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Warning, anus tf and not much else!

There’s a strange phenomenon in the city of Jizza, women transform themselves into male beings by the thousands. Some find the urge stronger than others, and some go farther than most sane humans would dare. In present time this oddity is known about, and still holds true. Thousands if not millions of stories about Jizza travel on the words of the people, this is one such tale.

Beatrice steeply tilted the wine glass, emptying the rest of it into her mouth. She had just had what she assumed would be the most awkward conversation with her daughter any single mother ever had. She wasn’t sure what upset her more, the topic, or the fact that neither her nor her daughter, Loraine felt even slightly embarrassed.

She cast one last look at the magazines on the kitchen table. Two of the same magazine featuring heavily transformed men and women. One clearly addressed to herself, and one to her daughter. She let out a slight chuckle at the fact that both her and her daughter had subscribed to the same magazine. Each girl had recently developed a strong fixation on being transformed; of course Loraine was too young to carry out with it. She had to wait till she was 18.

“Mom come on! The shows already started, you’re missing it!” Loraine yelled from the living room. Beatrice put her wine glass in the sink, corking the wine and storing it away.

“Coming love.” She called back. She entered her living room, her daughter sprawled out on the couch.  Buster, the family lab, laid practically on top of her, panting heavily. The massive beast nearly crushed the petite girl. Loraine loved that fat old dog. They had been babies together, but  Buster was old, it’s a wonder he made this far. And he had started having fairly regular accidents Beatrice thought it was his kidneys. The mother and daughter looked nearly identical, the only difference being the telltale signs of age on Beatrice’s body.

Both were short, each roughly 5 feet tall. They each sported natural bleach blonde hair, pale skin and sky blue eyes, a trait that Beatrice was incredibly proud of. Their petite bodies left something to be desired, nether one having any notable curves. They made up for it though with their faces. The family was considered to be incredibly beautiful.

“I haven’t missed too much have I?” Beatrice asked, sitting down on the large recliner, a remnant of the deceased father.

“Mmm maybe, it depends. Can I have some wine?” The daughter asked, cocking her head at the mother.

“When you’re older love.” The mother teased. After the discussion about their newly found transformation fetish Beatrice had revealed that she had recently bought the first season of a documentary featuring various transformations.

The two watched nearly on the edge of their seat, giving their opinions on each one. Though they had very different opinions on what constituted a good final form. Loraine argued that one’s new form should be totally different from their original body, as little semblance between the two as possible. While Beatrice didn’t really care about the final form so long as it was out of honest love, or to help someone. Beatrice particularly enjoying the story of a man who became a worm like thing after a terrible accident paralyzed nearly his whole body. The first episode was over, the two grabbing some snacks and a quick washroom break. They had just gotten situated when Loraine spoke up again.

“Do you know what you want to turn into?” Loraine asked, speaking as if choosing a form which one could spent the rest of their lives in was a simple as picking out a top.

“No, not really. When I see or think of my right form, I’ll know it.” She smiled back. Truth be told, Beatrice had no idea what she thought her final form would be.

“Watch, you’ll end up some octopus or something with 5 arms, trying to do several jobs at once.” Her daughter jabbed. Beatrice was a notorious workaholic, working 2 jobs, and volunteering often. Loraine had practically been raised by a close family friend. It was an often fought about subject between the two.

“If you keep that tone, I just might, and smack you with each one.” Beatrice teased.

The girls watched about half the episode when Loraine screamed.  Buster had an accident, and started to cough and choke. One tear filled short car ride to the vet later.  Buster was set for overnight care. The vet explained to Beatrice that the dog’s kidneys were nearly non-functional, and wouldn’t be able to make it much longer without intensive care. Due to an IV drip, and some dialysis he was stabilized and would nearly certainly make it until tomorrow. Loraine was hysterical. Beatrice reassured Loraine that staying at the vet all night wouldn’t help much. Beatrice and the vet traded numbers ensuring that if something happened they could be there right away, Beatrice secretly whispering some plans to the vet. Beatrice was right; she had realized her true form as soon as it popped out at her.

