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Carrie the Dildo
By Fayesfurry

Carrie pulled the tape gun across the last of the boxes and sat back with a satisfied sigh on the floor. A satisfied surge of warmth rushed through her muscles as they all relaxed at once. It had taken weeks to tie up all the loose ends and organise everything she owned and then pack it into a score of boxes to be sent to various new homes.

The act of closing the last box had a strange effect on her. Suddenly she felt completely calm, at peace with her present and past, while her immediate future made nothing but sense. She felt a surge of exultation and couldn't help but giggle to herself, as all the built up tension fled her body. The giggle became a joyous laugh and soon she was holding her sides which ached from the laughing too much.

The prior weeks of packing had come with a tumult of emotion for her; like the jitters couples often experience before they get married. They had never been strong enough to make her change her mind, but certainly she'd had doubts about doing something so final to herself. However she seemed to have sealed all of her doubts in with that last box of belongings and all she felt as she picked herself up off the floor, still feeling the glow of laughter, was excitement.

She surveyed the boxes one last time, checking each one and making sure it was labelled to go to the correct new home. Her music collection was being distributed amongst her friends, something for them to remember her by. While her house, car, furniture and other assorted belongings were being sold at auction and the proceeds where going to charity. She had marked her clothes to be sent to goodwill with the exception of a loose fitting dress that she would need for the short trip to her new home. Finally her vast collection of transformation related porn, literature, magazines and toys where all being sent to her cousin Kitty.

Kitty had always had similar interests to Carrie and would appreciate the collection most. Every time Carrie and Kitty got together, transformation would be their main topic of conversation. Carrie who always had more disposable income than Kitty would show off all her latest transformation paraphernalia. Her favourites where her transformation action figures, depicting famous transformed personalities of the realm. Carrie would talk about which changes she would most like to have done and Kitty, while she would never admit to wanting to change herself, would very animatedly talk about which transformees turned her on the most and which she would like to take to bed.

Kitty had been excited when Carrie had told her the plan. She had been with her through every step of the way; from the first journey to the sperm bank where she talked to the people in charge about her idea through to the alchemist where they had ordered the specialist solution that would facilitate the change. It had been Kitty's Idea to visit a Lawyer and make sure that her rights were clearly defined by a living will after the change.

Carrie had been very glad of Kitties foresight, always more caught up in the fantasy of being changed, or others changes, she didn't often think about the practicalities of life for transformees. The lawyer and her new living will was a particular comfort as she wouldn't want to be sold at auction if the sperm bank ever went into bankruptcy. Not that it should, it would soon be the most unique and hopefully most popular sperm bank in the realm.

It was while watching a documentary on artificial insemination that Carrie had first had the idea for her own change. The insemination had looked so unnatural it had actually given Carrie the shivers. She had been struck by how little human warmth the process contained and felt immediately sorry for those that used it. She straight away, as she often did, set to thinking about how this process could be improved through transformation.

Carrie particularly liked utilitarian transformations; Girls who became milk making machines to help out on the family farm, sons who became muscular beasts of burden to pull the family plough. One of her favourite stories was a woman who became a living Freyan transformation machine, replacing the broken down one in her village. She can't communicate but every breast woman that comes out of her seems happier than most that come from the regular machines and people take it to mean that she's happy too.

Carrie's plan had been to become a living Insemination machine. At first it had just been another fantasy; she had imagined great big chair like constructs that she could have her body turned into, similar to the Freyan machines. Men would sit in her and various tentacles ending in pussies would suck up their sperm to be stored in various balls that would dangle from the back of her chair like form. Then when women sat in her a cock tentacle also connected to one of these various balls would inseminate them. She decided however that this was all too complicated and eventually went for something more elegant.

She would instead become a simple cock and balls. As a living dildo, she could impregnate women with her own sperm sending her progeny out into the world despite having given up the ability to give birth herself. The elegance of the idea so struck her and left her so horny that the very next day she rang Kitty and told her it was time; she knew how she was going to join the ranks of the transformed.

