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An old story reposted from the old forum. If you know Cheeseguy, you know what this story is about.

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The Young and Impressionable
by TNK-DarkSide

An unforgivingly hot sun beamed high in the sky; barely any clouds where in sight while the burning ball of plasma bombarded the planet with its heat and radiation. Though hot the weather seemed pleasant and the trees were green and rich, along with birds singing their songs loudly in the branches; so happy to be alive and free. The wind brushed through several artificially planted saplings that grew along a pathway, heavy gravel lined the walkways along the outskirts of a large collection of buildings, seemingly modern but obviously worn by weather and time. They seemed to be typical of high schools, the large boring and uninteresting walls seemed to scream boredom to any ‘would-be-student’ who dared attend. The presence of pupils wandering around the areas seemed to speak volumes against this; they wore stylish modern clothes and smiles across their faces; which seemed to express a love of their academy.

One of these disgustingly happy and impressionable students walked down the pathway, her eyes seemingly glinting at the thought of deviousness; her expression seemed to be that of excitement. As she wandered down the path she passed two other students, a man and woman; who sniggered at her passing before they continued down the path. They seemingly stopped their conversation as the young twenty year old walked past; as if they didn’t want her to hear their words. Yet they began chatting once more, walking away from the exited young student who appeared so happy with herself, almost like nothing could dampen her spirits or dull her day. The wind blustered through her black hair, her well-shaped beautiful feminine face not only suggested at a healthy lifestyle, but at something more. She seemed almost perfect in form; not an inch of fat on her body, not a freckle or blemish. A quick observation at the school and it appeared nearly all the students were perfect in body, not a single health issue or complaint; not an ugly face in sight.

The young student continued walking, her blue blouse and black loose fitting jeans keeping her skin covered from the harsh rays of the sun, her shoes grinding against the gravel as she travelled down the walkway to a large open metal gate, a huge lock hanging off the side. She flicked her mid-length black hair to her side as she walked through the metal archway that functioned as the gates to her academy; bashing a hard wooden box she carried in her right hand; looking back with a surprised expression. She quickly inspected the box, the likes of which seemed to be out of place from her modern clothes. A slight dent blemished the side of the old wooden frame, the panelling seemed to be ancient; the shape similar to a craftsman’s box, two large metal locks on the top of the triangular ‘roof’, made it apparent it opened from the top.

She continued to walk away from the grounds and into a residential district, appearing to be lodging and housing for the students able to afford a private place, her memory jogging as she thought of the standard bedding and accommodation that the academy provided on site. She shuddered and wiped the horrible thought of the cramped and annoying sleeping areas from her mind, a smile returning to her annoyingly perfect face as she continued to walk at a brisk pace down the concrete streets. Her eyes wandered over the numbers of the housing as she walked down the street, eyeing up several placed and obviously searching for a specific number; her pupils becoming wider as she found the number ‘twenty three’, and the grin widened across her face.

The house was fairly well kept, there was some old moss and vines growing on the brickwork and the door had seen better days but it appeared suitable for her needs. There was a single window at the second floor which looked out onto the street, and an archway which led to the front door. She didn’t need anything too fancy; after all she only planned on spending a few days within, then she’d be back to the academy and her studies. She walked through the wooden gate between the stone walls into the tattered front garden, walking down a small stone pathway to the door; her modern shoe heels clicking against the natural surface. She reached a hand up and formed a fist, bashing her knuckles against the wooden door and turning back behind her, making sure no fellow students had been following her. She turned her head back as she heard the door opening, the metal hinges creaking loudly as it revealed the person standing within. A large balding man in his mid-forties stood at the doorway in a slightly stretched sweat-shirt, breathing heavily and speaking from his unshaven mouth.

“You must be Shana, you’re here about the lodging right?” he asked in a deep gravely tone, his imperfections seemed to shine so brilliantly against Shana’s perfect face and body. Yet she wasn’t put off by his grotesque appearance as she knew that not everybody had access to the academy and its wonderful services.

“Yes indeed!” she replied with a sickeningly happy smile and tone of voice, extending her hand out to the aging man who clamped it tightly within his sweaty grip, nodding and grunting in recognition of his new lodger before she continued to speak. “I believe I paid in advance, I’ve got it for….i think it was 3 days. Do you need to run me over ground rules?” she asked politely, releasing her hand and trying her hardest to retain her smile.

“Hmmmm, well as long as you keep the place clean I’ve got no problems; just don’t have parties or nothin!” he replied in a gruntish manner, thinking and pondering to himself before thinking up the one rule he thought mattered. Shana sniggered to herself and nodded, moving to the side and allowing the man to walk out. “hehe…..well I won’t be having other people over if that’s what you mean” she replied with a smile as he walked out the door.

“Here, I’ll be back on Monday; if you’ve got any problems just call me; until then….the place is yours” he said to Shana, reaching into the pockets of his sweatpants and plucking out a pair of grubby keys, handing them to the young student who gripped them in her dainty fingers; nodding to the landlord. She smiled and walked into the house, a huge grin plastered across her face as she shut the door behind her; the silence of her new temporary lodging penetrated her very soul. She looked up at the roof and walls, listening and savouring the quiet and peaceful nature of her temporary home.

Shana giggled girlishly to herself and threw the keys onto a side counter near the door, moving the large wooden box round in her grip and holding onto the base with both hands; a smile curling wider across her face as she walked towards the stairs. She couldn’t have rushed up the steps faster, obviously exited and eager to do what she’d planned to do, wandering up the stairs into the bedroom; slamming the heavy door behind her and examining the bedroom with her analytical eyes.

The room itself was fairly spacious, about ten metres wide and seven meters long it had more than enough room. An open door to her left led into a well-kept bathroom, the floors were carpeted and shone a nice peach colour. The walls were mostly white with a warm hint of yellow; a large double bed was pushed up near the window to the far right side of the room that looked out onto the street. There was a small table to her left pushed up against the edge of the room, and directly in front of her was a large chest of drawers. Aside from that the room was fairly bare, a small light bulb hung from the ceiling and the cold light from the bathroom invaded the cosiness of the bedroom. She walked towards the bathroom door to her left; the shut door that led to the hallway lay behind her. She placed the large heavy box onto the wooden table with a “thud!” before curiously padding towards the bathroom door, peering into her washroom. The room was a box by three metres each side, the surfaces were covered in white tiles of various sizes. A shower fitting stood in the corner attached to the wall. The shower didn’t have any glass sides or walls, it was an open shower with a twisting wheel fitting, a plug and shower above which seemed part of the tiled room. The water obviously drained away into the plug and the whole bathroom seemed open plan. A large ceramic toilet sat on the opposite side of the shower with a rack hanging from the tiled wall next to it; with a few cotton towels hanging from the metal surfaces. To her left was the sink and a mirror that seemed massive and covered nearly half the wall; the surface seemed so clean it almost was like looking into a different room.  The mirror took up nearly the whole wall; designed to encompass the not only the tops but the sides of the walls as well; she assumed to any person could look at themselves as they got out of the shower. She smiled and gripped the metal handle of the door, pulling it shut with a quiet slam; the vibrations reverberating through the room.

“Right then….no time to waste” she smiled, giggling and walking over to her box that sat patiently on the table, her fingers tracing over the metal clasps as she loosened the locks and opened the top. What lay within was anything but modern; the insides were filled with vials of liquids and substances, small glass jars of odd looking plants and severed creatures limbs lay within. The top folded open and two small shelves of alchemical ingredients moved to the sides to reveal the deeper internals, a few books and pieces of chalk lay within the larger portion of the box.

Along with what appeared to be a leather bound book lay several pencils, a few small vials of suspicious looking white liquid named “D-cum” and “alchemical draft two, three and four” alongside many different strange looking ingredients. She began unloading the vials and alchemical bottles from the bottom of the box; placing them on the table and gripping the heavy leather bound book, placing it down on the wooden surface. Below there were more items, a small candle and a box of matches, a portable stone mortar and pestle and finally a small leather bound bag, as she lifted it out the sounds from within seemed to suggest it contained coins.

She picked up the leather bound book and traced her finger across the pages, finding a bookmark and opening it up, the heavy edges and tardy paper making a distinct noise as she held it with both hands. The two pages contained something very strange, the writing was in a bizarre language, several symbols and strange sigils were drawn carefully onto the paper. It was clear by the nature of the book; its contents and the other items that Shana was into practicing magic. Her entire academy taught the crafts of sorcery, from the practical magic’s to the more dubious ones. Shana had a fascination with the shape shifting magical arts, though small and nobody really cared about them; she found the concepts fascinating. She’d heard many stories of demonic forces, powerful avatars granting desirable forms to mortals, giving them essence and strength. Even their essence; their ‘demonic cum’ was a powerful transformative liquid used in diabolic alchemy and recipes. She looked down at the small vials, her mind reeling back to a classmate she’d changed using her crude and hopeless potions; sniggering at the memory of seeing her horrifically deformed mutated sexualised body.

“Teach you for mocking me….bitch” she cursed to herself, an evil and rather nasty spiteful smile spreading across her face at the thought of the bully who obviously tormented her prior to her experimentations. She sighed and looked back at the book; the writings clearly indicated a spell of some kind, a summoning ritual. She’d tried so hard to master alchemy to further her desires, yet she knew it wasn’t reversible, and that’s something she wanted more than anything. But meddling with a demon, or even an avatar was risky; they were powerful beyond measure, able to deconstruct beings if they became violent, even by just being rude. Shana thought past her teachings which made it clear to never bargin with an avatar or demon, most of the times using bodies as conduits or power sources, changing them into horrifically formed monsters; most of the time against a persons will. Her eyes glanced across to the coins; biting her bottom lips as her heart sank in her chest. She knew the risks and had already decided on her actions; yet she still felt hesitant, moving a finger over the vial of D-cum.

