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Remotely interesting
Unending BE - episode 27778

"What's in the box," asked Sharon. "A gift for my birthday?"

Having no idea Jim decided to wind it. "It's a special present for my special girlfriend. I picked it especially for you!". Lame. Too many repetitions. I hope the contents will be worth it...

"Hmmm... sounds interesting. Let's open it". Sharon carefully unwraped the box and reached inside...

"A remote control?" the disappointment was clearly visible on Sharon's face. "Why would I need another stupid remote control?"

Jim was clearly emabarassed by the anti-climatic event. He hoped to impress Sharon but now looked like a total idiot. I have to think fast! "Em... it's not just a regular remote control," he tried, "It's er... a special remote control..." Yea, that was really glib, asshole.

Sharon took a close look at the remote. "It does look a bit strange, the icons on the buttons don't make any sense". She pointed the remote at the television and hit a few buttons. Nothing hapened.

"Maybe it operates on something else?" suggested Jim, "try the VCR."

"Maybe??? demanded Sharon, "I thought you told me you got it especially for me. So how come you don't know what it does?"

Me and my big mouth! Jim was beginning to sweat a little. "No! I mean, yes! I mean, I do!" Shit! This is not going according to the plan.

Sharon was gettin annoyed. Finally she...

*tossed the remote over to Jim. "Here, show me what it does"


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After several minutes of fruitless fiddling with the remote and listening to Jim stammering and stuttering Sharon grew tired of the charade. "Here, Jim, since it is your 'special' gift, you show me what it's good for" she said and tossed the remote over to Jim.

"Careful!" Jim dived to the floor barely managing to catch the remote, "This thing is fragile!"

"For all I know this thing is useless."

"Don't worry, I'll demonstrate it's uses immediately" said Jim with false confidense. "I just need to check if the battaries are OK." I hope that will give me enough time to think about something... he thought.


"Right, got it!" an idea suddenly hit Jim, "You see, the polarity of the batteries was reversed, which in turn scrambled the vector of the transmission causing a quantum effect that negated the tensor and masked the remote's operation"

*Jim stammers and loses his momentum.


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It actually works thought Jim "Now, all I have to do is reverse the determinant of the matrix so that... er... the vector... that is, the tensor... Um... collapses?" Shit! I lost it!

Sharon was not amused by the Jim's pathetic attempts. "OK, Einstein, that was enough horse manure to cover Iowa. Either you show me what's so special about this gizmo or you go home now!"

With a sigh Jim pointed the remote...

*at Sharon and pushed a random button.

Desperately Jim pointed the remote at Sharon.

I'll zap it at her and then say she's now my princess... or ten times as beautiful... or whatever. Maybe she'll appreciate the flattery he thought. Then he pushed...

*the button with the waves icon

Sharon was about to utter some snide remark when Jim pointed the remote at her and pushed a button.

Suddenly she gasped as waves of pleasure wracked her body. She slid to the floor, unable to get up, to concentrate, to do anything except enjoy the feeling. Slowly her left hand cupped her breast while her right slid into her panties. She began moaning softly.

Hey, thought Jim, this thing has potential!

He then decided...

*to wait until Sharon snaps out of it.

Jim began to feel a little uncomfortable at the sight of Sharon masturbating on the floor. He put the remote on the table, got up and pretended to be deeply interested in one of the pictures on the wall.

After some time, Sharon's moaning grew quieter and finally stopped. Jim heard her get up and adjust her clothing.

"Now you see what this remote control does? I thought it would be a perfect gift for your birthday. Now I think we should have some more fun with it. You know, like, experiment a little..." Jim turned around, reaching for the remote...

... that wasn't there!

"My thoughts exactly!" said Sharon holding the remote and pointing it at Jim.

"Please put it down," Jim began sweating again "this thing is dangerous! you don't know what it can do."

"As if you did," accused Sharon, "but you zapped may anyway. Typical male attitude if you ask me. Now," she added with a twinkle in her eye, "let's see how you will like it."

"Please don't!" begged Jim, "I'm sorry!"

"Oh, stop whining" said Sharon and...

*pushed a button with two interlocking circles.

"Let's see what this button does" said Sharon as she pushed it.

Jim felt a tightness in his chest. It began to itch and suddenly pushed outward. Two small mounds formed and began to expand. Jim grabbed his budding breasts in a attempt to stop them but without success.

When Sharon released the button, Jim had two perfectly formed B-cup globes pushing against his T-shirt. His nipples were hard and send little pangs of pleasure when he touched them.

"Interesting," said Sharon, "I think I got an idea how to decipher the symbols on this thing. This is going to be really interesting..."

"Forget interesting!" shouted Jim, "Please get rid of these... things" he indicated his breasts, "they look ridiculous on me!" A small shudder passed through his body as he brushed a nipple with his hand.

"Hmmm..." sharon said,

*"Of course you look ridiculous, the rest of your body doesn't match"


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"You're right!" Sharon agreed, "those breasts do look kind of strange on your frame. Fortunately," she added with a grin, "I have just what I need to fix it."

Jim found the look on her face disconcerting "You are going to get rid of the breasts, right?" He was getting really nervous. I should have never accepted Samantha's offer, he thought.

