Topic: Family Matter

Art and story concept: Demon-man

“I just love how they overcome such a difficult ordeal!”
“I know right! I mean could you imagine that? Being fused to a complete stranger just  because some  guy lost his glasses? Its insane!”
“What’s really crazy is that they end up finding a lover compatible with them! I mean a walking vagina who was made by the same guy? What were the odds?”
“Those poor girls though, doomed to live out their lives as gigantic cocks, I couldn’t even imagine it.”
“I wonder what it’d be like just to have a cock, or to share your life like that with someone so intamitly, you know? I mean the book was inspiring but I don’t think it did the situation justice.”

Marsha, Mona, Misty, Melissa, and May continued the passionate conversation over their latest book club topic, “Different Strokes: a duel autobiography”. The book had been a difficult read as it was formatted unlike most books, the left page and right page had been written by different people but in tandem with each other to display the thoughts of the authors at the same time. The biography told the tail of two polar opposite girls who by mistake had been fused together into a walking duel shafted cock monster and their struggle to adapt to a new way of life as such. It was an incredibly inspiring tale to say the least, and had become a best seller in both female author’s and transformed categories.

The book club was just what they called it now a days, the group had been meeting for years now. All five woman had one thing in common, they were for one reason or another single mothers. Marsha’s husband had been kicked out of the family after his self-destructive habit had come to light. Mona’s significant other had been a hunter who’d been transformed in the line of duty and fled into the wilds as his mind was warped. Misty’s child had been the result of a one night stand, she was never the less grateful for her daughter’s life, unexpected as it may have been. Melissa’s husband had decided to become transformed, a life choice few can except but the creature he had become now resided in the local zoo, helping to preserve a dyeing species. She visited him as often as she could but he was more beast then man now. May’s had walked out on her after learning she was pregnant with twins. The reason was still a mystery to this day. The club had found themselves at a single mothers support group and over the years the groups numbers had dwindled but the five still kept in close touch.

Life had no doubt been rough for the five woman but things had changed recently. Misty’s daughter had just graduated valedictorian of her class and had been given a scholarship to one of the Empires’ most sought after collages. In short all the birds had flown from the nests now to become their own people. It was a rewarding feeling but for Marsha, Mona, Misty, Melissa, and May it was hard not to feel so alone again in their lives. They would never stop being mothers but their day to day lives of being so seemed to be behind them now.

“But really, what would it be like? To do that with another person? To share every moment in life with someone so closely?” May continued, speaking louder over the other conversations, “To never be alone again like that?”

May’s abandonment had always troubled her. She didn’t know what happened to her children’s father, when they’d been together it felt so perfect, and when the news came about her girls he’d vanished from their lives, without a trace.

“I know what you mean.” Mona chimed in, “Ever since my boy left to join the Royal Army the house has been so quiet I can barely stand to be there alone anymore”
All five woman nodded in agreement and fell to silence. Its said that a mother never stops being a mother, but that didn’t feel like the case. The children didn’t stop by anymore, not that they could as they’d all moved out off the town. Holidays where the only exception.

“Tell me about it, I can’t even find a half decent man in this town anymore.” Misty had always been the most ‘active’ of the bunch, frequenting the local bars on an all most nightly schedule. “Maybe I’m just getting to that age where all the good men are taken?”
“We should just do it.” Melissa blurted out, griping the book in her hands tightly as everyone looked to her, puzzled by her undefined proposal.
“Do what?” Misty finally asked.
“Get transformed! It seems like the next thing to do? Kids are all grown up, lives have come to a halt, love life is dwindling, and I’m sorry to say it girls, but out best years are behind us. Now is the perfect time for a drastic change if you stop to think about it. If we did get a transformation were we fused together we could combined our resources, sell the houses and retire that day!”

Melissa always was the thinker of the group, and being a banker she did have a point, early retirement sounded like a sweet deal.
“She’s right, we should just do it! I can’t say I don’t want to get transformed.” Marsh said standing up, placing her hands on her wide hips, “these past three months we’ve all been picking books featuring the transformed or something related to that topic, so we’ve all been thinking about it.”

The room fell silent again. Everyone was thinking it, but nobody wanted to say it out loud until Mona found the courage to speak up. “But, what would we even do? It’s not like theirs a fair way to transform all five of us together evenly”
“So your with us on this Mona?” Melissa asked as she stood from her seat to stand with Marsh.
Mona also stood, “I suppose I am.”
The three looked  to Misty and May, expecting some kind of rebuke but instead the two glanced  to one another and nodded before standing themselves.
“Then it’s decided! Now, what do we want out of this…”

[center]------          ------          ------[/center] 

“I have to say, I think I’ve out done myself this time ladies.” Said Alfonzo from behind his machine, putting the finishing touches to his contraption. Alfonzo was a specialist in fusion transformation and had the technical background to build a number of devices to aid in his crafting.

The machine in question was his latest masterpiece, commissioned by the five mothers for the transformation. It was a copper box with two large hydraulic presses on the left and right side. Numerous hoses and other pipes channeled into its back. Five holes were placed in its top at shoulder length distances, the second and forth hole slightly forward then the rest. Hanging above those were five chambers that resembled awkwardly shaped iron maddens attached to lift cables.

The device had taken only a day and a half to create for Alfonzo and being a specialist he already had an elixir capable of doing the job, it had taken him only minutes to tweak it to their desired outcome. He pulled himself out from behind the device, dropping his wrench into his belt and wiping his grease socked hands across his leather apron as he spoke, “Ok ladies, I’d say she’s ready to go but if you like I can run some tests tonight and we can do this in the morning, or like my pappy always said, ‘no time like the present’ hehe”

“Your pappy sounds like a very intelligent man.” Said Melissa, speaking for the group. She looked to her friends seeing no objections and nodded. “Were all ready to do this.”
Alfonzo grinned and walked to the machine, popping two latches from its casing and dropping the front panel, gesturing the woman inside. They all took their places standing within the copper box, theirs heads poking through the holes in order from left to right Marsha, Mona, Misty, Melissa, and May. Alfonzo then closed the panel back up, sealing them in like a five person personal sauna.

The girls were giddy with excitement! grins a jitters all around, it had take a long time to come up with something they could all agree on and even longer still to find somebody willing to preform the daunting task. The hardest part though was keeping it all a secret from their children! They had all agreed to keep it a secret until it had been done, in fear that their sons and daughters might try to persuade them out of it.

The time was now however, and there was no going back as Alfonzo lowered the iron madden helmets over their heads. “Now girls, I want you to take deep steady breaths while the process is starting, once its underway I don’t think you’ll be able to control your breathing very much, but don’t panic, its completely natural and all part of the transformation.” With  May’s helmet locked in place he went back down the line slinking a rubber caller down their necks and attaching it onto the copper chamber as he started to speak louder so they could hear, “Your also going to experience a swelling sensation, again that’s how this puppy works, just breath and you’ll all be a completely different person in a few moments.”