“It might not be perfect….but I could go halfway” she thought to herself; contemplating mixing her attempts together, drinking and hoping she would change the way she wanted; and stay that way forever. The thought of what she’d become ached in her mind, the metal picture of her warped twisted body sent shivers down her spine and made her pussy drip and ooze her female fluids. She moved her hand back quickly to book, exclaiming loudly “No!”

She was determined to get what she wanted, and if she had to try a demon then she’d do so. Slowly she traced her finger across the pages, speaking loudly a strange ancient language, the likes of which seemed strange and incomprehensible to those who did not speak it. She needed no candles or images; no aids or items; just words and a will. She traced her finger further down the page, her heart racing as she neared the end of the chant. She turned towards the centre of the room; continuing to read from the book and speaking loudly; her heart thumping loudly and her adrenal glands surging within. Finally she finished the chant, looking up and closing the book loudly; staring blankly into space.

Seconds passed as she waited and only the silence of the room kept her company, the noiseless void seemed to taunt her as the seconds turned to ages. After a minute of waiting and a held breath, Shana sighed loudly and turned around, throwing the book against the table and cursing.

“Fucking asshole! Gave me a dud spell…..oh well; I suppose there’s no alternative” she said to herself, rubbing the soft leather surface of her tome and moving them across the vials, gripping the glass surface as she felt herself want to give into those urges.

“Well well….it’s been a while since I was here” a deep female voice sounded from behind her; the very noise of which made Shana shiver and shudder in dread. She slowly turned her head around; loosening her grip of the vial of D-cum and seeing what mouth possessed such a viciously dangerous voice.

Shana’s eyes beamed open as she looked over what appeared to be a woman; her height seemed to be not much different to hers. What distinguished this entity from Shana was her nakedness; her perfectly formed female body lacked any clothes whatsoever. This creatures eyes shone with a bright yellow, and no pupils could be seen; and nor could any whites; they were a solid shifting mixture of yellow and gold colours. Her skin seemed mostly human; yet she seemed to possess several rows of breasts, two large ones at her chest, and four subsequent sets that descended down her torso like a feline’s. Her lower body was anything but human, her feet and legs were replaced by what could only be described as a humanoid lizard. A long thick shapely scaly tail extended from her stretched buttocks, and two long scaly legs led down to what appeared to be claws. A huge black talon tipped each of her three thick draconic feet and she stood on the pads in a digitigrade stance. A huge throbbing pussy ached between her stretched apart legs and ludicrously wide hips, the scales leading up to soft human skin and her multiple breasts. Her hands were covered in a soft black fur and long feline claws tipped the end of each one. Soft pink paw-pads covered her palms and fingertips; looking like a humanoid panther’s feet. Her face was completely human, and only her long elfish ears and a huge pair of horns gave her away; save of course her eyes. Her right horn seemed to be longer than the left, curling round in a different way it was clear she was a demon of some kind.

“Wh….it….it worked?!” Shana exclaimed loudly, turning all the way around to face her ‘demon’, still stunned by the miracle of her spell. The demon looked back at her with a confused expression, a curling smile formed around her lips as she slowly began to understand her summoner.

“My my……you are a pretty one; and I must admit you’ve certainly done a good job of getting me here young lady” she replied, walking slowly towards Shana as she reached behind to the table, her hands frantically trying to find the bag.

“H…h.here….it’s all I could spare” she replied with a noticeable nervous stutter, handing the bag of coins out to her demon. The demonic entity looked down at the small pitiful bag and laughed loudly, reaching out and grabbing it from her hand.

“haha! You think this is enough….my dear you’d need hundreds more than this! I charge more than that for just summoning me” she laughed manically, opening the leather pouch and inspecting the coins, seeing the shining gold surfaces glinting off the light from the bulb above, compressing them in her hand before they disappeared entirely, prompting a stunned expression from the confused and now frightened Shana.

“That’s nice you thought of me…..but I don’t need payment my dear; you’ve given me payment by summoning me to this specific area. I’ve been trying to get a foothold in this place for decades; and here you are, delivering the academy to me with all its bright young impressionable souls to corrupt...I mean……….assist” she said to the terrified Shana, smiling and correcting herself purposefully so as to express her true intentions.

“So then…there must be a reason you summoned me; what do you want?” she asked, clapping her furry black hands together and walking up closer to Shana, moving a paw down to her hips and gently caressing it softly. Shana nodded and tried to speak, her words slurring and stuttering.

“W..well, I was….err…hoping you could….c…..c..curse somebody for me” A smile formed across the demon’s face, her bright yellow eyes seemed very de-humanising and seemed to make Shana feel very ill-at-ease.

“Ohhhh my favourite….so then who do you want cursing; and how do you want them to suffer” she smiled; walking back to the centre of the room; rubbing her multiple breasts and making Shana rather aroused at the sight, almost half tempted to ask for a body like hers.

“Wh….w..well….i want you to turn this person into something helpless…something humiliating. I want you to make them a huge pile of…..dicks, and balls and breasts….j..just turn them into nothing but genitals. I want their legs to be...huge cocks, and their body to covered in boobs, which only more….c.c.cocks should sprout from. I want balls as well…every cock I want a pair of ….b.balls” Shana replied, rubbing the back of her neck in embarrassment, continuing to talk as the demon continued to listen.

“I…i.i want it to happen slowly, over a day….and I want them to love it….and never want to go back…b…b.but they will. I want them to change back when they want, whenever they want…” She continued to speak, her face blushing red with embarrassment.

“I want you to change them back after they lose all hope…..to make them realise what they lost....c…c..can you do t…that?” she stuttered, asking the demon out loud and proclaiming her desire.

“Mmmm well that doesn’t sound too hard my dear; though I still need to know who I’m cursing” she replied, her wide grin indicating she enjoyed the thought of turning some poor helpless mortal into a pile of helpless dicks and balls.

“W…we..well, it’s err…..just that….ummmm I….i want you to curse…” Shana stuttered, her pussy aching and leaking profusely, staining her panties as she blushed red, trying to contain her embarrassment.

“M…me, I want you to curse me” she said loudly, rubbing the back of her head and closing her legs in shame, feeling awful for wishing it; but it was the entire reason she’d rented the place.

“My my….i certainly did not expect that my squishy little human, so you want to experience that do you? Hmmm I’m sure I can make that happen” she said, smiling at Shana as her face’s expression turned from embarrassment to excitement.

“Oh…really?! Oh thank you” she said loudly, walking towards the demoness and grinning widely, her hands cupped together against her neck in a girlish stance.

“So when is it going to happen?” Shana asked the demon after a few moments of an awkward silence, looking at the demon’s smiling devious face, her heart racing as she replied back to the hopeful student.

“Now!” she said loudly and sharply, watching Shana’s face turn from excitement to confusion.

“N…..n…now?” she asked, looking into the deep pools of yellow that were the demon’s eyes, watching her smile with an evil grin. Shana felt a sense of dread wash over her body as she blinked; the demon that once stood before her vanished in a split second, only a strange heat like distortion of light remained where she once stood. Shana looked around her, then looked back at the spot where she summoned her demon, feeling a horrible overwhelming feeling spreading across her; the sensation of loss. So caught up in worry and despair she didn’t notice the black furry hand behind her, reaching to her head and gently touching her hair, the claws rubbing against her scalp as Shana barely had time to relax.

“Sleep…..soon you’ll be mine” the demon whispered into Shana’s ear, the young student unable to contain her fear before all her emotions drained away. Doubt, worry, happiness, sadness, distain and dread all drained away as she sunk into a blissful oblivion. She fell forwards, her face flying towards the floor, time seemingly slowing down as she passed through the carpet into a space of blackness. Her mind faded away into unconsciousness, all her thoughts and memories faded away temporarily as she sunk into a deep state of nothingness.

She sank and swam through the waters of her own personal void; unable to escape; feeling weight and mass returning to her, the warm soft covers of a bed tingling in her face. Slowly she felt her body and limbs once again, feeling her perfect female form flat out and lying face down on a large double bed. Shana grunted and felt a wet patch near her mouth, pushing down with her arms she lifted herself off the covers of her bed and moaned.

“Urhhhh my head…wha….what the” she exclaimed, looking at the lighting in the room and noticing something strange. She moved up and slumped to her side, looking out the window of the house she’d rented and noticed it was morning.

“Wha…the, wait….the demon!” she exclaimed, turning her head around to her table and noticed her box had been packed away, all her items seemed to be in their placed in the closed box, and only the marks from where she’d placed the items remained.

“Urh…my head….i must have….gotten tired, must have been a dream” she said to herself, moving around and flipping her legs over the side of the bed, sitting down on the surface and grunting, rubbing her eyes and sighing loudly. She wondered if she’d even summoned a demon, if she had she wouldn’t have been able to put her stuff away. She probably had tried and failed, chickened out on drinking the d-cum and decided to sleep instead.

Shana grunted and lifted herself up off the bed, and looked out the window down on the street, noticing the morning. She didn’t even see the face of the demoness staring at her; like some character or ghost from a horror movie from the house opposing hers, she stood there and stared at Shana with her huge yellow eyes, not moving and inch until Shana blinked. Her eyes scanned over the houses and windows; seeing nothing out of the ordinary. The demoness stood behind her, not a metre away and eyed up her prey, teleporting and blinking all around her, a blank expression across her demonic features; looking piercingly at Shana’s back.

“Urhhh I need to clean up” Shana said to herself, turning round and walking towards the bathroom door; the demoness seemingly vanished into thin air; only appearing to watch and stalk her prey, but never allowing her eyes to see her in person; Shana totally oblivious to the immeasurably powerful entity that now stalked her like a hunter. The young student padded towards the door, her shoes biting at her toes; prompting her to grip the heel with her foot, loosening the grip of the shoe on her dainty feet and flicked one shoe into a corner. She followed suit with the other, flicking it into the corner of the room and walked in her socks across the carpet. Shana almost giggled at the sensation of the carpet through her socks; reaching out to the handle of the heavy wooden door that led to the bathroom, the hinges creaking loudly.

