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The Serpent and The Hood

"I remember when my girlfriend first came home with a penis."

"Actually, let's start this a bit earlier: I met my girlfriend at a bar. I was tending, and she walked in, all fire and furry, a punk goddess having a bad day. She marched right up to the bar, plunked down and ordered a whiskey. I was feeling generous, so I poured her a double, which she slammed down all in one jerky motion. Blowing a contented sigh, she set the glass down, smiled crookedly at me, and asked for another.

"As I poured her next drink, I really looked at her sitting there glancing around the bar. She was a pale, white, young woman, maybe a senior in college. She had piercing, pale blue eyes framed with heavy charcoal above an architecturally complicated nose and a thin lipped mouth. Her hair was raven black, hanging thick and wild down over her shoulders. And she had piercings, so many piercings: each ear was a matrix of loops and bars, her nose septum was pierced, a pair of loops in her right eyebrow, her bottom lip sported a barbell piercing, and glinting in her mouth was a tongue stud. She wasn't the prettiest girl I'd ever seen, but her dramatic flare, confidence, and mild promise of danger more than made up for it.

"I slid her the next whiskey, which she also polished off in a single go. Sputtering a bit this time, eyes watering a little, she coughed and asks that the next one be a beer. A stout.

"Clearly deciding she was going to be there awhile, she slid out of her black coat, and set it down on the stool next to her. The equally black tank top she was wearing underneath showed off the girl's tattoos. A trio of red and black nautical stars were visible along her chest and shoulders: small ones perched on the front of her shoulders, and a larger one on her breast bone, straddling her modest cleavage. Her arms were covered in tats, sleeves done in black-and-white serpent scale patterns with more red-and-black nautical stars on her elbows and the back of her hands. I could tell she was going to be trouble.

"Perching over her beer, watching me survey her piercings and tattoos, she smiled thinly and told me her name was Petra.

"Petra stayed at the bar the whole night, keeping me company as I drew beers and mixed drinks. When it was busy, she was content to nurse her drink quietly, but when it was slow we talked. And she was really cool. Petra was funny and sarcastic and smart and bitter in this really engaging way. She even seemed to enjoy my clownish good nature and clueless sunny disposition. We had a lot of fun.

"After last call, as the bar was closing up, Petra looked like she had made a decision about something, flashed me a smile that managed to be both sly and shy, and asked "what do you do for fun around here?"  Not being a complete idiot, I offered my barmates that I'd stay and clean up, shooed out the lingering customers, locked the doors, and found Petra perched naked on the bar.

"Sitting there naked on the bar, legs spread wide, tits hanging out, and pierced eyebrow pitched rakishly. A look that asked what I thought of her lean, sinewy body with its pierced nipples, belly button, and clit hood, about the flare of nautical stars on her hips and the sketchy start of scales on her legs. A look that challenged me to come over there and do something about it.

"And we fucked in that desperate, showy, inept way of strangers who were scratching an itch while still badly wanting to impress their partner.

"And then suddenly we were dating. Our lives together were at first very much shaped by our schedules. I worked at a couple bars most days and nights of the week, trying to pay off a student dept from a business degree that hadn't paid off. Petra was still a student, studying geology for an eventual job in the mining industry and "because it rocks". (Petra, for all her badass cool, loves herself a silly pun.)  To pay tuition and fuel her expensive tattoo habit Petra would dance at clubs around town at night. So we didn't see each other everyday, but when Petra didn't have a show, she always came to whichever bar I was tending, and like that first night, we'd spend the night in each other's company while I slung drinks. It was really nice.

"Petra had, during this time, one monster of a tattoo bug. What money she earned from dancing that didn't go into school or sundry was spent on ink. Over the first few months of our courtship she completed the scale pattern on her legs, which left the inside of her thighs  clear, but covered the rest of her legs from hips to feet with snake scales interspersed with more red and white nautical stars. She also added a stylized tattoo of a medusa on her back between her shoulders and a circlet of scales on her forehead, just below her hairline, centred with a nautical star. I asked her about her love of tattoos and she told me that "change was sexy" and that "tattoos are addictive, once you start altering yourself it an be hard to stop."

"It was about the time that she was just starting to finish her Medusa back tattoo that we decided to move in together. It would let us see more of each other and save some money which would help me pay down my debt quicker and let Petra spend more of her earnings on, I thought, her tattoo habit.

"It was only after a month of living together that Petra came home with another new tattoo. This time, done in the red and black style of her stars, Petra had a stylized penis drawn on her smooth, hairless pubic skin. An erect four inch art-deco cock juxtaposed with the feminine folds of her cunt. I didn't know how I felt: here was my beautiful, weird girlfriend who lived to make daring, subversive statements making a hugely daring and subversive choice. A choice, I was sure, designed to test me, to challenge whether I was the kind of guy who could enjoy the risk and was willing to shrug off the norms of mainstream society. But it was a cock, which at the time, I was pretty sure wasn't my thing, and yet, the image of that inky dick perched on Petra's female crotch was, the more I looked at it, pretty fucking sexy.

"Knowing what Petra wanted, I kicked off my pants and underwear, doffed my shirt, and grabbed my naked Petra and kissed her hungrily, lips tugging at her mouth piercings. Petra laughed happily, hopped onto my standing lap, and wrapped her scale covered legs around me. I tripped over backwards, and Petra, whooping, rode my lap to the ground where she eased herself onto my rigid cock. And there we were, Petra on top, straining against each other, tattooed penis bobbing up and down, as Petra bounced away on my cock until with a cry and a grunt we both came.

"It seemed I had passed her test, just not the test I thought.

"It was just as I was getting used to the incongruous tattoo cock that lived on my girlfriends crotch that the next thing happened. I was tending bar on a night when Petra usually came to hang out, but oddly she didn't show. I didn't think too much of it at the time, since Petra's schooling sometimes dictated extra study session and sometimes she had a dancing gig come up at the last moment. But anyway, I finished my shift, idly wondering where Petra had gotten off to, when I got home to find our apartment darkened and candlelit. Suspecting that sexy games were afoot, I slipped out of my own clothes, announced that I was home. Petra called out to me from the bedroom and I hurried to join her.

"Petra was standing in the bedroom, hipped cocked, displaying her body. She was dressed in our favourite lingerie, her tight latex corset and bustier, her shiny thigh length high-heeled boots, and her long, latex gloves. She was a dark goddess of sexual deviance and I was instantly aroused at the site of her. Except, then I saw it, the erect male penis and matching balls that hung heavily from Petra's crotch. Not a tatoo, or a toy, but an honest to Belial flesh and blood cock that bobbed gently in time to Petra's heartbeat. And not a small one, either, Petra's new dick, while still human in shape and size, was well above average, bigger than my own even. I gasped, my own cock expanding in excitement despite myself. The transgressive contrast between this veiny monster and beautiful, kinky Petra was exciting.

"Petra grinned at my reaction with that same combination of sly and shy as that first night in the bar and slinked forward without a word. She reached down with her latex covered hand and gentle grasped my rigid, aching penis and began to work it. With her other hand she led one of my hands to her own rigid, aching cock. Stunned and turned on I began to slide one hand, and then the other, along my girlfriends cock. As we both gathered momentum, and I warmed to the task, I slid one of my hands down to play with her balls in a mirror to her own good work on my own. She hissed contentedly. Really getting into it now, I moved my hand from her balls down and under seeking the moist promise of her cunt and found, instead, the rough, rigid flesh of taint. Petra, my beautiful girlfriend, was entirely male.

"Sensing my confusion and panic, Petra dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, rubbing it with her tongue with its devilish piercing. She sucked at my dick with gusto, eloquently making her case with fellatio. I looked down, seeing her look up at me with her icey blue eyes with their mask of makeup, looking at me with longing and uncertainty, questioning and lust, and above everything else love. I reached down, grabbed her head of black hair, and ground my cock deeper into her mouth. She mffffed happily around my dick and attacked my orgasm with mounting action. Watching her beautiful face wrapped around my cock I was confronted with a strange site: down below her latex coated cleavage, Petra was furiously rubbing her own cock, masturbating while she sucked mine.

"In that moment, I knew this moment was too important for her to have her first orgasm be from a shame-filled self-handjob.

"I gently reached down and stopped her arm, and pulled myself, regretfully, from her delicious mouth. Pulling her to her feet, I told her I loved her and dropped to my own knees. I licked her cock from balls to tip, like I liked, and kissed it on the glans. Taking a deep breath and stifling a feeling of profound weirdness, I wrapped my mouth around Petra's cock and began to give my girlfriend her first blowjob. I bobbed my head inexpertly, feeling my mouth stretch out from Petra's huge cock. Knowing I'd not be able to take all of it in my mouth, I reached up with one hand worked the shaft. I sent my other hand to grope Petra's balls. Petra growled above me, and ground her star and cock tattooed pelvis against my face. I must have been doing okay, as Petra began to pant above me and whine as we approached her orgasm. Taking a page out of Petra's game, I slid two of my fingers into her asshole and prodded at, what I thought, was her prostate. With a joyous shriek Petra came, boiling, hot semen shooting into my mouth and throat. I sputtered on my girlfriend's seed, and fell off her cock, getting struck in the face with the final spurts of her ejaculation.

"A glow of happiness and love crossed Petra's face. I could see a very male impulse to just lay there and bask in the moment in her face, but instead she, seeing my still rigid cock, joined me on the floor. Falling to all fours she elevated her ass and, balancing on her head, reached back with her arms to part her buttcheeks and display her anus. Slowly, gently, I slid my aching dick into the tight, too-hot ring of Petra's anus. Slowly, so slowly, I worked myself in and out, feeling Petra loosen and relax around me. Eventually I was able to pick up speed and fuck Petra in her ass. Grabbing Petra's latex encased breasts, luxuriating in the sensations of her glorious butthole I was enjoying myself until I noticed that Petra, under me, was once again sporting a rock hard boner. And so, being a gentleman, I reached over and gave my girlfriend a reach around until we both, howling, ejaculated.

"The weeks that followed were a whirlwind of experimentation and romance. Both of us learning Petra's new body and mastering new ways of loving one another. Petra visiting me at the bar in a long skirt, her cock hidden from the world. Blowjobs behind the bar after hours or in the bathroom during. Petra rakishly using the urinals. The first time I let Petra enter me anally and give me a reach around. The feeling of her grand cock stretching me out completely and pressing on my sphincter. It was different and new and exciting.

"It was also just the start.

"It seemed that growing a cock had just whetted my girlfriend's appetite for body modification and set her off in a new direction. It was only a matter of weeks before Petra expanded her modest breasts to whooping D cups that jutted from her chest. And only a month after that she changed her puffy nipples into rosy penis glans connected to seminal vesicles that replaced the mammary glands of her expanded breasts. Loving her new cocktits Petra saved up and added four more penis glans nipples, arranged in two pairs down her chest and stomach below her breasts, looking like vestigial cocknips of breasts that never grew. Petra, being Petra, of course promptly pierced all six of her cocknips.

"The biggest surprise came on the night before she was leaving to move up North to the mountains for a six month mining internship. I left the bar early, eager to spend as much time with Petra as I could, cock stiffening at the thought of penetrating and being penetrated. But as soon as I came in the door I could tell something special and drastic had happened. Once again candles were burning throughout our apartment and the sound of Petra moving around in the bedroom. Excited and a little anxious, I undressed and rushed to the bedroom.

"There I found a lingerie clad Petra bent over the side of the bed with her ass in the air. I was instantly confronted with the long absent sour smell of cunt mixed with the ripe reek of shit. As I approached Petra I could see why: my girlfriend had her anus altered so that her butthole was now partially a cunt. Nestled between her buttcheeks was a fleshy flower of vulva, capped, top and bottom, by the puffy nubbins of clitorises. She asked me what I was waiting for, and for lack of a better answer I buried my face in her ass cunt and tongued at her hybrid opening. Once her asscunt was properly wet I slid my arching cock into the hot, wet, tight embrace of her new cunt and fucked her, penis in vagina, while also reaching over and stroking Petra's cock. We fucked and fucked until I felt her cunt-sphincters tense in orgasm which drove both of us over the edge so that we ejaculated simultaneously, me into her ass and her onto the bed.