He went to the large control consul in the back of the room, sliding a plexiglass blast shield between him and the contraption, just in case. He fished a small purple vile out of his pocket and inserted it into the station. With a mechanical hum the fluid drained from the vile out of sight and back into view as a swirling purple cloud of gas within the glass vat beside the machine. Yanking on a lever at the controls the room was filled with the humming sound of leather belts, and steaming whistles. The girls shook inside their copper cell as the whole machine buzzed to life and the gas emptied into the chamber. Through the iron masks muffled screams and moans of pleasure echoed within as the woman’s bodies swelled into the open space, colliding with each other and mixing into a jumbled mass.

The moans stopped as their heads expanded within their masks growing into their new form molded within. Alfonzo pulled another lever and bursts of steam and screeching whistles pierced the room as the two hydraulic presses shook to life, pressing into the chamber like a human trash compactor. With a third lever pistons began to drive and the iron maddens ascended upward, the rubberized collar stretching with it containing the gas just barely. The whistles and steam came to a halt as the two presses collided, completing it’s molding.

The device seemed to calm down, the hum of metal and electricity faded and the presses withdrew from the chamber back into their resting positions. Alfonzo turned a diel on his console and a white gas was fed into the copper tank, neutralizing the purple gas and venting it from the machine.

“Ok girls! I’m coming over to unlock the chamber, just stay still until I give the all clear.” Alfonzo shouted, fanning the white clouds from his face while he approached. He popped the latches on the head pieces and their collars, white gas and steam seeping from it’s cracks. Then the two on the main panel waiting a moment to let the chamber vent further. “Ok ladies! Lets have a look at you!”

The varies pieces of metal shook violently as the five woman casted off their molds and took their first steps together as one creature. It stood on two mouse like, digi-grade feet, small fat toes tipped with small claws. It’s wide stance created by its teardrop shaped body, an almost perfectly sphere of a stomach and dangling between its crouched legs hung an average sized set of uncircumcised male genitals. Its flesh was obscured by chocolatey brown fur as was the thick swishing tail that protruded from it’s rear with a fluffy tuff of hair at its tip. A top its body sat two firmly sculpted pectorals that then branched into five thick weaving necks, nearly all three feet long. The heads attached were all identical now. Large bean shaped ears, and beaked faces made of flesh, the only distinguishable features were their relaxed eyes which still held their original colors, and a small earing worn my Mona, the center right head.

They all asked in unison with pleased smiles and their unchanged voice’s “how do I look?”

[center]------          ------          ------[/center]

“Hay there handsome! I’ll give you a discount on a 6 way, what’d ya say?’ called out the street girl as the five newly transformed girls walked down the street of the local red light district. Three of them turned to look the girl over, she was curvy to the point it may have been alchemy aided but who knew. The quintet continued on.

“Hey what gives? She was really cute!” Mona argued, her head stretching in the prostitutes direction. “She even said she give us a deal”
Melissa sighed, “Mona, were considered on person now, she was trying to scam us, besides, do you really want some street girl to be the first woman have sex with?”
“I guess your right…” Mona agreed with a pout. “she had a really nice butt though…”

The girls had only left Alfonzo’s shop a few hours ago. They’d opted to go a different route with this fusion, where as many transformations wished to split control of movement the five girls agreed to leave their walking in the hands or more accurately feet of Misty, the middle head, not wanting to go through the lengthy rehabilitation of learning a new body. The other girls held some sway though, literally, they could shift their heads to one side and throw misty off balance, causing her to turn. Life for the five had now become a democracy.

Which led them to their current location. The Gilded Pole, one of the most prominent men’s clubs in Vlora. If they were going to fuck with a dick, it wasn’t going to be some street girl. Not for their first time anyways. The Gilded Pole was a typical men’s club, pink and purple neon lights over every corner of the building, girls danced naked behind sheets of glass on the street, most unchanged beautiful woman, others transformed humanoid creatures with an exotic beauty. 

The bouncer was a wide man, certainly built for the job, his face so intimidating it could have almost been shaped as such. As the girls approached him he gave them an odd glance, taking in the five headed, chocolate furred creature with its balls dangling beneath it like the pendulum of a clock. He tilted his head and removed the velvet rope for them to enter without a word. Within the entry hallway sat a small ticket booth with a clerk attending to the door fee which was tapped to the window, 20 kriss apparently.   

The challenge was on! The girls had zero practice with there new body so paying the door fee was now a difficult task. Mona, Misty, and Melissa all shared the burden of carrying the make shift purse Alfonzo had given them. In reality it was just an old fanny pack, but it did the trick. May on the far left reached to her opposite side using her tongue to lick the zipper tab into her lips, it was a more difficult then it looked but she managed to pull it back, unzipping the pocket. Misty then dipped her own snout into the bag pulling out the wallet by its spine. She then presented one corner to Melissa who also bit onto it, the two almost kissing before Misty let go and the wallet falling open. Mona then stepped in, or in this case bit in as she took the opened corner in her mouth, pulled it tight and with a coordinated approach from Mona, pushed it apart to bow open. Misty then picked through the bills, finding only a fifty with her tongue and pinched it with her lips pulling it out and presenting it to the clerk.

With an apprehensive grin he pinched the bill on a dry corner with his fingers, and fished out their chain. “If you like I can just put it in the wallet for you?” he offered. “No, No, we need to practice, just hold it out.” Said misty before she pinched the bills in her mouth and the process was done again in revers. Placing the money, folding the wallet, dropping it in, and Marsh zipping it shut. They thanked him and entered the club. Once the five were out of ear shot the clerk simply said to himself “That was soooo gross…”

Inside the club was lit with just as many neon lights as its outside. The bright pink and flashing strobe lights almost made it imposable to see at all. The girls expected to find patrons convulsing on the floor just entering the room. The main stage ran into the center of the room in a U shape, the main pole at its bend with a trench leading under the stage into the center marked off as the V.I.P. section of the club. Smaller booths lined the exterior of the stage and against the walls lay velvet curtains containing chairs for privet dances.

Misty guided them to a small booth set just in view of the main pole, an attractive blond hung upside down by her knees while her hands held her topless breasts in place. Sitting was difficult, their new squatted posture made it hard to simply slide into the seat. It was more of a jump and a turn fallowed by shuffling their weight to scoot in as their legs were too short to push off the ground with their feet.

“Can I get you gentleman some drinks or just one big one?” a voice asked while they were wiggling their tail into a comfortable spot. The woman that spoke to them had raven black hair falling straight around her angular face. She lacked make up, but her natural beauty would only be hindered by it. Her body was hard to see however as the form fitting bikini top and mini skirt reflected the bright lights off of her.