Slowly the cold light of the tiled room glared in her eyes, her feet pressing against the smooth ceramic flooring of the bathroom. She let the door slowly creak open as she walked over to the sink, looking in the huge mirror and seeing her reflection. It seemed strangely eerie staring at such a perfect reflection; standing still and not moving an inch she swore it was like looking at duplicate through a window. Still she threw away her thoughts and turned the twisting taps on the sink; hot water slowly starting to fill the basin. Shana reached over to the back of the sink and pulled a lever up, blocking the bottom and allowing the basin to fill with warm water. She reached her hand into the water; smiling as she felt the soothing dripping across her skin. Shana reached over and twisted the tap off; and bent over the basin.

The demon appeared behind her, not a few centimetres away from her; only her reflection showing in the mirror as Shana washed her face with the warm water. The demon stared down at Shana through the looking glass, watching her clean her perfect face. The strange creature reached a hand up, snapping her fingers through the mirror; yet not making a sound to Shana.


Re: The Young and Impressionable

As she washed her face she felt a strange throbbing sensation around her skin; rubbing her fingers across her eyes she felt a strange tingling behind her left eyeball. Then she felt something else; a strange feeling underneath her eye, like it’d seen too much television one night and had drooped down significantly. Curious to the feeling her fingers traced across her closed eye, her heart skipping a beat as her fingers braced across some unusually sensitive swollen flesh; just below her left eye. Unsure of what was going on she lifted her head out of the water, the demon behind her disappearing behind the reflection of Shana as she rubbed her eyelids and opened them; starting into the mirror.

“What the….” She said to herself quietly, her eyes looking across to just under her left eye, seeing a strange bloated swelling just below. The skin had also appeared to discoloured slightly, becoming an almost darker shade, but wasn’t red or blue like a bruise or wound. Shana reached up a finger to the swollen flesh, tracing a finger across the surface and letting out a light gasp. The flesh seemed to be highly sensitive; the very act of touching it sent shivers through her body which felt strangely pleasant. Her mouth slowly began to widen as the growth increased in size; slowly it began to throb and pulsate. Shana groaned quietly to herself as she felt the muscles underneath twitch, the flesh throbbing with heat and tingling with sensitivity.

She continued to watch as it took on a rather rectangular shape, rounded at the edges and slowly inflating with mass and flesh, looking like a long cylinder contained within a sack of skin. More and more it grew, the throbbing heat pulsating across her face, making her muscles weak; only allowing her to gape as it grew in size. Shana watched as a small dip formed in the middle of the shape, slowly shifting around into two roundish objects, splitting apart and moving aside. Shana felt her heart race in her body, watching the growth take on a familiar shape, the swollen flesh now seemed to have formed into two large roundish orbs below her eyeball; suspended in a soft sack of flesh.

“N..n..no it…..c…can’t be” she stuttered to herself, watching her strange swelling growth grow in size, the skin that held the two rounded objects began to tingle and stretch, tugging on her face as the surface began to crinkle, changing texture and appearance. Before she had time to say anything she felt a powerful pushing itching sensation from behind her eyeball, blinking rapidly and trying to force it away, feeling the weight of the growth tugging down on the loose sack of skin that contained them. Shana saw the vision in her left eye start to darken, watching her eyeball move upwards of its own accord, the edges of her sight blurring. Flesh started to bulge and throb around her eyelids; growing and stretching the skin as it grew. She gasped and panicked, trying to do something but could only muster frantically moving her arms up and down in fear. She was forced to moan as her eyelids slowly sealed shut, a small white tear trickling from her eyelids that were now fused shut. Her eyeball throbbed in her socket, a powerful pulsing heat emanated deep within, unable to do anything but groan at the sensation which felt oddly pleasurable and strangely arousing. Shana grunted as she looked back in the mirror; seeing her left eyelids swollen shut, looking like the bottom of a coffee bean without any gaps. The sensation behind her eye was strange, it felt like a pulsating throb which slowly began to emanate it’s way to the surface.

“Ohhhh gods! It can’t be!” she said out loudly to herself, watching a thick viscous white liquid seep from the corner of her swollen eyelids as she felt the strange throbbing growing stronger and stronger in her skull. Shana’s heart pounded in her chest as she felt her eyelids being forced open by blunt force ignorance, an object moving from behind. The young student gasped for breath as she saw the tip of a red fleshy object poke through her swollen eyelids; no eye to be seen. The tip had a small slit like hole on the top which seemed to leak the strange white fluid. Shana groaned and watched with sick fascination as her swollen eyelid stretched open; giving way to this strange object that forced its way out of her skull. The tip of the object popped out with a “Squelch” and Shana saw what she hoped to see; gasping with a smile as the tip of a huge cock pushed out from her eyelid. Slowly she felt more flesh pushing through her swollen eye-socket, slowly gaining length as normal human skin was shown slipping out past throbbing flesh. Shana moaned as she felt the trickling of the thick white fluid from the tip of this strange cock trickle down the length of this huge growing shaft, realising she could feel through it as if it was her own. The head of her eye-prick pulsated with pleasure, pumping more pre-cum from the tip down the growing shaft and onto her swollen eyelids. She looked in the mirror as the prick gained length slowly pushing more flesh from her head as it reached four inches, then six; then a shocking seven inches in length before it stopped growing. Shana gasped as she felt the last of her eye-cock extend out, feeling her eyelids slowly fuse with the base of her prick that now jutted from where her left eye used to be, watching in fascination as it throbbed and leaked her thick pre-cum. From the configuration she rationalised that the huge growth beneath it was a pair of male testicles. The perverted young woman reached a hand up; unable to contain her sick curiosity anymore and slowly traced her fingers across the underside of her new facial prick.

“Urhhh gods yes!” she groaned loudly, feeling the fantasies and dreams she’d always wanted come to life, her fingers sending waves of orgasmic pleasure shuddering cruelly through her body. She gasped and felt a strange climax sensation deep within her head, strangely enough around where her nasal cavity was. It was a similar sensation to the sensation she felt around her pussy whenever she imagined a situation like this one. Unable to control her primal desires she moved and hand up and gripped her new facial cock, moaning deeply as she began to slowly stroke it; her pussy throbbing at the sheer arousal she experienced, both from her throbbing facial cock; and from the overwhelming sexual excitement of the situation. Shana started at herself in the mirror moaning loudly and reaching a hand up; cupping her breast as she jacked off her eye-dick, moaning loudly and feeling something underneath her right breast. She reached a finger underneath and felt something else; another growth.

“Ohhh yes….don’t stop it now” she groaned loudly, rubbing her facial cock off with gusto; a smile plastered wide across her face as she felt another growth spreading underneath her breast; a throbbing swelling similar to the one she’d experienced before. She pressed her hand against the fabric of her blouse and moaned as her fingers felt the growth swelling under her grip; the skin stretching and growing. She slowed her perverted groping of her facial cock and reached another hand down to her blouse; feeling something else throbbing beneath her left breast.

Her face turned from excitement to concern, moving her hand down and feeling another growth below her left breast, but this one felt closer to the centre, it didn’t feel symmetrical to the other. Shana felt a strange tingling below the growth, a throbbing heat developing around her torso as small spots around her body began to tingle in the same way. Shana bit her bottom lip and felt a small drop of moisture developing on her finger tip, smiling and feeling a strange object forming on top of the growing mutation. She knew these to be new breasts, closing her eye and imagining herself covered in hot female breasts, her face and body covered in genitals; her pussy tingling at the very thought. The moisture increased and she likened this to her leaking nipples, already her growing breasts were growing impatient and leaking a white liquid; though this fluid was the same as the type that leaked from her facial cock.

“Mmmmm…..not just….wait!” she moaned before opening her eye, staring at her jutting eye-dick as she felt moisture developing over the tip of another finger, this one nowhere near her growing nipples, then her left hand felt the same; moisture developing at her fingertips. Her fingers and hands began to throb with heat, a wave of pleasure shooting from the tips of her fingers and up her arms, making her gasp she felt them grow limp.

Shana moved her right hand up, looking through her one good eye at her fingers, her mouth gaping at what she saw. The flesh around her fingertip had slowly begun to change shade; shifting to a darker red and the tips were puffing and growing in size and shape. The same white liquid appeared to be spotted over her fingertips and on closer inspection she found tiny slit-like holes over the tips of her mutated fingers. Shana’s mind began to wander and fantasise as her only source of manipulation began to change, shifting shape before her only eye.

Throbbing sensations began to form at the palms and backs of her hands, reaching her left hand up to watch her fingers tingling and changing. She watched as the pigment slowly began to shift, the colour blotching in a distinct fashion as white liquid spurted from her fingertips; small holes opening up into short slits. Shana moaned as her other hand exhibited the same throbbing sensations around the palms and wrist, watching growing shapes building up around different areas. As all of this happened her eye-cock throbbed and leaked male cum, her pussy aching and leaking profusely as she saw her fantasy come to life.

“uhhrhhh!” moaned Shana as she moved one of her fingertips over to her other hand, trying to touch the throbbing growths but receiving a shock of pleasure shooting up through her arms from the fingertips, and a small spurt of cum over the growing orbs. She knew what was happening, she’d wished for it, and now it was coming true; Shana only able to express her admiration of the situation through the huge smile she wore on her perverted; now non-perfect face. The objects grew in size and shape around her palms, the skin wrinkling all around as more developed on unchanged human skin, watching as the palms and backs of her hands began to change to house a series of thick huge testicles. More throbbing developed down to her wrist, slowly starting to hang down from gravity as her only source of touch faded away.

