hands on her tits as he thrusts into her ass. He tweaks her hard cock-nipples, and Rachel cries out. Mark can feel her ass-vagina clamping on his hard cock and moves faster. Rachel grabs the sheets and pushes back into Mark's waist, driving his cock deeper into her. She gasps every time he bottoms out. Mark lets go of her tits and grabs her waist, then slides a hand back to her ass, and wiggles her clit. Rachel can't take it anymore and screams as an orgasm causes both her pussies to contract, clamping down on Mark's cock. He can't take it and comes inside her. As her pussy milks his cock for all it's worth, he lies on top of her on the bed, his cock still inside his pussy, their hot, sweaty bodies pressed up against each other.

"Oh my god," Rachel says between gasps for breaths, "that was amazing..."

"That was a great choice, Rach," agrees Mark. He lifts his waist up and pulls out of her.

"I'll be right back, I've got to use the bathroom and clean up a bit," says Rachel. She gets up and goes. Mark uses the sheet to clean off his still-softening dick. He hears her moan a little in the bathroom, unsure exactly what she might be doing.

Sitting on the bed, he looks over and eyes the chocolates, wondering what he might be able to do next...

Route 1: Tongue chocolate - http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewt … 7210#p7210

Route 2: The Breast Nuts ever - http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewt … 7211#p7211


Re: Novelty Chocolates

The strongest muscle?
added on 04/07/2014 18:20

Mark sees a dark tongue chocolate. He thinks that it might be fun to have a bigger tongue; maybe Rachel might like it. Then he remembers how she mixed two together.

He takes the dark tongue chocolate and also finds a dark penis one. He melts them together and pops them in his mouth.

Almost immediately, he feels his dick change. He's wasn't sure if his dick would change or if his tongue would, but he's glad it went this way. He looks down and sees it grow a little bit, and the skin changes to be a little bumpier. He notices that it doesn't just look like it's bigger, it looks like it has more muscle! Mark focuses and tries to find the muscle, his brain working on where to send the signal. He finally finds it and can move his dick around a bit, and not just the whole thing back and forth, but he can curve it a little bit like a tongue! He reaches down and grabs it, and he has the weirdest sensation! He can taste through it! It's not overpowering or too strong, but he can definitely taste his sweaty hand. He also notices that his dick is a little wet, and not just from Rachel's pussy; it's definitely secreting saliva through the skin. It's weird for Mark to have the sensation of taste somewhere other than his mouth.

He grabs another tongue and penis chocolate and melts them together and eats them. His dick tones up some more and gets more muscular, particularly around the base, and looks a little more like a tongue, flatter but clearly stronger. He focuses and can definitely make it move around more, including only parts of it like tip. He can almost make it touch his stomach.

Just then Rachel emerges from the bathroom and sees Mark's flexible, large penis and, while not entirely sure what he's done, is immediately drawn to it. Rachel approaches Mark and leans into him, kissing him. She reaches up and tweaks his nipples, causing him to jump a bit and his new cock get harder. She kisses down his body, stopping to lick around his nipples. Mark is getting really horny now and his dick is rock hard. Her mouth arrives between his legs and she kisses the tip of his cock, then takes the whole thing in her mouth. Immediately, Mark moans. He can taste her mouth and without thinking, moves his dick around in her mouth. Rachel feels his dick french kissing her and is surprised, but quickly gets into it. She gives him the best blowjob she can, making sure to slide her tongue around it, feeling its roughness.

Mark puts his hands on the back of her head grabs her hair. He slides his fingers down the back of her head and onto her back, then moves them around and grabs her rock-hard cock nipples. She moans a bit, making his sensitive dick vibrate with delight. He puts his hands back on her head but can't take it much more. His dick spasms and he unloads his cum into her mouth. He can taste his salty cum mixing in her mouth. She swallows it all then moves up to kiss him. At first taken aback at the thought of tasting his own cum, he realises he already did that and french kisses her deeply, tasting the exact same thing on his mouth's tongue as he did on his dick.

Rachel straddles him as they kiss, her still-hard cock-nipples rubbing against his chest. He focuses and makes his cock-tongue slide up and down her pussy, teasing her clit and making her shudder, both of her pussies soaking wet. She moans as he traces her original pussy lips with his cock-tongue. He can taste her juices. She presses down into it, but Mark is still softening and will need a few minutes to recover.

Rachel breaks the kiss and looks into Mark's eyes for a moment, as if contemplating what to do. She knows she can wait and he can please her more with what he has now while they wait for him to recover, or they can make changes. There's a momentary silence while they unknowingly contemplate the same thing.