The woman who wanted to be inseminated would use her body, bringing them both to orgasm and Carrie would ejaculate deep inside them leaving the donated sperm and emptying herself ready for the next patient. After discussing the plan with the best alchemist she could find a problem was pointed out however.

Carrie hadn't thought of the practicality of hundreds of women bringing up children who were related but had absolutely no way of knowing it. Kitty once again thought of the solution and the alchemist confirmed the possibility. Carries balls would be in a constant state of mutational flux; for that one part of her the change would never truly stop, however all that would change would be her DNA. It would cycle through random permutations created by a mixture of everyone she slept with in her new form.

The change would work by her body absorbing the pussy juices of anyone she came into contact with. The DNA carried in those juices would travel to her balls and join the store of genetic information there. To begin with it would be just her sperm and the first child would simply be a mix of her DNA and whoever first used her, but eventually she would give life to an incredible range of very different children.

A car horn from outside brought Carrie from her revelry. Kitty was here to take her to the clinic. Carrie looked around for the last dress she would wear and found it draped over a box; she slipped it on and ran out to the waiting car where she hugged Kitty and they both squealed with excitement. Kitty had gotten the day off work so she could be with her during the change. Kitty had wanted to be supportive however it was also because she had been with Carrie through the whole process and now she could hardly think about anything else. She wanted to see the grand finale with her own eyes and, at Carries behest, have a little fun while she did so.

Carrie pulled the jar from the glove compartment and looked at the substance that would change her life. It was a solid jar made of near indestructible plastic with a double sealed lid. The formula inside was a pearlescent colour that kept on changing with the light like an oil spill on a hot road. Kitty had swung by the Alchemist to pick it up on the way. The Alchemist whom they'd both become fast friends with was too busy to come to the change but made a promise to visit Carrie in her new home as soon as she could.

Arriving at the clinic Kitty and Carrie had their tearful emotional moment out in the car not wanting to have it in front of the clinic staff. As happy as Kitty was for her friend and cousin she was still aware this would be the last time they could just talk. They were very early and so they were able to talk for a good hour and still be early for Carries first appointment. Oddly this was one of the very few times they chatted and it wasn't about transformation. To have done so would have seemed superfluous so instead Kitty filled Carrie in on all the gossip from her side of the family and her work.

The clinic they settled on hadn't been the first they'd gone to. Ten or so clinics had turned them down before they found free daughters of Freya clinic. It was a sex clinic and sperm bank that was founded by Freyan women that wanted to carry a little of the Freyan compassion and understandind for transformees into the other realms. They had the facilities to work with not just regular women but also the transformed who wanted to become pregnant but didn't want to know the father or who were so bizarrely transformed they found it difficult to find someone that would appreciate their particular form. This was especially important outside Freya's realm where transformees were often treated very differently and a big part of why the clinic was set up.

That this particular clinic had said yes, Carrie felt was of particular importance. She felt it had been fate that guided her to it.

Inside a Kind nurse wearing a sky blue dress as simple as the one Carrie wore took them through to the suite that had been specially prepared for her new life. Carrie undressed in front of her and gave her the dress as a gift knowing it would suit her well. Then nurse blushed a little but quickly regained her calm, used as she was to working with patients with very sexually transformed bodies. She said a couple of words about how brave she thought Carrie was and how she was doing a great thing and then left them to their privacy.

Kitty sat down on the chair that was to be used by future patients and slipped off her own dress leaving it to fall on the floor. She was already clearly excited her nipples pebbled and puffy and a trickle had run down her leg in the absence of panties to soak it up.

Carrie smiled at her Knowing it would be Impossible for someone as into transformation as Kitty to not touch herself while watching a live transformation. Carrie had in fact insisted upon it knowing it would be a unique opportunity for Kitty.