Shana almost willed it to happen, her wants and needs felt like they were driving the changes, like she was in control. The demon however knew better, starting at her throbbing cock-eye, her changing hands and expression of perverse pleasure; looking at her through the next room, standing at the doorway and knowing full well Shana couldn’t see her past her massive facial dick. More cum spurted from her fingertips, the bones within began to feel weak, support in her fingers faded as the shape changed totally. Shana moaned with a grin as she felt blood pump into her fingers, her heart pumping loudly in her chest; sending rhythmic pulsating waves of pleasure through her transforming cock fingers.

“Mmmmmooore! Mmmore!” moaned Shana, looking down at her growing fingers, the girth thickening as her knuckles, bones and fingernails began to disappear. Her fingers began to feel weak and limp as the bones within slowly faded away, only the blood pressure through her changed finger-dicks kept them straight. Shana smiled and gasped as she felt the throbbing sensation return to her changed finger-cocks, slowly they began to thicken and extend out her mess of balls where her hands used to be, feeling the soft silky surfaces of her wrinkly male hand-balls rub up against each other; only serving to arouse her further. The young student grunted at the sensation of her breasts growing underneath her shirt, her new boobs slowly gaining mass and size, yet still too small to be noticeable through her loose fitting blouse.

Shana’s fingers lost all support as they throbbed with blood, her fingernails slowly pulled into her flesh, her expanding fingertips changing shape to a flared head. She watched as the loose skin pulled behind the cum-leaking heads and made them tingle with sensation. She could only grin as veins throbbed across her finger-cocks; looking up in the mirror and gasping loudly as she saw her huge throbbing eye-dick still jutting out proudly, wanting so much to grope herself, to touch herself with her hands. Yet she knew she’d never feel in the same way; her fingers now resembled cocks rather than extensions of a hand. Huge throbbing male testicles hung from her palms and hands; they seemed to be no longer limbs for manipulation; rather a mess of genitals. She felt blood pump through her loose cock-fingers; now realising she was unable to move them at all. They had lost all ability to bend or twist, they just jutted out from her deformed hands, unable to do anything but throb and leak cum. Shana turned her hands around to inspect them, seeing the tips leaking profusely and the surfaces constantly throbbing with sexual tension. She turned the tips to her face; seeing the closed piss-holes, each one of her fingers had grown a cum stained urethra at the tip, each one occasionally opening to spill out more cum.

The demon stood at the doorway and watched her inspecting her new cock-fingers, smiling as she watched and learned their shape; unable to quite comprehend how good they felt. The demon bore her sharp teeth in a wicked evil grin, raising her hand and waving it over Shana from a distance, knowing full well that the poor woman couldn’t see her. Without reaction or stimulus, Shana’s hands shuddered, feeling a throbbing pleasure emanate from her hands.

“Ohhhh UHHHH!!!” Shana moaned, panting and feeling an orgasm swelling and growing from inside her hands; before she could act thick white cum spurted out her fingers. Her seed shot out at an alarming rate and hit Shana in the face, splattering her face, eye and mouth, and the other fingers shot over her blouse and neck, coating her in her own cum. She gasped in pleasure as she felt her semen dribble over her face, her cock fingers ejaculating over her face in a humiliating fashion; her other hand experienced another powerful orgasm. Shana felt her other cock hand throb and become ready to blow, moving to her mouth and opening it to receive her own seed. More cum shot over her face into her mouth; making her lap it up frantically, moaning loudly as more of her hot man-seed sprayed over her face.

“AHhhh……this feels soooo good!” Shana moaned as she ejaculated the rest of her seed onto her face, feeling it slowly dry and dribble down her face which prompted her to start licking her lips and lapping up her cum; the taste was sweet and slightly salty; but also had strange effect. It tasted almost spicy; had a slight tingling to it that made Shana even hornier, wondering if her cum was corruptive; infectious, perhaps even some form of aphrodisiac.

“Ohhh yes!.....this is….Urhhhhh!” Shana moaned loudly, moving her changed genital hands down from her face and started to grope her breasts in a strange fashion; her eye-dick aching and throbbing to be touched as the tip dribbled cum from itself but also from her finger ejaculation; her face sticky and musky. She knew know she was unable to grip her facial cock; her lips tingling from her ejaculation, her face still stained with cum. Shana knew she could no longer form fists or grab things, she couldn’t pinch or stroke herself, she could only enjoy the sensations her cock fingers brought to her. She rubbed them over her blouse and under her breasts, her cock-fingers gently massaging the fabric. The very act of which sent tingling sensations through each one of her thick foot-long finger-dicks, the sensation travelled into her hand where it gathered as a strange throbbing orgasmic sensation.

Shana thought It mad but she felt the same sensation deep within her head, moaning at the thought of growing prostate glands inside her body, feeling her orgasmic sensation emanating from inside her head and hands. She groaned and continued the attempt at groping herself, spurting her thick male juices over the soft silky blouse, unable to control her bodily fluid’s outbursts or functions, feeling the hot wet sticky seed stick to her clothing.

“Yeaahhhhh….mmmore…give it to me mooooore!” Shana moaned and begged for any person listening to change them further, feeling her throbbing growing breasts tingling under her shirt. Her ears picked up a strange noise, a whispering voice tempting her; the demon luring her away from the mirror.

“Come in here; it’s so much warmer” the voice whispered to her; making Shana turn her head. She looked past her throbbing veined facial cock and towards the bedroom, seeing the empty bed taunting her. She grunted and groaned, slowly rubbing her large breast and using her other cock-hand to grope her growing ones; now almost as big as the others. She felt smaller ones growing around her body, feeling them spreading over her torso and even around her back. Shana was convinced she was awake now and knowing she was truly changing as she wanted, cursed to become something horrific and corrupted, a horrible demonic bi-product; and that thought only turned her on more. She slowly walked out of the bathroom; each footstep made her throbbing male testicles; both on her face and hands wobble and tingle in delight, making her moan in ecstasy.

“Urhhpphhh….bed” Shana moaned as she cupped her growing breasts; moving a corrupted hand up to her eye-prick; looking at what was once her hands. Now they were just a mass of cocks and balls, smiling as she felt the rub up against her face, smiling in pleasure as she rubbed the tips of her finger-dicks over the prick that was once her left eye, groaning in pleasure at the sensation the prostate that throbbed in her head. Cum spurted over her face and finger-cocks as she reached the bed, turning around and slowly sitting down onto the sheets; feeling her torso tingling from her growing breasts. She felt a strange tingling from her buttocks in two places which made her shiver in pleasure; though she simply ignored this sensation and continued her perverted touching.

She groaned at the sensation of tingling sensitive flesh around her back; feeling what she could only liken to as a nipple rubbing up against her blouse, yet she felt it from her back. Then she felt it again, this time higher up near her neck, smiling widely as she relished in the thought of her entire body changing slowly to something purely sexual and deviated. She continued to rub her dicks off; encapsulated by the sensations of her body she wasn’t able to see the demoness standing at the doorway to the bathroom. She smiled wickedly and snapped her fingers again; the throbbing growing sensation slowing down; her transforming body began to calm down, allowing her to savour her sensation for the moment. Shana sensed this, opening her eyes and looking around, stuck now with one out of place eye-cock and slowly expanding breasts, wanting things to progress faster.

Though her contorted wish didn’t come true, she felt her body tingle with sensitivity; unable to edge any closer through the climax she experienced through her multiple cocks that now seemed meaningless in the grand scheme of things. What was once an amazing addition to her face; a huge throbbing male dick sticking from her eye seemed like nothing now her hands and wrists had been changed to the same; nothing but a sensitive mass of dicks and balls. She felt herself both unable to control her own impulses, unable to cease continuing to stroke her tingling super sensitive facial dick, and caressing her aching breasts. And she also felt herself unable to come any closer; the throbbing pleasure; the orgasmic sensations she felt deep insider her head and hands wouldn’t go away. As she sat on the bed, her feet pressed into the floor, the flesh throbbed and ached slightly, Shana feeling the skin stretching slightly; stretching her socks apart. Shana groaned as she felt her breasts slowly increase in size; the tiny little boobs that started to grow over her body increased in size at a painfully slow pace.

She couldn’t help herself, touching and stroking; caressing each part of her twisted changing body. She felt frustrated, unable to stop groping herself by merely stroking her breasts; the very act of touching now was turned from a function into a need. Her feet stretched up against her socks harder now, the edges of her socks slowly digging into her ankles subtly; making Shana want to take them off. As much as she tried she couldn’t break out of her groping frenzy, almost unable to think straight, her mind betraying her. Once she’d been able to touch, now the very act of which was just another way to get off for her. After about an hour of groping and caressing Shana realised she’d lost track of time; lost in the sensations of her throbbing eye dick and leaking cock fingers.

She opened her only one eye and stared over her blouse and dress, seeing her arms and skin covered in her gloopy gooey pre-cum, the white sticky substance stained her clothing and skin. The smell of which was intoxicating, it was like a musky fragrance that only made her cocks harder and her pussy wetter. She still continued to stroke, rubbing the pre-cum into her skin and clothes, the stickiness starting to irritate her a little. Shana smiled widely feeling her throbbing feet rubbing across the carpet, the flesh felt like it was glowing; almost aching in need.

“Uhrmmmmphh….mmmmbathrooooom” Shana groaned in an almost incomprehensible manner, her words slurring slightly as her eyes traced across the bathroom door; the light flooding through onto the carpet. Her legs wobbled slightly as she attempted to stand up, the muscles began to feel slightly weak and she managed to stand to her feet; groaning deeply as the multiple ball-sacks swayed from side to side, the sensitive skin rubbing up against each other and causing waves of pleasure to shoot through her arms. Her feet felt slightly swollen, almost as if she was walking on strange bulges. Shana trying to look down to her feet but only able to see her huge growing breasts in the way, grunting as another wave of pleasure shot her head back. Her mind was almost unable to cope with the sensations, her throbbing cock fingers and eye-dick was enough; her thoughts veered over to how she’d cope being nothing but dicks and genitals.