"I asked her what the special occasion was and she cryptically told me she wanted me to "fuck a vagina at least one last time."

"And the next morning she was gone to learn the trade of a field geologist and make a startling amount of money. I won't pretend I wasn't lonely: there are only so many hours of bartending I could do in a week. I really missed my exotic, crazy Petra. The only tonic were the letters we exchanged: mine filled with the mundane minutia of our social circle, Petra's filled with adventure and the strange sexual creatures that could be spotted fucking in the mountains. And, as a highlight, Petra always included a sexy photo of herself, face determined with her legs splayed to accentuate her dick, ass cheeks parted to display her buttcunt while she made a surprised face, a look of lidded contentment while she arched her back and thrust out her dicktits and phallic nipples. Even hundreds of miles away Petra continued her sexy games.

"Surprisingly, she also managed to continue her transformations. Only a couple months into her internship she sent a letter back that displayed her showing off her new dick breasts. Petra had apparently managed to find an alchemist she trusted and paid to grow breasts under her second row of torso dicknips so that she now had four penis glans tipped breasts, a pair of D cups above a pair of C cups, above her last two vestigial penis glans on her stomach. A few weeks after the letter she sent back showed that she had paid to grow her last row of pierced dicktip nipples onto B cup breasts, such that she now had three rows of glans tipped breasts. Then, even though the letters continued, the pictures stopped.

"And then, a couple weeks later, the letters stopped entirely. I began to worry, what if she was done with me and found someone else? What if she did something drastic to herself or ran afoul of a demon in the forests of the mountains? What if I had lost Petra?

"My fears were assuaged when on my birthday, just a month before Petra was due home, I received a letter from my girlfriend. Petra apologized for the lack of correspondence and blamed some remote field work for the pause. She wished me a Happy Birthday, told me she loved me and would see me soon. It also reported that she had a present for me: she had arranged a massage for me with a local masseuse for the next day.

"I was a little nervous about this. I mean, I was grateful, but I had never gone for a massage before. I was also a pretty big and hairy guy, not fat or unclean, but not slim and excessively groomed either. I really didn't know what to think but thought it was sweet and might be fun and decided to honour the appointment.

"I arrived at the massage parlour the next day, a small affair in a small commercial space not far from one of the bars I filled in at sometimes. The masseuse was a heavily transformed person, with an unusual three way symmetrical body. They stood on three equilateral legs that pointed out from a central body. Hanging between each leg was a large cock. The person had nine breasts arranged in a single row on each of its three torsos. From it's shoulders sprouted six latex coated arms, two per shoulder joint. It's head was pyramidal and vaguely phallic, was eyeless, and sported three equilateral mouths. In a trio of voices, one bass, one tenor, one soprano, the person lit some incense and told me to take off my clothes and climb onto the table.

"I stripped, climbed onto the table, and placed my face down into its cradle. Breathing deeply I smelled the sweet scent of the incense, feeling giddy and lightheaded. I heard the transformed masseuse approach me, and smelt the scent of botanicals as it rubbed massage oils on its latex encased hands.

"And then the masseuse touched me. Floating on the incense, I was distantly aware of the pleasant sensation of someone kneading my muscles, rubbing out aches and pains. As the massage continued I smelled and felt more oils being applied and the pressure and heat of the massage intensifying. Soon it felt like I wasn't so much being rubbed as I was being shaped, rearranged and moulded in ways I couldn't explain. But I was so detached, so drowsy, that despite the pleasure and surreal sensations I found myself drifting off.

"I woke up sometime later, alone in the room, still laying naked on the table. I felt strange and damp, groggy and aroused. I puled my face out of its cradle and started to push myself up. I felt strange weights shift on my torso, and a weird constriction on my head and legs. I tried to look down, but found my vision constrained by some sort of hood. I rolled to my feet, attacked by a million weird, hanging, swinging sensations. I knew I had been transformed, but didn't know into what. I felt my arousal growing, blood pounding in face, and strange swellings and moistening occurring around my body.

"Looking around the room, I spotted a full length mirror and saw my new self for the first time. I gasped. The person staring back at me looked like a short, cute transformee girl. Her face, classically beautiful with a button nose and swollen lips, peaked out from a strange fleshy hood. As I grew more aroused, I watched the hood spread further open revealing the woman's oddly red-pink, shiny and wet face. I reached a very feminine hand up and caressed my cheek and watched the woman in the mirror shudder and gasp. It felt like I had been struck by lightening. I realised my face was now a giant clitoris and that my fleshy headcover was my face-clit's labia hood. I gasped again, throaty and effeminate at the sensation.

"My clitoris face was only the beginning. Hanging from my feminine chest were four massive, ponderous H cup breasts. Between which ran a narrow ridge of labia that ran from the base of my clitoral hood to the elaborate construction of my vaginal vulva which was my most drastic change.

"I turned slightly and surveyed my bizarre lower body in the mirror. Below the feminine curves of my narrow waist and my dramatically flared hips my body was a strange mass of vulva folds. Standing out from my waist like petals on a haut couture dress were my labia majoris and below that, flaring out in a circle around me, were layer after fleshy, moist layer of inner labia. I looked like I was wearing a poofy crinoline skirt made of cunt that hung down to my oddly wide spaced knees. I squeezed my feminine thighs together and felt labia hanging both outside and between my legs. I realised my womanly, human legs now grew out of my cunt amongst the folds of its many lips. I could feel my skirt of cunt folds swell and lubricate as I thought about what this meant for me.

"I also felt a great space inside of myself warm, wet, and tighten. I wasn't sure, since my sensitive, dripping skirt of flesh blocked my view and the sensations were so oddly new, but I strongly suspected that at the heart of my cuntskirt, between my widely spaced legs, was a gaping vagina just begging to be filled.

"I was so fucking horny. My vulva skirt had swollen ridiculously, gushing fluids down my legs, while my clit face felt bloated and feverish, developing a glistening sheen. I needed to get fucked.

"Just then the masseuse re-entered the room, and in their complex voice instructed me to follow them. In a haze of arousal I took their hand to steady myself, and in a cunt-swishing, stimulating walk, I sloshed after them leaving a trail of fluids in my wake.

"I think they led me down a hallway to a back room. Honestly, it was all kind of a daze or arousal and strange body sensations: the feeling of intense female horniness, the motion of my cuntskirt with every step, the way my extremely wide hips exaggeratedly swayed as I walked, the feeling of my four massive breasts swinging with every footfall, and the electric and bizarre feelings of my clitface and its ornate labia hood. It was a lot to take in. So I'm not sure exactly where we ended up.

"What I do know is that waiting for me there, home a month early, was a radically transformed Petra.

"The changes Petra had made to herself were the logical completions of the program of body modifications she had started with her tattoos. Her torso hadn't changed from the last letter photograph, still covered in three pairs of breasts in descending size, each capped with a pierced penis glans. Her arms were also unchanged, slender and sinewy, covered in scale pattern tattoos. She still had her penis, jutting from her crotch, and I could smell the sharp cunt/shit smell of her anal vagina. What had changed was that she had fused her legs together and made them into a long, serpent tail, that tapered to a double-fist sized penis glans at its tip. The cocktail, because that's what it was, had to be ten feet long, and was coiled in ways that no human limb could manage. The tail was covered in Petra's silky pale skin, but looked reptilian as the tail now sported Petra's formerly leg covering scale tattoos. Her head had changed too, instead of long dark tresses, Petra now had a tangle of black-skinned tentacles that looked just like headless cocks which writhed and twisted against each other. Protruding obscenely from Petra's mouth was another massive penis glans, the dickhole of her head tentacles, which, swollen with arousal at the site of me, filled her mouth and stretched her jaw open. Petra had become the phallic medusa of her dreams.

"After surveying each others bodies, we locked eyes. We were both clearly aroused, Petra hard and aching, precum glistening on her many dickheads, and me sopping and tight and flushed. Petra looked at me with coal-rimmed eyes filled with lust and love and worry. I smiled, luxuriating at the stimulation of the muscles of my clitface, and sashayed over to Petra, curtseyed with my cuntskirt, told her in my throaty woman's voice that it was okay and that I loved her and begged her to fuck me with that great cock of hers.

"Petra reared up like a snake, and with deliberate slowness, slithered over to me. She wrapped herself around me like a constrictor, crushing the drenched folds of my skirt of swollen labia between our bodies and pressing our breasts together. I felt the penis on her crotch slip up to rest between our cleavage and press against the ridge of labia that runs from my neck to my cunt. I moaned. Petra leaned her face into mine, hissing around her swollen mouth-glans. I lunged forward and wrapped my mouth around her oral dicktip, licking and sucking with the experience of someone who had lived with a shemale girlfriend. Petra reached out with her dickshaft-tentacle hair and began to knead and rub my sensitive clit face and the moist folds of my head labia. I shrieked at the stimulation, and then cried out again when Petra snaked her massive serpent tail cock under my cuntskirt and into my eager vagina. With supreme control, Petra began to slowly pump her tail cock in and out of my gloriously filled vagina while constantly stimulating my faceclit. I reached around behind her and drove my fingers into her asscunt. Petra hissed again, and picked up speed. We grinded and fucked and fucked and, suddenly, crying out, I was rocked by my first female orgasm.

"My legs went weak and we fell to the floor. But Petra wasn't spent yet, and continued her cunt crushing, relentless attack on my body. As she continued to pump away at my cunt, I felt myself crashed against another orgasm and another. I bucked and gasped against the confining coils of Petra's tail as I became delirious with pleasure and continued to be rocked by orgasms. And then, finally, I felt Petra's whole body flex as all of her phallic openings ejaculated at once. I felt a great burst of hot seed explode inside of me as her mighty tail cock came.  My faceclit  and four breasts became drenched in semen as Petra's toungue-glans spewed a geyser of cum in my face and her nipple dicktips spurted their load on my body.

"We laid there together, covered in our fluids, a tangle of legs and labia, tail, and tentacles, as our satisfied bodies relaxed. Petra's tongue finally deflated and she was able to tell me how much she loved me and how happy she was that I wasn't furious at her. We talked about what this meant and how our bodies felt. I told her that I didn't feel like a man anymore and that I'd decided I was a woman and that Petra should call me Robin instead of Rob.

"Petra told me the story of how she afforded all of this. That she found a club to dance at in the mountains where the miners, maybe inspired by all the sex beasts in the forests, loved her exotic body. How through that club she found an alchemist who she paid to continue her transformation work, and eventually with whom she created the scheme of having the club of miners pay for her most drastic changes. As her internship was winding down she contacted the club's owner and sold them on the idea of a transformation show, where she would dance and transform before an audience then dance some more. The club owner loved the idea, and so for a free transformation and a hefty cut of the profits Petra became her sexual medusa before a crowd of strangers. Petra then took her cut of the profits, and through her mountain alchemist, paid for and arranged my dcum oil massage and transformation.

"Somehow we both still managed to have savings left over, and right there, post coital and on the floor, wet and sticky and spent, we decided to invest our money and open this bar, The Serpent and The Hood. And since then we haven't been happier.

"And that, is the story of this bar and of Petra the Serpent and Robin the Hood."


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Really liked this story.   Also, I love it when guys get changed and don't immediately becoming submissive women (why does that happen so often?).  Only thing I could say is that since this is in a first person narrative and the speaker isnt changing who he is talking to, you don't necessarliy need the " brackets.


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Thanks! I really wanted to sell the idea of this being a spoken story, so went with the " to emphasize it. Perhaps I went too far.