Flattered and pleased that she would have a live audience to enjoy the show Carrie set up the video camera that would record the change. She said a few words to begin with to the future patients that would use her. An introduction to who the living dildo they would be using was before the change then she stepped back and downed the contents of the flask in one.

The change was immediately apparent. Carries belly began to swell and grow sensitive. She turned to the side and rubbed it like a pregnant woman evoking a giggle from Kitty but the giggle was cut short by Carrie's moans of pleasure when she discovered how much more sensitive the skin of that particular part of her body had become. Her legs went weak and she found herself having to sit down.

A thought occurred to her and she moved her hands up her body to rub the top of her neck under her head, the part that would be most sensitive on her when she became a penis and that too was more sensitive. As she rubbed her neck she felt her mouth fill with a sweet fluid; it wasn't saliva but her first pre-cum.

Her internal makeup was already changing and the swelling of her belly marked the transformation of her stomach and other internal organs to the balls and urethra that would be all that her new body would require to function.

At least that was how Carrie envisioned it; the change would have to be more complex than that for her to maintain sentience. Her penis like body would have an organ to replace the heart which would provide two functions. It would keep the blood flowing around her body and at the same time oxygenate it as her lungs had previously done. A pleasant side effect the alchemist had envisioned in the design would be that Carrie would gently throb inside those who used her.

Her skin would take in all the oxygen and moisture she would need from the air, and it would be moved through her body by complex chemistry within her cells. Her skin cells would also be responsible for absorbing others juices and extracting the DNA to be transferred similarly through her body.

Carrie's balls where far from being the simple balls of a man; they where the Alchemist's finest work of art. They not only were capable of storing, sorting and recreating a near infinitely diverse array genetic samples for the production of sperm they also generated all the food Carries body would ever need purely from what little her skin absorbed and mana drawn from the world around her. They were as durable as solid muscle or bone but as squishy as Carrie's breasts had once been and capable of producing as much sperm as a pair of balls three times their size. Also they handled the production of pre-cum as Carrie lacked the need for a prostate.

As these changes proceeded, a steady shrinking also occurred in her body. It was most obvious in her legs and arms which shrunk faster than the rest of her. By the time her head started to take on its first glans like aspects she could no longer reach it to rub it with her hands. Her legs and arms had become mere flipper like appendages which she used to rub her belly as best she could. She writhed and flopped about on the floor like a fish on land. She was in a constant state of ecstasy at this point and could no longer take in her changes with any real thought she merely enjoyed feeling the sensations as they came and went.

Kitty watched with rapture from her chair touching her pussy and breasts as her cousins head absorbed her thick hair and took on a dark purple colour. She wanted to gather Carrie up and cradle her feel her body shift and change in her arms but didn't know if there were risks involved so instead kept her vigil from the insemination couch. She felt that this form between penis and woman was probably the sexiest she would ever see her cousin though she still willed the change on to completion. She wanted her cousin to reach climax just as she was pushing herself towards it.

The bulge of Carries stomach grew less taught as she shrank further. Her Legs and arms were completely faded by this point and the base of her body was just a rounded bump faintly reminiscent of her posterior but without the definition or anus. Her breasts had faded away too and her body had gained the semi cylindrical shape it would finish with. However her face still kept its original features still and they were caught in an expression of bliss and pleasure as pre cum dribbled from her mouth.

Kitty so turned on by the sights in front of her was lost to orgasm as the final changes occurred in her cousin. The familiar facial features melted away into her swelling head. Her mouth sealed up and a hole opened in the tip instead. Her body now resembled a penis completely albeit a two foot long one. The change continued to shrink her body though till eventually all that was left of Carrie was an eight inch long living dildo on the floor. It writhed and throbbed visibly still and while Kitty continued to cry out from her own orgasm Carrie ejaculated the first of her new seed forcibly across the floor.