The girls couldn’t help but ogle the waitress in her blinding beauty. Her ample breasts swayed as she rocked in place before them, awaiting a response. It triggered a reaction from their new shared organ as the prick pulsed to life, the head just poking from its foreskin under the table and out of sight. It seemed like an involuntary reaction? None of them had ever been interested in woman, except maybe Misty who’d always been more ‘adventures’ then the rest of them. It was unsettling, had this transformation altered  them more then they’d thought? They all ‘felt’ the same, their shared body aside from the matter, but this simple male bodily act was such a foreign sensation. It shook them.

“Well guys? Are you ordering any drinks or not?” she demanded, staring at their five blank faces. Marsha suddenly blurted out “Screaming orgasm, please.” The others fallowed in order. “fuzzy navel. Cosmo. Whisky sour. Screwdriver.” The waitress jotted it down and turned on her heels, making a point to shake her ass for them as she did so.

“She’s cute” said Misty to her heads. “maybe we can talk her into some fun?”
“Unlikely.” Sighed mona. “this is a strip club, not a whore house. They’re not paid to have sex, they’re paid to dance and strip.”
“Then why are we even here in the first place?” May groaned setting her head on the table in defeat.
“Atmosphere!” Marsha said. “do you not feel this raging boner were rocking right now? This is incredible!”

  The agreement to become male was on all sides when they discussed their transformation. It was almost fitting for the girls. All of them being mothers had experienced the painful magic of childbirth and together have had more sex as a female to fill a life time. The curiosity of being male was too great to pass up. May found it to be especially fitting, after being abandoned by a prick, it was about time she got one of her own to fuck around with.

“Here you go boys!” announced the waitress setting the drinks down in order to their corresponding heads. “can I get you anything else?”
“Sure can.” May said with a smooth voice. “How much for a ‘private’ dance?”   

The waitress gave a slight cringe, for just a fraction of a second, most likely attributed to how many times she’d heard that same line. Then a flash of curiousness as she looked over the five identical heads. With a cocky grin she replied “That depends, am I dancing for five? Or one?”

There was a long pause. That was the third time now that the topic of there classification had come up. It was a difficult question for them to answer. They were five minds, five people. Only now one body, one entity, could they be called individuals now? The amount of food, living space, attention, partnership could all be limited to one person now. Even down the road living together, would they maintain their individuality? If experiences crafted the person would they be crafted as one.

Each of these questions bounced inside at least one of the girls heads. It was too much to think on now, too meta for the lively club they now sat in, thinking slack jawed before the potential dancer. They all trailed with “mmmmms ” and “ummms’ until Mona pointed out one fact with a smug look on her lips. “we only paid one entry fee, so I think were going to count ourselves as one.”

“Awww, I could have taken the rest of the week off if that wasn’t the case.” She said in a cute, pouty tone, pouting her lips for added effect. “Ok boys, why don’t you go get comfortable in room twelve and ill be right back for you.” She winked and blew a kiss before leaving for the bar, an emphases on shaking her ass as she did.       

If they had still had hands the girls would be high-five’ing right now!

Misty slid them out of the seat, their dick brushing the underside of the table doing so, creating a string of pre trailing from it’s tip. They all felt the cold bead of fluid but tried their best not to make a scene of it. Marsha on the right could see two dancers looking at them curiously, one on stage the other seated with a group of men drinking. Marsha cracked a grin and winked at the girls, to witch they returned a pleasant smile and narrowed their eyes seductively. 

Misty continued down hall passing the curtained doorways until they reached number twelve at the very end. Inside there was only one leather armchair and the back wall was lit with a black light. To their pleasant surprise, no white stains were found. With the dark lighting the room was cast in a luring shade of purple. They sat down, repeated their process of pulling money from the fanny-pack and setting it on the arm, not wanting to unsettle their entertainer when she arrived. They also removed the pack, kicking it under the chair and took their seat, waiting patently.

About a minute passed before the familiar waitress returned. The harsh lights from the dancefloor now gone they could see clearly the beauty before them. Her toned ass lifted the skirt perfectly around her hips just enough to flaunt the matching bikini bottom that tightly hugged her groin. The top now glowed a soft neon blue under the black light only adding to the curve of her supple C-cup breasts. All five girls were immediately joules of the dancer, none of them ever had a body like that, maybe Misty when she was younger.

The dancer drew the curtain shut, her hips swinging in time with the now softened music of the main floor. Marsha and Melissa both licked their lips at the sight of the glowing G-string strapped across her back. She slowly back into them, her rear bouncing side to side until it was inches away from their shared dick, now at full mast. She tworked and glided her way around them, brief flashes of the glowing undergarment pressed between her checks against her tight pucker. Pirouettes around the chair just out of the reach of Marsha and May who playfully nipped at her skirt. She came back to their front on her knees the tight top struggling to contain her swaying breasts as she drew so close the five could feel her breath on the tip of their dick as a small bead of pre bubbled forth.

Still kneeling she looked up at Misty with her tongue licking her lips. “Now, now boys. No cumming in the lounge. Unless I say so, that is.” She whispered to them with a wink.
“Oh? And what if I say so?” a sultry voice called out as the curtain was pulled open, two other dancers entered the now tight fit room. The same two girls Marsha had seen on the floor dancing.
The first has topless with pink neon tassels covering her nipples. Her skin was a rich brown and a pair of pink neon fishnet stalking covered her legs. The other wore purple knee-high boots and matching purple slingshot bikini.
The first dancer simply turned her head back at the others with an irritated look. “This is my client! Im not splitting him with you!”
The third lolled her eyes. “Relax Trixie, this one’s on the house!”

The two new dancers joined ‘Trixie’ on the floor before them. Reaching one slender hand each to grip the girls formidable shaft. The cold skin on their hot dick sent a shiver up the five’s shared spine and each of their necks. The dancers chuckled as the saw the brown hairs of their fur coat stand on end. They both began to stroke in synch with the other, a two handed hand job by two strippers, this is something none of the girls would have expected to happen tonight.

Trixie in a fit got up from the floor. The two quickly filling the gap. She walked back behind the chair, untying her top and dropping it on the girls lap before pulling Misty’s head into her cleavage. Misty stroked her neck back and forth between the soft flesh, reveling in the feeling of her cock and balls being worshiped, Mona and Melissa both coiled in on the breasts as well while Marsha and May arched in, pinching their her nipples with their lips rewarding them with soft moans from Trixie.

A steady stream of pre now bubbled from their cock, the two dancers leaning in now to lick the tip clean, cheek to cheek, practically kissing each other if not for the dick between their pursed lips. The pressure built up suddenly inside them, the foreign sensation of a male orgasm unknown to them, all they could do was clench their jaws and buck their legs. Without warning they came, white jizz spewing onto the dancers who were genuinely surprised but continued their toying as spouts of white poured forth like a fountain.