Nether woman slept much. How could they? There was a fight early in the morning; Loraine refused to go to school. Beatrice had to practically push her out the door. She felt mean, forcing her daughter to go to school because of the occasion, but she was sure her daughter would forgive her. Beatrice sighed looking at the clock. It wasn’t even 8am yet, and already her throat ached from yelling. She had a lot to do today and not much time to do it. After all, she had to beat her daughter home.

Beatrice waited with bated breath. She was both incredibly nervous, and excited. Her daughter was late getting home. She heard the sound of keys unlocking the door. Buster already getting excited and running barking and jumping at the door, something he hadn’t done in a long time. Beatrice heard the large door open.

“Buster?” The shock in her voice obvious. The dog returned several more very happy barks. “What happened to you?” The daughter laughed in disbelief.

“As energetic a puppy isn’t he?” Beatrice called out.

“He is, what’s gotten into him, is he better?” Beatrice heard her daughter’s voice become just as excited as the dog’s. 

“Yup, the vet checked him out this afternoon, fit as a fiddle.”

“But, how?” Loraine then paused. “And wait, where are you?”

“I’m right here love.” Beatrice chortled. Beatrice heard Loraine take a couple steps forward, her boots clanking against the floor.  Beatrice’s view meanwhile was abruptly shifted towards the door.

“Mom? Mom?” Loraine called around the house, each call made Buster progressively more and more excited. Buster was now practically hopping up and down. It all made Beatrice quite dizzy.

“Loraine please! I’m not quite used to this yet!” Beatrice heard her daughter stop calling. She heard Loraine bend down, and scratch the sides of Buster.

“Buster, where Mom? Go find Mom!” Loraine commanded.

Buster began to spin around rapidly. Beatrice’s world became a blur. Before long the dog laid down, reached his head to his behind, and began licking his rear making happy crying noises.

“Ahphhh, phhuspher emouphh!” Beatrice called out. It felt like her whole body was being licked, it felt good in a strange way, the wet pressure against her sensitive mouth. It would take a long time to get used to it though.

“No way you didn’t Mom!” Loraine called out. The dog’s assault on Beatrice’s face ceased. As her eyes refocused she saw her daughter’s beaming face, a hand holding the tail out of Beatrice’s vision.  Loraine saw that most of her mother’s face was still present even her nose. Her forehead was gone, replaced by the dog’s tail, and the sides of her face blended with the dog’s own flesh. The final and most obvious difference was that her mouth was replaced by the Buster’s anus.

“Indeed I did, I had to.”

“You’re the best Mom ever!” Loraine screamed, hugging Buster’s back end. Beatrice looked at her daughter’s smiling face. She knew she had made the right decision. Loraine looked at her mother. “I love you mom.” She said, nearly tearing up.

“I love you more Hun.” She lovingly replied. Loraine quickly jerked her head back.

“Oh god Mom, your breath is awful.”  Loraine gagged.

“What’s wrong? Don’t want to give your mom a big kiss?” Beatrice laughed.

“Um no.” Loraine teased. The phone suddenly rang.

“Oh that’ll be Sophia, tell her I say hi.” Beatrice said. Loraine quickly answered the phone, Beatrice’s view was suddenly jolted as Buster followed Loraine. She watched as Buster’s tail eagerly swung from side to side, each swing pulled on her brow. She heard Buster’s heavy excited pants. She listened to her daughter’s excited conversation. She was glad that her daughter was so thrilled. She was sure she had made the right decision, regardless of the steep cost. After the phone called ended, Beatrice saw her world spin again. She saw her daughter’s face, obviously forcefully turning Buster around.

“Well, Sophia says she’ll be by soon to see your new form.” Loraine said.


“Oh, and it’s Buster’s dinner time.” Loraine said. Buster got very excited.

Beatrice heard her daughter fill Buster’s food bowl, the dog jumped and barked almost like a puppy. It was still incredibly disorientating, giving her a severe case of vertigo.  Eventually the dog calmed down and began eating his dinner. Beatrice looked as far as she could, trying to find her daughter. Loraine wandered in her field of view and crouch down in front of her. Loraine looked at her mother and giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Beatrice asked her daughter.

“You know what happens after he eats.” Loraine teased.

“Yeah don’t remind me.”  Beatrice sighed.

“Why did you choose his butt if you didn’t want to, well, be a butt?” Loraine asked.