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You don't have to change it. Just a suggestion. I like the story either way


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Awesome read. I enjoyed that a lot.


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Sexy.  I like the idea of a clit head,  it's not something you see compared to dick heads, lol.  Robin should get an additional transformation after the fact, I think an extra long tongue so she can lick her head to arousal and tongue Petra's asscunt.  A dick tail might work, but the tongue is sexier.


Re: The Serpent and The Hood- by Indigocarmine


Oh man, that's actually a pretty great idea. I might have some ideas for using The Serpent and The Hood bar as a setting for some other stuff, with Petra and Robin as set dressing, so maybe I'll do something with it there?


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You could add a short epilogue about that transformation and the fact that they do shows for their patrons, thus opening it up for anyone to do an add-on story.


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Okay, let's try this again. I did some quick character sketches of Robin and Petra.

Petra: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13202954/

Robin: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13202973/

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Great design choices.  The Robin character look is my favorite, what with her flesh clothing.  Definitely an area I want to explore in writing.


Re: The Serpent and The Hood- by Indigocarmine

Thanks. Now that you mention it, I might have an idea for a fashion show where the models are transformed so that their flesh resembles haute couture garments...


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The Serpent and The Hood II

"So you want to hear a story?"

"Hmm... how about the story of how I became Petra The Serpent and my girlfriend Robin became The Hood?"

"Shit! You've already heard it? Damn, Robin always gets to tell that one."

"Yeah, I know she tells it well.

Fucking career bartender..."

“Okay, why don't I tell you about the first time we had a patron come here to The Serpent and The Hood for their own transformation?"

“Great, okay. So you know how I became a dickgirl medusa and made Robin into a very cunty outfit and how we opened the bar. That's usually where Robin leaves things. Right, well when we first opened the bar things were pretty tough. It turns out bars are actually "pretty narrow margin businesses" (what do you think of my "Robin voice"?). This means that they don't make a lot of money, which, fuck, if you can't make money slinging hooch, how the hell can you, right?  At this point we didn't have money to get a kitchen up and running so we were strictly in the booze game, which meant we needed "volume", meaning we needed to sell a lot of drinks. And well, if you build it, they don't necessarily come, y' know?

We were also struggling a bit with the reality of bartending. I mean, I had spent a lot of time in bars hanging out with Robin back when she was a he, so I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what the job was. And how hard could it be, right? You fill some beers, pour some shots, and maybe mix a couple cocktails. But the actual job, with all of the other little things you have to keep track of is tougher than I thought and I, ALLEGEDLY, have "customer service issues". And it was just us so we were always working.

Things were also complicated by our new bodies. We both loved our new forms, but they came with a bunch of challenges. I grew a fucking snakes tail, and learning to slither in a furnished taproom on a tail takes some doing. Robin had it tougher though, since she had to come to terms with suddenly being a woman and having to negotiate the world with her new gender and sex. Not to mention the special challenges of having a clit face and poofy cunt skirt around her legs. The slipping hazards alone! Let's just say those work boots she wears on her feet these days are more for tread than affectation.

And we wanted to fuck all of the time. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but part of why we struggled at first was that we couldn't keep our hands off each other. It's really hard to focus on a struggling bar when you can coil into a unique ball of fucking. It was a real problem.

Robin has a theory about bars. She is convinced that all a bar needs to succeed is to find its people. A country pub caters to its village, a downtown club needs sexy singles, and a hardcore tavern needs its drunks. All we had to do, the theory goes, was figure out who we were trying to make a place for."

“The Transformed? Yeah, at first we thought it would be them too. Trouble was that back then there really weren't a lot of transformed in town. And what transformed there were, weren't really drinkers. Like, a pretty significant portion of transformees end up with bodies that can't metabolize alcohol, or don't subsist on mortal food or drink, or end up as pets or dumb piles of dumb genitals. We couldn't get "the volume" we needed from them alone.

That isn't to say we didn't attract transformed people. Wendy, a freaking tall, four-way symmetrical herm, who works for a big alchemist in the city would drop in with coworkers on her way back to her wives and husband sometimes. A pair of animal-people, walking cow-rooster-sheep-pig-hybrids from the neighbourhood were regulars. They had hooved hands, so they drank their beer through a straw. There was a pair of conjoined women who were tricked into changing by one of their boyfriends who then turned himself into a horse sized quadruped sexpet with reduced intelligence, a massive canine cock, a long toungued cunt head, and a many-pronged sex saddle. The trio work as mounted messengers and came here because we let their mount come inside and tolerated his humping problem. Then there was this local fashion and body designer, just starting out, whose body had been changed include tentacles in the shape of a summer dress and whose girlfriend, a fashion writer, whose body had been changed to resemble a giant cunty gown. If you can believe it, the pair had gotten transformed as part of a runway show. These people, and a few more besides, were our regulars then. We were a safe, judgment free place for them to stop in for a drink. They appreciated it, and really, they probably kept us in business there for a while.

But really, the trick of making this bar work was finding the normal people who were CURIOUS about transformation. They were our people.
As I was saying, this was all before transformations really were popular here. But, the one place they were gaining steam was among the local college kids: it was mostly minor body modifications and was a kind of route to cool and rebellion like experimenting with drugs or whatever. Like any scene like this it was more about being seen and curiosity rather than participating, filled with a lot of posers who thought it was cool and people curious about it but unsure enough to commit. But there were a bunch of them with money and time to kill.

How we became their place is almost a story in itself, but the short version is that there was a popular exchange student from somewhere, Jizza maybe, who was radically transformed. She? Yeah, she, had a beautiful, girl next door face perched on one of the wildest bodies I had seen in real life. From the neck down she was pure sex monster. Her shoulders split into four, thick tentacles that ended in penis glands the size of her head. The... wrists, I guess, of the cock tentacles, right below the glans, split into five skinny tentacles that served as fingers. Below the shoulders her torso was a massive pillar of flesh: a 12 foot long tree-trunk-thick muscular tube that ran from her lower body to her shoulders that was lined with row-after-row of B-cup tits. Like 9 rows of them. The bottom of her body flared out in a massive cunt, with a vaginal opening pointing at the ground and pillowy bags of labia hanging out the side. From inside this massive cunt emerged six more tentacles, which I'm pretty sure were clit-flesh, which she used to move around. Anyway, she apparently heard that this place was run by transformees and catered to people with unusual forms, and I guess feeling nostalgic for being surrounded by other freaks like us, brought her friends here one night. Word got round and we became the place for the transformed scene on weekends.

Soon this place was packed on weekends. We usually had the handful of radically transformed college kids that anchored the enthusiast scene and a smattering of minor-change debutantes: a newly minted shemale in a short skirt, a dude sporting his own pair of tits, a girl with a beautiful crest of feathers who I swear once laid an egg in our bathroom. But more importantly we had all of their friends and the scene posers and the genuinely curious. And with them we started to attract kids who just wanted to people watch or hangout in a bar with weird set dressing. We were in business.
People curious about changing would ask us about our story and Robin would always oblige them. Every. Single. One of them. Seriously, I never fucking get to tell that story. "Let me tell you about when my girlfriend came home with a penis." What the fuck, we look like this all because of me. I'm the one who picked our changes. No fucking justice."

“The story, right. Sorry. Well, anyway, one day I FINALLY get to tell the fucking story to someone. She's this 20-something girl from the town college who you could tell just moved out of home. The first time I met her, she was a clean cut brunette, with a bobcut, hairband, catseye glasses, and one of the most preppy and conservative dresses I have ever seen. And freckles! She had freckles so dark they looked painted on. She was pretty, but in... what Robin would call a "safe way". She didn't strike me as someone who was part of the scene, not even a poser. Maybe just a tourist here to see the freak show and move on.

But she hung onto every word of my story.

And she came back.

I didn't notice her again for a few weeks, and barely recognized her when I did. I was waiting tables and saw her and a friend talking to Robin behind the bar. The girl had had a serious makeover at some point and now sported a rocking asymmetrical haircut, with one side of her head shaved, and the other cascaded with hair dip dyed in forest green. She'd gathered a halo of piercings on her exposed ear and had traded in her nice-gril attire for some scabby jeans, a cropped halter, and a mesh top. She certainly looked like less of a tourist.

Her friend didn't look like a tourist either with her shaved head, bright blue forelocks, neck tattoo, and aggressively asexual clothes. And not just because she was adorably butch, but the friend was clearly into the chick. You could just see it in her eyes, like a puppy in love.

This time they finished talking to Robin, ordered a few beers, hung out for a while, plaid some footsies, and called it a night.

It was another week or so before I saw this girl again. It was a quiet weekday night, and the girl comes skipping in with her friend in tow. I figured it had to be a date, with the girl dressed provocatively in a short skirt, loosely cable knit sweater, and bra and holding hands with her button down and baggy pants friend. So imagine my surprise when ten minutes later a very conservatively styled young man, dressed in the guy equivalent of this girls first outfit, walks into the bar and gets blindside tackled, hugged, and passionately kissed by the girl.

The two eventually come apart and the guy looks at the girl with love, recognition, and more than a little confusion. He clearly knows her but is shocked by her new look. I'm pretty sure he's a long distance boyfriend that was expecting the nice, good girl he last saw. But he is also really happy to see her. You might now know it, but I totally have a boner radar, and trust me, he was sporting.

The girl drags the guy to her table and introduces him to her friend. And, yeah, its awkward. Here is the friend, who clearly loves her confronted with a boyfriend her love interest is absolutely hanging off of. And then there is the guy who drops into town and finds his girlfriend all punked out in the company of a lesbian who is totally into his girlfriend. So here I am watching this, expecting a big dramatic blow up.

And then the unexpected happens.

The girl let's go of her boyfriend, runs her arm up her butch friends arm, and fucking gives her the one of the sexiest kisses I have ever seen. She drags her friend to her feet and leads her very confused looking friend off to the women’s bathroom.

Her poor, straight laced boyfriend is just sitting there looking stunned.

I feel for the guy so I start to slither over to him to make sure he's okay when his girlfriend and her friend step out from the bathroom.

Except they aren't the same girls who went in....

The two girls come out of the bathroom as a single creature. They apparently took a concoction in the bathroom that caused them to fuse.
The girl I talked to, that guys girlfriend, is now the other girls cock. Her changed torso emerges from the butch girls crotch, has maybe gotten a bit more cylindrical, and clearly has the bulge of a urethra wrapped in spongy body running down her front. But she is still recognizably her, she still has her delicate arms, her small b cup breasts, her shoulders and neck. Her face is part human too, with her hair and eyes unchanged but her jaw and nose combining into a penis glans muzzle that thrusts out of her face such that the urethra opening is her nose hole and the dick slit is where her mouth is.

The butch girl is also somewhat changed. The most obvious is that, at first glance, it looks like she has grown immense, g cup breasts. Except they aren't tits, but are instead a pair of massive balls wrapped in scrotum flesh that ride her chest where her tits should be. She is also now in control of four legs, her two original muscular legs as well as two new, slightly longer, more feminine ones that used to belong to her cock. All of these legs point forward, but the longer, shapelier ones are a little in front of the other pair.

The boyfriend stands up and looks like he might faint.

The newly conjoined women saunter over to the boy. The new cock girl reaches up with her hands and brushes his face. She rears up as much as she can, and with her new glans-muzzle cautiously kisses him on the cheek. As she pulls back, a filament of precum drool stretches between them.

She looks like she might cry.

She says "I love you, do you still love me?"

The boyfriend pauses, clearly thinking this over. Doing the maths. Does he still love her? Can he have a relationship, a future, with some chicks cock? How will everything work with this new girl he's just met. He frowns.

And then he reaches down, grabs his grilfriend by her penis glans muzzle, and draws her into by far the longest, deepest kiss I have ever witnessed."

“What happens next? What do you think? He grabbed his cock-girlfriend by the hand and dragged them back the bathroom they transformed in."