The two pulled away, now fully kissing each other and cleaning at the same time. Before one looked back at them. “I don’t remember saying you could cum. Do you Willow?”
“No Crystal, I don’t think you did. Now they have to be punished”
Both Willow and Crystal got up and walked behind them to join Trixie on each side. Visible damp spots on each of there garments neathers 

“As punishment for cumming early you boys aren’t allowed to leave until you make us all cum” Crystal ordered, leaning over the chair’s back, both Willow and Trixie doing the same. Misty stood them up and walked behind the seat in full view of the three plump asses before them, their slumped erection went back to standing tall! Misty leaned down on Trixie pulling her bottom out of the way and spired no time plunging the shared cock home. The five let out a moan as Misty began to thrust into the tight dripping pussy. Marsha and Mona reached down pealing the slingshot off Willow and quickly began to eat her out together while Melissa and May pulled down the stalking on Crystal, one eating out her ass, the other her slick snatch.

Misty looked down on the small orgy below her, enjoying the feel of Trixie’s tight walls clamping down on her cock, on their cock. The moans that dribbled out their lips only to be drowned out by the beating music outside. If this was male sex, she could certainly get used to it, and surely the other 4 would agree.

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

After the first night together ended in a motel room outside the club the five quickly took too the male side of sex. The dancers would regularly come back the quintet for a fun night after work, eventually bringing other girls from the club as well. Before they knew it they were soon becoming unpaid prostitutes.

They had fully intended to get a real job, in a call office or some kind of secretary position where multi tasking would be a key factor, but one of the girls one night mentioned “You know exactly how to please a woman”. Why wouldn’t they? Together between the five of them they had over a hundred years of experience from their past lives as woman, of course they know how to fuck the fairer sex!

As they continued on with their lives they moved into a single apartment, combining their life savings and other assets, sold he houses and spare cars, in the end they had a sizable fortune themselves. However they were still parents, most of the money went into legal wills and other trusts for the children should anything happen to them.

Along with all the legal obligations another topic arose, their status as citizens among the empire. They could of course keep their individual status as five transformed woman, however this would mean five of everything, ID, passports, taxes, addresses, ect. All building into a crazy bundle of paperwork. They instead filed as a single entity, a new identity for themselves.

The name was the hardest thing to come up with. At first they’d all thought it be simple to combined some part of all their names, like an acronym. That however just tuned into a tongue twister, far to complicated to be a simple name. some suggested they just use one of their own names, mostly Mona, but again it didn’t feel right now. Being male with a female name, didn’t make much sense now after days of deliberation a simple solution came up. Their were five of them now in one body, a quintet, they all agreed that Quint was a fitting as well as unique and exotic name for them now.

While they were at the local magistrates office finalizing their registry they also applied for their prostitution license. After a quick physical exam to test for any kind of venereal disease or transformative properties. Interesting enough the female doctor who preformed the transformative properties test simply swallowed a sample of Quint’s cum, had it been transformative it would have been the equivalent of a transformation Russian roulette. Certainly there were safer ways to test but it must have been her way of making her job more thrilling. they were of course cleared and took on their new profession.

Between work and pleasure, they still kept in touch with their families. The ones close enough to visit did so with shock at the drastic result but came to understand. In any case it couldn’t be undone. May’s twins had their own children now too, only 3 years old each. Luckily for them it was easy to changer ‘grandma’ to ‘grandpa’. It was just easier for the children, when they were old enough, they’d explain the coexistences to them. The one’s too far away to visit received phone calls and later video chats to display the new form.

All except Misty’s daughter. Living at school under an academic scholarship prevented her from visiting easily and Misty wanted it to stay that way. With the mixed reactions of the other family members she was afraid it would put too much stress on the girl and distract her from her studies. She would simply have to find excuses for holidays and any other scenario. It wouldn’t be that hard, after all, five heads are better then one. Outside of dodging visual interaction regular phone calls did the trick. Lucky for them, they still retained their own voices, so everyone else just kept quiet during calls.

It seemed everything was going well for the five, who whole heartedly expected mayhem to erupt around their lives after the transformation. A steady and pleasing job, enough money set for live, and for the children of course. Yes it seemed all was well, until…

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

“I’m sorry honey, this new job has me flying all over the Empire, I’m not going to be home this weekend, I actually have to catch an airship in the morning… alright hun, get some rest… I love you too.” Misty said over the phone, held by Mona in her mouth. Misty leaned in on the touch screen with her pointed beak of a mouth and hung up. Mona then dropped it into his bag and Melissa zipped it closed.

Though they had adopted the name Quint to all five of them they still referred to each other as their former names. It was far more personal then head #1 or head #4, it was just easier.

Quint stood on the second floor walk way of the mortal he regularly work out of. There was a bit of a chill in the air but his fuzzy fur coat kept him warm. He was snapped out of his calm when the door behind him struck his suddenly. His last client for the night apologized and walked down the walkway, wobbling on her high heels as the awkward gate in her step. The aftermath of Quint’s services, all five heads grinned, a job well done.

After a moment he left himself down the same path. As with most nights he crossed the road to the nearest bar, a hidden gem really, nice decor, fair prices, and never too many people, just enough to feel welcome and uncrowded. He took his usual seat and the bartender didn’t even need to ask his order before delivering a long island iced tea triple strong, their were five of them in one body after all. As usual it was delivered in a pitcher rather then a glass and with five straws, each sipping whenever they felt like.

“Hey, is this seat taken?” a polite and shrill voice asked. The woman that spoke to him was indeed as cute as her voice sounded. A tight blond halo braid tied her hair over her adorable doll face and soft blue eyes. A red beach shaw hung on her shoulders overtop a white lace top and denim miniskirt. Smooth slender legs propped up on wicker heels and she had the tan of a ocean going suffer.

Marsha, Mona, Melissa, and May all smiled at the young girl, most of their clients were more busty, curvy, or pear shaped. This slender, innocent girl was refreshing and they all, in one way or another said no, offering the woman to sit. All but Misty.

Her stomach sank, a black weight sitting at its bottom. This of course was in her own head, not wanting to tip off the others. This petite, pretty, young creature now joining them was Nomi, her daughter to whom they or more so just herself had been deceiving these past ten months.

Nomi scooted into the booth seat, a polite smile at the invitation. Quint simply made small talk with the girl, that’s how it always starts. He’d been at this long enough now, first it was the small talk, after that she’d mention her husband or boyfriend and how things were in one way or another stale. Then she’d say “You know, I’ve never been with a transformed before…” and it’d be back to the motel for a night of firsts.

That’s what was happening now. School, boys in her class, fashion. Misty was silent too afraid to speak out and give himself away, but if he didn’t things would get very weird. Not that they weren’t already, Misty may have wanted nothing to do with his daughter, but the other 4/5s of Quint were quite enjoying themselves, the raging hardon once again brushing the underside of the table.