"Get rid of them?" Sharon asked with mock disbelief, "Why Jim, they are so nice! Besides, you always told me how much you like kneading tits so now you have a pair all for yourself."

"But you just admitted they look ridiculous..." said Jim in confusion.

"Not exactly," Sharon was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, "I said they look ridiculous on your male body. You see Jim, the problem is not with the breasts, it's with the rest of you"

"Now wait a minute, Sharon" Jim's expression changed as the words registered, "Please be rational." He was slowly backing away. "I don't want to be a woman." Maybe if I turn and run into the kitchen... "Besides, you always liked me as a man."

"Of course, silly, but I may like you even better as a woman. Besides" she added raising the remote, "I'm in a mood for experimentation."

Jim then

*Tried to argue his case.


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"But..." Jim frantically thought of anything that will prevent Sharon from zapping him again.

"No buts!" Sharon pointed the remote at Jim and pushed a button. "Take it like a man" she added with a smirk.

Jim felt his body changing again. His manhood seemed to be drawn into his body. That's strange he thought, it feels like a sort of inverse erection. His hips widened a little while his waist slimmed down. His clothes felt baggy as he lost a couple of inches in height and some mass (and I'm definitely swimming in my shoes he thought aas he looked down). He wasn't sure but it seemed that his newly acquired mammaries grew some more but maybe it is because I shrunk?

When the changes stopped, Sharon regarded a pretty and slightly confused lass standing in fron of her, running her hands over her curves.

"Well, don't just stand there" said Sharon, "take off your clothes. Let's see how you turned out."

"Whaaa?" Jim's brain had trouble dealing with the new sensations he was getting from his new body.

"The clothes, Jim" Sharon sighed in desperation, "Take them off, they don't fit you now anyway. Or maybe you need some help with that?"

"Clothes?" Jim's hand found it's way into his loose pants. He sure has troubles handling the situation Sharon thought, I hope it's just temporaty.

"Here," Sharon had an idea, "let me assist you." She carefully studied the remote control, picked a button and zapped Jim again.

With a flash of light Jim's clothes disintegated. As he looked down on his female body he seemed to be recovering from the initial shock.

"Not bad" said Sharon as she looked over Jim's naked female form, "not bad at all!" of course, there is always room for improvements she mentally added but, she had to admit, the current result was definitely pleasing. She even felt herself getting aroused by the sight.


*Sharon tried to seduce Jim.

Sharon walked over to Jim who was still trying to come to grips with his new femininity. "Nice body, Jim" she remarked. Then she drew her finger across Jim's left nipple.

Jim gasped at the intensity of the feeling as his hands instictively flew to cover his breasts. "My my, what sensitive little nipples you got" Sharon taunted, "I wonder it you're that sensive 'down there' too..." and she reached for Jim's crotch.

Jim jumped back as if bitten by a snake. "What the hell..." he started then clamped his mouth shut at the sexy sound of his new voice. "What are doing?" he finally asked.

Sharon smiled. "What does it look like I'm doing?" she innocently asked while steadily advancing on Jim.

Jim kept retreating while trying to cover both his breasts and his crotch at the same time without touching them too much. Damn! Why did she had to make them so sensitive? Finally his back was against the wall. "Sharon, please..." he wispered.

"What's the matter, lover? Don't tell me that you don't find the idea of a girl like me trying to seduce you attractive." Sharon teased, "I don't remember you being so shy before."

Then Jim...

*answered "well, I'm not the same as 'before', in case you haven't noticed."

"I used to have a seven inch long 'joystick' which, may I remind you, you used to appreciate as well" Jim continued, "now, thanx to you, it is gone."

"As I recall, it was six inches and not seven" Sharon observed, "and anyway, your temporary loss of six inches worth of erectile tissue does not concern me now. Your replacement equipment is wholly adequate to what I have in mind."

Jim was relieved to hear the word 'temporary'. Thank god she wasn't planning to leave me like this! "Maybe it does not concern you but I happen to be quite attached to those seven inches of so called 'erectile tissue' and I would like to have them back!"

"Come on," said Sharon, "what's six inches, erectile or otherwise, between friends? Aren't you the least bit curious about your new 'abilities'? In fact," Sharon winked, "Wouldn't you like to find out whether you're capable of multiple orgasms now?"

Jim thought about it for a moment and decided that...

*he wants his seven inches of erectile tissue now!


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"You're no fun!" Sharon said. "What's the big deal with your six inches of erectile tissue anyway? I'm offering you the experience of your life and you're just being pig headed."

"I'm not being pig headed!" Jim argued. "Those are mine seven inches and you had no right to do that to me." he indicated his female body.

Sharon realized that the argument was going nowhere. She pointed the remote control at Jim and said:

*How about giving you twice the six inches of erectile tissue?

Jim thought about the proposition and...


"Sounds good to me" said Jim, "but what about you hand over the remote control and I do it myself?"

"Sorry, lover, not this time" said Sharon, "besides, you have no idea what the buttons do so if you mess with it you'd probably end up a cactus or something. OK, here goes" She carefully selected a button and zapped Jim.