“And there? Well, Robin and I peaked and saw the boyfriend balls deep in the shared ass of the two girls, just fucking the hell out of them. The new cockgirl was standing fully erect screaming, while her butch bodymate wrapped her arms around her cock and played with her tits until her cock's boyfriend drove the conjoined pair to explode with their first shared, male orgasm. It was fucking beautiful. And messy as hell."

"Where are they now? Well, the conjoined pair went back to school and the boyfriend went back out of town, but I think they're all still together. They still meet up here from time to time.

Oh and if your interested we've hung a photo of the three of them on the night of the transformation over on the wall."

"Yeah, with all of the other transformation pics."

“Ha, yeah, thanks for listening. And fucking pass it on that Petra can tell a goddamn story just as well as Robin.

To see the conjoined girls final form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14335297/


Re: The Serpent and The Hood- by Indigocarmine

Serpent and the Hood III: The Waitress

"Oh? You want to hear my story? That's really sweet, but there isn't much to it. I wanted to change, and it isn't exactly hard; especially if you work here.”

“Why did I want to? Well, look around! See that table over there, with the four conjoined people at it? They are all married.”

“No, not all of them together. But one person from each marriage is conjoined to someone from a different marriage. They were all friends, apparently, and now they are a new daisy chain family. Imagine how happy that must make them, how much love they get to share.

Imagine their sex lives!

And look at the band with their bodies changed to be their instruments. Or that girl and her beautiful girl dick. Or Robin and Petra. This place is full of beautiful, weird, interesting transformed people. How could I not work here and be curious about it?”

“But why specifically? My you just don't give up.”

“Robin told you it was a great story?

I swear, that woman takes the whole bars and stories thing a bit too seriously.

Okay, well, I first came to the bar with a resume in hand looking for my first job. I had just moved out of home, and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next. I decided to take my Grandpa's advice and spend some time... I don't want to say finding myself because ick, so... finding my interests? Yeah, that. And I thought this town would be a nice place to figure it all out, with the college and all of the students and the boys. But to make it all work I really needed to land a job.

So I showed up here, resume in hand, and imagine my surprise when I found out the Serpent and The Hood was run by transformed people. I can just imagine how shocked I looked when I first took in Petra with her tentacle hair, all of her tattoos, her six dick tipped nipples, and her long penis tail or when I first saw Robin with her pink clit face and hood, her breasts and bulging skirt of cunt flesh. I remember just stammering awkwardly and holding out my scanty resume and blushing, certain I had just blown the interview and maybe okay with it.

But Robin is a sweetheart and told me to they were desperate for a waitress, that they were willing to take a chance on me, and that I should think it over. She insisted though, that I come back in the evening and see that place when it was busy before I made any decisions.

Robin gave me a slightly moist and fragrant hug and sent me on my way.

Petra just snorted and smirked.

I really wasn't sure I'd come back but the S&H was the only bar in town hiring and I didn't have any other work experience and just coming to take a look couldn't hurt, right?

So I came back at night, a Friday I think, and the place was packed! It was still early days for the bar, so you'll have to picture it without the stage or band or kitchen. But the stereo was pumping and the tables were swarming with college kids, the booths and bar had a healthy collection of townies, and scattered everywhere were the transformed. It was a really fun scene: the college kids were fun and flirty, the townies salty and friendly, and the transformed were colourful and sexy and weird.

I felt drawn to them and repelled by them.

You have to understand, I came from a really small town... more of a village really. No one from there had transformed. I mean, we knew it happened and that it was common elsewhere. We'd seen signs of wild transformees in the woods or hear them fucking at night, but the idea that people would do this to themselves willingly? That was completely unheard of. So I really didn't know what to think.

But they were certainly intriguing.

As the night wore on, Petra and some townie guys moved a bunch of tables to the edge of the bar and made a little improvised stage. Robin climbed up onto the bar, and with the tromp of her workboots, unsteadily stumbled onto the table stage. Petra yelled at the bar to "shut the fuck up" and explained that they were going to hold a transformation show. She explained that Robin wanted some work done and that they had got a special present from their friends Wendy and Carl the Canny. People in the know applauded at a giant armless woman with four legs and so many breasts and a weedy looking young man who blushed and waved. Petra told a townie girl at the stereo to "hit it" and a pumping beat filled the room and kicked off the show.

Robin looked super aroused. She was panting and her clit face was shiny with lubricant, her hood was engorged and her cunt skirt was so inflated that it stood out from her legs and pussy like a fleshy ballet tutu. Gasping and moaning she made a careful, tentative way along the table stage, trying hard not to slip in the puddles of her fluid that were coating the tabletops. As she reached the end of the table stage she planted her feet and stuck out her tongue.

Petra reared up on her penis tail, standing taller than her girlfriend and produced a brown glass bottle with an eyedropper. She carefully drew up a few drops of the potion, held the eyedropper over Robin's tongue, and dripped the elixir onto the proffered organ.

Robin, tongue still hanging out of her mouth, moaned and panted even faster. The room watched as her tongue grew longer and wider and longer and wider until it was the size of a dinner plate. Robin stood there, posed, huge tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Petra checked her watch, waited, and finally told Robin to go ahead.

With a squeal of glee, Robin promptly began to rub her new giant tongue all over her clit face and labial hood, groaning and frantically picking up speed while her hands plunged down to squeeze and massage her engorged cunt skirt. With a scream and a sluice of vagina fluids she orgasmed, slipped, and fell on her ass on the impromptu stage. Oblivious to the room and the puddle of sex fluids she was lying in, Robin basked, laughing as her giant flat tongue slowly shrunk and contracted back to almost its original size.

It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Under my jeans I was hot and slick. I knew at that moment that I was obviously going to take the job.

I told Robin and Petra before the night was out, and it was official, I was the Serpent and Hood’s first Waitress!

When I was first starting out, Robin put me on the evening shift during the week to kind of get the hang of it while things were slower. This was a time that catered mostly to townies wanting to stop off for a drink on the way home from work, since the bar hadn't opened a kitchen yet. It was also a time when a lot of transformees would stop by since the S&H was pretty popular with the town’s small transformed community. It was during these shifts that I met a pair of regulars who would have a huge influence on me.

Loue and Mel were a conjoined pair who worked as local couriers in the town and college. Their shared body was broadly that of a two-headed woman. Their heads, one blonde and freckly belonging to Mel and one dark haired and tanned belonging to Loue were perched on a common set of shoulders and a single torso. They had three breasts arranged in a downward facing triangle and arms that bifurcated at the elbow such that they had the regular two upper arms, but four hands and lowers arms. They had unusually wide hips and a large pillowy ass and legs that, like their arms, bifurcated at the knees. Below the knees their lower legs were made of four more lower arms and hands. So broadly speaking, their body was not that extreme.

Their most extreme change, though, was their shared vagina. Internally it was enlarged and extra muscular, but the opening remained humanly narrow. Their shared labia, instead of being the delicate petal-lips of ordinary humans, was a wide, muscular ring of vulva flesh that projected all around their love tunnel entrance. It's... kind of like their cunt had merged with an external sphincter that was as sensitive as it was strong. When they clamp down on a lover, they do not escape their steely cunt-grip. I was so impressed and intimidated when they first showed me.

Their form, even its odd genital changes, was all designed for how they courier packages around...

You know what? This might be a better story if I tell you how they changed first.

So, Mel was dating a junior faculty member at the local college named Drake. He had gotten a teaching gig at the college, but was still working on his thesis into the history of one of the great avatars or something. Anyway, things were going great, Mel was totally in love, and it became routine that on Weekend mornings he would work on his thesis for a few hours and give Mel and her roommate Loue some money to pick up some coffee and breakfast from a nearby shop.

Now Mel and Loue had been best friends for years at this point. They met in high school and when the time came for college they chose to come to the one in town together. At this point they were both pretty far along into their degrees and were taking classes part time and working together as bicycle messengers to make rent and tuition. And they were super close, almost like sisters, living together, working together, sharing finances and even clothes. Except totally not like sisters since they also shared lovers sometimes... Mel and Loue both enjoyed a good threesome and had had a few with Drake. Mel and Loue are pretty great!

Anyway, Mel and Loue were off getting coffee while drake was back at their apartment typing away about legends or something. They bought their coffee and some muffins I guess and headed back to the apartment. But when they get there they see the door is ajar a bit.

Now they are both a little worried by this. They don't live in a bad neighbourhood, it is the town after all, but they always make a point of shutting the door when they leave. So it's weird that it's open. The two of them talk it out, Mel wanting to maybe call for help, Loue feeling that they're being ridiculous and that between all of their biking and kickboxing classes that they were pretty tough and that they should just go in. They agree to burst in, but decide they should do it together on three or something.

So, throwing caution to the wind they push the door open in a rush and...

Are completely soaked when a large bucket perched on top of the door and the frame falls, coating them both in a sticky, sour smelling fluid.

Immediately they both feel the changes start as their clothing dissolves. A flush of heat rolls over them like a fever and they somehow end up holding hands. They feel their arms anneal to each other and contract, dragging their torsos together. Their torsos merge forcing their heads to rest on a single set of shoulders. Their inner breasts merge into a single shared boob, which slides down their stomach giving them a downward triangle of tits. They feel their hips merge their legs merge above the knee. Suddenly their lower arms split in half, becoming two forearms and hands which replace those lost to the merging. A similar sensation rocks their legs below the knee and become arms that match their originals and end in hands. They stumble and then feel their vagina twist as it alters and leaves them dripping and flexing unfamiliar internal muscles.

They are left stunned, taking stock of their new situation and form. As realization rapidly dawns on them they set off in search of drake, furious and aroused and intrigued.

They hear something moving in Mel's bedroom. Mel and Loue shuffle awkwardly to the door, balancing on their unfamiliar legs, and throw the door open.

And see drake in his new form curled up in the bed licking his genitals.

Drake had significantly changed himself into a magnificent beast. His body had expanded so that he was larger than a horse and had a body layout somewhere between a wolf and a lizard. He was quadrupedal with four digitigrade legs ending in large gecko like paws covered in grippy filaments. Instead of a face, Drake's new head is a cunt snout: long and thin with three main labial lobes that could flare open to reveal his inner vulva, vaginal opening, and his three foot flexible clit tongue. His head was eyeless, but sported a ring of nostril like openings around the circumference of his head that were constantly flaring and sniffing. Drake had a long lizard like tail that, over the last foot, split into three tails which he could use for grasping. Between his rear legs Drake's penis had become massive and vaguely canine with a sheath and knot. On his back, just behind his fore-leg shoulders, he had grown a saddle which sported a pair of large cocks.

Mel and Loue were stunned by this and shambled cautiously into the room, sticking to the edges. Drake turned it's cunt head to track them, snuffling the air. In the corner of the room on Mel's desk they see a typed out copy of Drake's complete thesis and next to it a letter. Mel and Loue showed it to me once, but I don't remember all of it. The gist though was that Drake had finished his thesis, his greatest intellectual achievement, and that he had found it hollow. The only place he was finding happiness and meaning was in his love for Mel and his lovemaking with both women. So he had decided to make himself into a sex pet for them with reduced intelligence, about that of a super intelligent dog, who would be totally loyal and mostly obedient to them. He also explained that he tried to make their forms so that they could ride him around town so that he could provide a useful service for them and earn his keep.

Mel and Loue, still a bit confused and super aroused, approach Drake and stick out their hand like he's a strange dog. He sniffs at it, and gives them a big lick with his clit tongue. They rub his cunt head as he nuzzles them making Drake emit a surprisingly human groan. Drake roles onto his back like a dog looking for a bellyrub revealing his lupine penis as it slides out of its sheath. Mel and Loue look at each other, come to some unspoken agreement, and start to rub the cock until its totally emerged and erect and then lower themselves onto it and fuck their new sex pet.

Pretty hot right?