Kitty having come down from her orgasm enough to move and see slid off the chair to the floor like she was melting her muscles aching pleasurably with over use. She crawled across to where Carrie lay, still throbbing and dribbling the last of her orgasm away, and picked her cousin off the floor.
She was warm In Kitty's hands and her skin was silky to the touch. Her body still had a little flexibility to it and Kitty held her to her Pussy so she could soak up the musk of her sex and so that her genetics could become part of the random mix within her, the rest of the female staff had all agreed to do the same if there was time before Carrie's first real customer which would be later that afternoon. Kitty was careful not to get any of her cousin's potent seed on her though. It was one thing to mix her genetics in with Carries and improve her diversity, but she had no intention of bearing a cousins child. At least not until her diversity was significantly improved.
Kitty cleaned her cousin lovingly and herself off then invited the nurse back in. She blushed again briefly at the sight of yet another naked woman she wasn't expecting but again soon rallied and took the gently throbbing live dildo from Kitty, remarking on its warm silky smooth skin as she did.
Kitty left her to privacy gathering up her clothes and putting them on as the nurse did the opposite and relaxed on the chair unable to even wait for Kitty to leave to begin playing with the newest addition to the staff. Kitty giggled and called out for her to play safe as she left Carrie to her new life.

Part 2
Five years on and Carrie is still happily impregnating women at the clinic. She is now one of three living dildo's working in that clinic and one of seven across the realm, all of them created by the same alchemist.

Carrie herself came to enjoy her new life as a dildo very much. With no clue as to what's happening in the world around her she lives a life that bounces between stillness and the intense pleasure that comes from sex when literally every cell in your body is involved in the sensation. To begin with the still times were a source of worry for her. When not being immersed in pleasure the sensation of being trapped helpless in her immobile body would drive her to distraction. So used to being able to get up and do things for herself she only truly realised then what it meant to have become an object.

The feelings of helplessness only troubled her in those early quiet moments though and eventually she realised she was being well looked after. She knew this from the tender way she was held and washed in between impregnations as she had come to think of them. Occasionally she felt herself being used for other purposes. She would feel herself sandwiched between soft fleshy mounds she suspected were breasts or she felt the ministrations of someone's tongue and mouth upon her. Occasionally it was just a delicate pair of hands that seemed to know expertly how to bring her to peak.

Now in her quiet times she has learnt to become more meditative and calm. She often uses the time to dream and ponder what is happening in the world outside her body. She wonders if any others have followed in her footsteps, figuratively of course. She also wonders what Kitty is doing now, what her children might be doing all over the world. She sometimes fantasizes about the nurse in the sky blue dress taking her and using her for her own pleasure during the quiet moments. Another favourite thing she occupies her time with is building imaginary worlds and populating them with machines and creatures that fill every need of human and nature but all of them are transformees.

The second living dildo at the clinic was the first nurse in the sky blue dress that made use of Carrie. She followed in her footsteps a year later having spent that year as Carrie's chief caretaker. The third was a woman whose husband became a female in a transformation incident. They could no longer carry on their sexual relations as her husband, now wife, only wanted to sleep with males, and transformed males at that, so she became a living dildo for him. Eventually it was clear his transformations were progressing still albeit slowly and he wouldn't be able to care for her anymore so he donated her to the clinic knowing she had always wanted to help others more than herself.

The husband eventually became little more than a giant quivering pussy with a single breast like body and a pair of tentacles ending in eyes. Every few months the clinic brings her ex-wife to visit him in his new home and he seems to enjoy the visit although there's no real way of telling if the same is true for the wife.

The fourth was a porn actress struggling with debts who became a giant horses cock shaped dildo to clear her debts and leave her family comfortably off. Her seed being equine doesn't carry the danger of impregnating other porn actresses so she's become very popular in the business. She moonlights at a stud farm where she has serviced many a mare which has produced foals born with some very strange almost human colourings although still all horse.

