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Topic: Family Bonding

Family Bonding
by Von Krieger

Shiro chuckled to hirself as shi looked over the two wonderful playthings she had found wandering a bit too far into hir swamp. The demon was fond of bright colors and beautiful things, so fruits, berries, and flowers or all sorts flourished where they normally wouldn't, due to loving care from the demon's magic.

Of course it was well known that Shiro didn't appreciate outsiders plucking at hir decorations without permission. Though permission from the demoness and punishment from the demoness were about the same. Shiro rather enjoyed 'beautifying' anyone that happened to wander through the more unpleasant parts of the swamp into hir domain.

Shi hirself was an image resplendent with hir ideals of beauty, looking like a mix of slug, snake, and caterpillar. Hir body was covered in bright hues of orange, purple, green, blue, and pink laid out in intricate patterns. Shi was humanoid from the waist up, with a long serpentine tail from the waist down. Hir underbelly was soft and smooth, more like a slug's then anything else, small stud of flesh on the side of her body gave a bit of grip to things. Hir body was covered in a slick, gooey slime, which plants seemed to love. Hir back was covered by soft, short, spiky, tendrils of various colors, a feature she had seen on sea slugs, and rather liked. In the sexual department, shi was rather plain for a demon, with only a serpentine hemipenis and a single pair of breasts.

Shiro looked at hir captives through purple slit pupiled eyes, hir forked tongue slipping out of hir snake-like muzzle. The two human females looked very much alike, one older, one younger. Definitely mother and daughter. Shiro would ask to make sure, but that was no longer and option. Shi had grown rather tired of their terrified screams, begging, and weeping and had altered their mouths, tongues, and throats to be a bit different, and decidedly not as noisy.

Though they did try, which of course resulted in the additions to their faces waving about. Going with the whole idea that Shiro had for the two, she had altered the lower half of their faces, making them kind of octopus like, two pairs of tentacles around the mouth, the upper two for grasping and manipulation, the other two being definite cock tentacles.

The whole new mouth area was wet and slick with saliva, there was also some dexterity with the whole area involved, so that mouth to mouth contact was still possible between the two. Shiro considered hirself to be a very sentimental creature, and found kissing to be as erotic as more outright sexual contact. Shi was quite interested to see how hir mouthpart design functioned.

"Kiss." she ordered the two women. The flailing of tentacles immediately stopped as the eyes of both widened with shock. But not wanting to displease the demoness, they turned to each other, tentacles sliding about, curling around one another, guiding the two into a somewhat altered, and very sloppy and wet kiss. They were drooling a bit, but that didn't matter to Shiro, shi rather liked her playthings wet and gooey.

The two humans were absently making soft purring noises and looked to be enjoying the kiss. Shiro had made the mouth regions very sensitive with a near-erotic feeling of stimulation. Shi was rather glad they were having fun, and intended to guide them even further in their exploration of one another.

Shiro's playthings broke their kiss and eeped softly as their clothing vanished. The daughter immediately covered her breasts with her hands. The demoness just chuckled. "Now now, nothing to be ashamed of, little pet." shi purred, "In fact you have very beautiful breasts. You shouldn't hide them."

The girl whimpered softly as she suddenly found herself without hands. She watched in horror as her forearms receded into her elbows, which receded into her shoulders, leaving her unable to cover up. "There! That's better. Hmmm, they so lovely, but they're kind of hard to see from a distance." the serpentine demoness said with a wicked grin, arching hir body backward to get a better distance view.

"Ah, but don't worry, I have the ideal solution!" Shiro said happily, slithering up to the human, caressing the girl's breasts with hir clawed hands. The girls gasped softly, her breasts expanding to fill the demon's hand, and larger still, becoming almost comically large. The demoness stroked the beach ball sized orbs lovingly, drawing out a pleasured purr from the girl.

"I thought you'd like that." Shiro said happily. Shi rather liked it when her playthings enjoyed the new forms shi gave them. Then all of a sudden the demoness found hirself flat on hir back, a weight on her middle, hard blows being struck across hir face. It was enough to make hir laugh. Shi was a demoness, shi couldn't be harmed by something so simple as a human's fists. Anyway, it didn't particularly matter, as said human now matched her daughter in the fact that she had no arms to strike with.

Shiro shoved the older human off of hir body, looking around from the younger. Ah! There she was, trying to make a run for it. The girl landed with a splash in a shallow pool of water, her legs no longer capable of granting her locomotion, and soon gone entirely. The girl's mother soon got the same treatment. The demoness didn't want to have to chase down another fleeing plaything.

Shi slithered over slowly, letting the girl flounder and splash in the water, trying her best to get herself up and out, but lacking limbs it was incredibly difficult. Shiro plucked her up out of the water with a disappointed sigh, the girl coughing and gasping. "I don't feel sorry for you in the slightest, pet. You brought that upon yourself." the demon said with a snort.

Shi carried the limbless human back to where shi had left her mother. "Now, as I was saying, you have wonderfully nice breasts, pet. Very nice and big. It would be so much nicer if you had more of them."

The girl's soft whimpers and pleasured moans began anew as Shiro's hands roamed downward, a new pair of breasts swelling beneath them, and another pair below them, and another. Soon the girl's body was more tit then anything else. Shiro's hand roamed a bit lower, stroking the limbless girl's sex. "My, my, you're dripping wet, dear, and not just from your little swim either. Since she''s so eager to protect you, I'm sure your mother would be more then eager to take care of this little problem."

The demon picked the other limbless human up from the ground, looking her over. "Hmm... but then again it wouldn't be quite fair, after all, I've given your child such pleasant gifts, but I haven't done much with you! Hmm... let's start out by prettying you up a bit!" the demon purred happily.