Well after that the conjoined women decide that their sex pet would make an excellent steed and that they could switch from bicycle couriers to sex beast couriers. They bought some saddle bags for Drake and pocketed vests for themselves and took to the streets. Due to Drakes speed and ability to handle all kinds of terrain they found their delivery time within the town go way down and have been super successful since.

Mel and Loue were early S&H regulars. Robin and Petra were the only proprietors in town who didn't really mind when Drake would try to lick at exposed vaginas or nuzzle customers or roll onto his back to flash his dick at strangers. Robin who is a dog person finds his antics cute and Petra just doesn't give a shit. And it's not exactly like he's an animal right? So Mel and Loue used the S&H as their base of operations where they hung out between orders and frequently stopped by after they finished their rounds for the day.

Anyway, I was still super new when I met them and I was curious about Drake. There were a lot of farms in the village I was from, and growing up I had spent a lot of time riding horses. Which was something I was really missing about city life. So I asked Mel and Loue if I could ride him.

Mel blushed and stammered trying to explain something until Loue interrupted and told me to ride Drake, I'd have to fuck him. She explained that how they ride him is that they climb into his saddle and insert his saddle dicks into their vagina and ass where a combination of the swelling cocks and their iron-gripping vaginal muscles would hold them onto Drake and that he would only settle down during penetration. Mel also pointed out that they use their hand-feet to grip a bony ridge running along Drakes sides for extra stability. They concluded it was a pretty bad idea.

I didn't agree with them, but it took me a couple weeks to work up the courage to ask about it again.

I cornered Loue and Mel a week later when they were visiting the bar and begged for them to let me ride Drake. I cuddled up to Drake, stroking his cunt-muzzle and made the biggest puppy eyes I could. Mel looked at Loue, who grimaced and finally said I could but that we would have to go to the park. Robin who was minding the bar while Petra was enjoying a day off, thought it would be fun to close the bar for a while and try this out.

So we made our way up to the park and found a nice big open field in the picnic area that wasn't too crowded. Mel was showering Drake with attention, telling him to be good while Loue critically looked me over and told me to strip. I took off my clothes, blushing at my nudity and what I was about to do. I piled up my garments and felt a pair of hands slide around my hips and chest. Startled I looked over to see Robin pressing herself against me. She whispered that it probably wasn't a good idea to mount Drake dry and asked if I wanted some help getting ready for him. I breathlessly nodded and felt a hand slide down to my moistening vagina. Robin gentle massaged my cleft and breasts whispering things about Drake, how strong he looked, the grace of his muscular limbs, the impressive heft of his cocks. Soon I was panting and slick to the thighs. I felt myself climbing towards orgasm...

...and with a shove Robin sent me stumbling towards Drake.

Robin winked at me and came over to boost me up onto Drake's saddle as Mel and Loue soothed the beast. As I straddled Drake's back, just behind the saddle, I could feel just how large and powerful he was. It was intimidating and arousing. I could feel my slick heat sliding along his back. I looked at the saddle and saw the two cocks there begin to swell: a large central one, and a smaller one at the back. They were larger than any cock I'd had inside my body then and I was a little frightened but also really, really turned on. I drew myself up onto the saddle and slowly lowered myself onto the pair of cocks, gasping as they slowly slide into me, filling my vagina and anus.

And then I shrieked in surprise as the dicks began to swell drastically! I didn't notice, but the saddle cocks had large canine knots, and once they slid inside these knots began to swell dramatically. I felt the cocks swell and swell, squeezing me from the inside, filling and stretching me completely. I remember whimpering in pleasure and discomfort. Even without a muscular, iron-strong vaginal grip, I was all but welded to Drake and his saddle.

Mel smiled at me, asked me if I was okay and ready? I bit my lip and nodded. Loue looked at me critically and told me to hold on with my arms and thighs so I didn't hurt myself. Not being a stranger to bareback riding, I rocked forward and wrapped my arms around Drake's neck and clamped down on Drake's sides with my naked thighs. Loue nodded and released Drakes head and the conjoined pair stumbled along the side of their steed, and reaching his butt, gave his flanks a swat.

Suddenly Drake was off racing across the park. I shrieked again at the feeling of acceleration and feeling of the two, massively swollen cocks inside me pistonning inside me with every bound. I gasped in pleasure, and laughed in delight as the wind whipped my hair as we rounded a corner. I was a float on a sea of sexual pleasure but also loving the freedom and excitement of the moment. We were suddenly airborne as Drake leapt over a family of picnickers, and I moaned as the force of our landing gave me an orgasm. But I didn't get to bask, as Drake zipped off in another direction, cocks still pounding into me. I shrieked again as Drake ran straight at the sloping wall of the park's bandshell, and laughed deliriously as he ran straight up the wall, his gecko paws clinging to the sheer surface. It was absolutely the time of my life.

Suddenly I heard a sharp, paired whistle, and gasped as Drake veered sharply to the right and began to run back to his conjoined masters.

In moments we were back in front of Mel and Loue and Robin. Drake softly panting, his sides swelling against my thighs. I was a shaking, sweaty, blushing mess grinning ear to ear. I tried to lift myself off Drake, but found his cocks were still swollen and lodged inside me. I looked at Mel and Loue and asked how to get off Drake.

Loue snorted with laughter at my choice of words and Mel blushed and told me that the cocks only shrank after Drake cums.

Seeing the shaky, sweaty state I was in the conjoined women and Robin decided to help. Mel and Loue dropped to all eights under Drake and presented their muscular vagina to their sex pets main cock. Drake gleefully slid his dick into their waiting folds and groaned in his human-sounding way. Robin meanwhile had unfurled her new, dinner plate sized windows and began to lap at Drakes cunt head. Drake was returning the favour, snaking his long clit tongue down and under Robin and into the folds of her cunt skirt. For my part, I tried to gyrate my hips and thrust onto Drake's saddle cock as much as my rubbery limbs would allow me. It took a while, the gasps and shrieks of the various women involved giving evidence of female orgasms, but eventually Drake, with a howl, I felt the hot splatter of Drake's saddle cocks explode inside me. The sensation gave me yet another orgasm.

As the saddle cocks finally deflated inside of me, I slid off Drake, saddle and orifice-sore, cum running down my leg. I saw Robins standing there beaming at me, already holding my piled clothes. Once I was on my feet, Drake rolled onto his back dragging Mel and Loue who were still impaled on his primary dick. The conjoined women, flushed with orgasm, hair all tangled and smiling, told us to go on without them and that it would be a while until Drake's main cock’s knot would subside enough for them to untangle. I thanked them profusely, rubbed Drake's belly and set off with Robin back to the bar.

I knew in that moment that I wanted to change, that I wanted that life for myself.

So I set about making it happen. I confided in Robin, who told Petra, who, with a sly grin, introduced me to Wendy, an intimidatingly tall armless, multi-breasted quadruped who helped run a large alchemists shop. I told her what I wanted, and she told me that she could make it happen and hollered at Petra that she better be able to take it off her tab. Petra flipped her the finger but nodded.

It took a few days to arrange, but before I knew it, I found myself standing on a bunch of tables arranged like a stage, naked, looking out at the S&H absolutely packed full of spectators. Robin and Petra were there to help with my change, but I could see Wendy and her conjoined wives and husband. Loue and Mel were there with Drake curled up next to the table. Really all of the S&H regulars were there, looking at me, smiling encouragingly. I blushed and smiled back.

As I made my way down the table stage I thought about what I was about to do. About the change I was going to make. The fact I was going to do it in front of a room full of friends and strangers. I felt my engorged pussy, wet and hot and tight at the thought. I was so excited and so aroused.

When I was standing at the end of the table stage, Petra, wearing elbow length rubber gloves, reared up on her tail and spread a thick, tar like substance all over my pubic region and vagina. The salve tingled strangely as it coated me. I gasped a little at the feeling. Petra than applied more of the salve to my feet and ankles. Once that was done, Robin, also wearing rubber gloves handed me a seamless, rubber sack which I accepted, opened and slid over my head and shoulders. The room had gone dark, and I felt cool sludge like fluid coating the inside of the bag flow down, coating my hair and scalp, my face, neck and shoulders. I felt chilly tingles sweep over everything that was touched.

And then I felt the tingles intensify.

And then I felt my body changing.

With a truly weird feeling I felt my head dissolve and shrink into my shoulders, the bag on my head deflating and resting limply across my smooth shoulders. I stumbled, disoriented, arms wheeling for balance. Until I felt the salve on my crotch dry, crack, and fall off. I fluttered my eye lids and opened my eyes, now with a much lower perspective. I felt my thighs press against my cheeks. I felt my feet twist, and then with shriek, felt a great blossoming swelling on my shoulders centering where my neck once was. I felt the bag slip off my neck and heard it fall to the stage behind me as a great, hot mass grew on my shoulders. And then I felt my tongue swell, forcing my jaw wide, painfully open I looked down and saw, bobbing in my view a large cock, complete with canine knot in my view.

And then I felt the tingling stop.

I looked out and saw the room gasp and cheer and applaud. I smiled.

Petra and Robin carefully shed their gloves and lifted a large mirror they had brought out from behind the bar so that I could see myself.

Starting at the stage I looked up. First I saw my feet which had changed to become a second pair of hands, slightly larger than my original. I flexed my new fingers and watched them wiggle in the mirror. My legs, hips, and ass were unchanged and still their lean selves. My crotch was radically different. Instead of my curly patch of pubes and vagina, my pubic region now held my new face. Other than it's location, it's exactly the same as my original face: my blue eyes, my cute upturned nose, my thin lipped mouth, my well manicured eyebrows. Well, I guess not entirely the same, since hanging out of my mouth was my new, foot long cock. It was overall human in shape and appearance, but sported, around it's base, the bulges of a phallic knot. I smiled as much as I could and waggled my cock at myself in the mirror. I was really happy with how it turned out.

Anyway, moving up, I saw that my hips transitioned into my smooth normal stomach, my normal modest b cup breasts, and my very nice, familiar arms. Perched on my shoulders, like some kind of weird alien creature, is a massive clump of cunt flesh. Instead of a head, I had repurposed my neck opening as a massive vagina, and growing all around my new pussy-hole were giant fleshy labia that spread from shoulder to shoulder and hung down onto my upper back and into my cleavage a little. They glistened and swelled with my arousal.

I was deliriously happy and aroused. I felt the blood continue to pound into my mouth-cock and surge into my giant vulva. I felt dizzy and....

Well, I'm told I fainted.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in an unfamiliar bed, staring at the ceiling the smell of bacon and eggs wafting into the room. I tried to left my head and look around, realized I couldn't because I didn't exactly have a head anymore and giggled happily. I heard footsteps and looming over me was a smiling Robin. She told me she was happy to see me awake and asked if I was okay. I told her I felt fantastic and asked what happened. She told me about fainting and that she brought me up to her and Petra's apartment above the bar until I woke up and asked if I was hungry.

I looked up at her and told her that I wasn't hungry but that I was still super horny and asked if she could help me with that.

Robin looked at me stunned for a moment, her clit face blushing deeply in its labial hood.

Fortunately she nodded, since I could already feel my tongue-cock stiffening and filling my mouth too much to speak. Robin climbed onto the bed and slid along my legs and kissed me on the cheek, the tip of my penis, and then, engulfing my whole cock, pressed her lips against mine. I hissed through my nostrils at the amazing feeling of having my cock sucked on and felt my giant cunt swell, and sweat with arousal. With my arms, I began to furiously try and untangle my torso from the blankets wrapped around me, while with my feet-hands I began to paw at Robings cunt-skirt.

With a look of amusement in her eyes, Robin began to suck more determinately at my dick, trying to distract me from everything else. For someone born a dude, Robin sucks cock like a master. I definitely gave Petra some kudos for her instruction and a shared fist bump over her hot bitch later that night.

