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I like a good transformation scene as much as the next guy (or thing), but have any of you ever stopped to think about how, for lack of a better word, rapey this whole *involuntary* transformation thing is? I've always been uncomfortable with it. I think if we're against portraying transformations in those under the age of 18 (and that's been a major effort while I've been lurking) in the name of consistancy we should do away with the whole "transformation as revenge for some Great Wrong" meme. Lack of consent is lack of consent, whether in sex or in extreme transformations.

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I respectfully disagree.
Until the day someone actually invents some real life transformation gun that can target unwitting people on the streets, there's no way to imitate the stuff that happens in these fetish works. And even then, it's fiction. No real life people are harmed, and anyone with a sane mind knows the difference between reality and fetish fiction.


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  As a frequent writer on these boards, I'll admit that the concept has crossed my mind when I create stories.  For me, the justification is usually the unwilling transformee deserved the change or ends up enjoying their changed form more.  But like BrotherOriginal said, this is fiction.  We're allowed to stretch the boundaries common decency.  The 18+ is a constraint placed on us by the real world, to avoid any of the stigma/prosecution of child porn.  However it also makes sense in a worldbuilding way.  You should be a legal adult before deciding on something as life altering as a transformation (granted, that's only for voluntary transformations).

  That being said, some involuntary transformations do have a negative impact on a victim's life.  Some of these can be akin to a major accident (such as Hetoki's Ride of a lifetime), where the new transformees have learn to deal with their new existence.  The result would be similar it they had simply lost limbs or ended up paralyzed.  Another example would be the B-virus series, which features both animalistic and gender changes.  While cruel, there's no malice behind the changes.  It mirrors the spread of a real life disease, but the effects are rather benign compare to say Ebola.

  And finally, you're right.  There are some involuntary changes done that I would call "rapey".  I think the Cruelty of Man contains several scenes like this.  However, if you don't like something that extreme, you don't have to read it.  The genre is always going to have it's more extreme end, both in context and the transformations themselves.  It's not something that can be fought, but you can try to act as a voice toward more moderate/friendly transformations by providing support (emotional, proofreading, financial, etc) to those authors that more closely alight with what you want to read.


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I suppose you mean when transformations are used as punishment and torture where the victims hate their new life. Like in the real world if someone had amputated all your limbs, blinded you, tossed acid into your face and so on. I'm not the biggest fan of those kind transformations myself, but I don't think there are many of those around here. If there is, I simply read through them fast and doesn't return to them later.

But physical transformations usually happens in combination with mental transformations. If the alterations are not too extreme, it is almost like a form of body modification. With the more extreme ones, the mind becomes adjusted, or the mind is already heavily affected even before, yet it will adapt even further once the transformation is complete. This is fiction, so the scenarios can never be more than hypothetical. Still, one can easily understand that most people turned into for instance a anus would find that existence a horrible fate if their original mind was kept intact. So their mind and personality will become extremely altered too, allowing them to enjoy their new role. Those who suffer in a new body are those who have not adjusted and mentally changed.


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At the end of the day, we are a bunch of people who get off to, let's be real here, some pretty strange and unconventional things. So I try my hardest to not judge other people who are turned on by different things. While I myself don't really like things like bondage, or extremely rough sex, rape fantasies, or over all darker themes in my TF smut, I don't want to be a buzz kill and shame others who do get off to those sorts of things. I think featherless shemale chicken harpies painting each other with their cum is super hot, I don't have a right to judge hardly anyone on what they think is sexy.

Its like what everyone said before, its all based in fantasy, out side of the under 18 thing, which is a legal issue, I think anything should be fair game


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The issue with judging fictional material is, when to stop?

Let's say we prohibit anykind of non consentional transformation because they'd be illegal if they were possible in real life, then shouldn't we also prohibit, let's say, action movies or most fantasy novels because they depict the often unjustified killing of others, even glorifies it. What about horror-movies? Isn't it as bad to enjoy watching Jason kill some random teenager as reading some poor woman being transformed against her will? If judged fictional material like the real thing, then most movies, novels and especially games would have to be prohibited for one reason or another.

I am all for freedom of art. Most people can distinct between fiction and reality and often fiction is the only way to enjoy certain things that would be impossible or morally wrong if done for real (e.g. stealing cars).


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I don't really feel like commenting on this but I'll just say that I agree with all the replies above and that this is not a safe space where discourse and ideas go to die just to preserve the self-serving facade of keeping innocence alive.