Jim immediately felt the now-familiar tingling

*centered on his nipples.

Confusion grabbed Jim's mind as he realized that the changes were occuring in the wrong places. He tried to grab his breasts but his hands were pushed away by his pair of elongating and very sensitive nipples. Jim just stared at their growth until they stopped at six inches long and more than an inch across. Sharon was grinning like a madman.

"Hey!" Jim screamed in his sexy voice, "What have you done?"

"What's the matter? We agreed to twice six inches of erectile tissue, didn't we? I surely kept my end of the bargain" Sharon tried to keep a straight face (and failed). "But," Jim shouted...

*"You know perferctly well that I meant a different kind of erectile tissue!"

"Oh," said Sharon, "you mean you wanted PENILE tissue? Why didn't you say so?"

She pressed yet another combination of buttons on the remote, and Jim again felt that tingling sensation.

"There you go!" Sharon said with a smile.

Worried about that wicked grin, Jim looked down and saw ...

*that his b-cup breasts no longer had 6-inch nipples ... they now each sported a 6-inch erect penis.


Re: Remotely Interesting

Sharon grinned like an idiot as she leveled the remote at Jim's new super erect nipples once more.


"now what the heck did you do to me?" Jim asked Sharon, who was staring expectantly at Jim's nipples. he was suddenly distracted by a very strong tingling sensation in his new erect nipples, as they began to change.  Jim's nipples slowly began to bulge out in all directions as the nipples began to change into penises. Jim grabbed his new cocks, and held them toward Sharon.

"My god, come on now... you know what I meant!"

"Well of course I do, but giving you what you wanted wouldn't be nearly as much fun as this!" Sharon taunted, as Jim lunged at the remote, his erect cocks jutting out stiffly from his breasts. Sharon shrieked as she jumped out of the way. Jim slammed cocks first into the wall.

*Sharon gives Jim more cocks

"OUCH!!!" Jim exclaimed, as he rubbed his nipple cocks. "Come on, return me to normal!" he whined.

"Naaa, I dont think I will, I like you much better like this!" Sharon giggled, as she reached over and fondled one of Jim's nipple cocks. Jim winced in pleasure, as his nipple cock began to become even more aroused.

"Maybe this will make you like em!" Sharon snickered, as she leveled the remote at Jim, "No wonder you didn't, I forgot to give you balls! After all, men like big balls, right?"


"Yeah, we sure do, but in the RIGHT PLACE!" Jim yelled, as the familiar tingling sensation once again manifested in his chest. Jim grasped the cocks growing from his breasts, as a pleasurable sensation began to develop under each of them, just under his cocks, was a small sack with two quickly enlarging lumps in them. Jim groaned involuntarily as they swelled. Within moments, the new balls had reached the size of softballs.

"Geeze, sharon... how big did you make em?"

As if on cue, they stopped growing. Jim looked down... now instead of just two large breasts jutting out from his chest, he now had two massive sets of genitalia where the nipples should be!

Jim turned to Sharon, and growled, "Sharon, your beginning to piss me off... give me that REMOTE!!"

Sharon just snickered, "Maybe if you would just stop talking and play with em, you would enjoy it!! I've seen you play with yourself often enough to know that you like it!," she said, as she leveled the remote even with Jim's mouth. "Maybe this will help!"

"No no NO NO NO!!" Jim cried, *Click* too late *Now what did you do to me" Jim cried. he didn't have to wait long to find out.. as he was staring at Sharon, awaiting a response, he began to feel a very strange sensation in his mouth. his tongue seemed to be tingling... in about 10 seconds, his tongue began to swell, until he felt a pushing sensation on the back of his teeth... "Mmmff!!" he said, as he tried to hold his mouth closed.

"Oouuttppth" He cried, as he felt a sharp pain in his tongue. When he opened his mouth to inspect what happened, he found yet another dick growing.. this time out of his mouth! He reached up, his hand shaking, and grabbed it, apparently trying to pull it out... all this did was serve to make his still enlarging tongue cock hard. The penis stopped growing when it jutted about 16 inches out of his mouth. Jim just glared at Sharon, unable to say anything with the massive cock growing out of his mouth.

Sharon snickered, "its not done yet!" She said, as another tingling sensation began to develop, this time in Jim's chin. Jim reached up to feel what was going on *he could not see past his massive tongue cock* he was strangely not surprised, when his probing hand encountered a massive ball sack.

"There you go!!" Sharon said... "Now isn't this fun?" She giggled. Jim just it.. he lunged for Sharon again, who easily dodged the very discombobulated Jim. "God, you need to loosen up.. maybe this will help!!" Sharon said, as she leveled the remote at Jim again. *click* Jim froze as he heard the telltale sign of the remote.

"God, now what is she going to do to me?" Jim thought to himself. Ooooooooh... Jim groaned, as his nipple dicks began to get very, very hard. Jim's tongue cock followed suite, as it reached it's full 20 inches erect. All three of Jim's pairs of testicles began to tighten up, as he felt three orgasms building simultaneously. Jim tried to hold it back, but was helpless to stop the impending orgasms, as all three cocks began to squirt!

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