Seeing that I finally got my torso free of the blankets and was sitting up, Robin let my cock spring free from her mouth, drew her swelling, moist cunt skirt up and climbed onto my lap and face. As she adjusted position and drew my cock into her vagina, my world became dark and tented with the humid heat of her giant labia. I was engulfed in flashy darkness and the hot reek of her cunt. I felt my dick slide into her surprisingly, fantastically tight cunt and felt my lips touch her innermost labia. Using her strong legs she began to buck and orbit on the length of my cock. I gasped through my nose, feeling the thick mucuous of her cunt get drawn into my nose.

Outside of the tent of Robin's genitals I felt her press her four breasts against my more modest tits as she bounced on my dick. Muffled, I heard her whine and moan. And then I felt my mind explode in an unexpected pleasure, as I felt something large and wet and warm lick the flesh of my cunt. Robin had apparently unfurled her giant tongue and was using it to eat out my giant neck pussy. I would have shrieked if I had use of my mouth!

The licking continued, occasionally paired with Robin nuzzling her clit face against my cunt while below our more traditional intercourse was picking up speed. I finally got the hang of thrusting and now the two of us were straining against each other. Between the pounding and the licking slurping fun I felt myself getting closer and closer until with a spine paralyzing burst of pleasure I felt my cunt ripple with orgasm and my cock explode inside of Robin and lodge there. Robin meanwhile screamed out her own orgasm, and my face was doused with a blast of her girl ejaculate.

Robin laughed happily and tried to lift herself off my face and cock and found she couldn't. My cock knot remained stubbornly swollen inside of her, coupling us together by the genitals.

As we lay there, still stuck together I heard Petra slither into the room. I heard her say that she was glad that we were enjoying my new body but wanted to know if we could please come the fuck back downstairs and help work the crowded bar. Since I couldn't answer, Robin suggested that they were still stuck together because my cock had a knot. Petra laughed and laughed and told us that wasn't any excuse.

Which is why I spent my first post transformation waitressing shift doing a back bridge behind the bar, cock buried in one of my boss' cunts, while she straddled me and slung beers.

Ha. Well. Anyway, time went on and not everyday was that exciting. I found my new body, voila, made me fit into the Serpent and The Hood better. It also let me ride Drake more often: my new neck cunt and foot hands made mounting him a lot more pleasurable and less of an ordeal. Except now I ride him doing a back bridge with my cunt in the saddle and my crotch forward and my legs holding onto his neck for grip. I'm so good at riding Drake now that Mel and Loue let me fill in for them doing courier runs when they are sick or need a day off. I really, really enjoy it.

And I figured out what I want to do, what my passion is.

I want to be a sex beast courier.”

“Why am I still here then? Well, I don't have my own steed yet and this seems like a good place to find one.

See this vial I wear on this rope around my shoulders? It's god all of the stuff I need to make my own sex pet.

Are you interested?”


To see Emma the Waitress' final form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14760914/

To see Mel, Loue, and Drake go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14761016/

Also, join me next Sunday for Serpent and Hood IV: The Band


Re: The Serpent and The Hood- by Indigocarmine

The Serpent and Hood IV: The Band

"Because it would be totally rock and roll!"

"Bert, you know that answer is total shit."

"Rochel, that answer was totally in character."

"Pffff. Wanker. Well, we can do a lot better than that..."

"You mean telling the whole story of The Sex Freaks?"

"And how we became the Serpent and Hood Houseband, yeah."

"Right. Well, this all took place in like, early days for the old S&H. They were doing okay and were super busy on the weekends when the college transformation crowd would descend on the bar to drink and dance or whatever. But things were pretty quiet during the week, though, when most of the clients were some local transformees and their townie friends who'd come here to hang out and maybe hook up. So Robin and Petra, the owners here, were looking for something to get more people at the bar during the week."

"The breakthrough idea came when their first waitress, Emma, decided to get transformed in front of the bar. It was a Wednesday or something, and a blushing Emma, who is such a doll, has been telling everyone about it so that when the day came, the bar was packed. Robin and Petra had pushed a bunch of tables together and an adorably nervous and excited Emma had used them as a stage to get changed."

"Oh man! And she totally fainted after getting her face moved to her crotch, growing a tongue dick, and having her neck bloom in a giant cunt."

"Ha! And the next time we saw the dear later that night she had gotten her new dick stuck, because it had a knot, in Robin's twat! She had to spend the rest of the night stuck in her boss while they both tried to tend bar! Seriously hilarious."

"Classic, S&H! But anyway, Robin and Petra figured out that maybe holding events a couple times during the week would help get people into the bar and make it a more fun place to work."

"Now, holding a transformation every week wasn't realistic."

"The town isn't fucking Jizza, right?"

"But Petra thought that they could build a stage and maybe use that as a way to trump up patrons."

"She did exotic dance her way through college."

"So they built a raised stage along one side of the bar. Just a simple raised section so they could put tables on it when it wasn't in use or use it as a dance floor on the weekends. They did put a pair of brass poles in at the corners though."

"So the first thing they did was start holding burlesque shows once a week. It was open to anyone, I mean, you had to audition for Petra to show that you were okay at it. But human or transformed, if you had skills they'd put you on the stage."

"At first it was mostly Petra putting on a show, sinuously winding around the poles, beautifully writhing her hair tentacles, just generally being graceful and sexy. Soon enough she had gotten Emma onto the stage, rubbing her face on the pole, using her four hands and inherent flexibility to do some impressive poses. They even got Windsor, their new second waitress, a four breasted, uddered cowgirl..."

"By birth if you believe it!"

"..up on the stage. Just Petra drew a crowd, and soon lots of people wanted to try it. And the more people who tried it, the more people who showed up for burlesque night. Soon the place was packed with excited participants, there friends, curious people who wanted to see Petra and the transformed dance, and just townies and college kids bored on a week night. It was fun."

"Rochelle totally danced."

"Fuck right I did. I was marvellous!"

"You were alright."


"So. Enjoying the success of that Robin and Petra decided that it might be fun to use their stage to have an indy band night. Maybe invite some college bands down to the S&H for some shows and have some fun. The logic being that the bar was already a popular college hangout and that bands would bring friends and a scene and catch the same bored folks as the burlesque show. Which is really where our story begins."

"While Bert and I were already hanging out at the S&H before this, being college kids looking for something to do and having this crazy bar in the neighbourhood, it took the band night to really get our friends in here and set us off down the path to well, the way we are."

"For sure. So at this point Roche and I had been dating for a few months, hanging out at the bar, taking classes, and dumping every spare moment into our band: The Technicolour Fellatio."

"I can't believe we used that name..."

"Fucking brilliant name. Anyway, I was on lead guitar, Roche was playing bass, our friend Blaine was doing vocals, Meg was our drummer chick, and her boyfriend Tim was playing any other instrument we needed, mostly synths and the odd horn bit. And things were going okay: like, I know the strereotype about the slacker college band but we were seriously doing quite well. We'd written a bunch of songs, were playing gigs around town and the city, we were getting a little radio play, and we even had managed record our first album."

"It was admittedly a little rough."

"I prefer to think of it as visceral."

"You see what I have to deal with? Well, the one thing we needed was more practice, and there is no better practice than the live fire exercise of a live show. So we were constantly trying to get a set at the S&H's bad night. Between all of the shows we were playing and all the shows we came to, to see our friends play, we were here basically every week. Add in the burlesque shows and maybe some clubbing on the weekends and I swear we were here more than most of our classes."

"We were all here on Buresque night hanging out talking about our gig the night before and musing about what it would take for us to reach the next level while we watched Petra coil and slither around the stage. Tim thought things were developing nicely, but Meg was pissed that, as good as we were, we weren't gaining traction the she wanted us to. Blaine was convinced that we had the talent, but that what we really needed was to get a hook, some sort of gimmick."

"His argument boiled down to the fact that while were talented, so was a boat load of other people, and that what it takes to get noticed is doing something different, something crazy. And once you get noticed, then people will see how good you are. We just had to come up with the right thing."

"And that's when that waitress Emma said the thing that would change everything."

"Why don't you get transformed."

"It was mad!"


"But maybe the kind of daring idea we needed..."

"Brilliant even!"

"We were pretty conflicted with the idea. It would be a lifestyle change, it would mean going all in."

"And what if things went wrong? We didn't want to be a stupid novelty band, we were serious musicians. What if we couldn't play instruments anymore."

"Well, Emma had an answer for that too. Why didn't we design bodies to specifically make ourselves better musicians?"

"Blaine had an idea one better: why don't we make our bodies into our instruments?"

"And so we argued about it. The merits of the idea, the drawbacks. Whether becoming sex monsters was a thing we could do to ourselves. Was it something we wanted? Wouldn't it be sexy? Would the plan even work? Could some of us do it? No, no we all had to do it together or not do it at all."

"As things are getting more heated around the table, Petra is finishing her set and slithering off the stage. Windsor who was MCing the evening Mooed for attention and told us the next act was by a pair of women named Christy and Cara. We shut up for a minute, and watched as onto stage crawled this weirdly conjoined pair of women. They had apparently fused together in a 69-sex position, such that each of their faces was now the other woman’s crotch and pussy..."

"Kind of like Emma, but with mouths that doubled as pussies instead of a cock..."

"Yeah, but their hips were joined through their lower torsos at like, a 180 degree twist so that on all fours one side of them was kneeling with one womans face pointed at the floor and the other feet were pointed forward in a kind of a crab squat with that womans crotch-face pointed upwards. It's kind of hard to explain."

"They also had this giant masses of breasts and labia on either side, top and bottom, of the middle of their body, kind of like a big fleshy flower, with a giant tentacle like clit."

"Well the pair crawl onto stage and push off, balancing on one set of their feet, while the other set artfully arrange themselves in the air like a dancer in a lift or a synchronized swimmer. They gracefully sweep across the stage like this, their breast flowers bobbing obscenely, and their clit-tentacles lashing the air."

"The room starts to fill with this smell, distinctly floral but also super cunty."

"The conjoined woman reaches one of the poles loops her upper legs around it, and then her lower and swings herself around it. Somehow, in the process of undulating on the pole, the women trade orientations, and now they are standing on their opposite feet while the other feet gracefully sweep the air."

"Meanwhile the smell in the room is getting thicker and thicker. I feel myself getting a little lightheaded and hot but also super calm."

"The conjoined women make their way across the stage, their clit tentacles brushing against the patrons closest to the stage, to the second pole and executes another convoluted set of manoeuvres that again manage to be beautiful and somehow flip the women back over."

"We're all feeling super high at this point. And weirdly horny. I was giddy and was definitely sporting a boner under the table. And I could see that Rochelle was soaking through her jeans."

"I was not! But I was pretty aroused. Anyway, this time the women perform a bunch of forward and backward flips across the stage flipping their orientation, their breast flowers flapping wildly, until suddenly with amazing slow grace the bottom set of legs dips into side-to-side splits while the top legs do forward back splits finishing the act."

"The room goes wild with applause, and you could see everywhere that people were heaving and flushed. Cocks strained trousers, and on a couple young shemales, tented skirts. Nipples stabbed out of dresses and, while you mostly couldn't see it, panties were moist with juices."

"Christ, we're a bit moist just thinking about it."

"And in that moment we look at each other, and we just know, giddy and aroused as we are..."

"That we have to do this."

"Of course, then came the trouble of how to go about getting changed."

"We didn't want anything random, which meant using a good alchemist."

"And the changes we wanted weren't exactly the normal grow a cock or some sweet new tits."

"Which meant it was going to be even more expensive..."

"And we wanted the changes to be totally awesome, since they'd be our look from then on."

"Fortunately, darling Emma suggested we talk to Petra. Petra, who liked our band, loved the idea and she could get us in touch with a great alchemist who owed her some favours and a body stylist, just starting out, to help us design our perfect bodies."

"But it would cost us: we would have to get changed on stage..."