“You know, I’ve never been with a transformed before.” She stated abruptly, letting it hang as she took a long sip of her drink. Misty had enough, she opened his mouth to speak but Mona and May beat her to it. “You know, there’s a motel across the street…” “If you want to change that.” Nomi shot him a sly grin and reached a hand out to Marsha, brushing under her chin coxing him out of his seat.

Misty struggled with the walk, she wanted to resist but the shared weight of the others forced her forward. The feeling of her body was also still conflicting, the thick cock between his legs only drew the attention of Nomi. Misty knew this was wrong, but watching her daughters slim legs step one after the other, swaying her hips in stride, the way her shaw draped over her gentle curves in the wind. He couldn’t help but admire the beautiful woman he’d (at one point) created.

Once Quint had reached the door the task of retrieving the key from their bag had been done without Misty, Melissa instead turning the lock in her place. Nomi slipped inside first and with a flash of red and blues her clothes were thrown off. Her tan skin hid only by her bra and panties. She crawled onto the bed wiggling her ass as she did. With that Misty was sold. This wasn’t her daughter, this was just another beautiful woman who wanted a good time, just like all their clients. 

Quint approached the bed and Nomi spun around eager to get a face full of the needing cock. She suckled its head, running her tongue across its tip while her own hand nestled itself into her panties. Misty watched the depravity of her daughter, never before could she have pictured her doing such a thing, what mother could? She began to moan deeply, sucking harder and thrusting her arm faster before abruptly stopping and spinning Quint onto the bed and standing herself in one motion.

She went to her bag and pulled out a extra large condom in its wrapper, placing it in her lips and hooking her thumbs into the waistline of her panties shimmying them down her beautiful legs. Her feminine lips glistened with her own juices and she practically ran to jump onto Quint who layer on his back. She ripped the wrapper open with her teeth and with two hands wrapped it around his shaft giving it a few good pumps to make sure it held up. Misty was at least proud of her daughter for having safe sex regardless of the circumstances.

Wasting no time Nomi placed her hands on Quint’s chest, squatting over his throbbing organ. His odd shaped body made it difficult however Nomi pulled it off as she lowered herself onto the thick beating head. Her lips parted over the lubed up condom, she bit her lip and stifled a moan as she slid down. The cores hair of Quint’s leg brushed along her inner thigh pleasing her skin. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp as she bottomed out against his crotch, curling her hands and gripping his furry chest.

The warmth of his daughters snatch fully surrounded his shaft, though much of the sensation was lost from the condoms rubber walls, still the grip of her walls was pleasing none the less. She seemed to stay there, enjoying the fullness of it, but this wasn’t any good for Quint.

With his large spring like legs he thrusted his legs against the bed, launching Nomi up and over his shaft and left gravity to throw her back down. Whimpering moans escaped her lips with every launch, the tight grip of his fur kept her seated in place of the violent fucking.

Then just a Quint was reaching his limit the full sensation of her tight walls clamped around his cock, no longer separated by the thin wall of rubber. Nomi panicked ever so briefly as the realization of the broken condom hit her just as she peaked into orgasim ridding out the blissful waves of carefree pleasure. Even though this wasn’t his first fuck of the night Quint still had plenty of ‘spunk’ to spare. Burst after burst of the potent jizz erupted into his daughter, as much as she could take before it started to dribble down his shaft.

The two panted heavily onto one another. Fully aware of what had just happened (one more heavily then the other) didn’t care both simply basked in the afterglow of sex. Nomi rolled off her one night stand onto the bed, her hands resting gently at her stomach as the gravity set in and she came down from her cloud nine. Nomi gulped loudly, there was no way this wasn’t going to take, deep in her gut she knew, just KNEW she’d been impregnated.

“My mom is going to K-I-L-L me!” she mumbled aloud draping her arm over her eyes as though she could hide from what just happened. The room was silent until a familiar voice spoke up that sent shiver down Nomi’s spine. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that…” stated Misty.


Re: Family Matter

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

The sudden realization that Nomi had indirectly had sex with her own mother was almost as shocking as the discovery of her mother’s drastic transformation. Never in her life had her mother even hinted at possibly transforming one day. Now however she had been fused with four other woman into a fuzzy male hydra prostitute thing.

She felt betrayed that her mother had kept it a secret and disgusted at what had happened. That night after the motel she’d simply walked out in a confused daze and tried to get back to her life in collage. For a while she ignored her mothers phone calls. Was she even her mother now? Father? Some one night stand? But after a week, she finally took her call.

Misty pleaded for Nomi’s forgiveness. Apologizing up and down for what happened and with no insight as to why it went as far as it did. Nomi didn’t want to hear it. She just wanted to pretend it didn’t happen and move on, but she eventually faced the truth. It was messed up but it was done with.

Until her ‘time’ didn’t come. She panicked and ran to the nearest drug store taking as many pregnancy tests as she could afford, everyone of them positive. She was torn. The child was born of incest, but like herself was also the result of a one night stand. What kind of person would she be to abort a child who in a way was just like her. After the tests she immediately called her mother.

Quint was suspired to hear of the development, mostly due to his daughter’s sobbing and unexpected phone call. The discussion was rocky to say the least, but it proved to be a good ice breaker. For the first time since the night at the motel Nomi got the sense that Quint really was a different person then her mother. Sure there were parts of her in the conversation but they seemed influenced, morphed or curved maybe. It was hard to say. In the end Nomi had calmed done and Quint (mostly her mother) had simply said “its no use losing you head about it now. Get some sleep and you’ll feel better in the morning. We’ll get together this weekend and figure it all out.”

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------{/center]

Nomi stepped out of the taxi and onto the damp sidewalk of the apartment building her mother (or more Quint) lived at. The car ride in the rain had given her surprisingly relaxing nap. When she’d hailed the car down the butterflies in her stomach had felt like they would eat their way out, now she felt fine. She made her way up to the third floor, Apt 308. With a light tap on the door she knocked and waited.

The door eventually opened by the mouth of Quint’s left most head. The other four smiling at her. For the first time Nomi noticed something about all of them, one distinguishing feature. The eyes; they were different to each head, presumably a remnant of their past selves. Most noticeably the middle head’s eyes. The same hazel and green as her own, it was kind of comforting to know where her mother was in the bunch.

Quint ushered her in, going through the usual niceties of having a guest over for the first time. While the middle right head took her coat to the table Nomi got a good look around the apartment. It was rather typical, white walls, wood trim, hard wood floors and tiled kitchen area. the hallway led out of sight to the bedroom or bathroom. The living room had one large loveseat set low to the ground, the dinner table also had a set of low sitting chairs. Sitting against the wall before the loveseat were five modest sized TVs all currently off and a coffee table with open books, magazines, and head phones. However they did it, it seemed each head still had their own tastes in entertainment.