Her thoughts were interrupted gradually by the strangest of sensations, a strange throbbing heat spread in a wave down both her legs. The heat permeated deep inside, her ankle starting to feel weak and limp. Shana’s eyes bulged in surprise as she almost lost her balance, stumbling a bit before she looked down to her feet. Shana saw her feet had bulged to become rather large; the skin stretching out against the fabric of her socks; looking more like balls than feet.

Shana wobbled a little as she saw her ankles bend and warp, prompting her to open her mouth in shock, looking up and grunting loudly. Slowly her legs gave way, bending unnaturally as the bones seem to just “disappear”. Before she knew it her legs caved in; the flesh bending and warping in all different directions and gave way under her and sending her tumbling to the floor face first.

Instinctively she put her hands out in front of her, the testicles on her palms hitting the carpet and causing her to grunt slightly in pain. Shana moaned loudly, having to push across the textured carpet with her foot-long prick fingers, watching as cum spurted onto the fabric. The pain subsided from her palm-testicles as she turned onto her buttocks, looking down at her leg and seeing the shape had become totally distorted. The shape was not even straight, her bottom legs were bent and warped, it was like somebody had just removed the bones from her legs, her huge swollen feet were stuck throbbing at the ends of her floppy legs.

“URhhhh wwhaa….what’s….going on!” moaned Shana loudly, looking down at her malformed legs, seeing the shape bent totally out of proportion and structure. The bottom of her legs appeared to have warped, the bone had dissolved and her flesh became increasingly weak. She reached a trembling transformed hand down, grunting as the heads of her prick fingers pressed against her loose jeans; Shana groaned loudly and tried to resist the feelings of touching herself. Her cock fingers pressed down on the fabric with very little force, feeling the flesh beneath warp slightly; almost like pressing against a breast or buttocks; there was no support whatsoever. The shocked student moaned loudly as she tied to move them back to a straight shape, grunting loudly as she shifted her legs back a fairly normal shape; the bones still absent.

Shana didn’t quite know how to react, her legs had become floppy and useless and a strange throbbing heat spread upwards towards her waist, as she felt the bone slowly changing inside her flesh. Before she could react or speak she felt a wave of changing pleasure spread down through her legs, a throbbing ache started to emanate from her changed limbs. Shana gasped, moving a set of genital hands down and rubbed up against her soft hairless legs through her jeans; grunting loudly as she felt a similar wave of ecstasy shoot up her legs, the skin tingling with sensitivity. As she attempted to move them back to a straight position; blood began to fill her legs, the soft squishy flesh slowly began to feel harder and firmer. Her throbbing swollen feet almost burst from her socks; moving across the floor as the blood and firmness pulled them back into a long straight shape.

“Urhh yes……please…make me dicks….make me into a pile of cocks!!!” Shana groaned and screamed loudly in sheer unbridled ecstasy as she felt the same sensations travel up her cock fingers, grunting loudly as she watched her toes and feet start to break through her socks. The flesh swelled and tingled, the fabric of her socks tearing and ripping. The fabric split apart under pressure, the grips of her socks snapping loudly and causing them to tear into shreds and fall from her feet. A tightness developed in her jeans as her legs increased in thickness and size, changing shape as the skin pressed up against the hard fabric; straining it and making her groan.

Shana gasped at the sight of her large swollen feet, the toes still present but fat and sticky with what she assumed was sweat; watching the flesh throbbing and changing. She felt her warped fat toes move on their own accord, the muscle now totally useless without bones; slowly twisting and morphing around. Shana could feel her toes press together, she could feel them moving but she couldn’t control the actions. Slowly she watched her foot change shape, her toes fusing together as the skin stuck to itself. It was almost like somebody had placed warm superglue between the toes, and was pressing them together; fusing and merging them to one mass.

Shana closed her eyes, imagining the demon she’d seen before caressing her toes and feet, morphing and moulding them like putty to become something purely sexual and perverted. Her toes ceased to be as they formed into an unrecognisable large swollen mass; her toenails tingled as they were absorbed by her growing flesh, leaving her feet to be large lumps of flesh. Her huge feet had already changed by a shocking amount in terms of growth, now they were really just balls of flesh. Her ankle and lower leg began to thick around her ball shaped feet and pressed up against her jeans, the shape now taking on life of its own and changing the entire function.

Shana rubbed her legs as she felt them almost straighten fully, once they had been limp and floppy and now the blood was flowing into her cock-legs were erect for the first time. Shana moaned loudly as she felt the throbbing sensation of thick veins beginning to push up against the skin and the fabric of her black jeans, massive blue snake shaped blood vessels the size of her finger-cocks; big enough to supply blood to what her limbs were about to become. Shana smiled as she observed her huge swollen feet stretching open at the tips; gasping and feeling a strange tunnelling sensation through her legs; like a hand was trying to burst free. The bizarre feeling continued to spread through her leg, a rushing heat that spread through the middle of her ankles and towards the tips of her malformed feet. Shana gasped as she felt the skin split at the tip, a slit-like hole forming at the end; the same type of hole that was on the end of her cocks.

“URHHHH!! AHRHHH!!” Shana didn’t have much time to react as she felt the rushing sensation spread to the tips of her mutated fat feet, thick globs of cum spurted from the tips, spraying over the carpet in shockingly large quantities as she felt a powerful orgasm emanating from her loins and stomach. She moaned and arched her head back as she felt her ankles puff up considerably in size to match her massive feet, trying to move them from side to side in order to stimulate further changes, but like her cock fingers she was unable to move them at all; they were as stiff and rigid as the cock sticking from her face. Flesh poured to her legs as the shape began to devolve, the defined ridges where her knees formed slowly disappeared into a long thick tube; her ankles and feet were now one large ball shaped object. The huge veins pulsated across the surface as she felt a stiffness grow in her legs. Blood poured into the corpora cavernosa of her leg-dicks and slowly made them harder and harder, the flesh stretching and growing as more pre-cum spurted from the tips of her changing feet. The expanding flesh tore open her jeans, huge holes ripping open and relieving some of the pressure; only to reveal to Shana huge throbbing veins and sensitive cock-flesh. The tight jeans acted like a crude cock-ring, denying some blood to her cock-legs and making them hard like diamonds.

“yes….more….Ohhhh god mooooore!” moaned Shana loudly as she rubbed her throbbing dick-legs with her prick-fingers, unable to resist the temptation of rubbing her would-be-cocks with her should-be-cocks; grunting loudly as she moved her head up to see how far along she was. Her eyes graced across what; to her was a beautiful sight, but to others they would consider it horrifying. Her feet were no longer noticeable, the tips had mutated into what she could only describe as thick cock-heads; the ankles had merged together with them to form the cock-like object.

Shana moaned and knew she had to try to get to the bathroom; she felt the absolute need to bathe, her cum covered shirt acted as an aphrodisiac, made her too horny to cope. She closed her eye and pressed her cock-fingers against the carpet, moaning as cum spurted from their tips. Slowly she put pressure down and began to shuffle backwards on her butt towards the bathroom; moaning loudly with each shift backwards. Her changing cock legs spurting cum over the carpet as she shuffled, leaving a perverted trail of her own juices into the bathroom. With each shift she moaned and spurt more cum over the surface; Shana having to take the movement at a slow pace as her buttocks had become to feel sensitive; the aching heat spreading to her ass now.

She felt something pressing up against her stained black jeans, something hot and round as her panties stretched slowly with each shift of her buttocks across the floor; looking down and seeing her leaking cock-legs changing more and more by the minute. It took the poor woman nearly half an hour to shift herself into the bathroom, trying to pull her mutating body into the shower.

Shana panted as she tried to move backwards, seeing the trail of cum behind her from her ejaculating fingers and legs; grunting with pleasure every so often at the feeling of her body sending wave after way of changing pleasure through her. As she moved through she saw something in her peripheral vision, an object moving past the corner of her right eye. It grew larger and larger, due to how close it was the object was blurry but she could see it growing larger. She stopped pulling herself back, reaching a hand up and touching the growing object, responding with a gasp of pleasure as the object shuddered and squirted hot fluids over her hair.

“URhhh yeeees! Ohrhhhh gods more!” Shana moaned as she felt a rhythmic pulsing from inside her head again as she came once more, squirting cum from the growth and from her eye-cock; now knowing that more pricks had started to grow on the right side of her face. A heavy ball-sack accompanied the huge throbbing prick that grew just off centre from her good eye, feeling other growing next to it nearer the side of her head. Another began to grow on her cheek near her jaw; slowly spreading up just underneath her eye. Shana moaned and saw cum leaking from the cock-tip that spread in front of her vision, blocking out a fair amount; corrupting further amounts of her face. A huge heavy ball-sack sunk down from the side of her jaw and cheek, swinging freely from side to side. More balls-sacks grew underneath her growing phallic facial cocks, squirting more cum over her matted wet hair. She tried to keep herself as focused as a transforming student destined to become a writhing mass of infinitely pleasuring cocks could be, pushing her hands back down and moaning as she continued to move back into the bathroom. Shana’s mind overwhelmed as her rear began to throb and swell; two large sensitive points pushing through her jeans and rubbing against the carpet. The Humorous thought of her buttocks and the sensation passed through her head; the same sensation that emanated from her rear as it rubbed against the carpet was the same as when she rubbed her breasts. She smiled at the thought of her buttocks becoming just another set of breasts, the others spreading and becoming larger.

She felt her buttocks swelling in size and shape, odd feelings spreading over the surface and tingling the skin as Shana knew her changes were far from over. The demoness stood in the shower, looking down at the changing mutated mortal with a blank expression; looking over to the chrome plated shower controls. She reached a hand over, her black furry demonic paws slowly turning to wheel to the side, water flowing through the valve deep in the wall and spreading out through the shower head. Water began to rain down over Shana’s hair, the heavy droplets splashing against her facial cock. The transforming young woman groaned loudly as she pushed herself into the shower, looking up at the chrome wheel slowly turning on its own accord, and invisible force slowly turning it to release more warm water. The fluid cascaded down onto Shana’s body and clothes; her blue blouse slowly dampening, the cloth starting to shrink and stick to her skin, her torn holey jeans started to dampen too; the hot water weakening the fabric slightly.