"...and once we changed we would be the Serpent and Hood's houseband when we weren't touring or otherwise."

"So fucking of course we agreed."

"And then it was a whirlwind of activity. Introductions to Wendy, this armless giant with four legs and impressive amount of sex organs, who is a bigshot at some major alchemist shop in the city who agreed to do this for free as a favour to Robin and Petra and with the understanding that if we were any good that we would play events for her in the future."

"Which given that a gigs a gig, and Wendy would still pay us, we were okay with"

"That settled we introduced to Breanne, this ex-model who was changed into a kind of lady with a built in dress made of tentacles who wanted to make it as a body designer or fashion designer for transformed. She was just starting out, and was having trouble making a name for herself, but was willing to take us on for free for some exposure."

"Which we approved of."

"Before we can blink..."

"Roche is a slow blinker."

"Don't be cute. I had a rhythm. Before we can blink it's the night of the show and the bar is absolutely packed."

"More packed than we had ever seen it. So packed that it had to be violation of the fire code."

"Breanne had asked Saffron, a model friend of hers who was also a singer, who had changed during the same fashion show as Breanne into a kind of fusion between a flapper dressed girl and a giant cock. She had a dick glans on her head like a hat, an armless torso covered in pink aerolae tissue and hundreds of long hanging nipple tassles, and a long penis tipped serpent tail instead of legs. She was very beautiful and an amazing singer."

"Petra, who was, and I swear this, actually star struck and pleaded to be allowed on stage with her. Saffron graciously agreed to let Petra dance with her."

"To get into the act Petra had Robin bind her arms behind her, and hang tassles off her six cock-nipple piercings."

"So before we start Saffron sings a couple songs and dances on stage with Petra. The two cock serpent women wind around the stage, slither up and down the poles, and wrap around each other erotically as they perform."

"It was so fucking hot!"

"And, I swear this too, Petra and Saffron disappear right after their set and right up the stairs to Petra and Robins apartment to fuck. Just picture it, two long, beautiful women with penis serpent tails, wrapped around each other sweating and grinding in ecstasy until together they cry out and just blast the place with ropes of cum."

"In your dreams Bert."

"Roche, dear, who are you kidding. In your dreams too."

"Well, yeah."

"Anyway, suddenly it's time for the changes to start and we're on stage first."

"So picture it if you will a naked, pasty Bert all gangly and thin and nervous, standing next to a trembling, nude me, with my pretty average curves and figure, on stage suffering through the worst stage fright of our lives. Bert takes my hand..."

"Like a fucking gentleman"

"And the two us make our way to a small table with a pair of vials perched on it."

"We cheers our glassware, share one last, first kiss, and each drink."

"And then assume the position we were told by Wendy to, with me standing straight with my arms out to the side, and Bert standing behind me, with his arms out to the side and pressing his torso, and his erect cock, into my back."

"I was excited."

"So was I."

"I know, I remember."

"All of a sudden we can both feel it, the changes starting..."

"With a feeling like being a candle I feel myself start to sink into Rochelle: my torso, my legs, just about everything but my head and arms and cock. I felt a great weird squirming feeling until standing unsteadily on stage is basically Me and Rochelle's head sharing basically her body plus my arms and a very fetching new cock."

"And suddenly I know what a ragging erection feels like! I can feel myself, but also Bert as part of me, a new face, and arms, and his, no, our magnificent new cock. It was amazing!"

"And I suddenly had an aching, dripping cunt begging for attention, and modest breasts heaving on our panting chest. It was such a sexy mindfuck."

"Luckily I had the presence of mind to get ready for the next change. I felt our feet soften and begin to go waxxy so I stepped forward into the specially prepared four inch stiletto ankle boots made of solid steel we had prepared and sitting on the stage."

"We felt our melting feet flow into the boots and the posts and supports in the boots and then solidify, making the actually metal boots a permanent part of our body."

"Luckily I was a pro at heels, so I took control of our legs and steeled us for the next change. In a truly weird sensation, we felt our body stretch weirdly as it grew a second torso beneath our first, each torso getting one pair of our arms: Bert's on top, mine on the bottom. Also each torso had a pair of my tits. We were pleasantly stacked."

"Then we felt a leg thick, smooth, human flesh tail press out of our butt. It grew until it was long enough to touch the floor to provide our new taller body with some needed stability. The end of the tail swelled and became a sensitive dick tip."

"What's the point of sharing genitals with your lover if we couldn't fuck ourselves, yeah?"

"And then came the cosmetic changes. Our shared cock swelled and lengthened, my hair fell out except for an awesome mohawk crest, and I grew a pair of sweet devils horns."

"And my hair turned fluorescent pink, and I grew a sweet set of rams horns that curled out of the side of my skull. Then all of her finger nails turned black, lengthened and hardened becoming like built in guitar picks."

"But the most impressive change is what happened to our skin."

"Our whole body became milk white, but then grew black stripes."

"We looked, well look, a bit like a zebra."

"Except when music is playing..."

"Because then the stripes migrate across our body at the speed of the bass, and wiggle along their length to frequency of the treble."

"Our skin is basically a totally awesome oscilloscope."

"The changes slow and stop. We look at each other in the eye across our shared shoulders, our shared pussy hot and wet, our cock and cock-tail engorged and straining. I reach up my hands and feel my new, unfamiliar female torso and cup the pair of breasts there. Below them, Rochelle reaches down to fondle our cock. We kissed each other on the lips."

"Together we swing our cock tail below us and into our gaping cunt, and while I jerk off our cock for the first time, we fuck ourselves until we orgasm and come on stage unsteady on our heels. It was bloody magic."

"How is our body becoming an instrument?"

"Well we are the bands bassist and guitarist. This body gave us each our own, natural arms and torso to play our guitars with. And we thought, given the need to swap out guitars during a show that trying to make our bodies into electric guitars would be daft."

"Plus, what could be better than a guitarist and bassist who don't just have a feel for each other but can actually feel what each other is doing! We are the most intuitive, reactive string section in the world now."

"And we were in love and thought it would be magical to be together forever. Pretty dumb, yeah?"

"Shut up, Roche, you totally love me and being stuck to me."

"I do love you, wanker. And it's more like you're stuck to me."

"What do you mean?"

"Nice tits and cute butt, dolly."

"Thank you."

"Well with us out of the way Meg the drummer was next."

"Now, while we were serious about the band and being good at our instruments, Meg was serious, serious about music."

"Seriously serious!"

"And so she designed a form that would reflect this. So she walks, no, strides boldly onto the stage, naked, with her short blonde hair hanging around her eyes, small acup breasts, and ropey, muscular arms and legs on display. She gets to the end of the stage and just glares at the room for a moment, arms crossed."

"Meg does not fuck around."

"Satisfied that no one in the room is angling to give her shit, she picks her vial off the little table and flicks it back like a shot. She groans deeply and her eyes widen as her lips puff out, and gradually change their orientation from horizontal to vertical, merge with her nose which is morphing into a substantial clit, and suddenly her mouth is a fleshy cunt. Meg's face around it is bright red and her eyes are lidded in ecstasy."

"Meg and Tim felt pretty strongly about the whole living instrument thing, and Meg decided that she should be mute and have to communicate through her music. Plus she thought it would be totally hot to have a cunt face."

"Which she was totally right about!"

"So she is standing on stage, with her new pussy mouth flaring with her breath and shiney with arousal when the next change happens. She feels something in her hands and looks down and watches as her thumbs sink into her hands while each of her remaining fingers start to transform. First her fingernail swells weirdly, and grow around the circumference of her fingertips so that the last joint of each finger is covered in a thick, hard layer of keratin."

"It's pretty obvious that she has changed her fingers into drumsticks."

"Which is made way more obvious when her eight drumstick fingers elongate and extend weirdly while her arms swell, and lose their muscle definition and stretch too. As her arms looks less and less like arms, they suddenly splits into four drumstick tipped tentacles each that writhe in the air wildly like an orgasmic air-drumming octopus."

"While all of this is happening, other less obvious changes are rippling across Meg's body. First her hair falls out and then a pair of large antlers grow out of her bald forehead. Her skin turns milk white like ours did for a moment before a pattern of coin sized black polk-a-dots appear evenly all over her skin. Her feet lengthen weirdly, and her toes pull together forming a new pair of hooves in place of her feet. Her ears pull out and sweep back, becoming a pair of mobile cowlike ears. And, just as her arms are breaking into her eight new drumming tentacles, Meg grows a five foot long, thin, ropey tail that is capped by a fist sized fuzzy bulb."

"As soon as this round of changes stabilizes, Meg experimentally waggles her tail and tries to touch herself with her new tentacles, maybe probe her new mouth cunt, or her slightly swollen and dripping original pussy. But this is cut off as the next stage of her transformation sweeps through her body as a bunch of new nipples begin to sprout on her body."

"The first appears between her original two, small tits, and then two more sprout on her torso below them. Six more nipplessprout on her back in three rows of two and two appear on her sides, one just above either hip. Another four, slightly different looking nipples grow onto her stomach, below her navel and above her crotch. When the nipples stop appearing, Meg has a constellation of 19 nipples spread all over her body."

"And then Meg started to grow all of the tit flesh needed to accompany her new nipples. In a matter of minutes, Meg goes from being pretty flat chested to covered in breasts. She grows five C-cup breasts on her chest, and six c-cups on her back back. Her hips each become modest A-cup tits and the four nipples on her lower stomach now rest on a modest, vaguely bovine udder which hangs down onto her crotch."

"Meg has clearly been enjoying these changes, as she has spent the entire time ramming her drumstick tipped tentacles into her mouth and crotch twats and her butthole, clearly driving herself to orgasm on stage."

"Our cock was hard all over again. I was new to dick ownership, but I couldn't wait to plunge it into someone else."

"Who'd have thought my girlfriend would be a bigger horndog than me, eh?"

"You love it. Anyway, her changes finished, Meg, radiating sexual silent sexual satisfaction, decides to demonstrate the really special part of her new body. Sinking onto her knees with her tail drawn up between her legs and pressed against her udder, and then spreading her legs slightly so her butt can rest on the floor, Meg takes position on the stage. Then, audibly gasping through her cunt mouth Meg starts drawing air into her body. Her tits and udder start to swell all around her torso.  And, as the tits grow, her nipples inflate and lengthen, becoming slightly upturned in the process. The breasts on her chest and back are soon gigantic o cup beasts while her hip breasts have swollen even bigger, maybe measuring an r or s cup. Her udder though, is truly giant, stretching from her kneeling lap like a breach ball. All of her nipples thrust from her tits like foot long thorns, tubular, upturned, and pointing at the ceiling. Soon Meg's face and tentacle arms are appearing from a mass of giant, inflated tits and nipples."

"And then Meg starts drumming. Her tail, looped under her body, begins to beat on her udder like a base drum with a kick pedal and the sound is that perfect, deep thump of her old kit."

"As she is experimenting with her bass udder-drum, the true nature of her skin change comes out too. It turns out all of those black pok-a-dots on her skin are actually bioluminescent, and flash with the vibration of her bass drum. So while Meg fills the room with a steady beat, she is also a sexy, strobing lightshow."

"Which is just so fucking cool! Next she starts to experimentally tap at her inflated breasts with her drumstick tentacles. Clearly she isn't super confident with her tentacles or configuration of breasts, but whenever she strikes a boob, a sound like a snare or tom tom drum fills the room. A bit of experimentation and it becomes obvious that the three tits across the top of Meg's chest are tuned as tom toms, while the lower two on her front torso sound like snare drums. Her hip tits sound like a pair of floor toms, while her back tits sound like a cluster of differently tuned toms."

"Meg starts to get the hang of it, and beats a few rhythms and takes a shot at an awkward first drum solo. It's awkward and a little clumsy, but with the eight drumsticks tentacles and tail, it sounds like nothing we've heard before. We go wild for her!"

"And so does everyone else!"

