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Hey! if this is still happening I'd like to go ahead and just buy up all the slots. Working on detailed desriptions now.


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Uh, okay yikes


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Slot 1: Model-like girl with perfectly shaped figure, D-cup breasts, legs crossed, poses on top of the creature’s flesh with one arm behind her head. Her other arm, propping her up, has split in to mass of tentacles cocks. Her breasts have huge female mouths gaping open to reveal vaginal-like insides dripping and drooling a milky substance. Her perfect face has split open down the middle with a puffy fleshy pink vagina emerging from between the halves of her face. Small tendrils dance along the opening of her head vagina as it gushes liquid that runs down her face and neck.

Slot 2: Seemingly normal female arching back in mid orgasm. She has a massive cock that comes up head-level for her, except her “cock” is in the shape and form of a woman’s torso. Her cock torso is joined at the girl’s crotch upward from fused thighs. The cock-girl, which is fully erect, has bulging veins all over her body and is slightly bustier and curvier than her host body. Her large melon-like breasts vaguely resemble penile heads and are dripping thick drops of pre-cum. The cock torso is also mid-orgasm and is running her hands over her cock flesh body. Her head, arched back, has a squirming mass of cock-tentacle hair which have all begun to ejaculate. Cum is gushing from the cock-girl mouth and down her neck. The host girl is also stroking her cock-girl with one hand.

Slot 3. Something to interact with the creature in the background. Maybe the creature has a mouth-cock that is about to envelop and suck on the creature’s cock, and her head replaced by a large vagina with suckered tentacles that are to envelop the creature’s penile head.

Slot 4. Female creature looks like she is 3 or more women fused together in a chaotic mass of flesh and limbs. Her face has an additional mouth of each side of her face. A long drooling tongue hangs out of one her gaping mouths. Multiple eyes of different colors. Multiple breasts of various sizes and forms cover the front of her torso. Multiple arms stroke and rub her body and also several tentacles have grown out her sides and back. She has one normal looking leg and three fleshy tentacle legs that keep her upright. Her vagina is large and swollen and has spread open to reveal clusters of clits lining her vaginal walls.


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sounds very interesting!


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Oi thats amazing stuff i will start wednesday on it!

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For beefboy, hope you like it.

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Really good!

Transformation Fanatic.


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@negative really love this... so sexy watching  multi-breasted futa's transforming other normal breasted women into futa freaks and then rubbing their cocks, balls and tits together... love your stuff - would love to see more...