Immediately the woman's skin began to change, becoming wet and slick with slime, changing in color, taking on a bright red hue. Her hair began to change as well, becoming a bright purple, as did the tip of her cock-tentacles, as well as her nipples and her sex. "Mmm... very pretty." purred the demoness. "Now, I have the perfect idea for you, since you've proven that you're eager to protect my other little pet."

The red and purple woman moaned as the demon;s magic flowed through her again. Smooth, hard purple plates appeared on her back, quickly forming into a turtle like shell, topped with a twin row of bright yellow spikes, streaks of the same color appearing in her hair. She wriggled from side to side in the demon's grip, letting out a soft gasp as a pair of tentacles emerged from her sex.

Shiro carried the transformed women over to her daughter, the girl rocking gently back and forth, getting off on the sensation of her breasts rubbing against the ground. The two lashing tentacles quickly slid into the girl's sex and ass, drawing twin moans from the both of them. Setting the mother atop the daughter, Shiro grinned, quite proud of hirself for thinking up the idea.

Immediately the young girl's skin started to darken, the change in coloration spreading outward from the places of penetration, her body soon dripping with slime and colored a deep purple. Nipples, cock-tentacles, and hair turning a brilliant yellow, though her hair had red streaks to match her mothers.

The two looked to be rather enjoying themselves, instinctively purring in their pleasure, as Shiro had programmed them to. The demoness began to caress the body of the girl, both her and her mother making soft cries as shi did so. They were merging, their bodies fusing into one. The purple girl's skin was now an extension of her mother's sex, their nervous systems linked so that they felt all the sensation of the other.

As Shiro petted the young girl, a few more changes began to take place. Her eyes slipped forward, growing out of her head on long, flexible stalks. Her breasts moved to the side a bit, the musculature altering, making her capable of slow, clumsy, but extremely pleasurable movement. The elder's sex began to grow, moving up her belly, pulling her daughter's body partially inside of her.

The younger's mouth tentacles curled gently around Shiro's hand, pulling it to her mouth, where she made gentle sucking motions. The slug-serpent chuckled, laying down and picking up the conjoined snail and setting it on hir belly, allowing the younger to take hir cocks into her mouth, curling a long tongue around them, instinctively pleasuring the demoness. More and more of the girl's mass disappeared into her mother's body, the red half's belly bulging, the purple half receding until she was nothing more then her mouthparts poking out.

Shiro smiled down at the pair, moving her transformation magic a elsewhere now that the daughter had enough space to be able to retreat inside her mother's womb. Shi expanded their shell, moving it forward, covering the sides of the breasts and belly, and the mother's neck and shoulders. She left the tender, pleasurable bits free of tough shell.

Looking over hir creation, Shiro saw that a few more changes needed to be made to make a proper looking snail-creature. She widened the plate on the back on the neck, moved it up, making it much like a cobra's hood. To make up for the loss of the women's beautiful purple hair, shi added a pair of slits where the back of the head merged with the hood. Places for the women to pleasure hirself with her tentacles.

She immediately began exploring them with her cock-tentacles, adding the the pleasure that she and her daughter felt, her manipulating tentacles reaching down to play with her nipples. Shiro expanded the space inside the 'shell' a little bit. If shi was going to make a proper snail, then they would have to have a tail, and they would have to have room to pull a portion of their tail inside.

The daughter crept out, wanting to feel her breasts rub against Shiro's soft, smooth underbelly. The demoness petted the girl, stroking her sensitive body as shi directed hir magic to complete hir new pets' change.

The flesh between the two, right below the shell, began to warp and stretch, red on the top, purple on the bottom, flowing backward into a thick, muscular tail topped with armored plates. The red and purple flesh of the tail began to fade, taking on a bright yellow color. Tapering back, their tail ended in a blunt tip that soon shaped into a cockhead. The armor plating ended in a swallowtail shape just before the cockhead, the shape meshing up perfectly with the triangular point of the armored hood.

Shiro's hip bucked gently as shi face-fucked hir new pet. There was something missing though. Shi decided the pair needed a true cock, but where to put it? Hmm... maybe a few more additions along the tail? More heavy breasts appeared on the snail-pair's body, an additional four pair on the back along the tail, enough to keep the daughter's crotch area off the ground. It was there that Shiro set hir last changes.

A thick, yellow, prehensile cock emerged from their underbelly, immediately snaking between slick breasts, yellow pussy lips expanding to allow the more endowed of Shiro's other pets to have a bit of fun. The gap between the front and rear pairs of breasts soon closed, another pair appearing, these housing the large testicles that would give the snail-conjoinment a rather fun amount of seed to spurt. Thinking about it for a moment, Shiro converted the pairs to the immediate front and back of the central pair to the task as well. After all, they also had a large cock in the rear that needed proper production.

With a pleasured growl, Shiro climaxed, filling hir pet's mouth with hir demonseed, hir magic working to seal their new, beautiful form. Shi felt hir pets' joined body shivering, pulsing, erupting with gooey milk from seven pairs of breasts, liters of thick cum spurting from cock and cocktail, and slick slime from almost everywhere. Hir pets were messy, but oh so playful.

Smiling, shi moved upright, holding hir new pets in hir arms, carrying them over to the place where they had been picking berries. Shi sat them down, and immediately the purple half began nibbling on the berries in the basket, manipulating tentacle picking up a few and handing them to her mother, the air filled with the sounds of their pleasured purring. Shiro gave them a few pats and caresses. "There we are! Now you can have all the berries and fruits you want." shi said with a smile.