The fifth, sixth and seventh are all members of a lesbian commune who wanted a life completely free of men and so three of their number so far have volunteered to become changed so that others in the commune can give birth. These three are again different to the originals in that they only produce female offspring. Instead of sperm they produce a single modified egg a month that swims like sperm through their ejaculate and fuses with an egg if it finds one waiting for it. The rate of pregnancy isn't as high as with the regular dildo's but the community is perfectly happy with that.

The alchemist herself became famous among alchemists for the balls she devised for Carrie's change. They became a very efficient tool that she was able to work into changes for many others to make them easier or allow them to do more with their body than previously allowed. One example was a lover who literally became a living body suit that their man could wear to dress up as a girl for which was his secret turn on. The efficiency of the little organs the alchemist devised was more than enough to provide the person turned living skin suit with enough energy to live without eating. This sort of transformation previously being the kind someone would have to ask a kind avatar of Freya for. The alchemist now works in the movie industry creating custom transformations.

She has remained largely unchanged herself both in terms of life style; she lives modestly, and in physical terms. Unlike many famous alchemists she has chosen not to use her body to showcase her fantastic abilities, no matter how great they may be. She has however very privately gifted herself with one of her cocks. No one knows but her partner and herself and it was purely in order to add more dynamics to their love making and remove the chore of eating from her busy life.
Her partner is infact Kitty herself. She has fallen in love and they have formed a civil partnership. Kitty has expressed a wish to be transformed someday and wants the Alchemist to be the one to do it. It has caused the Alchemist a degree of turmoil, her love for what she does conflicting with her love for Kitty leaves her unsure about how she should feel about transforming her. Lately she has come to the realisation that as she loves her she wants her to be able to fulfil her life's wish. They have both sensibly agreed not to take it that far at least until her son has gone to university though.

Kitty regularly visited her cousin. She would make love to her with her hands breasts and mouth so as not to risk getting pregnant but eventually after three years she decided it was long enough and took Carrie inside her. She became pregnant straight away and they had a son together. When he was old enough to ask questions she began telling him his dad lives elsewhere because of work, but she intends to eventually tell him the truth when he's old enough. She still visits Carrie but if she takes her inside now it's with protection. Kitty despite regularly making love to Carrie is in a stable relationship with the alchemist who is fully aware of the situation and makes enough money to support them so that Kitty can devote all the time to raising her son.

She loves the alchemist and her son and doesn't want to leave her family behind, but over the years she feels she has built an incredibly close connection to Carrie. So close in fact that she can't imagine a future for herself when she is not bodily connected to Carrie in some way.

To begin with the Alchemist attempted to convince Kitty to have Carrie fused to her as her cock but eventually she had to concede that the fusion wouldn't be in line with Carrie's living will and her last wishes nor would it fulfil Kitty's desire to become intensely transformed.

Part 3

For the final part of Kitty and Carrie's tale we have to travel another 15 years into the future. Their son, now 17, is off at university. He has met Carrie and has known that she is his Father since he was 14. Consequently he has grown up with a very accepting attitude towards transformees and is fully understanding of his mothers desire to fuse with Carrie.

At college he's been dating a girl who's body is transformed below the waist and has joined all the transformee awareness groups available. His step mum, the Alchemist, is very proud and supportive of him and travels down to see him regularly. She's promised that if their relationship lasts till marriage, should he like, her wedding present will be a formula that will transform him to be her match below the waist.

Kitty the very day her son left for college made her final trip to the clinic. There she made love to Carrie in every way her body would allow before finally taking a solution her loving partner had devised.

Her change was rapid and Carries body fused to her almost instantly where she held it against her clit. She had a brief moment to admire what she would look like as a hermaphrodite before the pleasurable tingles began indicating her body had begun to shrink.