“urhhh…..whaaa….Ohhhhh god!” Shana groaned, looking down and exclaiming loudly in disbelief at the state of her torso. Her once smooth flat skin had totally devolved, and all over her body small miniature breasts were growing; some almost as large her original ones which grew heavier by the minute. Her blouse had covered her skin and now it was wet and moist, it began to cling to her soft malformed breast covered body. Shana felt her pussy tingle in arousal, each one of her throbbing cocks leaked profusely as her legs shuddering powerfully. Shana felt more of her corrupted leg-cock flesh burst through her black jeans, shredding them apart and making the holes even bigger; the button straining to contain the pressure growing in her buttocks.

Shana sat in the shower shuddering as she massaged her breasts, feeling them tingling as they grew larger and thicker over her body; occasionally one her cocks would shudder and spurt thick cum over the floor and her clothing. Powerful orgasmic sensations send waves of pleasure through her unprepared body, even the thick throbbing prostate that lay in her head came a few times, sending cum cascading over her face and hair. For hours she sat in the shower, soaking wet and staring at herself in the mirror; the changes refusing to progress at a faster rate. The poor frustrated student tried to tide herself over by exploring her new multiple breasts, feeling them all over her body, even rubbing her back against the wall to stimulate the ones that had grown there.

All the while the demon observed her; Shana’s arching her head back against the tiled wall, feeling the water spraying and tickling her body. Her throbbing cock fingers rubbed her multiple swollen growing boobs, she felt them aching for release; wanting to cum more and more. She teased each of the small nipples on each of the breasts, slowly pushing her cock-slits against the nipples as she felt them throb and increase in size and painfully slow pace. The reflection of a demonic entity, a beautiful multi-breasted female form stared from the mirror, a reflection without a source. She stared at her past the looking glass, watching her both suffer and ascend, seeing her both being pleasured and tortured by her wonderful changing body. She was prolonging her changes, allowing them to consume her gradually and alter her perception of reality, to make her choose.

“Ffffuck! Mmmore change me….mmoooore!” moaned Shana loudly in a deep needy voice, as her throbbing cock legs began to hurt, the stubborn torn trousers acted like a cruel cock-ring, restricting the blood flow to her legs and only made the huge massive prick-limbs harder. She looked down to see more cum spilling from the tips of her cock-legs, the huge throbbing prick tip swelling and aching under the pressure of the jeans. The pressure in from her jeans button began to take its toll, huge swelling lumps grew inside Shana’s now tight fitting trousers, the fabric starting to tear at her buttocks crack; revealing something Shana couldn’t see. Shivers spread down her cock legs as she saw the nipple on her original set of breasts start to wiggle, the shape shifting slightly and changing form. Shana began to breathe deeply, reaching up and pressing her nipples gently between her soaking wet blouse as she felt the pressure building in her jeans.

“ahhhh….URHH!!!” Shana moaned loudly before gasping and grunting in release, as she felt the button around her jeans give way, the fabric tearing apart down the middle and through the legs. A flush of blood surged through her freed cock-legs and she grunted in ecstasy as she felt a powerful orgasm erupting from her belly and loins, the sensation spreading down through her body and out of her legs; resulting in a huge spray of cum over the once spotless mirror. The demon started at her throbbing cock-legs, now full formed and seemed to simply be a much bigger version of all the other cocks that sprouted from her hands and face. She stood at the doorway and looked down at Shana shuddering and gasping, smiling in satisfaction with her creation.

Shana groaned and looked over to the doorway, sensing a presence but only seeing an empty doorway. She saw the sun slowly setting over the housing roofs; realising she’d been slowly changing all day, her throbbing changing body tormenting her over hours. Her cock-legs throbbed and spurted another load of cum onto the tiled bathroom floor; feeling the shredded and torn remains of her trousers fall into the watery floor beneath, soaking wet and revealing her thick massive prick-limbs in full detail. She looked down at her huge throbbing cock-legs, feeling so happy and so scared that her wishes were coming true; she’d imagined what it’d be like to have such cocks, and now she was getting her wish.

The helpless Shana grunted deeply and stroked her nipples hard with the tingling prick-fingers, her phallic hands providing ample stimulation as the disorientated and lust filled changing student looked down over her body, seeing the multiple breasts sticking out; arranged in a totally irregular and asymmetrical pattern. Shana gasped as her nipples pressed hard against her blouse, seeing the tips growing larger and thicker. The tips tingled against the fabric as they started to push out further away from her nipples; feeling like somebody had grabbed the end and was pulling them away. They stood hard and erect even at length, groaning and gripping them with her cock-fingers, moaning as the mere act of touching them sent shivers through her spine. Thick wet white stains began to develop around the tips of her huge nipples, now almost as thick as her hand-cocks and about five inches long, sprouting upwards from her nipples. Before Shana could react she felt a similar sensation all around her body. Each of the nipples on the growing boobs began to stretch and reshape growing longer and longer.

“Urhh…AHRHHhhhh Ohhh….URHH!!!” Shana Moaned and gasped, panting fast and loud as her blouse began to tighten under the pressure of her growing nipples, feeling them throb as blood poured into them, each of her breasts growing one long large nipple; the tips leaking a thick viscous white fluid which stained her already dirty blouse. Her fingers traced across the surface of her long pulsating hard nipples, feeling a shiver of pleasure shoot down both her cock-fingers and her extended breast flesh. Her eyes then bulged as she saw something prodding out from underneath her blouse, the tip of something long and fleshy. Past her tight blouse she saw the tip of a thick cock growing from her right side, the head throbbing and leaking. She panicked and reached her changed fingers down, stroking the growing prick and moaning loudly as the touched it accidently.

She could feel the prick was growing from her side, just underneath one of her breasts; a thick heavy ball-sack hung below it and provided the seed it needed. She gasped and felt another prodding behind her, then in front of her again. She gasped and shuddered, her cock-legs bouncing up and down and started to leak as Shana felt waves of pleasure shooting through her. Her eyes rolled back as she started to feel multiple sensitive cocks growing all over her body; her large breast-flesh throbbing and morphing, a thick heavy ball-sack growing on the skin; slowly accompanied by a long thick cock. Shana’s body shook and she couldn’t even make a noise; each one of her growing cocks sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her multiple prostates all started to cum at different intervals, always experiencing some form of an orgasm. One moment she’d have an orgasm in her hands, the next in her belly, loins then head. It felt never-ending as she felt more cocks press up against her blouse; pushing from between breasts, thick heavy ball-sacks growing at a slow rate.

“Urhhhhrmmmmphhhh hahrhhhhhh” Shana mumbled in tongues to herself, her eyes rolling around in her head, her brain trying to comprehend the pleasurable sensations that wracked her body. Time seemed to slow down for her, the room span as she could only focus on the changes that struck her body. To her it seemed like an age, the changes took hours to occur, and in her maddened state it took even longer. Shana felt more and more cocks grow out, her buttocks feeling strange as large bumps that had been developing over it had started to take shape. Her huge ass swelled under the weight of Shana’s changing form, thick ball-sacks growing over her massive orbs, the inside of which felt similar to her breast flesh; the pressure she experienced was similar to lying on her front; it was almost like she was sitting on her huge boobs. Large ball-sacks started growing over the surface of her boob-butt, her breast-flesh that now functioned as her buttocks throbbed as huge testicles began to grow over them and slowly cover them; they were without cocks unlike the rest of her body.

Shana looked over to the mirror, trying to pull herself out of her trance and saw her reflection, moaning loudly at what she saw. Aside from the huge cum-stain that had dried and left a visible white mark; she saw her perverted and changed body. Her blouse was almost unable to contain her unrecognisable body, many different points of what she assumed were dicks pushed up against the fabric, the wet water cascading down upon her and made the blouse stick to their surfaces and cling to the sensitive skin. More cocks had grown from her hips, each one of the long thick pricks that grew either from her breast flesh or her body all had a large pair of balls underneath. It wasn’t just her nipples that had changed; all over her breasts they had sprouted, rubbing up against each other and leaking cum from every single urethra. Her thick huge cock-legs throbbed and leaked pre-cum almost constantly onto the tile floor where it had formed a little pool of thick white cum below. Shana also noticed her face and neck and started to shift a little too; she saw a small growth underneath her chin and around her neck.

“Whhaaa….what the” Shana said to herself, reaching her cock-fingers up and feeling under her chin, feeling a thick heavy sack of skin slowly expanding. As she stroked the surface it sent shivers of pleasure through her head, making the prostate that lay within spark off. Cum spurted from her eye-cock and dribbled down the length of the shaft; leaking into her mouth. She also felt more cum ejaculating from the cocks on the other side of her head and near her good eye, moaning as her other hanging ball-sack wobbled. She licked her lips as she felt the thick heavy sack slowly drop down, throbbing and growing next to the other as she felt the front of her chin merge with the sack; leaving her bottom lip connected with a long wrinkly sack. She looked back in the mirror and saw a large heavy ball-sack hanging from her chin used to be, seeing more growing around her neck; the tips of long thick cocks growing from the flesh.

The pressure from her tight blue stained blouse became too much; she felt unable to concentrate with her changes with the constant rubbing of fabric against sensitive cock-flesh. She tried to reach to the buttons, looking down and feeling her heavy chin-balls rubbing against a cock that jutted from her shoulder, more slowly growing over her upper body and spread up to her face.

“Mmmm common….open up……urhhH!!! Ohhhh god more!” Shana said loudly trying to undo the buttons of her blouse with her cock fingers, squirting cum over the buttons from her useless cock fingers. She let out a cry of delight as she felt her hair spread apart, three thick cock tips emerging from her black hair, slowly extending out and growing in length. One started growing over her right eye above the others that had grown on that side of her face; a thick heavy scrotal sack extended from the flesh and fell down just over the top of her vision; seeing it throbbing up and down. Shana gasped in pleasure as she felt a wave of ecstasy spread through her arms; the prostate in her right hand came and squirted her seed over her right dick-nipples and growing cocks which caused them to ejaculate too.

