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Hi all,

I'm trying to do better about writing more. I'm going to try and write more short things and mini-serials between longer stories. I could use some help though: I'm looking for ideas to base stories around or to populate background characters with. I am not looking for story ideas, just transformations. If you have something you think would be cool please PM me.

Some caveats:

1) No guarantees: I'm going to use ideas I like or think fit well into stories or think would be interesting to build a story around. If you absolutely have to see a transformation featured in a story I suggest commissioning someone instead.

2) I reserve the right to change the idea: I may change your request to better fit a story or may only use part of an idea or combine it with something else. Basically I want these ideas to play with.

3) I reserve the right to reject ideas: there are some situations/transformations that I will not write.

But if you are okay with all of this and have some ideas, I'd love to hear them.


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A gypsy demon who transforms people based off of fortunes she/he/it reads from sexualised tarot cards.


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A curse where someone's testicles can expand infinitely as they fill up with cum. But when they orgasm, their penis doubles in size (so it becomes a dilemma on wether that have huge balls or a huge dick)


Re: Call for transformation requests

These are neat ideas but more story ideas than the transformed forms I'm looking for. Also it's better if you PM me your ideas.


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