Pussies for Nipples
added on 01/15/2015 21:16

Looking over Rachel, then the chocolates, Mark gets an idea. Although tiny right now, Rachel's dick nipples haven't gotten a very good treatment. Reaching into the box, Mark pulls out a dark chocolate nipple and a dark chocolate vagina. He eats the first one, then looks down in time to see his nipples pucker up, then split to form one vagina each. It was somewhat small, so he repeated the process until it looked like a good size. Meanwhile, Rachel was preparing her dick nipples for their initiation, sizing them up to a respectable 9 inches. Looking at her dick nipples, Mark ate one last combination before getting ready.

"I've never had a pussy before," Mark said to Rachel.

"Well, you don't have clits, so it's not quite as fun, but here's how you do it," Rachel replied and got ready to show Mark the joys of the vagina.
"First, you take your hand and start to rub in circles. Once you're worked up, you need to take 3 fingers, or as many as you can, and start darting in and out," Rachel demonstrated first, Mark giving off a moan as his left pussy was stimulated by the girl. "Come on, Mark, you can do it," she cooed, and brought Mark's hand to the right one. Autonomously, he started the motions, at which Rachel spoke softly, "there you go, Mark."

At this point, Mark was self-lubricating both his pussies. Rachel saw this and whispered, "Alright, Mark, now for the main course." She positioned herself so that her now-rock hard dick nipples were facing his pussies. She had to eat a few height chocolates to get them at the same level, then said, "here it comes!"

Rachel thrust hard into the two no-longer virgin vaginas, breaking the hymen. Mark gave off a grunt of pain and a moan as his pair of pussies were violated. Rachel's nipple cocks went all the way in, and her speed continued until she bounced off her own breasts. Pulling back for another shot was interesting, as there was some resistance holding the two in place. After pulling back, but not far enough to let the two escape, she thrust forwards once more, her two breasts compressing as her twin manhoods fought the re-entry into the cavities.

Thrusting back and forth was a vigorous affair, and Rachel was beginning to tire even though she had only been doing it for a minute or so. Thrust forwards, hit the stopping point, return, and repeat. Back and forth, back and forth, both of the pair letting off sensual moans as their unusual anatomy pleasured them. Rachel could feel a stuffyness building up in her breasts, as if there was something that wanted to get let out very forcefully, but something was holding it back. The sensation continued to increase until finally, she released her load into Mark's pussies, letting of a satisfied yelp. Mark was also feeling alien sensations as he grew closer and closer to the orgasm. He finally peaked, squirting out his own juices in reply to Rachel's.

Both of them came to rest on the downstroke, breasts squeezed between them but still held together, where the two fell onto the bed and cuddled. After several minutes, Rachel decided to leave the embrace, and pulled out her now-soft nipple dicks. The fluid that they had on them wasn't exactly semen and didn't look like it, so she wiped some of it up with her finger and tasted it. The taste was a combination of Mark's vaginal fluids and her own breast milk, which was unusual, but not really, she thought.
"Mark, these cum breast milk," Rachel spoke softly, and held up some to Mark's mouth for him to try. Licking it off her finger, he hummed in agreement and looked satisfied, both at the milk and at the afterglow.

After this, they...

Continue the story: http://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapte … 90750.html


Re: Novelty Chocolates

The Breast Nuts ever
added by Nightmare on 03/29/2014 08:54

Mark looked over the chocolates, as he looked over the other chocolates there was two that caught his eye. Nuts, weird a chocolate nut piece, It came in three colors, white chocolate and a striped version of white and chocolate.

The other thing that caught his attention was the dark breast chocolates. he gazed at them and smirked. 'This will be weird but cool.' He thought he took them out and picked up a white nut chocolate.Eating the white nut chocolate he felt his balls shrink, reaching down to feel his balls he felt that they shrunk in size, at least by half. He quickly eat a dark chocolate to feel them grow. 'So white goes up and dark goes shrink.' He grabbed two white balls chocolates. 'Well lets see if this will work.' Eating both of the chocolates his balls shrunk and disappeared.

'This is weird.' Mark thought before he grabbed some more chocolates. Two stripe ball chocolates and four dark breast chocolate. With quick merging of chocolates he created two pairs of breasts on striped ball chocolates. Mark ate them. Looked down he saw that he had a new pair of balls growing but they round and soft to the touch. The other thing that stood out was the fact hat he could see nipples on them.By the time they stopped growing the returned to his normal nut size. "I should make them bigger." Mark said to himself.