“It was a spur of the moment thing. This was the only elixir the alchemist could produce on such short notice. You don’t think your mother would willingly become her own dog’s asshole do you?” She asked with a bit of a laugh.

“I dunno, I thought you were opening up a bit, you tight ass.” Loraine said with a laugh.

“Excuse me young lady, I am still your mother!”

“And also now the butt of the joke.” Loraine teased. Loraine reached out and poked Beatrice’s cheek.

“Loraine Eleanor Curtis yo-…” Beatrice suddenly cut herself off. She felt a significant mass, down deep in what felt like her throat become apparent. “I-it’s coming, I can feel it.” Loraine started to smirk, gently she let down a hand and caressed her mother’s cheek. While Buster continued to eat his dinner, Beatrice’s eyes rapidly shifted, and she breathed nearly in a panic. She could feel the mass slowly force its way forward. “Buster, hurry up –Oh, oh it’s here, Loraine! Loraine pweaphff.” Beatrice’s voice was distorted and then cut off. Beatrice felt the mass push up, and then her lips seized shut. Loraine saw her mother’s eyes grow confused, and then shifted to a disgusted look.

“Be patient mom, don’t rush him. Don’t want to get gas do you?” Loraine mocked. Beatrice stared back with pleading eyes.  Buster finished his dinner and trotted towards the front door. He turned around and barked. Loraine knew that this meant Buster had to go outside. She sauntered towards the door, clearly in no rush. Her mother’s new job awaited her.  Loraine crouched down behind Buster. Her mother’s eyes watered as her puckered mouth was even more tightly closed. Her watery eyes starred at Loraine with a desperate look. “Looks like your about to get a taste of your new form.” Loraine teased. Loraine opened the door and let Buster out. She didn’t know why she suddenly found teasing her mom so much fun, but she was quite enjoying herself.

Beatrice was enjoying herself less so. Buster’s own muscles had seized control of her mouth, and it was time for his business. An unimaginably horrible taste was held behind her lips, she would have vomited if she was able. When she felt Buster let outside she was praying for a quick release. She wanted Buster to pick a spot, each second was torture. She had begun to regret her new form, it has been a mistake. Finally her face was brought closer to the ground. She felt her mouth forced open her muscles moved on their own. Her vision went fuzzy as her world exploded into mind melting pleasure. Each moment heightened her pleasure, she didn’t think it was possible to feel such ecstasy. The sense of taste was over shadowed tenfold by the pleasure of her new body. “I made the right choice.” she thought, shortly before her mind was over loaded, and she was lost to bliss. 

For the next several minutes Beatrice’s mind was in a post orgasmic daze. She vaguely recalled Loraine trying to get her attention. When her mind finally refocused she saw her daughter’s worried face. Beatrice dreamily looked at her daughter.

“I love you.” Beatrice said half awake. Loraine’s stressed look immediately faded, though she did lean back.

“You stupid ass. You had me worried.” Loraine chuckled. “How did it feel though?”

“It felt so good.” Beatrice moaned out.

“Really? It didn’t look like you enjoyed it at first.”

“I didn’t, it tastes horrible. But when Buster actually… you know, it was amazing.” Beatrice said in a wonder.

“I bet it tasted bad, because your breath smells even worse.” Loraine laughed.

“It’s not like I can help it!” Beatrice defended. “Can you give me a wipe though? The after taste is back with a vengeance.” Beatrice asked. Loraine began to smirk.

“You already have a built in wiper. Buster! Where’s mom!”

“No Buster no!” Beatrice called out. But it was too late. The assault on her face had already begun. Beatrice heard her daughter laughing in the background. After her “bath” Beatrice got a face full of the carpet. Then she felt herself dragged across the carpeted floor. It also felt good, but she hated when Buster did that. But she had to admit, it helped remove the taste.

Eventually Loraine and Buster snuggled on the couch. Beatrice was lucky enough to be able to see the TV too thanks to Buster’s position. Together they watched the rest of the documentary series. Conveniently it was Friday, so they stayed up far later than they should.  Beatrice had already half fallen asleep when Loraine finally got up. Loraine shut off all of the lights and locked the house up. Loraine then headed to her room, with Buster right behind her.

“Why am I in your room?” Beatrice asked, yawning.”

“Because Buster sleeps with me, and you’re just a part of Buster now.” Loraine laughed.