“Have a seat dear.” She heard her mother’s voice say, as the middle head gestured to the loveseat. Quint moved to the dinning table and all five heads turned to one of the chairs biting onto the back rest and lifting it with their seemingly strong necks to the living room for themselves.

Before Mona could say a word Quint began to spill the beans about the transformation. Each head telling a different part of the tail. From the book club, to the alchemist, the night club, and the night of the motel. All of it, filling her in on everything that happened between, and for the longest time her mother spoke to her about why she lied to her. That it was out of concern for her well being and focus, and how sorry she was for what happened. Stressing the fact that had her daughter known it wouldn’t have happened.

The other four woman that made up Quint also apologized for their part in what happened. Explaining that they were unaware of who she was and in a some what flattering way were ‘captivated’ by her that night. Had they known more they never would have gone through with it. They also explained that the reaction within him was something uncontrollable to their body, that it almost worked like a ‘democracy’ and her mother for lack of a better word was ‘out voted’.

The hour and a half of filling in had left Nomi’s mind spinning and throat dry. She got up and headed for the kitchen specifically the refrigerator to find a drink. Taking a container of grape juice (she really wanted some wine or a hard drink but considering her condition she thought it best not) she searched the cabinets finding only mugs or tea cups. Presumably so they were easier for Quint to grab with his mouths.

She also spotted a lack of dishes, both dirty and clean. That seemed to make sense though, it would be odd if they all had a separate stomach, only one of them needed to eat for the body. Maybe they took turns? Her mom hated tomato sauce, yet that looked to be one of their past meals sitting in the sink. Other then that the kitchen seemed to be any typical house hold space.

With her drink in hand Nomi took her seat again, sipping the juice and desperately wishing it was red wine, maybe a Zinfandel, that always took the edge off. She wasn’t sure where to begin. She understood her mothers position and the (be it odd) predicament she well, he was now placed in. Nomi was about to sputter something that resembled words when Quint beat her too it.
“So, are you going to keep it?” the far left head blurted out before being butted by the center left and receiving angry glares from the other heads.
Nomi couldn’t help but chuckle at the display. With the grin still on her face she lowered her hands to her flat stomach, cradling what would become her child.
“Yes I’m going to keep it. I’m just concerned about how it will grow? I mean it’s an incest child, I’m worried it may have health problems or if it will even be human!”
Misty leaned out of the crowed and with a gentle smile, in the way that only a mother could, said “We'll figure all this out together, I promise.”

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

Quint and Nomi spent the day talking hypotheticals and going over what Nomi would need to do to keep herself heathy for the baby. It only now dawned on Nomi how fortunate she was to have Quint as a father. Not only did he have the financial backing for a child but between the five woman that made up his being, each having at least one to three children of their own as woman, he had a collective of roughly 100 years of mothering. The phrase; children don’t come with manuals didn’t apply here.     

Nomi went back to school, still going about her normal classes and day to day activates, aside from the parties and other ‘questionable’ collage past times. Stopping in with student aid services and explaining her situation they were able to work out a class schedule that would allow her to continue her learning experience around the pregnancy dates once they were determined.

Quint went about the his own research finding a small child’s doll first off. Caring for a child with his level of experience was a cake walk. That was however when they all had hands. Stroller, bouncing chairs and cribs were easy enough, but finding ways to hold or pick up a baby with just your necks was clearly dangerous. Not to mention changing diapers with your mouth… simply out of the question. Hopefully Nomi would understand and take on the task for them.

They also made an appointment with Alfonso to inspect Nomi during her pregnancy. The alchemist was also a trained physician as most were required to be. He explained that while Quint had been heavily transformed his DNA was still human, the transformation had been a melding of five different gene branches and simply ‘blended’ and ‘reshaped’ into his current form, Alfonzo was certain that the child would undoubtable be human in nature and shape.

He assured them that after their process the DNA was so jumbled that Quint at a microscopic level was an entirely different person then any of the five woman that he once was, the worry of incest related problems was out the window.  However Quint and Nomi insisted that he be a part of the child’s development. He agreed and was willing to do so free of charge as long as he could recorded and publish his findings as part of a research paper, keeping the parents and child anonymity.

For Nomi the pregnancy was rather smooth, being her first time of course, but with Quint’s experience she overcame any obstacle. The increased libido was a surprise however. Quint was again more the able to satisfy her needs, but he still worked the streets picking up clients and other events. Nomi often satisfied herself from time to time when he wasn’t around. Scavenging up TF related videos, photos, literature and straight up porn. In the back of her mind she was becoming obsessed with transformations.

Weeks passed and Nomi’s pregnancy progressed and so did her obsession. She didn’t try to hide it from Quint, but she didn’t come out about it ether. From time to time she would try and imagine what Quint’s own transformation would be like He’d explained the experience from all five perspectives before but something just didn’t capture it.

The day finally came where Nomi’s child was born. After hours of labor her daughter was born a heathy baby girl. The two hadn’t been able to agree on a name, but when it came down to it they simply decided to name her after her grandmother, Misty.

Misty was a surprisingly quiet baby. Quint had never in all his years of being a mother seen such a content child. After Misty was born however Quint had took it upon himself to set a better example for his daughter. First things first he found a personal tailor, having pants of  all verities made to fit his unique legs. They’d cost a small fortune but they were worth it.

Then he went about finding a new profession, nobody wanted there dad to come in on career day and talk about the exciting field of prostitution. Not sure what to do especially because each head had their own professions already. He eventually settled on an add he’d found for a call office. A unlikely job with a surprising catch. Since each head was doing the work of one person, he earned the wages of five workers.

Nomi continued her classes from home, able to watch Misty and submit her class work online. The stress and the sleepless nights however began to build and Nomi continued to turn to her transformation addiction to find and escape. Captivated by bodily transformations, the ease and carelessness that came with being nothing more then a tail, legs, or genitals. It soon formed into a obsession, and then a desire.

Surely she couldn’t go through with it, not with a new born and Quint would surely try and talk her out of it. Hell, even now she was talking herself out of it. That kind of commitment was took real heart. To sit down at plan out your life after the fact. Then again, in her case there wasn’t anything to worry about. Its just smooth sailing if you become a part of someone else. Just along for the ride. Total freedom of judgment, morality, persecution.

It was sounding better everyday, and most of all every 3am morning.

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

Nomi would normally be slugging it back to the bed and the warm cuddly fur of Quint after putting the crying Misty back to bed but today was the day. She went back into the bedroom quietly for some reason, Quint slept like a rock, the only time he got up for Misty was when Nomi would give him a swift jab.

She went to the dresser drawer and inside one of her rolled up sox pulled out a small vile of bright yellow liquid no bigger then a shot glass. She’d been welling up courage for weeks now. She was sure she wanted to do this, but it was still a big plunge.