If his girlfriend had a pussy ass then he could do this. Mark repeated a few more fused chocolates. After a few minutes or some Mark looked down to smile. 'Perfect!' Mark thought.

Rachel finished cleaning herself and walked back into the room to see Marks new junk. "Mark What happened to your balls? There breasts!?"

"Well i couldn't help but mess around with the chocolates."Mark said. He looked at Rachel. "Whats with the shocked face?"

"Well they are DDD size," Racheal told Mark.

"Now what do you want to do?" Mark asked.

"Nope" Rachel answered. "Got any ideas?" Rachel said as she gazed at Marks breast balls.

"How about we get to make one change to each other with the chocolates?" Mark asked.

"Sure so would will go first?" Rachel asked.

The Breast Ass
added by Nightmare on 03/29/2014 14:30

"Alright Mark," Rachel spoke. "I want to go first."

"Alight," Mark responded. "Just what do you have in mind."

"Well you turned your balls into breasts right?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah they are breasts not breast on my nots." Mark spoke asking. "Why would that matter?"

"Well how did you do it cause i have a funky idea." Rachel spoke.

"Well i shrunk them away and used a stripe chocolate that i assume neither grows nor shrinks that part and added breast to them and grew these." He playfully grabbed her breast balls.

"Well now, close your eyes and let me show you." Rachel smiled. Mark closed his eyes as waited for Rachel. Rachel grabbed Mark and pulled him to sit on the bed.

She reached in the box and grabbed a few white butt chocolates. She grabbed them and walked over to Mark. "Open and eat these." Mark opened his mouth to eat the chocolates and felt his ass check flatten and leave no loose fat.

"Um what are you doing?" He asked.

"Just you wait," Rachel spoke. "Stand up and let me continue." Mark continued and followed orders. RAchel grabbed three striped butt chocolates and six breast chocolates. She merged two breasts onto a butt with breasts ass cheeks. She smirked and repeated it two more times.

"Alright here it is!" Rachel giggled. She turned to Mark and told him to open his mouth and eat the chocolates. MArk did as he was told. After he eat the three he felt something on his ass. Opening his eyes, she turned to see breasts grow out to replace his ass cheeks.

THey grew out fast and stopped at a triple C size. "You gave me breasts on my ass?" He stated shocked.

"Well I know that you like breasts," Rachel hummed, "I thought it would be funny."

"Well it is but," Mark looked over to the chocolates. "It find it a bit weird. Yet i do have an idea for you."

"Really" Rachel asked. "So what is it?"

Eye see Breasts
added by Nighthmare on 06/26/2014 18:34

"Let me show you," Mark stated.

Rachel looked at him and crossed her arms. "Alright go on."

Mark reached into the box to pull out some chocolates. A dark Breast, Eye and White and two Nipple chocolates. "First eat this one." Mark ordered as he put the while chocolate into Rachel's Mouth she quickly eat the piece.

After eating it she felt her nipple cocks shrink into her nipples before the whole nipples dissipated.Rachel grabbed her now nippleless breasts. "So I now have bare breasts?" She asked.

"I am not done," Mark said all the while his dick getting hard while thinking about the next part of his idea.Mark Placed an eye chocolate on a dark nipple chocolate and finally he blended the two combined chocolates on a dark breast chocolate before feeding Racheal the chocolates.

Racheal quickly eat the treats. She then felt her breast expand and a new set of nipples grow on the newly increased breasts. The areola then grew out wide as a new set of eye balls grew inside her nipples making them ice and round. Her new eyes on her breasts opened to make her slight lengthen vertically.

She turned her body to look in the mirror to see the eyes that now sat in her nipples. "You put eyes on my breasts?"

"You like?" Mark asked.

"Yep," Racheal responed. "Its weird to have my eye sight jiggle though.

"I got one last thing." Mark said as he grabbed two more chocolates to have Racheal eat them. She felt a light head ache as she closed her eyes on her head. Only to see that her eyes left her face. "Now you only have eyes in your breasts."

Racheal looked at the mirror. her sight jiggled when she shifted. "Ohh I like this." She smiled.

Mark said, "Glad you do."

"I got one last idea before I let you change me." Mark said.

"What's your idea?" Rachel asked as she shifted her whole body to look at Mark. This made her slight swing with force so she had to leave her breasts stopped jigging before her sight stopped jiggling and clear up.