“Oh right…” Beatrice said drifting off into sleep.

The next several weeks were quite different for Beatrice. An independent woman, Beatrice had to learn how to passively sit by. Not like she really could do anything. Loraine was perfectly capable of taking care of the house and herself, but Sophia had already agreed to take them in. Though she didn’t regret her decision, she somewhat wished there was another way. It was such a strange feeling to be nothing more than a body part, and not a particularly desirable one at that. She loved mind breaking pleasure her body provided, but deep down Beatrice was embarrassed about her new role in life. Loraine had been forbidden from having anyone over, or telling anyone about her change. And Loraine had also noticed how red her mother’s “face” got after one of her various “duties”. Beatrice was trying to hide from the world; she wasn’t accepting phone calls or answering the door. Enough was enough for Loraine.

One morning Beatrice awoke to her daughter and Buster already awake. She blinked several times, clearing the crud from her eyes. She saw Loraine with a leash in hand, grinning wickedly.

“Are you ready Mom?” Loraine asked.

“For what?” Beatrice asked, sleepily.

“We’re taking a trip to town, showing your new form. At the p-a-r-k.” Loraine smiled. Buster had spent many hours playing at a local dog park. But in his age he wasn’t able to go anymore.

“Loraine no. I-I’m not sure I’m ready yet.” Beatrice stammered, awake now.

“Nonsense! You’re just a part of Buster, and he’s willing and that’s all that matters! This is your new form, just along for the ride. Buster you wanna go the park?” Loraine said in a happy voice. Beatrice’s world was shook up and down and side to side as Buster jumped and barked. Clearly he was looking more forward to this than she was. Before she knew what was happening she saw the house growing smaller in the distance. Loraine was taking Buster into town, right beside her former place of work. Beatrice had begged Loraine, but to no avail.

“Are you nervous?” Loraine asked.

“Of course, we might run into my old boss, or my friends.”

“That sounds like more like embarrassment.”

“It can be both.”

When they got to the city, Beatrice was looking desperately for someone she recognized. Just because she had made the right decision, doesn’t mean she wasn’t embarrassed about it. Beatrice began to recognize the buildings, they were getting close. Beatrice heard Buster’s leash clip off.

“Go fetch!” Loraine called out. Beatrice was pulled along. Beatrice’s world was a dizzy mess. For what seemed like hours Buster played with other dogs, and Beatrice’s world was shaken, tumbled and spun. And what’s worse, she began to feel the mass again. At least with Buster playing with other dogs, no one saw her humiliating new form. Eventually Loraine called Buster back. Beatrice heard her host pant heavily. “Hey there boy, was that a good play?” Loraine said. It was then Beatrice’s heart sank.

“It looks like your mother’s sacrifice really paid off then hmm?” A familiar sultry voice said. It was her boss. Loraine had went and got Beatrice’s boss while Buster was playing with the other dogs.

“I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice, Mom says she really enjoys the change.” Loraine chirped. Beatrice felt so humiliated.  What was worse, she heard the sound of heeled shoes walking towards her. Beatrice saw jet black heels in the corner of her vision. A hand with well-kept nails lifted up Buster’s tails. Beatrice saw the gorgeous woman’s face. Her plump red lips, midnight black hair, sharp piercing eyes.

“So this is why you quit so suddenly.” The woman smirked. “A family emergency huh?” Beatrice saw her boss’s piercing eyes narrow.

“Uhh, yeah, B-Buster wasn’t going to last much longer with his kidney problems; I couldn’t just let him die.” Beatrice said. She couldn’t raise her eyes from the ground. Her face felt hot, she was blushing. She wanted to escape, to hide. But she couldn’t even cover her shame let alone leave.

“Well I can’t say you’re the first to change, you should see the office. It’s like a bad porn set in there.” Her boss laughed.

“Really?” Beatrice asked.

“Yeah It’s actu….” Beatrice didn’t hear the end of the sentence. Beatrice suddenly felt the mass in her throat begin to move up. She felt her mouth clench shut. Oh no, oh no no no. Not here Beatrice prayed.  She felt the mass move up. She tried to hold it, tried to focus. As Buster began to sniff Beatrice realized how futile her efforts were. Once more Beatrice’s world was overwhelmed by that mind melting pleasure. By the time she refocused, Buster and Loraine were already half way home. Loraine explained that as soon as Beatrice started doing her “duty” her boss had excused herself.