She solidified her convictions and took a deep breath before drinking half the yellow liquid. She quickly gaged, it tasted like salt and lemon juice. she could already feel the elixir working as a tingle slithered to her stomach.

She crawled under the sheets between Quint’s sprawled legs, his cock lay slumped just before her face. With a playful lick she dragged her tongue across the soft organ, a light twitch from it brushed her nose as it began to spring to life. In moments it stood fully erect, all five of Quint’s heads were fast asleep with pleased smiles on their lips from the coxing and dreams each their own.

The warm tingle spread out as Nomi now took the purple head of the cock into her mouth. Her lips slid down its shaft slowly as her mouth began to fill with and outrages warmth. More and more of the girth fit into her mouth as she went deeper then she’d ever gone before until finally her lips reached its very base, her chin brushing Quint’s hefty balls and the sweaty scent wafting into her nostrils.

She pulled back to repeat the suck but she found her lips to be ‘glued’ onto the base of the shaft unable to pull out. She panicked as she felt herself begin to choke each attempt to gasp pushed further into her chest, the warm now enveloping her body. Her vision was obscured by Quint’s under belly but she could feel what was happening to her body.

She tried to push herself off Quint but with each attempt she felt her arms grow weaker. Her gaging of his cock now pushed her further down some how. She could feel her face pushing into his flesh, her sense of smell went first as could see her nose push into his belly like it was made of mud, then her vision faded as her eyes fallowed. Deprived of her primary senses touch became more sensitive as she could now feel every inch of her body like the tips of her fingers.

Her torso felt soft and hallow but soon a weight began to build in her breasts. They felt heavy and almost hallow as two masses formed inside them. They then moved! Up her chest, stretching across her throat tugging at her skin just as her chin was pulled into Quint. The weight suspended from her new base.

The mass of her arms dwindled while her shoulders pulled into the calendrical mass of her torso now filling her tank top. Her sense of feeling now also expanded into her body. She could feel her lungs now rested as they were absorbed, her blood now receiving oxygen from Quint’s body. She could feel her frail legs flapping uselessly off the edge of the bed, their mass pulling into her hips while they smoothed out with her rear.

Inside her body she could feel the shifting of organ condensing and expanding into one duct. Her own soaking pussy began to grow, enveloping its folds and moving to absorb her anus into her new plumbing pushing out with her ass cheeks into the obvious shape of a penis gland around her panties.

Small features wrapped up her transformation; stretch marks gave way into veins, tickling blond pubic hairs spread across her breasts as they now became Quint’s balls and also his groin region, access skin filled on in wrinkles across her new head. Her mind settled into her new role as a simple male organ along for the blissful ride.

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

Quint slowly stirred from his sleep each head with a pleased smile from the dreams they’d just had. Each particularly pleasing in one way or another, as with every morning so to came the natural male reaction. Some times Nomi would be happy to take care of it but her side of the bed was empty. Must have gone to get Misty from bed.

He began to roll out of bed, if Nomi was busy he’d just have to sit out his morning wood. That’s when he spotted the abnormally large lump under the sheets. That would explain the dreams. Nomi was giving her a early morning special. Quint’s left head reached out to flip off the sheets.

All ten of Quint’s eyes went wide as they looked down at the gargantuan thick cock laying between his legs dressed in a familiar tank top, pink panties strung atop its bulbous pink head, and tattoo of a swallow embedded on its left flank. Tucked between the sheets as half empty bottle of yellow, slightly glowing fluid, its cap luckily replaced before whatever happened.

Though it wasn’t hard to figure out, the top and panties along with the one of a kind tattoo and clearly alchemical liquid meant that this new cock was his old daughter. All five of Quint’s heads were stunned, each trying to think of how this could have happened, or how they could fix it. More pressing matters came to mind as Misty started crying in the other room.

Quint struggled to walk with ‘Nomi’ between his legs, her still rigid body bobbing against the carpet floor. Misty laid in her crib, kicking and bobbing her fists about, crying all the while. He reached down with his left head, scooping her onto his neck, his far right holding her steady in place against his chest. The other three went about the routine of making funny faces and entertaining acts with toys. It took some doing but Misty calmed down. The  source of her crying was given away by its smell.

This was a tough call, this was something that he just couldn’t do. He needed help, or hands at the very least. With misty calmed he went back to his room. His neighbor down the hall would babysit from time to time, she could help him. He needed to get dressed first or at least pants on. ‘Nomi’ had gone soft now, curled up in her foreskin. Quint hesitated in pulling the tank top and panties off, like leaving them on would somehow undo everything, but most transformations of this nature were typically a one way road.

He couldn’t worry about that now, he pulled out a pair of slacks and one for at a time got them in place. With all five mouths working to pull them up in a fashion like a revers hula-hoop. Until it got to ‘Nomi’, the thick log of man meat parted at the zipper. He some how forced it down a pant leg but that was it, the zipper wouldn’t budge and forget the button. it was awkward but it worked.

Down the hall Tammy was luckily home but only for a little. Quint lied, saying Nomi had been sick in bed. Tammy didn’t question him, she did the deed and cleaned up Misty all the while Quint apologizing for the inconvenience. Tammy understood, she admitted herself that she wouldn’t do it if she had to change diapers with her teeth she’d pass on it too.

The next order of business was going to see Alfonzo. She was sceptic anything could be done, but he had to be sure. Unfortunately he wasn’t answering his phone. Quint would have to go to his shop and find help. He loaded Misty into the stroller and headed out the door.

Down the street they all tried to figure out what Nomi was thinking, why she’d done what she did. Reducing herself to becoming his cock though be it bigger. There was no note, no sign of her intent, no red flags. Sure he knew about her interest in the transformed but she should have talked about it. Maybe they could have worked something out.

None of that mattered though now. The door was closed, along with the orange condemned and yellow biohazard notice.  Windows boarded and wrapped in plastic. Whatever happened here, it couldn’t have been good. It at least explained why Alfonzo didn’t answer his phone.

Defeated Quint pushed the stroller to a park he’d passed on the way there, taking a seat with Misty beside him. Across the way he could see children playing with each other in the small playground, maybe just a few years older then Misty was. Their parents huddled together in conversation, mothers and fathers alike. Now misty would be without a mother. Sure he was still a mother, five in fact.

Misty’s sharp, piercing cries broke the silence of the moment. Sobbing loudly for seemingly no reason. Quint went to his bag of usual tricks. His already cartoonish looks went well with funny faces; cross eyes, stuck out tongue, slack jaws, and wiggly movements. In seconds Misty’s crying became the cheerful chatter of a child’s laughter.