Shana gasped as she felt her cock-nippled breast wobble and grow again, this time aggressively and far faster than before. The demon stood over her and waved her hand, totally invisible to her yet her presence was still there; directing the scene and changing the student. A few of her breasts began to grow, a few over her belly and sides; and even more over her back. She could feel a shooting pleasure rising up to the inside of her body where her huge prostate throbbed. Her breasts grew larger and larger, a few of the smaller ones being left behind but still slowly getting larger. The other ones became as large as her main pair of breasts, almost covering her body with huge sagging mammaries. They grew so fast, within thirty seconds or so they had gone from fairly small to very large; flesh inflating and growing. The growth was so fast it was audible; hearing the skin stretch under the growth, making a slight creaking sound, her nipple-cocks pushing out further, more dicks growing over the breast-flesh; seemingly intent on covering her entire body and breasts with dicks. The addition of this extra breast flesh made her blouse tighten even more, the fabric stretching and ripping slightly under the pressure, her back-cocks and breasts contributing to a good portion of this strain.

The poor Shana was almost unable to undo her buttoned blouse, unable to grip or move buttons with her useless cumming cock-fingers. She was about to try again; before she felt a strange vibration in her upper arms and shoulders, it made her pause for a moment. Then she heard a loud crack as the bones started to shrink and reconfigure, grunting and gasping as she felt her shoulders move upwards and began to slowly pull her arms in.

“no….NO no no!....URhhh stop it!!!” groaned Shana as she felt her upper arm flesh start to shrink, her bones throbbing deep within her as they began to slowly disappear. Flesh and muscle and skin was pulled slowly inside, almost as if a pair of hands were gripping her lower arms and slowly pressing them into her body, shortening her upper arms. Shana felt her cock-fingers move to her sides, the muscle becoming useless flesh as it sagged down from her arms. She turned her head around and watched as the flesh and muscle from her upper arms sagged and merged together, forming a breast on the sides and below her shrinking arm.

“But my dear…..i thought this is what you wanted, aren’t you enjoying yourself” a voice spoke from the door in front of her that led into the bedroom, Shana turning her head from staring at her shrinking arms to the voice; seeing the same demoness standing there with a smile on her face past the cocks that jutted from her right side. She leant up against the door, her tail gently swaying and moving from side to side, her bright pupil-less eyes staring at her with a smug sense of satisfaction.

“Y…yes…..but I….urhhhh didn’t know it was…going to be this intense!” Shana cried out as her lower arms shrunk; her elbows and upper arms had already pulled into her body, several large breasts stuck out from the side, the nipples that sat on the top slowly started to change to cocks as they spoke. Cum erupted from the cocks that grew from the top her head and from her eye-dick; spraying her hair with her own juices. She felt her tongue tingling in her throat as she tried to explain how it felt, the strange salty taste of cum becoming present in her mouth.

“But my dear…..if you wish for this you should know it’s not going to be walk in the park” Replied the demon in a rather unnervingly calm tone, cum shooting from several of her bodily cocks as more started to grow and press against her blouse. The pressure from her clothing became almost too much to bear, more cocks growing and covering her body. Her rear throbbed in intensity as the testicles that were growing there before struck the floor with their weight, more growing on top and beneath; each individual orb about the size of a small football suspended in a fleshy scrotum. Her breast-buttocks disappeared beneath testicles, two small nipples could be seen past the piles of balls that gave the confirmation that her very ass had become a pair of breasts.

“Yess…..i knooouuuurrrhhhhH!!! P..p..please change…..change me back!” she gasped loudly as cum dribbled from her lips and leaked over her chin-balls which cut her off mid-sentence before she attempted to talk again, her tongue swelling in her throat as she tried to speak louder, the ability to talk became harder and harder. Her arms retracted even further into her body, slipping past the short sleeves of her blouse and slipping into cock covered breasts; allowing more mass to be converted into thick long ejaculating pricks. Shana was now almost armless, her balls and finger-cocks jutted from the sides and only a small portion of her lower arm was left.

“If you want to change back my dear just say it out loud…..I’ll be happy to change you back if you can tell me so, that’s what you told me. You said the person could change back any time; but I won’t read your mind, you need to tell me” The demon said with a wicked smile on her face, watching cum leaking from Shana’s mouth over her huge chin-balls, smaller cocks grew from her neck and leaked cum profusely, even more sprouted from under her hair. Shana’s mind reeled and tried to ignore the multiple orgasms she was experiencing, trying to form words together, and feeling her tongue swelling longer in her mouth.

“Urhhthllllerll l…..charlllnnnge mmerrll bacllerrllllurphhhmurrrlll!!” Shana tried to say, her tongue pushing out against her teeth as it grew before she could speak; the tip pushing out from her mouth as she lost the ability to move it at all. The demon smiled as her tongue popped out from her lips, the tip had changed shape to that of large glans, the shaft of which was normal skin. Shana’s eyes opened wide as she watched the tip of a huge thick cock push out from her mouth; leaking cum everywhere as she felt a growing orgasm in her stomach; knowing that her previous bodily organs were being changed to prostate glands, the thought of being able to do nothing but cum made her shudder in both delight and horror.

“uHHrhmmmthhhhh” Shana tried to say in desperation but soon her cock grew too big for her mouth, and she moaned as it stretched out to be wider than her jaw could take. Her man seed travelled up her gullet and into her mouth, leaking from the edges of her cock-filled lips. Her eyes wandered up as the cock grew inches longer, rolling her eyes back as she felt the insides of her mouth fusing with her new cock-tongue, the huge phallus connecting with her gullet. Cum rushed up her throat and into her fused cock-tongue; thick torrents of her white seed shot out and struck the floor near the demon’s feet; her lips slowly sticking to the sides of her throbbing mouth-dick; removing her need to eat and speak entirely.

A small cum coloured tear trickled from her only one good eye, feeling the last of her arms pull into her body, trying to look down and seeing a mass of cocks wobbling around on her large deformed breasts. She couldn’t see any breast-flesh, it was covered by her long dicks and testicles, yet she could still feel them wobble up and down. The feeling of her cock covered breasts moving from side to side only made her more upset and horny. She was so ashamed and so happy at the same time; she didn’t want to lose herself to her feelings; but the sensations were so good.

Shana came again from her cock-tongue, thick torrents of seed spraying from the top of her head-cocks as her hair began to fall out in clumps. Her eyes could only see thick cocks jutting from around her, unable to move her hands to undo her uncomfortably tight blouse. Rolling her eye back she felt cum seep from the sides and feeling more pricks growing from her back and hips; taking up any space that wasn’t occupied by a pair of genitals. Shana’s body rebelled against her, her blouse buttons started to break away; one of them flying off and flicking against the mirror. The pressure increased and another button broke away; then another. She wanted to moan or gasp, wanted to make an audible noise but she was only able to make more cum pour from her dick-tongue. Finally the last button came away and her blouse fell off and was washed down to the floor; leaving her warped and transformed body naked. She looked over at the button that had shot off onto the floor then back up to the mirror. She was both aroused and terrified at the sight, she had no mouth yet she must scream.

Her entire upper and lower body was no more; now it was just a mass of cocks and balls. She felt the breasts that her multiple pricks were connected to wobble as she tried to move; the sensation made her spew more cum from her cock-tongue and roll her eyes around in ecstasy. Her legs jutted out from the mass of cocks and balls, two huge thick pricks leaking into a large puddle that had formed beneath her; the water from the shower still hitting her body and cocks; making them wet and glisten in the light of the bathroom. The demoness smiled and twisted her hand, slowly the shower knob turned around to the off position; the demon somehow manipulating it from across the room. The water stopped running over Shana’s corrupted cock covered form.

“You had your chance to speak; you lost that, you had your chance to touch and you lost that as well. Now let me say this before you lose your other senses……….you will never…..NEVER stop cumming! It will be forever, constant……never-ending orgasmic pleasure until the end of time.” She remarked, leaning down towards Shana; her scaly feet pressing into the cum-stains as she said her piece.

Cum leaked from Shana’s eye as a corrupted tear, as she heard the last of the words being spoken; then hearing a ringing in her ears. She closed her eyes and tried to stop the ringing but it continued, slowly it faded away. She opened her eye and looked around; and could hear nothing; not the dripping shower, not the demon who walked around the room towards her. She couldn’t hear anything; her ears had become useless. Before she could contemplate being deaf she felt cum leak from her ears, the passages spurting seed profusely as her earlobes fused to her head. The hole that lead to her ear reconnected with her prostate and flesh began to push out from her skull. Slowly a cock began to grow from her ears; the tunnels she once heard through were used now to funnel cum. Slowly she felt her thick ear-cocks grow longer and longer, spreading out between the mass of other dicks and balls around her.

Her breast buttocks and balls that grew from the surface wobbled with her weight, her multiple irregularly placed breasts that housed all her cocks wobbled as more cum spewed from different cocks at the same time, a never-ending orgasm pounding her body. More cocks grew over her face; a ball-sack hanging below each and every one, rubbing up against the skin and providing stimulation at the slightest movement. Her nose throbbed and began to reshape, the nasal passages turning inside out and slowly pushing down. Thick heavy orbs developed as her nose became a huge heavy set of testicles that rested on top of her cock-tongue; her lips now totally fused to her shaft. She no longer felt the need to breathe, reasoning that the surrounding mana would be keeping her alive.

She felt both pride and fear she was now a mana-beast, a product of a demons corruption; a monster deigned to only experience sexual pleasure. She was unable to eat or sleep or breathe, but only cum; forever and ever, never stopping. Her mind spread to the idea of certain spawns that never aged or died, never resting for a moment and living for as long as the demon allowed.