"Which gets Meg's attention and makes her realize where she is and whats she doing: playing a drum solo on her new mad tits in front of a packed house. She beats a drumroll on her tom tom tits, her tits sparkling with light to the softer vibration of her breasts, and suddenly deflated her tits to their still busty resting form, stood, and clopping on her hooves, raced off the stage to embrace us in a tentacley hug."

"And because Roche has no self control, we jab our friend with a raging boner."

"What? We were naked and had a busty, multi-breasted cowgirl-drumset girl pressing her tits against us and breathing on her faces with her aroused cunt breath."


"Meg was into it."

"Anyway, just as an aside, in the weeks after changing Meg made some non-alchemical changes to her form to make it better. For one she pierced her long, cowlike ears and hung them with chimes that she could ring by flicking her ears. Meg also got all of her breast nipples pierced with special studs that she could, when her nipples were fully inflated and extended, use to hang cymbals on her body. She also started to use her antlers to hang her biggest cymbals and a variety of bells and chimes and triangles."

"She also took to wearing a cowbell, because it was sexy as fuck and because who doesn't like some cowbell in their music, yeah?"

"And finally, in big block letters, she had "The Sex Freaks" tatood across her udder, like a bass drum head logo!"

"It was the coolest!"

"Oh and she communicates now by tapping out morse code on her tit-drums or, if they are deflated, on her ear chimes."

"Meg is really the best!"

"Roche has a total crush."

"It's hardly a crush, I mean we are dating her..."

"And that's totally getting ahead of the story!"

"Right, sorry."

"Since next on stage was Meg's then boyfriend Tim."

"So Tim was kind of a weird guy. I mean, he was incredibly talented as a musician: he could play almost any instrument you handed him and, with his music major, he was probably the only one of us with a theoretical understanding of music."

"Couldn't sing worth a damn though."

"No, and he was never very good with the attention of being on stage. Which is what made it so weird when he boldly strutted his slightly chubby, hairy body and wild fro of hair, onto and down the stage like he owned it."

"He gets to the end of the table, grabs his vial and sucks it down. And right away the changes start."

"The first thing that happens is all of his hair, body, head, whatever, falls out. His skin turns a matte black that's hard to see in the dark and takes on a rough, kind of rubbery quality."

"Basically his skin grew into a kind of stealth, sound dampening coating."

"Next his nose and mouth grew together and pushed out of his face as a trunk or probiscus that ended in a mouth-like opening and had a series if grooved, nostril like ridges down it's back."

"It was hard to tell in the moment, but what he did was grow a built in horn and woodwind instrument into his face. His new mouth could change shape and mimic the tooting of a variety of instruments, and by changing the size and length of his trunk and using different subsets of the valve sphincter on the trunk, Tim could play all kinds of different songs with it. But like meg, he have up the ability to talk."

"Next Tims eyes grew bulbous, and multifaceted and migrated to the sides of his head."

"Giving the guy a 360 view of the room."

"And looking so creepy. Ugh. Next his legs fused together and everything below his belly button started to swell and merge into this toroid, pear shape. It looked like his upper torso and head were emerging from a big fleshy egg. Tim kind of teetered on his base for a moment before three, equidistant stubby little legs grew in, three two foot long, pachyderm looking limbs that he could use for stability or to slowly convey his bulk."

"We later found out that this weird torso change was designed to change the layout of his internal organs, letting him massively increase his lung capacity for music making. His lungs also changed to become bird like, to grow those airsack things so that he can always be moving air through his horn-nose."

"He actually grew some gill like air slits on his cheeks at this point to help draw more air into his weird new bellows."

"Tim thought this shit out."

"Next he grew two more pairs of arms out of his upper torso, space around him in a circle to match his equidistant legs. It looked a lot like his body was equally semetrical in each direction."

"This of course was done so he could play three instruments at once with his hands. A whole bay of synths or keyboards or a soundboard in every direction."

"And then came his final change, between each of his arms and each pair of arms he grew a large, weirdly spherical breast. Six in total. But instead if nipples, each tit had a weird sphincter like aperture."

"These apertures, it turns out, are special sound making organs of his design that can create flat tones when the muscles in his tits forced air through them. They are kind of nasty, but pretty cool."

"His change finished, he waddles unsteadily and plays a joyful melody through his trumpet nose and and plays a rich soundscape of tones through his breasts."

"We can't tell, because the fucker has no human face left, but he sounds pretty happy. Or I guess I should say it, since in the process of transforming Tim made itself into a neuter, completely removing the distraction of genitals from its body."

"Poor meg is traumatized by this. She thought Tim and her would become erotic, living instruments together and make beautiful love and music together. Instead he goes and makes himself into a sexless alien. She is super pissed off."

"Well, it doesn't make itself completely sexless. What Tim did was make the internal surface of its horn trunk into a giant diffuse clit so that when it plays music with it the vibrations give it sexual pleasure and orgasmic bliss. And its nipple-sound-apertures work the same way: giving pleasure for sounds made. So Tim can still enjoy sex, just not with other people."

"It makes love to music not Meg. Which drives her from his many arms..."

"And into our bed."

"Which is why Meg now lives with us in the apartment we rent above the bar from robin and Petra and why Tim now spends it's time in the dark studio we built in the basement alone. And let me tell you, Meg is one wonderfully, passionate multitbreasted tentacle woman. Her change really awakened a burning sexual appetite in her. We love her so much."

"Roche, also loves sticking Meg's cunts with our cock."

"Well yeah, that too. And you love when she gets her tentacles all up in our business."


"Tim still is an incredible talent and an ace producer."

"Plus it's hard to stay mad at someone who doesn't really have emotions like a person anymore. It's like being angry at a piece of sound equipment."

"So despite all the shifting, we and Meg are pretty happy and Tim seems content."

"We think."

"Anyway, Tim scrabbled off the stage and Blaine makes his entrance to change."

"So Blaine was always a stereotypical frontman. He was loud and brash and a consumate showman. He was a so-so singer, but he had all the swagger of the greats."

"When we decided that altering ourselves was how to improve the band he got really into it. He spent hours, longer than the rest of us, with Breanne designing the ideal rockstar body that would also overcome his shortcomings as a singer."

"So Blaine was super excited to be on stage for his change. He jumped up onto the stage, waving for applause, calling for love and attention. He skipped down the stage, and standing one leg up, brandishing his dick and showing off his lean, toned body to the crowd thanked Robin and Petra for hosting the event, Wendy and her company for the potions, and Breanne for her help and judgement for our bodies. He led a round of applause, winked and picked up his vial."

"Whipping up a chant of "drink it!", Blaine shouts "Rock and roll!" and pounds his vial."

"And changes begin to race through his body. First his skin turns metallic, reflective gold and then his hair turns shiny black and cascades down his back in thick ringlets. Next he grows a thick hairy crest of fur around his shoulders that tapers down the centre of his chest in a thick curly patch."

"Next he starts to grow his rock and roll additions. First his toes pull together as his feet grow a shiny, silver hoof like cover before his feet push off the ground in a half foot tall built in platforms. He next grows silver bone spikes out of his shoulders and knees and ankles, and a ring of shorter spikes out of his neck. Then, from his forehead erupted a massive foot long rhino horn made out of the shame shiney material."

"Next his body went through a battery of cosmetic changes to fulfill Blaine's ideas about the ideal mix of rockstar sex attributes. First he grew four massive tits on his torso, each tipped with a silver nipple. His already taught stomach became ripped with some almost grotesquely taught abs. His hips widened, his ass swelled, and his legs grew softer, longer, and more feminine. Blaine grew some serious gams. Next his dick lengthened substantially. Now, it didn't get wider, just longer so that he had a penis of human girth that was four feet long and hung almost down to his ankles. Then his balls swelled becoming the size of large fruit."

"Looking like a shiney, shemale sex goddess Blaine begins the stage of his changes designed to make him a better singer. First his ears surge out of the side of his head, becoming massive and batlike, flicking around the room chasing sounds. Then his face melted into itself, becoming a featureless blank palette of skin: no eyes, no nose, no mouth. This last only a moment as five red lumps appear on his face. The lumps stretch and swell, and soon the entirety of Blaine's face is taken up by five pairs of lips. The two on the top portion of his face were stubbly and masculine, with moustache eyebrows, while another two smallish ones located on his former chin are swollen and feminine. In the middle of Blaine's new face is a truly massive female mouth with ludicrously swollen lips. As soon as the mouths appear, they all start moaning and groaning in pleasure with radically different voices."

"Basically Blaine remade his face so that he could have a wide vocal range of voices. The two male mouths gave him the ability to sing songs as a man or men in two part harmony. Both mouths had slightly different vocal ranges with one male mouth being able to rumble a deep bass to a clear bartione while the other male mouth could rock a tenor up to a high countertenor. The two smaller female voices has a similar arrangement, being designed to provide a range of female voices in a dynamic range. One mouth could sing from an alto to a meso-soprano while the other mouth could manage a high meso-soprano to a truly clarion soprano. The huge central mouth had a throaty, purring contralto voice that oozed power and sexuality that was this ideal of a semi-androgenous female rock vocalist."

"Suddenly our lead singer could hit the highest notes of an opera and the deepest sections of male quartet and could harmonize all over the vocal range."

"He, or well they, since Blaine was now proudly androgenous and maybe plural.... anyway, they could also sing duets or group songs all by themself."

"And beautifully too. Blaine gave themself some really amazing voices."

"Which opened up a whole new repertoire of songs we could perform as a group. It was cool."

"And Blaine was still not done. They held their arms out to their side and we saw changes sweep through them too. First their thumbs and first two fingers grew webbing and elongated dramatically. Next their arms each split into three, one section with the three webbed fingers and the other two sections each with one of the other fingers. The webbed finger limbs shifted shape and grew great flaps of skin and migrated back onto Blaine's shoulders where it became obvious that they were ornamental small batwings. Meanwhile their other four new limbs continued to change. Each limb stretched out into a long flexible tentacle that ended in a pair of luxurious feminine lips."

"Blaine, not satisfied with their new incredible vocal range had engineered his body to include four backup singer tentacles that had serious pipes."

"Blaine had made themself into a whole vocal section on a caricature of a hypersexualized rockstar."

"Blaine's physical changes also caused what I think are a bunch of unforeseen mental changes. For one, their brain rewired itself so that they can see by echolocation to make up for their lack of eyes."

"Blaine also seems to have experienced a fracture in personality. It really seems like each voice has its own personality that only gets stronger over time."

"And I swear, we can hear Blaine talking to themself behind closed doors. Like, Blaine is clearly trying to keep it a secret, but we are pretty sure they are well, a they. A plural person."

"We are also pretty sure Blaine is fucking itself and no one else. We've never actually seen it, but we suspect that the group mind of Blaine spends all of their freetime sucking their weird, long swingy penis with their many mouths and mouth tentacles."

"Blaine has always been pretty narcissistic, but it really seems like growing extra personas may have taken his self-love to a very literal place."

"Although, with the amount of self-fucking we do, we probably shouldn't talk to much shit about Blaine, yeah?"

"Well, we do regularly sleep with a cowgirl-drumkit..."

"And most of the staff of the S&H..."

"And groupies..."

"So you're saying we have a healthy sex life?"

"Or just unhealthy in another way."

"Ha! We're a pair of regular sluts!"

"So yeah, that's the story of how we changed."

"And once we changed, Robin announced that we would be the bars houseband and our new name:"

"The Sex Monsters!"

"And everything else is rock and roll."

"Pff. Now who's the wanker?"

"Shit did you hear that drumming? That was Meg hammering out some morse code."

"What does she say? She says "We're all ready stop. Stop fucking around stop. The story isn't that long stop. You better have made me sound like a total badass stop."

"So yeah, we better get on stage."

"Hang around, see the show."

"Meet some people."

"Maybe find love."

"Or drink something life changing."

"It's totally rock and roll."


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