“Excuse me? Could I see you do that again?” asked a tall thin man before him, he held a phone in his hand, thumb still on the ‘end call’ button of its screen.
“Yeah, sure?” Quint didn’t know what was up but he went back to his funny faces and Misty again broke out in excited laughter, kicking and shaking in the strollers basket happy as a baby could be.
“Wow, you really have a way with kids don’t you? Is she yours”
“Yep, little Misty Jr. after her grandmother.”
“Are you rising her by yourself?”
Quint bit his lip, with the most recent development it seemed in fact he was now rising his daughter by himself, but that details didn’t need to be known by this stranger.
“Yes, I guess I am now.”
The man took his hands and crossed them under his arms, tilting his head and sizing up Quint. The gears of his mind spinning behind of his eyes.
“Have you ever thought of going into showbiz?

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]

The discussion that fallowed proved to be a blessing in disguise. The business man turned out to be a producer for Humphry The Wyvern, the children’s TV show. Everyone had seen it or at least heard of it once in their life time. The shows star Humphry was a figure crafted from alchemy to be a delight for children young and old. Mona and May remembered buying plushy dolls for their children in fact.

However the show was losing popularity as of late. He’d had a good run, but ratings were in a steady decline and the producer was looking to recreate his success through alchemy again. Until he’d met Quint in the park that day.

He know he was onto something when he first heard that child’s laughter. What was even better was the concept of Quint himself. His cartoonish looks, cuddly looking fur and even his five different female voices all stuck him as exactly what he needed. The real bonus was that Quint was already transformed. Even he couldn’t have come up with something that unique!

Quint was unsure it would work out but with the figures he was given it would be a huge help with baby Misty. With two months of acting lesions and a pilot episode later Quint was on his way to stardom.

He was moved out of his apartment and given a residence in Ondorra for the show’s shooting. The show was a rocket success! Quint was more then cut out for the role of Henry The Hydra, his over enlarged genitals were the only set back and that setback was anything but. In all his shot he simply appeared behind a chest high wall or other cover, creating the illusion that he was actually an articulated puppet. Quint’s only draw back was the scripts which, to an adult were rather embarrassing to go along with, but it was a children’s TV show. It couldn’t be helped.

Most times the show featured topics on equality, tolerance, the transformed, and other pressing social matters. Usually with each head having its own unique option and point of view on the topic which would lead to a funny squabble of the heads flailing into each other before another cast member pointed out a way for them to all get along. It was a balanced TV show with good moral grounding. No one could argue that.

Quint was then transformed onto any kind of merchandise imaginable. Plush dolls, cereal bowls, lunch boxes, bumper stickers, you name it! Best part was because his transformation was his own and not hand crafted and owned by the station he had his own rights to his image, collecting royalties on anything they produced.   

This allowed Quint to afford a live-in nanny to help around the house outside of shoots and any time between, so too were privet schools and tutors until Misty was 18 years old. Coincidentally that was also the amount of time that Quint’s show was on the air. It was a rousing success but like all thing, they change with time and so too did children’s television, or children for that manner. 

[center]----------                    --------------------                    ----------[/center]

“Misty! We’ve been over this already, I’m not letting you transform yourself!”, “nNo while you live under this roof anyways!”, “Your still so young, and you just got accepted into collage!”, “You don’t even know what you want to study?”, “How can you decide on a transformation but not a career? Your just not ready, think a little first?” all five of Quint’s heads argued their points at their daughter across the dinner table. 

“This is soooo unfair dad!”
Groaned misty, “You got transformed, mom ran away and got transformed and she wasn’t much older then me!” Misty was the spitting image of her mother, the only defining trait was her hair color which she shared with her father’s chocolate brown coat of fur.

Each of the five heads let out a heavy sigh. Some times they regretted telling their daughter that lie. Saying that Nomi had transformed into some unknown creature and abandoned them. They thought it would teach her a lesson in responsibility at the time, but now it just put a heavy lump in their shared stomach. What were they supposed to say though? ‘Your mother forcibly became my cock dear? Ill be sure to whip her out for holidays and other family events to take photos with you?’. Not happening!

Though maybe it was time to come clean, at least now to help put the impact of transformations into perspective. “Misty, theirs something we need to tell you…”, “Your mother didn’t run away…”, “she did get transformed…”, “To me”, “as a body part…”

“No way! So one of your heads is actually mom?” Misty exclaimed,  excited to hear the reveal, looking at each head to find out which was her mother.

Quint’s center head bit its lip as the others looked to it for the answer, ”Well she… is a head…” after a short pause the others began shaking their heads at Misty, eliminating themselves from the candidates. An awkward silence filled the space as Misty slowly came to the conclusion on her own.

“Oh…” she murmured.
“You see dear, we just want you to take it slow”, “Were not upset that you want to be transformed…”, “We just don’t think your ready to made decisions that impact your life…”, “And the lives of other...”, “So until you can make these decisions were putting our foot down on this!”

“I can’t believe this! So mom gets to become your cock but I can’t make my own decisions! THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT!” Misty shot up from her seat, almost throwing it to the ground and stomped off to her room and slammed the door shut as Quint shouted at her. Trying to scolded her for using such foul language.

Misty was an adult now! She could make her own decisions!

[center]----------                    ----------                    ----------[/center]   

Quint awoke with a smile on all five of his faces, some liking their lips pleasingly at the dreams they’d just woken up from, each their own cardinal pleasure. He stretched out his body only to graze his feet against wet and warm sticky sheets. Guess those dreams got a little carried away.

He went to shift his weight and found if more difficult then usual. His heart stopped. Wait this was too familiar! In a panicked flurry all five heads grabbed the sheets and threw them off the bed cover.

Nestled between Quint’s now further spread legs rested an additional set of balls and over sized cock. At its base a lose fitting T-shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms draped over its head. The fabric soaking wet with a fine film of white sticky fluid. Next to his foot rested a familiar bottle, now empty except for the few droplets of yellow liquid.

Quint never through out that vile, never knew what to do with it. He didn’t want to risk it falling into someone’s unknowing hands. It always sat next to her nightstand, the closest thing to a memento from Nomi. It wasn’t hard to figure out what happened here now. He let out a sigh at the situation his daughters spite and put him in now.

“You always did look just like your mother, guess that’s still the same now.” He droned.


With nothing holding him down Quint went back to his old profession, working the streets. Usually wearing one of his many custom made pants that no longer fit him with the addition to his daughter. A kind of fleshy billboard for customers to take in the good.

The show did its trick bringing in woman and men alike booked him for parties of all manners. The woman loved to stratel his girls when they weren’t able to take them, and the same went for the men. Quint rather enjoyed being with men again, a flash back to the days before his transformation. Not to mention now that he was a man he knew exactly where to touch them.

When anyone asked about Misty he just told them she was in the capital going through school. Eventually she just began to build a life for her daughter outside of his pants. When someone asked about her newest addition he just claimed it was an impulse decision.


Re: Family Matter

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Re: Family Matter

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