Beatrice almost wanted to sob. She had humiliated herself in front of her boss, a known gossip. It wouldn’t be long before the whole city knew. The next day one of Beatrice’s work friends stopped by. She brought a variety of items with her, all obviously meant to poke fun at her new form. It seems that as expected, the whole office knew about it. Gifts from all of her old coworkers ranging from tic-tacs to wet wipes and breath stripes flowed out of the gift bags. But there were other things. Heart felt letters admiring her dedication, donations to various charities in her name, and care packages for Loraine.

Beatrice felt so touched, No longer was she embarrassed by her new body. She was proud. She was proud of her sacrifice knowing that she saved her dog’s life with her new form. That was the moment that the flood gates were opened. From there on Beatrice happily embraced her form. She would even start to announce when it was time for Buster to do his business.

Loraine noticed that her mother was nearly as happy as Buster when they would go on walks. Her mother eagerly greeting people as they walked by, her face beaming with pride. At the park one day they even met a couple. A woman who had fused with her dog’s penis, her boyfriend had fused with their other dog’s vagina. And the three dogs would often get to together for play dates. The dogs had become significantly more intelligent, capable of looking after themselves. But they still enjoyed dog things like the park. Even Loraine was shocked when Beatrice had requested to visit her old work place. Loraine was glad her mother was comfortable in her new form. But it was such a drastic change, she must have been changing more than just physically.

“Come on Loraine, hurry up!” Beatrice shouted. Buster was already at the door. Loraine smiled as she approached with Buster’s leash. She could see the glint in her mother’s eyes, underneath Buster’s tail anyway. Loraine clipped the leash. She turned back to put her shoes on. “Loraine I don’t want to be late!” Beatrice quipped.

“Why are you so antsy about this?” Loraine asked, finally slipping her shoe on.

“Its parent teacher interviews, I haven’t talked to any of your professors since my change.”

“You just want to see how many teachers and students have transformed themselves.” Loraine laughed. She opened the door and they started walking towards Loraine’s school.

The first parent – teacher interview after the change was the most apparent example of this. Many teenagers of Jizza began to become obsessed with transformed individuals; Loraine knew many of her friend’s parents had already transformed themselves. When Loraine had brought Buster and Beatrice into the school, her mother happily spoke to everyone, explaining in agonizing detail what her life was like.

Her teacher’s face when they heard that Loraine’s parent was a dog’s arse was hilarious. Trying to get Buster to stand still so that Beatrice could see her teacher was a challenge in itself. Several years later Loraine would hear that her old teacher had merged themselves with the now transformed principal’s anus. She would often wonder if her mother had influenced them at all.

Loraine, Buster and Beatrice had all moved in with Sophia. Using her savings, and the earnings from selling the house Beatrice knew that Loraine and Buster would be no hassle. Loraine had grown as well. She had become a beautiful woman. Slender legs, flowing golden hair, a well-toned butt. But Loraine wasn’t the only one that had changed. Beatrice had realized that she’s continued to change and grow as well.

She had grown to like all aspects of her new form, all of them. Even the taste, as strange as it seemed. She still hated it on an almost instinctual level, but had grown to love it simultaneously. She assumed her mind had begun to associate the taste with the pleasure that it brought. She was no longer embarrassed by her new form, in any situation. She would interrupt mid conversation to announce excitedly that Buster needed some relief. Or if some flatulence escaped, would carry on like nothing happened. Beatrice had also started to act more like an ass. Seldom talking or taking interest in most things that didn’t involve her daughter or Buster. At first Beatrice often complained about being bored, asking Loraine to help her watch TV, or at times begging Loraine to wipe her mouth. Now most of the time, she simply waited impatiently to fulfill her purpose. But as much as she enjoyed life, she felt like there was something missing, something more. Beatrice and her daughter had talked about Beatrice’s shifting opinion, Loraine simply made a vague promise that she’ll help her mother.

Beatrice was anxiously waiting for a different reason tonight. Tonight, was a very special night. At midnight, Loraine turns 18, the age legally required for transformation. Beatrice knew her daughter had one of her friends who were already 18 buy a special vial. Loraine wouldn’t tell her mother what her final form was. Beatrice was giddily waiting.