“Never ending…..never-ending pleasure until the end of time” the demon had told her, her last words before even her ears became huge throbbing cocks. She’d wished for this, to be nothing but a pile of dicks and now it had come true. She had missed her chance to change back; Shana knowing now her fate was sealed.

Her thoughts were pulled away again by a powerful orgasm emanating from inside her head, cum spewing from all over her facial cocks, more forming around her right side and head. She no longer possessed hair, her scalp and head was now totally covered with dicks and balls. She looked over to the doorway, expecting to see the demon standing there laughing; yet only an empty doorway was there to taunt her. The demon had left, obviously seeing no need to be present anymore as Shana would have no senses to perceive her. She looked at the window and saw it was night, dark skies represented her mind and the stars; each enough there to number every one of her corrupted cocks. Her body shuddered as she stared at the night sky, her entire head, neck and body was now totally covered in thick vein covered cocks and heavy testicles. More of her pricks ejaculated her cum everywhere, over the walls. Her back was totally covered in breasts that housed even more male genitals.

She felt her pussy throbbing between the mass of cocks and dicks; knowing that her pussy would be the only part of her left unchanged. Shana cried her tears of cum; her mind telling her it was a good thing, getting all the positive hormones it would ever need, a never-ending cycle of constant pleasure. However she was sad to lose her human form; her life and senses to something so basic. Her torn tattered clothes lay below her; representing the flayed remains of her humanity. She looked out to the stars; taking one last look past the myriad of dicks and pricks. Slowly she closed her leaking eye, feeling it swelling as she tried to hold onto that one last picture; that one last sight of the stars.

Her eye sealed shut; leaving her totally blind, deaf and dumb; her only sense was touch; and boy could she feel. She felt the last of her human skin sag away into a corrupted sack, a huge testicle sagging down from her eye as she felt the same pushing sensation through her skull. Slowly a massive prick extended from her swollen cum leaking eye; her vision replaced with enhancing her one last sense. Her right eye-cock extended and grew to be as large as her other, the ball-sack above it rested on the base. Her eyelids fused with her last facial-cock; leaving her finally complete.

Shana’s mind struggled to comprehend the sensations of her new body; totally devoid of sound, taste, smell or sight, she was totally sense dumb. In the absence of every other sense her touch was heightened by over fifty times, her conscious mind unable to cope. She swam in a sea of blackness, almost disconnected in her own body as she began to become distant, feeling her mind wane. Her already dark world became darker; the pleasure wracking her body as her prostate glands came over and over again. She felt them all around her, as if she was floating in a sea of blackness within her own body. Her head became meaningless as a point of origin; she felt her soul and mind centre within her mass of genitals.

Shana’s personality and thoughts, her dreams and memories; all began to dissolve. They drained away into the blackness with each orgasm, draining away as all Shana could focus on was the pleasure. Her body served to keep her mind dumb, totally unaware of the world around it; only able to experience pleasure and endless orgasms. Everything that is….was…or ever will be Shana dissolved inside her, her conscious mind remained alive; her mind remained intact. She was conscious of her pleasure, able to experience every orgasm, every sensation; but there was no Shana anymore. The Shana had been replaced, been dissolved and reformed into a pleasure beast, a mind of pure want and lust, never wanting or needing anything more than sensation; no thoughts of the outside world entered “it’s” mind now; and the memories of the stars she saw before faded into blackness.


Re: The Young and Impressionable

“My my…..in all my thousands of years I’ve never seen somebody like you Shana” the demoness said; walking over to the shuddering pile of dicks and gently stroking what used to be her eye; now the huge cock ejaculating over her hand at the mere touch of another being. The demoness leaned in and stroked her monster, her being of pure lust and whispered near its cocks.

“Now then my lovely…..you cannot hear me, but I know you understand me. You will be my anchor to this place; my power and hold. I will use you to do terrible things to this town; they will all become mine” she whispered deviously; stroking and gripping each and every cock that was near her from the beast’s mindless body, more cum spurting from its cock tips. As soon as the demon was there; she was gone. In the blink of an eye she had vanished, leaving the creature that was once Shana to shudder and constantly cum. slowly the flesh began to throb with heat, the cocks and body slowly began to increase in size. The cells began to engorge, the very size of the being increasing. The being once called Shana felt it’s cocks pressing up hard against the wall, breaking through the plastic doors of the shower and then through the frame. As it increased in size; so did its density and strength, not even drywall and concrete could hold the force of the growing mass.

The door frame gave way past what was once Shana’s tongue and face, now just a myriad of massive cocks. The beast felt itself grew; heard its masters call within its perverted mind, eager for only one thing. It knew what it had to do; the tip of its cock-tongue breaking through the window, continuing to increase in size; continuing to grow and becoming more and more perverted with each passing second.

The sun rose from the sky in the small town where the magical academy laid, the warming glow spreading over the land and bathing the roofs of the house with its magical energy. A young female student came out from her house in the early hours of the morning, far too late to be going to school. She smiled with a skip and wandered down her pathway; hearing a strange sound to her right. The twenty year old student turned to her left, her eyes becoming wide with shock and curiosity as she saw a huge massive prick extending out the house’s window that sat next to hers. Her mouth gasped open at the sight, looking over and saw that the noise was a huge drop of cum that had dropped to the pavement below. Lots of other smaller shafts stuck from the side of what appeared to be a strange mana-entity, the size looked massive at least large enough to break through not only the window, but some of the brickwork.

“Ohhh god….looks like an attack or a student….Urhhh I bet it’s that one pervert! She’s always messing around with alchemy” the female said to herself, looking down at the ground in a huff as if seeing a huge cock-beast was a normal irritating occurrence. A thought wandered through her head as she mentioned alchemy to herself; thinking about the possible implications.

“Hmmmm if this was an alchemical experiment, then that creatures discharge could be a great catalyst!....yes! This is just what I need for my alchemy finals!” she said out loud to herself with a giggle and a grin, reaching into her leather backpack and pulled out two empty vials. With a smile on her face she looked around carefully; knowing she’d have to report this to her tutors, but not before she’d gotten a few vials of rare mana beast discharge. She wandered over to the other house, pushing the gate open and walking over to the huge puddle of corrupted cum; uncorking one of the vials and filling it up with the sticky white liquid. She smiled and followed suit with the rest, corking the vials and placing them with sticky fingers in her bag, whipping the excess off on her coat. She was only disappointed she didn’t have more vials to fill up; yet she was curious as to the nature of the creature. She looked up from the puddle and saw the huge human cock that was massive in size; it stood erect hanging high above her. The other cocks shuddered a little and let out small discharges; the young woman fascinated by the nature of the creature.

The beast that was once Shana sensed a presence nearby; sensed a soul, an uncorrupted being, a mortal. It tried to force itself, trying to push some spare cum up its “throat” slowly a large drop of white cum formed on its largest cock tip. The small bead of cum grew in size before gravity had its way and pulled it down, forming a large droplet. It fell faster than the girl had time to react and before she knew it; a huge warm glob of the creatures cum fell onto her eye and face.

“ARhhh!!! Gods!!” she screamed out loudly, dropping her bag and pulling a hand up to her eye; immediately closing it quickly; the corruptive cum staining her right eyeball and face. The young student stopped and tried to think, standing up and feeling her eyeball throbbing slightly, she assumed from the almost caustic nature of the cum. After a few moments she felt her eye swell a little; a strange movement behind her eyeball began to make itself feel apparent. Her panting slowed as she calmed down; pulling her wet sticky hand away from her eye; feeling it swollen shut from the stinging cum of the beast. She let out a long exhale of hair in relief, not feeling anything bad and looking back up; taking a step back. She looked through her left eye; the right was still swollen up but she intended to get a healer to fix it up for school.

“Ahhhh thank gods i……wha….wait whats……..thaaaARRRHHH!!!” she said to herself, sighing in relief before feeling something pushing past her eyelids. Before she had time to react a thick cock forced it’s way violently out from her eyeball with a surprising force. In mere seconds it had grown to 4 inches and slowly pushed out of her socket; growing to a shocking 8 inches long and spurting cum. The sheer force of the growth actually recoiled on her head, cum spraying over the floor and making her scream in pleasure. The woman was totally unprepared as she felt an orgasm pound her face, cum shooting out of her eye-cock; spraying her head with her own corrupted seed. Her eyelids fused in place with the cock’s skin, the flesh swelling and growing heavier below her eye-cock; swelling into a thick pair of fleshy balls.

“OHHH GODS HEEEELLLLP!!” The student screamed loudly as she left her bag on the floor; turning her head as she saw her huge throbbing face cock ejaculating from her left eye. She tried to hold back the pounding pleasurable sensations; the transformation far more aggressive than the one that affected the best once known as Shana. The young woman ran down the street, a cock forming on her back and jutting out from under her shirt, her fingers growing urethras at the tips and ejaculating cum before they had a change to change shape, running towards the school; towards all the adult students and teachers.

“That’s it….run and spread your filthy cum my new pet” remarked the demoness, staring down at the screaming running girl who’s cries of help turned to moans of pleasure, leaving a trail of thick white corrupted cum in her wake; running into the academy grounds and towards the woman’s habitation block. The demon stood in the window of a house, standing at the top floor and staring out the window. She turned her head around as the girl disappeared into the academy to spread her corruption, looking at the young man and woman on the bed inside the house she’d materialised in
“All those young foolish impressionable students will be mine…in time, they will all be mine!” the demoness said to herself as she walked over to the students, snapping her fingers with the intention of casting more and more curses.

The two young students woke up just as the demon disappeared, Looking around the room to see where the noise came from but not seeing anything. The two students woke up just in time to feel their own eyes leaking that same strange sticky white fluid; which leaked down their faces.  They felt the strange pulsating throbbing heat, the growing flesh and tissue that signified a wonderful curse to come.