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I recently discovered this amazing podcast that goes over various aspects of TF. I highly recommend it to everyone.

One of the first and most important things they talk about is how a TF fetish can be difficult to feel good about and can turn into something that can isolate us. Explaining TF to those who don't share a similar love for it can seem like an impossible task. And being unable to talk about TF can be tough because it can prevent us from connecting and reconciling with our sexuality, especially given that TF is ultimately unactualizable (e.g. you can't actually turn into a dog).

I'm still going through this podcast myself but I would love for this to be an open topic about people's personal experiences with TF.

As for myself, I have felt similar feelings of loneliness because I haven't had anyone IRL I could talk to about TF. I have fears that revealing this aspect of myself will make others view me negatively. I've tried to push this side of me away and reasoning that I shouldn't attach myself so closely to it, at times trying to treat it as a passing phase or merely a way to creatively pass time. It's not healthy and I can honestly say that it has helped contribute to my depressive episodes.

I have only shared this fetish with one other person (an open-minded friend), but it felt amazing to just have someone that I know be tolerant of it even if he was still wierded out by it. However, I still lack someone IRL to talk about it with. I am currently considering attending furry conventions (never been to one before) in the hopes of meeting others who can accept this side of me.

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Re: Double Helix - A TF Podcast

For me it is not different from anything else. I am an extremely private person in the real world, not even talking to others about plain vanilla sex unless it is a partner. And on the net, I have no problems sharing what I like and not, since I'm anonymous. If a potential hacker really wants to know my identity, it should be possibly to find out, but since they have never met me I would still be a stranger for them despite my true name.

This place is for transformations. If you also have other fetishes you don't want to share with transformation fans, like something related to food for instance, there are boards and websites dedicated to that as well.

The only place to live it out is in your imagination, since it is impossible in real life. Which makes it much more safe than some of those things that are actually possible, such as autoerotic asphyxiation.

It is not about a lifestyle or identity either, like being gay or a transvestite. Exceptions are if you like to dress up like a furry or something else. For me it is just a fantasy that has no way to manifest itself in any visible way except as stories and pictures. Not that I would complain if a place like Freya's Realm actually existed.

While I still enjoy supernatural horror movies for the same reason as other horror fans, I realize when looking back that one of my fascinations was about females being assimilated and transformed into something else, like a vampire, living doll or whatever. Not evil, just different. But not so much that they former identity is completely erased, like a brainless zombie.