Loraine and her friends had gone out celebrating her last night as a normal human.  Just too deliberately tease Beatrice, Buster had been locked at home, in a dog cage. At the back of which, a clock showed the time, and a collection of all the transformation videos Loraine could find put on auto play. Finally, at nearly one in the morning, Beatrice heard the door open.

“Hey Mom, are you ready?” Loraine asked as she let Buster out of his cage.

“I’ve been waiting for weeks, I’m more than ready.” Beatrice said. Buster was turned around again; Beatrice saw that Loraine had a friend with her. Beatrice had recognized her as Abigale, Loraine’s best friend. Abigale had never really been into Beatrice’s house though, she was incredibly allergic to dogs.

“First things  first though.” Loraine grinned, as she pulled out a second vial. She crouched down in Beatrice’s face. A hand gently caressed Beatrice’s cheek. “You’ve been very naughty ass. What kind of butt can talk hmm?” Loraine teased. Loraine began to pour the vial as Beatrice stammered out.

“Loraine, what are you dooophing,ffflorphanne, ffff.” Beatrice’s voice began to cut off, until she couldn’t make any sound at all. She couldn’t even move her lips. Loraine continued to stroke Beatrice’s cheek. “

“There, all quiet, like a good butt.” She laughed. “We have another surprise.” She said.” Abigale pulled out a very official looking certificate, passing it to Loraine. “You see this? It’s a change of your name. You’re now officially Buster’s ass.” She snickered. “But why stop with renaming yourself? Why not remake yourself too?” She asked. Beatrice starred helplessly at her daughter. There was nothing she could do. The rest of the vial was poured onto Beatrice’s face.  She felt her form twist and pull together. Her flesh seemed to simultaneously flow in and out at the same time. When it was over, Beatrice realized she could still see, but couldn’t control anything. Loraine smiled as she held up a small mirror for her mother to see her new form. The remnants of her face was gone, Buster’s rear looked exactly like it did years ago, no trace of the woman was left. “There we are, all done.” She smiled. “The alchemist thinks that your “missing” element is the amount of your old self still lingering. Now, you can make the complete shift.” She said smiling. Beatrice watched her daughter, technically it did make sense, no one could really call her a person now.

“Now, only one thing left.” Loraine said. She began to strip her clothes off. “Abigale, you know what you have to do right?” she asked.

“Of course.” Abigale gave a big toothy grin, and handed her another vial. Loraine brought her face even closer to her mother’s.

“I think it’s time I changed myself. I bet you’re wondering what I’m changing into?” She smiled. Buster’s ass simply looked back at her daughter “Let’s just say, it runs in the family.” She drank the potion in a single gulp. “I love you mom.” She said, leaning in and kissing what was left of her mother.

Beatrice, or rather Buster’s ass suddenly saw the world around her. She had been knocked out cold after her daughter’s actions. Much to her surprise, it seems to have been several hours. She saw a shining sun behind Buster’s tail, and a wooden deck underneath it. Buster was laying on someone’s patio. She was confused, had it been a dream? She tried to say or move something, nothing responded. It hadn’t been a dream. Loraine! What had happened to Loraine? She then felt a gentle nudging at her mind. It had to have been her daughter. He tried to call out, or use some sort of telepathy. Nothing worked. She then felt the nudging emit warm happiness. Beatrice realized that while they couldn’t really communicate, they could still feel each other’s emotions.

They sat there in unmoving silence for what seemed like ages. Footsteps echoed into the ass’s ears. A hand lifted up the tail and Abigail’s face smiled back.

“It’s been about half a day since you two changed, I’m going to assume your both awake now.” She said. “Loraine’s fused with Buster as well, nether of you can be perceived by the outside world. All anyone will ever see, is just a dog’s butt.” Abigale said. “And finally, you both share the same name.” Abigale said, smiling intensely. “I hope you’re both happy. I know I’ve already wanted a dog.” She laughed, hugging Bruno.

Buster’s ass would later learn that Loraine’s fusion had also result in Buster becoming hypoallergenic, allowing Abigail to finally have a dog like she’s always wanted. As the years progressed both former women loved their new form. They existed happily and contently.


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