Mark pulled up a dark pussy and dark ass. "I have an idea. What if i could sit in your butt pussy. Full body. I know you really liked it earlier and I know I will be set off too as my dick is always hard touching my breast balls."

Rachel just stared at Mark. "Damn, thats a ..." She paused. "A great idea lets try it!"

Mark glanced over to the clock to see that it was getting late. "I need to make a phone call first." Mark quickly stepped out to grab his cell phone. After he stepped out Rachel reached down to blend a few chocolates and eat them. She felt her ass grow outwards. Continuing to eat more she stopped temporally as her ass reached out to be two large beach balls each. She used her hands to move her breasts to gaze into the mirror to barely see her large ass.

"So you already started?" Mark asked as he stepped back into the room. He picked up more dark ass and dark pussy chocolates. "Time to make them bigger." Mark stated as he combined the chocolates.

Rachel looked over to Mark who gave the chocolates to his girlfriend to eat. After she finished eating a few more Mark smiled. "I think I can finally fit in your pussy ass." Mark gazed over her ass cheeks being big enough to fit a full human body inside. Mark turned and took the chocolates to place them on a desk that was on the side of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Rachel asked.

"Well I thought you would be on your bed while I get in your pussy ass." Mark said. "Since I believe you might fall asleep due to how late it is and I would be something to be able to sleep in it too."

Rachel's eye breasts blinked. "Guess that makes sense." She said. Mark pulled the top blanket off the bed to have Rachel lay down onto the bed. She laid on her left side with her breast looking to the side. She had her head on her pillow. Finally she twisted her giant butt to be upright.

Mark grabbed The blanket for the bed and put it over Rachel. "Ready?" Mark asked after he wrapped his
girlfriend up. She only had her large rear uncovered as well as her head and breasts so she could see.

"As well as I will ever be." came the response.

Mark took his shirt and the rest of his clothes to nervously step forward. He took one foot and put into the opening to feel the wetness and warmth surprisingly. Rachel started to moan. Mark then took the plunge as he fully stepped in making Rachel moan even more.

He was quickly halfway in and was very hard himself. His breasts on his ass. No that wasn't fully correct. His butt breasts and breast balls was stiff and hardened. He continued to push father into his girlfriend to only have his sticking out. It was at that point both passed out due to the extreme about of pleasure.

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Re: Novelty Chocolates

Melt some together
added on 03/01/2010 04:55

"Yes!" Rachel said.

Rachel sat up on her bed. As she sat up, her clit rubbed the bedsheets, causing a pleasurable shiver to run through her. Both her and Mark were still naked on her bed, Rachel picked up the box.

"So, how did you get those?" Mark asked, motioning toward her nipple-dicks.

"Oh, I melted pieces together, and it combined the two." She replied.
"Interesting," said Mark, "I think I'll start with one first."

Mark had always had a secret fantasy of being a girl, but he decided to start slow. He picked up two dark chocolate asses from the box and popped them into his mouth. He felt a tingling sensation in his ass as it grew and his hips widened some. The extra padding felt weird to him. Wondering what else he could do, he saw a dark chocolate tongue piece. Thinking about the possibilities, he picked it up and ate it. Immediately, he felt his tongue lengthen inside his mouth, seeming to take up more space.

Meanwhile, Rachel was still mesmerized by her chest. She reached down and picked up another dark penis and dark breasts, once again melting them together and eating them. Her breasts swelled a little, becoming plumper, and her tiny dicks grew to about 2 inches in length, now starting to hang like real penises. She brought her hands up to her chest and touched them again, and they felt fantastic, sending shivers to her clit and pussy. She decided that while she was at it, she'd pick up a dark penis and pop it in her mouth for fun. Her clit grew about two inches from her body, but thicker than the cocks on her tits.

She looked at Mark and wondered what he had eaten. He grinned and moved over to her, pushing her down onto the bed. He kisseed her, his tongue entering her mouth. It snakeed back to the back of her mouth.

Breaking from the kiss, Rachel is surprised! "Oh Mark, that's really cool!" She started getting wet thinking about the possibilities.

"I know. Now thit back and let me play," Mark says with a lisp from his longer tongue. His stuck out his tongue which extended about 4 inches from his mouth, and gently flicked her nipple-dicks. They hardened.
"Mmmmmm" Rachel moaned, "Mark don't stop that!" Mark kept up his ministrations on her chest for a few moments more, then licked down Rachel's stomach, tracing her belly button, then across her taut stomach and over her sparse pubic hair.