She remembered watching Carrie's change and began immediately to rub at her head and neck as Carrie had done, finding them already sensitive. With her other hand she tenderly stroked Carrie's body feeling the hand on it like it was her own cock. Rubbing herself like this seemed to speed up the tingling and therefore the shrinking of her body. The more she rubbed the smaller she got and the less defined she got.

Kitty's hands became mere flippers as her fingers merged into one another and shrank away. Her figure which had been voluptuous since giving birth began to deflate. Her impressive bust shrank away till there was nothing to mark it but two pink marks on her skin. Her hips smoothed out and her organs shifted and changed within. By the time Kitty's arms and legs had faded away to mere nubs she was only two foot long and apart from her head and neck her body had the aspect of a cock shaft. Her bones where gone and her fleshy had become spongy and elastic, so she writhed around blissfully like a worm on the floor rubbing her head against the smooth cool tiles.

Carrie responding to the feelings of Kitty's body changing was just as aroused and her shaft like body throbbed and spurted cum across the floor in climax. Carrie's orgasm triggered Kitty's own and she also came, instead of feeling the centre of her pleasure coming from beneath her legs it seemed to root from her head and travel down her body. The climax triggered the last of Kitty's changes and her head took on a glans like shape, the last of her human features disappearing forever. As this happened they both came a second time and her body seemed to shrink with each spurt of cum till by the time she was done all that was left of kitty was a cock shaft and glans.

The Alchemist, who had waited outside during this intimate moment, came in and scooped the pair off the floor. The two cocks were perfect twins of each other, right down to skin tone, just as Kitty had requested; she had no idea which one was which. They were a perfect double dildo with a single pair of balls dangling between them. She cleaned them carefully and placed them on the side before cleaning the mess they'd made on the floor and bagging up Kitty's clothes.


The Alchemist visited regularly and made love to the pair. She was always careful to lavish equal attention on both not knowing which was Kitty. She was never tempted to have a child with them as Kitty had done with Carrie, but after several years she did begin to be visited by dreams of a trio of perfect identical cocks rooted from the same set of balls and felt a strong urge to become one of them. So far she's shrugged off this urge but she still visits the pair despite the dreams becoming more frequent.

After the brief pleasure of that second change life has changed little for Carrie. She's aware her body is now made up of two cocks and she can feel them both as if they'd always been her own. She has no idea who the other cock had been and has lost track of which one was originally hers. She appreciates that it makes her job a little more interesting though.

Kitty went through all the same fears and doubts as Carrie had, added to that, not being able to talk to Carrie once they were fused left her with a fear that she'd completely subsumed her cousin. This fear eventually faded as she realised there's no particular reason she should be able to talk to her cousin, they had no joint nerve system just shared organs and If she was still there in the joint body then most likely so was Carrie. She enjoyed being used in her new life and eventually the quiet times became easier on her and like Carrie before her she learned to lose herself in her daydreams.

As a pair they now offered a unique opportunity for lesbian couples in allowing them to conceive at exactly the same time and this rocketed their popularity back up over the other living dildos at the clinic. This was particularly good for them as there was now no less than a dozen once human dildo's on offer at the clinic for patients to choose from and the most recent of them had actually left in their living wills that they would happily subcontract with the local porn industry just to increase their usefulness and the amount of times they got to be played with in any week.

Their particular change inspired two porn actresses who both filmed their change into a double dildo as the climax of a film and then were used in subsequent films where they were listed alongside the stars in the billing. Named dildos then became something of a trend in girl on girl and masturbatory porn and several famous porn actresses and indeed actors made the move from talent to prop. Most of them while not being used in a particular production reside in a museum of erotica where they are looked after by staff paid for by their hefty salaries which they still earn for films.

Finally the son did marry his college girlfriend, a year later, and took his step moms offer joining his wife in their uniqueness. They eventually went on to become human rights lawyers together, a husband and wife team. They currently have no plans for kids of their own.



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I love this story. I especially enjoyed the prologue, and how this became an inspirational tale. Also, it is hot as hell!