Topic: Matheo syndrome


The "blue cum" or also Matheo syndrome - named after Dr. Leonardo Matheo, who described the disease for the first time - is a viral disease that plagued the people of the empire for hundreds of years. Because of the course of the disease, it is very likely that it has a demonic origin, but this has not yet been verified conclusively.


The virus penetrates into the body through the mucosa of the respiratory tract, the mouth, the eyes and sexual organs. It reaches these places of entry

  • By droplet infection, ie by the contact of the mucous membrane with expiratory droplets, which arise during sneezing, coughing, speaking or breathing of infected persons

  • Through sexual intercourse

  • Via contact infection or lubrication infection with viruses

  • By viruses on hair follicles, hair, plumage and dust

  • By other means of contact with the bodies of persons who are ill

The virus is insensitive to dehydration and remains infectious for long periods at low temperature and low humidity.

Disease process

The disease has a long incubation period of about two months in which the host is not contagious. It takes place in women in five distinct phases.

In the few known cases of infected men the disease is similar, but the physical changes are much less noticeable.
Phase 1
The first phase takes about 2-3 days. The patient feels healthy and only feels a slight pressure under the armpits, the groin, the breasts and the buttocks. The pressure is produced by new-forming organs resembling vasa deferentia and testicles. The symptoms, however, are so faint that they are often not noticed.

Phase 2p
This is followed by an increased formation of saliva and a slight growth of the affected parts of the body. The disease is already contagious at this 1-2 day period.

Phase 3
The symptoms are very similar to a cold such as headache, coughing and mild fever. Swellings under the armpits and in the groin are often confused for enlarged lymphatic glands. In this phase lasting about two weeks, the body forms large quantities of slightly bluish sperm-like fluid, which is mainly coughed up. The production takes place in the testicle-like organs, which have formed in the body. The affected parts of the body are very sensitive, which often makes it impossible for the patient to lay comfortably.

Phase 4
The cough-like symptoms are alleviated in the beginning of this phase, but the bluish secretion also begins to flow from the sexual organs. The breasts and buttocks of the patients remain sensitive and enlarged. Frequently, the patients imagined themselves on the path of recovery and leave their homes.
After a maximum of four days the patients feel a very strong urge to lay down or sit on soil. If they are prevented to do so, the patients tend to violent outbreaks up to uncontrolled ravages. This behavior can last up for two days, ending with the complete debilitation of the patients who fall into a coma. During this time the production of the secretion ceases, and the patient usually wakes up after a certain time.
However, since the inactive modified organs still exist in the body and remain sensitive, one can only speak of partial healing, which necessitates further surgical procedures.

As soon as the patient touches soil, the final phase begins.

Phase 5
Within a few minutes spontaneous transformation of the patient occurs, which can be attributed to the supersaturation of the body with a “D-Cum”-like substance produced by the infected cells.

The transformation is similar in all cases:
The chest and buttocks swell strongly. Diameters of 50 cm and more were measured with some victims. The same happens with the rather slight swellings under the armpits and the crotch. If the patient is still upright, he loses their sense of balance and falls to the ground, where they lie down on their backs. Then also the belly and then the whole torso of the person starts to swell up. The growth is caused by an explosive increase in secretion production, which leads to a very painful tensioning of the skin within a short time. Affected people reported the sensation of skin rupture, although there are no reports of cases where this actually happened.
The pulsating pressure causes the secretion to be discharged through the lower body openings and very soon afterwards through the mouth and nose. The resulting forces catapults the highly infective fluid up to several tens of meters. The few sufferers who were still capable of articulate speech between the throbs spoke of incredibly strong orgasms.
During the orgasms root-like structures grow from the back and anchor the body firmly with the ground. The roots can reach up to five meters in length. The limbs of the patients change to tubular structures, which are no longer capable of movement. They remind in appearance of large penes, which is only reinforced by new formed scrota at the base.
In the end, the neck and the head turn into another penis. The patients first lose their speech and then their vision while the face is absorbed by the growing corpus cavernosum. Interestingly, the nose is reformed into the new urethra, while the mouth stays largely unchanged. Anus and vagina seals up, in some cases a new penis grows out of the former body orifices. The rate of orgasms now slows down to about an orgasm per 5 minutes and is getting slower with time.

The end result is a nearly perfectly symmetrical structure of five or six penes and countless scrota, which gives an incessant moaning and whimpering, which increases to seemingly lusty screams before a pulsating orgasm. So far it isn’t clarified whether the plant-like creature still contains a human or human-like consciousness.

Treatment options

There exists a vaccination against the disease, but there is no effective therapy in case of infestation, apart from the isolation of the patient and the treatment of the symptoms.

During the fourth phase, it’s of critical importance that the patient has no contact to soil, until the production of the blue fluid completely subsides. After that, the patients are no longer contagious and the threat of transformation is gone.

Inter figuras

Even the contact to small amounts of soil can start of the final transformation in the critical fourth phase. However, the transformation cannot be completed when the amount of humus is too low and can lead to grotesque intermediate forms ("inter-figuras").

The production of the “blue cum” of these deplorable creatures also stops after a few days, and a "healing" occurs which, however, can hardly be described as such since the physical changes are not reversible.

These intermediate forms can be relatively mild with very small amounts of humus, such as a small potted plant. One possible outcome of such a transformation are enlarged scrotum-like breasts or buttocks.

In case of relatively large quantities of humus, e.g. an atrium of an office building, the transformation can reach up to immobile monstrous structures which hardly differ from the final form. The only difference is the lack of fluid-production and contagiousness.


The disease is very rare today as there is an effective vaccine that is part of the standard vaccination program for newborns.
Outbreaks are notifiable with the Imperial Ministry of Health.
Over 95% of those affected are female, the reason for this is not conclusively clarified, but it is thought that the Y chromosome contains a gene that causes a natural resistance to the disease.