There, he encountered something new, her large clit. Without hesitation, he teased his tongue around it, then licked it into his mouth, almost giving it a mini blowjob. Rachel's eyes were clenched shut in pleasure as she played wit her chest and took Mark's teasings. She moaned.

Mark replaced his mouth with a hand, gently caressing her long clit with his thumb and finger, and continued his journey down her sensitive pussy lips. He brought his tongue back into his mouth and attached his lips to her lower lips. Rachel was nearing an orgasm as it was now, and Mark sped up his pumping. Suddenly she screamed in orgasm.

Suddenly Mark stuck his tongue into her, going deep into her pussy. His nubile tongue snaked around and Rachel marveled at the sensations, moaning in approval. Mark would bring his tongue out every now and then and trace her lips, but never once broke his concentration. Rachel's breathing quickened and her moans got louder as she neared a second orgasm. Then her pussy contracted around his tongue and she screamed again.

"YESSSS ohhhhh yes! Ohh my god! Oh my god! Unggg yes!" as she experienced so much pleasure.

Mark moved up to her mouth and kissed her. She could taste her own juices and loved it, and wanted to play some more.

some more melting
added on 07/26/2010 03:20

Rachel reached over into the box and picked out two chocolates: a dark pussy and dark tonge piece. Pressing her finger onto the base of the tongue piece, she melted some of the chocolate and attached it to the dark pussy chocolate and ate it.

Rachel moaned in extacy as a small tongue tickled the inside of her pussy. She grabbed the same two chocolates and repeated the process, making her cunt and the tongue in it grow.

"Hey Mark," Rachel said, "close your eyes" she said as she fed him another dark chocolate penis. Mark opened his eyes to see an his cock enlarge again, to a whole foot long! Mark got really hard at the sight of his giant member, and it nearly tripled in length. "Now let me blow you" Rachel said as she stuck out her second tongue, Mark almost looked surprised, but he backed up so that Rachel could get his giant dick inside of her. Both Rachel and Mark moaned in pleasure as Rachel's tongue blowed Mark's dick, and his dick jostling around in her pussy. Rachel got a white chocolate pussy and a dark chocolate tonge this time, melted them together and ate them, moaning in pleasure as her tongue expanded to wrap halfway around Mark's giant cock, and as her pussy tightened down on his dick, sending shivers up her spine and into her dick nipples, making them throb harder. Rachel threw her head back and gave a loud moan as Mark almost pulled out from all the pleasure he was recieving from the giant blowjob.

When Mark orgasmed, his cum shot out at such a force that his cock dislodged from Rachel's pussy, at the exact same time Rachel climaxed as well. Wads of cum spat out of Mark's 3 foot dick and hit the wall with enough force to crack the plaster. Rachel screamed with lust as her juices avalanched out of her cunt. Both of their orgasms lasted several minutes. Afterwards, they were out of breath and ready for more.

Melting chocolates together: 101
added on 07/26/2010 03:59

Mark reached into the box of chocolates and grabbes a few. They turned out to be a white butt chocolate, a brown nipple chocolate, and a brown breast chocolate.

Mark warmed the breast chocolate up with his fingers, and pressed it against the white butt chocolate. He then took the brown nipple chocolate and pressed it up against the breast chocolates. The final product was a mes of white and dark chocolate. Feeling satisfied, Mark popped it into his mouth and felt his bottom shrink a little, then to grow again as pure extacy erupted from his butt. Walking over to a mirror, he saw that there were two large nipples, one for each side of his butt, standing at full attention. The nipples on his front were too, but he was mesmerized by the boobs on his butt.

Meanwhile, Rachel was experimenting on her own. She took a two dark chocolate breasts, and attached one under the other. She looked on in amazement as a second set of breasts formed below the almost-giant pair on her chest. This time she pulled out six chocolates from the box: four dark and two white breasts. She attached two dark chocolates underneath a white one and ate it. The two breasts she could see decreased in size, barely allowing her to see a third pair of breasts forming on her chest. She made the same type of chocolate, ate it, and watched in awe as the six breasts changed size again, her lagest and topmost pair shrank, while the bottom two expanded to create a tier of breasts all the same size. Rachel walked over to the mirror where Mark was examaning himself. Rachel smirked when she saw Mark's ass-boobs and said, "I'm sure they could get bigger," as Mark gawked at her racks. Rachel walked over to the box and picked out several chocolates, all dark: a breast, a nipple, and a butt. She stuck one of each together and fed it to Mark, and watched as his as ass-boobs grew, the nipples growing to a huge 2 inches long, the breasts growing to a large D cup.

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